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Politics / Re: Documents Show Lagos Informed Anambra Government Before Alleged Deportation by jacintamary: 9:20pm On Aug 02, 2013
[size=18pt]i am sure that if fashola wakes up one morning and tells yoruba people dat he is a former US president and shows them a document to prove it, they will all turn to igbo people and say 'i told u so!'[/size]


Politics / Re: Soludo Joins APGA As A Gubernatorial Aspirant by jacintamary: 7:42am On Jul 30, 2013
[size=18pt]My brother and mentor Sir Chris Nwabueze Ngige,
For the first time in ten years, I will support someone else not because I no longer like you but because something bigger than you is about to happen in our dear state.
We all love our states and now is the time to prove it.
We all want SOLUTION to our anambra problems.[/size]


Politics / Re: Lagos Didnt Deport Beggars, Only Reunited Them With Their Families by jacintamary: 6:59am On Jul 30, 2013
Now that Soludo has bought APGA form. I so much pity my man ngige. He should just change another party else under APC, he will come 38th in the nov 16 election.


Politics / Re: Lagos Didnt Deport Beggars, Only Reunited Them With Their Families by jacintamary: 6:53am On Jul 30, 2013
Either this man is a dunce or he believes that we accept lies the way they are told there in lagos.
So, dumping middle aged men and women from ebonyi state under iweka bridge by 3am amounts to reuniting minors with their loved ones?
No wonder they worship that man, they believe whatever he tells them!

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TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa "The Chase" Official Thread by jacintamary: 10:41pm On Jul 28, 2013
I have quoted u!
Why the hell would Elikem save bev over himself.
Is this a joke?
My bad there, he will save himself then.
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa "The Chase" Official Thread by jacintamary: 10:37pm On Jul 28, 2013

i quote you bro, beverly can NEVER come up tomorrow..who will put her up?...

Angelo?..bimp?..melvin?..elikem?...feza?... Wake up bro, that girl is covered for now
'Two nigerians in the house' thing will backfire. Everyone there except melvin might nominate her. I wont even be surprised if angelo too nominate her.
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa "The Chase" Official Thread by jacintamary: 10:29pm On Jul 28, 2013
melvin, beverly and elikem will be up 2morow.
If elikem is hoh, he will save bev and put angelo.
If oneal is hoh, he will save bev and put up dillish.

Quote me if u like.
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa "The Chase" Official Thread by jacintamary: 10:13pm On Jul 28, 2013
maybe for the bike that will take him to d airport. That aside, the aboki and other housemates carry return tickets.
Whateva happens at arrival no concern biggie or me.
Webmasters / Re: Wack Web Designer's Websites You've Ever Seen? by jacintamary: 7:55am On Jul 28, 2013
greenmouse: http://www.cyberclickstudios.com/ is not professionally done either.
i concur!
Webmasters / Re: Website Review by jacintamary: 7:37am On Jul 28, 2013
greenmouse: @dhtml,this will surely be the end of my review post. I only post for marketing not for any review from @graphicplus.

I take reviews from @yewatide bc she knows how to put words together.

@graphicplus divert your time to looking for client that criticing everyone here.
na waa ooo. See marketing strategies ooo.
But dont u think it will be in ur own good if we clean up ur wares here before u display them in the market square since u r the kain CEO wey no de like code and still dont pay for reviews. cheesy
Webmasters / Re: How To Win A Car In The New MTN App Developer's Challenge. by jacintamary: 8:31am On Jul 27, 2013
you all steal from each other and tell me why on earth i will visit ogbongewhateva for an MTN event.
What happened to MTN website?
Webmasters / Re: Is It Possible To Make Waves Immediately After Webdesign Training? by jacintamary: 8:27am On Jul 27, 2013
when i saw 'make waves immediately', i was going to say make you change career but coming to the body of your post, it looks like you didnt mean it that way.
Truth is, its going to take some time. Cant say exactly how long but you are going to be the one to determine that.
You must practise a lot.
You must take that laptop to meet people you think might need a website. Go to meet them with customized demo you created for them.
Tell everyone you know or dont know that you now design websites.
Dont be afraid of aproaching people to ask if they'd need a website, they wont beat you.
Read webdesign articles.
Practise some more.
Webmasters / Re: Help With A Banner Ad Link by jacintamary: 4:21am On Jul 27, 2013
ibtha14u: Hoping some one can help me with this small problem. I have a banner code i placed onto my site. When the banner is clicked it opens the linking page. The problem is this, it opens the linking site to russian language. Yes the site is a russian site. I sent an email to them asking how i can change it and he sent me this in responce.

