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Politics / Re: Atiku Releases Economic Agenda, Vows To Break Govt Monopoly by Hayzed0601(m): 8:07am On Jun 10, 2022

Hateful Mumu, learn to stay on point if your hateful mind will ever allow that. We are talking about security of Nigerian lives and property and this clueless Mumu is talking about a fake Lekki "massacre".

In terms of security and in defence of the credentials of Asiwaju, I need only mention RRS.

Oya show us Atiku's equivalent effort for his terror-ravaged region let alone Nigeria considering he was a whole former VP of our nation. Mumu hater like you.
In bid to support Tinubu as if he is a saint,You reduce yourself to a retard.
I should show you Atiku's equivalent effort for his terror ravaged region?
Now this is where you sound stupid, firstly ask yourself this, Is he the one in power?? is he the Mr.President??
Atiku is a business man like Dangote,Otedola at all(even though he might be corrupt during his time as VP)but who is not corrupt??Your Tinubu is also corrupt and you can't deny that.
Now listen retard,it is the duty of the government to provide security to it's citizen.
And for the record you are the hateful bipolar being here,because of your hate towards Atiku who doesn't even know about you and your family's existence including your generation.

I have told you that I don't support any one of the presidential candidate,Whoever gets in as the president will have my support and I hope the person will steer this country to where it deserve to be.

But you are just foolishly, stupidly and blindly following an aspirant who we all know that he is as corrupt as the rest of his rival.
Man of hate
Hateful retard
Politics / Re: Atiku Releases Economic Agenda, Vows To Break Govt Monopoly by Hayzed0601(m): 11:34pm On Jun 09, 2022




Dakun gbenu soun jare
Politics / Re: Atiku Releases Economic Agenda, Vows To Break Govt Monopoly by Hayzed0601(m): 11:12pm On Jun 09, 2022

Shameless mumu. So the nebulous statement below amounts to comprehensive talk about security to you? Nigeria is suffering because of terrible followers like you.

The unspoken truth is that Nigeria, socially and for her reality today, has grown beyond the divided, disillusioned, poorly-motivated, uninspired and worthlessly corrupt federal Nigerian police force.

A totally new approach anchored around State, local and intelligence-driven policing is the way forward.

Any candidate not backing State policing is simply supporting the continuous and wanton killing of Nigerians no one is ever held accountable for.

Your Atiku is simply a business-as-usual devotee here to serve the interest of his elitist buddies who will insist he must not touch 'deeply sunken roots' that elongates their empire of privilege at the expenses of Nigerians.

Tinubu created RRS that is the most professional subdivision of the NPF in our entire country. What did Atiku, the Dubai President, help to birth in his native Adamawa or anywhere in the North?

The pathetically generic rhetoric below from Atiku says what exactly about his plans for Nigeria's security?

Pathetic idiot shamelessly following Tinubu who masterminded the killings at lekki toll gate,and it is this same Tinubu that you think will improve the security of the country,come on use your number six.
It is this same Tinubu that is still milking from Lagos State Treasuries even after leaving office.Don't be dumb,nobody is a saint among the candidates, don't just follow blindly.

And jsyk, I'm not Atiku fan neither am I in for Tinubu also,All I want is that whoever emerge as the next president should make this country a better place for it's inhabitants.
Politics / Re: Atiku Releases Economic Agenda, Vows To Break Govt Monopoly by Hayzed0601(m): 5:31pm On Jun 09, 2022

You will hear from them with time but expect whatever they propose to be far better than the crony-capitalism garbage Atiku has now shamelessly proposed as a solution to our myriads of serious and fatalistic problems.

Atkku has no second gear at all. He has been stuck in gear one since 20 years ago and unable to shift gear to adapt to the speed Nigeria requires to make progress.

Horribly divided country with people dying like chickens and lizards yet Atiku cannot minimally touch on a plan to first improve security of lives and property we all know determines the socio-economic fortune of a geographical space. Why talk about mansions without the security to live in a home better even than then the Taj mahal?

Atiku is a joker. His decision to live in Dubai, outside election year in Nigeria, is deliberate and shows he is a privileged and callous elite totally disconnected with the reality of everyday life and challenges of ordinary Nigerians
In as much as you wanted you sound intelligent,you eventually failed woefully and I'm very sure that you didn't read the Agenda or you failed to understand the concept.

