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Politics / Re: Bag Of Rice 38000,......where Are We Going With This Kind Inflations by Ddokie: 9:48am
nobody pay me. It's funny how you guys feels anyone not supporting your candidate has been paid

I can't speak for others but i myself wasn't paid

The reason folks think you are paid is because it is hard to believe that any right thinking person will support a party and a candidate that brought a government that plunged the nation into its worst economic distress ever.

how can you explain that your support is not motivated by something other than the possibility of them bringing good governance? perhaps money or ethnicity?

I'm actually tired of all these. Do you people want us to beg you guys to apply some reason? We go beg o.

A government meets dollar at 200 and is leaving it at 800, a government meets rice at 8k and is leaving it at 40k? and you still want to vote them?

So what is the criteria you will employ to decide who to vote for and who not to vote for?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Didn't Plug Gym Bike To Electric Socket While Demonstrating Fitness (Pix) by Ddokie: 6:51am
I bet over 90% of Nigerians never rode on bike such as this. Is the bike powered by electricity...lol. Bike wey I de ride for gym daily. What is the plug for on this bike ? Is it to roll the peddle or monitor work rate ?

That's why it is called a work-out.
Politics / Re: New London Photo Fuels Rumour Bola Tinubu Now Wears Catheter Bag For Urine by Ddokie: 8:07pm On Sep 29
Even if you bring a dead Tinubu, his zombies would still vote him. That is how useless and unpatriotic they are.

Thank God PO is in the race.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu , Bisi Akande And Najaatu Muhammad In London-photo by Ddokie: 8:03pm On Sep 29
If by mistake you had been to London England, that Jagaban Borgu is engaged presently in his on going consultation, you wouldn’t have been this myopic.

You must be a very stupid person.

What nonsense consultations is more important than signing a peace pact with other candidates? is it animals or spirits he is consulting with?

Rubbish. Your principal cannot hold a pen to sign his signature.

Tinubu will be back in the country in a very short while.
Politics / Re: Tinubu , Bisi Akande And Najaatu Muhammad In London-photo by Ddokie: 4:51pm On Sep 29
Another picture of Tinubu today

Tinubu with Bisi Akande and Hajia Naja'atu Muhammad in London.

We know Tinubu simply ran away to avoid making his inability to sign his signature obvious.

Tell him to come back, we are done signing.

His mugus will still vote him. Even if he is in coma.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Spotted In London, Meets With Bisi Akande [PHOTO] by Ddokie: 4:44pm On Sep 29
What could be happening in London that could be more important than the ceremonial signing of the peace accord.

Nothing. The man has to go to London to escape the embarrassment of not being able to sign the accord due to his hand tremors.

Tinubu can’t hold a pen to sign his signature as a result of shaky hands. If he mistakenly becomes president, a stamp will be used for his signature. He didn’t want that to become obvious today.

So he had to jakpa


Politics / Re: Loud Chants of Obidient As Peter Obi Carries Young Boy Waving Labour Party Flag by Ddokie: 10:32am On Sep 29
Pls where is Emilokan? Why will he be missing out of the peace pact signing? Is the UK vacation more important than this assignment? I'm so disappointed at those defending this frail man. Shamefully, the majority of them are of my tribe. And If you try to engage them, instead of being civil, they'd attack you with all manner of insults. As if they're already seeing defeat ahead of polls.

When we said, present either Osinbajo or fashola instead, he refused , shouting oun lokan upandan.

The man is battling for his life you are talking about peace accord. No be who Dey alive Dey sign peace accord?

It could also be that he is actually not sick, but because he cannot hold a pen to sign a signature, he decided to leave the country.
Politics / Re: Video: Peter Obi And A Little Baby Wave To A Cheering Crowd In Jos by Ddokie: 6:29pm On Sep 28
I said it sometime here on this platform that when campaign starts, I want to see how one Chinedu tweeting with his phone in abia state will travel all the way to plateau bauchi, kaduna and Nassarawa to fill a stadium and it's finally happening. Even with Peter obi on ground for the purpoted 1million March in jos a supposedly Christian state, those that attended are not up to 5000.
How do you even get 25% with this embarrassing low turnout? And this is supposed to be a middle belt Christian state o, tell me what will now happen in Kano,katsina, kaduna and bornu?
You all will keep on packaging obi to monumental failure

E pain you shebi. Sorry eh. I know how it feels.

