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Politics / Re: I Hereby Declare Sit-at-home In The Following Dates in Biafraland - Simon Ekpa by Duru1(m): 12:58pm On Dec 05, 2022
No single person must be seen outside for these days

Mazi Simon Ekpa


Mazi, how does the long list dates of sit-of-at-home affect the election scheduled in 2023?
Politics / Re: Member Of Tinubu Campaign Council Accused Innoson Of Selling Subpar Vehicles (P by Duru1(m): 12:53pm On Dec 05, 2022
Nigeria shall remain a backwater as long the retrogressive political party such as APC is power. The APC is anti-Igbo and any progress which is inclusive. I really want the disintegration of shithole called Nigeria which will sweep away all the morons who are members of APC.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Babachir Lawal Is A Useless Politician by Duru1(m): 12:45pm On Dec 05, 2022

The Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has slammed the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal, over his recent comments on his ambition.

Naija News reports that Lawal, an erstwhile political ally of Tinubu, had in a recent interview on Channels Television downplayed Tinubu’s chances ahead of the 2023 general election.
Lawal argued that the APC flagbearer stands no chance of winning the presidential election because of the Mulsim-Muslim ticket fielded by the ruling party.

The former SGF also said he has endorsed the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi , stressing that he is still a member of the APC.

Reacting to Lawal’s comment, the Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), Bayo Onanuga , described the statements made by the former SGF as mere conjectures.

He argued that the former Governor of Lagos State has never been on the ballot and lost any election, saying that Lawal’s comments are laughable projections.

Onanuga said Tinubu is heading for a landslide in the forthcoming presidential election with the support of President Muhammadu Buhari and all APC governors.

He, however, advised the former SGF to resolve the split in his own group, Northern Christain Leaders Consultative Forum, before dabbling into Tinubu’s affairs.

He said: “Mere conjectures, very laughable projections. Asiwaju has never been on the ballot and lost any election.

”With 22 states under APC control, with the incumbent President’s backing, with our hard work on the campaign trail, and with the support of Almighty God, Asíwájú is heading for a landslide next February.

“Let Babachir deal first with the division in his renegade group, instead of pontificating on the outcome of the election.

“This man, who is amplifying our religious difference with his gang, is from Hong LGA in Adamawa State. He could not make Buhari win the council in the 2019 election, even though we had a Christian with the Buhari ticket.”


If this jackass called Thiefinubu had tagged Babachir Lawal useless when Lawal was the SGF, Nigeria would have been a better place than it is today.
Travel / Re: The Beautiful Loko-Oweto Bridges, Benue River: Thank You Buhari, Up APC by Duru1(m): 12:39pm On Dec 05, 2022
God bless Nigeria and Nigerians

One eye-dude usually calls two eye-dude a king.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode Under Fire Over His Comment About Datti by Duru1(m): 2:05am On Dec 04, 2022
Those who live in a class house should not throw stones carelessly. I remembered the story in which Obafemi Awolowo asked Remi Fani-Kayode who was his father. There was a story!!!!
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Alleges Threat To Take Him Out by Duru1(m): 1:51am On Dec 04, 2022
Who would want to embrace an avoidable trouble like taking out as trash such as Reno Omokri? Goofy Reno Omokri can only be relevant in shithole such as Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Obi Lifted Asiwaju’s Policy Plan And Called It A Manifesto by Duru1(m): 1:45am On Dec 04, 2022
grin grin grin we know the parties that copy!

How dare you compare Obi/Datti manifesto to scandalous Amoda Ogunlere grin grin

He has not apologize to Donald Duke yet, this one na recent, abeg no let me talk about others grin grin

Bro do not pay any mind to the inconsequential regret. The folks who climb trees with teeth know the bark of trees which are bitter.

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Politics / Re: Ngeneukwenu Donates 1million Naira To Asiwaju Tinubu's Campaign. (Picture) by Duru1(m): 1:41am On Dec 04, 2022
After going through the manifesto of the APC Presidential Candidate today, I NgeneUkwenu, The Great Oracle (Agbara Nwanyi Ndigbo) have decided to support Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the coveted seat.

No more sitting on the fence. We hit the road for Asiwaju...I hereby donate the sum of 1 Million naira to this project, as my widow's mite.

God Bless Nigeria.

Nifpmod. Mynd44

Ngene is understandable however, Ukwenu is not. The rest of the post is habituated in a regrettable idiocy.
Politics / Re: Minorities In Nigeria Were Greatest Victims Of Biafra- US Based Professor by Duru1(m): 4:24pm On Nov 29, 2022

OSU liar, when did Ogbemudia seek refuge in osuland ?

