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Politics / Re: Nigerian Navy Arrests Norwegian Ship Stealing Crude Oil In Nigeria by HarryDuce(m): 11:32am On Aug 20

Please, learn to ask questions when confused and stop misleading the public with your myopic view. This vessel was NEVER cleared and that was why a Navy Ship GONGOLA interrogated the vessel for their surreptitious activities on our water.

And when they could not give a sufficient response and knowing that they might have been caught, the rogue vessel raise a false alarm of been attacked by Pirates and this was equally countered by Nig Navy.

Due to existing synergy between Nig Navy and Equitorial Guinea the stealing vessel was hunted down and it will soon be handed over to Nigeria for prosecution.
I never said it was cleared sir. But it was also able to get to the field in a period of incessant oil theft.

"The vessel arrived Akpo Field midnight on 7 Aug 22 with the obvious intention of lifting crude oil within the Field, albeit, illegally. This was, however, spotted by the Nigerian Navy Maritime Domain Awareness facility which probed the legitimacy of the Very Large Crude Carrier’s presence in the Total SA operated Akpo Field."

What are the odds?
Politics / Re: Islam Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism In Nigeria by HarryDuce(m): 3:36am On Aug 20
You're right but I'd like to point something out. In how many countries are Muslims not the major casualties of Islamic terrorism? That fact is hardly peculiar to Nigeria. A lot of Muslims share in some of the views of these "un-Islamic" terrorists. One way or another, Islam is always in the equation. Unwillingness to face issues as they are would make these destructive acts and mindsets difficult to tame.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Navy Arrests Norwegian Ship Stealing Crude Oil In Nigeria by HarryDuce(m): 3:19am On Aug 20
So an unauthorised super tanker that was not cleared to be in the area somehow found it's way to Akpo field. An OIL TANKER.

The navy and NNPC just. . . Let it? When oil theft is on the all time high?

Didn't the navy mark zero cases of piracy for the first time in 30 years a few days back? How then was the oil tanker able to gain access UNHINDERED?

Thank God for Equatorial Guinea, at least we get to hear of it before it's pushed under the rug.

This country is truly on autopilot.

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Sports / Re: Medal Table As Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Ends by HarryDuce(m): 2:12pm On Aug 08

This. is Nigeria's best show at the commonwealth games ever.

The last time we came close was in 1994 and we got just 7 gold.

This is possibly the first time we are finishing above South Africa too.

Can we say the Sports Minister, Sunday Dare did well?
We got 9 gold medals in 2018.
Travel / Re: Dirt Takes Over Port Harcourt by HarryDuce(m): 4:16pm On May 05
that's why is said stop to live for village, come to obio akpor local government we have functioning recycling system
Okay sir
Travel / Re: Dirt Takes Over Port Harcourt by HarryDuce(m): 4:02pm On May 05
stop to dey leave inside village
We both know the government did not provide anything like that but continue. Most roads in Ph don't have a waste bin anywhere in sight.

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Travel / Re: Dirt Takes Over Port Harcourt by HarryDuce(m): 3:59pm On May 05
RIWAMA, an indigenous company owned by Felix Obuah( former state PDP chairman and presently gov aspirant) had the contract of disposing waste in River State. The contract was recently revoked by Emperor Wike.
It's not like the company was up and doing anyway. Birds of a feather they are. Wike just remembered the duty belongs to the local government chairmen.

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Travel / Re: Dirt Takes Over Port Harcourt by HarryDuce(m): 3:55pm On May 05
I live in Port Harcourt, and I can confirm this is true ,even after government provided place to throw dirt ,yet people still choose to lazy and dump diet by the road expecting their boy boy to come and clean it up, if I am a government agency anybody caught will be severally punished and pack everything, no civil servant should touch it, stupid people
The government provided where to throw refuse? Why are you lying publicly?

Even the existing ones that have been there before this administration are overflowing because no one has attended to them.


