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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Southampton Vs Liverpool - (1 - 0) - Live by Grandamante: 7:34pm On Jan 04
Goal no go plenty for this match. Na under 2.5

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Romance / Re: My Opinion: Why Most Women Feel Entitled To A 'Rich' Guy.. by Grandamante: 12:04am On Jan 01
Hypergamy is not natural. It is a mental conditioning.
Romance / Re: Inside Nigeria's Sex Trade by Grandamante: 11:47pm On Dec 31, 2020
no.o don't think it is laziness,she has devalued herself so much to a sexual object so muy that she thinks she cannot achieve anything with the works of her hands
Only if u can tell me why being a sexual object is a devalue to herself.

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Romance / Re: Inside Nigeria's Sex Trade by Grandamante: 11:41pm On Dec 31, 2020
If not for mankind misguided view of anything sex, sex work could ve been a noble profession with its own school and accredited courses.

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Romance / Re: Opinion: When Ladies Exposes Their body It's Because They Have by Grandamante: 11:25pm On Dec 31, 2020
Nope. That ur body is the temple of the Lord is the more reason u should show off ur body. Why hide the temple of the Lord? Are u ashamed of the temple of the Lord? Show off ur God-given temple, attract people to ur temple, and allow people to worship in ur temple.
Education / Re: Next Year Is 2026; Not 2021. And Thats A Fact You Can Take To The Bank! by Grandamante: 10:58pm On Dec 31, 2020
Nigerians are not cynical enough. They believe too much.
Education / Re: Morenike Victory Victor-Banjo Made 9A1 In WAEC And 335 In JAMB by Grandamante: 10:40pm On Dec 31, 2020
Education / Re: Morenike Victory Victor-Banjo Made 9A1 In WAEC And 335 In JAMB by Grandamante: 10:39pm On Dec 31, 2020
She deserves scholarship to PHD level, this will encourage other young minds coming up but no, they rather pour the money to sponsor BBnaija or Pool the money as gifts for BBnaija fans.

*Spit on the floor*

Congratulations girl.

u guys are getting it wrong. Those sponsoring bb9ja make a lot of money from the sponsorships. They are investors. They give money to make more money. It is not charity. Sponsoring this girl is charity. U donate money for free. Such is Cowbell mathematics, scholarships and the rest giveaways. Stop this ur entitlement mentality. No organisation owes ur nothing except ur government.
Celebrities / Re: The Misguided Hate On Nigerian Rich Kids - Opinion by Grandamante: 8:00pm On Dec 30, 2020
Nope! Nope!! Nope!!!
U got it all wrong. Poor kids do not hate rich kids. Poor kids want to be friends with rich kids. One does not try to associate with what he hates. Poor kids only envy rich kids. Rich kids hate poor kids. They disdain and treat them with contempt. That is why rich kids do not want to associate with poor kids except the poor one knows his place.

In Nigeria ass-licking to the rich is viewed as being wise and superstitiously as a gateway to success . When u do otherwise u are unwise and termed a hater. The rich are allowed to mock the poor but the poor who dare u to mock the rich.

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Celebrities / Re: If You Are Man Enough To Beat Your Spouse, Be Man Enough To Face Arrest” – CSP D by Grandamante: 8:30am On May 14, 2020
Nope. If the wife will beat the kids when they misbehave, she should be beaten by the older husband when she too misbehaves. There should be hierarchy in the family. The husband should be matured enough to know that wife beating and kids beating should differ in execution.

While u can thoroughly whip the kids, it is not advisable to whip the wife. And never in the presence or the earshot of the kids. She is owed that respect(hierarchy). A one strong heavy man-punch to the shoulder should reset her brain. Or a thorough in air body shaking that will reverberate her entire ecosystem. Or better still brutal motion-barred spanking. She deserves to know that u are still her man, and that u will always be there for her even when she behaves badly, while maintaining good behaviors on ur side.

What I do not encourage is the man behaving badly then beating the wife when she behaves likewise, neither do I encourage beating her for flimsy and excusable reasons. A man drunk-beating her wife should be locked away.

U would be surprised that many women in their own little minds would understand that truly they deserved what came to them. Many would behave better and would even respect their man more.

