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Politics / Re: Will Ipob Tolerate Peaceful Protest? by Donelli: 8:36pm On Jan 17

Pro Nigeria but only if Biafra will make the expected moves by approaching reps and senates members
Politics / Re: Senator Abaribe, Visits Buhari In His Country Home To Pay Homage And Loyalty by Donelli: 10:02am On Aug 17, 2019
The Senate Minority Leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe visited President Buhari in his home town, Daura to pay homage to Buhari on the celebration of Sallah and to pledge his loyalty to his government.

Abaribe, a PDP senator was accompanied with other senators from the APC to visit the president.
The visit to the president was led by the senate President, Senator Ahmad Lawan and Senate Leader Abdullahi Yahaya, Deputy Senate Leader Ajayi Borrofice, Deputy whip Sabi Abdullahi all from the ruling All Progressive Congress.

Source: https://dailytells.com.ng/2019/08/16/senator-abaribe-storms-buharis-home-to-pay-homage-and-loyalty/
Very lazy reportage.
Politics / Re: Sowore: One Hour Yoruba Protest, One Week Biafran Protest. NNAMDI Kanu by Donelli: 1:26pm On Aug 14, 2019
In the near future, expect the yoruba controlled media to claim that the SW was at the forefront of the rejection of RUGA in the south, when we know they were divided 60/40 as always, headslammers being in the majority support for RUGA.

Those of them who mock(ed) IPOB, deep down, respect the courage, resoluteness, and consistency of IPOB even in the face of federal military might. They don't have that kind of resolve, they can only engage in riots and constituting nuisance without any clear cut ideology.

Even at that, the same gas canisters that dispersed the revolutionNow crew will suffice to tame them, let alone facing life bullets, military clandestine extraction and elimination, and other inhuman experiences IPOB suffers.

What you all need to understand is these species of humans only engage in what they are sure they will benefit from, not what is just or right. When there's a conflict, and they don't have the option of neutrality, they will sit on the fence till they are sure one side is likely to win, then they'll jump in at the last minute and claim the glory for what they contributed very little or nothing to.

We've already seen the evidences in their claim to be the deciders of who becomes president in elections, when the real pivots (middlebelt) don't make noise. I also read one ignorant fellow claiming that Nigeria will break up when the SW decides to leave the union, I laughed...conquered territory feeling funky. grin

One man in the East opens our eyes to the reality on ground and reawakened our dream of a real, workable nation, Biafra. The FG became jittery and sent the full federal military might and even requested foreign back up to silence him. Middlebeltans says they are no longer part of the north, and the northern elites are everywhere trying to call a truce to woo them back. SW elites are blabbing about some old 18/19th century military accomplishment(?) and no one is paying them any attention, the more they talk, the more ordinary riffraffs are daring them to do their worst.
That says a lot.

Is that what they call sophistication and intelligence? Very soon, cunny man go die and na cunny man go bury am.

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Politics / Re: Nmandi Kanu To His Igbo Brother To Support Sowore by Donelli: 12:47pm On Aug 13, 2019

Tuehh!!! Tufiakwa for me to dial in to biafra radio. Dont insult me like this again. Tell nnandi kanu to call and brief me about my query. angry
Then, stick your head, high up your butt hole, and stop convulsing.
Politics / Re: Nmandi Kanu To His Igbo Brother To Support Sowore by Donelli: 11:32am On Aug 13, 2019
follow this link and see yourself how Nmandi Nnamdi Kanu
Namdi Nnamdi Kanu...

Where are Kanu's parents? He has not talked about them.

Kanu said support Sowore. He did not say support Yoruba. He is specific.
There have been several call in broadcast sessions, why didn't you use the opportunity to ask your questions
Politics / Re: Another Civil War In Nigeria Will Be A Mini World War. by Donelli: 8:45pm On Aug 10, 2019

There are two things here, the SS cannot secede and no country will align with Nigeria

The Arab league, most definitely. The State of Israel, on the other hand, quite dicey. The Palestinian issue comes to mind. Where they go, the US probably will tilt in that direction.

It will be a real proxy war btwn China , Russia and US.

But if the New SE and SS automous country can, would grant access to a military base to Us. Then consider the Us supporting them.

At the same time, Russia does not have a military base in Africa, it might be a big opportunity for the new country to offer it to Russia.

Imagine a situation where Russia deploys 10k soldiers to their new bight of Biafra base, even the US will hesitate to fight any proxy war. Now imagine if it should happen in this era of Trump. Consider the New country a given.

