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Crime / Re: My Sister's Account Was Wiped Out While Her Atm Card Was With Her by Enahi(f): 9:30am On Dec 29, 2020
Too bad i am just seeing this now, i hope it has been resolved though!

Ask your sister questions on last POS She used the card.

She should also explain to you if She has ever used Her card details on Branch, perhaps She used it to request for loan or someone used Her card details without Her knowing.

She should contac GTB ASAP for Her complaint to be escalated to the Fraud team.

The card should be blocked too immediately!

All the best!

quote author=Seanjay post=97497574]Please help this just happened to my sister yesterday cry cry cry they wiped out all her 75K in her account very earl1y by 5AM on Sunday 27th of December 2020(yesterday morning) with her atm been with her and no OTP was sent to her..

Please I have the screenshots of the transaction and the theft was down by one PG-BRANCH-INTERNATIONAL LANGSTAN9999335740...

Please Anyone Who Can Help Us Can Pm Me

The bank involved is GTBANK and I think the job was done by an insider

Please help a sister in this trying period.. she had been saving the money for school resumption[/quote]


Career / Re: Why Are People In These Professions Very Rude? by Enahi(f): 9:50pm On Nov 23, 2020
I came here to read comments.
Career / Re: Why Are People In These Professions Very Rude? by Enahi(f): 9:46pm On Nov 23, 2020
Nigerian nurses are used as domestic servants by doctors that they are older than sometimes. This causes deep inferiority complex and aggression which they transfer on patients who book an appointment with a doctor through them . Each time a patient gets to a doctor through them in a hospital, they are reminded of their gross irrelevance in the scheme of things. Have you ever heard of "Nurses strike"? That's how irrelevant they are. I'm describing auxiliary nurses here not matrons and midwives.

Employees you meet at commercial banks are not necessarily banking professionals who understand accounting and economics. Those that collect deposits and customer service officials are usually contract staffs who are made to work like slaves for cheap wages. The only difference between these people and the bank security is their uniform. You most likely have never spoken with a real banker at a bank. The real bankers stay in inner rooms and enjoy their lives.

When you see a "NEPA" staff , there is a high probability that he is coming to disconnect your line because of debt. If you are honest and pay your electricity bills , they will start smiling at you like they smile at me.

Most Nigerian doctors become angry when they remember that you will give their credit to your pastors as testimonies in church. It's really a frustrating thing to think about.

You sound very bitter & sad. Referring to people as slaves shows that u ve nothing to offer in life & have lots of regrets.

My two cents though!

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Celebrities / Re: Dollars Found In The Palace Of Oba Of Lagos Hidden In A Coffin by Enahi(f): 8:08pm On Oct 22, 2020
If our yooots truly find dollars in a coffin, you think they will let you know? Aswear na that dollars go cause division.

These Nnamdi Kanu's investments don't know what they are toying with
Your stupidity makes me want to puke!


Politics / Re: ENDSARS. Fact Check Fake News And Fake Pictures Here. Pictures And Captions. by Enahi(f): 4:20pm On Oct 22, 2020

Yesterday, youths(mostly thugs) were shot on their legs(same monsters they created) and some died. A 5 years old kid was killed(live).

Unlike the ones you were paid to cover up the death of innocent souls. I know you have kids or will one day have one.
Even with no kids,your life will never remain the same.

I don't have any time to waste arguing with a dumb ass. Not everyone is paid peanuts like you and the op.

If you reply,OYO is your case.
If you don't, OYO is still your case.

DOOM has come home to lay it's eggs and it will lay already hatched eggs on the heads of those with evil scent.

Go through your comment again & again and tell me if u have brain or not.

Shey in ur previous comment u claimed no one died ? Why u dey change mouth now abi dem don comot ur brain?
Politics / Re: ENDSARS. Fact Check Fake News And Fake Pictures Here. Pictures And Captions. by Enahi(f): 2:16pm On Oct 22, 2020

Ok ma

Since no one died during this whole protest,nothing was destroyed as well.

