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Autos / Re: 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK 350 For Sale In Abuja - Nigerian Used by Emperoh(m): 9:56am On Mar 04, 2020
Still available

Autos / 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK 350 For Sale In Abuja - Nigerian Used by Emperoh(m): 2:12pm On Mar 03, 2020
Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: GLK 350
Yearr of Manufacture: 2010
Mileage: 207k kilometres/129k Miles.
Engine: 3.5 Litre, 6 cylinder engine
Transmission: 7 Speed Automatic
Inspection location: Abuja.

This mini-SUV needs a new owner;

Used neatly by a meticulous owner for about 3.5 yrs. Mostly driven in Abuja for all its life.
All functions and accessories are working Excellently; Air Conditioner, Radio/CD/Aux/Bluetooth, Heater, strong shocks and linkages. This car was well take care of . This car have never left the owner stranded any time, anywhere.

Inspection can be done in Maitama during the week days, or Life Camp, over the weekend.

Call number 07034188858 to set up an inspection.

Call for Price

Autos / Re: 2012 Hyundai I10 For Sale In Abuja SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! by Emperoh(m): 6:26am On Feb 12, 2020
72k km original miles
No prior paint job

minor dings and scratched.
All documents and papers in tact

Buy and drive

Autos / 2012 Hyundai I10 For Sale In Abuja SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! by Emperoh(m): 5:54am On Feb 12, 2020


Make:[/b] Hyundai
Model: i10
Yearr of Manufacture: 2012
Mileage: 72k kilometres.
Engine: 1.2 litre 4 cylinder engine
Transmission: Five speed Automatic
Inspection location: Abuja.

This mini-baby needs a new owner;

Bought brand new in 2012 from Hyundai Nigeria and has been driven in Abuja for all its life, by a meticulous lady.
All functions and accessories are working WELL; AC, Radio, Heater, strong shocks and linkages. This car was well take care of . This car have never left the owner stranded any time, anywhere.

Could be useful for school runs, ride hailing services; Uber, O'Ride, Bolt etc. You won't go wrong with this fuel sipper. Very useful for City rides and run arounds.

Inspection can be done in Maitama during the week days, or Life Camp, over the weekend.

Call number 07034188858 to set up an inspection.

Asking price: N1.2m. Slightly negotiable.

Autos / Re: Beware!! My 2014 GX460 Cleared By Adexfem Was Impounded By Custom Officers Today by Emperoh(m): 5:09pm On Nov 22, 2019
I have been very angry since yesterday but reading the comments of some Nairaland members just got me laughing out loud. cheesy cheesy cheesy The attacks and counter attacks. cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

Please for the record, KakakiAutos is not to blame in anyway for this. He delivered on his promise despite all the hurdles we experience during the buying process. There's no harm in recommending your client to another business that offers complimentary service.

You have said it all. Cars that Acceptable Duty was paid on were allowed to go at the custom checkpoints after settling like N2k or N3k. But this guys were just adamant and refused all our diplomatic approach. We even offered N50k after spending over 3hrs there but they still refused to shift grounds from their N200k demand and this was just the 4th checkpoint when we know quite well that there are over 7 more custom checkpoints to go.

We were given an assessment duty of N1.440M to go pay into the customs account at the bank. My boys told me to sit back and allowed them resolve the issue themselves. God willing, the car will be released to them any moment from now.

To all those that reached out to me, offered advice on this thread and wished me well; i say thank you. May help not be far from you in your time of need.

To KakakiAutos, YOU ARE A MAN!! You promised and you delivered. I never lost sleep for one minute because you carried me along. Even on some issues that seem irrelevant, you still kept me informed. Thank You.

As for AdexFem, FULL DISCLOSURE was your undoing. Of the N850K balance left after you paid N1.9M to customs. Let me assume you paid N100k for shipping and terminal charges; and your agent fee is N200k. Y[b]ou should have about N550k left unaccounted for[/b].............. I won't say anything here for now but bear it in mind that it is not every bone you can swallow and go scot free; some will choke you.

I took my time to read through the comments and I am glad you glossed over most of them and took the route to sort the issue and retrieve your car yourself. A lot of us love fights here and bay for blood a lot. grin cheesy

I am also keen to also learn how it ended. Please do share the approach you took when the car is eventually released to you. The debit note should shield you from custom check points until it gets to your destination.

