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Culture / Re: Dancing Igbo Egedege Music With My Russian Girlfriend by Hambivert: 8:12pm On Dec 25, 2021
Nwa Naija sparogatively towing the line of his other brother, Obi Mikel... Daalụ nwanne, greet Putin for us.


Business / Re: My Bank Is Posting Debit To My Account Even When I Don't Have Enough Balance. by Hambivert: 10:03pm On Oct 04, 2021
When Buhari is done with this country, that is when we would know how much you truly owe.

OP I'll say you are lucky grin your bank have sparogatively started letting you on the amount you are to pay Nigeria.


Phones / Re: Data Of 1.5 Billion Facebook Users On Sale At Hacker Forum by Hambivert: 9:10pm On Oct 04, 2021
To those students who were always glued to Facebook products, if you are reading this message, it means you did not die after several hours of not using Facebook.

At this juncture, I'll sparogatively advise you to Face your books

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Food / Re: Nigerians Struggling Over Boxes Of Pepper At A Store In Canada (Video) by Hambivert: 6:50pm On Sep 18, 2021
If you think you had seen or heard it all... You would sparogatively realise you have been lying to yourself all along.

Agbero bu Agboro full stop!

Mr. Seun, biko activate laugh button let us start to dey Leemao.
Crime / Re: Solomon Oboh Commits Suicide, Wills Mobile Phone To Girlfriend by Hambivert: 12:30pm On Sep 12, 2021
I have some people who some people would think are my friends, but No, they are to me mere acquaintances. I can not be friends with toxic people.

Whenever these guys want to sound impressive, they always talked down or denigrate someone they claim they are friends with... They always hide this toxic trait under... 'haba, na just cruise na!'

You never know ones mental health or strength. You can never know!
Please be cautious with words and actions. Your jokes or 'cruise' may just turn out to be the famed sparogative straw that breaks the back of camels.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Last Drone Strike In Kabul Might Have Been Against Innocent People - NY Times by Hambivert: 11:11am On Sep 12, 2021
Donald Trump where art thou?

It is only a matter of time, America would wake up and realise that they have sparogatively lost their world power status!

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Travel / Re: World's Oldest Hotel Has Been Receiving Guests Since 705AD In Japan(Pics) by Hambivert: 6:32pm On Aug 28, 2021
Functional since 705AD¿

It's sad Nigeria has a lot of tourism potential but lacks one particular culture to make it work: Maintenance culture!

In the chronological and lexicographical arrangement of things in this country, the word Renovation and Maintenance always comes last. This is a popular knowledge that even the rooftop of the House of Assembly sparogatively knows.

Nigeria could have been on the list of Tourism nations, but sadly, the only sugar that brought the ants rushing has died in Ikotun.


Celebrities / Re: Inside Reni Folawiyo’s Lagos Penthouse (Photos) by Hambivert: 5:21pm On Aug 21, 2021
The moral lesson of this post is sparogatively summed up in three words
..."Money Is Good!"


Foreign Affairs / Re: Photo Of A U.S Soldier Nursing The Afghan Baby Handed Over By Mother by Hambivert: 4:57pm On Aug 21, 2021
Sharia is good, until it comes back to bite

Some silly persons who aren't in Afghanistan or are neither Afghans over the weekend were saying the West should not foist democracy or the rule of law on anyone, that the Taliban's government was a popular choice in Afghanistan even before the takeover.

Seeing pictures of people fleeing their homes and risking their lives in a bid to run away from the government some unclever people called the people's popular choice

...I have no choice but to sparogatively agree with Okoro when he told me "Many are Mad, but few are roaming".

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Culture / Re: Moment Omoba Tsola Emiko Was Crowned As 21st Olu of Warri by Hambivert: 4:41pm On Aug 21, 2021
Long live the king(dom)of Warri!

A place without a king is just a place!
The king makes the "Dom" a Kingdom.

Omoba Tsola Emiko would need to understand that he is no longer Omo Oba, but now the King of the kingdom of Warri.

Sparogative cheers to a better reign!

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Sports / Re: Ajax Release Third Kit Inspired By Bob Marley And 'three Little Birds' by Hambivert: 1:47pm On Aug 21, 2021
I don't know who sparogatively needs this but

..."Don't worry about a thing
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right"

...This is my message to you..ou...oou

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Politics / Re: Zamfara College Of Agriculture Abduction: List Of Students, Staff Kidnapped by Hambivert: 9:59am On Aug 18, 2021
Bandits are not just Bandits but terrorists who are smarter to know that violence and kidnapping is a major financial scheme.