Answer me this you lying OSU

He/she who shouts Osu with a given opportunity must be an Osu. You are a demented Abobaku who sowed the seed of cowardice among the Yoruba.
Politics / Re: Minorities In Nigeria Were Greatest Victims Of Biafra- US Based Professor by Duru1(m): 3:48pm On Nov 29, 2022

Liar .

When did Ogbemudia ever seek refuge in Igbo land ?

The event you are narrating involved him being chased from Kadunna down to Owo town when he ditched his car and fled into the bush from Dimka and his drunken squad.

Stop lying


Abobaku, it appears you are punching above your intellectual class. You need to read deep and in between lines to be enlightened. It appears everything about you is half filled. Half education is worse than poverty.
Politics / Re: Minorities In Nigeria Were Greatest Victims Of Biafra- US Based Professor by Duru1(m): 3:43pm On Nov 29, 2022

If they present you with dates now you will say its not enough without an impartial witness in the form of a European missionary .

Get out from here , you liars

A reporting of historical facts without dates is like talking Thiefinubu without Lagos State. Can you imagine what a diss in talking Thiefinubu with Iragbaji, Osun State instead of Lagos State. I have little use for European Missionary as I do for the shithole called Nigeria.
Politics / Re: South-south People Fight Back After Someone Claims That Asaba Is Igbo Land. by Duru1(m): 3:26pm On Nov 29, 2022

Look at this Itibolibo, Was there any people called Anioma during the British expedition?.. The Anioma in present day Asaba settled as a result of migration from the old Benin empire.
It is also instructive that the Midwest wasn't created as a result of marginalization , Awolowo was a proponent of minorities having their independent states from the major tribes, hence moving the motion at the federal house. While Midwest was created through referendum, Azikiwe rejected the call of COR minorities their rights to independent states.

Awolowo was never a proponent of minorities having independent regions. He was just a cunning character who was caught up with his tricks. The so-called proponents of minorities having independent region totally forgot his region was full of minority. The sentence in red is another silly and falsified claim by Yoruba. Awolowo could not have moved a motion while in federal custody.


Politics / Re: Bayo Onanuga: We Didn't Apologise To Duke For Using His Childhood Picture by Duru1(m): 3:14pm On Nov 29, 2022
Jagaban want to rescue nigerians from apc


You sure have the eyes for detective operation.

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Politics / Re: APC Gives Peter Obi Conditions To Fulfil Before Getting Debate With Tinubu by Duru1(m): 2:45pm On Nov 29, 2022
The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on Tuesday said its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu cannot debate with Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential flagbearer who has no documents or manifesto to show Nigerians.

While responding to the Labour Party's challenge to Tinubu for an open debate with Obi, Minister of State, Labour and Employment and Director, Public Affairs and Spokespersons, Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council, Festus Keyamo (SAN) said Obi should first release his manifesto and then list his achievements during his tenure as governor of Anambra State.

He said Obi should also tell Nigerians people he has mentored in politics who are still with him today, mention any political party he has formed and then mention his contributions to the return of democracy to Nigeria after years of military rule.

He said if the conditions are fulfilled, the APC will send one of its spokespersons to have an open debate with Obi.

His words " They have no manifesto, so what are we debating? What documents are we comparing? He said Nigerians should depend on what is inside his brain, not on any document. So, Asiwaju will then be debating with what? Is this campaign a joke to them? Do they think this is a Debating and Dramatic society in school?"

" Before Obi can stand shoulder to shoulder with Asiwaju to debate, he should first release a manifesto for scrutiny; then he should list his tangible achievements as Governor of Anambra State compared to the tangible achievements of Asiwaju as Governor of Lagos State".

" Then he should list those he has mentored in politics from the days of his being Governor who are still with him now; then he should tell us any political party he has either formed or partnered to form and which he still belongs to today. Then he should list his democratic credentials, that is what he did to contribute to the return to democracy from Military rule and what he has since done, better than Asiwaju, to sustain our democracy".

"After all these, we shall send them one of our spokespersons to debate with him".


The caption of this thread is very laughable. I must say there is no amount of dodgery, inherently known about Yoruba, can immune the walking dead, Thiefinubu, from public debate. Nobody forced the denial artist and champion of impersonation to jump into the presidential ring.
Politics / Re: Minorities In Nigeria Were Greatest Victims Of Biafra- US Based Professor by Duru1(m): 2:28pm On Nov 29, 2022

At the end you said nothing.

You can deny as much as you want but there are tonnes of evidence and witnesses to your atrocities.

Your plan was to genocide us off our lands and take possession of it and all resources on it.

But God pass una.

