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Romance / Re: Man Propose To His Girlfriend On Her Final Year Sign-out At Kogi Polytechnic (ph by eeetuk(m): 12:14am On Oct 03
They didn't even kiss each other---another evidence they are too uncomfortable with each other. That is what serious loving couples are supposed to do after accepting proposed relationship. Kissing is a big story in relationship . Witnesses go home and tell their friends what they saw and how interesting it was. When no kissing is involved, excitement is left out of good friendship . Furthermore, witnesses are denied the opportunity to share the story in an exciting way. So, stop public proposal if you are not willing to kiss your future partner.I hope they learn from this mistake .
Foreign Affairs / Re: Top Gabonese Government Officials Stand Under Rain To See Their President Off by eeetuk(m): 6:02pm On Oct 02
"Top Gabonese Government Officials Stand Under The Rain To See Their President Off To France"

Gabonese government officials dress code is worth emulating. They look neat. They look confidence. And their citizens outside Gabon will feel proud of them. You cannot beat the excitement of seen black people looking like their European counterparts. Compare that to the way Nigerian officials look when they stand side by side with European counterparts---we look totally uncivilized. We dress like animals which never see lights.

When will Nigerians officials dress up in suit and ties?
So ashamed when i see Nigerian presidents and their officials travelling abroad with agbada looking outfits. Take that nonsense called agbada off. Looking stupid!

Politics / Re: I Stand With Wike, Says Ortom by eeetuk(m): 1:13am On Sep 28
"The report is misleading. I just came back from London

“I still sympathize with Wike for the injustices meted out on him and our group.”

What kind of injustice was meted out to Wike? That is what I want to know.

A preidential system of government is a winner take all system. That means a winner of party primaries picks who ever he or she wants as his running mate. None of anyone business who Atiku picks as his running. And Atiku has to thank God he did not pick Wike.

Gov. Nyesom Wike would have killed Atiku to take his place on becoming the president.

So, my advice to Atiku is to ignore Wike and his allies. They are trouble makers-- who don't wish Atiku well. Next year, Atiku will be the next president of Nigeria and Wike will travell to UK to spend his loots. But Wke has to be careful about his constant trip because the UK government officials are watching his movement. One of these days, he might get arrested for money laundry. I am watching.

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Romance / Re: 2 Lovers Found Dead In Osun Lodge After Sex Romp by eeetuk(m): 2:30pm On Sep 27
"Another source added that the surprising part of the incident was that the man’s dick was seen standing despite being lifeless while the drugs, which they were suspected to have taken, were seen near the bed inside the hotel room."

Trying to put more juice into the story to make viewers to laugh, uncontrollable
And talking about dick that way is really funny

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Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Secondus Accepts Atiku’s Appointment Despite Wike’s Threat by eeetuk(m): 1:08pm On Sep 27
Gov. Nyesom Wike "“We will take every might we have, we will leave our enemy and finish you first. All of you going to Abuja to hold meetings with our enemies, I’m going to finish you to the last”, he vowed."

After reading the above threat by Gov. Wike against his fellow citizen, I have come to undeniable conclusion that Nigeria has no government. How can a person make such a threat and not be arrested. No country on earth would allow such a careless outburst to go unpunished. Mr. Nyesom Wike is a threat to public safety. That is why I write to call for his arrest, ASAP. Democracy in Nigeria cannot survive if Wike is allowed to get away with this kind of threat.

Who is in charge of Nigeria judiciary? I call for his or her resignation as well. No civilize nation---which i know of can tolerate this kind of threat to human lives and survive . Arrest Nyesom Wike now. He is a threat to lives and property.


Crime / Re: Lagos Task Force Seizes 150 Motorcycles, Arrests Passengers by eeetuk(m): 12:42pm On Sep 26
Orikoku"How will the owners survive the arsh economy. Robbery will soon escalate in Lagos. Government should find something meaningful for them to start doing."

