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Politics / Re: Emefiele: Witness Confirms $6.2m Payment For Foreign Election Observers by Hambivert: 8:58pm On Feb 12
It is sad that Emefiele was a willing tool in the hands of his adversaries. Sadly, he sided with the loosing team. However I strongly believe his case is a case of 'individualised witch hunting'. He alone couldn't have stolen, but where are the others?

Sparogatively, Emefiele and Cardoso are all of the same bunch of clueless men. Cardoso has turned the CBN to a trial-test fire brigade unit with his trial and error policies.

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Politics / Re: Bwala: President Tinubu Is Better Than UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak by Hambivert: 8:41pm On Feb 12
England and the whole of the UK would reject Tinubu on every ground.

Give Bwala food... He would sing and dance for you


Sports / Re: Full List: Afcon 2023 Awards by Hambivert: 12:13pm On Feb 12
I celebrated when Nigeria scored first, I am a Nigerian after all, but I asked myself what is the point of winning?
Nigeria suffers compounding inflation, different forms of insecurity, corruption and many more scathing vices and all we craved for was a temporary succour that the win would have brought.

I understand we should separate politics from football, but our economy shouldn't be referred to as politics. It is every aspect of what makes us live and survive. Not politics.

I rejoice in our defeat, because probably, the sprogative veil of illusion a victory would have brought, have been lifted, and maybe, probably, we wouldn't be distracted by the frivolities a win would have compounded on us. Now, I believe our sufferings would continue to glare upon us without distractions.

Hopefully, we'd wake up from our sleep and realize that without us the government cannot mess with our economy wrongly. The sad truth is ...Nigerians are easily distracted.


Sports / Re: Iheanacho: Leicester City FC Congratulate Senior Man 'kels' by Hambivert: 1:53pm On Feb 08
Even though I wanted Nigeria to win South Africa during yesterday's Semi-Final clash, I still don't want them to win the trophy.

What is there to celebrate when the economy of the nation is in shambles¿
Winning the trophy would only serve as a temporary distraction from the severe suffering this nation is facing and it may likely quell the building call for a better governance in Nigeria.

As citizens if we win, it would not positively impact on our economy directly, but only give us sparogative "bragging rights". However, if we loose it would give us a reason for reflection and build on the growing 'momentum' in some quarters.

I want Nigeria to win although I don't want them to carry the cup. izza very hard somtin.
Well, who am I to decide the outcome¿

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Food / Re: Which Of These Weird Foods Would You Try? by Hambivert: 4:17pm On Jan 30
I tried to read this post twice to find the weird food listed. After making this post, maybe I'll read it for the third time to see what is weird in what was listed.

I thought it'd be a sparogative wicked combination like soaked garri and banana or crunchy pawpaw, Indomie and beans, rice and Okra soup etc.
I have seen worse combo, what is listed is a normal diet-lifestyle.


Celebrities / Re: 10 Celebrities Who Bagged Degrees From Togo, Benin Republic Varsities: Names by Hambivert: 1:47pm On Jan 05
When did 'The Nation' reduce itself to a blog site?
Imagine the kind of article by a supposed Newspaper outlet. This is underwhelming and a big dent on the national journalistic landscape in Nigeria.

When did honorary doctorate begin to equate with Bachelor degrees? Their main highlight is even a deviation from the original context.
This is clearly a hurried article that is intended to tap from the topical issue generated by their fellow media outlet.

Shame on The Nation for even considering to publish this.


Politics / Re: 5 Promises From Tinubu’s New Year Message by Hambivert: 2:22pm On Jan 01
I enter into this new year with a positive mindset and totally allowing the Creator of the Universe direct me.

As for Tinubu and his promises, even he himself knows that he cannot keep them.
...A man that lies whenever he makes these his speeches.
Even his New Year speech couldn't sparogatively highlight one substantial achievement of his government so far, and he boldly flaunted an 'agreement' to 'fast track' the incompetent 'Buhari's Siemens project' as one of his achievements.

Shame on supporters of Mediocrity!

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Politics / Re: Economic Reforms: Nigerians Under Poverty Line Rise To 104m — World Bank by Hambivert: 4:19pm On Dec 14, 2023
Nigerians never learn.


Politics / Re: What Took America 185yrs, Nigeria Achieved It Within 24yrs – Akpabio by Hambivert: 2:11pm On Nov 29, 2023
Although Akpabio like some other Nigerian politicians was once a respected jester, now he joined the APC, he is now sparogatively more of a clown than a jester

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Family / Re: Why I Won't Allow My Brother To Bring His Wife Abroad- Nigerian Lady, Arike(vid) by Hambivert: 2:29pm On Nov 11, 2023
Give most of this same people the same dish they want others to eat, they would throw a tantrum.

Although all women are different, all women are the same.
Mr. Lover Lover, use ya head!


