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Politics / Re: 22 Igbo Tribes In Niger Delta Full List - Photo by Duru1(m): 5:56pm On Jul 01
First Niger Delta is not a region but a mapping based on resources.
Kaduna state can be a Niger Delta state if Oil is found there. Based on this, two states in South East are Niger Delta. More will still join.
Secondly, in South South, there are no Igbos for now. Just like Jews, being Igbo is beyond speaking a substandard Igbo language. You must earn it. Igbos are in the five South Eastern state. Aside this, go and find your root.
And for Igbos that try to append these inconsequential minorities to the great Igbos, remember that if the son fails to draw line, strangers will partake in the share of his father’s property.

With a poster behind the above post, how can any African talk less European, Asian or American give respect to Nigerians? All they shout is racism! racism!! and racism!!!. Respect is given through the display of intellectual pedigree which shames that of animal.
Politics / Re: Corporate Affairs Commission Cancels Ohanaeze Ndigbo Registration by Duru1(m): 9:37am On Jul 01
Ohaneze Ndigbo and Ohaneze Ndigbo General Assembly are not the same organization, the later was formed to confuse people, they will soon start releasing statement supporting fulani herdsmen and confusing people with the real Ohaneze, so the action of CAC is in order .

How is the action of CAC in order? You stated that Ohaneze Ndigbo and Ohaneze Ndigbo General Assembly are not the same organization.
Politics / Re: Update On Developments in Ebonyi state (photos) by Duru1(m): 9:25am On Jul 01
Ebonyi is a useless worthless state, no wonder all they do is exporting gala hawkers all over Onitsha and Lagos

Please cool down!!! Did any dude from Ebony State rub you the wrong way?


Politics / Re: Signs You Are Still Subjugated To The White Man by Duru1(m): 9:20am On Jul 01
- You prefer English to Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.
- You make effort to have a British or American accent and think its cool and posh.
- When you want to learn a new language, you prefer to learn German Italian or French instead of Hausa or the languages spoken in Akwa Ibom or Cross Rivers.
- You let the white man go first/ check out first before you at the shopping mall or airport immigration queue.
- You prefer to study in UK, US and Canada instead of studying in Ghana, South Africa, Tunisia, Rwanda or Egypt.
- You think everything oyinbo is good and everything African is barbaric and inferior.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery guys! Black power !

You were all good and dandy until Black power. It is very out of intellect circle to equate African or Africa with black. Please folks, black is color and cannot be a human being. Black is a thing and not human.
Politics / Re: Petrol Sold To Nigeria From Europe ‘dirtier’ Than Black Market ‘bush’ Fuel by Duru1(m): 9:12am On Jul 01
A shithole country always deserves shithole reward including shithole petrol.

You could not be more correct than the above. It is very shameful Nigeria has nothing as national entity, not airline, refinery or building. Nigeria is known for erroneously citing of huge useless projects. One such dumbass projects is about kick off in Kano.

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Politics / Re: The True Meaning Of Arabic Text On Naira Note by Duru1(m): 8:57am On Jul 01
The true meaning of incorporating Arabic into the NAIRA database

You should note the Arabic inscriptions that are clearly written on the value of the naira and you will wonder why. These products can be found on the N5, N10, N20, N50, N100, N200, N500 and N1000 models.

Well, the Arabic script on the Naira data is not Arabic, but Ajami. Al-Ajami is an Arabic version of the Hausa script, and is incorporated into the Naira note to allow non-Westerners to read Al-Ajmi to know every naira and to distinguish it to facilitate business transactions. .

Ajam is an Arabic word that means mute, which all means that a person whose mother tongue is not Arabic.

What about non-Westerners who are not Hausa and do not understand the so-called Al-Ajami? In fact, Nigeria is a waste.
Politics / Re: I Will Freely Hand Over Myself To You If You Do This -abaribe Tells Police by Duru1(m): 8:36am On Jul 01
Abaribe might be the man who always say the truth.... But that doesn't make him a better man....