How does use of motorcycle as means of transporting people help people to survive harsh economy? I don't see it. Using motorcycle to transport people risks loss of lives, studies have shown. That is why I am supporting Lagos state government policy on getting rid of motor cycle off all roads in Nigeria. I hope all states in Nigeria should follow Lagos example and ban Okada business, ASAP. Research has shown that motor owners are thieves. I would further recommend that no licesense should be issued for anybody to buy motorcycle in Nigeria. Owners and their patrons constitute nuisance to Nigeria image. Ban all Okada business, period!
Politics / Re: You Are Working For Tinubu – PDP National Youth Vanguard Accuses Governor Wike by eeetuk(m): 11:27am On Sep 24
"The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP National Youth Vanguard, has accused the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike of working for the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu."

I agree 100 %!
Governor Wike is a political hack. He has no principle at all. He is in PDP to collect information to help opposition party to defeat Atiku Abubakar. He will never stop untill someone steps out and punch him in the face. Early this year when I discovered Wike political motive, I called for his expulsion from PDP. At that time, no one listened to me. Now that Wike true colors have come to public knowlege, steps have to taken to isolate him. I recommend immediate expulsion to save PDP from losing upcoming presidential election.

So, expell Gov. Wike ASAP!

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Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar Meets With Young Content Creators, Entrepreneurs And Entertainers by eeetuk(m): 2:19pm On Sep 18
"We are now at a time where ideation, innovation, creativity and technology continues to offer a world of opportunities for the younger generation of Nigerians. Many of whom have utilised these spaces to export some of the country’s greatest success stories and reposition our image globally through the arts, culture and brilliant entertainment."

When Mr. Atiku Abubakar speaks, I get smarter. That is because he pre- writes his speech for the event. This allows him to focus on what he wants to say. And it also allows listeners to pay attention to his messages. But when someone like Bola Tinubu speaks, I simple walk away from listening to him. That is because his message is totally disorganized.

When will other politicians in Nigeria realize the important of pre-writing a speech for an event? The important of pre- writing a speech is it allows members of the media to ask follow-up questions and the listeners to judge the candidate level of intelligent. For me personally, I judge a candidate if I understand his or her positions on issues that affect my bottom line. I want to know what every candidate stands on the issues of corruption, kidnapping, terriorism, public transportation, providing affordable public housing for the poor , old people, people with disabilities and young mothers who have no jobs. How are these candidates going to handle these issues when they get into the office. So far, only Mr. Atiku has handled these issues in ways that I can support his candidacy.

Who will you vote for in upcoming election in Nigeria and why?

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Properties / Re: Four-Storey Building Collapses In Uyo, Three Reportedly Trapped by eeetuk(m): 12:58pm On Sep 18
"An eyewitness, MC Governor, on his Facebook wall, said that he was reliably informed that about three persons have been trapped in the debris while one escaped by a whisker."

I am praying those trapped are rescued alive. Building collapse while under construction is part of Nigerian culture. And it has been that way for generation. But which government agency in Nigeria supposed to step in and correct this problem? The inquiring minds want to know. And who is in-charge?

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Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Campaign: Let’s Work Together For PDP's Success - Governor Udom by eeetuk(m): 1:58pm On Sep 17
Udom Emmanuel: “On his new responsibility as chairman of Atiku’s Campaign Council, Emmanuel simply responded, “The issue of the Campaign Council is a very simple matter; our own duty is to do the campaign and Nigerians to vote for us and then God will give the victory”.

I am very disappointed at above statement by Mr. Emmanuel. That is not speech, he instead, rants. I was expecting Governor Emmanuel to deliver a major policy campaign speech for Atiku campaign after he was rewarded with the chair of Atiku campaign council, he failed to live up to the expectation.

