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Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives London Ahead Of Global Education Summit by Donair(m): 8:51am On Jul 27
Na mistake ooooo....which education submit chaiiiii......na cow submit gaskiya
Sports / Re: Paul Pogba Rejects New Man Utd Contract As £60m PSG Move Edges Closer by Donair(m): 9:05am On Jul 23
Don't waste this opportunity to sell him please.... Pogba is a good player but, his attitude is zero. Sell him out!!!! Use the money to buy Rice and Phillip who has shown consistency for years
Politics / Re: Northern Food And Cattle Dealers Threaten To Stop Food Supply Nationwide by Donair(m): 4:58pm On Jun 09
Please don't reverse it oooo....what a foolish way of thinking Receive sense Mr. Planner because no one cares about your supply.
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB, The Main Reason Twitter Was Banned by Donair(m): 4:04pm On Jun 08
Lai lai ...you don wire us with another lies
Education / Re: Great Day For Me I Graduated With First Class (photo) by Donair(m): 9:48am On Jun 08

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Politics / Re: Abdurrahman Sumaila: Don't Support Igbo Presidential Candidate In 2023 by Donair(m): 9:22am On Jun 03
We don't need your support but,allow us to go efulefu


Politics / Re: Reno Omokiri’s Poll: Will You Vote Tinubu for President? by Donair(m): 4:43pm On Jun 02
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Buhari Has Done What No Nigerian President Has Ever Done by Donair(m): 4:38pm On Jun 02
First time Lai Muhammad is making sense since resumption of office as minister of information. Yes I agree with you number 1 lair that Buhari administration has killed MANY innocent SOULs more than any other administration.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Wins 2021 All-Africa Award For Performance by Donair(m): 9:03am On May 30
Mismanagement of award!!!!!!
Politics / Re: Naked Unknown Gunman Hailed In Owerri As He Entertains Imo Residents by Donair(m): 8:57am On May 30

