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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by demoah(m): 2:53pm On Dec 02, 2020

Hello please have a stronger home tie..using my sister worked against me in 1st application, now I'm using my wife as home tie...
Thank you for your response.
Hmmm, this is tricky. Parents are in Nigeria with properties and applicant has a job in Nigeria. These are the only tangible home ties atm. Applicant’s siblings are not in Nigeria. One is a U.S citizen, the other is Canadian. Applicant is not married.
What else can one use as a strong family tie to Nigeria?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by demoah(m): 8:20am On Dec 02, 2020

it’s okay if you have siblings, I myself all my siblings were born in Canada, I literally have no family ties to Nigeria, my mom too became a citizen of late, it’s only dad that isn’t too freaked out Canada.. so to answer your question, yes it’s okay to have siblings, you can submit his/her passport bio page, but Canada will still make their research..
Hope this helps
Yes it does help.
Thank you for your response.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 17 by demoah(m): 7:50am On Dec 02, 2020
Good day house. I have a question and your answer will be appreciated. Does having a sibling as a Canadian citizen favour or work against you in your study visa application?
Is it necessary to submit his passport bio data page?
This sibling is not posing as a sponsor and is not getting involved in the whole process (he can if necessary), but parents have enough to sponsor and 80% of a year tuition has been paid already.
Is this sibling going to prove as a “too strong” family tie to Canada?
Your response would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by demoah(m): 8:27pm On Jul 25, 2018
With your BSc, you might get stuck on EE, except the draw drops significantly as it did last year or you get a provincial nomination. Use the comprehensive ranking tool first to have an idea of your current score (all other things being equal). Also read up on PNP for different provinces to get the best option for you to boost your score and improve your chances. You dont want to start spending money on WES and IELTS and end up getting stuck. It is not a good feeling

@Salford,maternal,newmum and all

I once asked a question abt EE sometimes back but plans changed due to financial reasons

...With bsc accounting, 2:2 grade,less than 25 yrs,I plan having 2 yrs work experience cos I just clocked 1 year post nysc some days ago...working in a microfinance bank as account officer,did tellering before....

Will my profile with only *bsc* above qualify for EE cos I don't have an MSC yet n i don't plan doing that bfr applying

1...I plan to apply for EE towards next year end,how good is this,as I hope to gotten the full 12k plus cad POF by that time.....aw good is this

2..I plan going back to skul immediately I land for either MSc accounting/finance/MBA or if my grade can't do that,I will go to College for PGD and begin CPA...how good is my idea cos I felt age will still be on my side

3....Will my tuition be cheaper since am coming in as PR?

4..I have passion for Banking industry or a consulting firm(reason fr thinking MBA),,Which province is better

5..Will this plan fit me into the job environment n speed up my career growth in my new home Canads

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by demoah(m): 8:26pm On May 18, 2017

Bros I too dey feel you.

Gone are those days when purpose of visit is only meant for PGD/PGC. Now, Masters and PHD applicants get it free of charge. I could remember before this year it was not so. Even this same last year some Masters/PHD applicants got TRV without SOP. For few weeks now, I have heard of several masters applicant get delayed for purpose of visit alone.

My people, SOP is now key to getting TRV. We must now be more convincing in our short and long term plans. One of my suggestion to a friend is to get registered towards certifications related to his field. This suggestion was after I was shocked for his delay and didn't have other thing to say. Its DAT bad my people. We can as well have plan B (in case) cos these people are not predictable anymore.

All the best

Besides SOP, your money is also a major key this days.

Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by demoah(m): 8:16pm On May 18, 2017

Have you confirmed with Fanshawe college if you can use your PGD or advanced diploma to gain admission into a masters program?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by demoah(m): 2:36pm On Apr 05, 2016
Hi guys, goodmorning all. Seems i'm late! I want to further my education next year in Canada, ontario precisely. I'd be going for a Pgd in business administration, I was told I have to start the process latest by September this year,because i'm looking at February/march 2017. I also read where they said students are allowed to work inside the campus for 6months before allowed to work outside. I have some questions:
1) are Pgd students allowed to work as well
2) what's the total package for everything, which includes tuition, accommodation, ticket and visa, feeding
3) which university in ontario is very affordable, not the very expensive ones since i'm doing Pgd before thinking of doing masters.