I dont know why the talk of seceeding from Nigeria excites me.
You left out the Persians. Do you think it will be an opportunity to spite the Arab world by grabbing a chunk off the north?
Politics / Re: Another Civil War In Nigeria Will Be A Mini World War. by Donelli: 8:32pm On Aug 10, 2019

and na only igbos can unite all of us accordin to you....

you dey mad....!!
infact you dey craze....!!

peppermint grin

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Politics / Re: Bode George Worked So Hard To Have Igbo Representatives by Donelli: 5:33pm On Aug 10, 2019

Would it surprise anyone if and when you deny Bode George too or will he be the first one you deny?

It is so sad really, this is how a good relationship between Yoruba and Igbo got sour because Yoruba got tired of bending over.
Just because you said it doesn't mean I must believe you. Most of you Yorubas have a unique (in)competence of turning truth on it's head, at least everyone now know better. Meanwhile, BG still has a date with karma for his "exploits" in NPA.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Denies Being Refused US Visa by Donelli: 3:39pm On Aug 10, 2019
Vice-Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 elections, Peter Obi, has denied being refused a United States’ visa.

A Facebook user, Austin Brown, had accused Mr Obi of being denied US visa over alleged fraud.

Mr Brown said Obi was on Monday denied visa by the American Embassy following an alleged report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicting Obi as the third most fraudulent politician in Nigeria over the past five years, Igbere TV reports.

Brown also alleged that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the US had in July indicted Obi over some $10 billion allegedly found in a Swiss bank account linked to him.

In a statement on Saturday by Obi’s media aide, Valentine Obienyem, the former Anambra State governor said his critics are hell-bent on indicting him, adding that he is currently in the US.

Mr Obienyem reeled out a number of projects Obi completed in his time as governor.

“What a confused bunch! Since he left government, his records which nobody is even trying to surpass, still speak for him. Some of them are: He bequeathed over 75 Billion Naira to his successor; completion of all the roads started by his predecessor and construction of massive roads that made Anambra during his time to be regarded as the best in network of roads; return of schools to the Church and provision of over 6 Billion Naira used to rehabilitate the schools, as well as provision of two buses to them; Internet connectivity; boreholes; sporting equipment; computers and generators to power,” he said.

The statement also described Obi as “a saint in Nigerian politics” whose critics have “prayed every day that he could sin a little even out of respect for the frailty of human nature.”

Source; http://igberetvnews.com/889111/just-in-peter-obi-speaks-on-being-refused-us-visa/

Lalasticlala Mynd44 Dominique
Youdonmeanit!!! grin

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Politics / Re: Bode George Worked So Hard To Have Igbo Representatives by Donelli: 3:35pm On Aug 10, 2019

Poor Bode George, he went through hell in the hands of Yoruba PDP to allow Igbo seats from Lagos. When they finally got it, they started chest beating as if they had the population in Lagos. They started fake statistics about population, taxes, developers, investment until they lost everything.

There is a lesson here, Igbo can neither bully their way into the WEST or appeal for Yoruba sympathy anymore.

Eyes are wide OPEN. Sorry Bode George, ingrates are ingrates no matter how you tried.
He told you this?
Wow, BG must be a very selfless and generous person. I wonder if NPA workers under him share this sentiment. embarassed
Politics / Re: SOWORE: My Apologies To All Freedom-minded Yorubas by Donelli: 8:57pm On Aug 07, 2019

Is there anywhere in the country you don't' pollute with dubious act, flatheds are everywhere, leaving their own states to rotten away. Come to the north and see how your brothers jampacked everywhere.
At least they rent/build and make your north look decent enough to live in. Come to the East and see the SETTLEMENTS GIVEN FOR FREE to your northern brothers. It would have been better to have uncleared bushes than the dunghill they turned them into. Even swines will reject that kind of condition.

Politics / Re: SOWORE: My Apologies To All Freedom-minded Yorubas by Donelli: 7:10pm On Aug 07, 2019

How many yorubas do you have in all your 5 states? It's you flathed that run to their land for browner pasture.

Try get sense, even if na small. If you want to banter, why not represent your true self...a northern slow poke jumping around constituting nuisance. If you think you have substance, let's exercise wit and intellect.
Bubu's baboon. grin
Politics / Re: SOWORE: My Apologies To All Freedom-minded Yorubas by Donelli: 5:37pm On Aug 07, 2019

Some of the people you reply are actually fulanis going about with fuel And matches anytime they see any semblance of peace between Igbo and Yoruba.
I've seen it on several occasions, even from known yoruba monikers.

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Politics / Re: SOWORE: My Apologies To All Freedom-minded Yorubas by Donelli: 5:32pm On Aug 07, 2019

Change this mentality, it will not bring you any realistic progress
Wake up to reality if you want to make mental progress. Nigeria is not designed to work for Nigerians, the earlier you accept that fact the better for you.


