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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can I Consider Gambling As A Workplace?? by gr8tone: 7:27pm On May 19
It's easy to shout invest invest but it's not easy to invest at all
Politics / Re: Air Force Kills Several Bandits In Kaduna, Bombs Camps by gr8tone: 3:01pm On May 15
Fake news.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Eid-ul-fitr: Muslims To Fast Tomorrow, Shawwal Moon Not Sighted In Saudi Arabia by gr8tone: 9:25pm On May 11
The moon has gone on vacation


Religion / Re: All Christians Will Fail This Question. by gr8tone: 9:24pm On May 11

Just some passages

But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

68“Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel,
because He has visited and redeemed His people.
69He has raised up a horn of salvation for us
in the house of His servant David,
70as He spoke through His holy prophets,
those of ages past,
71salvation from our enemies
and from the hand of all who hate us,
72to show mercy to our fathers
and to remember His holy covenant,
73the oath He swore to our father Abraham,
to grant us 74deliverance from hostile hands,
that we may serve Him without fear,
75in holiness and righteousness before Him
all the days of our lives.
Are you now confirming that the quoted verse is the fulfilment of God's promise to the world?
Travel / Re: I Walked On The Longest Pedestrian Bridge In Nigeria (pics, Video) by gr8tone: 9:08pm On May 11
So we have a place like this in this zoo! But keke napep is lacking in that bridge o. Too long to trek
Religion / Re: All Christians Will Fail This Question. by gr8tone: 8:55pm On May 11

The key word is “World”.
The key can't open my brain please
Religion / Re: All Christians Will Fail This Question. by gr8tone: 8:37pm On May 11
When you are ready to tell us please tag me
Politics / Re: FG To Prosecute 400 Suspects For Funding Terrorism by gr8tone: 8:20pm On May 11
Audio mode. Who they want deceive? Diversion of attention principle
Celebrities / Re: What A Close Relative Posted About Ada Jesus. by gr8tone: 8:28pm On Apr 24
Define close relative

The person who wrote this about her niece because I'm sure it has to be a woman, is a very big fool, why didn't you Write this when she was alive so that she can respond to your stupidity.

You just want to publicity and fame off her death, the girl had kidney disease it's a very normal thing.

Poverty and religious brainwash has made us see asthma, high blood pressure, sickle cell, fibroid, malaria, typhoid, stroke and more which are regular normal sickness as spiritual attacks and you think only evil people die.

Why do you people reason like fowl? Go to hospital for regular check ups you won't go, Ada Jesus had been treating kidney problem for more than 5 years before she even become famous, infact she did most of what she did to get money for her dialysis. She was sick before she even knew odumeje.

If I die after typing this you fools will say it is because of what I typed I died. You people are goats. Your education is a waste. Death is just as normal as birth, good people die bad people also die, death is not punishment for evil or reward for good deeds.

I will die, you reading this will also eventually die no matter how long it takes none of us will live for ever.

But religion has turned your brain upside down that if someone you think is a bad man or infidel dies you rejoice like Pantami you say God has punished him
But if someone you think is a good man dies you say God has called him. My brother all die na die.

I refuse to believe she was a bad person or she did evil simple because she died young from an illness she has been battling with for many years. After all it is you guys who say good people die young.

By the way I'm not a woman, I'm not Igbo, I'm not even a fan of Ada Jesus I only heard of her a day or two before her death and actually got to know of her and her case after her death.
You maybe right to some extent but if this is the Way you look at spiritual things, I can assure you that you have little or no knowledge as to the extend to which spirituality works. They use the common things to divert people's attention away from getting solution. You may choose not to believe because you are entitled to your own line of thought

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Sports / Re: Klopp: Liverpool Don’t ‘Deserve’ Champions League Next Season by gr8tone: 8:13pm On Apr 24
Oboy......this one choke oooo. For klopp to talk like this mean say Liverpool matter tire am. This na the same klopp wey De defend Liverpool to any extent before oooo (lol.....there was even a time he blamed the wind for the team's loss).