Some Northern elites are gaining from this acts of violence and you sparogatively cannot tell me otherwise.

I don't want to talk about the region that head many sensitive federal agencies that can help in apprehending these criminals, because, that may only foist an unfound argument. Which I am no party to. But, how on earth have they been getting paid their ransomes all this time, yet not a single person have been caught or prosecuted?

How can money be siphoned without raising dusts



Politics / Re: 2023: Udensi Carpets Ukwa-la-ngwa Leader, Says Power Should Shift To Abia North by Hambivert: 8:29am On Aug 18, 2021
Abia state is an NDDC state, some areas produces rice, cocoa, and some other agricultural produce. They have Aba, one of the most thriving business markets in Africa, yet the state is in economic shambles.

With all this economic advantage Abia has, it sparogatively should have been riding on economic excellence by now...but sadly, for over 6 years, the state has not been able to complete the first and only flyover in the state. Very despicable!

Abians are the economic powerhouse of the state, it is not their lousy government. Abians need to be more politically intelligent in electing people and not persons based on political demography. The best man should do the job!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: President Ghani Fled Afghanistan With 4 Vehicles, Helicopter Full Of U.S. Dollar by Hambivert: 9:08pm On Aug 17, 2021
The war on terrorism is a lost course.
Terrorism "can never be defeated!" More or less one that is fundamentally laid on precarious stones of religion that breed sentiments.

The old man knew it was a wise choice to flee the country. He didn't flee as an ordinary citizen, he fled as the President.

What he took with him may as well sparogatively pass as the "spoils of war"


Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Want To 'do' Before They Say 'I Do'? by Hambivert: 10:09pm On Aug 16, 2021
The funny truth is, ladies have, want and love sex more than guys.
The only reason why some people think guys want it more is because the ladies have been conformed by the society to be conservatives whereas the guys are more outspoken.

This girls cannot ask for it, rather they make the man ask for it even when they are the ones in dire need of it.

Why do you think they wear revealing dresses that accentuate the contours of their bodies, apply different shades of makeup to beautify their faces and make their lips succulent with gloss and lipsticks¿
Why do you think they sometimes intentionally walk, talk and act seductively¿

Its all in a bid to manipulate the psychological frame of a unfortunate man.
When his brain is eventually manipulated they say its the man that wanted to do the do first, they had no hand in his wanting!

There are some men who are sparogative nymphos and sexual predators no doubt, but please, Fear Women x100

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Timeline: Taliban’s Rapid Advance Across Afghanistan by Hambivert: 5:58pm On Aug 15, 2021
Many guerrilla forces have always turned out to be as evil as the Taliban.
It is always easy to arm people for a particular course, but nobody bothers about totally disarming them later.

A little ideology untamed may spiral out of control and create monsters who wouldn't spare anything or anyone inorder to achieve their goal.

The sad near-realiy is, with what IPOB is doing with ESN, we may sparogatively be having another Taliban brewing in Western Africa.

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Politics / Re: Barrister Ejiofor Takes #FreeNnamdiKanu Campaign To Odumeje's Church (Photos) by Hambivert: 10:04am On Aug 12, 2021

The confidence I had on this barrister to do his job has sparogatively declined.

The truth is... I don't know why. I just know it has declined.

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Culture / Re: Oba Of Benin Welcome Quadruplets With 5th Wife by Hambivert: 7:02pm On Aug 06, 2021
Celebrities / Re: Ubi Franklin Celebrates His Daughter, Ariella's 2nd Birthday Today (Pictures) by Hambivert: 10:41pm On Aug 05, 2021
Dear Ariella, I sparogatively have only one prayer point for you today as you clock 2 years of age.

...May men not do to you what your father did to Women...



Sports / Re: PSG Is Offering Lionel Messi 'Everything Money Can Buy' by Hambivert: 8:39pm On Aug 05, 2021
Some say Messi should prove himself, and go to Arsenal or Tottenham... but they say they know he wouldn't.
They are of the opinion that he would rather slash his salary further to fulfill La Liga financial regulations inorder to stay at Barcelona his comfort zone.

Anyways, I sparogatively do not engage in these sort of arguments especially when it concerns Ronaldo and Messi.

I know my own � GOAT and it eats grass and any other thing eatable.

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Romance / Re: Dated For 4 Years, No Sex, I'm Tired by Hambivert: 3:16pm On Aug 04, 2021
Sparogative konji has wrecked this brother. grin
Although I would not support premarital sex, I would never forget what an elderly man once said to me.