He doesn't take care of his people

I guess always saying the truth is a factor in making a better man...
Politics / Re: . by Duru1(m): 8:31am On Jul 01
It has been observed that Nigerian governors love building overpasses .They are so obsessed about it .And after building it,they enjoy posting it online to receive accolades for good performance . I'm not sure who started the trend but it seems to have become a mainstay and prerequisite for what is considered development by Nigerians.
It's become so bad that even if a Nigerian governor fails in other areas , he or she would be venerated for building one or two overpasses and other vanity structures outside of the realm of government's obligation. With that said , The Nigerian governors and by extension the citizens have wrong perception of the purpose of an overpass. The truth is that most of Nigeria's towns do not need one , all they need are wider roads and traffic signs . Overpasses are meant for like freeways ,especially around interchanges , which Nigeria has none of . Most of the Nigerian overpasses i've seen look so out of place . Perhaps only Abuja and Lagos and to some extent Onitsha expressway even look like freeways and would need a few .

I think wider roads would do than overpasses. A few overpasses would do where needed ,and when there's actually real freeways . Nigerian governors need to get their priorities right and stop embarrassing the world by building vanity structures that don't mater and are outside the realm of their obligation.

It is a subject of Nigerian society. Fortunately, governors of the states in Nigeria are integral part of the silly society. Circles would have been better suited for city transportation than flyovers however Nigerians are odd variables because they can never obey the rules. Do you think Nigerians understand who has the right-of-way when two vehicles approach intersection at the same time from different directions? Or do you think the society is disciplined enough to know? Have you wonder how some of the drivers were ever allowed to operate a motor vehicles?
Politics / Re: 22 Igbo Tribes In Niger Delta Full List - Photo by Duru1(m): 8:10am On Jul 01
. Does you claims as Igbo dose not see themselves as igbo , I am ukwani man and we are not igbo so the so called Nigerdelta igbo would not like to join your hopeless and useless brafra. if you people want to go don't drag others into your stupidity, if you want to destroy your life leave nigerdelta. The so called nigerdelta igbo should be the one fighting to join you if you are that important, but no you are the one forcing yourself and they keep rejecting you , are you people not ashame ?

For you, Ukwani is a term in Yoruba. This is the type of person who would arrogate the word,"black", to represent his/her identity yet kick against anything slavery. The day of the fools.


Politics / Re: 22 Igbo Tribes In Niger Delta Full List - Photo by Duru1(m): 8:06am On Jul 01

This is one reason Biafra may never come to pass, u sit in ur house and label other ethnic Nationals Igbo Pathetic . What is (6)Ekpeye doing on that list? Delete asap

Ekpeye is Igbo subgroup in Ahoada. Do you know the meaning of Ekpeye? Nigeria needs to go because it houses too many dunces.
Politics / Re: AWOLOWO, ABIOLA, TINUBU, All Used And Dumped By North by Duru1(m): 7:42am On Jul 01
OJUKWU NEVER RELEASED AWOLOWO FROM PRISON. It never happened, stop spreading lies!

Most Nigerians keep copying and pasting craps even such junks go against their intentions. In one of your pasted craps, it reads that Gowon released Dr. M. I. Okpara. Was Okpara jailed too? Gowon had no power whatsoever to release a housefly jailed eastern region at the time of this discuss. After the war, Gowon even re-arrested coup plotters hailed in prison in eastern region starting he did not the powers to release them from jails in eastern region of Nigeria.
Travel / Re: The Untapped Islands in Akwa Ibom State....photos by Duru1(m): 9:02pm On Jun 29

Yes dear , I mostly concentrated on Ibeno since its houses majority of these islands ok. But ikot Abasi is lovely too

Good to know, bro. I can now include Ibeno in my plans.

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Travel / Re: The Untapped Islands in Akwa Ibom State....photos by Duru1(m): 8:46pm On Jun 29

It is very educative information. I have always had my eyes on those areas especially Opobo in Rivers State. However, it appears most of the pictures fixated on Ibeno not Ikot Abasi. Please correct me if I strayed.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Duru1(m): 8:40pm On Jun 29

Uturu-Okigwe used to be the name for ages until Abia state was created.
Uturu is very close to Okigwe. Okigwe reaps loads of the economic development benefits of location of the university at Uturu.

