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Sports / Re: Liverpool Vs Barcelona: Lessons I Learnt From The Champion’s League Match by Fuckdamod: 11:25am On May 08, 2019
I knew this type of mumu thread will hit the front page grin

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Literature / Re: Chinua Achebe Signing A Copy Of His Book 'Anthills Of Savanna' (Throwback Photo) by Fuckdamod: 11:15am On May 08, 2019
They av still manage to bring wole into this matter again!
What kind of human beings dey this country sef!!??


Sports / Re: Liverpool Players Celebrated Barcelona Win Inside Their Dressing Room by Fuckdamod: 10:08am On May 08, 2019
E over sweet me grin

Where those nairalanders calling them looserpool, saying they won't win shit? Better come out now! angry

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Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy, Akpojivi Onoriode Arrested By EFCC In Calabar by Fuckdamod: 8:43am On May 07, 2019
Stupid efcc
What of gandollar and tifnubu.
If this guy didn't do yahoo there is a high chance he will be wallowing in poverty caused by the useless leaders efcc are failing to arrest. Should we kill ourselves? Haba!

I think that efcc boss deserves to be thought a lesson, maybe scamming him of all his belongings in a very intelligent and untracable way will work angry

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Celebrities / Re: "I Cannot Kill Myself" - Olakunle Churchill Undisturbed Amidst Tonto's Outburst by Fuckdamod: 8:35am On May 07, 2019
grin correct man


Crime / Re: VIDEO: How Police Raped, Beat Us – Women Arrested At Abuja Nightclubs by Fuckdamod: 11:19am On May 06, 2019

Hope u will say this if ur sister is picked up and raped while running an errand.
Running an errand and selling body publicly for cash are two different things entirely!
Stop defending rubbish and have sense!
Crime / Re: VIDEO: How Police Raped, Beat Us – Women Arrested At Abuja Nightclubs by Fuckdamod: 11:05am On May 06, 2019
grin This news just dey sweet me
If they want to behave abnormal by selling their body for cash then they should be treated abnormally. Most them are very uncouth and disrespectful. Kudos to the police.

I don't like buhari gov't at all but this act alone has changed my mind somehow.


Sports / Re: Kanu Nwankwo Visits Ooni Of Ife, Oba Enitan Oogunwusi by Fuckdamod: 8:26pm On May 05, 2019
Please, who owns this ugly, dirty rat -like face?
Is it not that zombie? So ugly
Business / Re: Arthur Eze Dances To 'Igba Eze' At His Residence In Ukpo,Anambra by Fuckdamod: 8:23pm On May 05, 2019
This igbo man won't rest now, money doesn't save heart attack all the time.


Politics / Re: Tinubu: Fani-kayode Speaks On Attack Of Igbos In Lagos by Fuckdamod: 2:34pm On Mar 04, 2019
But wait o..
E get anytime wey dem share land free of charge give Igbo man for dis Lagos?
Somebody should answer me na
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Fani-kayode Speaks On Attack Of Igbos In Lagos by Fuckdamod: 1:30pm On Mar 04, 2019
lol here we go again...go and fight any igbo man u see on the streets of lagos, una no fit go fight, na so so mouth una get for nairaland.pitiko nonsense disgraceful lot we have here on NL
Lol.. no mind em.
Nairaland dey give them mind.. nairaland wey no reach 1million users. For their mind nairaland na the real world grin


Politics / Re: Tinubu: Fani-kayode Speaks On Attack Of Igbos In Lagos by Fuckdamod: 1:26pm On Mar 04, 2019
But wait o..
E get anytime wey dem share land free of charge give Igbo man for dis Lagos?

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Politics / Re: Anambra King Sells Land To Fulani Herdsmen, Sparks Outrage. Photos by Fuckdamod: 11:12am On Mar 04, 2019

What if lagosian have done same
How many times has the igbos murder yorubas in lagos? U better get sense

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Politics / Re: Obiano Swears-In Ijem Onwuamaegbu As Anambra First Female Chief Judge by Fuckdamod: 11:06am On Mar 04, 2019
cheesy Dont blame yoruba people for loving apc, there is a strong relationship between broom and ewedu.

