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Politics / Re: Osun Man Jubilates As His State Leads In Inflation rate in the SW (screenshot) by Ddokie: 9:53pm On Mar 17
If you look at his face properly, you'll notice he is a vulcanizer who barely finished primary school.

Since his job is to inflate tires, thereby making them stronger and better, he presumes that inflation in economy also means strength and betterment.

Na d kin people wen follow us go vote for polling unit last year February be dat.

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Food / Re: This Is The Milk I Bought For #89,500 For My Children. by Ddokie: 10:42pm On Sep 14, 2023
In 2015,this milk was sold for 28k or less than because then,we used to share it among our colleagues,and it's either I buy this one below,Lactorich or Dano.

Please I need the contact to get this. The one I am using is slightly more expensive and e dey pain me.

Politics / Re: FG Implements 7.5% VAT On Diesel, Nigerians Kick by Ddokie: 10:30am On Jun 20, 2023
Let me break down d increment of diesel by 7.5% and electricity by 40%
Diesel is being sold at 650 on average. 7.5 ÷100 =0.075
0.075 × 650 (current price of diesel) = 48.75
What this means is that a liter of diesel has being added by 48.75
So calculate 650 + 48.75 = 698.75. That's in average
So diesel would selling at 698.75 on average

As for d electricity
40% increment ÷ 100 = 0.4 × 49.26 per unit of electricity = 19.704 increment
So therefore, 49.26 + 19.704 = 68.964 per unit starting from July 1, 2023
Nigerians should be ready for d worst of it all

You didn't remember to add that the diesel we are currently using was bought at the former official dollar rate of 430 thereabout. With the devaluation of the naira that has brought dollar to about 750, we should be expecting an increase of about 30-50% on diesel and PMS.

I just say make I call your attention to am.

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Business / Re: CBN Reiterates Stance On FX Access, ‘status Quo Remains On 43 Non-eligible items by Ddokie: 9:52pm On Jun 16, 2023

There are rules governing over the counter market. The same thing with stock trading, there are over the counter dealings but they are still regulated. It is completely different from Aboki FX traders.

Oga leave the technicalities. In reality, if i want to buy a car from the U.S, the only way i can get dollar is through the aboki on allen avenue. I cannot get if from the bank. Simplicita.

For as long as I will need the Aboki, there can never be a unified rate. The 43 items you mentioned will still be imported. Where will the importers get the dollar to buy them? Shebi na aboki?

What has simply happened is that the benefits we were getting through a fixed price, for school fees, medicals and medicines, etc, is no longer fixed. It will be determined by forces of demand and supply. And as we speak, the force of demand and supply has left the dollar at 700 instead of 450 last week. Aboki's price has also increased to 765 from 750 last week.

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Politics / Re: Mr. Maestro Prophecy Given In 2022 Comes True!!! by Ddokie: 2:49pm On Mar 17, 2023

They voted the party, not Obasanjo. Everyone knows that. Stop peddling that fake lie, it has been deemed dead on arrival.

So why didn't the igbos vote for the party this year?

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Politics / Re: Anambra: Dr Maduka Warm Up 4 Ellu P-soludo Is About To Be Thrown Out by Ddokie: 1:21pm On Mar 11, 2023
OP I can beat my chest should Dr. Maduka come up as the Elluu P candidate for Anambra next election, forget it is game over for APGA, he will win.

Anamberians love him and will vote massively for him. He should start now aligning with the leadership of LP Anambra and show his interest.

Lp governorship ticket is for val.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Is Hellbent On Bringing Armageddon To The Streets Of Nigeria by Ddokie: 7:50pm On Mar 03, 2023
Mad people everywhere.


Politics / Re: PDP Wins Lagos West Senatorial Seat by Ddokie: 12:26pm On Feb 27, 2023

So you confirm Labour Party is just trying to sieze power, not that they offer anything fresh or decent?

Any riff-raff that will swell the minority of Labour Party is a welcome development by you?

As far as i am concerned, any Lagos politician that refuses to move to apc, even though he consistently loses elections on his chosen party has integrity.

So for me, i believe aero has some integrity. And Obidients made him senator, so he should come to LP so that we can build the structure that will defeat any bagger that stands in our way in subsequent elections.

Abi you think say if PO no win this one, we go retire? You are joking. LP is here to stay.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wins In Lagos, Beats Bola Tinubu by Ddokie: 12:02pm On Feb 27, 2023
How these corrupt bigots keep messing with your heads beats my imagination.. That's not meant to be the figures.. Its meant to be a landslide victory.. But they want obidients to relax their outrage because lagos was so transparent on the election day, yet they still manage to rig it this way...