Crime / Re: Herder Stabs Landlord In Rivers For Complaining About Cows Messing Up Compound by HarryDuce(m): 9:34pm On Apr 05
Shebi people use sentimental hatred to deny facts being presented by Kanu and IPOB. E go reach everybody.
This is like making a choice between a rabid dog (IPOB and co) and a feral pig (bandits/killer herdsmen). None is remotely wise or desirable.

Kanu and IPOB should focus on themselves and let others do the same.

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Family / Re: Is Cheating Enough Reason To Leave A Legal Marriage ? by HarryDuce(m): 3:26pm On Apr 03
Yes. In some rare situations I'd say it depends. Every one has their threshold of tolerance but for me, it's the end.
For men, I would say YES.
For women, I would say NO.
Before una go chop my head, make I analyze somethings. When it comes to man and woman eeh, the ball game dey different. Cry all you want, men are polygamous in nature. Right from Bible to our ancestors time, no be crime to marry more than one woman. That's why you go see a man wey get 3 babies with different women, and nobody go talk anything. But immediately a woman born just one or two, she don turn second hand material and almost abandoned project.
Same way a man no fit marry empty handed, he must work hard for money first. While a woman only needs toto and makeup before she's qualified for marriage. So both get advantages and disadvantages. Once again, if a man cheat, society no too dey frown about am like women.

I can't count the number of times I've seen this "men are polygamous in nature" trope. A lot of men who say this don't actually want to marry more women. They use this line as an excuse to sleep with as many women and girls as possible without the responsibility that comes with marriage. If you are so bothered about maintaining African traditions, why don't you marry more women?
Can you care for them or it'll be just sex and vibes?
People marry two or more wives everyday in Nigeria, it's still a thing.


Travel / Re: Longest Super Highway In Akwa Ibom Nears Completion by HarryDuce(m): 11:03am On Apr 02
I believe Awka Ibom state is the richest state in Nigeria? It should be in competition with Dubai. To me it seems every state has BMC kind of organisation that help them market their works. Most of these Niger Delta state just love to flex with state resources, buying latest SUVs. Instead of them to invest in their youths and create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. Greed and wickedness is the only type of politics they all know how to play. Such a pity.
Lol which Dubai? With how much money? The money Nigeria as a whole makes, is not up to a quarter of what the Dubai government makes over the same time period. Before you compare Nigeria to any other part of the world, know that Nigeria is very POOR in every sense of the word.

Yes, the government is corrupt and thieving but please, don't have high expectations from what is not there. In the past, I used to criticize the amount budgeted for road construction in the Niger Delta with much scrutiny when compared to the amount budgeted for the same length of road in the north that would be significantly cheaper. Guess what? I still scrutinize but I don't compare because quality road construction is a laudable feat in the south. Are you familiar with the terrain of most parts of the Niger Delta? Peace.


Politics / Re: Can You Vote For A Woman As President Of Nigeria? by HarryDuce(m): 10:25am On Apr 02
Of course. If she's mentally sound, emotionally intelligent and physically capable, why shouldn't I?
Nigerian women and Nigerian men grow up in the same environment, they're no different, so I don't expect any miracle.

We are not oyinbos, let them be deceiving themselves with their feminism and female empowerment while rendering their male folks useless. The consequences of their stupidity have now started to bear fruits from their extremely high divorce rates to their low and irreversible birth rates.
The post asks about presidential position. What does that have to do with marriage and sex? These things you mention don't sound like something one (especially a Nigerian) should make a primary objective in choosing a leader. China, Japan and Korea also experience low birth rates without practicing western style rulership in all its forms especially China. This should tell you that people are more concerned with taking charge of every aspect of their lives than they are about fvcking and birthing like rats. Is the economy no more important? Standard of living? Germany did not stop being powerful at the emergence of Angela Merkel. They're still the largest economy in Europe. Every one remembers Margaret Thatcher not for propagating "female empowerment" (which she was criticised for not doing) or "emasculating men", but for her uncompromising politics like many other men in history.