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Crime / Re: Unemployment And Poverty Are Forcing Nigerians To Turn To Oil Theft - Aljazeera by Fuckdamod: 6:32pm On Mar 02, 2019
Next level cool

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 11:50am On Mar 02, 2019
For every 1 Yoruba and Northerner in the East, 10000 Igbo are in the West and North and more are arriving daily.
Nobody there means in relative terms.

Bros, E don do. All we go enjoy Nigeria or Biafra or Oduduwa land.
The thing is that Yorubas are feeling cramped in their own land and wonder if you guys can stay at home more or go more to the North and stop flooding Lagos. That's all.

No be fight. Una don dey overstay una welcome.

U for talk 10million instead of 10thousand per one.
For your mind anyone that isn't yourba in lagos is automatically igbo.
In my area where i live the fulanis don invade messing the place up. Let's not forget even you yorubas flood lagos from ur various states and i even get right pass them if this was a sane country cos i was born there. Out of the wonderful things in this life na that nonsense lagos i wan drag? I pray say something so that igbos go comot enmass. It's a pity a lot invested huge here, if not 80% of the place will be brown roofs.
Politics / Re: Video Of Hausa-fulani Beggar: Matters Arising by Fuckdamod: 10:18pm On Mar 01, 2019

[s]You started your comments very well...
And you also acknowledge the fact that God said we should help our neighbors and loved ones...

But is like the scenario that happened during this presidential election has made you to have a rethink...if I can understand your unspoken comments, is like you have resolved not to give alm or do good to those northern less- privileged people..
Anyway, it's your money, you can give it to whoever you like.... but I want to implore you as a Christian to have a re-think..Either way you look at it, we are commanded to help Matt 25: 35-41...and we should do it cheerful 2 Cor 9:7b .. God is always counting on us...

Have I said anything? God bless[/s]
Fůck this nonsense

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Politics / Re: Video Of Hausa-fulani Beggar: Matters Arising by Fuckdamod: 9:45pm On Mar 01, 2019
Haha haha.. It's really funny that u r preaching about love... U v Neva loved us... Even wen we marry ur women u hate us and want to kill us and take over our property... Yoruba's see Igbomen as fools... Ritualist... Money miss road... Meanwhile Na dem get native doctor pass... We suffered for 4yrs... My Aboki at work will complain about baba.... Tell me his wife born I ll give him 5k out of good hart... Sometimes 3k but wen election reach he started doing 4+4 sign for me... Tomorrow he will come and meet me again Na! Who is the fool.... Let dem eat from Buhari simple... They deserve to rule so let their president take care of them finish... Wen I want to give I ll go to motherless babies home in east and give the children. Who need help... Dis is just the begining of the next level
Hahaha cheesy grin
Make 4+4 sign give am money oo


Politics / Re: Video Of Hausa-fulani Beggar: Matters Arising by Fuckdamod: 9:03pm On Mar 01, 2019
I would cut straight to the chase here because I have never felt so appalled by such brazen display of HATE in my whole life.

The 2019 elections have come and gone, and expectedly, there are the victors and the losers, and those whose mighty egos have been bruised, somewhat irreparably. Unfortunately, those who pride themselves as the beacons of literacy and civility have been the ones displaying the worst signs of barbarism and illiteracy.

A video has emerged of a guy, presumably an Atiku/Obi supporter, rebuffing a beggar who approached him, simply because the beggar is of Northern origin! More surprising than the brazen display of hate towards a destitute, are the comments which have trailed the video, especially on this forum. To those who seem to applaud the callous and shameful display of RAW HATE, the beggar deserves it because they aided the reelection of Buhari.

Now, the following questions arise, and these are questions a human with the heart and brain of a human, should ask themselves.

1. Majority of those who claim the election was a sham and that the actual winner is Atiku/obi, what more evidence does one need to prove they dont believe themselves when they say that?

If indeed you believe Atiku/obi won the election, isnt it then likely that AT LEAST 40% of those northerners voted them? We are talking about millions of people here. Allow that sink for a moment.

Therefore, if millions of those people did vote Atiku/obi, then, chances are there's a healthy probably that person towards whom you are directing your hate actually voted the same candidate you voted!!! How then do you justify your HATE for him?? Can you see how hate blinds reason?

