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Family / Re: Zimbabwean Man Seeks Divorce Over Inability To Satisfy Wife With Sex by Gloriawinning: 10:14pm On Nov 23, 2018
I'll leave it to the asociation of dobodobo on Nairaland
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Gloriawinning: 9:40pm On Nov 23, 2018
@positivemummy2 by now you should have done a series of tests and start any treatments required.
Have you done any test Hun ?
Education / Re: 10 Most Educated Tribes In Nigeria by Gloriawinning: 9:24pm On Nov 23, 2018
With all due respect Igbo is number 2 , However, the Igbos with opportunities are over achievers especially is US and Lagos, they are pacesetters. #UpIgbo #UpYoruba #UpNigeria
Celebrities / Re: 'i've Been Away And On Treatment' - Tekno Opens Up On Health Challenges by Gloriawinning: 5:53pm On Nov 08, 2018
The shock of Success is like a high transformer voltage in the chest of them Village people. Personally, I nor fit try them. All of my business and projects na lowkey grin
Get well soon tekno
Celebrities / Re: Ghanaian Pop Star, Nina Ricchhi Puts Her Heavy Melons And Ni*ples On Display. by Gloriawinning: 9:42pm On Nov 04, 2018
The coke head forgot to cover up the silicone insertion scar. God I thank you for who I am. These ones are lost and being deceived by the devil .

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Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by Gloriawinning: 12:44pm On Oct 27, 2018
I have a little testimony mamas it's important to me cos my growing family can do with extra cash!
I've been limping to walk lately with a very sore back and I kept embracing it as part of pregnancy but I forgot that the devil is a liar and stopped working at just 30 weeks!
So I had a night vigil last night in my room for no apparent reason but to my surprise that back pain and limping pretty much disappeared by dawn. Being self employed I see how the devil tried to cheat me and I'm happy to "reopen" business after I already gave myself maternity leave lol
Just spoke to a client I'm seeing on Wednesday now and she paid in full Sef. I don't even know what I was thinking when I have 2 more months left to work. The devil is a liar for real!
Wishing you all a good week ahead


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by Gloriawinning: 11:03pm On Oct 26, 2018
How are you now? Still feeling the same way or your better now? If you've been taking your prenatal supplements, then you don't need to worry about being anemic. You probably need more rest.

Good info but you might be talking from your own experience, maybe you are strong and dey kampe but Anaemia in pregnancy is some peoples reality and is life threatening. Regardless of multivitamins, doctors will prescribed 210mg iron twice daily to patients with anaemia in pregnancy and remeasure patient in three weeks to see if it peaks.


Celebrities / Re: Chichi Igbo Goes Braless, Blasts Lady Who Told Her To Get Married by Gloriawinning: 7:31pm On Oct 25, 2018
I grew up with this girl she was very fair and had freckles. She's always played football with boys and wore boy clothes. Last i saw her she was heading pepper her mama sent her to grind lol
She was wondering why I was staring at her and muttered some gibberish I dint even hear properly .
I'm almost sure it's her. Nice one chified
Celebrities / Re: Paul Okoye And Aneke Twins, Chidimma And Chidiebere Hang Out In Kigali by Gloriawinning: 10:59am On Oct 25, 2018
When will they blow ?? Time is running out God please answer their call! One will soon borrow sense go marry and go to real work

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Romance / Re: Kolade Babajide: Man Addicted To Sleeping With Married Women Cries Out (photo) by Gloriawinning: 10:00am On Oct 25, 2018

And you didn't kill her, when you saw it?

Why so serious ? You speak like you are strict lol In western world nothing is ever that serious, we laugh it out and if you really hate it then you make sure you sign out next time.
Religion / Re: Fear Of Ember Months: Who Is To Blame? Demons Or Man by Gloriawinning: 2:55am On Oct 25, 2018
in nigeria ember months are evil because as you reflect on your goals for the new year, jealous village people who has no plans for themselves also reflect on how they will hinder you because success of another is too much for them to bear. Fear grips the chambers of their heart when they hear the good tidings of others so they will surely reason your matter.
For some of them the news of a major disaster about their victim will gladden their possessed heart.
Celebrities / Re: Ibinabo Fiberesima In Swimwear As She Vacations In Philippines by Gloriawinning: 8:57pm On Oct 24, 2018
When she eventually escaped being locked up I was happy for her . It must have been a nightmare for her as she awaits her fate but I'm glad the God of second chances saved her.
However, the relatives of the bereaved will be seeing this and it's totally unfair. she should have stuck to posting work / professional photos alone cos the victim did not get the chance to enjoy himself due to her living her life on the edge