I'd be glad if my questions are answered thanks.

The 6 months rule has changed. You can work unlimited hours on campus and work 20 hours per week off campus. PGD students are allowed to work as well. As for the rest of your questions you need to do a research.


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 9 by demoah(m): 6:35pm On Jan 05, 2016
Happy new year guys. I just stumbled on this and I hope it can be a guidline for an applicant:
Source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/tools/temp/visa/processing/admissibility.asp

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the contents or reliability of any websites to which I provide a link and do not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them.

I put up a disclaimer because I've been misquoted and insulted in the past for trying to help on this forum. I hope someone finds this helpful.
I believe this is what the VO's use as a guideline in reaching a decision on all applications.

Temporary residents: Eligibility and admissibility considerations

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by CIC staff. It is posted on the CIC website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Listed below are some areas officers should explore with applicants. The purpose of these questions is to determine whether:
•applicants intend to remain in Canada illegally, claim refugee status or otherwise seek to remain in Canada, and not abide by the requirement to leave Canada at the end of the period authorized for their temporary stay
Note : A person may have a dual or eventual intent to become a permanent resident, but in order to qualify for a temporary resident visa, they must demonstrate that they have the capacity and willingness to leave Canada at the end of the authorized temporary period (refer to dual intent).
•the ties to their home country are sufficiently strong to ensure that they are motivated to return home after the visit to Canada
•they meet the requirements of the Act and Regulations

Purpose and duration of the trip: Suggested questions

1. What is the purpose of your trip?

Things to consider:
•What will the person be doing in Canada?
•What are the applicant's plans for visiting Canada? Are the plans well thought out or are they frivolous?

Additional information:
•If the applicant is interviewed, confirm the reason for the trip as stated on the application form.
•Although not all persons visiting Canada will have detailed plans, they should normally have some idea of what they will be doing.

2. How long will you be staying in Canada?

Things to consider:
•What is the duration of the visit?
•Is the time requested limited? Indeterminate?
•Considering the applicant’s situation in their home country and the purpose of the trip, is the time requested reasonable? Plausible? Practical?

Ties to Canada or country of residence

3. What ties do you have with Canada?

Things to consider:
•Who invited the person to Canada? Is there proof of an invitation?
•Does the person have family in Canada? If so, what is their immigration status in Canada?

4. What ties do you have with your country of residence?

Things to consider:
•Is the person employed? If yes, at what salary? In what position? Has the applicant's employer approved a request for leave?
•What family does the person have in the country of residence? Where were they at the time of the application?
•Does the person have property? What is the value of the property?
•What financial obligations is the person leaving behind? What is the nature and value of these obligations?
•What other responsibilities and obligations is the person leaving behind? How will they be discharged?
•Is travel consistent with local customs or practices? Has the person travelled before?

Additional information: Even if the person’s ties to the home country seem to be strong, there may be other factors in the general economic or political environment which make the long-term prospects for the person or their family unstable. Consider these factors in the assessment.

Documents and financial support

5. Do you have a valid passport or travel document?

Things to consider: What is the expiry date on the passport or travel document?

Additional information: Refer to OP 16, Passports and Travel Documents.

6. How will you support yourself in Canada?

Things to consider:
•Does the client have the means to be self-supporting or is someone else willing and able to provide adequate support?
•Is the person staying in hotels or with relatives or friends?
•Is it reasonable for the foreign national to be staying with the host for the period indicated?
•Will the person be travelling within Canada? If so, for how long?
•What is the source of funds: traveller's cheques or credit cards?
•Are there currency restrictions in the home country?

Additional information:
•Foreign nationals must have enough funds to maintain themselves in Canada without resorting to illegal employment or social assistance.
•When foreign nationals are planning to stay with friends or relatives ensure that the host is willing and able to provide for the visitor during the stay.
•The amount of money required will depend on the type and the duration of the trip.

7. Will you be able to leave Canada?

Things to consider:
•Does the person have the financial ability to return, such as an airplane ticket, money or a statement of bank assets?
•Does the person have a passport, travel document and/or visa which will admit the person to the home country or to a third country?

Additional information: Persons who require a visa to re-enter their home country or a third country will be limited at the POE to a visit that does not exceed the validity of their re-entry visa.

8. Do you intend to work or study in Canada?

Things to consider: Does the client have a valid work or study permit?