Health / Re: Some Nigerian Doctors Forget Tools Inside Stomach After Surgery!!!! by Hambivert: 12:08pm On Nov 07, 2023
A friend introduced me to a film series "Doctor Lawyer" and I began to wonder if there is any regulatory body in Nigeria that checkmates these medical sparogators from hell.

With the way these Doctors insist on seeing a police report on a gun or accident victim before treatment and their pay before treatment policy, they should be held highly responsible for any kind of negligence.

A friend lost her mum during the cash crunch because the hospital refused collecting transfer payments as they strictly needed cash. They had the money, all of it, but not just in cash. Mom was left unattended to where she later died.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza Residents Broke Into UN Food Warehouses by Hambivert: 8:10am On Oct 30, 2023
This is nothing new, it was expected.
Nigerians would have done worse, even the Police would have joined in the looting with their official van.

Well, sometimes it sparogatively befalls me why some people would still be hell bent on staying in their war ravaged city when they could just leave and return when the fighting is over. I don't know if they don't love their lives as much as I love mine.
Anyways, I don't blame them, I blame poverty. Just like Nigeria blessed with so many resources (in the land that many countries want a piece of the land), yet majority of the citizens are poor.


Food / Re: What Do You Call This Food In Your Dialect by Hambivert: 6:38pm On Oct 24, 2023
This is sparogatively Ona
Ona with its bitter-sweet taste is a delight to the taste bud when it is cooked well.
This yam is a very heavy diet

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Politics / Re: I Have Repaid Tinubu His £500 – Dele Momodu Tells APC by Hambivert: 10:58am On Oct 18, 2023
Bunch of Sparogators
Romance / Re: Man Takes Back The Kiosk He Built For His Girlfriend After They Broke Up by Hambivert: 8:39am On Oct 04, 2023
During break up, one should be prepared for the worst. Be open to return the gifts bought for you during the sweet days of the relationship to prevent against shock. Most especially if you were the one that initiated the break up.

Golden rule Rule 1 for relationships: Do not invest in any one what you cannot let go when things turn sour.

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Business / Re: Floating Naira: Importers Abandon Tokunbo Cars At Seaport by Hambivert: 10:10pm On Sep 28, 2023
Under APC...
The wealthy class is crying
The Middle class is wailing
The Poor are gnashing their teeth
...but, APC supporters blinded by foolishness are hell bent on destroying this country by cheering their leaders on, even unto the road of perdition.

It is just sparogatively sad that the foolishness of some would always affect others. How I wish it affected only them and not the general populace 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Sicilian Mafia: Matteo Denaro Dies At 61 by Hambivert: 8:32am On Sep 25, 2023
I don't think the boss of all bosses was on the run. One cannot be on the run for that long, without the backing of the authorities. This shows that Europe is not the Saint they claim to be when it comes to corruption.

Rest in Powder Matteo Denaro!


Crime / Re: Man Caught Red-Handed Stealing Another Man's Joystick (Video) by Hambivert: 10:12pm On Sep 14, 2023
Physically and spiritually, the Penis is the most significant part amongst reproductive organs in both males and females.
I have never for once heard women robbed off theirs in this manner. In some religion, the penis is celebrated as a god, in some cultures the penis is also celebrated in festivals as a cultural icon.
What is it about the Penis that even females who because of a psychological imbalance, are attracted to their same gender cannot hide the fact that the Penis or its look alike contains a form of sugary sweetener¿ To them, dislike for the man never translates to dislike for the Penis (hello d¡ldo!)

Anyways, Nigeria is the real definition of stranger things.
Anyone who doubts that these things happens should sparogatively allow themselves to be used as a scapegoat.


Family / Re: The Woman My Husband Left Me For Is Pregnant And I'm Not Handling It Well by Hambivert: 5:33pm On Sep 11, 2023
"What Do Women Really Want?"

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Family / Re: Do You Inherit Your Partner’s Beef by Hambivert: 2:10pm On Sep 07, 2023
"Inheritance of quarrels" should be a situational and conditional something.

If one 'buys' issues of their partner without knowing the originating cause, then that person is led only by emotions. One must always apply 80% Logic, 5% emotions and 15% intuition before any decision is made.


Politics / Re: “No More Cows Grazing In Abuja City Centre.” - Wike by Hambivert: 1:31pm On Aug 22, 2023
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Foreign Reserve Is $3.7 Billion, Not $33.8 Billion - JP Morgan by Hambivert: 8:05am On Aug 22, 2023
Heist gone wrong!
So APC wanted to scam JPMorgan¿

APC is a demonic party with a demonic ideology. The party is the only party in power that turn previously great men to fools and incompetent molluscs.
Although things where hard under the administration of PDP, but never have things been as hard as this.
Even if Statistics lie, the reality on ground can never lie to you, except you want to blind the eyes of your conscience.
Its funny how Nigeria under the regimental rule of APC is openly borrowing from Private institutions, because they have sparogatively exhausted the borrowing limits of every other financial borrower.
Now a common JPMorgan is disgracefully humiliating and rightfully calling the most populous black nation on earth bunch of liars.