The Origin Of the Name “BIAFRA” and why South-South and South-East Must
"Written By Russell Bluejack"
I write as an Ijaw son from Bonny and Nkoro in Rivers State. Ijaw is my tribe, but
Biafra remains my national consciousness. I have noticed an inexplicable and
unnecessary division in the South-East and South-South in analogy to the
reinvigorated quest to restore the Sovereign States of Biafra.
I think our people in these sister regions should reflect on these political and
divisive ascriptions and rediscover themselves.
We are neither South-South nor South-East. We are the people of the Eastern
Region, a people politically and economically impugned by our enemy in their bid
to break our solid SOLIDARITY. We were too formidable for our enemies.
Some of our people think Biafra is an Igbo thing because they are ignorant of the
origin of the name. Let me do justice to the origin of Biafra.
Biafra is not aboriginal to Biafrans, since it was birthed out of the need to work
together and escape the pogromists, rapists, land invaders, and religious
fundamentalists called Fulani.
The leader of the Eastern Region, Dim Ojukwu, an educated military officer,
assembled stakeholders from Ijaw, Obibio, Efik, and other tribes that constituted
the region in his bid to come up with a name that would reflect the
heterogeneous ambience of the region.
Chief Frank Opigo, an Ijaw traditional ruler that hails from today’s Bayelsa,
suggested BIAFRA, and this went down well with everyone in attendance, for it
referred to the water body that covers the entire region. What Ojukwu sought
after was a name that would not be exclusionary to any of the tribes (Ijaw, Ibibio,
Itsekiri, Urhobo, Annioma etc) in the region. Biafra became the baby of that quest.
Biafra, having come from a non-Igbo stakeholder, became the national
consciousness of both the Igbo and non-Igbo constituents of the Eastern Region.
Thenceforth, the need to actualise the nation of their dreams, the Land of the
Rising Sun, became the aspiration of every easterner.
The failure of Nigeria to heed the Aburi Accord reached in Ghana for restructuring
stoked the fire of the agitation for freedom. The Sovereign States of Biafra was
declared, but it was short-lived because of avoidable internal wranglings that
spiralled into the loss of the Civil War.
The incongruity in the Eastern Region was the result of the feud between Ojukwu
and Dr. Kenule Benson Saro-Wiwa, an illustrious Ogoni son and Ojukwu’s military
mentality and disposition.
Popular perception has it that the struggle for emancipation from perceived and
obvious oppression by Nigeria was scuttled by the Civil War. That is part of the
truth, not the whole. Biafra was rocked by internal wranglings.
Two prominent figures in the region, Ojukwu and Saro-Wiwa, became estranged
friends over an issue that should have remained personal. In one of our serious
meetings, I was made to understand this side of the story. Legborsi, Emmanuel, a
very prominent Ogoni son who doubles as a formidable member of my team,
opened up the Pandora Box concerning the real cause of their feud.
Ojukwu and Saro-Wiwa were caught in a love triangle, with Princess Amina, the
daughter of the then Sultan as the magnetic force. As scions (sons of very
wealthy parents), they had the needed charisma to steer the imagination of the
Sultan. Gowon, a senior military officer, joined the fray, but found himself as an
underdog, financially and academically, for the duo of Ojukwu and Saro-Wiwa
were of both fabulous financial and transformative academic standing.
Ojukwu and Saro-Wiwa, once friends, now rivals, had to slug it out. The laurel at
stake was Amina’s affection. Saro-Wiwa, dishonestly struck a cord in Amina’s
emotion and carried the day.
The Sultan, according to the veracious story, could not find his daughter and had
the innocent Gowon, the suitor he abhorred, to blame for it. A triangle of hate
became the result of this misdeed by Saro-Wiwa: Gowon hated both Ojukwu and
Saro-Wiwa; Ojukwu hated Saro-Wiwa for edging him out in the most dishonest
manner; and Saro-Wiwa burned in annoyance over the contest.
An Ikwerre elder, nonagenarian, corroborated this story when I met him. He told
me that the struggle hit the rock then because of two reasons:
(1) the feud between Ojukwu and Saro-Wiwa
(2) the militarised mentality of Ojukwu’s.
The elder thinks that if Ojukwu, though well educated and exposed, were a
civilian, he would have appreciated the need to dialogue with other stakeholders
before going to war.
If the stakeholders had been told what each constituent would benefit from the
emerging nation, the leaders would have had what to say to their people to excite
them to take the struggle seriously. Ojukwu, on the other hand, wanted these
stakeholders to convince their people to fight first and discuss later.
This did not go down well with them. Some, however, saw the need to fight. The
festering relationship between Ojukwu and Saro-Wiwa led to a huge sabotage.
The bottom line of the accounts of Legborsi and the elder is that our people were
not united. Our disunity caused by personal grouse and lack of tact cost us that
war. It is incontrovertible that we would have won the war had our house not
been in disarray.
Several years have gone by, yet the socio-economic and political inconcinnities
that gave rise to the agitation then still stare us in the face. As a matter of fact,
there is no gainsaying that if our fathers had reasons to fight then, there are more
reasons to fight now.
The situation today is worse than it was then. Oppression, socio-economic
exclusion, and glaring prejudice meted out to the South-South and South-East, the
real economic mainstay of this contraption called Nigeria, have reached
unbelievable and unimaginable proportions.
Even Ojukwu could not have conceived the precarious level of hate shown to us
by the sons and daughters of Uthman Dan Fodio. The unfair treatment we are
shown should make our unity imperative. Our personality issues and lack of tact
gave them the happenstance to divide us and make us conquerable. We, the
South-East and South-South people, are the victims of their jihadist rituals. Our
women get raped, our lands invaded, our crops killed, and our men butchered.
The Igbo, Ijaw, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Annioma, Ibibio, Efik etc have always lived
together in love and conviviality. A critical observation of our values and culture
reveals our common ancestry. We dress alike, eat alike, behave alike, and worship
alike. How different are we, brothers and sisters? Let us come together and fight
this monster.
They have sent their soldiers to occupy our two regions out of fear of our
imminent reunion. Exasperated by their inability to stop us from uniting, they have
taken to poisoning our children under the pretense of immunization devoid of the
viva of the health departments. In their bid to hold on to power at all cost, they
flouted the constitutional proviso concerning absence of the President.
Their hatred for us led to the embargo placed on our Igbo brothers and sisters,
which makes it difficult for any of them to become President of Nigeria. We and
our Igbo brothers and sisters are the real victims here. We have to come
together, sit together, discuss together, reach documented agreement, and escape
Our unity is the only leeway out of this fortress called Nigeria. Is it not shameful
that whereas we have all the resources the Gambari are the ones exercising
power over them all? Our Igbo brothers and sisters own both oil and the business
environment that sustain this oppressive dungeon called Nigeria, but travel to the
East and you will weep. They killed the Bill seeking the relocation of company
headquarters to regions where the raw material is fetched. They killed the Bill
seeking compensation to develop the Eastern Region. Whatever comes from the
South-East and South-South dies on arrival.
If bills that seek better welfare packages for our regions always die, who is that
mad person that is telling you that we can restructure this dangerous citadel that
they claim belongs to them? Was it not the failure of Nigeria to heed restructuring
agreement that sparked off the Civil War? The only way out of this quagmire is
the unity of South-East and South-South. Let us unite and live in peace and
harmony. Our sister regions need respite from rape, massacre, genocide, pogrom,
alienation, discrimination, and prejudice.
Let us keep our unreal differences aside and face the enemy together. They will
continue to defeat us as long as we remain divided. Our division is their strength,
but our unity is their weakness. Jasper Adaka Boro, Dr. Ken Saro-Wiwa, and Sen.
(Dr.) Obi Wali are some of the great men this fake nation has killed gruesomely.
We have not found Mazi Nnamdi Kanu even as I write. Do you see how they hate
us? The python that danced in the East has become a crocodile smiling in the
Brothers and sisters, Saro-Wiwa was guillotined by Nigeria after a kangaroo
judgment. Boro was used and shot. Obi Wali was butchered like a condemned
chicken. Our beloved leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is nowhere to be found
because of his liberating activities. Nigeria is a place where it is a heinous crime
to speak up against oppression and neo-slavery.
Nigeria has become too dangerous for Christians. Nigeria has become too stuffy
for anything that breathes. We have to go, brothers and sisters. We have
overstayed in this prison.
We do not even know who signed the 1914 amalgamation, since all our
nationalists were either adolescents, toddlers, or unborn at the time. Nigeria is the
property of Britain’s under the management of the Fulani. Let the South-South
and South-East come together and rebirth Biafra. They hate us and we hate
Let love and understanding lead the way this time. Let us dialogue and end our
differences once and for all. The enemy has become vicious. We should become
more tactical now. May God bless us all as we heed this clarion call. May God
bless the entire constituents of the Old Eastern Region.
"Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker, revolutionary writer, university tutor, and
socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the creeks in the coastal
part of Biafra".
Celebrities / Re: Unfiltered Picture Of Bobrisky Surfaces Online - Shocking !!! by Donair(m): 4:35pm On May 28
Always Irritating!!!!!!
Politics / Re: Senator Adeyeye: We Are Confident Tinubu Will Win 2023 Presidential Election by Donair(m): 12:05pm On May 26
Freedom of speech is allowed. You have spoken well and may he rule only your household. Amen!
Politics / Re: The Policeman That Was Killed By Teargas Explosion In Ebonyi (Photos) by Donair(m): 12:02pm On May 26
Only fools will believe this story! God will continue to fight for us whenever our enemies come knocking
Politics / Re: Oyo Muslims Protest In Support Of Palestinians by Donair(m): 8:47pm On May 24
Maggots everywhere
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu List Achievements In Works In 2 Years by Donair(m): 8:37am On May 23
Still looking for the works..... Mr poster off your microphone
Politics / Re: Eid: Buhari Asks Nigerians To Pray Against Banditry, Kidnapping by Donair(m): 11:09am On May 13
So I should be praying while you're opposing my prayers with your evil agenda
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Kidnapping, Banditry Not Federal Offences In Nigeria by Donair(m): 4:41pm On May 04
No be today you begin reason from anus....

