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Travel / Re: Thread For Nigerians In Other African Countries by dep07(f): 7:22pm On Sep 08
Not any updates since ?
i have left already.
Travel / Re: My Sweet "Ivory Coast" Memories by dep07(f): 7:21pm On Sep 08

What are you into there?
. Sorry,i have no answer to this question.
Travel / Re: My Sweet "Ivory Coast" Memories by dep07(f): 1:05pm On Aug 11
what would you advise me to venture in with 3lillion naira in Abidjan.??
I speak French
I really have no idea.
I see a lot of Nigerians doing so many businesses here. There is a place @ Adjame where Nigerians sell electronics, foodstuffs, second hand clothes etc. I don't know how lucrative they are because IAM not into business.
It may be advisable to come for a visit .
Travel / Re: My Sweet "Ivory Coast" Memories by dep07(f): 6:09pm On Aug 06
I repeat if you don tire for Naija and wan go hustle outside with no money, enter better country for developed world. Worst case you go dey see food chop. Leaving Naija without money to enter poor African country is as good as suicide.

If you get money and fit speak French and get business sense and you dey consider Ivory Coast, I advise you to take a few trips to the country first. Look around, talk to people and do your own feasibility on whether your business go move. This will require a few trips sha before you reach conclusion on if to relocate.

If na job you dey find, search the jobs b4 coming. No come here come find job! There are international organizations here as well as Nigerian companies looking for French speakers to come and work for them in their branches here. I have friends who left Naija on transfer to come and work here and they are doing well. There are also many Nigerians working for World Bank, IFC, UN, ADB, etc that are based here and those ones dey chop correct salaries and living well here.

I don talk my own o. If you nor get money nor just near here o. He who has ears make he hear.

Abeg make I enter Cap Nord and Cap Sud go survey Ivorian women jare. I don waka wink
I hardly respond to people on naira land but you are not totally correct.
In as much as i won't advise someone to come here without a job offer,i have seen graduates who came here without a job offer but still got one especially teaching. The salary may not be fantastic but you can manage with it.The major barrier is the language,
What i won't advise is for someone to come without money and no certificate with the aim of hustling, that one is suicide mission.
Travel / Re: Thread For Nigerians In Other African Countries by dep07(f): 10:51pm On May 30
have u relocated to Nairobi? how is life there in terms of security and clean environment and xenophobia if any?
I did relocate to Nairobi. It's a beautiful city.
I didn't experience any security challenge, the environment is clean. I didn't experience xenophobia attack either.
My advice is just to know that it's an expensive country compared to Nigeria. As a foreigner,obey their laws , you are good to go.
Education / Re: ASUU Elects Emmanuel Osodeke As President by dep07(f): 10:29pm On May 30
Congratulations to Prof. My former dogged relentless Oga. Great Umudyk...! Great.
Yesoo,great Umudyk.,
Congratulations Prof. Osodeke. A very good man,i pray God give you the wisdom to lead ASUU right.
Travel / Re: My Sweet "Ivory Coast" Memories by dep07(f): 9:17pm On May 24
Just started reading this thread yesterday, and was able to finish it today. I once traveled to Ghana with the aim to start up a business, little did I know that the government were hostile to Nigeria businessmen at the time in 2016. I spent close to 2m setting up the business and things wasn't going well coupled with govt business registration and all that.

I want to ask a few questions.

1. I'm a trained and licensed Teacher here in Nigeria, what are my chances in CIV.

2. What are the pay for Teachers like in CIV.
3. How much would be enough for a head start like for Accommodation and all that.