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Politics / Re: Pictures From Labor Party's Jos Rally by Ddokie: 4:45pm On Sep 28
So plateau people no get something doing na everyday dem dey go campaign.

leave dem na. Why e dey pain you?
Politics / Re: 2023: Ugwuanyi, Other Southeast PDP Leaders Meet With Atiku In Enugu by Ddokie: 8:43am On Sep 28
It will be a huge shame if igbos abandon Obi and vote for Atiku. This must not happen. SE must be Obidient

Igbos as always are the betrayals of the South that's why they are nowhere politically, as always atiku will give them money and they will betray their own. I feel pity for Peter obi, he has no bother.

Forget all these paparazzi. Atiku is going nowhere in the SE, except they are able to manipulate the system, and post fictitious votes. But that's not going to happen with BVAS.

Calm your nerves. If BVAS works, PO is not only going to win the SE landslide, but will also win the elections. But if BVAS fails, and the election results can be manipulated, then BAT is the next president.
Politics / Re: 2023: Ugwuanyi, Other Southeast PDP Leaders Meet With Atiku In Enugu by Ddokie: 8:34am On Sep 28
Osita chidioka is the only man of integrity I see here he is a party man to the core I respect that ...

Honestly I don't know why he is not interested in governing Anambra I don't know why

Oga, anybody who is supporting atiku in this election cannot be a man of integrity. Simple.

Chidoka has chosen a very ugly path, and the respect he had in the past is gone. He will not amount to anything politically again.
Politics / Re: Atiku Arrives Enugu for South East PDP Zonal Meeting by Ddokie: 2:59pm On Sep 27
Aside emotions on social media I am yet to see anything that convinced you guys obi is going anywhere

The March we see on ground have been well bursted when taken from bird eyeview

As I speak history and facts places PDP above LP in the east, if obi win Anambra he should be very grateful cos that's all he would get in the 36 states

I just hope you guys are not banking on SE votes for Atiku to win elections o, because from the way you are sounding it appears you are.

If truly you are, then you guys must be the biggest jokers of the century. Except you are banking on animals to vote, i don't understand how you have come about the idea that Obi will lose in the SE.

If you would like, try sampling the opinion of 50 igbo guys anywhere around you starting today, and lets see how many of them will tell you they are voting PDP. If you can also try, go to any deep village in igbo land or call somebody there and sample opinions and lets see what you come out with.

Let me tell you something, even the grass root politicians, I mean the guys that do the real work on the field on election day are mostly in support of PO. I hope you know the big politicians sit in their homes on election day after voting. Na young boys dey field o, and most of them are not interested in Atiku.

Just look at what Chimaroke Nnamani is doing? You think he is a fool? He knows that there is no chance for PDP in Enugu for presidency. That is why he is supporting Tinubu. Not because he can help Tinubu get anything, but with his open support for Tinubu, the money for manipulation of votes for Enugu will be sent to him. That is the target. The money is going straight to his pocket.

Guy, forget all this paparazzi, there is nothing for any party in the SE for presidency, nothing. It is LP all the way. PDP will still win other positions o. But you see that presidency, in the SE it is a no go area. But if telling yourself otherwise makes you feel good till election day, its okay.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Arrives Enugu for South East PDP Zonal Meeting by Ddokie: 1:15pm On Sep 27
...you will be shocked that obi will lose in the south east and win the election that is when you will realize that obi is not a politician but someone who the entire frustrated Nigerian masses has called upon to rescue us....but until then continue dreaming

Which obi will lose in the SE? I'm not even sure atiku will get the votes of all those people who gather in that meeting today. Not less than 50% of them will vote Obi.

Except there is a way the election results will change after electronic collation, PO is getting nothing less than 90% of SE votes. The remaining 10% are a combination of the votes of politicians, votes successfully bought and votes of northerners.

Allow Truthisunique2 and other PDP jobbers on NL to be consoling themselves because they see a room full of people in Enugu. Atiku should go to the north to get his votes. He isn't getting anything reasonable from the south. PO and BAT will do better in the north than Atiku will do in the south. You can be sure of that.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Received In A Grand Style By Emir Of Kano(video&photos) by Ddokie: 6:09pm On Sep 26
which one is you don't really need much from then
Pls if you don't know how to talk sholve it down your throat
Every vote is important

In his bid to rally votes from the northwest, he will end up not firming his grip in the areas that would easily vote him in, thereby leaving loopholes for the opposition to snatch valuable votes away from him.

PO should concentrate on areas where he is loved, and get the most out of them simple. That is sufficient for him to win.

