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Travel / Re: Menace Of Okada In Owerri Township: Pictures & Video by Duru1(m): 9:51pm On May 14

Misplaced priorities

You could not be more correct. Why would the poster not worry about the median strip which has grown into jungle?
Politics / Re: Why Lord Lugard Combined The Northern Protectorate With The South by Duru1(m): 9:37pm On May 14
We've all heard the story about how Lord Lugard Combined the north with the south to cover Tax deficit,

The problem with this logic is that no one has ever challenged it, no one has asked;

Why did the North have a crisis in the first place? ...

If they asked, they would it was the British that caused the poverty in the North, same way the British caused the wealth in the South...

Now there was something Lugard observed, the North had a poor economy but a strong military culture and had the highest amount of soldiers in Africa...
The South had a good economy but poor military culture and few soldiers...

in Lugard's eyes this was a recipe for disaster...the minute the British leaves the Southern protectorate, the North would invade and plunder the place...

So he came up with a plan, 'balance the wealth of the South with the North and the military of the North with the South'

This in his eyes would make Nigeria both a wealthy and powerful nation...

This is my take, in summary I don't think Lord Lugard would have risen to his position if he didn't understand people and consequences of actions.

I do not know what you meant by Tax deficit. However, the fact remains that Bristish funded the running of Northern Protectorate with no resources from the north. Northern Protectorate had nothing and was depleting the treasury of British government. The initial plan was to have two countries out of the protectorates, one country for Northern Protectorate and another for Southern Protectorate. Unfortunately, British concluded that Northern Protectorate could not sustain itself as a country hence amalgamation.

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Politics / Re: Another Girl Narrowly Escapes Being Lynched In Sokoto- Pic And Video by Duru1(m): 9:19pm On May 14
It will be damned if any of the Deborah's forebearers fought Biafra for Fulani Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Breaking News!!! Asari Dokubo Invite Igbos To Boro Day 2022. ( Photos). by Duru1(m): 9:14pm On May 14
The Celebrations will take place in Okrika part of Port Harcourt too.
The biggest one will be in Yenagoa and Kaiama.
On the 16.
To Ijaws, Isaac Boro is a God in human form.

There is no part of Igweocha (Port Harcourt) is Okrika. You are fool of it. I ready from nairaland how Fara Dagogo was brought to court. Yet you claimed he has been released.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Of The North by Duru1(m): 1:49pm On May 14

There is not much difference between them, the both have no regards for human life.


I guess it will take the duration of your sorry life on earth to understand the denotation of freedom. Nnamdi Kanu represents freedom which is for life on earth while you and the religious zealots from northern region represent death.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Of The North by Duru1(m): 1:44pm On May 14

It is a display uncanny idiocy to juxtapose Nnamdi Kanu with the brainless religious zealots from northern region of Nigeria. These fools from the northern region act on imaginary story. Nnamdi Kanu is a standout character for any group which seeks self-determination. Freedom is as good as life.
Politics / Re: Northern Religious Extremism, Is It Enough Reason To Divide Nigeria? by Duru1(m): 1:37pm On May 14
so who wants to be part of Biafra ?, Definitely not south south. We are not part of Biafra. stay in your Biafra with discrimination and domineering attitude

Honestly, I prefer Republic of Igboland to Republic of Biafra.

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Politics / Re: Watch How Sick Hon. Dagogo Was Bundled Shoulder High Into The Court By Police by Duru1(m): 1:18pm On May 14
One demented thoh and his/her IYC (Ijaw Youth Congress) claimed they have released Dr. Farah Dagogo even before he gets to court.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu: Those Insulting Me Over Health Status Have Empty Brains by Duru1(m): 1:08pm On May 14

Try to have a brain, Tinubu isn't calling Nigerians ignorant but only referring to those 5%ters always abusing him when most of their livelihoods are domiciled in the Lagos state he orchestrated. If the stone touch you, you must be a member of the 5% group

The last time I check though, Reno Omokri has been the point man in uncovering the shortfalls of Thiefinubu. In addition to Omokiri, there are Bode George and Rauf Aregbesola.
Politics / Re: Northern Religious Extremism, Is It Enough Reason To Divide Nigeria? by Duru1(m): 1:03pm On May 14
Yes divide Nigeria into regions, western region and if South South [/b]want to be servant to [b]igbo they can go with Biafra.