To answer your questions,if you can learn french,then you are good to go.
They pay bilingual teachers well from what I have seen.
Also they earn well from private lessons, speaking from experience,you can earn as high as 70000Cfa minimum in a month for two days in a week .
I can't say how much for a head start but bear in mind that the country is an expensive one.
Crime / Re: Soldiers Allegedly Kill Businessman In Imo by dep07(f): 11:24am On May 04
These shoulders have murdered sleep. They will never know peace for killing an innocent young man They have made his young children fatherless and his wife a widow. .Arise oh Lord and avenge the death of Nzeribe.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by dep07(f): 10:39am On Apr 24

What do you want to buy?
I really don't have anyone in mind, just a low budget phone for an elderly woman, with long lasting battery.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by dep07(f): 9:52am On Apr 24
Good morning folks. Please i need someone that sells phone , tested and trusted. Thanks.
Family / Re: Christmas Giveaway And Family Helping Thread by dep07(f): 8:10pm On Dec 18, 2020
thank you very much ma. No problem.
Please don't mention my name.
Keep holding onto God,He is faithful.

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Family / Re: Christmas Giveaway And Family Helping Thread by dep07(f): 7:29pm On Dec 18, 2020
I'm Adeyemi A. Thank you Ma
sorry for the delay, network ish.i will keep trying.
Family / Re: Christmas Giveaway And Family Helping Thread by dep07(f): 7:13pm On Dec 18, 2020
thanks so much ma. I'm for real. I appreciate ma. 00263855. 40. Gtbank.. It shall be well with you.
Name please.
Family / Re: Christmas Giveaway And Family Helping Thread by dep07(f): 6:21pm On Dec 18, 2020
Amen ma. Thanks so much. I appreciate
Can I have your account details? I hope you are real.So many fake stories on Nairaland.
Family / Re: Christmas Giveaway And Family Helping Thread by dep07(f): 1:35pm On Dec 18, 2020
My cloths are gone.. I have just a dead Jean I'm wearing for over 3 months now. And also my "that same palm slipper". Please if you're in Abuja and can help with Jean, cloths or palm slippers so I can also look good too at least so people won't know I'm really suffering. Thank you
This got to me.
See what this country has done to it's citizens.
May God send helpers your way

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Travel / Re: Please Is 60,000 Kenyan Shilling Enough To Live For A Month In Nairobi? by dep07(f): 3:10pm On Dec 03, 2020


Thank for you suggestions.

I have already send them all the information they required before seeing your reply.

I don't know wether it's before or after task.

Do you mean I have to give them like 30% of whatever I am earning?

I was told that life is not cheap there. But, it all depend on your way of living. I am not from a wealthy family, so, I think i can manage it like that.

As for the food, I am not that heavy selector, I manage what is front of me.

For the annual ticket, it's just a one year non-renewable job.

Thank you one again.
You are welcome, please find out if it's before or after tax.30% is their tax rate.
Whatever you choose,all the best.
Travel / Re: Please Is 60,000 Kenyan Shilling Enough To Live For A Month In Nairobi? by dep07(f): 9:50pm On Dec 02, 2020
Hello Nairalnders!

Please I need your urgent answers.

This morning I received an email and a message on LinkedIn from a recruitment company.
They are looking for a Hausa Content Moderator, that will work for their client (based in Kenya) for one year. They asked for my resume, and I send it to them. Few minutes later I received the below message, and the recruitment officer send me a message on LinkedIn asking for my thoughts.

I am really nervous, I don't know what to reply.

Your thoughts are dearly welcomed.

Thank you

This is the message i received:

Hello My name,

Thanks for sharing your resume.

Kindly note the following:

The total salary is 205423.70 Naira; broken down as below:

- Basic salary of 136949.13 Naira per month / KSH 40,000
- An out of country allowance of 68474.57 Naira per month / KSH 20,000

The position is located in Nairobi Kenya & the company will meet the relocation and immigration costs.

A one off relocation allowance of KSH 60,000.00 / 205423.70 Naira provided in 3 installments of KSH 20,000 / 68474.57 Naira per month each after the start date.

Candidates are required to commit 1 year.

- Outpatient Benefits of 256779.62 Naira / KSH 75,000 & Inpatient Benefit of 1711864.16 Naira / KSH 500,000 for self per year.