The core northerners that like PO are there already, and nothing will change their position. The ones that have not been convinced by this time already know who they want. Spending reasonable time trying to get them on board may end up being a mistake.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Received In A Grand Style By Emir Of Kano(video&photos) by Ddokie: 4:59pm On Sep 26
Don't count on their support.

It will take a miracle for PO to get any substantial vote from the Northwest save for Kaduna, and we don't really need much from them.

For as long as Kwankwaso remains in the race, the Kano and Katsina votes will be useless in 2023.

PO should focus on Taraba, Bauchi, parts of Gombe and Adamawa in the core north, while doing the rest of the work in the middle belt, SS and SW. All he needs to do in the SE is to motivate people to turn out en masse. 90% is sure there.

With the above, the election is dusted.


Politics / Re: Our Imam Begged Nigerians To Vote Atiku - Sarki by Ddokie: 3:09pm On Sep 26
Atiku is not a Muslim candidate. Imams should stop interfering biko. Atiku no send them message.

They should vote him because he's the best.

But I am happy the imams are not asking their followers to vote Muslim-Muslim ticket which makes me believe they actually want the best for Nigerians with Atiku and not because of religion

Cos if it's cos of religion, then they'll prefer Tinubu’s Muslim Muslim ticket. Since that's not the case, I believe they want a better Nigeria

You are either a pathological liar or a useful idiot without sense. Atiku is a Northern and Muslim candidate simple. He is the North's candidate to ensure power remains with them like their ancestors have asked them to ensure. If you are not a northerner and you are carrying atiku on your head, you are as useless as a tissue paper that will be thrown away after being used.

Tinubu is a southern muslim, and they are not rated. It is just because Tinubu is sickly, that is why people are bothered about his choice of shettima who is an islamic fundamentalist and bigot. If this was tinubu of the early 2000s, i wouldn't have minded him being president. He would have made shettima totally useless in the government. The north and muslims know this, that is why Atiku is their candidate.

So console yourself all you want, you are supporting a candidate that is being positioned to foster the supremacy of the north over the south. If you are a northerner, that is fine. But if you are a southerner or from the middle belt, they you are a useless human being just like your vp candidate Okowa.
Politics / Re: Plateau Youths Boo Simon Lalong With The Shouts Of “obidient”. (video) by Ddokie: 3:04pm On Sep 26


I’m surprised they wanna vote APC for governorship.

I was even thinking Muftwang of PDP will win the governorship.

dem say na apc o.
Politics / Re: Plateau Youths Boo Simon Lalong With The Shouts Of “obidient”. (video) by Ddokie: 2:37pm On Sep 26

See how you are talking as if the population of Christians and Muslims is anywhere close.

Why did you not state that Christians constitute the majority by almost a thousand miles?

You are talking as if they are of equal population.

Now, only Muslims, who make up about 10% of Plateau population, are supporting Atiku and maybe small percentage of them are supporting Tinubu, I don’t know.

The remaining 90% of Plateau indigenes, who are Christians, are supporting Obi. Those folks are even ready to pay to vote Obi.

I thought the platteau thing was a joke until i met some plateau guys. They said there is only one presidential candidate known in the state - PO. But they also said that they are voting APC for governorship and that is the general consensus in the state.

Thats fair enough. Once PO is able to get the state, we are good.
Politics / Re: KADUNA: Uba Sani Removes Tinubu Picture From His Banner by Ddokie: 11:29pm On Sep 25

Day 6 in Kaduna. I have been going round looking for Tinubu's campaign banner in Kaduna, still haven't found any. Even supporters, I haven't found anyone supporting him.

Luckily, I came across some APC banners that have Uba Sani, Kaduna gubernatorial candidate and other APC members, yet, Tinubu's picture is conspicuously missing. What's happening? Are they ashamed of Tinubu or what?

Everyone I ask, na Atiku. Ask 20 people, 19 will say they want Atiku. 1 for Kwankwaso.

In Kaduna Central, 19 would say Atiku, 1 Obi.

In Kaduna South, 19 would say Atiku, 1 Obi.

Atiku has taken over Kaduna!

Oga, your conclusion that atiku will win kaduna, and that BAT isnt popular seems correct from the street polls i have seen from KD. But the position you are giving Kwankwaso and Obi doesn't seem to be the true picture. At least from street polls i have watched.


And I honestly do not see how PO will lose Kaduna south to another fulani man after what those guys have gone through in the hands of the fulanis in the last couple of years.

I think Atiku will win kaduna but with a very slim margin to PO.