Now go back and read where he talked about security

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Politics / Re: Atiku Releases Economic Agenda, Vows To Break Govt Monopoly by Hayzed0601(m): 5:01pm On Jun 09, 2022

We don't need them both brother believe me , how can a country elect someone who can't go to USA, men that can't represent at the world level , look at all Nigeria got just went down under how many years intensive borrowing common youth please Common we can do this let's try another part , Born is been PDP, APC, now I am ready to even vote CNN or BBC
What are you saying oga,be coherent.
Proof read before pressing submit
Politics / Re: Don't Allow PDP To Drag Nigeria Backwards - Buhari To APC Members by Hayzed0601(m): 9:19am On Jun 08, 2022
I Love PMB
Oniranu Family Buhari

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Family / Re: My Family Is At The Verge Of Destruction by Hayzed0601(m): 1:20pm On May 31, 2022
Watin Dey pain you be sey the children your brothers wife born for you no Dey come holidays for your house again grin grin
Weytin you dey talk again laidis grin
Weigh ray just full this forum aswear grin
Romance / Re: I Am Lossing My Mind, Someone Please Come To My Aid by Hayzed0601(m): 7:51am On May 31, 2022
I have relocated
I learnt snooker to keep myself busy
There are things I can't discuss with my mum who is my closest friend
My brothers and sisters are far from me as well
My work is not demanding, I am less busy most atimes at office which made me hate the work cos it's not keeping me and allowing me to suffer every sec of the day 3

I stepped out in my new location
I know no where
I strolled for long and came back all to be busy

My phone become boring to me
What am I look for in internet that I haven't browsed all night and day, everytime am with phone

I know my stage , confidence and how happy I was before now

Hit the gym and you are not doing anything, unnecessary thoughts will not cross your mind when you are busy gyming or doing something.

Just hit the gym and thank me later
Food / Re: Help!! My Yoruba Wife Does This by Hayzed0601(m): 10:46pm On May 29, 2022
My yoruba wife first eats her meat before eating her food. That's totally unacceptable. This makes the rest of the food unattractive for her. Essence of eating meat last is as a reward for eating the food.
How do I convince my yoruba wife to do the right thing
Imagine a grown up Man sitting down to write this


Religion / Re: The Day A Runs Girl Met Her Lord by Hayzed0601(m): 10:36am On May 29, 2022

He quoted the verse that shows Jesus as the mercy to the world and not someone who came to condemn people to death. Jesus told the woman to go and sin no more. The woman had the chance to repent and live a meaningful life.

But 600 years later, Muhammad that you lie to people as mercy to the world, stoned adulterers to death, he didn’t give them chance to repent

Muhammad himself was an adulterer who should have been stoned to death like he did others.

Muhammad coveted the wife of his adopted son

Muhammad desecrated the bed of Hafsa his wife by raping Hafsa’s bed on her bed!

Ignorance is a disease,Where did you see all these rubbish you are saying?You don't know something and you are comfortable saying trash.What you wrote there is not true.
You should be ashamed of yourself for being ignorant and claiming nonsense.

Indeed Allah has said that "we have covered their eyes and ears with thick veil that they can't see the truth nor listen to the truth".

So I'm not surprised seeing you saying rubbish.

Death and Grave will reveal the truth to each and everybody.
Religion / Re: If you desire Long life And Prosperity, Just Do This. by Hayzed0601(m): 10:25pm On May 26, 2022
With all due respect, Toks2008 is one of the most matured person I've ever come across in Nairaland.Man has experience in multiple facets of life.I always learn one or two things from his post.Respect.

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Religion / Re: If you desire Long life And Prosperity, Just Do This. by Hayzed0601(m): 10:24pm On May 26, 2022
With all due respect, Toks2008 is one of the most matured person I've ever come across in Nairaland.Man has experience in multiple facets of life.I always learn one or two things from his post.Respect

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Romance / Re: I Feel Like Commiting Sucide by Hayzed0601(m): 8:41pm On May 26, 2022
Guy rest,won fi relationship shekpe fun yin ni sir,na only you angry
Rest,you sef don try
Romance / Re: Sex: This Is What Men Think About Mostly!!! by Hayzed0601(m): 11:48pm On May 23, 2022
What makes me so angry the most about these randy gender is that... They claim Nigerian girls are too cheap and useless, they also said with #500 they can sleep with Nigerian girls. BUT yet they go about raping girls including a toddler.

God's greatest mistake was creating men!!

Nigerian men irritates me alot!! Puke!!

You are very foolish for saying God made mistake.May God forgive you.
So many Brainless people full this Nairaland angry

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Romance / Re: Sex: This Is What Men Think About Mostly!!! by Hayzed0601(m): 11:44pm On May 23, 2022
Seriously! Sex is what most men think about everyday of their life! Men think about sex all day long undecided even the so called redpillars

Most times, I'd have different male friends I wish to remain good friends with but all they will be thinking about is how to have sex with me, too bad embarassed

Men pls think about something else apart from sex!!! T for thanks grin


If Men want sex from you,that means the Men see you as nothing but a hoe.Add value to yourself and see how Men can respect you, Don't come here and be insinuating nonsense.
That's so childish of you


Romance / Re: Sex: This Is What Men Think About Mostly!!! by Hayzed0601(m): 11:39pm On May 23, 2022
What goes through the mind of an average Nigerian man is sex sex sex sex!!.