Politics / Re: SOWORE: My Apologies To All Freedom-minded Yorubas by Donelli: 5:27pm On Aug 07, 2019

How? The same yoruba that accommodate your brothers and sisters in their various states.
Why do you lot like saying this nonsense, accommodate who? Is it for free? undecided


Politics / Re: The World’s Most Innovative Countries by Donelli: 8:13am On Jul 27, 2019
I think population is factored into the calculation.
Politics / Re: How Nigeria May Lose The Next War: Scenario Two by Donelli: 5:18am On Jul 17, 2019

With no chance in hell of prevailing against the central government of both countries, these secessionist groups might seek to provoke a war between Nigeria and Cameroon. Amazonian separatists, with support and coordination from IPOB might choose to use Nigeria as a base to carry out attacks against Cameroonian troops and flee back across the border and mix with the refugee population in the hope of drawing a response. If such attacks persists and more Cameroonian soldiers are killed, events may spiral out of control.


Don't you think this will make the East the major casualty in the event of an all out reprisal?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Self Employment Opportunity: Transcribing For A Living In Nigeria by Donelli: 6:18am On Jul 15, 2019

You might want to add 3am to 5:20am as well.
I've not worked within the periods of 12am and 7am, sir. But it's duly noted.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Self Employment Opportunity: Transcribing For A Living In Nigeria by Donelli: 6:38pm On Jul 14, 2019
Good day all. I see we're enjoying a lovely Sunday.
Nice reading through contributions and resourceful hints.
Another thing am noticing, but, am not completely sure of yet, is the time to catch those beautiful calls we love to work on. I've noticed at a particular time of day/night, *** and *** calls will flood the dashboard and one can waste all your precious release tokens on them. Then again, at other time of day/night, calls from *** will flood the dashboard.
Let's look into this, as I believe it will help us better prepare for the task.
I believe **** calls are top priority calls, so expect to see them ALWAYS, especially at night. The ones y'all want to see mostly come up between 9am and 11am but are usually short calls. At other times, it's random. You might have to refresh multiple times to catch one.

That's my observation.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Self Employment Opportunity: Transcribing For A Living In Nigeria by Donelli: 3:26pm On Jul 14, 2019
Thanks bro. I've worked my grammar. The recent tasks, just had to do with my inability to hear what was said.

I'll work on these things. Na Computer I go dey use now sef. I no fit shout.
Take note of timestamps, don't assume it will be in order. While some have repeated items, others have skipped items, most times it's a response.

E.g Take note of something like this, because it's easy to ignore.

The actual content is:
-Is it a single family home, or a multi family house?
-Single family.
-Single family? Okay.

But what you'll hear might be:

0:01:23 - 0:01:27
Is it a single family or a multi family

0:01:28 - 0:01:29
Single family? Okay

If you just assume it's complete, you'll be penalized for missing content. That split second you ignore might contain vital info, so ensure to use the ESC work around during your final cross check before you submit.

For the ellipses part, you have to be very tactical with it's use.


Politics / Re: RUGA: The Only Tribe Fulani Fear In Nigeria Is Igbo by Donelli: 11:31am On Jul 14, 2019

Your usual rants, you could not answer a simple question but chose to go round and round the topic,......this is not about competition... .its different when a people collectively decide not to sell land to outsiders (understandably because they have little) at the same time these same people go to other people's land and acquire large tracts of land, that's expansionist agenda if you ask me, the same way you are accusing Fulanis of expansionist agenda just because they want to do be Nigerian like you, they want to do business and own properties anywhere in Nigeria just like you an iboman can....
Oga stop disturbing cyberspace with your noise. If you need land, you go and do the leg work. Some of us were refused rentage for accommodation as government pikin corpers in yorubaland, just because Igbos are stubborn known to detest licking ass. You don't see us coming online to lament.

Business is simply, a take it or leave it situation. Get over yourself already.

Again, if you think you have the capacity, accept the offer Shayetet13 made. Let person hear word, abeg. angry

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Self Employment Opportunity: Transcribing For A Living In Nigeria by Donelli: 6:30am On Jul 14, 2019
Good to know the thread is back. I just spent the last hour reading through. I wonder why the last one was closed, though.

Let me add my drop in the ocean of contributions by the chiefs in the house.

*removes cap in humility*

We've already been given hints on how to avoid some problematic calls, let me add a few pointers from experience.

1. Avoiding calls longer than 5 minutes will reduce your chances of picking **** calls by 80%, and *** calls by 30%.

2. Assuming you're ambitious, which I'm guessing you are wink, refer to previous post about how to identify *** calls. For example, a 10 minute call in which you're given 5 hours (+/- 10 minutes) is definitely ***.