Abia state university Uturu used to be called Imo state university Okigwe before Abia state was created and Uturu carved out from Okigwe for Abia state.

Wow!!! I never heard about this phrase. It used to be Isiukuato\Okigwe. Then there was Ohaozara which houses Uturu. In order to accommodate the aforementioned folks and Afikpo axis, the university was cited at Uturu in Ohaozara.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Duru1(m): 8:32pm On Jun 29

If we make you governor of Imo state tomorrow and you have a BLUEPRINT of investing about 98% of your development efforts on development of Owerri capital territory, like Okorocha did, you are a big CLOWN in politics. How many votes or support come from Owerri capital territory? Most of the Imolites living in Owerri capital territory look at what development projects done in their LGAs outside Owerri, they don’t care a hoot about your ten lane roads in Owerri capital territory.

Onyeagocha and other Owerri people made Rochas Okorocha an unwanted man in Owerri.

No saner person in Orlu wants to hear Rochas Okorocha considering the way Rochas abandoned or destroyed existing development projects of government in Orlu.
Define political paralyses via a vis Rochas Okorocha politics in Imo state.

You are onto something, bro. No wonder peeps from Orlu always get the nod for the governor of Imo State. Orlu zone has corned all the reasonable urban development in Imo State.
Politics / Re: What Is An Igboid Language? Is Ikwerre The Same Language As Igbo? by Duru1(m): 8:28pm On Jun 29
Ikwerre language is Edoid. Ikwerre peeps have declared they migrated from Benin therefore they are Edo.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Building Pipe To Move SE\SS Gas To Kano by Duru1(m): 8:21pm On Jun 29

There is gold in the North but only the elite in the North own and benefit from it.

Yet this Fulani from Guinea will be helping themselves to people land, women and resources.

I do not care if there is heaven in the north, I simply want total and unconditional destruction of Nigeria. I am no longer talking about disintegration but destruction of the zoo called Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Building Pipe To Move SE\SS Gas To Kano by Duru1(m): 8:19pm On Jun 29
Very surprising. Plants should be built where there is proximity to the raw material, so why is the southeast not the proper location for this project? For whatever false justifications we get later, I hope the south is watching how to handle power whenever they clinch the slot of president. One southerner did clinch being president and without remarkable projects in the south, almost immediately began building Almajiri schools for northerners, and gave them so many juicy appointments just to appease the north for re-election support. Yet he was booted out to continue his second term and beyond in Otuoke

Bros this is the common economics 101.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Building Pipe To Move SE\SS Gas To Kano by Duru1(m): 8:18pm On Jun 29

-Even more dumb are the literate dummies that say they are Nigger Delta the ‘Our Oyel’ brigade, South South, Bendel, Mid-West, South-East and goodness knows what other nonsensical name their masters from the Sahel will give them to bear tomorrow.

As these morons are busy dividing themselves with their useless slave names. The Fulani ‘PRESIDENCY’ supported by their terror group Miyetti we gather will on Wednesday- day after tomorrow, flag off their AKK gas pipeline which will cost the ZOO $2.8 billion. Mind you all this money came from Biafraland by virtue of our resources the British stole with the active connivance of their Fulani lapdogs and Oduduwa treachery.

We understand AKK stands for Ajeokuta, Kaduna, Kano.

The sole aim of the gas pipeline is to transfer gas from Biafraland to the terror breeding supporter of APC Sharia territories in a bid to industrialize the north and from there export the gas to other Islamic North African countries.

But here is the issue, the entire Biafraland including the retards that call themselves Nigger Delta, South East and South South have no industrial gas pipeline that will aide industrialization but they are the ones that produce the gas. They drink from the same pool of dirty water they go to toilet in.

Igboland has the biggest gas reserves in the whole of Africa in Ohaji/Egbema/Ugwuta axis. Dangote has been busy purchasing choice acres of gas rich lands with the help of Fulani Supreme Court Governor Hope Uzodinma.