Mr. Udom Emmanuel speech at the Airport on behalf of Atiku campaign was not inspiring for a number of reasons. (1) I was expecting Udom to read the significance of his appointment in a pre-written script, instead, he started talking from his head. If I was a voter in Nigeria, I would be very reluctant to jump into Atiku train because of governor Emmanuel speech. So boring!
(2) Where is excitement in Udom speech? I did not see it. That little speech was completely empty. No juice. No call out for a change of leadership in Nigeria. No outrage in rising kidnapping cases in Nigeria. No call out for rising ethnic divisions in Nigeria under the leadership of Buhari. No call out of rampant terrorism cases in Nigeria. No call out of injustice to Ibibio by Buhari government over the past eight years in office.
Why did Atiku Abubakar appoint governor Emmanuel Udom to this powerful job? He is not living up to expectation. None!

(3). Missed opportunities for governor Emmanuel to bring live back to Atiku campaign. Perhaps, Mr. Udom does not know the job of a chairman of political campaign. You are an attack dog, period. And act like one or resign.

My advice to governor Emmanuel Udom:
Please, from now on, read from pre-written script, not from your head. That means you should hire world class speech writers to write the speech for you in advance. When Vice president Atiku speaks, I get excited about the future of Nigeria. But when governor Emmanuel speaks, I keep my head down in shame. That is because governor Udom does not know how to use words to inspire people. Hiring world class speech writers is the solution. If you do not have money to hire speech writers, ask Atiku to hire good speech writers for you. You are now a chairman of a major political campaign. Expectation is high in that position.
Crime / Re: Police Arrest Man Who Uses Charms To Defraud POS Operators (Photo) by eeetuk(m): 1:14am On Sep 16
"Spokesperson of Anambra State Police command, DSP Toochukwu Ikenga, who disclosed the arrest of the fraudster in a press release, gave his name as Chisom Nweke."

Mr. Nweke is from Southeast--the headquarters for crooks!
And what do you think? You think an honest person comes from that part of the world.?
Don't blame his success on charms. It is not charm. Blame this kind of problem on poor education of citizens about what real money looks like. You will think by now this government in Anambra state has educated people about difference between real money and fake money. No, it has not. Talk about charm. Please stop that nonsense.!
Politics / Re: Court Orders INEC To Accept Akpabio As APC Senatorial Candidate by eeetuk(m): 4:04pm On Sep 15
"Delivering judgment on Thursday, Emeka Nwite, the judge, held that INEC contravened the law when it refused to accept and publish
Akpabio’s name, despite the fact that the APC had listed him as its candidate."

Paid judgment!
And it is not going to work . The Supreme Court will overturn this bribery judgment. Witnesses are alive and will testify that no election was conducted to produce Akpabio as a winner. Wait and see!
Crime / Re: Ondo Government Bans Night Clubbing, Restricts Okada Operations by eeetuk(m): 2:34am On Sep 14
"The Ondo State Government has issued an order restricting nightclub activities in the 18 local government areas of the state as well as the operations of commercial motorcycle riders throughout the state."

Good law !
But the government of Ondo state needs two more things to do to make this new law relevant.
First, the government needs to ban operation of all vehicles with TINTED windows except those used by police and other security agencies. people who use tinted windows are mostly criminals. They conceal their identities.
Two, ban all commercial motorcycles, ASAP. Motorcycles are risky means of transportation. What government needs to do is to introduction public buses at subsidies prices. Why do we have a government if it cannot provide something so little as public transportation?

If these two actions are taken, the government will begin to see a strong reduction in all crimes areas of the state.
Politics / Five Aides Killed After Gunmen Attack Nigerian Senator's Convoy by eeetuk(m): 12:47am On Sep 13
Five aides killed after gunmen attack Nigerian senator's convoy
By Tife Owolabi

YENAGOA, Nigeria, Sept 12 (Reuters) - Gunmen in Nigeria killed five aides including security personnel during an attack on the convoy of a Nigerian senator in southeastern Anambra state on Sunday evening, the senator's spokesman said on Monday.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah's convoy was attacked in Enugwu-Ukwu, a community in the Njikoka local government area of Anambra but he escaped without injuries because he was travelling in a bullet-proof vehicle, spokesman Kameh Ogbonna told Reuters.