Additional information: Most foreign nationals who work or study in Canada must have their work or study permit approved before arriving in Canada. Refer to Students, or Temporary Foreign Worker Guidelines.

9. Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?

Things to consider:
•Is the person described under the criminality sections of the Act? [A33, A36, A37]?
•Is the person described under the security provisions of the Act? [A33, A34, A35]?
•Has the person provided biometric information and, if so, what are the results of the biometric checks? [A33, A34, A35, A36, A37, R12.1]

Additional information:
•For more information, refer to ENF 2/OP 18, Evaluating Inadmissibility, and ENF 14/OP 19, Criminal Rehabilitation.
•For more information, refer to ENF 2/OP 18, Security Vetting of Visitors, for details on security screening for visitors.
•For more information, refer to BP 1, Biometric Procedures and ENF 2/OP 18.

10. Do you suffer from a serious medical condition?

Things to consider: Does the person meet the medical requirements under R30?

Additional information: For more information, refer to medical requirements.

11. Have you ever been refused a temporary resident visa to travel to Canada?

Things to consider: Has the person provided biometric information and, if so, what are the results of the biometric checks?

Additional information:
•The answer will help you determine if the person has a temporary intent and will also support a potential refusal under the requirement to answer truthfully [A16(1)].
•For more information, refer to BP 1, Biometric Procedures.

12. Were you ever removed from Canada or any other country?

Things to consider:
•Has the person provided biometric information and, if so, what are the results of the biometric checks?
•Does the person require authorization to return to Canada?

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 11:52pm On May 03, 2015

well...I wont totally agree with you, I believe a post graduate certificate helps to strengthen your masters application especially when its related 2 the masters field. I applied 4 MENG in EE @ uni of windsor sometime last year 4 fall admission, I was denied...reason was that my academic average in my last year was not good enough. ..so I now asked how can I strength my BENG...and d lady advised me to try and do a post baccalaureate/post graduate certificate in EE that dey offer....that if my
grades are good.....it gives me a better chance.....so a pg certificate must definitely help to strengthen your application because its even very few universities that offer post graduate diploma...and in very very few courses. And there is no point doing a pgd in 1 course/field then apply for masters in a different field....there is no way that pgd can help 2 grant you admission. So what now happens to someone with a bachelors degree (2.2) in a course that no university offers a pgd in related course/field.....are you trying to say the person wont ever be able to do masters?
Well you were told to do a PGD that they offer in their school(a university). That's exactly what I'm saying. Why didn't they suggest u go do it at some college? The best thing for Bachelor holders with 2.2 is to call the school just like you did and they will let them know how to upgrade to be qualified for a masters degree. I'm still looking for that college in Canada whose PGD can be used as an upgrade into a masters program. If you find one please let me know. I'm not saying it doesn't exist but I haven't come across one


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 4:19pm On May 01, 2015
I have that route in mind...after 3years of civil engineering technology, wud apply for Meng straight.
Is it a normal thing or I have something xtraordinary in mind @onyeoma

I understand the route you're talking about but I want to bring to your notice that most universities do not consider college certificates in granting admission into a masters degree. I'm not trying to ruin your plans but One of the major aims of Canadian Colleges is to turn out job ready graduates. If you get admission into a masters program afterwards, the least the university can do is to wave some of the courses you already took at college level. Your admission into a masters degree will be solely based on your Bachelors, Hence Canadian College programs cannot be used as an academic upgrade into a masters degree except in very rare cases(I haven't seen any). If you want an academic upgrade into a masters program then you should be looking at a PGD at the university level or a "Non-Degree" program (e.g. University of Guelph or Saskatchewan).


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 4:39pm On Apr 17, 2015

Nice one but that's your own view of the process.......it may not be the case to a visa officer handling someone's application. Even if you have 300 million dollars to squander one still need to prove to the visa officer you are not a drug dealer trying to come to Canada to extend your drug business. Canada is very conscious of their country's reputation as one the peaceful and crime free country in the world. Nigeria is the only country I know that doesn't care about who emigrate into the country. I can't imagine how nigerian embassy screens emigrants in our embassies across the globe. MayGodHelpUs

