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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 6:50am On Jan 19, 2018

Same road that was abandoned for years.

God bless Buhari.
Despite the unwarranted hatred he keeps doing the right thing.

May God not forget to punish all those criminals (from Jonathan down to the last) that stole our money without mercy and those who sold to the people hatred for Buhari; all in order to maintain a firm grip on their evil empire.

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Politics / Re: Apc's Lies And Half Truths - A Rebuttal To Progress69 Thread by DelGardo: 7:41pm On Dec 31, 2017

Read up and stop being a douchebag


You are a complete dolt.

Look at historical NLNG dividend payments to NNPC below from the same NEITI audit. That has never gone to the federation account even under your thieving hero.

Did NEITI tell you tax payments are missing under Buhari?

I am done with your dumb behind

Politics / Re: Apc's Lies And Half Truths - A Rebuttal To Progress69 Thread by DelGardo: 7:18pm On Dec 31, 2017

Shatap. How come 2015 till date NLNG remittance is missing under buhari?

Smell away.
I don't engage empty heads.
Come back when you have checked FIRS revenue under Buhari and you didn't see NLNG income tax payments.
Politics / Re: Apc's Lies And Half Truths - A Rebuttal To Progress69 Thread by DelGardo: 7:13pm On Dec 31, 2017

Listen to yourself.....the money was piling up since 2014 after the 10yrs tax holidays that was given to NLNG.....and please it wasn't payed into federation account until buhari came in demanded and shared the money

NLNG tax holidays ended in Q3 2009 not 2014. The company sold its first LNG cargo in 1999 and the tax holidays was for 10yrs from first cargo sold.

Buhari didn't demand it. NLNG paid it's statutory taxes for 2014 in 2015. They could have paid it earlier but the were smart enough to have held on so that hero IB will not steal it as usual.

Do you care to tell us how the ineffectual one spent the previous taxes paid by NLNG from 2010 when he took over to 2014?

You wailers are plain dumb. Pretty much like the man you support in his cluelessness.

Cry as you like, lie as you please one thing is certain: no more free money.


Politics / Re: Apc's Lies And Half Truths - A Rebuttal To Progress69 Thread by DelGardo: 7:05pm On Dec 31, 2017

So you don't know that LNG has an account in Federation account , where proceeds are remitted?

Most MDAs all have accounts with the CBN...

You are so thick that it is embarrassing. Good thing the Demdem has straightened you out even though you appear too dense to learn.

Fyi what NLNG paid to the FG after Buhari took over was the income tax for 2014 payable in 2015 to the federation account, after FIRS assessment.

As at that time all 2014 dividends due to NNPC for their 49% shareholding in NLNG (not 60% as you dumbly claim) had been paid under Goodluck. Uncle IB couldn't have saved the dividend either because it is paid to NNPC directly. You may look up the recently released NEITI report to learn more about dividend payment by NLNG.

You Tanoid wailers are so empty and ignorant.
No wonder you are so anxious for free money. That time don pass


Politics / Re: Jonathan Hails Buhari At 75, Describes President As ‘rare Statesman’ by DelGardo: 9:43pm On Dec 16, 2017
Clueless as usual.

Why no wait a little and issue this tomorrow?

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Politics / Re: Photo : GMB Inspecting The Train For New Nigeria by DelGardo: 9:11pm On Dec 16, 2017
They are testing the Abuja Metro now. The yello line is scheduled to start fron Q1 2018.

Work is progressing on the Laqos Ibadan leg of the Lagos - Kano standard guage line.

Days of mindless looting are over. Wail on.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 7:35pm On Dec 11, 2017

I don't know if it's a trunk A road but from what spyder posted with the road's description signage, the road is being constructed by Ekweremadu that's why I'm eulogizing him. He was the one that flagged it off.

Still unclear, I am sorry.

Is it his constituency project or is he using personal funds?

If it is the federal government it must be under a ministry or MDA. Credit must be properly given.

I will love Spyder to verify pls.

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 9:45pm On Dec 10, 2017

The quality of the work is topnotch... that's one thing I love about Enugu state, building of legacy infrastructures, and not in the league of states that hurriedly teds and pour coal tar on roads in the guise of constructing so many roads.
Thanks so much Ikeoha (Ekweremadu) for this intervention, it's indeed special.

