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Literature / Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EbonyQueen001(f): 9:59pm On Jul 25
I hope his mask is not on him o.

J.B will surely know he has a hand in it.

I wish the man did not die though.

Double loss for the wife.
Family / Re: My Husband Paid N580K For My Bride Price But Refused To Help My Family Members. by EbonyQueen001(f): 9:35pm On Jun 21
My take.

The husband must not contribute a dime for that up coming wedding.

Most people get married and spend flambouyantly because they want to show off.

If her words were to be believed. He earns 70k.

Bride price was almost a million naira. ����

We are not talking of video coverage of the event, possibly white wedding expenses, entertainment, refreshment, transportations, lodging in hotel, attires for the wedding, extra charges not on the list, house rent to move in or stay longer to still have a roof over his head while planning to get married to her o.

He was right in saying they have collected all they have to collect from him.

What kind of insensitive wife and family is that?

You begged, they refuse to consider, possibly because you already exaggerated his pocket size so as to be seen as having brought a rich in law into the family and they are set to get their cut and through you keep getting monthly salary from him. Hence the insensitive and crude monthly monetery suggestion made shortly after you almost murdered the poor man financially.

"After marriage, I suggested he should be sending something monthly to my parent as he do send to his parent too... (sic)" What if through them, he is offsetting his debt monthly.

He is obviously in deep debt and trying to pay it off without involving the wife who has no means of assisting in any way.

Barely 8 months after, another wedding in her family, and then, you expect him to cough out 120k and above. Smh!

From where?

From the account most likely still servicing a loan that may not be fully paid back in 2 years since children will soon start coming in, rent will expire, stomach will be filled, clothes bought to wear and other essentials will be met from the 70k that tax, transport, mid day snacks, tithe, recharge card and some little extras has not descended on o.

What if she wasn't married, will she still be taxed when she has no means of income?

She dares tells him he is not responsible, when she is not complaining of hunger pangs and has been relaxed rather than being the help meet God created her to be?

She obviously do not love him, but got married to him cos of money.

Proverb 31 did not describe the virtuous woman to be one who is dependent. She was an independent woman that had staffs of her own and worked for her own money, to the point of covering the family in royal clothing, having lands and many business investments.

Not "give me or you leave home in tatters and be scared of coming to meet a nag".

Bible said it's better to live on the rooftops than in the same house with a nag. She is a financial nag and is angry for not getting what she wants. Mtcheeew!

You want to be respected, have your cash, still be humble, let your no be no and yes be yes.

Obviously, her family are the ones running her home for her and she is not in one accord with her better half.

Leaving and cleaving is not just for the man alone.

Some of the signs of one who is ready to be married is, physical, psychological, mental, emotional and financial maturity. She is not matured fully.

She needs to put her extended family aside and properly cleave, then reconcile later.

I already typed an epistle, let me leave it at that
Literature / Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EbonyQueen001(f): 6:58pm On Jun 16
Nice one Larry, Basket na mumu

Unfortunately there are many baskets in our world today.

The friend who would stop at nothing to destroy their one time helper and protector.

I pray he doesn't succeed though


Literature / Re: Ancient Magic Of Nissin by EbonyQueen001(f): 6:54pm On Jun 16
The OP was last online June 28 2019.

I hope all is well with him

I doubt if this great story will continue though
Business To Business / Re: AFFORDABLE PEANUT COATING MACHINE MANUFACTURER by EbonyQueen001(f): 6:41pm On Jun 16
What's your current price?

Can it be delivered to Delta State?

Mode of payment?
Literature / Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:51pm On Jun 07
Dear, I am really tired of this nonsense he does.. I don't even know him...He is just a troll who keeps seeking for my attention


He is undeserving of any attention.

All the best sis


Literature / Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:50pm On Jun 07

See ya head like Guinea faoooo.
baby can I remind u that u not on my level and u cant even spek English. I am from London so please know your level. I have hav moiney & I can date any chicks I want, u include. U haven't even reach London in your life..yet u talking to me like u on my level. Nmezor is one of my woman so I simply ask the guy if he foking her. Did I say something bad? U this bread seller!!(no oofense) angry

Stop derailing the post with your trashy English and your stupid London and ill gotten money.