With time, everything will be brought to light.

If we won the elections in truth, we will definitely get our mandate.

Calm down bro.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wins Lagos State [OFFICIAL] by Ddokie: 11:49am On Feb 27, 2023
Even if it was doctored, the surgeon had to be careful not to render that area rejected due to rigging.

LP's gap to APC should be about 300k. APC couldn't stomach it.

Can we all accept that most Yorubas in Lagos made this victory reality than the Igbos?

Why are you going this way? Nigerians of all tribes residing in lagos, who want a better country made it possible.

In any case, we are still heading to court. The authentic margin of defeat can't be less than 300k votes.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Loses Lagos By 10k Votes To Peter Obi by Ddokie: 11:45am On Feb 27, 2023
That’s not the actual figure he lost by way more than that, una go bring an when time reach

Make dem dey play.

10k difference how?

Make dem dey play.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Loses Lagos By 10k Votes To Peter Obi by Ddokie: 11:43am On Feb 27, 2023
In reality, I'm sure Obi defeated him by more than 30k votes

You dey talk 30k? It could not have been less that 200k In reality.
Politics / Re: PDP Wins Lagos West Senatorial Seat by Ddokie: 11:41am On Feb 27, 2023
Congrats aero. You finally made it to Abuja.

Your first consideration should be to move to LP.

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Won 7 Out Of The 8 Federal Constituency In Enugu State. (photos) by Ddokie: 11:04am On Feb 27, 2023
Later they will decamp

Dem no fit try am. Except Peter Obi retires from politics. But if he remains active, you decamp, you decamp your sit.


Politics / Re: Crowd Chants "Obi" As Sensitive Election Materials Arrive Calabar by Ddokie: 9:37am On Feb 23, 2023

You guys ar crazy 😆😆.

If Atiku gets Northern votes and Obi SE and SS votes, where will Tinubu get his😆😆😆.


Na complete mumu the guy be. Can you imagine the stupid analysis
Politics / Re: BREAKING: ADC Endorses Peter Obi For President by Ddokie: 2:32pm On Feb 20, 2023
We are all focusing on Obi winning without even thinking how Tinubu will survive the loss of election.

Why are you wicked like this? shocked shocked
Politics / Re: Governor Ortom Officially Endorse Peter Obi by Ddokie: 5:22pm On Feb 16, 2023


He did not drop out in December 2022 again ?

You are late. You no sabi thinkam? the guy has been shifting the date since December.

I fit bet am say on election day, thinkam will be like "Peter Obi will drop out latest by 12 noon today".
Politics / Re: 2023: Onanuga Urge Buhari To Repay Tinubu's Support, Atiku's Aide Replies by Ddokie: 4:42pm On Feb 16, 2023
Fergie you see this 2023 elections ba, God hand dey am.

I just can't understand what's going on. The level of confusion in the ruling party, and the challenges in the main opposition just makes it look like an unseen hand is behind all these honestly.

President is campaigning for BAT in public, and shaving him behind the scenes. BATs camp has come out guns blazing attacking the president, while the opposition is backing the president. G5 is scattering PDP chances in the south, while they themselves are scattered within (Ortom just publicly endorsed PO and has joined the masses in shouting Obi Obi Obi). The other members of G5 don't know where to run to as we speak.

Only one man, Peter Obi, Okwute ndigbo, Okwute Nigeria gburu gburu has got his acts together, and is sailing gradually and steadily in the midst of the whole confusion towards the prize.

Oluwa appears to be involved.

I am perceiving the advent of a new era in Nigeria.

May the good Lord bring it to fulfillment.

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Politics / Re: Unpopular Opinion: I Think Tinubu Should Be Grateful To Obi by Ddokie: 4:08pm On Feb 16, 2023

When una go get sense?
NE & NW are for Atiku
NC, SS & SE are for Obi
Where will Tinubu get his votes outside SW?
And you think Obi is helping Tinubu to win?
Okay, he will help him rule Nigeria for 8 years.
I understand now.

You dey mind the urchins? it seems they just came out of whatsapp group meeting come dey talk rubbish.

I am surprised that someone like kyase is still talking this type of rubbish after all this years in the political landscape of nigeria.