2. If you claim Atiku/obi won but rigged out, what exactly concerns a beggar with rigging? Would someone who rigged an election be on the streets bagging? Do you think any of those people seen in those disgusting videos where folks were thumb printing rims after rims of ballot papers would have anything doing in the streets begging? Do the people you saw in those videos look anything like these beggars to you?

3. We take pride in our religion as Christians and those who are seen applauding the barbaric act are same folks who claim to be Christian's and speak of some phantom islamization agenda. Now, what I would like to ask is, what part of our religion encourage such acts of wickedness and hate? Isnt LOVE itself the greatest virtue of Christianity? Or is there some other brand of Christianity out there which we are oblivious of?

As a matter of fact, both frontline contenders to the office are from THE SAME REGION AND RELIGION, so why have we chosen to become so embittered by the loss of one of them? Or is the reaction born more out of Obi's defeat than it is Atiku's?

We thought we had seen it all as per the hate these folks are capable of after jonathan's loss, but from what we are seeing, it is instructive that we the good citizens of this country brave ourselves for the worse. Unfortunately, those pushing us to the precipice happen to be the most dispersed people across this country. There is hardly any corner of the country where you dont find their kith and kin doing business. What then do they think would be the fate of their loved ones if shiit hits the fan? What exactly is there to gain from this show of shame?

The APC endured opposition for sixteen long years under which period they suffered needless damages and oppression by agents of the state. We never saw them demonstrate such vileness. Why then is it so difficult for the pdp and her supporters to stomach just FIVE YEARS of opposition? Had the supporters of APC acted the way we see these guys act today, would there really be any country left to scramble over today? What is there to gain from burning down a country to whose leadership you aspire? Are you planning on ruling over her ashes?

I think it is time the government of the day uses all the resources within her powers, especially with the incoming NASS, to bring some sanity into the social media space before it consumes the country. China is doing it and heavens have yet to fall!!! As a matter of fact, one is tempted to think Nigerians aren't civilised enough to have access to social media if the things we see there every day is anything to go by. Ironically, the people who boast of being civilised are the ones pushing the boundaries of hate on the internet!

There should be a clampdown on those propagating hate in whichever form. If they can't learn to accept defeat like civilised humans do, then they should have no business having their inflammable opinions broadcasted to the general public. Let them keep that pollution to their nuclear families. angry angry

Thank you.
Look at this real definition of hate preaching love. Wonders shall never end

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Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu: Bola Tinubu Positions Son To Be Governor In 2023 - Sahara Reporters by Fuckdamod: 7:35pm On Mar 01, 2019

Just go back to your land bros, I beg u! grin
I no go, come pursue me!
You wan reap properties wey u no sow into. Ole
Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu: Bola Tinubu Positions Son To Be Governor In 2023 - Sahara Reporters by Fuckdamod: 3:24pm On Mar 01, 2019

who cares. keep buying. when we need our property we know how to get it and theres nothing you can do about it. You will always be a 2nd class citizen in lagos.
A slave will always be a Slave even after being released. you want to be King? Go back to your region
Lagos this and that.. this useless lagos sef wey una no want make we hear word on top.
Although I'm not proud of the state but As long as i was born in lagos i am a true lagosian. I have more rights than your fellow ogbomosho born brothers and there's nothing u can do about it! Ask your lawyer or argue with your keypad.
Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu: Bola Tinubu Positions Son To Be Governor In 2023 - Sahara Reporters by Fuckdamod: 3:16pm On Mar 01, 2019

Don't live in other people state and talk shit about your host. If your state is better move back.
Oga free me na.. if i join my brothers in attacking u and ur lord tinubu, u won't let me be, now i told them to leave u guys alone to follow tinubu and yet u won't let me be. Wetin sef??
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 11:09am On Mar 01, 2019
Our God-given ancestral land is more than enough for us, so we don't need to cast covetous eyes on someone else's property.
And nobody wants to live in the East. Not even the Easterners (else you wouldn't be flooding my home 100 buses a day) so why would I go there?
Yorubas I know can't be bothered about Igbo people. We neither hate nor like you. We are indifferent.
This tiger you are riding, will only consume you and your people.