Politics / Re: Kaduna Train Attack: Most Nigerians Are Very Ignorant by HarryDuce(m): 11:19am On Mar 30

Politics / Re: Modular Refineries Can’t Refine Fuel Due To Price Regulation – NNPC by HarryDuce(m): 2:43pm On Mar 05
You're making baseless assumptions. How do you know that operation cost will rise? Oh, you would want the government to sell the crude to them at the international rate,right?
Well, they will have to buy the oil they're used to stealing. They will also refine using cleaner methods all of which involve money. I'm sure you're no stranger to the soot pollution in Port Harcourt and environs.

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Politics / Re: Modular Refineries Can’t Refine Fuel Due To Price Regulation – NNPC by HarryDuce(m): 2:35pm On Mar 05

They sell their fuel very very cheap.

Government recognition will increase productivity and not sale price.
Their fuel is relatively cheap because they steal the oil. If they're recognised and made to function legally, operations cost will rise.

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Crime / Re: Kpofire: DPO Apprehended For Operating Illegal Refinery In Rivers(pics) by HarryDuce(m): 3:30pm On Jan 18

Please raise this as topic if possible create a thread for it, let have extensive discussion about this, let have wide opinion.

It is practically useless!
The issue was raised earlier in the first tenure and it was kicked down the bucket!
It came again as a for agitation for modular refineries !again hurdles were placed to the point that it was useless!
The belief was held by the govt that Dangote will come online(4 were)
One major reason they cannot be given license to operate is their mode of operation.
No safety protocol.
They steal the oil by bursting up pipelines. The oil from the pipelines don't stop flowing in most locations after they've been burst open, they continuously pollute the earth and waterways.
They also don't drill the earth for the oil.
Despite these things, a few modular refineries that were able to meet some safety standards and other criteria have been licensed to operate in the past few years.
Politics / Re: Harmattan & Haze Hits Port Harcourt 9-days To Christmas: Pictures & Video by HarryDuce(m): 5:16pm On Dec 16, 2021
Port Harcourt dey get severe harmattan?
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Akwa Ibom At Night by HarryDuce(m): 11:14pm On Dec 15, 2021
We celebrate mediocrity in this country too much.

The amount of money Akwa ibom state has received for the past 8 years is enough to turn it to a world class standard like Dubai.

The Governors of Akwa ibom are thieves, especially akpabio.
Dubai (UAE) makes more money 5 times over than Nigeria does from oil in a single year. The reverse has never been the case. How much has Akwa Ibom made in 8 years? sad

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Politics / Re: Between Wike And Rotimi Amaechi Who Would Make A Better President by HarryDuce(m): 8:30am On Dec 12, 2021
For the fact that we have been inhaling soot since 2016 is enough grounds for me to go with Amaechi even though he is part of a clueless government that sometimes acts just like Wike.

Amaechi tried in road construction but Wike is better in that area. In every other aspect, Amaechi takes the cake by a significant margin.

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Politics / Re: Port Harcourt Residents Fishing On Flooded Government House Road (Photo) by HarryDuce(m): 12:52am On Nov 12, 2021
For those who would want to comment blindly, Moscow road boasts of very good drain. That's the same area Amechi did his mono rail project too, so it's not a case of poorly done job.

Na flash flood
It's not really an issue of good drainage on that particular stretch of road. The most plausible cause is the sand filling the government is carrying out all around that area. The water has to go somewhere after all.

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Politics / Re: A Wealth Of Sorrow: Why Nigeria’s Abundant Oil Reserves Are Really A Curse by HarryDuce(m): 8:33pm On Nov 09, 2021
Nigeria has never been "prosperous", "on the right path" or "organised" in her life time. When talking about oil curse, note that without the oil, things would've taken a sinister path instead. Crude oil has been more of a blessing than a curse regardless of the present situation of things.