Even a bread seller has more honour than you do.

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Literature / Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EbonyQueen001(f): 2:58pm On Jun 06
Thanks for the update Oga Larry

Madam, pls tell the guy quizing your relationship with Mr Larrysun to please stop humiliating you publicly.

If you both have issues, trash it in private like civilized adults.

Everything is not for social media consumption please
Literature / Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EbonyQueen001(f): 2:54pm On Jun 06

Bro was the deal between u & my woman Nmezor. Are u foking her or u juss friend sir?? angry


Shift make we read better story.

You carry woman matter like gala seller.
They show yourself for S.M

You insult the man and expect an answer.


Go sort yourself with your "Nmezor" and stop including us in your private affairs
Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 7:43am On May 30
would be much appreciated. Thank you

HI Creeza, sorry my response is coming too late considering the time line from our last discussion.

Two of them said their budgets can't accommodate more people considering the economy and the need to stay afloat in this recession.

One said he will get back to me.

Yet to get positive feedback.
Literature / Re: My Demon Sister by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:09pm On May 15
This story is indeed captivating.


As someone pointed out, work on the mix up in the names and the typographical errors spotted.

Thumbs up bro.

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Literature / Re: My Demon Sister by EbonyQueen001(f): 5:19am On Apr 03
It'll take alot to top this story! Absolutely intriguing!
Thumbs up Op.... More updates please! cheesy grin

You are so right.

I have been held captive by this story that I forget to comment.

He is really good
Literature / Re: My Demon Sister by EbonyQueen001(f): 12:16pm On Mar 02

Literature / Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by EbonyQueen001(f): 8:42am On Mar 01

Souloho19 oooooo

This story, even though it's just starting, deserve an award.

You have been giving us crumbs since, the main story is about to start.

It is gonna be massive and mind blowing.

Just like the thunder rumbling, it's gonna sweep us off our feet.


Fire on boss

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Literature / Re: Securing The Bag (The Lagos Hustle) by EbonyQueen001(f): 2:33pm On Feb 16
Roll call;

rchilee haryodejy EdmundAlma Ayoshewa meneski blueflowers HelenBee EkopsparoAyara Centitan labelle123 cerowo hidhris Horladstar vakjay08 charytea honourable356 DzTzl Ayoshewa joislim missnande nastynic jonsyn7154 moffat queenitee bigbauer shurley ceecane2 marvin906 Oroolorun Horladstar genius43 dview001 dupsai oroolorun charminee Ayoshewa12 genius43 vickyluvspices nifebabe skubido lildiamond chommieblaq fertilewomb Eberechi24 chii8 marischerry chisiudeh smileing Oluwakemi65 yemike ceecane2 Nostradamus SPDAZZY explosive04 Anno81 rchilee dimssy tenderblaze sexyolori phoenixchap Evaristomonarch Gracito mitchelljnr queenDD neurojosh phoenixchap WHOcarex Damibiz dimssy SleekHoyeen jupitre rayvelez labelle123 Twizzy30 iamL iamLoyalty princessadeola switkera marianlsy IRALIFE mRaRcH olaayinkha Agp19 joshnes heemah Nmaglit WAACUT nikz Nawtiblayse donnaD Opeade939 Kaycee9242 Godwinfury Ebonyqyeen001 ADECULATE adedolapo2017 UE=RANTAALLWELL afamjb paafin HazardMan Raingirl smhart1 silvertrinity bimberry1307 sussybae Beetunez44 mcjesuspikin Bleeze2 kpagoGIN Ann2012 cyndy1000 alarmednigerian pweetygiftofGod ladidacanon preshb mekonglobal mynet11 wizsolzy warfibabe Jazmiynne fatherjp segibambo pinkfeet Boywest1 matrycx WEALTH304 youngzubi talk2saintify oluwaseunliz tonyxxx adamsbadoo stevodot22 uchihaclassiq konphido paqman Dhemmyjay Mayorkay1 Patotelli okeyben10 uthman51 jeweltab enohorglo mcbliss samexdx ChizzyMaris Jumizie13 kunleAJ solomonbrown64 magicmeemee Toeyean1507 slimbless cylovee nkemdave Erudite202 Gotee11 donteanz samwobi pinkbae mariansly Mrintegrity247 coolie1 laraemi skyUrch Oluwahfemi seunfunmi18 RegArmani Elviswifey1 spixytinxy kechbeau Ariremako30 Evold shaydeenamz Amhappy Olalake preciousbouy PToretto mikeybrainy Doubleprof1 iamkingoludav phayth gabi98 jalo1 wonderz1 solly1 speakout03 mrsochy virtuedagirl stephenGee12 arrestdarrester wizsolzy FameG Iamabraham koligns mirej rowdymind do4luv14 classicman202 iamochyglows wonderz1 queenbetsy TeameeMoses cassbeat Teehsticckz bakeuhappy Dnimaa smooth278 chibestjerry Sunak mimilight paulohgirlie silensa Abelranking Honeydawealth MhisTahrah opalk xriah18 Riele Harmymy cameoluv chigozie1010 obicoolnino ladysunshine94 toyean1507 shekinah190 excelmerry crazo rapfrick khennykhay ifemism02 jenkvnq Asek1 ashiko9 Ebonyqueen001 Iamjaxx marycookie93 ratty03 hotswagg12 ChisomDgreatest winie chiprince007 hfinest1 emmyN HisGrace000001 princevirus Kimmiebabie Taniaa Akinz75 Destiny4fame uweminyang Elfaris benicta Aphroditee xeenoblack15 spyrodee Assurance1000 hardeybhayour slimynonny donblazer10 josipov Nathalya jellymusty vulcanheph ewaski welcome guys, we go again