Romance / Re: Kolade Babajide: Man Addicted To Sleeping With Married Women Cries Out (photo) by Gloriawinning: 8:47pm On Oct 24, 2018
Are you sure his mates did not update his fb while he was busy elsewhere ? My old flat mate back then in uni did it all the time. She'd go on FB and if the window doesn't sign me off Na wahala.. I can't forget when she wrote that "I am bored and wet I need a huge cuck in me now" when in reality I was actually preparing for choir practice


Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Sexually Abuses A Lady In London After Turning Him Down by Gloriawinning: 8:37pm On Oct 24, 2018
Maybe the fool thinks he's in Nigeria where girls will say no even though they want it and so you lock lips with her while she rubs her waist against your hardcore cheesy She will then blush and geez in her pant a little before she releases her number ! grin
Unfortunately this is England ! Ashewo
Agriculture / Re: Should I Quit My Job And Start Farming Tomatoes? Advice Please by Gloriawinning: 9:31am On Oct 22, 2018
Greetings Nairalanders

I will go straight to my point.

My salary is 59k and after monthly deductions (loans) I get N39k and it remains just a month to finish paying up my loans and I go back to receiving 59k. I have a wife and 2 kids (5years and 2 years).

I already have 3 hectares of cassava and another 1 hectare which I intend planting tomatoes. Most things have been put in place for the tomatoes after going through a lot of threads and other peoples experience on tomatoes farming (especially Jethro). I have prepared the land, water is close by, I have made beds for the tomatoes and they have germinated and waiting transplant in 2-3 weeks.

A part of me says, if I leave my paid employment, things might not work out and its better that I continue to received the 59k (fear of the unknown). Another part of me says, to leave the job and channel all efforts towards the tomatoes farming that things would get better gradually. I have already made adequate plans for my family feeding for the next 12months, but I am still scared of quieting the job.

My ultimate question is this:Is tomatoes farming on an hectare of land sustainable?. I know it wont be that easy and it would require hard word. But can it sustain me better than a paid job. Should I quit and face farming?

Looking forward to advice mostly from tomatoes farmers and others as weill.
Thank you

This idea is not very bright and whoever argues with me or encourage you has not had he experience I have in business and project management.
Tomatoe farming will not sustain you .
Firstly, Because you can't compete with oligopolistic farming companies who will dominate the market
Secindly , You must be skilled in this life with continuous learning and development to amount to anything tangible as we can't predict the future. When you become a farmer and in 10 years from now if Nigeria becomes like western world were people go into Walmart to buy tomatoes and salt what will happen to you ? Who will buy your tomatoes and what skills and expertise do you have?

Thirdly, every intelligent person knows that if you want to do a business you don't Leave your job until you succeed.
That's why any serious business is hard . If you are going to do it then Leave farming for labourers and attend to it on weekends, you have no business there everyday!!


Religion / Re: What Experience Have You Had That Made You Believe That God Is Real? by Gloriawinning: 12:27am On Oct 22, 2018
It's been 2 years exactly that Jesus Christ saved me from the teeth of the devourer and I am so shocked that I cry everytime of how God preserved my life. I will never forget God and I am in awe of him for life.

In 2012 I met a guy I loved but he brought evil into my life and I was already written off to not exist. I kept praying and kept struggling with him as we had been woven into each other both physically and spiritually .

I'm not going to reveal scary series of events but by the time Jesus Christ had my time, he removed me from grass to grace.

My life is so much better now you wouldn't suspect the evil that happened to me in the past. What my eyes witnessed I cannot open my mouth to tell anymore , ordinarily I shouldn't survive. Surely a higher power not only saved me but blessed me with all I need to carry on in this journey of life.
Thank you Jesus.


Religion / Re: My First Demonic Experience That Made Me Believe In God by Gloriawinning: 12:03am On Oct 22, 2018
Why so much doubting Thomas ?
I have 3 similar experiences and I believe the OP 100%.
First when I was about 10 my brother ran to a busy express so I ran and followed him. Somehow he made it to the otherside of the crazy express safely.
On getting to the other side I moved to him to scold him and all of a sudden I saw a woman who held him in a way that expressed that she must have been holding him to cross the whole time , she then released him to me, walked a few steps away, looked back , smiled and vanished!