On a more serious note tho, I think the issue Liverpool is having now is clinical finishing. They create the chances, but just aren't getting the goals. We would have won real Madrid if we were clinical enough. It probably has something to do with the tension among the front 3.
Clinical grin? They should just offload Mane and Salah. Their hatrate na follow come. Even if Salah is left one on one with the goal keeper, he will never score in as long as the assist comes from Mane

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Romance / Re: When You Discover Your True Love Slept With Your Friends In The Past. by gr8tone: 9:20pm On Apr 12
try put juju for ur wife body if she cheat make she run mad.no Dey leave women like that bro
What if same is used on you?
Romance / Re: When You Discover Your True Love Slept With Your Friends In The Past. by gr8tone: 9:15pm On Apr 12
If they are still relating well, I will cut off the relationship. Ex lovers who still relate well can easily fall again for each other.That will really break me down
Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Nelson Mandela's Lookalike Go Viral by gr8tone: 9:01pm On Apr 12
The Day I saw a lookalike of myself Was the day I nearly freaked out. I saw my carbon copy live...
The way GOD does His things are unexplainable..
We are Just the work of his hands. He does whatever he wants to do with us.
How did you know that the person looks like you?
Education / Re: Some Grammatical Mistakes You Make And Things You Say Wrong. by gr8tone: 8:00pm On May 01, 2020
I am not confortable with this sentence , "I am having a headache" The use of the article "a" shows that headache is a countable noun. How will it sound if I say I am having headaches? Very weird to me. Though it may be correct, I wouldn't know. Just a local man
Crime / Re: Husband Kills Wife In Jigawa For Denying Him Sex Days After Their Wedding by gr8tone: 7:25pm On Apr 24, 2020
This is what auren zumunci can cause
Politics / Re: Did You Receive Electricity Bill For April? by gr8tone: 7:17pm On Apr 24, 2020
In my area in Bwari area council Abuja, I saw them yesterday walking around with loud speakers on their vehicle, telling people to go and pay their electricity bill. According to them, the wide spread information concerning the two months free electricity is a lie. They promised to embark on mass disconnection.
Agriculture / Re: Just Killed This Animal But Don't Know It's Name. by gr8tone: 10:54pm On Apr 06, 2020
You don't know what it is yet you want to eat it.
Travel / Re: Egypt, Lebanon Evacuate Citizens From Nigeria by gr8tone: 8:09am On Apr 06, 2020
when the news about Convid19 in other countries is less heard, Nigeria's case is getting louder day by day.
Travel / Re: Coronavirus: Why Are Western Countries Evacuating Their Citizens From Nigeria? by gr8tone: 7:12am On Apr 01, 2020
they always expect the worst from us but always get disappointed

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Family / Re: I Don’t Enjoy Sex With My Husband. His Joystick Is Too Big – Wife Tells Court by gr8tone: 7:36pm On Mar 31, 2020
It's not big for the first child, it wasn't big for the second child and it was not also big for the third child but it's too big for pleasure grin grin The man must be Blamed, not the gods
Health / Re: Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus By NCDC In Abuja: An Experience by gr8tone: 10:11am On Mar 30, 2020

You're right sir!....but don't they know the ethics of their jobs?
Good question. They do of course. The ethics and order from above, which one will you obey? Even if you would want to follow the ethics of the profession and the right working tools are not provided, you can't help it as doctor. Your life could be at stake. You can't fight corona without a good protection. Above 50 doctors and nurses lost their lives in Italy fighting Convid19. Some doctors and nurses in Abuja and lagos have been infected with the disease. The Government has messed up the whole thing and leave the doctors and nurses at the receiving end.
Health / Re: Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus By NCDC In Abuja: An Experience by gr8tone: 9:10am On Mar 30, 2020
Nigeria health workers are one of the most harsh, hot-tempered, negligible,unethical, unprofessional set of people you can ever come across in the whole world.

