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Family / Re: Baby Stolen In Uyo, Recovered In Owerri - Police Deny Mother Access (Photos) by delivryboy: 9:56am On Sep 23
Always Owerri! What is wrong with these people?
Politics / Re: IPOB: End This Madness Of 'Sit At Home' Before It Turns To Something Else Ooo by delivryboy: 10:57am On Sep 14
You were making sense until you mentioned “this woman is not Fulani” would it have been proper if she was Fulani? You are as horrible as your fellow IPOB miscreants you are just pained that the victim is Igbo and not because the did was bad.
Politics / Re: Arochukwu Erosion: LGA Asks For Help As Only The Access Road Is At Risk by delivryboy: 12:57pm On Aug 06
Tinubu is the problem here in Arochukwu! Tinubu look at what you have done to the people of Arochukwu. Tinubu! Tinubuuu!! Tinubuuuuuuuu!
Politics / Re: Gov Ortom Petitions UN Over Miyetti Allah-Terrorists Killings In Benue State by delivryboy: 9:40am On Aug 04
Benue people also kill Fulani people but the media is always silent about it. Most of our state governors sponsor militia and arm them within their state.
Culture / Re: Similoluwa, Sister Of Ooni’s Wife 'Steals Show' With Backside At Royal Event by delivryboy: 6:23pm On Jul 20
Our women have cultural inferiority, how can an Ooni’s sister dress like a call girl to a royal event? And to think she’s the only one dancing and “spraying” money on no one in particular tells that no single etiquette has been taught her.


Politics / Re: Man Sends A Bottled Letter To Buhari To Rescue Lekki Residents From Flood by delivryboy: 8:11pm On Jul 14
Proves nothing is in the head of most Nigerians. This man is sending a message to Buhari for the flood in Lekki, you jumped Eti osa Local Government Area chairman, You skipped Lagos state governor, you avoided your federal house of representatives members and even your senator representing your constituency. How is Nigeria going to get better when the so called educated young people are ignorant as to how government is run? Educated illiterates everywhere always trying to use Buhari to chase cheap clout.

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Travel / Re: Deplorable State Of Calabar Itu Road!!! by delivryboy: 1:58pm On Jul 02
This is the power station area, I spent several hours in spot due to bad road, I remember a young navy personnel who came to help control the grid lock telling one of the commuters who didn’t obey his express instructions that “look at my uniform I’m not army I’m navy we are more dangerous” couldn’t help laughing loud. Lots of boiled corn and cucumbers sold at that spot too, buy some and relax.
Crime / Re: Girlfriend Who Drugged & Stabbed Ataga Michael Usifo To Death Arrested by delivryboy: 8:03pm On Jun 19
Men will always be blamed for everything, when they are the aggressors, the get blamed, when they are victims they get blamed. She killed him in cold blood but a man can never get sympathy. The real disposable gender. Regardless of the circumstances he has been murdered. Women all over the internet space in Nigeria are currently in frenzy and happy a man is down. But turn around and ask for death penalty for rape. Esther Villa wrote in her book describing how deep women hate men, if only men knew the extent of such raw hatred, most men would avoid their good morning salutations.


Celebrities / Re: Odion Ighalo And Lilian Esoro Are Dating, His Wife Reacts (Photos) by delivryboy: 7:33pm On Jun 15

Just because someone airs his views on the same forum where you air yours doesn’t make him a terrorist, I hate your monopoly of opinion, you child of SATAN!!!

Nairalanders beware of this terrorist
Celebrities / Re: Odion Ighalo And Lilian Esoro Are Dating, His Wife Reacts (Photos) by delivryboy: 7:20pm On Jun 15
Ighalo is making the mistake of his life, don’t date or marry single mother, they are damaged goods and it can’t end well.
Politics / Re: MURIC: Any Yoruba Christian Presidential Candidate will lose in 2023 by delivryboy: 5:25pm On Jun 07
Stop being stupid oga MURIC, I am a Muslim and I will vote a Christian as the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria. Mumu man.