Please confirm whether this is a federal or state project.

Meanwhile if it is a state govt project why give credit to Ekweremadu and not Gburugburu? If it is a federal project why not give credit to Buhari and the minister in charge?

Just wondering.
Politics / Re: Photos Of Ongoing Dualization Of Yenegwe-Kolo-Otuoke Road In Bayelsa By FG by DelGardo: 3:29am On Dec 09, 2017

It is a State project not by any FG.
Stop insulting GEJ.

Project that was even announced at Fed Executive Council meeting a while back is suddenly a state project. How? Is Fed Min of Power Works and Housing a state ministry?

Bayesla state that can't even pay salaries. Na only God go fit help una.

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Politics / Re: Photos Of Ongoing Dualization Of Yenegwe-Kolo-Otuoke Road In Bayelsa By FG by DelGardo: 3:26am On Dec 09, 2017
Nor mind dem bros, I stayed at nembe for close to a year, was even there for crocodile smile and one monkey is here yarning poo because he thinks I came to do APC/PDP.

Please go to the site tomorrow, take picture and post to disprove the FMPWH publication or stop making sweeping statements.

You have admitted that you are not in Bayelsa yet you claim there is nothing going on. Does that even make sense to you?

This one is a real project... take your hate elsewhere my friend

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Politics / Re: Photos Of Ongoing Dualization Of Yenegwe-Kolo-Otuoke Road In Bayelsa By FG by DelGardo: 6:21pm On Dec 08, 2017
This is a lie, I patrolled that axis regularly during my time in bayelsa, perhaps it is the nembe road which is still under construction.

Are you thick or just plain re'tarded?

Information posted by Fed Min of Power, Works and Housing on their Twitter handle and you say boldly that it is a lie, without any shred of evidence.

Buhari is delivering at a very orderly and measured manner but you people would rather die (or shout propaganda) than recognise the progress being recorded.

Shame go soon kill all of you supporters of hero IB, the clueless one.

God bless Buhari and all those working hard to restore all that we have lost under Papa Deceive Pikin.

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Politics / Re: Presidency Secretly Acquires New Jet by DelGardo: 12:28am On Dec 03, 2017
Another gist pulled right out of the a'ss of a repugnant wailer.

Lol @ OC: Original C'rap

I am waiting for your "Buhari buys an estate in Jordan" news.

Abeg support ur Atiku or Fayose in peace and let us support our Buhari, the honorable ma, with love and hapiness.

Ndi ala.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri To Governor Shettima: Publish Your Results by DelGardo: 12:57pm On Dec 01, 2017

I think it is you God will punish.
Did omokri stated that the minister wrote asking that education be suspended or asking that the students be bus to a secure location for the exams?
2. Whose duty is it to make a call? The president or the first chief security officer of a state(Gov) ? Maybe you should just admit you don't know protocol.

Lastly, rid yourself of bias mind...

Go and upgrade your grammar before I take you serious. After that go back and read the article, slowly.

While at it you should point to the part of the governor's job description that says he must call a president who claims to be aware of Chibok kidnap from day one. The abduction was on the news btw so what yeye call was the re'tarded president waiting for?

Block-headed wailer.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri To Governor Shettima: Publish Your Results by DelGardo: 8:21am On Dec 01, 2017
This dimwit Omokri should stop reminding us of what we are trying to forget.

He is proud to tell us that a minister under his principal wrote a letter to suspend secondary education for young citizens of his country even if for a spell.

And they fail to see the disturbing dimension of complete failure to secure Chibok girls and others in the NE.

He claims Jonathan held an emergency meeting within 24hrs of the abduction but he still complains that the governor did not call for 2wks. Call for what if Jonathan is already aware of the situation?
The same buffoon did not make any move 3 wks after the kidnap.

One always finds all sorts of contradiction in every useless defence of cluelessness.

Wendell thinks everyone hereon is an intellectually deficient wailer.

May God punish Jonathan and the rest you philanderers.
Politics / Re: FFK Slams El-rufia For Pouring Encomium On Buhari - Nigerians React by DelGardo: 8:24am On Nov 27, 2017
I had a better life prior 2015.... and i know i speak for many who are in the daily struggle not some young chap who still feeds from home or in some secondary or university..

