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Politics / Re: DPR: 32 Refinery Licences Now Invalid Between 2018 And 2021 by Godbless3(m): 6:58am On Apr 13
See as people dey blame Dangote forgetting that

1.There are still 23 licences that are still extant...of which Dangote is one of them

2. Subsidy and price controls in the fuel sector makes it difficult for many companies to get loans and financing to start their refinereis...the banks won't lend them money because the price controls and subsidy means that the refineries potentially won't make enough of a profit to pay the loans back.

Danogte was able to get a loan becqause he has other assets that the banks can take over in the event of his refinery failing due to subsidy and price controls.

That is why subsidy should go.

Which subsidy be that? No be this same govt. talk say Jona no be dey pay any subsidy and they are going to introduce it?
Upon that couple the the fall in the price of fuel, we're still buying on high price.
Fashion / Re: Caroline Jurie: Mrs. World Gives Up Crown After Arrest For Assault (Photos) by Godbless3(m): 3:50am On Apr 11
Just because u no like the girl, ur attitude turn against you.
Nah so u go see girls for road talk against another girl who pass dem 4 road about their dressing etc when they too are not even well dress.
Woe-men and Fee-male.
Romance / Re: She Sleeps Like A Kung Fu Fighter by Godbless3(m): 5:21pm On Apr 10
Talk to ur girl, tell her that u're also ready to help her adjust her sleeping style. Wake her up anytime she wrongly sleep and she should try as much as possible to maintain sleeping position.
Politics / Re: Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth, Azikiwe & Obi Of Onitsha In Onitsha In 1956 by Godbless3(m): 10:53pm On Apr 09
Almost everyone in this picture is dead, so there will be no prophesies on this particular thread.

Have a splendid weekend and may God continue to send us Ravens to feed us since Buhari is bent on starving a nation of over 600millon people to death.

The queen is still alive from the pics.
Sports / Re: Meet 11-Year-Old Eric Marshall Who Is Already Playing In The Professional League by Godbless3(m): 3:11pm On Apr 09
This is not right...

Trust me. He should be withdrawn from the first team Asap.

He is far too young for this sort of exposure and it will definitely prove costly to his career in the long run.

The might want to consider moving him to their youth team- preferably U15/16- until he turns 16. Give him another 4 years at least.

Letting such a kid play with grown men is grossly irresponsible. He still has a whole lot of development to do.

For those quoting me: I posted this out of genuine concern. I have been rushed through phases of my life simply because I showed glimpses of promise in certain endeavours and it ended badly for me. Wish I could tell my story here.

If anybody quote you badly, then he knows nothing about football and what pressure can do to a kid even a pro.
Health / Re: Woman Shows Off Her 'Flat' Stomach Six Months Into Her Pregnancy (Photos) by Godbless3(m): 3:03pm On Apr 09
While we don't even know whose spermatozoa is inside her, we're celebrating nudes.
Meanwhile, there is a lady here who once write "do you know the number of sexual abuse we have been suffering from men since we were young", she goes ahead to say abuse from fathers, uncles, brothers etc while they were still infant.
I still wonder why she didn't wear iron pant as she was born.
I now see a reason why my girlfriend father rarely look at her and according to my girl, while her murder was in labour, her dad was enjoying life elsewhere and didn't even move when he heard its a girl child.
Webmasters / Re: Facebook And Instagram Is Currently Down by Godbless3(m): 7:23am On Apr 09

Meanwhile, i need the assistance of anyone that can lend me 100k, kindly see details in the thread on my profile

Go to banks and apply for loan.
Politics / Re: Sabo Nanono Marries 18-Year-Old Rakiya In Secret Wedding (Photo) by Godbless3(m): 10:01pm On Apr 07
Getting married to a girl who is old enough to be your daughter.

I also blame the girl, all these small girls like Regina too like money or what else would cause this type of madness.

You mean daughter or grand-daughter/great-grand-daughter
Politics / Re: Anambra Police Headquarters Axis Blocked To Traffic (Photos) by Godbless3(m): 8:14am On Apr 07

Is a smart thing because person wey say him papa no go sleep no fit sleep too

Haven't they seen boko haram?

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Politics / Re: Anambra Police Headquarters Axis Blocked To Traffic (Photos) by Godbless3(m): 8:12am On Apr 07
Ever since boko haram has been bombing everywhere, they never make any move and they are quick to punish tax payers in the south when few people go crazy.


