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Business / Re: If You Are In Need Of Books Or Magazines In PDFS, Get In Here by Jack65: 8:05am On Oct 06, 2018
Please what novels do you have?
Politics / Re: Who Is Behind Senator Dino Melaye Arrest? ~Question Nigeria. by Jack65: 5:06pm On Apr 26, 2018
I will bet everything I have that Tinubu is behind what is happening to Dino.

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Politics / Re: Why El-zakzaky Is Still In Protective Custody – Lai Mohammed by Jack65: 5:39pm On Apr 17, 2018
I don't think Lai Mohammed is a fool for saying this. I just think he has total disdain for Nigerians. I think he lies knowing that Nigerians knows that he is lying but just give a damn.
Jokes Etc / Re: Man & His Car Chill In The Middle Of The Road On Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge (Photos) by Jack65: 5:17pm On Sep 25, 2017
He is simply on a date with his babe (car)
Religion / Re: Is There Something Inherently Wrong With Black Africans? by Jack65: 3:46pm On Sep 02, 2016

A revolution as KingEtiennsky would suggest - we need an intellectual revolution, there are many factors hindering the intellectual curiosity, honesty and ultimately growth of the african mind.

I agree with you but do you honestly see that happening? Allow me to generalize here but I think the problem is that black Africans are lazy intellectually. They refuse to collectively think beyond personal "stomach infrastructure". For example an average Nigerian is only thinking of himself and his family alone. Even our so called leaders.

We don't think as a people on how to make life and our society better. That's why we believe that have a personal God who is involved in our day to day lives, who takes care of our day to day needs. This westerners have gone beyond this stage and have realized that if they don't make their society better no one will.

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Religion / Re: Is There Something Inherently Wrong With Black Africans? by Jack65: 2:41pm On Sep 02, 2016
I do not believe anything is wrong with Black Africans - There only are need for us to evolve into thinking differently

How do we do that, and how long is it going to take us?
Religion / Re: Is There Something Inherently Wrong With Black Africans? by Jack65: 12:46pm On Sep 02, 2016
Yes I honestly believe something is wrong with us in this part of the world. When other part are busy advancing in areas of science and technology, like working to send spacecraft on a journey of over 2.8 billion kilometers in search of the 9th planet or making major discoveries in stem cell research, cloning, etc.

We down here are still giving birth to babies with bibles and korans in their hands, we are still turning into owls and cats, our pastors are still claiming to have raised the dead, prayed away cancers and HIVs.

Yes something is definitely wrong when a company like Innoson cannot access dollars to import materials for his vehicle manufacturing plant but the FG is subsiding dollars for those who wants to go to hajj.

Its incredible to even think about it but there is no other explanation.

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Religion / Re: My Thoughts And Questions About Religion by Jack65: 9:41am On Aug 03, 2016

This is beyond sad. The suggestion part is so true. A guy with the username HardMirror mentioned somewhere how he was very effective in the art of suggestion and how he used it in his proselytizing days.

One of the unfortunate implication is how it will add to the resolve of thousands of listeners in the belief that power to change their lives lie outside of themselves. I did my NYSC in Abuja, so yes I know how popular that programme is.

Thanks for sharing buddy, and hopefully the little we are doing in our little circle of influence will one day reach a tipping point and change things in the psyche of people in this country.

Your second paragraph is so true. At a point my Christian and very religious fiancé who was lying next to me was so disgusted and begged me to turn it off but I listened to the end because I wanted to see how Nigerians will react to this story. Well true to type, people started calling to say they've had similar experience or know someone who has had similar experience. Nobody condemned what they just heard.

I think HARDSHIPS is the reasons why this is so endemic in Nigeria and pastors and MOGs are taking advantage of that to cash in. Once people believe that their situation is not ordinary they tend to run from one church to the other instead of trying to find a way to solve their own problems.