This is not domestic violence. It is domestic training.
Romance / Re: The Revenge cheating Mentality Of Ladies. by Grandamante: 8:20am On May 14, 2020

Ofcourze I agree but does it make it a win situation for her?

0f course, she is not revenging to win rather to hurt him as deeply as he hurt her.

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Romance / Re: The Revenge cheating Mentality Of Ladies. by Grandamante: 11:49pm On May 13, 2020
Nope. A lady enjoying another prik is not demeaning neither does it reduce her self worth. Infact, one study like that concluded that revenge sex for a woman tends to be very exhilarating and wildly passionate. Angry emotions rather than happy emotions tend to bring out the animal instincts in a woman.

Since it affects men critically when their women cheat on them, then cheating on ur man becomes the best form of revenge. Ur man go suffer am past. He wants to call truce, u call truce. He wants to separate, u separate. He is not doing u a favor by dating or marrying u. What annoys me is crying like a baby abandoned in a ditch when he wants to separate. U want to do tough stuff, u ve got to toughen up.

One guy above said he would laugh and smoke over it with the said assistant boyfriend. LIES. Encourage one of ur friends to f@ck ur girlfriend or wife and we shall believe.

A man with whom a woman wants to have revenge sex with should thank his stars, she would f@ck with unrivaled passion, gusto and out of the world ability. U see, when women do things out of the ordinary, they tend to make it worth it. So, there will be no back on bed like a log of wood. Enjoy.


Romance / Re: What's With Women And Cutting Off Manhoods by Grandamante: 9:13pm On May 09, 2020
Because women are passionately jealous and envious of penis. Give a woman a penis and watch her cause havoc.


Romance / Re: 9-reasons Why-ladies Prefer Older-men by Grandamante: 8:24pm On Apr 30, 2020
Good one.

But how can you want a man who is older, wiser, richer, more experienced, better, and every other "er" more than you, and u still want to be equal in the relationship. Nawaoo! Ladies get mind ooh.
Health / Re: Covid-19: NCDC Seals Public Compound In Enugu For Fear Of Coronavirus by Grandamante: 10:44pm On Apr 29, 2020
Good. Very proactive.
Education / Re: No Date For School Resumption Yet - FG by Grandamante: 8:16am On Apr 29, 2020
Do what is best for Nigerians.

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Celebrities / Re: Female Influencers On Social Media Are To Post Nud£s, Males Are Better- Lady by Grandamante: 10:18pm On Apr 22, 2020
"they have nothing to offer." So breasts and body are not something. U think it is easy to post ur nude in the internet, against the backlashes and ridicules. Studies have shown that the "liver", the "ball" and the "gut" needed to post one's nude on the internet and those needed to confront a military tyrant are equal and opposite. If u think it is a child's game post urs. Let's see who dash u liver, ball and gut.
Celebrities / Re: Anambra Identical Twins Mark Birthday With Amazing Photos, Say Grass To Grace! by Grandamante: 9:23pm On Apr 22, 2020
Happy Birthday to them.

On a second note, I don't think I like the twin-culture of a thing.
I want them individually. Singularly. Independently.
When I see parents buying same clothes, same toys, same everything for their twins, I always find it distressing. I'm like, they are not the same being. Don't force them to be one, Don't force them to be the same Don't force them to like same things. We should encourage differences. We should preach the individual.

I always wonder why twins should wear same clothes, answer identical names, share same friends, same hobbies, even same careers. I even heard of where one twin died the other half killed herself to follow her twin. Twins who share things are celebrated while twins who differ are ridiculed.

I believe twins should seek their lives individually, regardless of the other twin. That u are identical twins does not mean ur destinies are entwined. Know thyself. Two heads are not always better than one.


Celebrities / Re: A Woman Will Be Disrespectful If She Feeds Her Husband For 5days- Paul Okoye by Grandamante: 9:18pm On Apr 22, 2020
the real truth is

when the man is providing the money, the woman is taking care of other things,
the house
the kids
organising the meals,
a whole other stuff required to run the family.

But when the woman is providing
the man does nothing.
he still expects her to do everything.

let's be honest
if a man is providing and the woman doesn't do shit in the house but wakes up and plays game till evening, will you be happy? will the whole world not hear??
the real problem is most men aren't honest and most women don't even know themselves so they agree with everything these men say grin

even your fellow guy go vex for you if as bachelors leaving together he has a job before you so he brings the money for food and pays the rent, yet he comes home and meets you sleeping/playing game while the house is a mess and food uncooked.