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Ogbonna said he was in the same car with Ubah at the time of the attack, which he described as an assassination attempt.

Police said they were investigating the incident and would give an update later.

Unknown gunmen have been responsible for a series of attacks on politicians, security forces and government targets in the southeast, where separatists are agitating for secession.

The government accuses outlawed separatist group Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for the attacks and other criminal activities in the region. IPOB denies the charge and says it seeks non-violent means to achieve its aims.

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Reporting by Tife Owolabi; writing by MacDonald Dzirutwe; editing by Jonathan Oatis

Source: https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/five-aides-killed-after-gunmen-attack-nigerian-senators-convoy-2022-09-12/
Travel / Re: Why Do Black Women In America Hate White Women & Are So Toxic? (Photos) by eeetuk(m): 2:09pm On Sep 08
I really enjoy going through these tweets because each post demonstrates how to debate issues of the day. How come Nigerian people in Nairaland don't write like those in the tweeter feeds?

Look, good writing begins by introducing a claim. Next, you distinguish between the claims. And finally, you offer reason For your own claim. Members in Nairaland don't even know how to write a complete sentence.

So, I want to know where those participants in the tweeter feeds are from. They write too good to be Nigerians.


Politics / Re: My Prison Torture Experience By Inibehe Effiong by eeetuk(m): 10:40pm On Sep 07
p"me. I said my lord, I have also observed the presence of two mobile policemen inside the courtroom with AK47s, and that even though I was not ordinarily intimidated by their presence, that their presence had created hostility in the courtroom and made it hard for me to continue with the day’s proceeding. I urged my lord to order them to leave the courtroom, as they had no business bringing AK47 inside the courtroom. My lord reacted furiously to my observation. I then informed the court that I was now making it as a formal application, in which case the court had to deliver a ruling one way or the other. Immediately I said that I was formally applying for the policemen to be excused from the courtroom, my lord picked a pen and started writing. I thought my lord was taking notes of my submissions, not knowing it was my committal order that was being written"

The way Inibehe Effiong confronted the judge in her court room was rude. And it appears to me that Mr. Effiong shows very little respect to the judge because she was a woman----and I hope not. How the court room is organized is for the sitting judge to decide, not a lawyer representing a client. And who is the court room with guns is at the discretion of the judge, and not a lawyer representing his client.

At first when I read the news of Inihebe Effiong been mistreated, I supported Mr. Effiong because I did not hear from both sides. Now that Mr. Effiong has spoken , I found his claim of victimization by the court to be an attempt to smear the judge.

In fact, Mr. Effiong was rude during the court preceedings. Just listen his counter punch above. He should stop his smear tactics and send a letter of apology to that judge in Uyo courtroom, full stop. Respect the authority!

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Politics / Re: WTO: Peter Obi Visits Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Discusses Nigeria's Economic Recovery by eeetuk(m): 6:25pm On Sep 07
Peter Obi needs psychiatric care. He visits Ngozi Iweala--a well-known nationalist, and who in 2003 used economic policy on import to destroy Nigeria economy. Because of Ngozi Iweala economic policy of 2003--which i would say, encouraged Ibos to invest in imported goods, Southeastern states of Nigeria is totally deserted. studies done last few months showed that most ibos have left Southeast geopolitical zone to Lagos, Abuja and other part of Nigeria to seek better life.

So, what is today's meeting between Ngozi Iweala and Peter Obi mean? I would argue that it means nothing. Peter Obi will never be president of Nigeria. Never! That is why i am calling for psychiatric care for Mr. Obi. Trying to play to the crow. Rubbish!

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Receives Polish President H. E Duda In Aso Rock (Photos) by eeetuk(m): 5:35pm On Sep 06

The picture of President Buhari standing side by side with President Duda of Poland shows a stark difference between them. President DUda looks smart, while President Buhari looks like cattle rarer. That is why Poland is a dream country to live and Nigeria is slum looking jungle.