Only fools know fools anyway.
shey d peanuts they paid you go soon finish
Crime / Re: Full Interview With Bola Tinubu As He Speaks In Tears by Enahi(f): 2:08pm On Oct 22, 2020
PDP is trying hard to knock Tinubu out of the race,it is now left for him to redeem his own image,Yoruba's are sensitive.
PDP kee you there


Politics / Re: ENDSARS. Fact Check Fake News And Fake Pictures Here. Pictures And Captions. by Enahi(f): 2:03pm On Oct 22, 2020

Nothing was destroyed.

You be fool o.

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Politics / Re: ENDSARS. Fact Check Fake News And Fake Pictures Here. Pictures And Captions. by Enahi(f): 1:46pm On Oct 22, 2020

Nobody died

They have paid you people abi. May you and your family face the consequences!

I dare you to upload your picture.
Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu: A Message Of Hope In A Time Of Crisis by Enahi(f): 8:13am On Oct 13, 2020
Seyi Tinubu better respect yourself or else Nigerians will unleash their anger on you.

We ain't asking for your opinion because we know what you are made of. Your family reeks of corruption,agberoism,godfatherism,stealing,slavery and injustices. Generations unborn will hear of your surname & be disappointed as well.

A product of a thief is also a thief!


Celebrities / Re: Meet Nigerian Billionaire Interior Designer Ehi Ogbebor(female) Photos&profile by Enahi(f): 4:03pm On Jul 23, 2020

The beautiful bride, Ehi surely needs no introduction because she is very popular on the Island. She is even more popular on Instagram due to what she does and the life she lives. But for those who do not know who she is, Ehi has carved a niche for herself amongst the Lekki axis having beautified and handled many homes with her tastefully designed interior decors. The beautiful lady who has all going for her is one of the irreconcilable faces at A.list parties in townmuch-anticipated has a clique of friends who also live big on the Island. Ehi whose father is late Mr Samuel Ogbebor of Orhiakhi family of Edo Ugboko Ovia in Edo is a warm and natural person when you meet her well-organized and this is one of the many things working for her which makes all her friends stay glued to her. She got one of the best gifts,a Muller Geneva Franck diamond wristwatch which accompanied her diamond proposal ring and got a double one for her traditional wedding. She used to be a big fish in the insurance sector back in the days and at the face of her insurance company years show-stopping. Her massive office and showroom is located at Fola Osibo in Lekki, she also has a hotel and presently working on the floor lounge and club which will be completed in earnest.


Celebrities / Re: Meet Nigerian Billionaire Interior Designer Ehi Ogbebor(female) Photos&profile by Enahi(f): 3:42pm On Jul 23, 2020
Nice write but please note that Ehi is not from the East, don't be stupid & biased in your write up. A lot of people follow this woman on Instagram & knows where She is from.

We had bring you Nigerian interior designer Ehi Ogbebor Net Worth and profile: Ehiozogie Ogbebor is a Nigerian Born Businesswoman, Investor, entrepreneur and a renown personality in the country Ehiozogie is the founder, MD/CEO @Sayaveth Interiors & Hotels, one of Nigeria’s biggest luxury interior designing companies in Nigeria. Ehi Ogbebor Originally hails from Imo state but was born and bred in Edo State, Nigeria. She is popularly known for her business Sayaveth Interiors.

How do she make her money, how old is she when she make her first million let's check out from the source https://www.the360report.com/2020/07/23/ehi-ogbebor-biography-and-net-worth/ please undersstand that i refer you to the source for the sake of copyright thanks

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Celebrities / Re: Davido: "I Wish My Mum Were Alive To See My Picture With Oba Ewuare Of Benin" by Enahi(f): 12:46am On Oct 22, 2017
Alright thanks... Learn to read well... Was there any where i said they are not Edo names, i only said some Yorubas bear those names too... Enjoy yourself... I admit i am foolish and i choose to be foolish for this.
you deserve the Insult because u are a liar,people like u shouldn't be on Nairaland.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido: "I Wish My Mum Were Alive To See My Picture With Oba Ewuare Of Benin" by Enahi(f): 8:32pm On Oct 21, 2017
I have not told you Edo don't bear that name... Yorubas bear it too and there is a difference in the spelling... Imade to Imhade... For example, there is Adesuwa and there is Adesua, for Yoruba and Edo respectively

