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Literature / Re: Books By Ghostwritter by ghostwritter(m): 10:21pm On Aug 16
The Hands of Time II

Literature / Re: Books By Ghostwritter by ghostwritter(m): 10:18pm On Aug 16
The Hands of Time

Literature / Re: Books By Ghostwritter by ghostwritter(m): 9:50pm On Aug 16

Literature / Re: Books By Ghostwritter by ghostwritter(m): 9:44pm On Aug 16

Literature / Books By Ghostwritter by ghostwritter(m): 9:40pm On Aug 16
For those wishing to purchase my e-books that are ready, WhatsApp 09045956287 or 08068833118.
email: lucidpublishers@gmail.com
Celebrities / Re: Laura Ikeji Finally Removed Her Chin Filler And Botox Check Out Her New Look by ghostwritter(m): 8:28am On Jul 30
...still looks like princess FIONA
grin I swear u no fit make heaven
Politics / Re: Tinubu’s 40-Man Manifesto Committee To Be Inaugurated Today by ghostwritter(m): 9:07pm On Jul 27
Bola Hamed Tinubu is the next president of the federal Republic of Nigeria.
God forbid BAT thing!

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NYSC / Re: Corper Who Wore Palazzo Skirt To Ogun Camp Chased Away (Video) by ghostwritter(m): 8:29pm On Jul 27
There is nothing absolutely wrong with her wearing a skirt. It's the same material, it's the same uniform.

Even in the military, you have women who put on their skirts.

Trouser is not for women! It's for men.
Even if the whole women Worldwide put on trousers, it doesn't make it right.
She is not man! And so her putting on skirt is not a crime.

Infact she is a worthy example for the ladies.

And some foolish people will think you are making sense. Shioo!


Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Adenuga, Tinubu And Soyinka by ghostwritter(m): 6:44pm On Jul 05

Obi is not even qualified to clean his shoes when it comes to achievements.
...Yes o my brother just as much as Tinubu is not qualified to rule us when it comes to Healthiness.

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Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Adenuga, Tinubu And Soyinka by ghostwritter(m): 6:13pm On Jul 05
TINUBU is not marketable for the highest political seat of Nigeria at this era when the youths are smart enough to decide who they want. How can someone say 'EMI LOKAN, E GBE WA' because you have earlier helped some greedy politicians in the past when you don't have the approval of the youths?
Even if you show me Tinubu in the midst of celestial bodies and Obi amidst devils, I swear I go still vote PeterObi.

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Crime / Re: Ghanaian Lady And Tiktoker Nana Yaa, Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend by ghostwritter(m): 4:22pm On Jul 04
Boys are not smiling. I can't let my sister marry a guy I don't understand his source of income. Even the lady sef no serious.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Addresses Prayer Mat Controversy by ghostwritter(m): 5:15pm On Jul 01
Of course, it came from overzealous supporters. But again, that is one downside of a politician having organic but mobbish support. They are driven by so much emotion and excitement to contribute to overthrow the status quo they considered stale. There will be more of this statement to come when real campaign starts because many will go overboard.
Me as a person, I will over do. I called a friend of mine last night to help me print nice campaign stickers of PETER OBI. I want to start pasting it on everyone's gate very early tomorrow morning.
Obi must win because I made a bet last week of 350,000 with an APC supporter. Walahitallahi PETER OBI must to win o!
Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila: Tinubu Is My Mentor, Benefactor: God Directed Me To Him by ghostwritter(m): 2:08pm On Jun 26
Good one Gbaja omẹ of the loyal lieutenants!

Unlike some people who would do anything to denigrate their benefactor

One thing is the benefactor is already miles ahead of them in planning.

He isn't sleeping at all
Na sleeplessness go later kill your Baba at last.
Even we the youths already made plans. He will meet us in front.
Literature / Re: Are There No Good Writers On Nairaland? by ghostwritter(m): 10:32am On Jun 24

Interesting observation. I never thought of it. Maybe it's because Nigerian females read more fiction than males and hence are exposed to better writing? Your level of writing is usually a reflection of the level of literature that you read.
I understand you were r@ped but you shouldn't take it up on another fellow male writer, you simply need a therapist. (I went through your profile)
Anyways, my few works on this forum are open to all kinds of criticism as well if lashing out your frustration on us will make you feel better.