Shut up your putrid mouth. I guess if you would be able to recognize factual facts when your brain cells are wired for fake news. A historical fact or recorded event without discretionary date is a mere silly pontification.
Politics / Re: Minorities In Nigeria Were Greatest Victims Of Biafra- US Based Professor by Duru1(m): 2:21pm On Nov 29, 2022

If you claim Ogbemudia is skewed, is it Ojukwu that is straight? Don't be foolish, it is this mentality of yours that make it seems the Igbos were the only victims in the Biafra war. How many people do you think have the energy to start arguing with you back and forth. If you say his memory is skewed, come with hard facts to disprove what he said.

The same Samuel Ogbemudia who ran from Kaduna, passed his father's compound, to Onicha to seek refuge merely on the sighting of one drunken Lt. Suka Dimka in a Gas (Petrol) station in Kaduna now has all the facts. Nigeria has serious case of idiocy.
Politics / Re: Minorities In Nigeria Were Greatest Victims Of Biafra- US Based Professor by Duru1(m): 2:14pm On Nov 29, 2022

Ojukwu's Biafran Soldiers not only Massacred Civilians they went further and Butchered their Corpses for Meat
The practice of Butchering People for meat was not Started by IPOB

Eastern Non Igbos were Victims of Ethnic Cleansing by the Biafran Soldiers

Read the article below




Enough Of This Biafran Nonsense!!! By alabo abiye Akkio-abbey

As a Rivers man who saw the events of 1967-1970 and who was old enough to understand them, this protest in Port Harcourt is a slap on true Rivers indigenes. and the memory of ALL the Rivers men and women who were slaughtered in the pogroms and ethnic cleansing committed during the civil war by the Biafran Army.
Let us remind ourselves of the TRUE facts and REAL reasons behind the secession and subsequent civil war. Ojukwu and his cohorts decided to secede from Nigeria because Gowon broke up the regions and created Rivers State among the 12 states he created. Remember the Aburi accord? Article 4 of that accord had to do with the breaking up of the regions. On the 27th of May, 1967, Gowon broke up the Regions, from the then Eastern Region and carved out Rivers, South-Eastern and East-Central states. 3 days later on 30th May, 1967 Ojukwu seceded citing the Aburi accord. ON ABURI WE STAND!! The rallying war cry of the day. How anyone who calls himself/herself a Rivers indigene support tacitly or otherwise the so-called Biafra cause when Biafra seceeded just because Rivers State was created and the Rivers people for once had a right to self rule?
In the quest for a sovereign country did the Igbo majority seek, discuss with or solicit the support of the minorities in the Oil Rivers and South-East?? Where is Biafra? How do you seek for a country which was susequently named Biafra WITHOUT involving the indigenous people of Biafra? Isn't that supreme arrogance or maybe they were not included because they were meant to be wiped out later. Events proved the latter to be true.
Late Chief (Dr.) Nabo Graham-Douglas who was the Attorney General of the Eastern Region was sent on compulsory leave and exiled to his home town Abonnema with orders for him to be executed. Fortunately the plans leaked and he miraculously escaped. He didn't draw the Articles of secession and only heard about Biafra from the BBC journalists who came to interview him in Abonnema.
He was one of the lucky ones.
The ethnic cleansing began in earnest. Our intelligentsia; top civil servants, technocrats and other able bodied men and women were rounded up and summarily executed in Enugu, Owerri, Aba, Umuahia, Degema, Buguma, Bakana, to mention but a few towns/cities. In Port Harcourt, Rainbow town and Igritta, became killing fields. the bones of those victims still lie there
These atrocities were committed by the Biafran Army, against people who were supposed to be fighting the same cause with them.
In a bid to wipe out the minority tribes, our towns and villages were evacuated, our men put to slave labour and later on shot (reminiscent of Nazi Germany), our women taken as sex slaves, young boys shared the same fate as the men. Bakana, Bille, Abonnema were all forcefully evacuated.
Finally, when the Nigerian Army counter attacked and liberated Port Harcourt, the retreating Biafran Army, burnt Kingsway (now Supabod building), [b]Nabo Graham-Douglas's law library (which was the best Law library in the whole of West Africa) [/b]and other land marks in the Garden city. Of what military significance were these acts??
I don't blame the misguided ill-informed people for trampling on the graves of those who were murdered by the Biafran Army, by protesting in Port Harcourt. I blame Gowon for forbidding accounts of the war being published after the war, but more importantly for not trying war criminals (like Col Ojeh of Degema) within the Biafran Army and holding them accountable for their inhuman and murderous actions during the war. 70 years after World War 2, we are still reminded on a daily basis the atrocities that the Nazi's committed. If Gowon had done what he was morally and duty bound to do, this matter of Biafra would have been put to rest once and for all.
By the way, in May 1968, my uncle (my mother's younger brother) was shot in his Warri street residence in Port Harcourt, his corpse butchered, his flesh sold as Biafra meat in Mile 1 market.