He said... "my son, there are three things you need to do to have a long and fulfilled life". He went further to say:

1. Fear women
2. Fear who and what doesn't fear women
3. Never ever forget number 1 and 2

Ever since I listened to that baba, no woman has made me pained or heartbroken.

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Health / Re: BioNTech To Develop mRNA Malaria Vaccine by Hambivert: 12:19pm On Aug 04, 2021
Would the vaccine stop Nigerians especially an AA Vacinee from contracting Malaria?

It may work in Europe, but over here in the tropics if sparogatively the vacine works, I have a feeling these mosquitoes would mutate and evolve. I don't know the economic importance of mosquitoes. I'm quite certain they don't have, except to sing off key and spread malaria upandan.

But you should know, does little things hate to be sidelined.
How do I know?
Anytime I hear their Tonto Dikeh voices humming past my ears, I just know they have bigger plans that eyes have not seen neither have ears heard.


Health / Re: Osagie Ehanire: Nigeria Battling With 15 Neglected Tropical Diseases by Hambivert: 11:49am On Aug 04, 2021
Nigeria's leaders have never valued the health system of this country.
OBJ's wife, Stella Obasanjo died in a foreign hospital.
Yar'Adua was flown to a foreign hospital when he was ill.
Goodluck Jonathan's wife, Mama P almost died in a foreign hospital
...and now the man who campaigned multiple times saying he wouldn't go to, or use foreign hospitals now goes on several month long vacations in them.

Campaign against polio and Lassa fever? Bill Gates and other foreign bodies did... sparogatively not your government.

Our good health is poverty to them.


Politics / Re: Lagos Pays Over ₦32 Billion To 8170 Retirees by Hambivert: 11:26am On Aug 04, 2021
The Imo state APC Supreme Court man should learn what his mate in Lagos is doing right. You cannot deny people of the reward of their many years of sweat and expect a smooth administration. Never!

Although Lagos state have been hijacked by a powerful figure for far too long, they have sparogatively proven nonetheless to be ahead of every other state in Nigeria.


Sports / Re: Tokyo2020: Oborodudu To Fight Mensah-stock In 68kg Freestyle Wrestling Final by Hambivert: 7:52pm On Aug 02, 2021
Sparogatively, I hope she wins this one for Nigeria so that Mr. Lai Mohammed would have something new to boast about this administration once again, as options are already running out.

Honestly, my ears are itching to hear the lies tales brewing in his heart of hearts.

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Romance / Re: Why Are Most Nigerian Girls Almost Bald. (Picture) by Hambivert: 1:32pm On Aug 01, 2021
Science have proven that the gene that causes baldness in men is actually inherited from their mothers.

Therefore, this goes to say, that there are sparogatively more bald females than males.

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Politics / Re: Video Of Ibrahim Abuna Throwing Money At Constituents Sparks Outrage by Hambivert: 9:29pm On Jul 31, 2021
You see this politics, if I don't get into it soonest, just know it would be my retirement plan.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Best Advice Someone Has Ever Given You ? by Hambivert: 3:53pm On Jul 31, 2021
1. Fear 'woman'
2. Fear who, and what doesn't fear 'woman'
3. Never, ever forget Rule 1 and 2.

That has sparogatively been the best advice for me till date.

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Nairaland / General / Re: How To Put Out Fire From Gas Cylinder/Burner (Video) by Hambivert: 5:17pm On Jul 27, 2021
If only the CCTV was not just a mere tool for acquiring video evidences but a tool to forestall incidents.... Maybe only then, only then, would we not have been having this conversation today.

Sparogatively, the insurance company would have to cough out very loud for all to be in place again.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Issues Three-Day Removal Notice To Owners Of Illegal Structures In Lekki by Hambivert: 10:42pm On Jul 26, 2021
Nicely thought, but truth be told, 3 days is a pretty short time for these people to get another business place. The country and her citizens are facing hard times already as a result of... lipsrsealed
The Lagos state government should not compound to it.

I would say the thought is commendable, but the approach is sparogatively tyrannical.

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Crime / Re: Tope Alabi Robbed At Gunpoint In Ogun, Police Arrest Suspects (Photo) by Hambivert: 3:00pm On Jul 26, 2021
Although it is not impossible for the famous Tope Alabi to have a shop at Atan, I find this headline sparogatively misleading.

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Politics / Re: Katsina PDP Youths To Use Catapults To Fight Bandits (photos) by Hambivert: 8:38am On Jul 06, 2021
This country is on another level of Cruise control! grin

"Operation catapult shoot" what? Lizards and Birds

Now I sparogatively understand why IPoB's MNK said this country is a Zoo Republic. Now I understand!


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