Oduduwa are also benefitting from the enslavement of Biafraland because they too are getting their own gas pipeline from Igboland to the Ogun and Lagos area, to help provide steady electricity for companies there. This is why they want One Nigger-area by all means not because they love you but because of their parasitic tendencies. They are all hypocrites. Now you know why you head to the north or west once you graduate.

According to Okenyi Kenechi, “few months ago, Governor Wike dredged the Iwofe River to allow NLNG gas vessels to deck there. Before that, NLNG gas vessels take gas from Bonny to Lagos where gas is hauled in trucks back to Port Harcourt and other parts of the region. That's why cooking gas is cheaper in Lagos than in Port Harcourt.” Yes you heard him right, cooking gas is cheaper in Lagos than anywhere in Biafraland. When Yoruba tells you about one Nigger-area now you know why.

Kenechi went on to say “you see, when I see young people from South East and South South insulting themselves over Biafra and Niger Delta Republic, I laugh and shake my head. You people are living in the dark. The rest of the country are playing okoso with your futures.”

“Keep shouting APC and PDP while your region is roundly underdeveloped.”

When will our people learn to reason. by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

The Fula and Sokoto Caliphate with the help of goons from southern region have succeeded in making the regions of Nigeria profitable garden of the northern political elites. When the so-called Ajaokuta steel complex was initiated, I knew it was not meant to produce any steel, and true to the fact, it has not produced a ounce of steel. However it was decoy to create syphon network to transport both crude oil and gas from southern region to the northern region. Why would the goons who ran Nigeria defy the simple determining factor in citing of industry which is nearness to resources. Nigeria must disintegration now and I do not care if entails earth crouching war to achieve.
Politics / Re: THE BETRAYED STRUGGLE (isaac Boro) by Duru1(m): 7:35pm On Jun 29

Those who arrested and sentenced Isaac Adaka Boro to death for declaring Niger Delta Republic were neither Hausa-Fulanis nor Yorubas but two supposed brothers of his and Biafrans named Odumegwu Ojukwu and Aguiyi Ironsi who were still on the side of Gambaris and still trying to please them as at then. For declaring Niger-Delta Republic Ironsi, the then military head of state, ordered Ojukwu to get Isaac Boro arrested for treason.

Ojukwu, in an attempt to please Gambaris, fought Isaac Boro for 14 days within which he used federal might of “one-Nigeria” to kill 150 soldiers loyal to Isaac Boro, caught Isaac Boro, stripped him naked and sent him over to Lagos where Ironsi charged him to court and within just 2 months got him convicted, at the Supreme Court, of treasonable felony of trying to break away from Azikiwe’s one Nigeria, got him sentenced to death by hanging.

However, before Ojukwu and Ironsi could execute their sentence on Isaac Boro God intervened and the counter coup happened. Ironsi was overthrown and killed. Gowon took over declared Isaac Boro innocent and released him. But just fifteen months later Ojukwu too declared Biafra Republic due to the way Igbos were being killed in the North. In declaring Biafra, rather than first apologise to Isaac Boro for what he earlier did to him and then ask for his cooperation in fighting to realize the Biafra dream, Ojukwu did nothing like that but without consulting Boro at all went as far as including in Biafra map the very Niger Delta areas which Isaac Boro earlier tried to pull out of Nigeria and which he (Ojukwu) nearly killed him for.

This angered Isaac Boro and Ken Saro Wiwa who both pledged support for Gowon in order to teach Ojukwu a bitter lesson for his dishonesty. That was why Isaac Boro and Saro Wiwa fought on the side of Gowon during the war. Naturally Isaac Boro couldn’t have come out of prison to join the Ojukwu who jailed him and fight against the Gowon who released him. It would have been absurd.