White men are having sleepless night just to advance technology so that the world would be a better place. But Nigerian men are after sex sex sex!!

May God Help them ooo!!!

You are so myopic in your thoughts....You that you are a black lady,what can you offer to the world to be a better place.
It's not a must to abuse stupidity


Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage by Hayzed0601(m): 3:33pm On Apr 22, 2022
With the current state of the country,so there is still a man out there that get angry only 3 times a year and our madam here have issues with him angry

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Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Hayzed0601(m): 8:13pm On Jul 02, 2021

Like sometimes , I just laugh when OAU people talk about competition in their BDS,if they come to UNEC what will they do

Well I'm so glad UNN have gotten back their senses they admitted only 14 Dentistry this year and about 174 for Medicine, same cutting for nursing too, now they parked the remaining people to M.L.S UNN admitted almost 600 people in MLS this year and RADIOGRAPHY too close to 450 ��� the quota for M.L.S is 75 ooo
Weytin happen na....this will just create an unhealthy competition.

300L OAU BDS students are just 32 grin for a quota of 25.....this is still normal


Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Hayzed0601(m): 9:03pm On Jun 29, 2021

Firstly, try to erase last year's result. It's gone already.

Generally, this year jamb result is low. But nevertheless, don't risk mbbs with 263. Change to Dentistry (BDS) in Oau. Prepare well for the post utme and pray, you'll get in.

Last year's cut off for mbbs was 80.3; dentistry 71 (or thereabouts). From the look of things, it'll likely reduce by 4-5 marks. Meaning dentistry shouldn't be more than, at most, 67.

Good luck!
Boss are you kidding me,cut off will reduce or what do you say grin.... Don't sleep on it o boss....OAU wants to merge,they have take in 60% from 2020 jamb aspirant and they will only take 40% from this year aspirant and they will all resume together

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Romance / Re: My Hairline Is Receding, And It's Getting Me Worried - PHOTO by Hayzed0601(m): 12:00pm On May 25, 2021

A freelancer without a skill, is like the farmer that went to farm without his tools.

You must have a skill; writing, graphic designing, voicing, animation, programming and so on.

If you don't have any, dedicate time, energy and resources to acquire one.
I have a skill in writing,please show me the way to freelancing
Education / Re: Dentistry And Dental Surgery As A Career In Nigeria by Hayzed0601(m): 12:41am On May 20, 2021

How are your experiences in OAU Dentistry... Don't let this thread die....share us your experiences in this great journey so far
Education / Re: UI 2019/2020 Postgraduate Applicants Thread by Hayzed0601(m): 10:51pm On May 19, 2021
Hello house,
I opt in 4 this jamb, UI & dentistry are my preferred choice but I want to know the o level requirements for this: I only sat for 5 paper in my o level exam and passed the 5. Which are the relevant ones; mth, eng, chm, phy & bio. Hope this satisfy the institute and the desire course.
I await ur response sirs & mas. Thanks.
I thought you are already in OAU Dentistry?
Why taking jamb form for UI dentistry again?
Health / Re: Pls Nairalanders Help Me With Tips To Restore My Damage Hair As A Guy (photos by Hayzed0601(m): 9:32pm On Feb 22, 2021
Don't let that weigh you down bruh,at least you can always resort to last skin
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Hayzed0601(m): 9:43pm On Feb 21, 2021
Can't fund my roqqu wallet
Business / Re: Quality And Affordable Sneakers by Hayzed0601(m): 1:26pm On Feb 21, 2021
How much is the first one?
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Hayzed0601(m): 11:30pm On Feb 18, 2021

I'm a Medical student in OAU and I can authoritatively tell you that OAU accepts two sittings for any course.
Chief pls do u have the recent student handbook of medicine and surgery of OAU?
Family / Re: Undetected Sickle Celler by Hayzed0601(m): 10:17pm On Jan 30, 2021

Must the blame always lie with the woman? What is the genotype of the husband? It's obvious he lied because he knows how everyone will turn eyes on the woman.
Bro,aswear u lack comprehension skills.....no offence wink
Romance / Re: A Letter To My Future Wife by Hayzed0601(m): 3:21pm On Jan 29, 2021
wahala tie loose wrapper,e still wear bone straight join grin
Education / Re: The medical students and aspirants thread by Hayzed0601(m): 6:03pm On Jan 26, 2021

guys good afternoon,, with the matter of things in Nigeria ASUU and corona would u advice someone to write jamb this year
I'm am in ss3 I will be writing waec and neco this year
I would advice you to write jamb this year,you have nothing to loose.

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Education / Re: 12-Year-Old Student Impregnated By Katsina Vice Principal Puts To Bed by Hayzed0601(m): 12:52pm On Jan 21, 2021
What a shame.

Islam and child abuse
Retard,weytin concern Islam with this.Mumu,a V.P slept with a minor,You are there talking thrash . Don't be dumb.

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