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Sports / Re: Ado Hadi Collapses, Dies During Match In Spain by ekenetheorg(m): 12:20pm
Terrible lose ,this is how my kid brother died in Europe in August 15 2015
Sorry bro. No one deserves to go through such. May his soul rest in peace

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Politics / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (LP Lagos Governorship Candidate) Engagement Thread by ekenetheorg(m): 1:23pm On Jan 27
Thank you Seun and GRVLagos for this opportunity. I've studied GRV and although I assume he won't win, I am committed to voting him along side PO in this election. As one who is close to people in power, it is important that you continue to engage with the masses. Asides Budget inflation and non-transparency in Lagos state contracts, I feel Sanwo Olu connected with the people. Agbero have become a serious problem in Lagos and I think using two years to train them is a good thing. But before then, Agbero cannot be collecting money for people who are moving into some neighborhood or out of it. It doesn't make sense. If you pack into some areas in Ajah, Agbero will block the major road until the vehicle carrying your items settle them. These guys act as if they are backed by some law and an example needs to be set with them. I hope you can get this message to your friends in power
Celebrities / Re: What Do Celebs Do To Their Clothes After Wearing Them Once by ekenetheorg(m): 6:09pm On Jan 25
Some sell it second hand, some dash it out to relatives. Some donate to charity, like Michelle Obama. Others use it to decorate their wardrobe. Others simply wear it again but do not snap with it. They only snap once

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Science/Technology / Re: Omeife: First African Humanoid Robot Built And Completed In Nigeria. by ekenetheorg(m): 12:54pm On Dec 08, 2022
The igbofication is not a wise idea.

They could have made it an African representation generally. But igbofication only show naivety.

But what do I even know

I believe many may have corrected you but when you hear about Zulu and think that's African, it's because they marketed their tribe to represent Africa. Igbo is pure Africa, same with Yoruba, Hausa and lots of other African tribes.

The Igbofication is a great part of this innovation, showing it's African. Innoson has a car named Ikenga and that's African too.

Tribalism will not kill Nigeria. Learn to love
Car Talk / Re: EFCC Auctions 435 Forfeited Vehicles In Lagos (photos) by ekenetheorg(m): 10:19pm On Dec 07, 2022

Scammers avenue
Yet remita exists, jumia and lots of other online platforms. They should use a .gov.ng domain and advertise well. With time, people will fall in line. The FG can actually have a central platform like auction.gov.ng and run every auction via that domain. This will at least assure everyone where the right auction is happening.

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Car Talk / Re: EFCC Auctions 435 Forfeited Vehicles In Lagos (photos) by ekenetheorg(m): 7:05pm On Dec 07, 2022
Only when they do it online will I trust the system. Create a platform anyone can register and get verified, make deposit and be able to participate freely in the auction. If not, I'm sure this event will be riddled with corruption as usual.

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Family / Re: I Have Arrested My Wife by ekenetheorg(m): 7:03pm On Dec 07, 2022
Please don't divorce your wife. Arrest and bail is enough punishment. Your daughter needs the two of you. You already confirmed she was good until this. Forgive, and heal. Do not divorce. It will setup a chain reaction you will regret in ages. The next wife might be worse.
Career / Re: How Much Did You Save Before Quitting Your Salary Job For Your Own Business? by ekenetheorg(m): 5:47pm On Nov 28, 2022
What each person saves will be different based on your current earnings, current expenses, and what business can continue to support your recurrent expenses after you quit.

If you earn N1m a month, saving N2m before quitting does not make sense. But if you earn N200k, then N2m is like 10months of salary and can go far when you quit until a new business can provide something close to that monthly income.

So please save up to 10 months+ worth of your salary before quitting any job and channel the money to a business capable of providing such salary.

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Politics / Re: Bianca Ojukwu Marks Wedding Anniversary With Story Of Cake Maker Despising Her by ekenetheorg(m): 11:18pm On Nov 25, 2022
Moral of the story, don't be a social climbing crab!
But madam, I'd find it hard to be convinced that your marriage to a man twice your age was not an experiment in social climbing!

It was not. Her Dad was CC Onoh, a very rich man in Enugu too. I think former Governor of Old Anambra state.


Politics / Re: ₦‎1k Challenge: Labour Party Seeks Monetary Donation From The Public (Photos) by ekenetheorg(m): 12:36pm On Nov 25, 2022
Every well meaning Nigerian should try this project. I've dropped mine. No hate. Whoever wins will be an upgrade to Buhari.... But I'd like Peter Obi to win


Politics / Re: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Meets With President Xi Jinping (Photos) by ekenetheorg(m): 6:27pm On Nov 17, 2022
The suit though �� looks too big
Xi is the most powerful after Biden right now. Look at him listening to our own NOI. Women, there is no height you can't reach if you dare. Don't listen to any man trying to limit your reach