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Politics / Re: Protest Against Killings By Unknown Gunmen In Imo State (Pictures) by delivryboy: 8:25pm On Jun 04

The protest is against your security forces that are busy killing unarmed civilians

This got nothing to do with IPOB, they dont touch civilians

Why do you guys always lying to yourselves, what is obvious to the whole world you still choose to deny shamelessly. The people of Imo state have chosen peace over falsehood. IPOB need to stop using civilians (like themselves) as collateral in their senseless and directionless war. Let south east remain great.
Travel / Re: How To Edit Family Member's Details On US Visa Appointment Portal by delivryboy: 12:27pm On Jun 04

Once it's submitted, that is the end

Thanks a lot
Travel / Re: How To Edit Family Member's Details On US Visa Appointment Portal by delivryboy: 10:15pm On Jun 03
I don't think it can be edited

I also noticed that.
Travel / How To Edit Family Member's Details On US Visa Appointment Portal by delivryboy: 8:02pm On Jun 03
Hi guys, I would like to know how I can go about editing a family member's details on an already submitted US visa appointment. I had earlier submitted my DS160 form along with my wife's, however, I observed I had made a mistake on our DS160 forms and that prompted me to retrieve the forms and filled new ones. Then I went ahead to update my new DS160 confirmation number in the appointment portal. The challenge I am confronted with is that I am not able to update my wife's new DS160 confirmation number on the portal. There seem not to be anywhere to enter such details. I have clicked on the "Family Details" but that is not responding.

Assist a brother fam
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army confirms death of General Attahiru by delivryboy: 8:04am On May 22
Dem just use my Yoruba people as sacrificial lamb.....what's on Earth is going on why can't this crash just be Fulani problem??
The tolerant people are at it again rejoicing over people’s deaths.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army confirms death of General Attahiru by delivryboy: 8:03am On May 22
All crew members from a particular tribe
RIP to the dead
Tribe tribe and tribe has eaten off our logic. Low African brain.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Can I Skip A Day Without Fasting? by delivryboy: 9:51am On Apr 30
Fasting wey person don chop belleful in the morning dat one na fasting?

It’s how it was prescribed for Muslims, I know Christians who fast till 12am and it’s okay because it works for them. Some do fruit fasting where they eat only fruits and drink water and it’s still fasting. The log is not in our eyes brother.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Boy Won ₦1.6m, Land And Hajj For Reciting The Qur'an (video) by delivryboy: 9:48am On Apr 30
Alhamdulillah continue the great work child, you will be glad you started like this.


Politics / Re: Pantami Blocks Buhari From Shaking Oluremi, Tinubu’s Wife - Reno Omokri (Video) by delivryboy: 10:43am On Apr 26
How does the president shaking Tinubi’s wife affect the nation’s Economy?
Politics / Re: Daily Independent Retracts Pantami Terrorist Story by delivryboy: 3:26pm On Apr 13
So why did the newspaper publish such news without first verifying the authenticity of the story. Was it done in error or done with the intent to malign his person? Did they do such so as to awaken the spotlight of the FBI on him and later retract the claim so that the end justifies the means? Was it done so as to scare anyone who wishes to put their Muslim identity into public domain just like mallam Pantani has boldly done. Was it borne out of hate or can we conclude the newspaper and its management are trash and incompetent?

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Politics / Re: Lady Who Tattooed Tinubu's Face: "My Husband Has Chased Me Out Of The House" by delivryboy: 6:17pm On Apr 07
Foolish woman grin
The woman is Yoruba and from the look of things her husband is Yoruba too.
But see how much he hates tinubu to the extent of throwing his wife out of the house.
But Yoruba here always says igbos are the ones hating tinubu.

Every right thinking human knows that tinubu is a disaster and a criminal too dangerous to be allowed become a president.
I pledge on sensible Nigerians from SE SS MB and some SW wey get sense not to allow Yoruba BMC put us into another hell they way they did with buhari.

He doesn’t hate Tinubu, he hates nonsense. That husband would have sent her idiotic ass out into the streets if she had tattooed Nnamdi Cownuuuuu-the-f0000l.
Great guy does not tolerate nonsense.
Nairaland / General / Re: Lagos Bus Service Deploys "Cowry Cards", Gives Out 20,000 Cards by delivryboy: 5:24pm On Mar 23
Tinumbu don use this people head finish... which one be cowry card again
Another means to fetch him another money?
When will afonja get saved from slavery sef
Just commend the innovation and move on, it’s exhausting trying to make a mess of everything in the news. The People are actually as bad as Nigeria if not worse.