Igbo have the religion tolerance just like North, they are only quiet because they are powerless. I want separation and non-indigenes kicked to their father land.

What an idiotic stream of thought. There is a considerable number of Igbo in the demography of the so-called South-South. There will be no so-called south-south when nation states replace shithole called Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Northern Religious Extremism, Is It Enough Reason To Divide Nigeria? by Duru1(m): 12:58pm On May 14
You are wrong, i am a southerner and a strong believer of my people's freedom but to divide the country base on religious bigotry/extreemism is equally wrong. If it can be bulkanised based on tribalism,ethnicity, that is ok. If you divide nigeria based on religious extreemism or bigotry, what will be the fate of indegineous christians in the north likewise muslims in the south? The truth is northern muslims lack religious tolerance. Majority of the imams inculcates extremism on them.

I wish you the gift of religious fanatism.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu: Those Insulting Me Over Health Status Have Empty Brains by Duru1(m): 12:47pm On May 14

You made no point. Tinubu is more intelligent than you. No sense, nothing upstairs but to abuse someone that can turn your destiny around 360 degree.

Imagine them borrowing data for subscription or share data and be abusing Tinubu. Consider what Tinubu was at your age, and where you want to be when you're 70 yrs like Tinubu.

I met Thiefinubu in the country where he obtained his first degree. I repeat, Thiefinubu cannot be admitted into the faculty where I obtained my first degree.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu: Those Insulting Me Over Health Status Have Empty Brains by Duru1(m): 12:42pm On May 14

You made no point. Tinubu is more intelligent than you.

You proved your idiotic manners with the above post. Thiefinubu can never be admitted into the faculty which impresses my area of specialization in the university.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu: Those Insulting Me Over Health Status Have Empty Brains by Duru1(m): 12:35pm On May 14

All Progressives Congress chieftain and presidential aspirant, Bola Tinubu, has stated that qualifying to be President of Nigeria doesn’t require strength but intelligence and smartness to overcome the numerous problems bedeviling the country.

“A President’s job is not to climb mountain, a wrestling match, or carry concrete; it is to think and perform with his brain.

“We are not looking for WWE wrestling fighter; we are looking for a thinker to provide security for us; we are looking for a doer who will look at economic opportunities and turn it around to prosperity,” Tinubu stated on Friday in Minna, the Niger State capital, where he met APC delegates ahead of the party primaries.

The former governor of Lagos State told Niger delegates that people insulting him over his health status could not even match him in mental capacity.

Tinubu said, “They don’t have my brain but they abuse me every day, ‘E no well, leg dey pain am, e go Mecca go do Tawafi.’ None of them has a medical certificate but I have.

“They have empty brains and have nothing to say rather than insult me but I leave them to their blindness and ignorance,” he added.

Tinubu said he had a track record performance, saying he transformed Lagos State and he intended to replicate the feat in Nigeria.

“I know the road to prosperity, safety, clean environment, development of our nation and infrastructure because I have done it all in Lagos state and I can do it again.

“The others do not know the road, don’t follow them. The only person you should follow is the person who knows the road. Follow me, I know the road and I will not mislead you. They do not have my brains but I do have enough brains.”

He continued, “Where is their track record? How many councillors, local government chairmen and chairperson, members of House of Assemblies, House of Representatives or senators have they produced? I have produced them.”

Tinubu also wondered why there were many people contesting for the presidential ticket of the APC, wondering what their motivation was.

