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Politics / Re: We Won’t Return To North - Fulani Herdsmen In South To Northern Elders by Holyrule(m): 1:54pm On Feb 22
Those who are undertaking genuine and legitimate venture within the stipulated laws of the land should remain... However, they must purge themselves of bad eggs who today have given them a bad name.

We must respect the right of every Nigerian to live in any part of the Nation.

But Not in the forest.
Investment / Re: Peer To Peer Investment by Holyrule(m): 2:18am On Jul 21, 2020
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Doesn't Wear Face-Mask - Lauretta Onochie by Holyrule(m): 4:29am On May 19, 2020
I use to think I m the only person that notices this. Cos nobody seems to b talking about it. Its wrong in everyway!

A good leader should lead by example

To d people quoting me nd comparing him to trump. So if Trump shits, our president must also shit, nonsense!

I hope u have gotten ur cup of rice like Trump gave the Americans.


President Trump never wears face mask. Take note
Health / Re: I Had An Unprotected Sex And I'm Sick by Holyrule(m): 2:52am On Apr 24, 2020
Hello nairalanders,

Although, I'm not good at writing

I had sex with a girl I met on Facebook, and now my urine hurts.

I'm currently taking injections and drugs, but I don't really know what I've been infected with...

While I'm taking treatment i've been having coloured urine ( yellow, brown and orange)

Guys I'm simply confused right now...advise a brother cry cry

Urine colour being orange or whatever can be normal, depending on what u consume. Drugs, meal, drinks, etc... Try drinking a lot of eater and see it will be clear.
Meanwhile self medication is a NO... Go to a good reliable lab and conduct urine MCS. But you must not be on drugs while u donate ur urine, u have to let the scientist know what drug you are on. Good luck.
Business / Re: 3 Business To Focus On In 2021 That Guaranteed Over 300k Monthly by Holyrule(m): 11:27pm On Dec 08, 2019
Nothing yet
Health / Re: I Have An STD But I Need To Know Which So I Can Commence Treatment by Holyrule(m): 8:57am On Nov 27, 2017
Good morning everyone. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed I was having a little hotness sensation when I urinate and my urine was yellowish.....I just didn't think it was anything so I ignored it. Fast forward to this week. The hotness is not severe, I am even scared of having a drink because urinating is also a nightmare. Also I am now having a yellowish discharge from my penis.

I have gone for a lab test yesterday where they collected a urine and swap samples and told me to come back for the results tomorrow. The thing is, I am now scared. I cannot wait till tomorrow cos I fel this is getting severe and I have been avoiding water or anything that will give me the urge to urinate. I need to commence treatment immediately.

P.S. The lady I got this from said she's having stomach ache and the hotness sensation when she's passing urine too

pls drink enough water... tomorrow is not far. You and ur sex partner needs to get treated as well.. take her to the lab and run a test. its not proper to administer self treatment at all, so u have to wait
Politics / Re: Governor Willie Obiano Running At Campaign Ground (Photo) by Holyrule(m): 12:34pm On Oct 27, 2017
According to reports coming to our news desk have it that Governor Willie Obiano and His team were chased away from Campaign ground in Orumba this afternoon.
9News Nigeria learnt that this is coming after the traditional rulers in the local government jointly called for the boycott of Gov Obiano’s campaign in the area base on the fact that his government neglected the people of Orumba.
This is second in a series now. The first one at Onitsha South Local Govt where the Chairman of the council, Emeka Asoanya and Secretary of the Party, Noel Udeoji were robbed of cash and valuables.
Ndi Anambra are getting set for the real game.
Details later.
Source : http://www.9newsng.com/breaking-gov-willie-obiano-spotted-running-away-from-campaign-groundphoto/
biggest lie from pit of hell. I was there yesterday. No such incidence happened. Now let me explain the picture above: usually when his excellency come to an occasion ground, he first goes round and greets dignitaries and sometimes he paces up. This old picture is nothing but propaganda by opposition parties. Very funny