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Politics / Re: Nnamani To Ndigbo: Reflect On Reality Of Tinubu Presidency by ekenetheorg(m): 6:46pm On Nov 10, 2022
Not voting Tinubu does not mean hatred for Yoruba and voting Tinubu does not mean likeness for Yoruba. Chimaroke is only trying to tribalize the polity

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Business / Re: Jabi Lake Mall Temporarily Closed by ekenetheorg(m): 12:26pm On Oct 27, 2022
I hope no one is trying to embarrass Buhari and Tinubu. How can they close the entire mall because the US, Canada and UK issued warnings to their citizens. I thought Lai Mohammed said the country has never been this safe since civil war of 1967 to 1970. Please no one should embarrass the government. All UK, US and Canadian citizens must come out enmasse to support this government and prove once and for all that the country is safe. They must go to South East on Monday, go to and sleep in Kaduna forests, do a solidarity walk inside Sambisa and upload pictures of their rally to Nairaland for seun to move to the frontpage. If not, Canada and US shall be named Ipob while UK will be named PDP for trying to embarrass Buhari whom Tinubu said is the best thing after slice bread.

We must do well to vote Tinubu to continue where Buhari stopped, so that Ghana will not wake up one day and issue such ban also.

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Crime / Re: Anambra Police Tortured Five Suspects To Death - Detainees by ekenetheorg(m): 9:56am On Oct 01, 2022
This is the only way to deal with ipob / unknown gunmen. I support The Anambra police on this one.

Seeing that the news had nothing to do with Ipob, you still showed your bigotry. One day, your brother and sister will be given same treatment and when you post it here, someone will write, this is the best way to deal with Boko haram


Politics / Re: 2023: Supreme Court Affirms Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii As Ebonyi PDP Guber Candidate by ekenetheorg(m): 4:21pm On Sep 14, 2022
God bless Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and other tribes in Nigeria. God bless everyone

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Politics / Re: Buhari: Those Who Should Be Marketing My Administration Are Not Doing So by ekenetheorg(m): 9:19am On Sep 14, 2022
Meanwhile, oil has been above $100 per barrel recently and he's now complaining of oil theft. That's why he gave Tompolo contract to protect pipelines, a contract he revoked earlier when he came in, thinking he was doing GEJ.

Politicians should learn not to distort data, this is why our leaders should be people who are educated and can represent us in the best light .

Average yearly oil price has never hit the 100 USD mark from 1999 to 2015.

The average yearly oil price are give below
1999 19USD
2000. 30USD
2001. 25USD
2002. 26USD
2003. 31 USD
2004. 41USD
2005. 56USD
2006. 66USD
2007. 72USD
2008. 99USD
2009. 61USD
2010. 79USD
2011. 94USD
2012. 94 USD
2013. 97USD
2014. 93USD
2015. 48USD

Taking average for these figures for the years the president quoted us way below his assertion of 100USD which is definitely false.


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Politics / Re: Buhari: Those Who Should Be Marketing My Administration Are Not Doing So by ekenetheorg(m): 9:17am On Sep 14, 2022
Oil is above $100 pee barrel now and you are still not meeting up. You have no excuse oga. Go and site down. Even the quota OPEC gave you, you are not meeting up. Don't ever compare your tenure to that of GEJ again
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Explains How Buhari Could Have Ended ASUU Strike In One Month (Video) by ekenetheorg(m): 9:51pm On Sep 13, 2022
Not all the money but the extra quota allocated to us that we are not using. If we ramp up production to cover the deficiency or seal the leakage, then that extra that we have been losing will settle ASUU
So every other sector of the country must be on pending for 1 month because Federal government want to settle ASUU

I.e, no salary for government workers, no allocation for states , no capital project etc

So all the money made through crude for 1 month must be channel to ASUU?

How this Peter dey reason self ...


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Meets With EU Ambassadors (pictures) by ekenetheorg(m): 4:36pm On Sep 13, 2022
The person you quoted did that intentionally. They are doing that to bring down Obi.


It is very uncouth when you guys make statements like this.
Do you know what yoruba people who support obi pass through daily?
Or you think obi has no yoruba supporters?

This is inclusive election like obi said. Instead of making provoking statements like this, don't comment at all.
Obi is a Nigerian course. Don't make him a tribal politician. He said that too. If we should get it right, we should start by doing the right thing.
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode And Dino Melaye Fight Each Other With Dramatic Videos by ekenetheorg(m): 10:49am On Sep 07, 2022
What else does APC vs PDP know how to do? Nigerians need to wake up. Peter Obi changed the game
Business / Re: Fidelity Bank To Buy Union Bank UK by ekenetheorg(m): 5:40pm On Aug 30, 2022
I am running both fidelity and union bank accounts with the same phone number.. Will the two accounts merge into one?