The most beautiful aspect of this election for PO is that the 3 K states that the north roars with isn't going to give anyone victory in 2023. The person who will win the elections must look elsewhere.


Politics / Re: Video: Obi Defeats Tinubu, Atiku, Kwankwaso In Osun State Street Opinion Poll by Ddokie: 3:38pm On Sep 23
It appears Tinubu is more popular amongst yorubas in Lagos than outside Lagos.

Be like say dem no too send the man for other yoruba states.

Having said that, it is important to note that most of these polls are carried out in the urban areas. And while PO is going to win about 50% of votes in the urban areas nationwide, let it be known that the urban areas account for just about 25% of the entire voting population in the country. The electorates in the rural areas are more, and people there are more easily influenced by politicians. Therefore the PO campaign organization must commence massive rural "evangelization" with benefits, inducements, and goodies for the next 5 months. There is massive hunger in the villages in Nigeria, and if you go there with empty hand, dem no go too send you.

All these noise about structure you hear the politicians talk about is the structure in these areas, which is essentially the ability of the politicians there to influence the electorates.

If PO will win this elections, the campaing team must hit the rural areas immediately with lots of goodies. We have 5 months.

"We no dey give shi shi" no be for village people o.

You cannot change the password of a system without entering the old password. Let the wise discern.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Peter Obi Defeats Tinubu And Atiku In Lagos Street Opinion Poll by Ddokie: 3:34pm On Sep 23
Lagos is going to be very tough, but you can take the following to the bank:

apprx 20% of yorubas in lagos will vote Obi while 80% will vote BAT
apprx 95% of Igbos will vote Obi, while the rest will be between BAT and Atiku
apprx 90% of other southerners will vote Obi while the rest will be shared between BAT and ATiku
apprx 80% of Muslim northerners will vote for either Atiku or Kwankwaso 15% for BAT while others will get the rest
apprx 70% of Christian northerners and MB in Lag will vote for Obi while others will share the rest.

So who wins lagos depends on the population of these groups residing in Lagos. No one can really tell.


Politics / Re: Tinubu certificate compare original and Fake Chicago University cerfi(photos) by Ddokie: 3:06pm On Sep 23
Bia Nwokem, why are you engaging in this type of conversation? You don pass this level abeg.

So because BAT urchins are churning out useless contents with the intent of rubbishing POs certificates, you too want to follow suit?

Be guided o.

Anyone who feels PO forged certificates should go to court not nairaland.
Politics / Re: Labour Party: Obedients Are A Loud Minority On Social Media by Ddokie: 3:00pm On Sep 23

You've not answered the question.

Mention one Northern Christian or just one Middle Belt politician in Obi's campaign team?

You are absolutely correct in terms of the number of politicians that are in support of Obi. But you have failed to understand the direction of the Obi campaign.

The Obi campaign strategy is to focus on the people who actually have the votes by engaging them as much as possible, while working with people of influence in society who are not politicians to form public opinion. Simple.

No one in the recent history of Nigerian politics has done this. The conventional pattern is what BAT and Atiku are using - get the politicians on your side and you win the elections.

Is Obi's strategy working? Of course it is. That is the only reason why He is the most talked about presidential candidate in the race today even though he is on a platform that was comatose as at May this year. Obi is more popular today with Labor party than Atiku was in 2007 with Action Congress who had a fairly strong structure including Lagos, not forgetting that Atiku himself was a sitting VP then.

Will the strategy give him victory? We will find out on election day.

There is no need for anyone to fret and allow emotions overtake him or her. Time will reveal everything.


Politics / Re: Wike: I rejected Tinubu’s senatorial ticket offer by Ddokie: 2:37pm On Sep 23
Wike my man. After Asiwaju, Wike is the next Southern politician I will always give my respect.

Rejecting Senatorial ticket do not necessarily mean rejecting Asiwaju. The only alternative Wike can support if he is not supporting Atiku is Tinubu because he stand to gain more from a Tinubu in power than anybody else aside Atiku.

I also like how he made reference to Tinubu being the last man standing who survived the storm during his discussion with Rivers PDP Excos yesterday. Right from time, Wike has always respected Tinubu and I am pretty sure he will give the needed tactical support.

Asiwaju do not need to win Rivers. Far far from it, what we need is to make sure we get the minimum 25% and that PDP will not be able to get bloc votes. Rivers & Delta are very important to PDP in the South. Take those bloc vote from those states away and PDP will collapse.