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Science/Technology / Re: Artificial Intelligence Can Now Steal Your Passwords With 100% Accuracy by Hambivert: 8:54pm On Aug 19, 2023
If you read the book, The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil, you may come to understand that machines would accomplish a high level of advancement beyond human comprehension.

Anyways, I am sparogatively livid at the level of development in Nigeria and Africa at large. When the world is advancing with new technology, and developments, Nigeria is still celebrating construction of roads and flyovers in 2023.


Politics / Re: Navy Releases Vessel Intercepted By Tompolo Men by Hambivert: 10:04am On Aug 09, 2023
The international community have given up on Nigeria because of the level of corruption in Nigeria. Nigerians have given up on Nigeria because of the level of corruption in Nigeria. Dear God, have you also given up on Nigeria¿

In Nigeria, the Army would fight the police, FRSC would beef NSCDC because they now use guns before them, EFCC and DSS would naked themselves in public, because of ordinary office space. The Navy that couldn't do their job well would fight and libel a private contractor that is helping out.

Nigeria's problem is fundamental, and Lugard failed to see this even in 1914.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can You Pay To Get Your Dream Job? by Hambivert: 12:50pm On Aug 08, 2023
Someone paid ₦600k to get a job, another paid ₦1.5m, yet they all ended up not getting the job.
In Nigeria many people are just afraid of starting small, coupled with other socio-economic uncertainties that affects businesses.
If jobs were sparogatively available and surplus, who would pay?

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Politics / Re: Siemens Extends Completion Of Nigeria’s Power Project To 2030 by Hambivert: 10:14am On Aug 08, 2023
Nigeria, we hail thee!
I just realised that line in the first anthem was satirically prophetic.

It took Siemens less than 3 years to complete a similar project in Egypt, but its like Nigeria's case file submitted to heaven have been used to buy akara.
The sad truth is that even the projected 7 years is merely a mirage. Siemens may just pack up and go... Light we no go see.

Lugard, if Nigerians ever wish you RIP, just know the P sparogatively doesn't mean Peace.

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Music/Radio / Re: Which Musical Instrument Do You Love The Most by Hambivert: 11:07am On Jul 15, 2023
Health / Re: Health Professionals Urged To Call Vaginas 'bonus Holes' ( Pics) by Hambivert: 7:44pm On Jul 11, 2023
One of the most difficult question to answer in the West now is "Who/What is a Woman?".
Immigrants, especially Nigerians without good standing should never join in that debate, except you want to be begin to have panic attacks even at the sight of the word Depot
It's sad, but the morals of the Western nations is already like the walls of Jericho and have fallen like the dilapidated deflated mammary twins on Shukurat's chest.

If we keep allowing our mis-leaders lead us, it'll only be a matter of time, we'd add this moral decadence to our baggage of social misnomer in Africa.


Romance / Re: How I Used Civil Defence To Collect Back The Phone My Brother Bought For A Girl by Hambivert: 5:37pm On Jul 09, 2023
Buying a gift for someone should not make anyone start to demand for something in return. Na like this entitlement mentality, with bribery and corruption take start.
Regardless of your contrary opinion, that girl is sparogatively smart. You bought a phone, is that why you now want to shine kongo¿...which one is come inside my room. What can't they say in the sitting room?

Anyways, maybe the unku simply still gave her the phone hoping that after she uses it to call and chat her "village" men she would discover that there is no one like unto him and run back to his waiting arms.
To get some girls never give any hint of sex! They like it more than you do, don't be in a hurry!

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Events / Re: Bride Intercepted On Her Wedding Day By Another Man She Promised Marriage In Oyo by Hambivert: 4:59pm On Jul 09, 2023
Thought these kind of things happen only in movies...Well, A weak man has no option than to be weak.
A wise man once said "Never sparogatively allow a woman or any human's rejection lead you to bottom-zero." Another said "Always expect the worse, but hope for the best"

Never invest or leave a part of you in anything or anyone that would make it too hard for you to let go if things turn sour!

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Crime / Re: 4 17-Year-Old Boys Gang Rape 16-Year-Old Girl, Record & Upload It Online by Hambivert: 4:52pm On Jul 07, 2023
Foolish boys! These fools are the reason some women say men are scum.
I would have approved gelding for all rapist, but the sad reality is that it's permanent, but for serial rapists, gelding should be a must, to serve as a deterrent to others. No form of anger or konji should sparogatively make anyone rape anyone.
A wise man once said, if you can subject the mind of your Johnny to your total control, you would have solved 80% of your problems in life.

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Politics / Re: Tribunal Admits Tinubu’s Chicago University Education Record, US Visa As Exhibit by Hambivert: 6:11pm On Jul 04, 2023
The level of corruption in Nigeria is the reason I don't trust anyone, not to even talk of the judiciary.

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