The writer of the above crap is willing tools of Caliphate and Fulani jihadist. All these nonsensical craps cannot absolve the miscreants as traitors who have completely lost out in the game of economical survival in the shithole called Nigeria. Today, the Oloibiri crude oil well is capped and all the dividends are used to develop Abuja. What remains in the area of Oloibiri is abject destruction of ecosystem and suffering of the youths while the kids of northern political elites enjoy. Adaka Boro could declare republics as he wanted, it did not concern eastern region since the eastern region was not a country. It was the function of Nigeria to worry about idiotic shenanigans of Adaka Boro and he was dealt like a common criminal.

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Celebrities / Re: Fela Kuti Is The Greatest Political Activist And Artist Nigeria Has Produced by Duru1(m): 11:08pm On Jun 28

He made it popular on the world stage.

You may have a point. However bands such as Osibisa and even Funkees have a say about the popularity on the world stage since these bands also performed on the world stage.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Is A Typical Yoruba Man by Duru1(m): 10:57pm On Jun 28

If the above crap which is allegedly credited to Buratai is remotely correct, I can safely say the dumbass soldier did not see the Nigeria/Biafra war. Igbo did not only surprised Britain but earned the respect from Britain.

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Celebrities / Re: Fela Kuti Is The Greatest Political Activist And Artist Nigeria Has Produced by Duru1(m): 10:41pm On Jun 28
The pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre and human rights activist. At the height of his popularity, he was referred to as one of Africa's most "challenging and charismatic music performer.

He was also a prophet who warned Nigeria of impending doom with "Beasts of no Nation" when he slammed Obasanjo and Buhari. Nigerians failed to heed his warning and gave these two leaders 16 years to further destroy the nation and turn it into the poverty and corruption capital of the world.

He also spoke against corruption of M.K.O Abiola and his alleged payments to government officials for I.T.T to win the telecommunications sales contracts in Nigeria.


He was often brutalized by the military authorities and jailed for speaking out against their epidemic corruption and misgovernance. The saturation point was reached when the military killed his grandmother by throwing her off the second floor of one of the building in his shrine.

Fela Kuti is recognized by world leaders like Former United States President,Barack Obama, who is acknowledged his work to Prime Minister of France,Emanuel Macron, whose first port of call when he came to Nigeria, was Fela Shrine in Lagos. He has also been immortalized by Hip Hop royalty Jay Z and Hollywood royalty Will Smith, who teamed up to immortalize his work in a Broadway Musical "Fela!" in New York,USA.

Point of correct, Fela Kuti was never the pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre either in Nigeria or Africa. Yari.ba peeps always will deceitfully arrogate unfathomable accolade to themselves. Fela Kuti was just a follower of Afrobeat music.

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Culture / Re: Why Do Edos/binis Have Yoruba & Igbo Looks by Duru1(m): 10:31pm On Jun 28

Why do you hate your culture and heritage? You abandoned your culture of 2000 yrs to embrace British own.


You will deceitfully post a Yoruba picture in attempt to make silly point. The fourth picture in the above crap cannot be Igbo elderly person without a nwagoro cap.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: President Trump And Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Maybe Right by Duru1(m): 10:26pm On Jun 28
I have seen videos where fellow blacks question the black lives matter protest, and i listen to them, they also have a valid point.
There is more to Black lives matter protest. Yes. Going by the way they went about it

What I observed during the protest, many US media houses went totally silent about-face masks and social distancing rule, the lockdown in place, COVID 19 news practically disappeared, only to resurface now the protest went down.

At the same time, the so-called liberal media never condemned those burning cars and looting shops. Neither did they spoke up that protesters should isolate or avail themselves for COVID 19 test. If you watch closely the liberal agencies including politicians fueled the unrest.

Fellow the news well.

Again how can somebody call for police defunding, who does that?

Perhaps, Trump understands something that many don't see.
He keeps talking about opening church, the economy soon so that people will return to their normal life.
While Trump is trying to find a way out; the media don't bother. For how long are people going to be lockdown? Forever?

American democrats, media are the front promoting gay rights, transgender and all that then work to silent the church. Many missionary schools fund withheld until Trump came.

Note: Why do CNN and friends talk or sympathize more with other religion then the Church?.