TEMPORARY HOUSING - For the first month of employment in a hostel of the Company’s choice.

Let me know if you’re still willing to proceed.

Please help a brother!
Hello,if I may ask? Is this before or after tax?Their tax is around 30% . Life generally in Nairobi is not cheap,
Even if it is after tax,the offer is too small.
Relocation allowance will be paid instalmentally,how will you be able to pay rent and furnish your house?
Nigerian food is very expensive in Nairobi except you will adapt to eating Ugali and co.
They are not even offering to pay your annual ticket incase you want to travel home.
To me,60ksh is too little to leave Nigeria for.
I wish you all the best .
Family / Re: I'm Having Sleepless Nights Over A Mistake. What Do I Do by dep07(f): 1:13pm On Nov 22, 2020
The way you all are saying it's scam is scary, I told him this morning that he has failed if all this is a scam and he laughed it off saying what has come over me and that what can I give him to begin with, it sounds so funny to him, he's very rich and I already know alot about him.Hmm I'm patiently waiting sha but I know it's not scam
Are you for real? So he will agree that he's a scammer. Stop defending this man and his family. This story sounds too fake to be real. How can a mother cut off communication between a father and his daughter because he refused to remarry. Where on earth does that happen? THREAD WITH CAUTION!!!.


Travel / Re: Any Nairalander In Abidjan? by dep07(f): 2:42pm On Oct 25, 2020
Good morning house.
Will 300k help to settle down first (rent and business)? And please if anyone who wants to move there and maybe share is apartment should contact me
Hi,let me attempt to answer your question with the little knowledge I have .I don't think this money will be sufficient to settle first, except you have someone to accommodate you. Rent is expensive and you pay like 4 months minimum for a start.For a self contain,you might pay as high as 80 to 100 cfa per month.minus light and water bill.
Everything here is costly compared
to Nigeria,so please plan well before coming.
Family / Re: How to solve this fraudulent act by Union Bank staff by dep07(f): 1:09pm On Oct 19, 2020
Update:I was at the bank this morning again, around 11am.The security said manager isn't around,that she was even replaced (I thought maybe he has been told not to allow me inside),so I stayed in the premises and called the manager (I recorded our conversation, anybody can ask for it).She said ENDSARS people didn't allow them to pass as she lives outside ikorodu.That she knows today makes 48hours, but will get back to me immediately she is back in the office. I told her my name is important to me,she said I should assure people that the bank is already investigating it.
The video I made when I was at the premises today is with me also, anyone can ask for it also.
Since I was told by someone yesterday that *na only talk I dey talk,no evidence.I've told the manager that I will call her tomorrow to know if she will come to the office.Thank you everyone
This is rather taking too long in my own opinion. I hope they are actually working on it, it's not as difficult as they are making it look.
Is there no way to contact their headquarters or their fraud unit? Don't they have a contact center? This investigation is taking too long.
I don't know how it works in Union bank but I think every bank has a fraud unit which handles stuff like this.The manager may not be following it up.
Don't relent.
Family / Re: Lonely Girl In Lagos: I Need Companions Within Lekki & Environs by dep07(f): 1:42pm On Oct 18, 2020

Gbayi bro! Loud it dear! God bless u hun!
Iam a sis. God bless you too. If you don't mind an online friend, you can send a PM,I don't stay in Lagos.
I really understand a bit of how you feel, though my parents are alive but it's just me and my younger brother.

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Family / Re: Lonely Girl In Lagos: I Need Companions Within Lekki & Environs by dep07(f): 1:25pm On Oct 18, 2020
MhizLewa, for someone in need of friends, you are stylishly rude. For Ishilove who a lot of people here respect because of her maturity and thick skin to get fed up with your attitude just means you totally need to work on yourself before making friends. Take it like an advice from a concerned individual
Sorry to intrude,I rather see it as someone standing up for herself.
She asked for friendship not money ,even if one has misgivings about making friends online,there are better ways to pass the message across,not coming across as miss/Mrs know it all.
After all ,some people have gotten married through social media.