No wonder I did not see the mention. You mispelt my name.

I be dey wonder how my guy go start ogbonge tori and I no hear am.

I don land, even if it's a month late, make I go find seat to enjoy this confirm tori.

Weldone bro

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Literature / Re: The Hole In The Wall by EbonyQueen001(f): 8:09am On Jan 24
Welcome back dear souloho90.

It's great hearing from you again.

How is your health?

It's January 24th, yet this is me officially saying Happy New Year.

Thanks to everyone like me, who are yet to give up or give in.


We await you still
Education / Re: Man Gets His PhD At 65 To Fulfill Promise He Made To His Daughter (Photos) by EbonyQueen001(f): 9:33pm On Dec 07, 2020
...Good day to everyone. i just created a bet9ja account with OLAWALE OLABISI which is slightly different from the name i used to registered my bank account which is OLAWALE OLABISI JOSEPH... last weekend, i won 110k and i was trying to withdraw but i couldn't. they told me my bank account name does not corresponded with the one i used to register be9ja. meanwhile, only the JOSEPH is the problem. early this morning, i went to GTB to open a new account with OLAWALE OLABISI so that i can withdraw the money. getting there, they demanded for my BVN. but i explained the issue. i told them that i don't want to link the BVN with the new account so that the OLAWALE OLABISI JOSEPH wont appear. so, they told me that without BVN, i wont be able to withdraw any money inside the account which i agreed. To cap it up. i was registered so, i went and transferred the money and it went through. but now i could not withdraw the money. please, can i link the BVN with the account number? but, remember that the name on my BVN is OLAWALE OLABISI JOSEPH while the one i used to register the new account is OLAWALE OLABISI. urgent help please. thanks........

You are derailing someone's post.

Kindly create a new thread for this so you will be attended to.
Literature / Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) (Completed) by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:56pm On Oct 10, 2020

This is out of this world.

I am gobsmacked.

Keep it up bro.

Work on your write ups too, noticed some errors, otherwise, this is beyond superb.

The storyline, suspense, twists and thrills.

Politics / Re: Jegede Storms Police HQ To Protest Attacks On His Campaign Vehicles By APC Thugs by EbonyQueen001(f): 9:22am On Sep 17, 2020

Meanwhile, check my signature
Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 3:50am On Sep 17, 2020
thanks. Are you working on any project now at the moment? Id wish you taught me screen writing or link me up wit someone. Im willing to pay


No ongoing project for now.
Though, these days, I do more of editing of scripts and stories.