Even if you are that young and still feed off your parents, atleast have pity on them, imagine if a full fledge young youth with all the strength and humility is complaining, how about your aged parents..

Now we hear:
Skill acquisition everywhere, meaning no jobs for you.
Graduates earning 40k/mth. (How do start a family)
Unemployment implosion imminent.
Marriage age now at 35 and counting.
Standard of living at its utmost low.
3 bedroom flat is seen as luxury now.
Entertaining visitors is almost a felony now.
Ritualists are back again and this time they are youths.
Terrorism is no where gone.

Divided citizenz along ethnic and religious lines (as if it was not this country we were all living in prior to this period).

Full graduates with masters et al are now seeking customer service jobs everywhere. Contract jobs everywhere without benefits.

Please don't remind us of how innocent unemployed citizens died under your thieving heroes during Immigration Service employment test.

Your people also collected thousand from them as application fees. I am sure you cannot remember this part of that your pre-2015 El-Dorado, where everyone was employed by ghost companies.

Ndi ara.

God bless Buhari

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s External Reserve Hits $35b by DelGardo: 7:00pm On Nov 26, 2017
That's the change I voted for.
Proud and delighted.
Still a lot to do but this government is hitting the right notes in a lot of places.

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Politics / Re: Infrastructure, Defense Get Bulk Of Buhari's N8.6trillion Budget.. by DelGardo: 3:07am On Nov 08, 2017

Back in the old school days we usually christened fellow students who exhibit extreme dullness 'ZUWO' from Barkin Zuwo, ex civilian governor of Kano state. With a stroke of luck, you may come to know the reason one day.

Zuwo! That is sooo UNN/UNEC. Like saying "any work".
Good looking out, bro.
Politics / Re: Please Does Abia Have A Governor? State Of PH Road In Aba by DelGardo: 1:41am On Nov 07, 2017
I think the op is being mischievous,you see a road named ph in Aba,common sense didnt tell you that its a trunk A road meaning the federal govt owns it.

You people should keep deceiving yourselves.
Amaechi repaired and dualised the same old PH aba road in Port Harcourt. The one in Aba has not been touched since 2006.

Keep waiting for and blaming Buhari while allowing your governor to steal as much as he pleases.

Enjoy your hardship,


Politics / Re: Buhari As A Mistake Nigerians Should Never Repeat by DelGardo: 8:05am On Nov 05, 2017

I agree

It is for the North and West who voted him to power not to repeat the mistake. The East and South who didnt vote for him have been vindicated.

However, I think thst the North and west will repeat the same mistake again in 2019, they have no choice.

Voting for the President of Nigeria isnt about ability to deliver, it is about ethnicity.

Just one of the glaring facts that Nigeria isnt a nation.

You guys can bleat all you like.

We are still very happy with sending your thieving principals back to the stone age in 2015.

If in doubt go and read the WB report on Nigeria's economic performance via this link: http://punchng.com/nigeria-jumps-24-places-in-ease-of-doing-business-buhari-osinbajo-applaud-ranking/

Or you can go witness the joy of your fellow citizens in the North East, which the ineffectual buffoon had ceded to Boko Haram, as an admittance his incompetence.

You can also join yourself in Metuh's case by begging Uncle hero to obey the rule of law (a concept that he still does not understand, 2 years after) and respect a lawful subpoena to appear as a defence witness. Last I heard hero was asking for N1Billion appearance fee. You people will still wail when his a'ss is dragged to court by force.

You might also want to read up about constitutional democracy and devolution of powers while at it, it would interest you to learn that the president cannot interfere with government at the state and local level. So hold you state governor accountable for their failures!

The days of mindless stealing and cleuless leadership at the Federal level are gone for good.

We are upbeat about the future, where useless state governors and local govt chairmen will be held to account

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 3:58pm On Nov 04, 2017

Please leave this forum and other Igbo forum.

Nobody says you should not do your dirty job, but please do it in the other threads as clicking on your previous posts easily reveal your dirty job. I just pray Chino does not find you here.

I see y'all just love ad hominem banter. Go sort out whatever beef you have Abagworo and face the message I bring your deprived heart.