Politics / Re: "We Are Coming For You": Army Chief, Attahiru Tells Dokubo, Igboho by delivryboy: 11:27am On Mar 23
Bandits attacked Governor Ortom's convoy and issued treats to his life, went ahead and promised to kill him, my dear COAS didn't "come" for them. Please go after the marauding bandits and killer herdsmen first sir.

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Politics / Re: Osita Chidoka: Awolowo Was Unforgiving, Introduced Ethnic Politics To Nigeria by delivryboy: 10:16am On Mar 23
It’s too late to revise history, Awolowo was not a bigot rather he was focused on his region. On the other hand Azikiwe was the two-timer who acted as a friend to both Awolowo and Sir Ahmed Bello, as a matter of fact he spoke both Hausa and Yoruba and courted both of premiers of the western and eastern regions while back biting both and stabbing both men in their backs. Both men were being penned down for execution by his kinsmen in their bloody coup.

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Education / Re: FOI: Nigerian Universities Ignore Enquiries On Sexual Harassment Cases by delivryboy: 9:16pm On Mar 21
cool Idris you see your life undecided undecided undecided
Eeeedris spoke about sexual harassment against female students by male lecturers and he did it well through his song but no one paid attention to his message.

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Education / Re: FOI: Nigerian Universities Ignore Enquiries On Sexual Harassment Cases by delivryboy: 9:13pm On Mar 21
I’m worried about a recent trend. It’s not the usual social media challenges neither is it skits, it is a trend that borders life and death, a trend that has been seeing men, fathers and sometimes mothers and sisters to early graves, early and tragic death. I have noticed the killing of officers and men/women of the Nigerian Police Force in the eastern part of the country particularly Anambra state. In what appears to be an ambush-and-executed style. What shocks me more however is the applause the killers seem to enjoy on social media. A rather unlikely response to an unappealing act. Many have hailed the attackers of these men on duty as saviors as if they are doing the bidding of the masses. Some responses seem justifiably so considering what some citizens might have gone through in the hands of some police officers. However, this profession is viewed with some dislike worldwide. What is most worrisome is the loud silence from the defenders of human rights and humanitarians nationwide, civil societies have kept mute, human rights activists are silent, women groups are not saying anything (because men have been the casualties maybe), religious leaders have lost their voices. These deceased maybe police (the men we love to hate) but these are lives, breadwinners, husbands, sons and daughters, friends and more. I strongly believe societal squabbles can be settled without resorting to wanton killings. A point of note: When Boko Haram started attacking barracks our Hausa/Kanuri brothers believed they were brothers and have come to defend them, but power corrupts and it won’t be long before these killers of police turn against their own people. Thank you for your time.
Politics / Re: Wike: I Can Walk Around Rivers State Without Security Because I Have Performed by delivryboy: 10:06pm On Mar 05
Everyone hates Wike for taking a stand against IPOB and sending soldiers into Oyigbo communities but no one is taking about the killing of Hausas and Muslims (observe there were no massive outcry over the killings of Hausas by Igbos in the LGA because they are Muslims, not from Reno Omokri, Ben Bruce or FFK et, all) No Igbo speaks about the cold murders but they keep insulting Wike and threatening him with violence because he didn't allow them freedom to kill other ethnic groups. Wike is greater than all the drunken Igbo governors, Wike is greater than Nnamdi Azikiwe, Wike is far greater than the coward Odumegwu Ojukwu who left his manhood to live on but most of all, Wike is light years ahead of the rotten skin albino with very low IQ, small brain, confused coward Nnamdi Cownu the porn artist.

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Politics / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Visits Sanwo-Olu, Solicits For Better Welfare For Abia People by delivryboy: 6:01pm On Nov 11, 2020
Provide good welfare in Aba first bros, Aba is looking like a war thorn zone, not fit for a famous town. One can not buy gala and coke on the streets of Ariara without feeling like puke


Crime / Re: Makoko Police Station On Fire by delivryboy: 2:19pm On Oct 21, 2020
Do Yorubas know how much others want Lagos destroyed? Hahaha, help them destroy the western Nigeria while they laugh at you in their closet. Alhamdulillah there will not be destructions in my beloved Arewa. How come all those Igbos hate are the targets? Tinubu (from nowhere), Sanwolu (for defeating PDP), Buhari, Oba of Lagos.... hahahaha I hereby declare Yorubas the dumbest ethnic group in Africa

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