The Nigerian Visa is actually one of the most difficult visas to get. Nigeria might look so easy to you but it is very difficult to get the visa. They deny lots of foreigners because they believe they are coming to Nigeria to make money and when they finally arrive in Nigeria and establish their businesses, they still dont let them be, so dont think Nigeria doesnt care about who comes in.
In my opinion, the Canadian TRV is just God and at the discretion of the consular, it soley depends on their mood at the moment they attend to your documents, all things being equal. They have so much power that they can play god in their small cubicle. I agree with Dapsey to some extent because Canada doesnt want foreigners to become a burden to their economy. They want your money, they want it so bad that they will make applicants go through the rigorous process of applying for another TRV after an initial denial for not putting a "full stop" in your SOP.
All I have to say to applicants is to have a positive attitude from the onset (power of positive thinking), follow the rules, present the genuine documents requested, pray about it and be expectant. Many applicants I see here start panicking even before they secure an admission into a school in Canada (pathetic) and start doubting their chances of securing a TRV. Just relax, commit it into Gods hands and be expectant. If it doesnt work out at first, try, try and try again but do all with a positive attitude.


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 10:57pm On Mar 24, 2015
...Guys... we are wasting too much space fighting and arguing... Ko make sense now... @Demoah was once like u guys... enter Canada and worked in the school while studying.... I guess he is done now and now an agent for the school... Demoah... No agent is allowed here... No vex... Guys make una no vex as well... Remain Peaceful and Sexy guys wink wink...

lol, I came here in peace man. I didn't know offering to help people with admission at no cost is gonna warrant insult to my family from someone that doesn't even know me.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 7:41pm On Mar 24, 2015
okay sir.....*rude* *confused*
Well!! *sips origin*

You can sip all you want but I find it rude. I cant remember saying anything about TRV, I'm just here to offer admission to who needs it and since you don't need it then move on. I dont know what Nairaland has turned out to be lately. Damn! Talk is cheap for you. I value my family and you dont expect me to give you an award for referring to my family in that way.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 6:46pm On Mar 24, 2015
Guys presently I am in Malaysia and I want to apply for studying in Canada how best can I do that must go to nigeria first to do that? And which of the university or college is best And easy to get admission letter, please guys detailed respond will be appriciated. Am applying for building construction program

It depends on how long you've been in Malaysia. If you've been there for a long time then you can apply from there. If not then you have to do it in Nigeria

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 5:22pm On Mar 24, 2015
this guy is so generous.
after issuing free admission and TRVs to all his family members and relatives
he wants to help nigerians.
THumbs up bro

You dont need to come off rude about it you know, my family is doing great and you have absolutely no right to mention them in this context. You dont have to comment on everything you see on here.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 5:09pm On Mar 24, 2015

Bro, this is a FORUM as in a FORUM, you might just want to chk rule 16.
Just ur input here will be nice, trying to do any form of arrangee parole will not be condone.
arangee parole? Can you explain yourself in simple and clear language please?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 1:58pm On Mar 24, 2015

So sorry to say this sir, if you are an agent, you are in the wrongest place...

Sir, because I'm an agent doesn't mean I cant use the free forum meant for all. If you read my last post, I said I was giving away free admissions. I didnt come here to request money.

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 1:52pm On Mar 24, 2015
Good morning house, I'm very happy this morning and I'm giving away 5 free (no application fee) admissions into a good Canadian College in the GTA for those interested in PGD, advanced diploma and professional diploma programs. Only serious applicants should respond to this, please and thank you.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 5:35pm On Feb 04, 2015
Hello Fellow Nairalanders!

Could someone be kind enough to list colleges or schools that accept transcripts online

I actually applied to Fanshawe and i got admitted, but they are requesting me to send a part payment of my tuition which, but I am unable to do this because I plan on applying for visa before making payment for tuition abeg Oga Siga and slimdel... put mouth for this my talk oo... This na 2015, this canny stuff will not pass me this year in Jesus Name!!!! Amen!!!! cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy grin
Mohawk College
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 9:47pm On Jan 07, 2015
Thank you very much smiley
you're welcome
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 8:45pm On Jan 07, 2015
Hello everyone, please i have a quick question for those in Canada. If i renew my passport, can i still make use of the trv and study permit on the old passport? Or will it be voided/invalid too? Thanks.