“Too many people running, running, running; where are they running to? Some of them are running to Sokoto, some to Suleja, while some are running to Kontagora, but I am running for the Presidency of Nigeria. I don’t know where the others are running to.


Can someone inform Thiefinubu that the intelligence and smartness of a very sick person is borderline delusion? No sick person is considered smart in such situation. One reason the statement of sick person is not considered a testimony in court.
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Four More Aides Into DPR Departments - Peoples Gazette by Duru1(m): 11:48pm On Feb 17, 2021
This man called Buhari is just a big disgraced to entire Hausa/Fulani. He forgot that one day will be one day, he will leave that post. I pray we are all alive to see the day power will change hands to the south then he and his uneducated goons will know kaki no be leather. The only grace they have is to hold unto the power and by so doing destroy the conglomerate called Nigeria. The man is not even hiding his nepotism anymore.

Please people from the southern region of should stop the silly noise over Buhari's nepotistic tendencies evidenced in his appointments. A southerner was their not long ago and he behaved like saint. In the current setup, a southerner is the vice president and he keeps mute. Is the vice president ever consulted when decision to make these lopsided appointment is deliberated?

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Politics / Re: This Is Why North Will Never Attack Southerners by Duru1(m): 11:36pm On Feb 17, 2021
Any attack in North will lead to reprisal across South (SW especially).

Yorubas are the ones holding this country together not the ones begging for it to remain together. We don't need anybody to progress.

This is one of the most nonsensical craps I have ever read on Nairaland. Do certain creatures have shame? Yoruba joined the northern region of Nigeria in a war against eastern region as to push Igbo aside yet lost control of the wagon to northern political elites especially the Fulani. What a joker.
Politics / Re: This Is Why North Will Never Attack Southerners by Duru1(m): 11:20pm On Feb 17, 2021
A lot has happened in Nigeria in recent times that has completely changed the dynamics for good. Unlike in the past, when each time the North coughs, the rest of the country will catch cold, the South has now been so pushed to the wall that they're now seeing the option of fighting back as viable.

Over the years, beginning from Independence, the North has never hidden its disdain for Southern Nigeria, and with support from the British colonial masters, they were able to build a lopsided foundation that gave them undue advantage, while the civil war and succeeding military regimes made it easy for them to cement that unfair dominance over the South.

Southerners have watched in silence as the North continues to take everything from them while bequeathing and entrenching a slave master relationship between both divide, similar to what occurred in Korea and Sudan, where in both cases, the Northern sections cheated the Southern sections until there was a war and later a ceasefire that divided those nations.

The emergence of Buhari has elevated a covert agenda by the North to completely exploit South to a brazen level. These Northern cabals are now deploying multipronged means to rout the South and ensure they're forever under their control and I will list them below:

1. Economic; the North has gradually elevated two Northern businessmen in the persons of Dangote and BUA to control significant portions of our economy. By the time both men complete the refineries they're building, it will automatically mean that cement and petroleum (two vital sectors of the economy) will totally be in their hands.

2; Conquest; many people do not know that Fulanis are gradually becoming natives in almost all the regions and states in Nigeria. They've been doing it covertly for a long time particularly in the Middle belt and lately in the South West, but it seems the process is too slow for their liking which made them to request for lands through RUGA, it fell flat and they decided to use force.....

I had put Yoruba and certain deluded minorities from southern Nigeria in the same room with the bolded.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Duru1(m): 9:28pm On Feb 17, 2021

Okorocha was really wealthy before becoming Governor. If you even start from Owerri no politician in Imo State can claim to own equal landed property as Okorocha before he became Governor. I also learnt he has always been the largest property owner in Abuja because he bought thousands of plots in the early 90s which he never sold with most of them worth more than 1 billion today. He did not acquire any new land as a sitting Governor except the Rochas Foundation College Orji which we cannot really ascribe to him cause it is for charity.