Meanwhile, exactly a week ago, I was nearly a victim of this. I sent a 2017 Toyota RAV4 to Enugu, cleared by the same Adexfem. But we had a blockage in Benin and that car could have been impounded. My saving grace; a childhood friend who is a custom's officer and who used to work at the Benin zonal office, and was once on that check-point. So he spoke to his colleagues. Didn't mean I didn't part with N10k.

Here are the charges I paid on the car;
Import Duty was 1.2m
There was no levy as it was declared as a salvage vehicle.
Surcharge N84k
VAT N237k

Everything to customs was around N1.540m.

Yet I had issues on the road.

However, if I was to declare the full duty on the car, I would be paying additional N1m to what i had paid above, that's 2.2m and then the surcharge and all. Everything to clear the car would be somewhere around N3m or so. I paid N2.4m

I agree that Adexfem was wrong for non-disclosure. I took mine easily because I was aware of the poor clarity and confusion when it comes to valuation and dealing with customs. I suspect that your car was also declared as accidented or salvage, so it can benefit from the duty for semi knocked down units. This is the modus these days, as not a lot of us can afford the complete duty for Fully built units.

The key reason why i am replying to post is regarding the solution to this problem. It is pertinent to institute a civil case against the custom's service to end this nonsense. The service is VERY culpable if it gives a valuation and releases a car but goes ahead to impounds the same for 'short payment'. The valuation officers needs to start getting punished if this nonsense must end. The custom's website must have a duty calculator to give owners a fair idea of the custom's duty. I would expect that one day, someone will take this route. But because it pays us to keep short paying, no one will act on this. It pays me too. But it is a huge corruption out there and our inaction is fueling it.

On a normal day and in a sane country, I don't see what the NCS is doing in-country, mounting road blocks and check-points all over the place looking for goods that it cleared to go in country. There's no better evidence of failure and incompetence. Worse still is that most of these officers don't know their jobs and how to be lawful in discharge of their duties. It is a shame!

Sorry about your loss, but I am convinced you will have the car back, even though at additional cost to you. Gladly, it is for personal use, hence will end well. We'll keep learning

I hope Adexfem can learn to be more explicit. I have used him severally and will still use him. I think he's been very fair in his business and I hope he applies lessons from this. I can't bet on it, but best believe he may have spent almost N550k left on bribes. For a 2014 luxury SUV, the appetite for greed among the custom officers giving the valuation is as big as the car. cheesy Sad commentary!


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by Emperoh(m): 7:05pm On Jul 30, 2019

Just got a W204, 2010. I just discovered my Comand screen is blank. It will pop out at start up, show the Benz logo and fold back in again. Radio and CD all work with good sound, but the display shows nothing. I am left with figuring things out using the multimedia display on the instrument cluster. Anyone knows how I can fix this thing out?

Secondly, while driving this morning, a message cam one the instrument screen, 'Check Engine Oil at Nexr Refueling'. What could this mean? Oil level seem ok temperature is just at the 90 degree mark too.
Autos / Re: Hybrid discussion Thread. by Emperoh(m): 9:06am On Jun 25, 2019

I preferred a controlled environment for jobs like this

Nnam, you should follow Rich Rebuilds on YouTube. He does Tesla and electric cars.

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Autos / Re: Hybrid discussion Thread. by Emperoh(m): 10:06pm On Jun 18, 2019

You wey come late grin

Essit ya late? Are you late? Are late you?

I will soon scratch this my hand on your motor!
Autos / Re: Hybrid discussion Thread. by Emperoh(m): 9:11pm On Jun 18, 2019
Emperoh reporting to class! shocked shocked

Make I hear anybody talk say I come late! After all our ancestors talk say when person wake, na im be him morning! cool

Teacher Gazzuzz good after evening oo! Abeg, dem dey get recap or rewind? At least make I for fit sabi well grin
Travel / Re: Securing Visa To France, Applying From Nigeria... by Emperoh(m): 3:20pm On Jun 11, 2019
Hi Everyone, can someone confirm if VFS Abuja is a walk in submission?
Travel / Re: General German Business And Tourist Visas ONLY by Emperoh(m): 12:23am On Jun 11, 2019
True to suggestion, they open up the portal at close to midnight.
But the earliest date I saw was 3rd September, by which time, the programme I am attending would have ended.

Does anyone here know if there is anything I can do to get an earlier appointment date? Perhaps this June or July?
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by Emperoh(m): 2:36pm On May 30, 2019
Transcript at ABUJA EMBASSY with onr black American lady at window 7 or so.