You argue like a child. If nobody wanna live in the east then who are in the east now? Or should i say no body wanna live in west cos some of ur pple are in the east ryt now?
Your pple are indifferent about igbo pple but see them littering the forum with hate speech against the igbos including the op of this thread. Keep acting blind.
If we're riding a tiger then you guys are riding a bigger tiger and it will consume u guys too.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 10:39am On Mar 01, 2019
It's my home. I can relocate anyone visiting to any part of it.
You are the one visiting my home and trying to take it over (as you said) and hating my people
You hate my people but won't leave my home.
I'm telling you I don't hate you back.
How is it the same thing?
Dude, you guys are tough to live with, as I have learnt the hard way. If you don't like people, don't move to their land. Stay in yours.
I'm leaving this here.
Only one person needs healing here and it's you.
God bless!

Ogbeni if we are taking over then stop it. We didn't force gun to yoruba heads and took over. We are not trying to take over through war. If u think we are taking over then we are doing it in a legit way cos We hardworking pple.If we got money then we buy lands wherever and invest. Nobody stop u from taking over east...
You are here talking about us hating ur pple because ur pple love our pple ryt? The real hater is u cos u can't do what we do.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 10:23am On Mar 01, 2019

You don't need to rant bro. Your chest beating doesn't work with me.

We all know how you guys love living in delusion. You are masters in propaganda. I'm sure Atiku has learnt his lesson by now.

I know that the narrative running in your mind is that every Igbo person in the east and everywhere else is a multi billionaire. It's okay. You can roll with that. Whatever rocks your boat as long as it doesn't sink mine.

I know you've never left your hamlet before, so when your brothers in the west go home every Christmas with the change they've made all year and tell you that all Igbos are billionaires and buying all of Yorubas land and property, you tend to believe them because it strokes your ego. They tell you stories that makes you jump on the next Ekene Dili Chukwu bus to Lagos.

Like I said, it's OK. It's your delusions, not mine.
Couldn't read all ur long story bullshit cos i got to a point and almost threw up.
What i know is that I've told u the fact! I never said every igbo is a multi billionaire. If u wanna act dumb to what i said then fine, afterall it's now obvious envy made u like this.


Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 10:18am On Mar 01, 2019
2023 presidency is for the igbos by rights! A lot can change between now and then. So for now Let's concentrate on ensuring the country moves forward in all aspects and in every areas.

For what it's worth, ondo and oyo stood against buhari. Not all yorubas are stupid, tribalistic and hateful like the ones we see in this forum. Although we should still be very careful around any of them.
So i have no problem yoruba man leading the country as long as he's not a bigot. Fashola is a bigot, i don't know about osinbajo.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 10:02am On Mar 01, 2019
Any Yoruba that doesn't know what these people really think of him is a fool.
I refuse to hate back. But I'm noting what you think about me while swamping my home with your people.
God bless you and heal you!

I could say the same considering the relocating the igbos shi u ranted about.
God bless and heal you too man!
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 9:56am On Mar 01, 2019

You make it everywhere except back at home.
Have u been to the east? Are u telling me there are no successful billionaires that are making it in the east? Go to places like onitsha nnewi aba.. u think say na poor pple dey east? Or all our billionaires made it in ur slum? U think so highly about urselves but y'all are nothing to us. We make it anywhere.. even in the north. Go to kano jos kaduna u will find us there. because u see igbos in ur south west ur head is swelling anyhow. Your pple also all over SW and SS, i jam them all the time but we no dey make noise. Abeg pursue us! That's what i want.
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by Fuckdamod: 9:37am On Mar 01, 2019
This is why Yoruba governments need to relocate all the Igbo markets to the outskirts of Lagos.
And rebuild the markets with better infrastructure for Yorubas only.
Then in a few years simply relocate the markets in the outskirts next to Onitsha.
This is crazy talk from these people.

grin See this one talking.. does an average yoruba have business sense? After they have given u yorubas a rebuilt market it will still be useless cos most successful yoruba business men roll with igbos.
And When u relocate igbos to the outskirts or onitsha, it's you yorubas that will still travel miles to meet us.
We make it anywhere!
Abeg relocate us. grin

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