Okoroawusa was not a B level affluent character before he became a governor. He was just a street hustler. There was a time Okorocha will avoid settling some babes. He was a complete noise-maker who knows how stroke the sentiment of his people. I knew some guys from Jos, Plateau State who worked in his printing press he did not settle till date. This is one the reasons he raided Imo State Printing outfit to improve his junk in Lagos.

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Politics / Re: Imo Assembly Approves Renaming Okorocha’s Eastern Palm Uni After Mbadiwe by Duru1(m): 7:07pm On Feb 17, 2021
I like the move.
Politics / Re: South East And Northern Nigeria, Case Of A Slave And His Master by Duru1(m): 7:04pm On Feb 17, 2021
Umahi, Okorocha Kalu of recent appears verified identity of slave and master.

How many formers governors and senators under PDP or parties other than APC from southwestern region had switched to APC?
Politics / Re: South East And Northern Nigeria, Case Of A Slave And His Master by Duru1(m): 7:00pm On Feb 17, 2021
Many people would agree that instead if forming alliance with her fellow brethren she prefers to romance the North in order to undermine her purported enemy.

Southwest should be a rallying allied of Southerners Nigeria due to her economic advantage prowess and given that both survive undet same airspace but reverse is the case.

This case played during Zik era, which is responsible for south second fiddle role we play in Nigeria union.

Why do certain goons navigate to Nairaland to flaunt their stupidity? Azikiwe did not encourage the famous carpet-crossing and did not initiate the act of double-dealing by sending any party member to Kaduna.
Politics / Re: Anioma Group Blasts Apc’s Lauretta Onochie For Ill-fated Article Press Release by Duru1(m): 4:54am On Feb 17, 2021

Lol, sorry had that laugh, that was the 1966 counter coup, Dimka was vexed at how Major Ogbemudia handled him prior to his release, so he organized some soldiers who chased him till he escaped at Ondo. He was clearly outnumbered, that doesn't take away his brave deeds during the Midwest invasion as that's our center of discussion.

Ejoor deployed soldiers when he was the governor, during the police action, he had some barricade set in Asaba, but due to the fact that majority of the commanders were loyal to the East, they didn't follow his instructions.

But he was still in charge, his unwillingness to side any part almost cost him his life.

Again Ejoor had no such powers to deploy soldiers in Midwestern region. This fact applied to all military governors in Nigeria during the era in discuss. Military unit commanders in the four regions of Nigeria were the only characters vested with the power to deploy soldiers.
Politics / Re: Harvest Of Deaths As Herdsmen Kill 100 People In Benue by Duru1(m): 4:37am On Feb 17, 2021
Watch them OSUs blaming yorubas for this.

Yoruba will definitely blame Abobaku!!!
Politics / Re: South-east, South-west, will be biggest losers if Nigeria breaks up by Duru1(m): 4:29am On Feb 17, 2021
Mazi efulefu Fredrick Nwabufo. ; grin

The idea of having a near-perfect country out of a ruptured Nigeria is illusory. The composite parts of the country each contribute to the miasma of confusion that Nigeria is. No single entity is responsible for Nigeria’s problems. All the ethnic nationalities are equal shareholders in the failing of the Nigerian enterprise. There is enough blame to go around.

So, what will change if, for example, there is a south-east state as some are campaigning for? Will the present social order be inverted? Will the internecine hate and wrangling dissipate? Well, for sure I think the current revulsion that some have for the entity ‘’Nigeria’’ will be reserved for the emergent state. Elite corruption and abuse will still dominate the polity because the new order will be from the same predatory gene-pool. Non-ethnic predation will give way for ethnic predation because at the end of day class struggle is not resolved by the unity of language, religion or culture.

As of 2019, 400,000 citizens have been killed in the South-Sudan crisis. Four million refugees created and 1.8 million people internally displaced. The cause of these tragedies boils down to power struggle among the elite who quickly mobilised themselves behind the emergent state to capture power. A country fabled to be a lodestar in Africa and which was to be a compelling argument for splintering ‘’artificially created’’ states on the continent is now a functional example of why breaking up countries in Africa is not expedient.