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Politics / Re: Wife & Children Of The Man Shot Dead During APC Campaign Rally In Anambra Mourn by Holyrule(m): 4:35pm On Oct 24, 2017
i can see that ur really sick in the head. How can you say it didn't happen... Crazy fool
Religion / Re: Apostle Mike Wealth: "Many Students Will Die In Rivers, House Will Be On Fire" by Holyrule(m): 12:20pm On Oct 18, 2017
When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord and the thing does not happen or come true, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him. Deuteronomy 18:22

If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Slept With My Best Friend by Holyrule(m): 12:45am On Oct 11, 2017
My best friend slept with my boyfriend, I still love my boyfriend and I think we are going to be together again, but I cannot get it out of my head what both of them did to me.

My boyfriend said we were on a break when it happened, they were totally smashed and had sex. My friend has been my best friend for like nearly ten years, and she very well knew, break or not, how passionately in love I am with him.

Her excuse that it was that she was just really drunk and lonely and he was just there. His excuse is that we were on a break. While we were on this break about 2 months ago, I kissed someone else sad, wrong, I know, but I was honest with my boyfriend about it when we decided to get back together, he kept throwing it in my face, guilt tripping me about kissing someone else while we were on a break.

Then come to find out on that same break he had slept with my best friend but failed to tell me about it. But through all of this, I still love him, but hate him at the same time from taking away my best friend from me cry...I really love this guy cry...I don't know what to do cry
Am curious, how did you get to find out that ur bf slept with ur best friend?
Celebrities / Re: Efe: Shoes Are The Most Expensive Things I Bought After Winning Bbnaija’s N25m by Holyrule(m): 9:50am On Oct 04, 2017

He's such a greedy guy such that he can't spend the money on MARVIS his girlfriend.....so that she can be happy

clearly u have no idea the things Marvis said about Efe. She's not Into Efe, so he'll only be a fool to lavish on her. Abeg make him spend on himself and his family, they deserve it d most.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Is Sponsored By Looters And The Politically Disgruntled - Lai Mohammed by Holyrule(m): 12:04am On Sep 18, 2017
I watched the Video Clip where the Nigerian Military lied IPOB members in mud water. It's no doubt video from the recent incident. Looking closely i observed the Transport buses there... ITC abi na RTC.(imo or Rivers transport Company) Pls the international Community are not fools either. Abi na Ghana the video clip come from?

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Politics / Re: Youths Dance Round Coffin As They Ambush Oil Company In Akwa Ibom Again. Photos by Holyrule(m): 2:09pm On Sep 17, 2017
Crime / Re: Man Writes Suicide Note In Enugu, Drinks Rat Poison But Was Rescued (Photos) by Holyrule(m): 2:42pm On Sep 04, 2017
he is definitely a cultist... Futa Jalon is their mother temple for which is University of Benin....its a pity... issorite undecided
Family / Re: My Mother Rejected My Fiancee After Dating For 9 Years by Holyrule(m): 12:21pm On Sep 02, 2017

Mummy's boy..... And that is how ur mum will continue making decisions for you till you are 70yrs.
O boy you better put your foot down and be a man or is it your Mummy u want to marry? If ur mum cannot give u any cogent reason(s), u better marry her. All this rubbish about her spirit does not flow with the girl is nonsense.
lol grin

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Family / Re: My Mother Rejected My Fiancee After Dating For 9 Years by Holyrule(m): 10:35am On Sep 02, 2017
I've dated my fiancee from my year 1 in the university that's 9years now, she stood with me through thick and thin, never left me for ready made guys, she trusted and supported me and I promised myself no woman will make me happier than her so I proposed to marry her....

So I took her to see my parents for the first time, but I got the shock of my life when my mum rejected her at 1st sight for no particular reason her word was "my spirit just don't accept her" my dad was cool about my choice as long as I'm happy, I've been begging my mother to reconsider but she has made it clear she won't have anything to do with her or me if I go ahead and marry her.