That same day the Nigerian Army opened up and started shelling Port Harcourt, which was ultimately liberated
Are those protesting and the other supporters of "Biafra" aware of these facts??
The war has been over these past 45 years, we are forging on as a country, setting aside our ethnocentric issues. That Ex-Biafrans have been assimilated into all spheres of our society (as they should), without any punishment meted out to the war criminals among them, doesn't give anyone the right to re-write history or bring these painful memories back.

There are large numbers of ill-educated goons on nairaland. I guess the Biafra/Nigeria should constitute a curriculum in Nigerian school system. The bolded in red speaks volume about the level of intellect reserved to the author of above crap and moronic dingbats who seemed to fall into a moment of ecstasy about the rubbish. If this jackass has any brain cell intact, he/she would have given a definite date for the day of the so-called atrocity on Warri Street and market activity at Mile 1. This goofy dude does not have monopoly on historical facts.
Politics / Re: Old Video Of Tinubu Criticising Jonathan For Appointing 83-year Old Tony Anenih by Duru1(m): 1:38pm On Nov 29, 2022
A loudmouth is irredeemably loudmouthed!! Unfortunately, the most goons from southern Nigeria will always swim with Yoruba.
Politics / Re: Victoria Chintex Assassinated In Kaduna by Duru1(m): 1:22pm On Nov 29, 2022
May not be assasination, media should stop fueling and heating the polity. RIP to her.

If not assassination, it must be suicide. Are you insinuating the lady took her own life? Most Nigerians have funny stream of thought.
Politics / Re: Breaking News!! Tompolo, Ateke, Farah Dagogo Others Declared Wanted!! by Duru1(m): 1:02pm On Nov 29, 2022
Breaking News!

Maj.Gen.Barry Ndiomu (rtd),Interim Administrator Presidential Amnesty Programme declared His Royal Majesty King Ateke Micheal Tom, General Boyloaf, General Pastor Reuben, General Young Shall Grow, foremost Niger Delta activist-Comrade Joseph Evah and others wanted for receiving millions of naira bulk payment from the Presidential amnesty office without settling their followers captured in the programme.

Breakdown of amount/beneficiaries under the said leaders camps.

1. King Ateke Tom Camp
Beneficiaries: 2802
Amount: 186,333,000.00

2. Tom polo Camp
Beneficiaries: 500
Amount: 32,500,000.00

3. Boyloaf Camp 1
Beneficiaries: 1214
Amount: 80,731,000.00

4. Boyloaf Camp (Phase 2)
Beneficiaries: 200
Amount: 13,000,000.00

5. Harry Tonye Ikemenjeme Camp
Camp Beneficiaries: 505
Amount: 33,250,000.00

6. Abraham Ingobere (Lami) Camp
Beneficiaries: 306
Amount: 19,890,000.00

7. Farah Dagogo Camp
Beneficiaries: 400
Amount: 26,600,000.00

8. Pastor Reuben Camp
Beneficiaries: 400
Amount: 26,600,000.00

9. Young Shall Grow Camp
Beneficiaries: 393
Amount: 25,545,000.00

10. Joseph Evah Camp
Beneficiaries: 338
Amount: 22,477,000.00f

I thought the moronic jackasses in the shithole called Nigeria proclaimed Ndigbo are feverishly in bed with money. It is now documented that certain stiffs have sold their birth rights for mere 13,000,000.00 francs.
Politics / Re: Fela Kuti's Family Reacts As APC Uses Fela's Songs For Their Campaign by Duru1(m): 8:48am On Nov 29, 2022
I guess a member of APC bought the Fela's recorded work and had the right to use the song whichever he/she wants as long as it is not a reproduction procedure.
Politics / Re: Zulum: Opposition Parties Won't Win A Single Polling Unit In Borno State by Duru1(m): 8:42am On Nov 29, 2022

Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno state has vowed that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC under his leadership will ensure that no opposition party win any unit in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

The Governor stated this while addressing party supporters and stakeholders during the inauguration of Chairmen, Secretaries and over 800 members of the Campaign Council at the Government House, Maiduguri.

He said, it is disheartening that some people seeking elective positions on the platform of a dying Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the state are now sneaking into Maiduguri with about N500,000 or N600,000 in their possession, causing trouble in form of campaigns of calumny, forgetting that Borno is APC.