Nairaland / General / Re: The Big Bush Rat Killed At My Backyard (Photos) by Godbless3(m): 9:03pm On Apr 04
Sweet meet but make him put pepper well o o and must be properly cooked

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Travel / Re: Missing Air Force Alpha Jet Found Crashed At Abba-Jille, Fate Of Pilots Unknown by Godbless3(m): 7:59am On Apr 02
shocked God almighty! How can the crashed Alpha jet be found but pilots whereabout unknown.Perhaps the BH terrorists the government have been pampering have kidnapped them.My prayers for their safety and families.

How can a crash plane that transport Emiliano Sala from Nantes (FRANCE) to Cardiff (WALES) be found and the pilot uptill today not found more than a year now?
Fashion / Re: Nike Wins Lawsuit Over 'Satan Shoes' With Human Blood by Godbless3(m): 7:53am On Apr 02
@naptu they have not won the case because the matter has not been heard substantively.

What they have is a temporary restraining order.

They have to challenge that order before they can reproduce and Nike can still charge them and request for damage for copyright infringement which to a naked eye and tech wise they are guilty.

Stop thinking like your country court and polithieftians does.
Fashion / Re: Nike Wins Lawsuit Over 'Satan Shoes' With Human Blood by Godbless3(m): 7:50am On Apr 02

Always JESUS will WIN.


Shame to devilhimself and his children tongue

Gospel Joke of the Weekend.....

After countless years of Jesus being in the spotlight,
The Devil had had enough.
He issued a challenge to Jesus; whoever writes the longest story on Microsoft Word wins.
Jesus accepts, and they get to it.
After hours and hours of frantic typing, there is suddenly a power cut.
The Devil is furious, whilst Jesus remains calm.
As soon as the power comes back, he boots up his computer and has lost all his work,
before seeing Jesus calmly typing from where he left off. Lucifer is not happy at all,
He was calling Jesus a cheat,
Then God intervenes, proclaiming Jesus the winner.

The moral of the story?

wink wink wink
(Only the wise will understand wink)

And Buhari is working for Jesus?
Politics / Re: Failure To Register For NIN Attracts 14 Years Imprisonment - Pantami by Godbless3(m): 3:17pm On Apr 01
Nigerian leaders are just so daft
Politics / Re: Nigeria Approves $26 Million For Power Projects In Borno, Yobe & Adamawa States by Godbless3(m): 7:38am On Apr 01
One nigeria indeed.
When have we heard last a project apart from roads that will never be completed initiated in the south-south?
What a shame that southerners are just still slave obeying their hausa slave masters.
Politics / Re: Chinese Loan: Selfish Lawmakers Have Put Nigeria In Jeopardy – Amaechi by Godbless3(m): 9:02am On Mar 31
Nigeria need to be divided.

When will we ever have a railway from north to south or east, from west to south or east?
Every rail is west to north.
Maybe when we stop eating cow from the north.
Crime / Re: Lady Found Dead In A Gutter In Enugu (Disturbing Photos) by Godbless3(m): 12:12pm On Mar 30
nothing wrong if you keep silent if u can't reply without insults. I believe you are a grown man and not a kid. No insults . And to say my mum and daughters will and have slept with different men , I will not insult your family in return, since they have not insulted me, but u eh God and Satan will purnish u ten times over. What you came to this life to get, u will never achieve it. I wish we can arrange a meeting if you don't mind, I will take your life. Be a man and tell me where u are comfortable with so let's meet. I can give you my address so u can come lez battle it one one one. You will not live to see December 31 na me talk am.

Hahahaha so say a guy that was quick to call a girl who was found dead in a culvert naked a prostitute but reject some1 referencing that to his relation too.
Inwang ke ado.
Crime / Re: Lady Found Dead In A Gutter In Enugu (Disturbing Photos) by Godbless3(m): 7:15am On Mar 30
While abusing verbally, the culprits, we should also blame the victims for illigal movement with strangers all in the name of money, I stand to be corrected. Most girls u see outside late into d night na runs babe. Dis one na victim of her work

So your sisters, cousince, aunties no dey move with guys dem no know b4?
How you sit in ur pithole to determine how a dead girl found naked in a culvert is an olosho just baffle and makes me think ur mum was 1 of them and thats how u know.