I'm just confused,the last person I'll leave is my fiancee but my mum too is very special to me.
what should I do??

MOD please help forward this to FP

my brother...u dated her for 9 years and not for once did u take her home.... it doesnt ryhm but lemme not pokenose sha,,,,,, take this my advice as a voice... just negodu ...just see yourself... he thats finds a wife, finds a good hing and obtains favours..abeg oooh.. sjhey ur mama dan marry her own... now u wan marry and she wants to stand in ur way of happiness.... hmmmmmm.. think am well oooh.... secondly i pity guys who after marriage allow their father or more especially mothers to interfere in their marriages... its doom looming if u let that happen...... in conclusion.... use ur tongue to count ur teeth.... u hav found good thing so better present it before God and obtain the favour therein... enough said.

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Celebrities / Re: Uriel Oputa And Her Mother On The Red Carpet (Photos) by Holyrule(m): 6:41pm On Aug 31, 2017
this one na GREEN CARPET.....
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Infinix Hot 4 Fingerprint Needed by Holyrule(m): 6:31pm On Aug 23, 2017
brand new one is sold for 38k at most
Family / Re: Adebiyi Muiz Celebrates Susan Smith, His Elderly Oyinbo Wife by Holyrule(m): 5:51pm On Aug 23, 2017

Abeeeg, who can give me Nigerian Green Card? wink grin

Marry Me.... wink grin grin grin wink wink
Travel / Re: Snake Killed At The Back Of Hotel I Lodged In Ado Ekiti (Photos) by Holyrule(m): 8:59am On Aug 14, 2017
Snake in a hotel.... Shows how unkept that place is

i believe u didnt read the statement the OP made.... read before u comment
Health / Re: I'm Addicted To Codeine , Weed, Tramadol And Many More by Holyrule(m): 3:15pm On Aug 02, 2017
Good morning Nairalanders

I'm a guy of 25 years old , please I need your help , I'm addicted to drinking 600mg Tramado everyday , drink one bottle of codeine everyday , smoke up to 5 ties of weed every and I self service twice a day before I sleep , I have been doing this since 2014 and I don't think I can stop it , if I try to stop it for 2 days , I will fall very sick , my body will be so hot , my head will be so heavy and I will be shaking , please you guys should help me , what must I do to quit all this because I know I'm hurting my self :
Go see a doctor. You need to be rehabilitated. And prayers to backup
Religion / Re: My Pastor Always Boasts Of His Wealth And Accomplishments During Every Sermon by Holyrule(m): 2:36am On Aug 01, 2017
You failed to mention name of the Church, location and name of pastor. Would like to see and hear for myself
Celebrities / Re: 2baba Crashes Couple's Wedding Party (Photos) by Holyrule(m): 9:16am On May 29, 2017
Crashed d wedding? HOW?

I don't understand or d op no check his dictionary well well, infact Im lost undecided

the OP is 1million percent correct. To Crash a wedding or an occasion, means to attend such event without an invitation. You're the one who needs looking at the dictionary.

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Crime / Re: SARS Operative Shoots Young Man In The Leg in Delta State (Graphic Photos/Video) by Holyrule(m): 12:25pm On May 28, 2017
Wisdom 101 teaches that you never argue/challenge a man with gun.
Anyways the SARS squad are upto 5, why can't they just arrest the guy without shooting?
Will an american police in similar scenario shoot?
Both the SARS officer and Victim are wrong.

been reading every comments till i got to this. It pains me to say this, this is d most reasonable of all comments here. For Christ sake u don't use lethal force on an unarmed civilian, no matter the provocation. It's unethical. There are other Armed operatives on scene, warning shot is not even necessary let alone aiming at a target. I could make an exception in a situation whereby its a one on one duel and the civilian is tryin to disarm the SARS, then if he can't over power the civilian, a clear shot would then be required.