Men be truthful in your life and leave women we are not the problem.

Follow Derick Jackson and learn how to do right by your woman if you want to have a happy relationship grin
This is a troubling truth.

The "man of the house" who just lost his job and has been idle since morning would still expect the wife to come back from work, clean, cook and serve him, while he sits in the sitting room, legs spread wide on the table, watching TV, ordering everybody around and complaining of late dinner.

If men who are being provided for by their wives do some of the domestic work and are able to cook well, majority of the wives would not be disrespectful, many would even love them more and some would even gladly relinquish their earnings to their husbands.

Do u believe cleaning and cooking for the family is being stripped of ur manhood? Good. Hustle tight and make and reserve bastards of money to avoid being ever made to be a wife to ur wife against ur will, when u are broke.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Girls And Their Low Standards by Grandamante: 7:56pm On Apr 19, 2020

As a matter of fact I have,more than once it's called coprophilia.how many men gets strafed by 3guys at the same time for money,or masturbate on live TV for as low as 20k.
Tell me how many men depend on women for money and material things.
This girls practically depend on guys for everything ranging from phone,make up,hair,upkeep, rent everything.
Girls are doing it because men are willing to pay for it. Men are not doing it because women are not willing to pay for it.

If a known rich lady comes to social media and proposes to give 20k to multiple guys who would post a pix of themselves with candle down their arseholes, u would see pictures tire.

When there is demand, there will always be supply. Should men stop patronizing prostitutes, prostitution would be history. And, should women start paying men for sex, male prostitution would soar. No gender has autonomy on morality.

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Celebrities / Re: In A Society Where Most Of The Artists Sing A Song That Doesn’t Uphold Morals An by Grandamante: 12:28pm On Apr 17, 2020
Their musics uphold morals. It's just that their morals are different from ur moral.
Romance / Re: “Hustle, Get A Car And Get Back To Me” – Lady Tells Man Who Swung By Her DM by Grandamante: 10:11am On Apr 17, 2020
it doesn't always go like that. Just have the money and the car you'll have girls at your mercy without even spending a dime. Yes! Just the fact that you're rich alone will make banging most girls easy for you, you no go spend shishin as long as e show for your body say you gather. As a smart guy when e don dey reach the time wey she go bill you, You make way grin
If like what u said, very wise, otherwise, very unwise.

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Romance / Re: Girl Remove Her Pants & Bra, Twerks—Lady React, Says Girls No Get Private Part by Grandamante: 10:30pm On Apr 16, 2020
These are the type of people that should make heaven.

Given pleasure to the needy, for free.

Who doesn't want to see a pretty girl dancing in the nude?

Since she is willing to extend her God's gift to others, God should continue to make her more beautiful and protect her from getting fat, if not for any other thing, then for me, for all those who experience pleasure in this, and for all those who will experience pleasure through her in the future.

Amen, somebody?

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Romance / Re: Sex During Pregnancy by Grandamante: 10:16pm On Apr 16, 2020
Early stages? U can even bleep on the labour day.

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Romance / Re: “Hustle, Get A Car And Get Back To Me” – Lady Tells Man Who Swung By Her DM by Grandamante: 10:01pm On Apr 16, 2020
[My problem is not with what the lady said. Anybody can say anything, anytime to anybody.

My problem is that this guy would hustle, get a car, get back to her, have sex with her, pay for the sex, and he would go home, telling anybody who cares to hear how he conquered the girl, grinning ear to ear, feeling like a winner.

Boys and their mumu.

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Romance / Re: There Is Always One Guy That Fvck We Ladies Free- Beautiful Nigerian Lady Reveal by Grandamante: 10:50am On Apr 16, 2020
Very right.

I always wondered why a young man would, after engaging in a love session with a lady, feel obliged to reward the lady with material gifts, as if thanking the lady for agreeing to have sex with an unworthy man like him.

If this is not self-esteem issues, then I don't what is.