Between these two people, do you have to have PHD to know which country is developed and which country is not developed?
Politics / Re: EFCC To Appeal Judgement That Acquited Jang And Yusuf Of Corruption Charges by eeetuk(m): 7:35pm On Sep 02
Of Corruption Charges by Abuchukwu87(m): 6:57pm
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Friday said it is initiating processes for an immediate appeal against the acquittal of former Plateau State Governor, Jonah Jang and Yusuf Pam.

All the Nigerian courts are corrupt. You are not going to find any court in Nigeria to convict these two men because they will use money to buy favorable results. Take them to UK to get convictions.
Politics / Pre-election Polling For 2023 Presidential Election In Nigeria by eeetuk(m): 1:02pm On Sep 01
Pre-election Polling for 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria
Atiku Abubakar lead in 2023 presidential election has widen—according to new pre-election polling data. After all political parties in Nigeria concluded their parties’ primaries to nominate each political party flagbearer for 2023 presidential election, I sent out emails to five people I know in Nigeria for years to gather information about which candidate will succeed President Mohammedu Buhari. Lucky enough, five email letters produced 105 email letters. My five friends made contact with other Nigerians—resulting in 105 people participating in the polling.

From the information I received from 105 people, I divided Nigeria 36 states into three groups as follows: Atiku Abubakar states, Tinubu states and Toss-Up states. Toss-up states are states that these 105 Nigerians have found them difficult to pick for Atiku or Tinubu or any other candidate in the race.

Right now, the race for 2023 presidential election is for Atiku Abubakar to lose. He is winning in almost all states from the North, Southeast, South/South. Bola Tinubu only dominates in the Southwest. And even in the Southwestern States, Atiku Abubakar is head-to-head with Tinubu in Lagos, Osun and Ondo states.

One more surprise is Peter Obi of the Labor Party has not put away a single state in the Southeast. Mr. obi’s supports are only in social media platforms. “Peter Obi has no chance”, according to people who spoke with his supporters in Lagos and Abuja. That shows that voters in Nigeria have already made up their minds about how the race will go.

So, below is a graphic---which highlights which states are leaning towards some candidates and those which are yet to decide. Enjoy it!
*** Please note I intend to re-visit the positions of these candidates when full campaign season begins.

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Family / Re: Kenyan Man Detonates 5 Petrol Bombs In His House After Accusing Wife Of Cheating by eeetuk(m): 1:37pm On Aug 31
"A police report revealed that on 29/08/2022, the suspect's wife Flora Kaari showed up at Jomvu police station to report that her husband John Maroo had burnt down their house over claims of her having an affair with their neighbour."

Husband and wife relationship is an emotional issue. A Harm to it is like pouring gas on fire--and as you can see a 22-year-old daughter is now fighting for her life over her mom selfish behavior. So, is Flora Kaari blaming her husband or herself? I think she should blame herself if their 22-year daughter died from her injury--sustained over her father reaction to his wife cheating,

Divorce that bitch now!
Politics / Re: David Ukpo Asks Court To Stop Biodata Release To Ekweremadu by eeetuk(m): 12:32am On Aug 31
Ike Ekweremadu is going to be in prison for life. That is where he belongs-prison. Taking advantage of people because they are poor.

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Celebrities / Re: Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend Arrested For Domestic Violence After Fight In Miami by eeetuk(m): 10:35pm On Aug 29
"Eyewitnesses also told officers that Jade had struck 69 while inside and even grabbed at his chain. Although cops said they saw Tekashi with visible injuries on his face, they also said that in the end, he didn't want to cooperate with them whatsoever."