Politics / Re: BREAKING! Reno Omokri Calls Labour Party A Major Party by ghostwritter(m): 3:48pm On Jun 18

Okupe is not a decoy.
Not the right word to use.
Okupe is standing in temporary as consultations are still on going to finalize a Northern Muslim as VP
Good boy, now you get what I'm talking about.
Politics / Re: BREAKING! Reno Omokri Calls Labour Party A Major Party by ghostwritter(m): 8:23am On Jun 18
Reno is now an OBIdient boy but point of correction Okupe is just a Decoy and will never be our V.P


Politics / Re: Labour Party Names Doyin Okupe As VP Candidate by ghostwritter(m): 8:15am On Jun 18
Mbaka has cursed Peter Obi on his altar and you think the Pandora criminal will still be normal grin
He can curse a man but can't bless his nation. You are mad.
You had better be OBIdient.
Politics / Re: Labour Party Names Doyin Okupe As VP Candidate by ghostwritter(m): 8:12am On Jun 18
The most unserious human being in the world award goes to Peter Obi grin grin grin grin grin grin
You don't have sense.
PO will shock you when he reveals the real V.P
We are presently heading to the North to pick him. Just be patient.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Still Searching For Running Mate, Will Substitute Masari – Tunde Rahman by ghostwritter(m): 7:57am On Jun 18
Spearman "Tinubu, Obi, going no where. Nigeria is a failed colonial project now under Fulani control."

To your point,Tinubu is not going nowhere, and I agree 100%
Mr. Tinubu is very indecisive person--something that led President Buhari to fail. Nigeria dose not need someone who is slow in decision making because it can lead to loss of lives. We have seen many loss of lives under OBJ, Yar'Adua, Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari for been indecisive in national security policy. That is terrible

So, I am so glad all Nigerians have witnessed what kind of President Mr. Tinubu would be if, and God forbid, he gets elected. What Nigeria needs now is a president who is very decisive in decision making. When enemies and terror groups like Boko Haram and IPOD notice weakness in the President of Nigeria, they exploit it to the detriment of Nigerians--leading to loss of lives.

Right now, Atiku Abubakar is the man to beat. That is because he tickets all the boxes correctly, beginning with his selection of Ifeanyi Okowa as VP.
I'm sorry to say this sir. You don't have the commonest of political sense. You had better be OBIdient.

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TV/Movies / Re: Blood Sisters: Ratings And Review (Nigerian Movie On Netflix) by ghostwritter(m): 12:08am On May 08
The casting is perfect, cinematography is great, story is superb but with a lot of flaws, kudos to them though, but if you have seen foreign series you won't rate this more than 6 or 7, how the hell did the hired killer with a suspicious dressing sneake in a gun into a 7 star hotel hosting a 7 star wedding with heavy security details, how did kemi and sarah compose themselves so much right after a murder?, something they have not witnessed before, how could akin leave kola for so long that a murder happened and as a bestman he didn't know?, how did they have so much time that they had to dismember a whole body at a time when the bride's mother and family were suoposed to be with her after her groom's disappearance?, how did sarah and kemi get the hotel uniform that perfectly fit them, had to move the body from their suite all the way down without real staff crossing their path and nobody saw their moves on the cctv to alert appropriate office?, how on earth could a security man not know the staff of the hotel and he got to know about the disappearance of the groom and there is no scene showing top management of the hotel being worried or call an emergence meeting about the incident?, how was a gun found on a buried body and no forensic was carried out to know the prints on the gun?, this would be a big deal in a foreign movie, how can sarah and kemi hijack a whole ferrari and no scene was shown where denrele reported a missing car or the car being tracked or chased, how can fugitives be walking on a road bearing in mind they are on the most wanted list and not cover their faces, they even accepted a ride offer from total strangers, so many flaws in the movie but for a nigerian standard they tried but they can always do better....nothing stops them from critiquing their movie before being released [color=#990000][/color]