Just add value - lang=en to your referal link. Like this - http://my-xchange.com/?lang=en and all your referals will see site on english.

I am a new to web design so this is where i need help. The banner code is this.

<!-- My-Xchange.com --><a href="http://my-xchange.com/?pid=etimbuk"><img src="http://my-xchange.com/images/banners/en468x60-4.gif" width="468" height="60" alt="My-Xchange - Exchange e-currencies: Webmoney, PayPal" title="My-Xchange - Exchange e-currencies: Webmoney, PayPal" border="0" /></a><!-- My-Xchange.com -->

And my referral link is this ..


How can i incorperate his instruction of adding this http://my-xchange.com/?lang=en to my banner and my refferal link?

Thanks in advance.
also add '&lang=en' in the section of your banner code that has your referal link.
Webmasters / Re: Lucrativeness Of Website Design by jacintamary: 4:16am On Jul 27, 2013

Apart from that, the hype in Nigeria does not worth it. Unless you will be contented to be collecting 15k, 45k, etc for the web design job.
was it only 15k and 45k you saw there? And how many people from that thread revealled how much they earn.
Politics / Re: George Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding For Truck Crash Rescue by jacintamary: 3:59am On Jul 27, 2013

I wonder if you'd say the same if it was your son walking back home with a pack of Skittles and got shot dead.
Thats the point i was trying to make. The guy wasnt just walking back home and got shot dead. People just say that to make it look so simple.
Zimmerman saw him where he thought he shouldnt be 'in the rain' and got suspicious (call it racial profiling but thats not the crux of the matter) and then called the cops. However rather than just stay in his car or keep driving, he pulled over to continue following the guy to make sure he doesnt get away b4 d cops arrived. The kid at that point felt that he is being followed (as confirmed by the call he put to his friend) and then decided to confront the guy and thats when the whole tragedy unfolded.
We cant really say who attacked who but the two men engaged in a brawl (neighbours and a recorded audio confirmed that) and it was during it that the shooting occured. There is no clear evidence as to who had the upperhand in that brawl b4 the shooting but zimmerman came out of it with blodied nose and wound behind his head. Trayvon on the other hand didnt have much wound apart from the fatal shot in the chest.

My point in all these is that it isnt murder. And the guy was not just suspected because he is black and gunned down like people are making it look like.
Zimmerman might be guilty of something but if i am in that jury, i wont convict him of murder.
Politics / Re: George Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding For Truck Crash Rescue by jacintamary: 9:28pm On Jul 26, 2013
i have gone through all the details of this zimmerman case and my unbiased mind cannot find this guy guilty of murder. Even manslaughter.
It is quite an unfortunate even it was but it could have happened to anyone.
We all feel how we feel cos we are blacks and most people dont even have the facts of the case.
Politics / Re: Local Government Chairman Punished Publicly By Soldiers In Borno by jacintamary: 8:51pm On Jul 26, 2013
no bulala for the balawo?
Kai! This feeful i don disafoint me...
Webmasters / Re: Is The Computer Becoming Better Than The Brain? by jacintamary: 8:36pm On Jul 24, 2013
I hate it when people just say 'BETTER'.
Better in what way? These things are just relative.
People should learn to compare based on clear terms not just lumping everything together.

That said, the brain is better than computer in making decisions while computer is better in processing decisions.

Now tell me, which one is better: making decisions or actual processing of those decisions.
Webmasters / Re: How Much Would You Charge For A Commercial Bank Website Project ? by jacintamary: 10:30am On Jul 24, 2013
Kingsonly: and note am great at php ajas jason jquery flatfile mysql than i am at htms and css thats y i said read the book and not the cover .
and we are all hear to help each othe improve and not to cast work done by others .
are u based in awka?
Did u do unizik.edu.ng?

I need to know please...
Webmasters / Re: Female Web Designers In The House? by jacintamary: 4:19am On Jun 25, 2013
scammers all over the place, tufiakwa!