Gosh.u are so Fucking pathetic smh. FYI idiot yorubas don't bear Adesuwa but bear Adesewa. Adesuwa and imade are pure Edo names,I doubt if truly u are yoruba because u sound too foolish to be one.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido: "I Wish My Mum Were Alive To See My Picture With Oba Ewuare Of Benin" by Enahi(f): 8:26pm On Oct 21, 2017
Yes it sounds Yoruba, Ondo and Osun people bear Imade... Edo's own is Imhade
Fucking stupid liar,na which day yorubas start to bear imade? For Ondo state maybe because they have some Edo people living In Ondo state for long.

Now liar tell us what imade mean in yoruba?

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Education / Re: 108 Oldest Secondary Schools In Nigeria by Enahi(f): 9:21am On Oct 20, 2017
You listed St Gregory college but didn't list the sister school which Is Holy Child College Obalende. You still have to do more research I guess. You didn't list the private schools too.
Family / Re: Are You Married And Facing Challenges? Would You Like To Share To Help Others? by Enahi(f): 7:21am On Oct 19, 2017
For once I agree with KanwuliaExtra . . . . Most people think marriage is a way to find happiness . . . but you have to first of all find happiness in yourself before expecting it from someone else.

People go into marriage for various reasons (I know I did); those who do it for 'love' or 'happiness' are sometimes disappointed. Clearly human beings are terribly unreliable and can only give what they have.

For me, I got married to raise a family . . . and the most challenging thing in that is having to to do it with someone who has different views and ideologies as me. You won't believe how frustrating it can be, haggling over the little things that ordinarily shouldn't be an issue. angry

However, I don't think things will be different if I had a different spouse, as a matter of fact, I think I was quite lucky in my choice. So if I find myself single again, I'll probably remain that way for the rest of my life.

Marriage is over-rated . . . it should be outlawed.

I am so scared right now, but how did you end up with someone with different ideologies and views? Me as I dey single so I am taking my time o because me I cannot come and allow someoneelse take my peace away from me!!


Fashion / Re: 2016 Most Beautiful Face In Nigeria Season 3 Finalists by Enahi(f): 8:23am On Apr 15, 2017

How r you?
Fashion / Re: 2016 Most Beautiful Face In Nigeria Season 3 Finalists by Enahi(f): 4:15pm On Apr 14, 2017
[quote author=henryhemon post=55565941]


Celebrities / Re: Mr Ideal Nigeria Unveils Contestants. by Enahi(f): 12:49pm On Apr 14, 2017
gays undecided
Celebrities / Re: Omawumi Celebrates Her 35th Birthday Today by Enahi(f): 9:52am On Apr 13, 2017
Too bad Yemi Alade don comot Omawumi from business. Omawumi career don die thanx to Yemi Alade.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Avengers Unveils Currency by Enahi(f): 9:38am On Apr 13, 2017
So ARAROMI was part of Delta State in 1908!
And you know the history of the Ilajes more than the Ilajes? What's the meaning of CORE YORUBA because I am just hearing it on Nairaland?

This topic is dead na.
Romance / Re: My New Boyfriend Said He Is A Cultist, What Should I Do? by Enahi(f): 8:41pm On Apr 12, 2017
Been there done that......i will advice you change your school for ur safety!!! I experienced something similar way back while trying to get into uni, they are usually not afraid to tell u the truth when they are in love but they will threaten your life if you try to leave them.

You cant leave him neither can u ignore him and any guy that comes your way OYO is his case.

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Celebrities / Re: BBN Winner Efe Unfollows Instagram Followers by Enahi(f): 6:45pm On Apr 12, 2017
Efe played a fast one on y'all. I never liked the idiot from the onset, untalented fake rapper. Anyway good luck to all his ass lickers.
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: "I Didn't Have Mouth Action With Thin Tall Tony" - Bisola by Enahi(f): 6:16pm On Apr 12, 2017
Bisola the prostitute,Bisola the free giver,Bisola the head giver and you want to add lieing to the list too. You can fool yourself but not Nigerians.