I bet you, if Jade was drunk or not drunk, she struck her boyfriend as the story has reported. Also reported is the police saw abusive marks on the boyfriend face. That is because black women in America view themselves as untouchable and have rights to do whatever they want to a man. Even the law in the US treat women as endanger species--a group of animals protected by the law from being abused. Ask her now, she would tell you that she was right. So, i am glad the police arrested her. Although Jade arrest is symbolic in my view, it will make her to think twice before hitting another man. Good policing!


Crime / Re: Kenyan Police Officer Kills Man He Found In Bed With His Wife by eeetuk(m): 12:41am On Aug 29
"Detectives are looking for a police officer based at Lokichogio in Turkana county, for the murder of a man whom he found in a compromising situation with his wife, in the dead of the night."

Why did that police officer run away?
He shouldn't because he (the policer) acted in self-defense. Every man would have killed another man caught in bed with his wife, and in his own home. What this policer should do now is to return to his home and turn himself to the authority. He would not be punished for killing someone in his home. But he would be punished for running away from the scene of the crime and failure to report the murder to the authority.
Bottom line, a fair-minded judge would set him free after the trial if his past record is clean.
Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests Airport Cleaner Who Leads A Drug Syndicate, Recovers Narcotics by eeetuk(m): 4:51pm On Aug 28
"Obinna Jacob Osita who was arrested with three bags, two of which contained eight blocks of cannabis sativa weighing 4.25kg concealed in cassava product, gari and crayfish. One other member of the airport syndicate who works with Ohiagu has also been arrested while operatives are after another suspect."

Who is Obinna Jacob Osita?
I bet you he is an Ibo man. I have never met an Ibo man who makes living in an honest way. Ibos often described themselves as the smartest group of Nigerians. They preached and advocated for restructuring Nigeria. They import and field Nigerian markets with foreign products--a behavior that has led to high crime rates in the country and high unemployment. The problem with import is it kills local jobs and local ideas. Also, import lowers property values and breeds crime in all localities. Today, Southeast population is in decline. And the number one reason for the decline in southeast population is import because import does not create jobs, and instead, it ships jobs overseas. That is why Ibos are leaving southeast states in drove to Lagos, Abuja and other part Nigeria to find work and better livings. And worst part of all this, Ibos want to produce Nigeria next president. I am laughing!

So, why is Obinna Jacob Osita in drug business? I bet you he and his co-partners want to use the drug money to buy foreign goods and ship them to Nigeria. That makes me and you to look less smart than Ibo people. Is this about restructuring Nigeria?

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Politics / Re: Mike Okiro: Tinubu will fix Nigeria like Lagos by eeetuk(m): 7:43am On Aug 27
Mike Okiro"Okiro said the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate fixed Lagos and will do the same as Nigeria’s leader."

Misleading and misinformation by Bola Tinubu!
Lagos state was the former capital of Nigeria from 1906 to1993---a state which was developed by the federal money before Mr. Tinubu was born. I wish Mr. Bola Tinubu and his supporters should stop claiming he fixed Lagos because it isn't true. Besides, Lagos state is the slum capital of the world. Lagos state is dirty and smell all the time. Everywhere you go in Lagos, people defecate in public. Last time I visited lagos state, I saw broken bottles and glasses scattered all over the streets. Prostitutes and criminals roam the streets. Residents dressed poorly. Roads are in terrible state. When it rains, it floods everywhere. It is hot and muggy--making life difficult to enjoy.

So, who really wants to be proud of Lagos state?
Sports / Re: Why Nigeria Falconets Slept On The Floor At Istanbul Airport - NFF by eeetuk(m): 6:21am On Aug 25
Nigeria is a useless nation!
What has it ever gotten right?
Politics / Re: EFCC Arrests Eno Ubi-Otu, NDDC Director Of Finance & Accounts Over N25Bn Fraud by eeetuk(m): 11:45pm On Aug 24
FreeStuffsNG "NDDC is mostly in the news for corruption than its actual intervention programs."