Second time, I was asked to go and buy bread at a woman's house very late, as I stepped out I saw a being in white with the most horrendous face ever , it had grey ugly skin, it was very spiritual. The being was not a costume and was not a ritualist because of how it moved past me like a wind. The thing was surely on a mission as it saw me stare at him but he carried on.
The fear that gripped me that day I ran inside like a jaguar !!
Third time, we moved to a developing estate and it was so lonely that if taxi drops you at the main road, you can get home without sighting any neighbour !
As I got half way to my house a woman just crossed my path & bumped into me !! But I did not feel her impact. she was so close to my face and in between my legs which quickly alarted me that she walked into me sad she then reappeared on my other side, I looked at her like what the hell ?? She looked back in a cheeky manner and she vanished !!

Brothers and sisters these are true stories don't mock me just join me to sing praises to God that has kept me alive . I grew up in a strange evil stricken slum and the light of Jesus Christ kept guiding me till I enter and now settled in the abroad lol Praise God.

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Religion / Re: Should People Have The Right To Kill Themselves? by Gloriawinning: 11:25pm On Oct 21, 2018
No, because Bible said in this life you will experience trials and tribulations but be of good cheer i have overcome the world!!
As a strong Christian who is growing deeper daily I'm at a point where I am so steadfast in my faith that I hardly get discouraged, all my trials sometimes make me smile cos
Holy Spirit would already walk me through how I will overcome.
Praying for anyone in a bad situation right now, Jesus is the answer.
Religion / Re: Is There Any Fact To Prove Islam Is Not Terrorism In Disguise by Gloriawinning: 11:00pm On Oct 21, 2018
I'm a Christian but Islam is truly a religion of Peace, they live peacefully amongst themselves and religion is a way of life.
To answer your question, Muslim nations are that way because of how they are genetically created, when their lineage was born the bible described Ishmeal as being a tough problematic child. The generations of Ishmael till now are tough people it is good in some way but the uncivilised ones are quick to anger .
Islam religion has nothing to do with terrorism, it's the individual .
Muslims are better people than Pentecostals because we lack discipline. I.e in my church there are people who will judge you, look down on you, pride, gossips & greed. On the other hand Muslims will share there last resources with you and they love the Lord (Allah) more than anything. So let's respect each other's religion & not think we are better. I am a proud follower of Christ still, and I have my strong convictions.
(Jesus is Lord!!)
Celebrities / Re: Sophia Momodu Looks Radiant In New Makeup Photos by Gloriawinning: 9:15pm On Oct 21, 2018
That girl is unserious ans is using the peak of her best years to joke I swear. Not just her, by the time some people realise they are investing too much resources on nonsense, it will be too late for them. She is wasting her money and time on Instagram all cos she feels defeated by Chioma but she doesn't know that we don't care!
What you do with the peak of your best years will determine your future.

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Family / Re: My Child Walks On Top Of Bed But Is Afraid To Walk On The Ground by Gloriawinning: 9:07pm On Oct 21, 2018
How old is this child
Celebrities / Re: Official Photos From Tania Omotayo's Traditional Wedding With Sumbo by Gloriawinning: 9:02pm On Oct 21, 2018
Wishing them all the best and a lifetime of Joy.
May your children surround your table Mr. Sumbo.
As for you Tania, know that men sometimes act like kids, so when you are annoyed don't yell and disrespect your husband, it is the beginning of a loveless home. Instead, communicate your dissatisfaction when you are both in a good mood such as after an afternoon sex. Take your time to cook decent meal always, avoid concoction and any form of wuruwuru to the answer meal.
Lastly, Fi Olorun shakoko aka put God first and he shall guide and guard you.
Ire oo

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Family / Re: My Hubby Is A Nymphomaniac, Please Help by Gloriawinning: 9:02pm On Oct 19, 2018
He's a sick man, I would have filed for a divorce long time ago. What nonsense!! Sex everyday ? God forbids evil

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Health / Re: Stick Used As Drip Stand In Kebbi Hospital (Photos) by Gloriawinning: 7:25pm On Oct 18, 2018
Ni obodo oyinbo, the owner of that clinic would file it, coat it with an antipest agent and paint it pink for the children's ward and white for other units. It's not what you do, it's how you do it wink
NYSC / Re: Certificates Acquired During NYSC by Gloriawinning: 7:21pm On Oct 18, 2018
Running around growing business you say? OMG!
Well Business is always a great idea smiley but the future is uncertain for he who is unskilled and isn't learning and developing.
That's why being an entrepreneur is hard I'm not condemning it
NYSC / Re: Certificates Acquired During NYSC by Gloriawinning: 4:49pm On Oct 18, 2018
Good one bro. Think about entrepreneur, the only way to survive the hardship of the county now.. No employer of labour to satisfy your needs and your dream. Make sure you work on your skills and thank me later

God will always see your through..