An often parroted argument for Nigeria’s dissolution is that the country is an inorganic fabrication of the British. Lies, It is nearly impossible to find a homogenous country. The problem with Nigeria, as we all know, is that we are yet to have a people’s leadership or as Chinua Achebe puts it, a leader “humbled by the trust placed on him by the people’’ and ‘’willing to use the power given to him for the good of the people’’.

We are stronger together. This is not a platitude but a fact. 90 percent of wealth of the Igbo is not warehoused in the south-east. The Igbo are a peripatetic people gifted with extraordinary entrepreneurial abilities. They are among the most financially fortunate Nigerians. Nigeria and beyond are their trading arcade. They are in every nook, cranny and crevices in the country. It is unarguable that a united Nigeria is a more viable emporium for the Igbo than a fragmented Nigeria. It will not be the same for the business-minded Igbo with new states emerging from the wreck of Nigeria – the emergent states will certainly want to put up hedges that will protect their own people against outsiders. Where does that leave Chukwuma who has billions of naira worth of investments doting the south-west?

The south-west as well cannot subsist as an island. It needs the commerce of the Igbo, the endowments of the north, and rich cultural and material resources of other groups to blossom. We need each other.

Our diversity should count for something. It should be our strength. We will be the biggest losers if the Nigerian enterprise is liquidated. We must make Nigeria work.

Fredrick Nwabufo is a writer and journalist
Twitter @FredrickNwabufo

Mazi efulefu, you cannot get more efulefu with the above crap. Have you seen any structure on a porous foundation that gets steadier regardless of reinforcement efforts? How can you get stronger by being together when there is lack of cohesive force in the togetherness?

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Politics / Re: Call Us When You Are Ready For A Revolution MNK Orders Biafrans To Shun Protests by Duru1(m): 11:26pm On Feb 16, 2021
I was flabbergasted when Nigerians suddenly stopped the #EndSars protest. It was a pure revolution in making if they had sustained the movement. These silly protests will not achieve anything in Nigeria. I support ESN 100%. It is either Nigerians agree to live in peace or Nigeria will cease to exist.


Politics / Re: Kidnapping: FG To Install CCTV Cameras On Highways by Duru1(m): 11:19pm On Feb 16, 2021
Another white elephant project again to siphon limited scare resources angry

The solution isn't about installing CCTV cameras

The best option to this issue is for the military to go on a massive offensive and flush them out of those forests and games reserves.

The federal and state governments should stop this madness of negotiating with criminal elements. It will only embolden them and they will use that money to reinforce themselves

How on earth can government be having pity on bandits that have successfully killed a first class monarch, killed so many Nigerians, and security agents ( army, airforce, police and vigilantes)

Get the society to be armed. Most of the societal decadences are solved by the society. The moment the society is empowered to protect its environs, the crime will be, at least, subsided.
Politics / Re: Kidnapping: FG To Install CCTV Cameras On Highways by Duru1(m): 11:15pm On Feb 16, 2021
Why not lit the highways before the talk of CCTV? Will the CCTV has ultra-sensor lens to capture images in the dark? Why do most Nigerians hate the people of Nigeria?
Politics / Re: The Developers Should Develop EBONYI And Abia the way they developed Lagos by Duru1(m): 11:02pm On Feb 16, 2021
Please these developers should develop EBONYI and Abia states to beat Lagos. They should do it fast please

What you forgot in your silly delusion is the Nigerian commonwealth poured into Lagos. This is of the reasons I fault the idiotic restructure propaganda. Until the Lagos or Abuja is built in either defunct eastern region or midwestern region, the talk of restructure in Nigeria is silly. The jackass equally forgot to say make Ebony or Abia capital of Nigeria and watch the developers go to work.

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