They are buying UK branch, not Nigerian branch
Crime / Re: CCTV Captures The Moment Security Man Stole From A Bag At His Workplace (Video) by ekenetheorg(m): 7:31pm On Aug 15, 2022
Since he is carrying a gun, then its armed robbery.
Exactly my mind because if you catch him, he might shoot you

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Leads Election Observation Mission To Kenyan Elections by ekenetheorg(m): 3:09pm On Aug 06, 2022
The man that had the best intentions for this country. He ran an inclusive government. The south even thought he favoured the North more. Bubu just came and destroyed everything this man worked for


Politics / Re: Don’t Judge Tinubu With Buhari’s Failure, Mr Jollof Urges Celebs by ekenetheorg(m): 12:20pm On Jul 29, 2022
Tinubu helped Buhari and Judas Osinbajo to find jobs. Will he also help them to do the job? That your uncle that used his connections to help you get a job, is he also helping you to do the job?

But that uncle is praising you, saying you are doing a good job, when in fact, you are a total failure. In fact that uncle hopes to continue in your footsteps once you are done with your tenure. He sees no reason to say you are not doing well, and will continue from where you stopped. He's not promising a change in direction, or proposing a new way of doing things. He's not saying that this boy I gave a job did badly.

See? Your Uncle is not going to be any better than you
Politics / Re: Senators Threaten To Impeach Buhari Over Insecurity by ekenetheorg(m): 9:05am On Jul 27, 2022
What a waste of 8 years
Business / Re: Nigerians Got Richer As Income Per Capita Surges To $5,250 In 2021 - World Bank by ekenetheorg(m): 7:08pm On Jul 21, 2022
What's happening here is that the country has generated more money but the money is not being distributed to benefit the masses. So we are richer as a country, but why those in the streets don't feel it is because they don't feel the impact of the money that sleeps in one politician's bank account


Politics / Re: FG Considers Banning Okada Across The Country by ekenetheorg(m): 7:03pm On Jul 21, 2022
Banning bike across the country will be the most insensitive step. In some parts of the North where terrorists use bikes in droves, it might make sense to ban the bikes. In the South where they constitute nuisance in the cities, it might also make sense to ban bikes. But then, there are rural areas without access road. They use bike to manage their situations. FG should make sure there are access roads to every village in Nigeria first before nuturing such plans as banning bike across the country. Last time I checked, they slapped a heavy tariff on imported used cars such that the poor man may never drive again with his minimum wage salary. Clearly, if this policy sees any light, then e go clear for my eye say there was a country
Politics / Re: Ned Nwoko: Peter Obi Will Be Better Suited As Minister Of Economy by ekenetheorg(m): 5:44pm On Jun 21, 2022
So the only problem is structure to win election, not that other candidates can revive economy better than him. This is a confirmation
Politics / Re: Throwback Video Of Peter Obi Declining When Mbaka Asked Him For Money by ekenetheorg(m): 9:36pm On Jun 16, 2022
What many don't understand is that after Peter Obi refused to donate in this video, and instead asked for a project that he will fund, microphone was given to Hope Uzodimma who claimed he is representing Buhari. He used N2m to break Kola and promised to build a modern health centre.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Visits Ogbonnaya Onu After Defeating Him At The APC Primary (Pix, Video) by ekenetheorg(m): 8:11am On Jun 14, 2022
His name is Peter Obi. I see many people calling Tinubu Druggy or Tinubu. That's not right


My brethren, a Yoruba man cannot be President, and he will say he does not know Ijaws. An Igbo man cannot be President and say that he does not know Yorubas. You will recall that when Obasanjo was President, the core people in his government were from South East and South South, Ngozi Okonjo-Iwealla, Charles Chukwuma Soludo the Solution, Obby Ezekwesili, e.t.c. Obasanjo even first appointed Joseph Sanusi a Yoruba man as CBN governor, when the guy did not perform, Obasanjo changed him with Charles Chukwuma Soludo without thinking that Joseph Sanusi is Yoruba.

So, any Southerner is good for me, be it Urhobo, Ikwerre, Kalabari, Ibiobio, or Itshekiri. But, I am supporting Tinubu because Peter Pandora Obituary's stand no chance. The Labour Party that he went to does not exist at all because if you don't win majority of Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Rivers, Delta, then you you are far from winning
Politics / Re: Tinubu Visits Ogbonnaya Onu After Defeating Him At The APC Primary (Pix, Video) by ekenetheorg(m): 3:54pm On Jun 13, 2022
That's my life too. Because I went to a Unity College. Lots of our problems are self-inflicted. No matter who wins, governance is for the benefit of all, not those that elected you.


There were several Igbos in Tinubu's government when he was governor. It is only in Lagos that you will see several Igbos in top positions at different ministries.

I don't know the basis of our discrimination. I am a Muslim, but I went to Catholic Primary and secondary schools, so 85% of my Niggas are from South South and Imo Catholics

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Visits Ogbonnaya Onu After Defeating Him At The APC Primary (Pix, Video) by ekenetheorg(m): 3:27pm On Jun 13, 2022
The man don try abeg. He looks like someone who will Carry everyone along whether you vote him or not, unlike Bubu. He doesn't seem to have that hatred some people show in politics.

Although I would have preferred a younger Osinbajo.

My vote is for Peter Obi though

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