I hope you will maintain your love for him when it becomes clear that he isn't going to support Tinubu for the presidency?

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi's UNN Certificate Is 100% Forged. by Ddokie: 11:28pm On Sep 22

For raising valid concerns?

As much as you Tinubu supporters are evil, you are also clowns.

I don laugh tire.
Politics / Re: Tinubu's Certificates Emerges As Nigerians Point To Discrepancies In Obi's Own by Ddokie: 7:36pm On Sep 22
Only those whose IQ are less than that of a rat are doubting the authenticity of Obi's degree. Go to UNN and verify or continue the beer parlour analysis.

My brother, a political season without beer parlor analysis is nothing. This is all part of the drill.

Dont bother yourself much about it. If the fact that buhari couldn't provide his waec certificate and he is seated as the president today, i can assure you that none of these will affect the chance of Obi.
Politics / Re: What If Buba Marwa The Ndlea Boss Is Made The IGP? by Ddokie: 11:20am On Sep 22
You don't have sense. How can you bring a retired soldier to become IGP?

Why not? The office of the IGP is a political appointment.

Is the present Comptroller general of customs a customs officer?

When PO becomes president, he should make marwa the IGP.
Politics / Re: Why are Tinubu Boys not Succeeding anywhere outside Lagos state? by Ddokie: 10:26am On Sep 22

I borrowed and added something from your comment
Hope you are Obedient

Have you seen any reasonable person who is not Obidient?

Sure banker.

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Politics / Re: Why are Tinubu Boys not Succeeding anywhere outside Lagos state? by Ddokie: 10:11am On Sep 22
We have been telling the urchins that Tinubu is a glorified mediocre administrator who happened to become Lagos state governor, and had sufficient greed to annexxe a percentage of its funds, while ensuring he selected all political officers in and from the state.

Not only have the so called Tinubu egg-heads at the federal executive levels failed, the lawmakers have also been failures - Yayi, Gbaja, Faleke, Remi, etc. All failures.

To be sure that it has nothing to do with the disfunctionality of Abuja, all those who he made governors were failures as well: Aregbe, who almost ruined Osun with debts and nothing to show for it, Oyetola the one that has just been booted out, Dapo Abiodun - a catastrophe, fayemi, amosun, and so on.

In a nutshell, there is nobody you can point to today who worked for tinubu and is doing well in his/her office outside Lagos.

Vice President- Yemi Osinbajo
Speaker- Femi Gbajabiamila
Works and housing: Tunde Fashola
Interior : Rauf Aregbesola
Information: Lai Mohammed
Science and tech: Leke Mamora
Sport: Sunday Dare
SSA (SDG). Orelope Adefulire
MD FHA: Bariu Ashafa
DG Budget office: Ben Akabueze
Post Master General: Adebayo Adewusi
MD BOI: Kayode Pitan
Former FIRS Chairman: Tunde Fowler.

The above list is not exhaustive. God bless Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for giving us these very fine public administrators who are doing their best for the country.

Exactly the point of the Op. A conglomerate of failures.

If e sure for you, tell us one achievement of any of these guys, including una poster boy Fashola.

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Politics / Re: "Don't Link Me With Labour Party" - Toby Okechukwu Rejects Party's Ticket by Ddokie: 6:18pm On Sep 21
Why did he contest Labour Party primary if he wasn't sure he would stand in the proper election.

Now Labour will have no candidate for that constituency.

That's bad.

Because he was the stooge of the governor. That is exactly what they did across board. Luckily for Labor, they identified many of them before time. I guess this one slipped.

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Politics / Re: Projects By Governor Ugwuanyi's Administration In Enugu (Pictures) by Ddokie: 8:08am On Sep 20


Except you repent, God will punish you for this rubbish pr you are doing for the most useless governor that Enugu has ever had.

Ifeanyi ugwuanyi has ruined my beloved Enugu, and you are here showing us a useless building. Simple maintain roads your predecessor sully built he can’t. And you are here doing PR. All our roads are dead. No water, refuse everywhere.

As if his misgovernance of the state isn’t enough, the monkey is attempting to return Enugu to Chimaroke and his ebeano fam.
May God punish all of you nrashi people.

Unknown to many people in Nigeria, ugwuanyi is the worst governor in the SE. Ikpeazu is miles ahead of the monkey.

The same banquet hall photographed from different angles and a tennis court is what this fat fool is coming to show Nigerians after 8 years? Enugu people, sorry for una.

Na real sorry for us o. The man is a disaster.


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