The issue of human rights and equal should include the church and conservatives. All of us cannot share one view especially with the Gay. And since Trump came the Gay issue has been put to rest worldwide unlike Obama.

These events prompt me to ask who really determine what is good or wrong for all of us?
Again, many of us have forgotten the controversial mandatory health care bill by the National Assembly linked to Bill Gates.

Although, it is believed that Trump have signed the bill but he stop at making it mandatory to all Americans.

While many believe Trump is up for good or bad depend which side of the divide. I still share some view with pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He may not have all the fact but he also understands the movement around the world regarding COVID19 handlers. They appear to be moving really fast.

Believe it or not, the world is entirely entering an advance digital world which could include human. Yes. The next 200 years is going to be deriving by powerful science and technology like never seen before.

I will keep following the development carefully and listen to both sides.

I urge y'all to do same roundly.

Why is COVID 19; a mystery and much controversial?

Only a fool thinks the current protest is all about the so-called Black lives. By the way, Black does not have a life. Black is color and only in figment of imagination of s goon that mere color becomes a human being. This is 1965 civil right revisited. The so-called rights these ninnies seemed to protest were allegedly given to them 55 years ago. One wonders what right are the so-called blacks are shouting about. During current riots, these deluded folks kept shouting " we will vote". The question remains have you not voted one political party for more than 55 years?

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Culture / Re: Why Do Edos/binis Have Yoruba & Igbo Looks by Duru1(m): 10:13pm On Jun 28
It is not a Hidden agenda anymore that some parts of edos looks much like igbos while some parts of edo state also look
much like yorubas,
For example, some beautiful yellow women of edo state, if you get to see them out side, you will definitely think they are igbos,
Does this have secrets undiscovered?

I guess by Edo State, Ishan and Igbanke are inclusive. The people of Igbnake are Igbo people of Ika division of Anioma.

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Politics / Re: Man Challenges Nnamdi Kanu To Point Out His Investments In Alaigbo. If He (NK) B by Duru1(m): 9:02pm On Jun 28
Man challenges Nnamdi Kanu to point out his investments in AlaIgbo. If he (NK) believes in Biafra, he should have multiple existing investments in Igboland, employing people.


The dude in the video is a nitwit. Most revolution on earth started in prisons by people who own nothing to their names. Why should anybody who owns a block such as the jackass in the video wants to start a revolution for the betterment of the general masses?
Politics / Re: Is Nnamdi Kanu Telling Us The Truth? by Duru1(m): 8:51pm On Jun 28
Nigeria is a home of insincerity hence the question if Nnamdi Kanu is telling the truth. Of course, Nnamdi Kanu is telling you nothing but the naked truth.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Blast Tinumbu, True Or False? by Duru1(m): 8:46pm On Jun 28
The Fula have age-long plans to deal with Yrai.ba since the days of their migration to what has become northern region of Nigeria.
Politics / Re: My Take On Tribalism And Racism by Duru1(m): 8:33pm On Jun 28
Racists and tribalistic people are yet to evolve to complete human beings. They still have much animalistic traits. They are still in between apes and humans. Completely evolved humans are well mentally developed and see no reason or need for Tribalism, racism, back biting, robbery, rape and other vices.

With these few points of mine, I think I have been able to convince you that Buhari, Tinubu, Hope Uzodimma, most Nigerian politicians and criminals are yet to evolve to normal and complete humans.

Thank you.

It is unfortunate certain people allow ignorance to becloud their human intellect. There is only one race on earth and it is human. Racism is a misnomer and only exist in figment of imagination of certain goons on earth. Human beings have preference to choose whom to associate therefore no person can force anybody to be in friendly relationship on earth. If you are being restless due to your inferior mentality, I say deal with it. The politics of criminality has nothing to do with how individuals relate to one another. Only dumbass jackasses on earth who have woefully failed to upgrade their socio-politico-economic well being keep shouting racism. If someone shouts obscene gesture toward you, I suggest you shout back and stop complaining about racism.
Politics / Re: Obaseki: I Regret Not Joining PDP Earlier by Duru1(m): 7:28pm On Jun 27

Edo Governor Godwin Obaseki has said he regretted not joining the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) long before he did.