I almost thought I was the only person who noticed these obvious flaws. I will rate it 5/10.
TV/Movies / Re: Blood Sisters: Ratings And Review (Nigerian Movie On Netflix) by ghostwritter(m): 12:00am On May 08
Is it the same movie I watched yesterday night, that this ppl are giving all raves n praise?
Rubbish overrated,boring movie….
Actually started well but it became clear they had nothing to act along the line……
Watched the movie cos of Ramsey, but I must say it was a sheer waste of talent
I fully agree with you. If i were to direct the movie, it would have started from the Investigation of Kola's mysterious death, the murderers would only be revealed through sequential flashbacks.
For me, Everything fell flat as soon I knew the murderer at the beginning.


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Tragic Death of Newborn Son by ghostwritter(m): 7:55pm On Apr 18
Sad to hear this. But how on earth will a baby coming into riches just die?. I suspect foul play. Even Brother Tunde the unemployed gave birth to two fine boys last week. Somethings in life are by God's grace alone.

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Crime / Re: Man's Head Turned To Pig Head After He Stole A Pig In Malawi (Pics, Video) by ghostwritter(m): 9:49am On Apr 11
This sounds so funny...all I can think of is George Orwell's novel ANIMAL FARM

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Business / Re: My Worst Regret While Trying To Make Money Online by ghostwritter(m): 9:35pm On Mar 23
Almost everyday I'm tempted to google "How do a young man in this Buhari era make money legitimately online" but it seems everyone online is also waiting to scam you. This world na jungle, man must eat man to survive. I'm certain I will make it online legitimately by God's grace.
Affiliate Marketers how market?

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Literature / Re: A Place For Thousand Demon by ghostwritter(m): 11:19pm On Mar 16

Do you still have the book
Pls chat me up
Literature / Re: A Place For Thousand Demon by ghostwritter(m): 10:56pm On Mar 16

I try send a message to the number you posted but the person at the other end said its a wrong number
Sorry, the earlier number is a mistake
It ought to be 09045956287
Literature / Re: A Place For Thousand Demon by ghostwritter(m): 10:52pm On Mar 16
hey this very number you posted here is mine pls kindly remove that number and put yours cos people are chatting with me on WhatsApp asking me about books I don't sell books pls remove that number 09045946287
Sorry for any inconvenience, I have corrected it in other forums. It ought to be 09045956287.
Literature / Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 5:26pm On Feb 16
For those of you willing to Purchase the complete story of CORRIDOR OF HELL, you will have to give me time. This story is getting longer and even crazier than I thought, it's almost turning to a full season trilogy by how long I've gone and how the plot seem to be spinning uncontrollably by itself. (I'm sure my fellow writers can understand what I'm talking about).
As tempted as it seems that I satisfy my readers curiosity quickly, I feel I will be doing both my readers and the novel itself great injustice if it ends poorly like GAME OF THRONES.
So please, you guys need to be patient with me as I promise to make the complete novel worth your wait and money.
Love you all.


Literature / Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 2:53am On Feb 12
Hi ghostwriter, it's been a while,and no updates,hope all is well?
Because you guys aren't encouraging a brother with buying my completed books. No free stuff this year. Only buyers of my books will henceforth have a taste of the FULL me. Thanks to those who have patronized me.
WhatsApp 09045956287
Email: lucidpublishers@gmail.com
Romance / Re: Another Man Has Gone To See The Parent Of My Wife To Be. by ghostwritter(m): 11:29am On Feb 09
Even if you don't have money, just package yourself with small gift and two of your relatives to go meet the girls family in a respectable manner.
All the excuses you gave above are so childish and you sound so immature to keep any lady at all.

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Phones / Re: Which Android Phone Can I Buy With 120k by ghostwritter(m): 4:00pm On Jan 29
Abeg where una dey see money buy all these expensive phone. Abeg make una teach me how to make legal money.

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Literature / Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 10:42pm On Jan 02
How much for the one
let's talk on whatsapp or send me an email.

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