Old and forgotten brain
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Abduct Miyetti Allah Chairman In Kogi by Donair(m): 4:35pm On May 04
Hahahhaahaaaaa... He went on vacation in Dubai... Lolzzzz

Echoke oo


Business / Re: Ban Tomato Importation - Dangote Tomato MD Tells FG by Donair(m): 12:01am On Oct 23, 2020
Remember you're not a Nigerian so you're imported too. FG ban this man!
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Couples Civil Union by Donair(m): 11:22am On Oct 22, 2020
Evil people everywhere. God is watching
Politics / Re: Primate Ayodele: ‘APC, Akeredolu Will Lose Ondo Election' by Donair(m): 10:07am On Sep 23, 2020
Loin Wike how far. the guy don settle you? ��
Travel / Re: Ebonyi: "This Is My Soon To Become Airport" - Umahi by Donair(m): 9:03am On Sep 16, 2020
Bravo my Governor!
TV/Movies / Re: Ooni Of Ife, Ogunwusi Wants BBNaija Scrapped And Replaced by Donair(m): 9:30am On Aug 15, 2020


I am about to reveal something very disturbing. It's so painful that our generation is actually in the dispensation that the prophet Isaiah was referring to when he spoked about *A GENERATION COVERED WITH DARKNESS ( Isaiah 60:2).*
This means a generation with no illumination, a generation ignorant of the devices of Satan and a generation that lacks knowledge. There is no hunger for the things of the Spirit, but fake love for God and uncontrollable appetite for power and money.
This has gotten so bad that we don't even see what's right in front of us.
This article isn't a form of sarcasm or criticism against anybody or any organization but for *CORRECTION AND WARNING*

The big brother show is not a mystery, it is only a mystery to majority who aren't spiritually intelligent as a result of poor fellowship with the Holy Spirit. *YOU WATCH BUT YOU CANNOT SEE, YOU HEAR BUT YOU ARE ACTUALLY DEAF AND CANNOT DISCERN WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT*
The big brother show isn't just for entertainment and profit making, it's actually an intelligent, consciously calculated testing ground for something that has been prophesied in *1John 4:3.* What do I mean? We will get there, just keep reading.