*Me:* (with a bright smile and happy face) Good morning

*Vo:* Hi Good morning

*Vo:* you’re traveling to Plano Texas for what reason?

Me: To give the National Board Dental Exams Part 1. The exam is given only in America

*Vo:* Thats Medicine or Dentistry?

*Me:* Dentistry. Its a mandatory requirement to gain admission into post graduate Dentistry programs in America.

*Vo:* (nods her head in affirmation) So you want to pursue post graduate Dentistry education right ?

*Me: Yes after my Undergraduate Dental Program.

Vo: you are currently an undergraduate student of University of Benin right?

*Me:* Yes

*Vo:* who’s paying for the trip

*Me:* my Dad

*Vo:* what does he do?

*Me:* He’s a Bleep

*Vo:* does he work in Benin?

*Me:* Yes Edo,Benin

*Vo* what about your mom?

*Me:* She owns her business with 3 employee

*Vo* How long do you have left of schooling?

*Me* Plus Housemanship And NYSC is two years

*VO* Have you traveled outside Nigeria before?
*Me* Nah really

*Vo:* am approving your visa okay! Success on your Exams...passes me the white paper and keeps my passport in one carton.

*Me:* smile thank you(collected the white paper)


Eveb ONE KABIYESI man WAS DENIED TOO. SO NA BABA GOD GET POWER las las.. pray, fast and seek his face.

Just like other ppl have said before
1. Be confident in your answers
2. Don’t be desperate(very important.)
3. Those guys are highly trained and can sense desperation miles away. Go with the mentality that it’s either you get or not. After all Its not an interview for a million dollars check.


Well done and congratulations. Your interview was also on-point. No unnecessary elaboration unless you were asked. And you answered well enough. But importantly, you have very strong ties.

Apparently the lade would have wondered why you would abandon a program in which you have invested 5 years, with just 2 years to go. For me, i think that's the major deciding factor. You answers also validates the fact that you seem to have your plan clearly thought out.

All the same, the God factor is important. All the best bros.


Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 10:27am On May 30, 2019
Greetings everyone. Please can anyone teach me on how to cancel our application. My husband and I applied April 15 as we planned to tour Capetown for our honeymoon btw May 19 and 26. He was called May 17 and was asked all sorts of questions, we knew it was late because our traditional wedding was that day. We couldn't make other plans because our passports was wt them. As it is we don't want the visa again as it's already useless, can they please return so we can move on to better things with our lives.

GO to VFS and drop an application for them to withdraw your passport.
Travel / Re: General German Business And Tourist Visas ONLY by Emperoh(m): 1:16pm On May 28, 2019
Hi guys. So I want to renew my German schengen visa and I've been going online since December to book an appointment, but no dates are available. Has the system changed? Or is it my browser?

Hey guys, i am having similar issue. I am trying to book an appointment on the German embassy website but can't see any date.
Can someone share any information if they have?
Autos / Re: Milex & Carquest, 2nd Largest USA Parts & Repair NOW OPEN In Lekki Phase 2 by Emperoh(m): 8:55am On Dec 07, 2018

These numbers are not pulling up in interchange. I know they are for a Lexus. VIN or model, year, engine and drivetrain please.

2011 Lexus GS350 AWD
3.5 Litre V6. 2GR-FSE
Autos / Re: Milex & Carquest, 2nd Largest USA Parts & Repair NOW OPEN In Lekki Phase 2 by Emperoh(m): 1:48pm On Nov 28, 2018

You only need 4 quarts but cheaper to just get 5 quart jug than four 1 quart bottles.

Conventional http://weblink.carquest.com/acl/?mfgName=CQO&partNumber=CQ620-5QT N9,736

Synthetic http://weblink.carquest.com/acl/?mfgName=CQO&partNumber=CQ930-5QT N16,728

Filter http://weblink.carquest.com/acl/?mfgName=RFI&partNumber=R84145 N1,486

Wondering if you stock or can help supply me either of these parts
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 4:37pm On Nov 09, 2018
I paid for courier service and I didn’t get any text should I still go, thought I was supposed to get a text, also I tracked it it still saying under processing. I’m confused right now

They close by 4pm. So i am not sure if you can still go and they will allow you in.

However, if you don't have an sms or email by now, then it is most likely not there. I spoke to someone at the Consular section and he assured me to go and wait, that they will send a batch this evening. Got there by 245pm and it wasn't there. The lady asked me to wait that they were expecting another batch, and when it came, mine was there.