Your email reeks of ....., anyway sha.
Webmasters / Re: Best Website in Lagos ?? by jacintamary: 9:46pm On Jun 18, 2013
GraphicsPlus: Pls never take me serious.
you are the most annoying character on this section.
You just go around looking for who to attack even when u dont show your own works.
Last time you did show something, it was obvious you patronize tympanus too.
Bloody hypocrite!

*ps dont take me serious...

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Webmasters / Re: Just Started This Last Night For A Client. Tell Me What You Think. by jacintamary: 10:38pm On Jun 03, 2013

It's not a sin to use free templates. It's for newbies. But if one dwells on using free templates, then he will never be heard in this industry. This industry is more than getting a 50k or 20k website and going ahead to do it with free templates. We are pursuing a situation where one can develop stuff and make it available at github. We want to be speaking at web design conferences in europe and america. we want to take web design to another step. i cant afford to end up cleaning up another person's shit in the name of editing a free web template. i want to have control of my thing. i rather spend two hours and craft a customized stuff than bend down for hours trying to bend one html code or css i never wrote.

You said the firm cannot design their website. Do you know that Microsoft has best web programmers in the world in their team of programmers and software developers? But their current website was designed by: http://paravelinc.com (This is a 3 man web design company).
Lol @ newbies.
Anyways, hoping to see your work soon at github or those european conferences.
Webmasters / Re: Just Started This Last Night For A Client. Tell Me What You Think. by jacintamary: 10:24pm On Jun 03, 2013
GraphicsPlus: By God's grace, i handle html/css very well. am also pretty good in UI and UX.
Do you know how i design my thing?
Blank sheet of paper and a pen.
I will first think how i want this particular page to look, then i draw everything on paper with my pen.
Then i will fire up my notepad++.
I will first code the whole html while looking at the paper.
Then after that, I will sip some coffee and enter css.
Except for the coffee part thats how I work too.
Webmasters / Re: Just Started This Last Night For A Client. Tell Me What You Think. by jacintamary: 10:13pm On Jun 03, 2013
GraphicsPlus: @jacintamary, thank u. But pls i code from scratch. I know u are used to lorem ipsum text because u have been using free templates all ur life. Pls i use lorem ipsum when the text of my work is not ready. You can get it here: http://www.loremipsum.net

You guys must not be confused. The name of the firm is 'ChurchSite'. It's not a church website. It's an organisation that offers web services to churches only. I designed that logo.

I get some of my backgrounds from: http://www.subtlepatterns.com
You can start using them. Again, as a photoshop expert, i do some of my noise bg in ps.
The website is not even looking good to me. am thinking of overhauling it. I will be the last web master that will use free template to do a work. I should have my own website where people can download free templates and buy premium ones.

So my brother, I code my stuff. We want to make a statement in Nigeria web design business. Thank u.

ok, i now see, and i have used templates i edited heavily atimes. If that is a sin, may God forgive me.
The logo is quite ok and it surprise me why a firm which claim to make websites for churches cant make their own.
Webmasters / Re: Who Will Make Money With The New Nigerian Governors' Forum Website? by jacintamary: 10:02pm On Jun 03, 2013
im sure those lazy bones wont listen to you now but they will continue to wonder how they aint yet as rich as you are...
Webmasters / Re: Just Started This Last Night For A Client. Tell Me What You Think. by jacintamary: 9:54pm On Jun 03, 2013
oga graphicplus,
No offense but why cant you just admit this site is just a template you are going out of your way to edit.

That church site and IT mixup gave you out alot. Not to mention all those 'lorem ipsum' write ups. Plus that Codrops bg image being talked about.

Just my observation...
Politics / Re: Jonathan Doesn't Lose Sleep On Opposition Criticisms by jacintamary: 2:52pm On Jun 01, 2013
i was afraid you were....
Thank God you werent... Why would anyone loose sleep over what loosers have to say.

Ignore them, they have till 2019 to find something else to do.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Endorses Gov Jang’s Faction by jacintamary: 2:43pm On Jun 01, 2013
[size=18pt] News dont need to have clear source in order to start moving people in this country anymore.
All journalists need to sell their papers is just use words like 'our source in the presidency' or 'there were indications that'.....
Im thinking of starting my own paper.[/size]

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