Zulum said, the APC is not afraid of any opposition party, considering the fact that the state Government under his leadership in the last three years has done wonderfully well in the area of security, jobs creations, youths and women empowerment, reconstruction, rehabilitation and resettlement of millions of Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs back to their places of origin.

Even the so-called educated Nigerians behave like fools. I could hardly believe the above crap credited to one Umara Zulum who parades with "Dr" affixed to his name can reason in this format. Nigeria is a big joke.
Travel / Re: Menace Of Okada In Owerri Township: Pictures & Video by Duru1(m): 9:51pm On May 14, 2022

Misplaced priorities

You could not be more correct. Why would the poster not worry about the median strip which has grown into jungle?
Politics / Re: Why Lord Lugard Combined The Northern Protectorate With The South by Duru1(m): 9:37pm On May 14, 2022
We've all heard the story about how Lord Lugard Combined the north with the south to cover Tax deficit,

The problem with this logic is that no one has ever challenged it, no one has asked;

Why did the North have a crisis in the first place? ...

If they asked, they would it was the British that caused the poverty in the North, same way the British caused the wealth in the South...

Now there was something Lugard observed, the North had a poor economy but a strong military culture and had the highest amount of soldiers in Africa...
The South had a good economy but poor military culture and few soldiers...

in Lugard's eyes this was a recipe for disaster...the minute the British leaves the Southern protectorate, the North would invade and plunder the place...

So he came up with a plan, 'balance the wealth of the South with the North and the military of the North with the South'

This in his eyes would make Nigeria both a wealthy and powerful nation...

This is my take, in summary I don't think Lord Lugard would have risen to his position if he didn't understand people and consequences of actions.

I do not know what you meant by Tax deficit. However, the fact remains that Bristish funded the running of Northern Protectorate with no resources from the north. Northern Protectorate had nothing and was depleting the treasury of British government. The initial plan was to have two countries out of the protectorates, one country for Northern Protectorate and another for Southern Protectorate. Unfortunately, British concluded that Northern Protectorate could not sustain itself as a country hence amalgamation.

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Politics / Re: Another Girl Narrowly Escapes Being Lynched In Sokoto- Pic And Video by Duru1(m): 9:19pm On May 14, 2022
It will be damned if any of the Deborah's forebearers fought Biafra for Fulani Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Breaking News!!! Asari Dokubo Invite Igbos To Boro Day 2022. ( Photos). by Duru1(m): 9:14pm On May 14, 2022
The Celebrations will take place in Okrika part of Port Harcourt too.
The biggest one will be in Yenagoa and Kaiama.
On the 16.
To Ijaws, Isaac Boro is a God in human form.

There is no part of Igweocha (Port Harcourt) is Okrika. You are fool of it. I ready from nairaland how Fara Dagogo was brought to court. Yet you claimed he has been released.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Of The North by Duru1(m): 1:49pm On May 14, 2022

There is not much difference between them, the both have no regards for human life.


I guess it will take the duration of your sorry life on earth to understand the denotation of freedom. Nnamdi Kanu represents freedom which is for life on earth while you and the religious zealots from northern region represent death.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Of The North by Duru1(m): 1:44pm On May 14, 2022

It is a display uncanny idiocy to juxtapose Nnamdi Kanu with the brainless religious zealots from northern region of Nigeria. These fools from the northern region act on imaginary story. Nnamdi Kanu is a standout character for any group which seeks self-determination. Freedom is as good as life.
Politics / Re: Northern Religious Extremism, Is It Enough Reason To Divide Nigeria? by Duru1(m): 1:37pm On May 14, 2022
so who wants to be part of Biafra ?, Definitely not south south. We are not part of Biafra. stay in your Biafra with discrimination and domineering attitude

Honestly, I prefer Republic of Igboland to Republic of Biafra.

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Politics / Re: Watch How Sick Hon. Dagogo Was Bundled Shoulder High Into The Court By Police by Duru1(m): 1:18pm On May 14, 2022
One demented thoh and his/her IYC (Ijaw Youth Congress) claimed they have released Dr. Farah Dagogo even before he gets to court.
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu: Those Insulting Me Over Health Status Have Empty Brains by Duru1(m): 1:08pm On May 14, 2022

Try to have a brain, Tinubu isn't calling Nigerians ignorant but only referring to those 5%ters always abusing him when most of their livelihoods are domiciled in the Lagos state he orchestrated. If the stone touch you, you must be a member of the 5% group

The last time I check though, Reno Omokri has been the point man in uncovering the shortfalls of Thiefinubu. In addition to Omokiri, there are Bode George and Rauf Aregbesola.

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