Ruing his about 13- year sojourn in the All Progressives Congress (APC), the Governor said he had come to realis the PDP stood for the values he so much cherished and lived for.

Obaseki spoke on Saturday at the Abuja secretariat of the PDP being presented with certificate of return as the party’s flag bearer for the September 19 Edo governorship election.
The governor, who spoke for himself and his deputy, Philip Shuiabu, said unlike the APC that pushed them out in the rain and storm at their hours of tribulation, the PDP cared so much for its members.

Obaseki said: “It was only when we entered the house (PDP) that we realised that this was the house we should have been in the first instance.

“Because we now saw that the values in the house are the values we cherish and the values we lived for; values of justice, values of law and order, values of care for our people, putting the people first.

“These are the values we have always been in pursuit of, which we found in this new house in which we have been graciously accommodated.

“My deputy and I are very grateful to this great party. Like I said, you will never know what God has destined for you. In our hours of tribulation, when we were pushed out in the rains and storm from our political party, you came out with that huge umbrella to give us cover and shelter”.

“I must thank members of the National Working Committee for the quality of governance, the quality of response that I have witnessed. That has enabled us achieve much in less than one week because of the responsiveness of the National Organising Secretary.

“They followed up on every issue and every document. When issues came up, the National Legal Adviser was there to respond to all our inquiries. The National Publicity Secretary checked on us every day”.

The Governor told the PDP leaders the people of Edo state had assured him that they would always follow him to whichever political he chose to belong.

According to him, his decision to join the PDP was a product of wide consultations with Edo people and assured the party leaders of massive votes and victory for the PDP in the September election.

Thanking the party leaders for allowing him to run with his deputy, Obaseki pledged to uphold the ideals of the PDP at all times and to submit to the directives of the leadership.

“I want to commit to you that we shall promote the ideals of this great party and you can always count on us. Whenever the National Working Committee calls on us, we will be there.

“We have no choice because from what I have seen from my brother governors in this party, what they have done and what they did for us in the party, revived my political career, I have never seen that level of commitment”, he said.

While presenting the governor with the certificate of return, the National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, assured Obaseki of inclusiveness, equity, justice and fairness at all times.

According to him Obaseki’s emergence as the party’s flag bearer followed due process, stressing that the PDP had learnt enough lessons from its past mistakes to not embrace impunity.

“We have learnt from our mistakes and we have reformed so we have come with open arms to embrace everybody. We are not a sectional party, we will not be there and some parts of the country will be crying. Nigeria belongs to all us.

“Today, we have taken an important step to ensure that Edo people believe in us. They believe in us and they will vote for PDP. So from Edo, we will move to Ondo and gradually to all parts of the country.

“Every body believed that for the governor to join the PDP was a miracle and we are going to have a miracle governor who will win elections for us because you can see clearly the hand of God on this governor and his deputy”, Secondus said.

Addressing Governor Obaseki, the PDP chairman said, “Your Excellency, in PDP we are guided by the rule of law, we are guided by our rules and we are guided by the people’s interest.

“We are driven by the fact that we must provide the best governance for our people. Since you came in, you can see that we are guided by process.

“In PDP, the institution here has a system that is transparent, free and fair for all to see and you have witnessed it since the last few weeks. God has been our guide here, we are a people, a party that fear God and we put the interest of our people first not our personal interests”.

While submitting his report, the chairman of the electoral panel that conducted the Edo primaries, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state, said from what he witnessed in Edo, the state will be won by the PDP.

He said: “Edo is ready for capture. To be won by this very important party, the PDP. I am very sure and confidently that Edo is going to fall in line within the realm of good governance of the PDP”.


Godwin Obaseki, I say shut the hell up. You are not a PDP and never will. You are a typical Nigerian who jumps to any opportunity without minding the consequences. I hate members by emergency and I wish you are defeated in the polls.

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