Family / Re: 100,000 Naira Help/loan!!! by dep07(f): 10:13am On Oct 12, 2020
@ Op,
Sorry for all you are going through.
I will advise you to forget about the thought of your families birthday celebration this year, as long as there is life ,there are many birthdays to come. It sounds funny to me that it's even an issue at this point in your life,it's misplaced priority.The most important thing is to raise money for business.


Family / Re: Beware Of This Fraudster; Squillaci/Lovenkreaand/Evangkatsoulis by dep07(f): 10:48am On Oct 01, 2020
To think I also got the same mail,same format.
I just didn't believe his story especially when he said he's a student of Uniport,I grew up in Ph so I knew it wasn't real . I told him to create a thread and people will verify him . Of course iam still waiting.
Travel / Re: Nigerian In Russia-my Experience So Far by dep07(f): 7:29pm On Sep 30, 2020

Ngor-Okpala Local Govt
Sounds Familiar?[/quote]
Small world,waoh, I wu nwanne'm Nwoke.
Jisie ike.


Travel / Re: My Sweet "Ivory Coast" Memories by dep07(f): 1:48pm On Sep 16, 2020
I dey Abobo, you can find Nigeria bread at Adjame, Abobo too. Agege is sold at Abobo too.

Macory na bigger men place 2,800cfa for a loaf of bread that's #2,000+. I fit dey do supply for you people there. grin grin

I for no mind make you supply me,na just me and my family.
I can buy up to two weeks supply.
Travel / Re: My Sweet "Ivory Coast" Memories by dep07(f): 1:45pm On Sep 16, 2020

Na u find wahala na...." Macory" is for made men grin
no be my fault Emeka, it's closer to the airport.
Travel / Re: My Sweet "Ivory Coast" Memories by dep07(f): 7:35pm On Sep 15, 2020
Bread: There are Nigeria bread here made by Nigerians. Even Agege bread dey here made by our Yoruba brother that even ivoirians love it with butter.

But you can't compete their long bread no matter the strategy you use. You can only be forced to do their own version of bread by the demand get queue very early in the morning by 4am sells at 150cfa per loaf. While Nigeria bread slice one is 1,000cfa per loaf, the normal size sliced bread in lagos. Agege sells at 200cfa 300cfa 500cfa per loaf depending on sizes.

please I beg you @ Rupect,where can I buy Agege bread? I stay @ Macory
I buy a loaf of bread here for 2800 cfa.
Family / Re: Advise Needed For A Young Man About Marriage. by dep07(f): 8:44pm On Sep 13, 2020

smiley Thanks .
l like your courage.You are a very confident young Lady.
@Op, please don't forget to send Nairalanders wedding invite.
Congrats in advance.
I quoted the wrong person.
Travel / Re: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi Kenya by dep07(f): 4:37pm On Sep 10, 2020

No matter what, only SA or probably Egypt are better than Nigeria in Africa. Stop spewing trash
This is so wrong,I don't know if you have been to Kenya,we are only ahead of them in terms of population.
Check out their mobile money, very efficient, you can stay in Kenya for months without touching cash physically as long as you have a sim you are good to go. What about internet services,as long as you can afford it , you will have Wi-Fi connection in your house as low as ksh 2000 for unlimited data for a whole month.
There is constant power, public water still works
Good roads.
Abeg Kenya is way ahead. The difference is clear.

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Business / Re: Shoprite Announces Plan To Leave Kenya by dep07(f): 9:02am On Sep 09, 2020
When they already have Quickmart, Tusky, Naivas everywhere...

Even Gotv and DStv have so many local competitors...
How did you forget Carrefour? They will hardly be missed.
I never really liked them anyway.

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