I however have a friend who is into production fully. He has enough short films to his credit and still rolling out more. Let me discuss with him then get back to you.

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Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 11:53am On Sep 05, 2020

We have finally come to the end of five and six. Kudos to Creeza

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Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 11:04pm On Aug 21, 2020

Thank you Creeza.

It's been a while I read something this thrilling.

Thanks once again.

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Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 2:56am On Aug 20, 2020
Absolutely, no need to apologise. I am very much aware that you all have busy lifestyles. So I use that as a motivation to entertain you with the best I can come up with. cheesy

Anybody can write though. But storytelling.. ah! Thats where things get tricky grin

Thanks once again..

That was me complimenting you when I said it's not easy writing. This should be you accepting it for what it is and, not explaining to me on writing and storytelling oga.

As a Theatre Artist, Stage Director, Educational Critic, a Playwright and an Editor, I do know the difference.

That said, well done on the updates.

Still, I follow.

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Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:41pm On Aug 12, 2020
Sorry, I have not been active here for a while.

Happy new month Creeza.

Hope to read from you soonest.

I know it's not easy writing, so we will patiently wait for you.

Ride on bro

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Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:25pm On Jul 01, 2020
Thanks for the mention.
Name change, I understand your reason for doing so.

Keep up the good work Creeza.

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Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 12:10am On Jun 21, 2020

For two months I have been away, for two months creeza has been dropping the bombs back to back.

Thumbs up.

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Literature / Re: Choices: Another Perspective by EbonyQueen001(f): 9:31pm On Jun 20, 2020

Hope all is well with you?

Talk to us please

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Literature / Re: Choices: Another Perspective by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:53am On Apr 29, 2020

This your phone don dey vex me sef angry

Sorry to hear about the unrest in your area but it is what it is in this part of the world. Since there is no second amendment here, na God and cutlass be person sure bet cry Anyway, it will end soon. Na the small baby I come dey piy pass for here.

Anita is not a special breed of women but one Alex has never experienced before in his short time on earth. She is the kind only the best of Alphas can handle but Baba doesn't know that yet. grin The tory still long well well. Stay tuned.

No vex for my phone jare. Na money dey yab person, I for don change am tey tey.

Baby miraculously sleep through all the brouhaha. I believe things will change for the better, just know say na God dey protect, no be guns and cutlass and vigils.

Anita matter... Alpha male or not, her brain is turning on it's own. She is bigger than Alex can handle.

Make Alex move on if he can. He is still too young for the level his relationships are fast spinning into.

No be by English, na experience make hot water soften beans.

Happy birthday in advance Bro.
Literature / Re: Choices: Another Perspective by EbonyQueen001(f): 3:40pm On Apr 25, 2020
Sorry, phone is faulty. Just managed to read up since last month

The robberies everywhere not helping matters. We just started sleeping well at night these past few days.

Back to the story.

I am beginning to have soft spot for this Debby lady. As others as said, in a different environment and reality, both of them could actual have a great thing going.

As for Anita, I am beginning to see her 36 year old unmarried self more as a result of her attitude and outlook to life. She acts like one who will eventually suck life and joy out of Alex. Alex can only tame her with sex, but not for long.
Literature / Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 9:34am On Apr 13, 2020
Coming in with a big BANG!

Weldone Creeza, serving it hot as usual.

Keep up the good work bro

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Literature / Re: Choices: Another Perspective by EbonyQueen001(f): 5:06pm On Mar 23, 2020
Can Debby really be tamed?

She is emotional, unpredictable and jealous.

Alex, for your mind, you go sabi tame her unto trust things.

I laugh in Yoruba

Solo, Weldon sir
Literature / Re: Choices: Another Perspective by EbonyQueen001(f): 11:38am On Mar 23, 2020

Happy Mother's day to the mothers in the house and those intending to be. Apart from Ebonyqueen, should anyone else fall into this group, do holla so that I can dedicate the updates to you guys. See you all later.

Thanks sweetie kiss kiss

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