I guess some people are irredeemable.
Politics / Re: Buhari Says Old ₦‎200 Note Will Remain Legal Tender Till April 10 by Ddokie: 7:27am On Feb 16, 2023
If Buhari was serious with vote buying, he would have started in 2019 when the vice president was in markets in major cities sharing trader moni. I hate hypocrisy.
The old 200 notes would still find their ways to the politicians while the ordinary masses continue in their Lamentations.

Make thunder soda your nyash. Nonsense.

Buhari is now unserious ba? because your useless candidate can no longer buy votes?


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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Maintains Lead & Favorite To Win 2023 Election —Anap Poll Final Result by Ddokie: 4:53pm On Feb 15, 2023

That is not the issue.

Tinubu's rating remains constant.

The percentage of undecided dropped but the percentage of refused increased.

Atiku's rating dropped.

Obi's rating dropped.

The percentage of those who refused also dropped.

It is a win for Tinubu.

Better a constant than a drop.
Politics / Re: Pictures From APC Presidential Campaign Rally In Owerri, Imo State by Ddokie: 7:07am On Feb 15, 2023
A local champion built his party ACN from the scratch, won 6 states, had 6 governors from 2 regions, 19 Senators including Ngige from the SE, and 50 HOR members, the Minority leader seat of the NASS, 136 House of Assembly members. Tell us anyone else who did it like him.

A trader joined a party in June 2022. Started speaking to the consciousness of the youths and down trodden masses of Nigeria, and made them enthusiastic in the political affairs of the country.

In 7 months, he and the youths of the land have been able to put together the most formidable electoral machine ever in Nigeria's history, and is few days away from been declared the winner of the 2023 presidential election.

How about that urchin?


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Will Not Win Presidential Poll – Prophet Bempah by Ddokie: 7:37pm On Feb 14, 2023

So is only Adeboye that is a true man of God, to you

For APC members
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Will Not Win Presidential Poll – Prophet Bempah by Ddokie: 4:11pm On Feb 14, 2023
Is this how bad things have become in the camp of BAT that the nation news is now reporting from a mushroom church somewhere in Benue?

To the extent that one of the most repugnant urchins is above celebrating the news like its an endorsement from Adeboye?

O ma se o.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Explains How Abacha Appointed Him Chairman Of Tincan Port Lagos (Video by Ddokie: 12:59pm On Feb 13, 2023
TINCAN Island Port is a subsidiary of Nigerian Ports Authority, and a government agency

Government agencies have DIRECTORS.

Which one be Chairman?

Under Abacha?

Are u sure u are good?


Business / Re: CBN To Pump More Cash Into Circulation Today - The Nation by Ddokie: 11:47am On Feb 13, 2023


Politics / Re: Convoy Of Obidients Heading To Teslim Balogun Stadium For LP Presidential Rally by Ddokie: 7:58am On Feb 12, 2023
if he wins let me die instantly

And die you shall. At least we will have one idiot less in society.

I hate to see people who use words so carelessly. You are cursing yourself over an issue that is not under your control.

Politics / Re: Tinubu & APC Spokesman Cries Out Over Peter Obi's Crowd In Lagos by Ddokie: 3:07pm On Feb 11, 2023
LASTMA should have liaised with Labour Party in Lagos to know the routes they will use for campaign and release movement advisory. This is what they often do. They probably underestimated Peter Obi and never took his campaigns seriously.

They didn't underestimate him. Issuing a traffic advisory would appear to be giving him a lot of credence. So they didn't, hoping that he will just do his town halls and head to TBS.

Unfortunately for them, PO enter street, everywhere com scatter.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Supporters Block His Convoy At Mile 2 Market, Lagos (Pictures) by Ddokie: 3:03pm On Feb 11, 2023


Do you call this a political rally or obscene social menace of undesirable elements.


See tears.

Sorry eh. I know how it feels.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Thugs Block All Roads Leading To TBS For Peter Obi Rally(Pics) by Ddokie: 2:29pm On Feb 11, 2023
Let be objective with our campaign. Stop misleading the general public.

The vehicle broke down there which can happen anywhere.

Do you live in lagos? Because if you did, you should know that no broken down vehicle can last 20 minutes on any major road, not to talk of a danfo.

Abeg rest. Nonetheless, it is politics and it is allowed. What should not happen are thugs intimidating people.
Politics / Re: Convoy Of Obidients Heading To Teslim Balogun Stadium For LP Presidential Rally by Ddokie: 2:16pm On Feb 11, 2023
If PO wins lagos, as is expected, then the tinubu political dynasty is gone.

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