If you renew your passport, it does not affect the TRV on it. All other pages on the passport would be canceled but the visa page would be left alone. All you need do is attach both old and new passports together

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 3:59pm On Jan 06, 2015

Hi. Nice video. Does the school offer PGcert in logistics and supply chain management?
No they dont offer it as a Program on its own but it is one of the courses under the PGD in International Business Management (IBM)

IBM Program of Studies (course) http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/business-programs/international-business-management-graduate-certificate/course-overview-descriptions.html
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 11:29pm On Jan 05, 2015
Hi jojcanada. I applied to seneca college on 22 ND December but no news from them though I applied online. Pls how fast was Urs. Wat process did you take. I prefer seneca out of the other colleges. Please assist urgently. Cos I want to apply for TRV in time. Thank you very much

You applied to Seneca on the 22nd Dec yeah, That was 2 days before the College closed for the Holidays and Canadian Colleges just reopened today so be patient or call the admissions office to ask whats up
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 9:52pm On Jan 05, 2015
I trip when i watch the video. Very nice. Thanks demoah
you're welcome
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 8:06pm On Jan 05, 2015


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 8:16am On Jan 04, 2015
Standupguy, Niagara College gave me a clause that if I have gotten trv then the 7k I paid won't be refunded and I'd have to school there. I had to scan my refusal letter and send before they believed I was denied visa and sent my money back. So if one wants to now switch to another college I don't think the part tuition would be refunded cos its stated well in the admission letter.

This is what I wanna avoid I no fit dash Oyinbo more dan a million naira nau. Reason am looking for a school that doesn't ask for part tuition before one licks trv.

Searching earnestly... I for no mind una help sha if anyone has the experience of not paying a dime to the school initially.

You Can switch Colleges at will once you've arrived in Canada but you need to provide the previous college with a good reason for wanting to switch. You also have to understand their refund policy, most schools will deduct a certain amount if you switch schools. Moreover your tuition would not be given back to you physically, rather it would be transferred to your new choice of school. No one is gonna take your money.
As for the part tuition, most colleges request this just to be sure that you're gonna be attending their school. It is a way of securing your seat for that academic year and it is not compulsory you pay it. The school does not determine whether you get the study permit or not, that is at the discretion of the consular and God.

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 9:46am On Dec 16, 2014
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 7:27pm On Dec 12, 2014
pls, whats the visiting visa's duration? Just curious to knw if it would suffice for a masters degree program
That is at the discretion of the consular. I have no idea

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 6:27pm On Dec 12, 2014
Hey guys, I would like to travel to Canada through a religious body. My question is, can i start my masters school application when I get there or I need to process d application in Nigeria thru student visa route prior to my travelling? That is, two diff options-student visa or thru Church. Thanks, your contribution is needed pls

If you are travelling through a religious body, you can apply for your masters while in Canada but you cannot change the status that brought you into Canada to a study permit. i.e If you come into Canada on a visiting Visa with the religious body, it cannot be changed to a study permit while in Canada (at least for the first couple of months) except you go to Los Angeles in the States to do it or back to Nigeria to apply for a student visa. The best thing to do is to apply for your masters from Nigeria and the student visa as well before travelling.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 7 by demoah(m): 4:23pm On Dec 12, 2014
Thanks Anugoson! Abeg Oga Siga help me torchlight this question o. I was just thinking: Is it possible to manage to drag a 1 year fulltime course into 2 yrs, like maybe appeal to the school that I cant finish in one year because of fees and all. And if they agree and I finish the 2 yrs, will that 2 yrs be taken as a 2yr course which translates to 2 or 3 yrs PGWP or is it the original 1 year that will be reckoned which translates to only 1 year PGWP. Am trusting you will bring ur expertise to bear on this...Thanks!

Yes it is possible to drag a 1 year program into 2 years but it wont be taken as a 2years course. Please dont be misinformed. How do you expect the school to tell immigration that you came in for a 1yr (2 semesters) and suddenly became 2yrs (4 semesters). I work in a college, I understand what you're talking about but it is not possible. You will waste your time for those 2years and you will be surprised that after you graduate,you will receive a letter from the school for immigration stating that you only studied for 1 year at the college.

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 6 by demoah(m): 9:21pm On Nov 25, 2014

Thank you sir. I want to join your family here sir.
The problem I'm having is this low CGPA of mine.

You can call some universities with your program of interest as well and speak to them drectly. They will tell you your chances of getting into their school and suggest other options that might be helpful


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