How many times have you in ur misreable life seen these girls doing runs have you offer to help them learn craft etc?
What i know is that your mother, sis, aunties have slept with different men before and your daughters will do same.
Autos / Re: Tambuwal Presented Nigerian-made Electric Car By Jelani by Godbless3(m): 5:53pm On Mar 27
I hope we won't be putting 'I Better Pass my Neighbour' in the back to use charge am!
Politics / Re: Amidst Paucity Of Funds, Nigerian Govt Proceeds With ₦42 Billion NASS Renovation by Godbless3(m): 5:27pm On Mar 27
Them suppose build another NASS entirely than renovating with such amount.
Romance / Re: She's Married But She's Stalking Me by Godbless3(m): 3:58am On Mar 25
You don't want to hurt her, continue stuff with her, avoid her. So which advise you want?

Him want his mate to show so him no go be alone.
You no want fvck married woman and you no want shit her also despite knowing what she want.
Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Shares Her Transformation From child Actor To Adulthood (Video) by Godbless3(m): 3:46am On Mar 25
Regina is looking so cute and adorable by the day.

I just love the way she keeps looking stunning.

The future is FEMALE!

Yes o, the future is truly FEE-MALE, we have more girls who are being paid to be a mother than girls who are properly married.
The fute is FEE-MALE.
Celebrities / Re: Davido And Second Daughter Hailey Having Nice Time Together In US by Godbless3(m): 6:23pm On Mar 23
Damnnn niggarrrr
I won't say anything....
For all those thinking am gonna call him a frogged voice who uses too much voice enhancer in the studio and still dishes out dogg shitt to his fans

Gonna be disappointed....you all are gonna be disappointed...I am not gonna call him that...I will keep my cool today

Weed nigga, you just finish saying it.
Education / Re: Arinzechukwu Onwurah Wins Student Union President Election In Sweden by Godbless3(m): 4:55am On Mar 23
Truly the future is " IGBO".!...wonder why the 3 wise men came from the East!!

Funny enough, Nigeria is not in the east on the world map so people trying so hard to justify biblical occurence to their thought makes them become stvpid.
Education / Re: Arinzechukwu Onwurah Wins Student Union President Election In Sweden by Godbless3(m): 4:52am On Mar 23

This is the type of News we need to hear and not "Nigerian Students jailed....
3 Nigerians arraigned....
India Police arrest 5 Nigerians for ....
7 Nigerian Fraud gang paraded...

All nah news.
Politics / Re: 3 Policemen Shot Dead At Abia Police Checkpoint (Disturbing Photos) by Godbless3(m): 4:50am On Mar 23
Igbo people killing igbo police men and they are talking about why less road block in the north like say nah hausa men dey block the roads.
Funny people.
Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels' New Pretty Look (Photos, Video) by Godbless3(m): 7:02pm On Mar 22
Small shameless girl with a pedophilic god. Twe!

E pain them (you)
Crime / Re: Girl Stabs Her Brother To Death In Ondo For Questioning Her Movement (Photos) by Godbless3(m): 6:21pm On Mar 19
Girl from hell.
The future (of Crime) is FEMALE

The future is FEE-MALE
Travel / Re: Itunnu Babalola: Facts Of The Matter - NIDCOM by Godbless3(m): 3:11pm On Mar 19
Lately, everything seems to be news in this nairaland..... Nawaooo grin

NEWS= North, east, west, south.
Everything as long as its come from the earth cardinal point is term NEWS.
Stop crying and trying to create a meaning you can't define.
What is news to you?
Crime / Re: Kalu: Trace Bandits' Funding Sources Same Way You Did With EndSARS Protesters by Godbless3(m): 8:27am On Mar 19
Thats because bubu bandits are not funded so no need to trace.. grin grin grin
Lets us all enjoy this Sowore, Saharareporters government. Let us gather here to support bubu for 3rd term grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Three Nigerian Presidents That Named Roads After Foreign Leaders by Godbless3(m): 8:10am On Mar 19

Why shouldn’t black lives matter ANYWHERE?!
Wasn’t it free black slave labor that essentially built those countries.

I agree with Nigerians/Africans building their own homeland...
But not with inherent LOW SELF-ESTEEM of effectively apologizing for black presence abroad.

Meanwhile, building the homeland is NOT mutually-exclusive with emigration.

I like your type. You criticize ur kind for naming a street for their slave masters as you put it and justify a blackman shouting because its their labour that help in building those whiteman nation.
My question now is,
What would have been made of you if they slave master didn't come to built you school, hospitals etc?
What would have happen to your kind if they didn't stop killing of twins?
What have you achieve since they left without them making it easier?
You speak like clowns. They make life more easier for you bro. You can only be slave within you myopic mind.

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