That's the sad truth, in western world entrepreneurship is unnecessary stress if you are well educated like OP because your salary a year can be up to £75k at senior level where you barely do anything so hard, so who cares about running around growing business.
Wishing OP all the best
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by Gloriawinning: 4:40pm On Oct 18, 2018
If anyone is planning to deliver in the UK know that they take 0 chances with a labour that can cause distress to baby, that way infant death is very low but what this mean is that, if your labour doesn't go smooth, before you know what's happening they will push you straight to theatre and do a c section!!
I know they have a culture of better safe than sorry but they need to calm down with emergency c section out here.
Congrats to all expectant mums praying for super safe and smooth delivery by Gods grace

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Romance / Re: Daniel Asaya Comes Out As Gay by Gloriawinning: 11:41am On Oct 18, 2018
To everyone saying why leave toto for smelling anus?
Gay men in western world don't practice anal sex, there's usually no penetration they practice something called Frot sex, this is when men rub their genitals against one another while cuddling in bed till they reach . They also sometimes have intercrucal sex where dominating male squeezes his genital around any part mostly tighs of his partner till he's ok.
So if you find yourself in a gay situation no go let anyone penetrate you oo to avoid rectal issues


Romance / Re: I Am Dying Nairalanders, Please Help Me!! by Gloriawinning: 11:04am On Oct 16, 2018
Must have gone through alot
Hope he isnt stalking You and has finally moved on....

Thanks for sharing!

Yep glad hes moved on
Romance / Re: I Am Dying Nairalanders, Please Help Me!! by Gloriawinning: 10:46am On Oct 16, 2018
Growing up, i was a very chronic stammerer. I hated talking in public. I kept to myself most of the time. whenever I was told to read a paragraph of story book in primary school, you would hear my heart beat extraordinarily fast. Fear of been laughed at would be written all over my face; i gradually developed low self esteem. Then my mum ensured I went to a very notorious secondary school as a boarder. there, i met another chronic stammerer who doesn't care at all. This guy would raise up his hands to answer questions and would prolly use more than 5 minutes answering a question. we would all laugh, yet he doesn't care.
That guy changed me. Now, i realise everything is just in your head. I no longer stammer; i had no idea I could stop until i started talking more in public places stamping my feet on the floor before i make a complete statement. All these are just in your head. with the right attitude, you may not even need a therapist. Face your fears and tackle it.

lol that guy is a G haha and kudos to your mum , boarding school is the way to go.
Romance / Re: I Am Dying Nairalanders, Please Help Me!! by Gloriawinning: 10:38am On Oct 16, 2018
This made me laugh so hard.....

Na God help You
Such a person could kill after being obsessed with you

Shey you saw that I said let me not say to much ? Well He tried to kill us both two times when I tried to leave him.
First time he said he will drive his car down a flyover now now and we'll both land on the bottom express, I looked down at the busy express the thing said M55 Portsmouth or something and I became dizzy!!. I prayed and begged for my life that day.
Second time he brought out a knife saying we are both going to die today!! All of a sudden he needed to poop and ran to bathroom , I ran out and luckily saw a classmate and jumped in her car that's how I fled never to go back again.
I had developed a strange problem where I thought i have to go back to save him because he needed me but now I know he needed a doctor.
Thanks for listening


Romance / Re: I Am Dying Nairalanders, Please Help Me!! by Gloriawinning: 5:58pm On Oct 15, 2018
I had an ex that was just like you or maybe worse because he wasnt only scared of been seen , he thought he doesn't deserve to be seen sad I dated him with courage and decided to love him without prejudice. Things went great initially I felt fulfilled at the point when he'd dance for me at home which was something he dares not try outside.
Later turned out he suffered from severe paranoia which I din't notice initially so he for some reason believed I am interested in other guys (let me not say too much) in the end he beat me cry Olumi bi aso oke!!!!! So please forget woman for now and go to therapy.
By the way don't be too hard on yourself it is your nature and I'm you will find true love that lasts eventually .


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