Romance / Re: Do You Have Someone You Like On Nairaland? by Enahi(f): 11:26pm On Apr 09, 2017
why are u guys resurrecting a thread that was resting in pieces sad sad

Culture / Re: Naming System Of The Anioma People Of Delta State by Enahi(f): 5:22pm On Apr 08, 2017

Esan has the 'ch' sound? I am just asking because I can't remember seeing 'ch' in an Esan word.

Ehichoya is an Esan name


Romance / Re: Am I Treating Her Fairly? What Are Your Thought? by Enahi(f): 1:06pm On Feb 28, 2017

I guess the best way is to let her go. Although she is still disturbing me for her school fees. I don't want to force her into marriage.
I have started declining her requests already. That should do.

You better change your number now or else she will coerce and use sweet words and u will fall for again.
Romance / Re: Am I Treating Her Fairly? What Are Your Thought? by Enahi(f): 12:29pm On Feb 28, 2017
Don't mind that guy, call off the relationship. No one sided relationship can survive
i am not a guy ma, i am a lady like you. Why are u asking him not to mind me haba i was only trying to encourage him for been a good Samaritan undecided
Romance / Re: Am I Treating Her Fairly? What Are Your Thought? by Enahi(f): 12:26pm On Feb 28, 2017

I will thanks. angry angry angry undecided
Romance / Re: Am I Treating Her Fairly? What Are Your Thought? by Enahi(f): 11:34am On Feb 28, 2017
[quote author=hotwax post=54132134]I am dating this girl I met 2 years ago. I have been taking care of her (at least to the best of my ability) ever since she lost her mother. Her father could not take care of her because he is not financially buoyant to take care of 6 children at a time. Apart from taking care of her upkeeps, I also helped her gain admission into a university recently.

At this stage, the burden of her school fees and expenses is on my neck.

To the real issue. I have never touched her. We agreed that our relationship will be without sex. I visited her at school last month. We played and both got carried away. I got her naked. And, at the point of penetration, I noticed she is water tight down there. She stopped me, she said she intentionally allowed me to attempt the penetration so that I would see she is a virgin myself. She said she did not want to tell me but wanted me to confirm on my own. I was still hot in the mood, I attempted to penetrate anyways, but she resisted and started struggling with me. I thought as a gentleman if a woman says No, you should respect her wishes so it won't turn to a rape case. I left her.

Although I attempted to try again but she resisted.

The issue now is.

1. She had a boyfriend and they are still chatting on whatsap. She claimed he left her because he could not take care of some of her needs. But they still chat and call every now and then. I have challenged her on many occasions, she will just say they are just friends, nothing will make her date him again.

2. I don't know if I am wrong, I always think the only way she can be mine is if I bed her. Also, I am about spending big on her. Her school expenses alone is enough to buy a Tokunbo car. What if she does the girl thing, is that how all my effort will be a waste?

FYI: I am bent on marrying her although she keeps saying she can only talk marriage after her NYSC. She even get angry anytime I talk about marriage (Im not rushing for marriage. I just need assurance of marriage). I remember one day when I even got angry and said "This whole relationship is on your own terms. You see yourself as the center of the relationship. You dictate everything even though I carry all the pains" I later apologized for speaking in such manner.

3. Anytime we quarrel, I will be the one to apologize. If I don't call her, she won't call for eternity. The last quarrel lasted 4 months before I later call her as usual. She never apologize.

All these are making me to rethink. Thats why I keep asking her for sex. Hope I am not investing in ponzi scheme.

What do you think?

Am I fair to ask for sex?

Am I fair to her?

Are these so-called virgins actually worth the stress?

Please I need your

No u are not fair o, you need to do more. After paying her school fees please dont forget to add her accommodation money and feeding allowance as well. Dont forget to always send her recharge card so she doesnt run out of airtime, may God bless you for been a cheerful giver.

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