The issue will now be, how to tell a *** call apart from others. In theory, tougher calls are given more time to complete, and more payment incentive. So, bearing this in mind...

To cut the chances of picking *** calls by up to 50%, check the highest expected pay rate.

If for that 10 minutes call you see $1.99 or more (that's $0.2 per call minute pay rate), it's definitely ***. But if it is about $1.96 upwards, it's 50-50 chance. A lower pay for that call further reduces the chances that it's ***.

The only caveat to this rule, I noticed, is when and only when it's *** season. Like it was, some time last week. But for ***, the rule is unmistakable.

PS: *** is British, while *** is American. You should try to work on *** if you get it by "mistake". You enjoy the benefit of higher rate just like ***, but at reduced stress.

Happy transcribing.

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Politics / Re: Allison Diezani Is Being Punished For Insisting Western Oil Companys Be Audited by Donelli: 7:08am On Jul 06, 2019
There's no "fighting corruption", it's either beating people into line, sealing loose ends or simply collateral damage.

Do not be deceived by media trials.

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Politics / Re: Battle For Ministerial Appointments Rages As President Prepares Final List by Donelli: 6:04pm On Jun 23, 2019
Clearly, these people are not serious about governance. If they were, having an expectation to continue a second term, they should have had this list done and dusted even before May 29.
Politics / Re: Air Force Denies Report Of Helicopters "Dropping Weapons For Herdsmen In Enugu by Donelli: 5:59pm On Jun 23, 2019
Like we ever expected you to say it's true. In nigeria, it starts as a rumor, then comes a disclaimer. Finally, we discover it wasn't just a rumor after all.
Politics / Re: "Injustice Is Destroying Nigeria. Let's Have Justice And We'll Have Peace" -0 by Donelli: 2:21pm On Jun 20, 2019
Justice, the surest way to peace! Our nation is troubled today because of injustice. No diplomacy for peace will work if we do not fix the injustice in our society.u.We need justice to have peace! Read more here...http://geraldinyang.blogspot.com.ng/2017/11/peace-wanted-justice-needed_7.html?m=1
A society devoid of justice breeds distrust, and when you don't trust the system there'll definitely be chaos. The message is crystal clear.
Politics / Re: Reasons Why Igbos Hate Tinubu by Donelli: 11:06am On Jun 20, 2019
If you lack capacity for comprehension, it is NOT my fault.

My two posts are NOT mutually exclusive.

You don't win or lose an election soley because of only one factor but multiplicity of factors.

In Oyo State, Seyi Makinde of the PDP won because of
a) His likable personaliy
b) resentment against the Ajimobi-led APC administration.
The interference of Ex-Gov Ajimobi in the Ibadan traditional council, in the eyes of most Indigenes looked like attempts to whittle down the influence of the Olubadan of Ibadan (much like what's happening in Kano)

In Yorubaland, where many people still have great respect for traditional rulers, you will incur the wraths of many people if you are seen as attacking their traditional rulers.

This particular issue made Ajimobi very unpopular among the real Ibadan Indigenes and he lost his senatorial election (the largest voting block) while APC won Oyo Central and Oyo North Senatorial elections.

The poor management of the economy where States' Governments were owing workers up to six months salaries was surely to become an electoral matter.

Tinubu's matter was not an issue in the election.

Blah blah blah...
Yet again, he's calling out something he is guilty of. Go back and read.

The younger generation of Igbos (especially online) hate Tinubu with a passion because they perceive Tinubu's Political structure as the greatest threat to an Igbo Political relevance in the present Political equation of Nigeria. QED

Now, I'm returning your question to you:
Mr Man, how did you come to the funny conclusion...
Politics / Re: Fani Kayode To Compel A Biafra Referendum by Donelli: 6:41am On Jun 20, 2019
A quote that is clearly referenced, yet the OP accredits it to another person.
Correct yourself please.
Politics / Re: Reasons Why Igbos Hate Tinubu by Donelli: 6:22am On Jun 20, 2019
Mr Man, how did you come to the funny conclusion that any Yoruba man that voted for PDP in the 2019 hates Tinubu and wants Tinubu cut to size?

So you just think the people of Oyo State voted for Gov Seyi Makinde of the PDP because they want Tinubu cut to size?

What's the role of the performance of the APC State Government in earning the party re-election?

There are many politicians in APC who their electorates don't want in power anymore.

The younger generation of Igbos (especially online) hate Tinubu with a passion because they perceive Tinubu's Political structure as the greatest threat to an Igbo Political relevance in the present Political equation of Nigeria. QED
Speaking from both sides of the mouth. You object to someone's hypothesis, yet make a similar submission in the reverse.

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