Nigeria is also not petrol dollar "rich". Compare the population of countries feeding off crude oil to that of Nigeria and you'll notice that they're nowhere close to ours and crude oil has been our life line for a little over 50 years. The question is what has the North, West and East been doing all these years?

List of countries by Revenue from crude oil below


Crime / Re: Picture Of A White Man Using A Black Boy As His Foot-stool by HarryDuce(m): 6:29pm On Nov 09, 2021
God have mercy ,no wonder Yahoo boys no day smile when dai are collect OT from them and they keep collecting more till dai commit suicide.
What will you say about west Africans (Nigerians) that sold each other in exchange for mirror? Who will hate them and their descendants? And we'll be wondering why this country is like this.
Crime / Re: Picture Of A White Man Using A Black Boy As His Foot-stool by HarryDuce(m): 6:28pm On Nov 09, 2021
God have mercy ,no wonder Yahoo boys no day smile when dai are collect OT from them and they keep collecting more till dai commit suicide.
What will you say about west Africans (Nigerians) that sold each other for mirror then? Who will hate them? And we'll be wondering why this country is like this.
Crime / Re: Picture Of A White Man Using A Black Boy As His Foot-stool by HarryDuce(m): 6:27pm On Nov 09, 2021
God have mercy ,no wonder Yahoo boys no day smile when dai are collect OT from them and they keep collecting more till dai commit suicide.
What will you say about the black Africans (Nigerians) that sold each other for mirror then? Who will hate them? And we'll be wondering why this country is like this.
Politics / Re: Black Rain In Parts Of Rivers by HarryDuce(m): 10:05pm On Oct 17, 2021

OP you're a government agent.

Because its not illegal bunkering that causes that soothe.

And guess who flares gas? Federal Government of Nigeria.

So essentially the wealth of this country that fuels the Nigerian Fulani hegemony comes at the cost of SE and SS lives and prosperity.

As usual the parasites will blame anything but themselves.
Gas flaring from Illegal bunkering IS the cause of the soot in Port Harcourt and environs. Their activities are not hidden.

You just spoke like a government agent that is hiding their ineffectiveness in curbing the soot issue by deflecting.

Or are you into oil theft?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: If U Hv The Opportunity To Live In PH, Lag And Abj Which Will U Go For by HarryDuce(m): 3:59pm On Oct 07, 2021
Abuja by a small margin.

Lagos heat and bustle is not for me. I've seen enough of Port Harcourt as it is and although it's alright (the weather is nice compared to the other two) I prefer Abuja. The major downsides of Abuja I can think of are the fake life and poor transport system.
Family / Re: Life As An Albino (my Experience) by HarryDuce(m): 1:28pm On Sep 28, 2021
Not to disregard your experience, but I feel it's a localised something. I know some people can be major d!cks sometimes by mocking them --their eyes mostly-- but avoiding them and treating them badly is not something that I have noticed in my part of Nigeria. Almost no one bats an eyelid coming across an albino. They're given a cursory glace and forgotten just as quickly like everyone else.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Paul Rusesabagina (Hotel Rwanda Hero) Convicted In Sham Trial by HarryDuce(m): 2:46pm On Sep 20, 2021
I am disappointed in Kagame,I thought he was different from other Africa leaders
Not at all different, although it depends on what you consider different. Kagame is one of the reasons there is constant bloodshed and violence in the DRC. He's just as hypocritical and vicious as the Congo rebels. It's funny people only focus on the things he has achieved in his country and ignore completely his bad side.
Phones / Re: Airtel Night Plan Observation by HarryDuce(m): 3:45pm On Sep 14, 2021
Check your data usage from when you subscribe to be sure another app is not using your data. Some phones monitor on a daily.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Lady Reportedly Denied Australian Visa Due To Homophobic Post by HarryDuce(m): 3:21pm On Sep 14, 2021
There are no absolutes as I said. And Since we're using Wikipedia.

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