I got my sms when i returned to the office.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 3:35pm On Nov 09, 2018
Hi guys pls any information yet about those travelling to SA for the conference and are yet to to get their passports yet cause I’m supposed to travel this weekend

If you can, pse rush to VFS and check if yours is ready. I just picked mine now and it was issued.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 4:33pm On Nov 08, 2018

Yeah they told me about the backlog too it’s frustrating haba and they don’t ever pick up their phones to at least know about my application

My contact is telling me they are trying to clear out the back log. So whose travel dates are due for this weekend will likely get theirs tomorrow if it is approved.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 9:46am On Nov 08, 2018

I submitted an application for a visa to attend an event in cape town, going to three weeks I'm yet to receive my passport, I suppose to take off by November 10th which is next 3 days.I need an advice

I am sure you are going for the AfricaComm event for the FAW TECH PRIZE?
We dey the same boat. Still chasing mine. I was at the High Commission on Monday and Tuesday. Bros, I don't know, but it will be a miracle if that thing comes out by tomorrow. They have close to 2 months backlog.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 7:39pm On Nov 04, 2018

I went to the embassy they said they have a backlog of applications so visas will only be issued from next or upper week and they also changed consulars so things are a bit slow .

Bros abeg can you give an address or directions to the High Commission. I need to go there tomorrow myself.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 8:03am On Nov 02, 2018


I think Abuja has issues. I submitted mine since 28th of September in Abuja and no response up till now
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 8:49pm On Nov 01, 2018

I applied on 18 Oct 2018 and received SMS from Vfs for collection on 31-10-2018

Lagos or Abuja?
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 5:58pm On Oct 29, 2018

Wow!!! Did you track it?If yes what was the redponse you got.....

I still tracked it a few seconds ago and it says. . . . . . . . .

'Your application is received and under assessment at "The South Africa High Commission,Abuja".

I need to get my passport out.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 9:21pm On Oct 28, 2018
Hello everyone, please i submitted my application on the 12th at the vfs Abuja, and up till now i haven't heard anything from them.Its my third time going to SA , so i thought it should be out earlier and its already 3wks 2days ago and my last application was out in about 48hours in Lagos. Please anyone with any idea of what is going on with the Abuja SA High Commission?

Submitted mine on 27th September. Same Abuja Consulate.
No word up till now.

Terrible thing is that I want to retrieve my passport for another trip for which I need a visa for and i don't even know how to go about it
I need ABC or ABJ numbers
Can you secure?
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Emperoh(m): 1:01pm On Oct 18, 2018
I submitted an my application for a temporary visit visa at VFS on the 27th of September, exactly three weeks today.
Not any response and my tracking is saying my application is still being process at the South African Consulate in Abuja.

I have other trips scheduled for November and i need to my passport to process entry visa for those. Is there any means of retrieving my passport in the circumstance they don't provide an update for me by this time next week?
Autos / Re: OEM Toyota/Lexus Spare Parts by Emperoh(m): 11:33pm On Sep 13, 2018
Hello Sir,

I am in need of the Fuel Pressure Delivery Line for a 2011 GS 350
Here's the part number 04007-55131

Do you have it in stock?
Autos / Re: NEED Spare Parts For Your CARs and SUVs? by Emperoh(m): 11:25pm On Aug 13, 2018
High quality spare parts.
Thank You!!!

Hello Sir,

What's the price for the following parts.

Front bumper with sensors.
Right Headlamps
Right fod lamps
Right mud protector.

Lexus GS350
Give me your quotes for used and new
Autos / Re: OEM Toyota/Lexus Spare Parts by Emperoh(m): 11:17pm On Aug 12, 2018
Hello Sir,

What's the price for the following parts.

Front bumper with sensors.
Right Headlamps
Right fod lamps
Right mud protector.

Lexus GS350
Car Talk / Re: When It Is Time To Return To Factory Specs. by Emperoh(m): 11:00pm On Aug 12, 2018
Hmm mm....... Interesting thread!

Grabs chair. By the way Gazzuzz, aside being an English speaking mechanic you also write very well. Weh done sah.

E get one small work wey we fit do oo.

GS 350 from Yankee. Interested?


Autos / Re: FOR SALE 2003 Honda Pilot: Nigerian Used SOLD by Emperoh(m): 8:29pm On Aug 12, 2018

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