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Romance / Re: Men's Virginity by Grandamante: 11:15pm On Apr 15, 2020
When you have not had sexual intercourse you are a virgin so men who have not had any form of sexual intercourse are virgins

This is a very ignorant talk.The hymen is not an indicator for virginity not every lady is born with an hymen and the same hymen can be broken without having sexual intercourse.Sometimes during the first sex the hymen may not break (depending ) The hymen can also be reconstructed so if I have had sex and I choose to reconstruct my hymen does it mean that I am a virgin when I have had sex before?

Not every woman burst or bleeds during the first sex so enlighten yourself and it may burst even without having sex but by doing sports or streinous things.Attaching hymen to virginity is nit a 100% correct.A virgin is someone with no form or history of sexual intercourse the issue of hymen or bursting is not the main thing those are just cultural and religious connotations
Of course that is the dictionary and the societal meaning of a virgin. Good. But I am talking about nature, about biology.

Nature, in its infinite wisdom thought, concluded and decided that a girl would, should and must have something that can differentiate a virgin from a non-virgin, even if, as u said, that the same thing may not be present in every girl or can be lost arbitrarily.

The same nature in its infinite wisdom thought, concluded and decided that a boy would, should and must not have anything that can differentiate between a virgin from a non-virgin.

Why do you think this is?

U as a girl, u may wish to marry a tall man. No man can pretend and deceive u that he is tall. U see, u believe.

Now, u wish to marry a virgin man. Every man can pretend and deceive u that he is a virgin. U don't see, but u will believe. Heck! That's what Jesus Christ recommended. U will live with because u cannot know otherwise.

A man who wishes to marry a virgin can say, "no hymen, not interested, every other story is bull shit." He can know otherwise. He sees, he believes.

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Romance / Re: Signs A Girl Will Say Yes! To Marry You by Grandamante: 10:25pm On Apr 15, 2020
Marriage proposal with it's engagement ring is a tradition immersed in social inauthenticity and mechanical existence.

U want to engage somebody in something as life-altering as marriage, instead of discussing with the person profoundly, privately and genuinely first, nope, u want it to be a surprise,u organise a party, invite relatives, friends and wishers, bought diamond ring, climb a table, inform relatives, friends and wishers that u want to marry this girl, climb down from the table, kneel down in front of girl, bring out well-hidden glittering diamond ring, then u now ask her for the first time, "do u want to marry me?", because u want it to be a surprise; u want to surprise her into marriage. Heck, it is u. She should be glad u are even asking her to marry u. U re helping her by marrying her. She must accept, instantly. There is no room for thinking about it. There is no deliberation. What the hell? Look at it well. Pure diamond.

And of course the girl must accept. Even if she has her doubt. U cannot come and disgrace the dude among relatives, friends and wishers. U should not be that heartless.
Romance / Re: You Might Be A Prostitute, UNKNOWINGLY! by Grandamante: 9:38pm On Apr 15, 2020
If not that sex has been demonized, nothing would ve been wrong or demeaning with prostitution.

They give pleasure with their God-given body and talent and they are paid for it.

The same way a singer gives pleasure with his/her God-given voice and talent and he/ she is paid for it.

Likewise an actor, with his voice and talent.

A footballer, with his body and talent.

A dancer, with his body and talent. ETC

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Romance / Re: Is This True About Male And Female (in Regards To Sex) by Grandamante: 8:56pm On Apr 15, 2020
Men SMV does not go up with age. All those things u listed increase only the man social standing not his sexual market value. A young lady being with an old man is always about what she will stand to gain from what the man has not that he grew old and he became more attractive.

Have u ever seen attractive women being with impoverished old or middle-aged men. Men of this category who show interest in young attractive ladies are always mocked and labeled creeps.

It is easier for older women to elicit the services of younger studs without any material gifts (remember MILF) than for older men to do likewise.

Older men pay fortunes to be with nubile women.

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Romance / Re: Men's Virginity by Grandamante: 8:31pm On Apr 15, 2020
There is nothing like male virginity.

If male to be virgin is necessary nature would have made a male version of hymen(hi men). So u see, u issue should not be with men, it's with nature. U ve to ask urself, why did nature made it in such a way that something would burst and a girl would bleed when she has sex for the first time and for boys, nothing?

Nature must be a male-chauvinistic pig.

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