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 3:54pm On Nov 04, 2017

You better stop lying. This statement alone makes me think you are Abagworo that thinks everyone online is a fool so he lies shamelessly on things everyone can verify is a lie.

Rotimi Amaechi built the road from PH to Owerri and stopped at the Rivers state boundary. HE WAS NOT REFUNDED BY FG!

The same FG has not completed the dualization from Rivers State boundary to reach Owerri.- FACT!
NDDC stepped in and repaired a few really bad sections and now funding most of the project.

We discussed the same topic here in NL : https://www.nairaland.com/2398372/11-states-seek-n300.5bn-refund

Now please stop lying and post the projects you claimed happened in your hometown Awlaw. Muo Asi!

By the way, stop googling names of towns in Enugu state and claiming they are your hometown. I actually have very close family friends from Awlaw and can verify anything happening in that town


Again you are entitled to your hateful state.
Thank God we now hear positive things about Amaechi from you wailers. Which federal admin refused to pay Amaechi back from the onset?

If you can't tell the difference between the state of that road at the boundary between Rivers and Imo state then and now you must be a hypocrite.

I encourage you to call your Awlaw N'ato friends then come back and argue with facts.

Who you think I am is of little interest to me. Small minds and awkward conclusions irritate me
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 3:45pm On Nov 04, 2017

Please what family from Awlaw are you from? This is a serious forum so stop being childish.

P-L-E-A-S-E STOP telling white lies here!!

Post the pictures of the phantom projects so i can personally go and verify it. Onye asi!

I am from Awlaw Isiama even though I don't need your validation. You can go verify.

Screaming to satisfy you parochial views don't impress me.

You may wallow in your ignorant state
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 10:35pm On Nov 03, 2017

Oga, I totally disagree with you saying speaking the truth without mincing words is unproductive. Igbos are the most loving Nigerians because any group treated the way Igbos were treated under Buhari will have taken up arms or embarked on killing fulanis in the southeast

Yes, GEJ messed up by not building key roads in the SE whom supported him. Even Obasanjo and Yar'Adua before him did not. But we know they simply had focused on other issues. Obasnjo built Onitsha -Owerri road, Yar'Adua gave the offical permission to upgrade Enugu airport into an international status and his successor GEJ completed the project.

Buhari has the Wahhabi Islamist fanaticism and hatred for some specific Nigerians especially the Igbos. Please point to one project Buhari did in the entire SE and not even Enugu. Not just that he labelled the area 5% and treated it as such, he went ahead to plot economic ruin of the region even tried to provoke the region into a war so that his intention of destroying the little recovery that has happened since 1970. Man,

Buhari is devil's incarnate. I am not afraid to say it the way it is because even people like Rochas who worked for him to gain votes in Imo state etc and told Imo people that Buhari will build Federal roads in the state and cite federal projects there. Even the roads being built by GEJ were abandoned as Buhari refused to make anymore budgetary allocation to any of them. Not minding they were in Imo state. Owerri-Umuahia road abandoned, Owerri -Okigwe road abandoned, Owerri - PH road abandoned and Owerri - Aba road abandoned.
Rochas had to do the Owerri-Orlu road himself out of shame. So, if Imo state even with all Rochas did for Buhari and they have nothing to show for it because the bottomline is that they are still hated Igbos (5%ers under Buhari),please stop expecting that praising an evil person will make him treat you differently. Evil people have no empathy or compassion in their soul and will never change.

The same Buhari that is doing major projects in northern Nigeria, upgrade Kaduna airport in 2 weeks to take international flights diverted from Abuja airport, yet he could not fix glass windows that broke in the AIIA,Enugu, we had to use concrete & gravel to patch potholes on Enugu airport runway because Buhari does not consider that an international airport in Nigeria worth spending anything to fix potholes on the runway. He even removed that airport from the list of concessioned international airports to show you he does not even recognize it as international.

Bros, biko, if you have nothing better to say, don't say anything.

Even after I informed you that serious work is on going on PH - Enugu express way and that an ecological fund project is even going on in my little village Awlaw in Oji River LGA. You still ignorantly ask me to mention one project. I tire for you, Sir.

SE got N16b in October from the Sukkuk bond. Same amount as other zones. Where is the 5% talk in that?

Payment is being made to our abandoned civil war heroes. Is that also a sign of the devil's incarnate?

Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene that was abandoned by Jonathan is fully repaired; by the same Buhari we love to hate

I know the state of PH - Owerri road around Umuagwo before Buhari came. Go there now and see the smart solution that this admin has provided. Now u can drive from PH to Owerri with eyes closed

As I said you must not like the man. You can demand more but I encourage you to stop the baseless hatred. Especially since you love someone who treated you worse. Stop being a bigot.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by DelGardo: 4:16pm On Nov 03, 2017

Why are you surprised that roads with federal establishments in the south east are the worst roads? The current Buhari led APC government does not think the southeast is part of Nigeria. Just visit federal roads in the state to see the meaning of irresponsibility

My advise for you is to overlook these temporary infrastructure deficit the FG has been orchestrating in the SE to force the people from there to invest their life savings in the north and other places. In time, they will use quit notice or some new dubious laws to dispossess the non-indigenes of their hard earned properties. I always ask those wise enough to see through their evil design not to fall victim to it. Let the foolish and stubborn among us continue burying their investment in NORTH without any northerners reciprocating by investing in the east. When it finally happens, let nobody cry that they didn't know the game going on in Nigeria

Are you people not tired of this nonsense?

Which SE road did Jonathan, your adopted son and hero, do for us? Was it not under the same man that Enugu-Onitsha expressway was totally abandoned portions of it used for farming?

Today that road is being looked at. I drove down to PH from Enugu this week and I am impressed with the spate of standard revamp this govt is doing on Enugu-PH expressway.

There is even a massive FG ecological project going on in my little village. First since before the war.

Hatred will not help us. We must demand more but not in this old and unproductive way you have posted.
Politics / Re: How Can You Sleep While Owing Workers? | Buhari Blasts Governors by DelGardo: 6:43pm On Oct 17, 2017
My Presido it is because they are heartless and the people have been weakened by prolonged ignorance, servitude and slave mentality.

I believe you need to do more for the emancipation of the masses so that they can fight these thieves called governors.

May God bless and keep you, Mr President


Politics / Re: NNPC Board Under 2 Governments by DelGardo: 12:11am On Oct 12, 2017
Watch them avoid this tread like it's got monkey pox. grin


Politics / Re: FG Releases N100bn Sukuk Bond Proceeds For 25 Road Projects by DelGardo: 7:03am On Oct 06, 2017

The northern minion happier than me? Are you for real or just dumb?

Are you talking of millions of illiterates or the almajiris or the hungry?

Keep fooling yourself.....

Yen yen yen...

One day you might grow up and grow a brain.
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Corrupt And Nepotic by DelGardo: 11:05pm On Oct 05, 2017

If that's all you got.. Then
Enjoy your last bmc stipend
You can't even do your job

You will be dropped

Thanks for the BMC job you gave me, boss. I am sure you will find me another one when they sack me.

Politics / Re: FG Releases N100bn Sukuk Bond Proceeds For 25 Road Projects by DelGardo: 10:57pm On Oct 05, 2017

Hear how stupid you sound...........

No matter how much you northern minions mix with southerners, your backwardness stick with you still like your stinking babariga.........

Why are you so pained with your fab life? ... how come the northern minions are happier than you?

Pls search you young heart for some joy, you may yet find it. Onye nwe anyi g'enyelu gi aka.
Politics / Re: FG Releases N100bn Sukuk Bond Proceeds For 25 Road Projects by DelGardo: 10:16pm On Oct 05, 2017

And your Islamic leadership that never has anything to say on the stolen wealth by northern thieves is better than CAN right?


Well... their Islamic leadership ensured your clueless hero was sent back to the stone age.

You should go and join him, if your here rant is anything to go by.
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Corrupt And Nepotic by DelGardo: 10:13pm On Oct 05, 2017

We know the free money is now meant for any cow from the North..... You are not aware that the minister of petroleum (buhari) connived with the Gmd of NNPC to siphon billions of dollars..
But due to his nepotic tendencies... They forgot to put the minister of state for petroleum in the loop...
Now the shiiiit has hit the fan
Nothing from NNPC or Presidency... Only that they are investigating and consulting...

Come and defend buhari
You life depends on it

Now go play in the sand with your mates. I don't engage fiddlers who should be enjoying their mid term break

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