Let start from this demonic show's logo. It's logo is an eye. This eye is what is known as *THE EYE OF HORIS* , this is an ancient occultic symbol used in invocation of spirits, the big brother show is actually an adumbration of the 1984 book written by George Orwell. In his book he emphasized on big brother and even until now a lot of fans couldn't add up what or who big brother really was, because he was not seen in the characters of that book but he was conversing with the characters.

The show big brother is a mind control system used to condition the mind of the masses to prepare them for what the Antichrist is planning. This will be a system where everything done in the world would be under surveillance and because the people has seen it already practiced in big brother shows around the continents, the system will accept it into the society because the mind is already comfortable with it's proposal. If you notice, it isn't practiced just in Africa alone. It is continental, our parents watch it, our children watch it, especially youths.

This program encourage sex on live camera, immoral attitudes, fighting and arrogance, yet it is endorsed by Christians.

Big brother is trying to teach you how life will look like when the Antichrist shows up and this is done through social engineering. They are trying to socially engineer you to accept what the new world order is cooking. Now bear in mind that the Antichrist will communicate with humans telepathically, he doesn't need to speak or say a word but will communicate the new ideologies and values to every human race worldwide telepathically, and this is what the big brother does to the people in that house. They are puppets for each testing season. The house of the big brother is a typical example of the way the world will look like when the Antichrist begins. There will be nothing hidden, everything will be laid bare and this is the meaning of the eye logo of the program which is a psychological reminder *"I AM WATCHING YOU"*

This show promotes all sorts of immorality and helps you master the art of doing it even when everyone is watching you. Listen to me, Satan has an advantage of age. The Bible calls him *"THAT OLD SERPENT* ". If you want to use your intelligence against Satan, he will beat you in knowledge hands down. He had lived on the earth with other civilizations bodily millions of years ago before Adam was created, but that is a teaching for another time.

The reason for this article is because Christians patronizes this show even more, and it's very disappointing. Yet on Sundays you will see them praying and singing praises to God in church. This is what is known as *APOSTASY* and *Deception* .

Our children watch these programming of the mind called *THE BIG BROTHER SHOW* . Our parents also watches it. Couples watch it too and spirits are unleashed into our lives and yet we are ignorant of this deception. Masturbation has increased, rape and crimes too, as a result of this programming. Now be aware that homosexuality is coming soon through that medium, bisexuality is coming soon, lesbianism and all kinds of ills.

This is what the spirit is revealing to the Church, so he that has ear, let him hear. This is an agenda, the guys in that show are already under strong demonic influences by telepathy skillfully dispensed through the big brother's voice and these contestants themselves cannot even tell. This is why in the book 1984 by George Orwell, the big brother voice speaks to the characters but he himself is not seen.

The people who participates in this *BIG BROTHER SHOW* do not even bother to ask questions like:



Let me shock you now. The ones who are actually asking these questions in their hearts are the ones who are evicted from the show accordingly until the last person standing. They are testing the progress of this new world order coming soon.

Now whatever you want to think it's absolutely up to you, but I place before you today the naked truth. Choose wisely what you feed your eyes, minds and spirit. There is nothing the *BIG BROTHER SHOW* teaches, no morals, no positive values and no kingdom ethics yet believers are glued to it.

The Lord is beckoning on you today to flee from it, especially you parents or youths. What that program does to your mind is numerous, above all is the creation of a *STRONGHOLD* , but this is another teaching entirely.

Investment / Re: This Is Better Than Forex Trading! by Donair(m): 1:32pm On Aug 02, 2020
Education / Re: Can I Still Graduate With A First Class With This My 100level Cgpa? by Donair(m): 7:17am On Jul 13, 2020
It's very much possible with hardwork and always put God first for sure you will be surprise coming out with first class.
Set high target of 5.0 Gp per semester,work towards it and avoid distractions then we will celebrate with you soon.

Determination Decides Destiny (triple D's)
Education / Re: Anybody That Can Solve This Question Is A Genius by Donair(m): 6:39am On Jul 07, 2020
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply To NALDA Volunteers Recruitment: Buhari Young Farmers Network by Donair(m): 6:53am On Jun 25, 2020
Try uploading it around 4am. It will go through

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