I agree 100%.
I did a search today to determine why NDDC was created for. And here is what the research shows: To offer a lasting solution to the socio-economic difficulties of the Niger Delta Region and to facilitate the rapid and sustainable development of the Niger Delta into a region that is economically prosperous, socially stable, ecologically regenerative and politically peaceful.

Has the above purpose --that led to the creation of NDDC been fulfilled? The short answer is no. The agency was created in 2000 by OBJ government to develop the region, but as many reports have shown, not a single improvement has come to the region. Cross River state road to Akwa Ibom State is dead trap today. Report said over 100,000 Nigerians are losing their lives in CRS to Uyo road each year. Roads in Niger Delta states are in terrible states. Bridges are in terrible state as well. Year after year when new director is appointed, fake contracts are awarded to cronies and friends to the directors. Mr. Godswill Akpabio who was the niger Delta minister-- role aimed at helping the agency to develop played a spoiler role than helping the agency. He spent 3.5 years complaining and got nothing to show for.

So, this miss management of NDDC tells you why Nigeria is not working for Nigerians. It is corruption. It is selfishness. It is chaos. It is confusion. That is why NDDC is a failure. I like to see the agency shutdown for good. It is not addressing the purpose of which it was created for. Why keep funding such institution?

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Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Visits To Obasanjo Turned To Rally by eeetuk(m): 8:55pm On Aug 17

Politics / Re: Buhari Absent As Governors Meet In Aso Rock by eeetuk(m): 6:25pm On Aug 17
"The governors are meeting over the state of the nation’s economy, insecurity, and healthcare, among other issues"

Waste of people money to bring these governors to Abuja!
The bad state of Nigeria economy, insecurity and healthcare is caused by poor leadership provided by these governors. What are the state governors in Nigeria doing with money allocated to them by the federal government each month? They spend it awarding fake contracts to their families and cronies and pocket the rest.

Look guys! I am from Akwa Ibom State--a state that receives the highest federal allocation in Nigeria each month. Citizens of Akwa Ibom State i have talked to over the past several years don't feel the impact of this money at all. Since Udo Emmanuel became governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2015, no low-income houses have built for the poor people in the state. No public transportation is provided by the state government. Healthcare does not exist in the state. Education is in worst state ever. 90 % of citizens have no jobs. Private sector jobs don't exist. Is that a government?

The report above noted that President Buhari is not present at the meeting---an indication he is ashamed to meet with those so-called governors. I don't blame him. They are not governors, they are thieves. They fight so hard to become state governors, but when they get the job, they don't know what to do.

What is Nigerian military waiting for? Overthrow this current government so that we can start a new one, please!

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Vincent Udume Odogbor Faults Atiku/Okowa Ticket by eeetuk(m): 5:25pm On Aug 16
"This is as he said that It’s insane to think and wrong in every political equation that power should remain in the north after eight years of President Buhari’s administration."

I disagree with above statement by Mr. Vincent Udome Odogbor for many reasons. First, Mr. Odogbor is judging a person based on their tribe rather than the content of a person character. Atiku Abubakar has the right plan to grow and develop Nigeria than any southern president I have heard mentioned. Second, a southern president adds more to existing problems Nigeria has now----which will lead Nigeria to another wasteful four more years. OBJ and Gooodluck Jonathan were southern presidents . Both spent 14 years in office and did not build a single road. Research shows that both leaders spent their years in office acquiring wealth for themselves and their families. Nigeria cannot afford four more years of a southern president, Mr. Odogbor. And third, Mr. Odogbor is living in the past. Can Mr. Odogbor tell Nigerians what OBJ and Goodluck Jonathan achieved as southern presidentS?

I rest my case!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Signs Bills On Terrorism, Money Laundering, Electoral Act by eeetuk(m): 5:01pm On Aug 16
"President Muhammadu Buhari has given assent to some major bills that have lingered for a while."

Useless bills!
And toothless bills!
A country which no law has ever been enforced.
Divide Nigeria into different countries now--the only thing which everyone can benefit from.

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