Career / Re: My Junior Colleague Was Handed Over To By My Boss In Her Absence. What Do I Do? by Holyrule(m): 3:03pm On May 15, 2017
This has got me thinking deep thought of tendering my resignation letter due to this act. Our immediate boss is to go and attend to another branch and Our senior boss who is not operating from our branch said our immediate boss should hand over to a junior colleague of mine when am the most senior on ground in terms of number of years and cognate experience.

Many a time i look at recognition is not duly granted to those whom it is due, i don't know if i will call this office polities or something else. And why this has got me amazed is that this junior colleague of mine is not even close with our most senior boss who is not operating from our branch and they have not really talked one on one. i have at many occasions talked with him, he knows me one on one.

Something keeps going through my mind: Is it that my immediate boss has punctured my reputation before him that i am not aware? Or was it an oversight? i wish of tendering my resignation considering all the number of years i have served the coy. no reasonable recognition. Please advice

THIS IS called GRACE my brother..... Gods Grace is upon the lad....
meanhile... the Bible says... "He that is aspiring to be the first must first be the last and a servant of all".....

nothing to be agitating for... just serve and it will get to you.
Romance / Re: Lady 'Destroys' Man's Manhood As They Dance In Weird Manner (Video) by Holyrule(m): 9:02am On May 01, 2017
ever heard of penile dislocation before?... he will surely have kids
Celebrities / Re: "Efe, Na Only This Polo You Get" - Nigerians Shade BBNaija Winner (Photos) by Holyrule(m): 1:23pm On Apr 29, 2017
thank GOD he even said it during AY show that una go tire for him shirt... say him 25 milla no go finish for cloth....i love the guy die...
Religion / Re: "David's Mother Was A Harlot" - Apostle Suleman. Funmi Iyanda & Nigerians React by Holyrule(m): 10:20am On Apr 25, 2017
so please before u all begin to cast the man of GOD make sure that you understand your Bible properly ok
Religion / Re: "David's Mother Was A Harlot" - Apostle Suleman. Funmi Iyanda & Nigerians React by Holyrule(m): 10:19am On Apr 25, 2017
This verse concerns two people – King David and his mother*). No one else is spoken about so we can’t assume that all the people in the world are referred to here. The event spoken of is the conception of David and not the birth of David, and David is not saying that he was born as a sinner but possibly that his mother was in sin when she got pregnant. It could very well be that she was sinning when she conceived him, and a case could be made that this verse is talking about the defilement of David’s mother – because she was previously the wife (or concubine) of a heathen king.
Celebrities / Re: Humblesmith Flaunts His New Jeep, His First Car by Holyrule(m): 12:36pm On Apr 20, 2017
mitsubishi pajero jeep 2016 model is not up to 15 million... talk less of 45 million.....
Romance / Re: My New Boyfriend Said He Is A Cultist, What Should I Do? by Holyrule(m): 1:33pm On Apr 13, 2017
I've been single since my first relationship turned toxic and recently I met a guy, a student like me who's so into me...we got talking and I found out dat we have a lot in common and a relationship might work for us..we were friends for over a month till he recently asked me out which I accepted since I like him already...he's nice,loving and caring...
Fast forward to two nights ago, he called and said he had something important to tell me about himself, that he's so in love with me and don't wanna get hurt when I get to leave him if I found out that ugly part of him, I got scared and told him to meet me up and tell me face to face which he did last night, he said he's a very deadly cultist and has killed a lot of people who stood in his way,he also said that he's a Lord or whatever and said many creepy things that scared me..he showed me d marks all over his back and I got goosebumps instantly,he was crying while saying this and I cried too..
I told him that I'll see him later and I've been dodging his calls since,had to leave school early today so he won't see me..
Right now,I have a lotta things running through my mind and am confused..
Should I continue this relationship knowing that am dealing with a deadly cultist or should I quit while it's still early??
fellow nairalanders help me


tell him to denounce and give his life to christ. And tell him you have been praying for him thats why he hasn't seen you a while.

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