What will it take them to explain to them the reason behind this...or perhaps calm them down by counseling them.
Don't be that angry, if you were in their shoes, you would probably do same. It's no doubt that our health facilities are ill-equipped, over stretched and badly managed. These health workers you are seeing are working under a stressful condition. How will you feel if you you are given a task like fighting the spread of coronavirus and the facilities are short-supplied or not supplied at all? Is just like fighting a battle without the right weapon and you know how disastrous that could be. I am not saying that they are not without blame but when we are criticizing them, we should also look at it with a human face. Some of us are even worse in our workplaces than the doctors. We are quick to point out that of the doctors because it concerns life and death. We're all part of this system called the government. If we are all doing it right in our workplaces, I think there wouldn't have been room for all these criticisms.
Health / Re: Three New Cases Of Coronavirus Confirmed In Nigeria, Totaling 25 Cases by gr8tone: 10:20am On Mar 22, 2020

The number is still manageable...
You can't predict this disease. It spreads faster than you can imagine.
Religion / Religious Bigotry Verses Convi-19 by gr8tone: 9:24am On Mar 14, 2020
Where are those that said the the Chinese are being inflicted by God because they rejected Islam or Christianity? I believe you have now seen that the virus does not respect religion nor boarders and even the proponents of this immature thought are now living in fear of the virus.

Nigeria is now more religious than even the nations that brought this religions to us to the extent that we are even going back to evangelise those who brought the regions to us on the ground that they have backslided. What has these religions done to the varied of problems bedeviling this nation? My worry is even the masses. The masses are greatly divided along regious lines but our leaders are very much united in looting our nation's treasury. They so divid us so we can not speak with one voice to enable them continue with their looting unabated.

It's high time we have a rethinking about how we approche issues regarding this religion of thing. Those countries that we claim are not religious are even far better developed than us. You can't read two or three comments on nairaland without seeing one attacking either Islam or Christianity. We've become enemies to ourselves just because of religion which should have been a personal thing. But we have chosen to use it to intimidate others. The Christian is a sinner before a Muslim likewise the Muslim in the sight of a Christian but we're all created by God for his own purpose.
Religion / Re: Coronavirus: Oyedepo Cancels Services At Winners Chapel In Maryland, USA by gr8tone: 8:51am On Mar 14, 2020
Oyedepo preaches faith and emphasizes on the practical so much.

This is now the very time to act and prove the faith he has been preaching. If truly he believes in the faith he has been preaching, he isn’t expected to cancel any gathering.

Faith isn’t on tithe and offering alone.
yeah, you are right but you see, Issue of God is a personal thing. Oyedepo is only teaching his members how to have faith. His own faith could probably carry him through but what about the members? Can his own faith equally carry them through? I am not one of his members but when it comes to the issue of God, I criticise no one because God himself is aware of everything. It is left for you to test all spirits to know if what you are seeing is of God.

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Politics / Re: Sanusi: Abubakar Malami, Ibrahim Muktar, Kano AG Ordered My Detention by gr8tone: 8:10am On Mar 14, 2020
It is only those that don't know much about northern politics are pitiful about Sanusi's journey. This is clearly political. Just watch as he continues his journey. Only in Nigeria can a thief pursue a king out of his kingdom.
Politics / Re: Uzodinma: We Won’t Let Oshiomhole Be Humiliated Out Of Office by gr8tone: 7:55am On Mar 14, 2020
Sorry Oga Ozo, they want to use your boss, Oshomole as a sacrificial lamb for 2023
Sports / Re: Will The Suspension Of All Sporting Activities Help Our Youth To Stop Betting? by gr8tone: 3:24pm On Mar 13, 2020
for where? It will only increases crime. Besides, there's virtual betting
Sports / Re: Atletico Madrid Arrives In Liverpool For The Crucial 2nd Leg Match. by gr8tone: 10:16pm On Mar 10, 2020
These guys dressing, na wa o. Suite and canvas shocked shocked if these guys were my country men, they for don de trend for Twitter, grin grin

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TV/Movies / Re: Name That Old Movie You Think Children Of This Generation Have Not Watched by gr8tone: 10:26pm On Mar 07, 2020
Iru shin
Yemi my lover
Toluwa Nile
Booty call
Problem child
Yorubatically oriented

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Phones / Re: I'm The First Person To Use Infinix S5pro In Nigeria by gr8tone: 9:50pm On Mar 07, 2020
Eheee, na who e help?

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