Religion / Re: My Thoughts And Questions About Religion by Jack65: 5:25pm On Aug 02, 2016
Joseph I have followed this thread from the beginning to this page and want to say I admire you and what you've done with this thread. This is why I have chosen to contribute here.

Well I don't know your location but if you live in Abuja then you probably have heard of a program called "Lean on me" broadcast by Kapital FM every Monday by 10:30 pm. This program is for people with problems and difficulties or just life stories to come and share with Nigerians who will afterwards offer financial, moral or spiritual support.

Well, yesterday I had the misfortune of listening to one of the most horrible and the most tragic episode ever aired. A woman brought her 8 year old son to the studio because accusing him of being a wizard. From her story, her husband with whom she had three kids left her and the children four years ago and IMO, from the way she speaks you will notice immediately why any man will run away from this woman. She was literally violent with her tongue. Anyway this woman who is a lawyer by profession, claimed that her pastor told her during service one day that her son is a wizard and the reason why things have been difficult for her. She also said her son caused her own mother who is staying with her to go blind through his wizardry, among so many other accusation. Since then she has taken the boy to more than thirty places according to her, for deliverance and nothing has worked.

When she finished they brought in the boy to come and speak. That's when the whole episode became tragic. The boy accepted everything the mother claimed saying he was initiated into it by his father when he was two years old. Asked how, he said his father gave him beans to eat and after that gave him bread too and that's how he got initiated. He said at night the father will turn into a bird and he too will turn into a bird and they will fly together to their coven where six other elders and his grand mother (father's mother) meets. The small boy claims they suck her mothers blood, eats her flesh and SO many other BS. He even claimed he took her mother's credentials to their coven spiritually, which means that the physical ones she still has is now worthless and that's the reason why she's not getting any work to do as a lawyer.

It's just not possible for me to write everything the boy said or to correctly illustrate the WAY he said it (imagine an 8 years old). But from listening to boy any objective person will notice that everything the boy said was suggested to him probably by several of the pastors and prophets the mother took him to. Even the presenter asking him questions was guilty of this. Also any kid that watches AfricaMagic will easily know many of the things the boy said.

It was very sad indeed. What the woman was going through was hardship just like millions of Nigerians now, especially with her husband on AWOL leaving her to take care of three children without a job. Yet pastors and prophets are callously taking advantage of this to destroy this poor family and especially this kids life. The mother even said she has even considered killing this boy. Can this happen in a civilized society?

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Religion / Re: Why Do Children Suffer For The Sins Of Their Parents? by Jack65: 11:12am On Jul 31, 2016
on judgement day everyone will carry their sin

but on earth children will pay for the sins of their father. and vice versa

its very logical. u carry their face around and u answer their name they are reference to ur existence

its simple. don't complicate it for ur self
Its very sad to see you trying to justify this. "It's logical" according to you because they carry their parents faces around and answer their name. Meanwhile according to the bible: Exodus 20:5 . . . for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; (KJV)

[b]1 Samuel 15:2-3, 32-33 Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I remember that which Amalek did to Israel, how he laid wait for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt. Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. . . Then said Samuel, Bring ye hither to me Agag the king of the Amalekites. And Agag came unto him delicately. And Agag said, Surely the bitterness of death is past. And Samuel said, As thy sword hath made women childless, so shall thy mother be childless among women. And Samuel hewed Agag in pieces before the LORD in Gilgal. (KJV)
[/b]This revenge upon the nation of Amalek came about 380 years after their ambush of Israel, long after the perpetrators had died (see Exodus 17:cool. Can you also justify this?
Religion / Re: What My Boss Told Me About My Religious Belief. by Jack65: 7:46pm On Jun 02, 2016
That's religion for u. Ur boss thinks he is right and u are wrong , u think ur boss is wrong and u are right... but what is God doing... just waiting to judge whoever is wrong and accept whoever is right.
Yet everyone was indoctrinated... it's not ur fault to be Catholic neither is it ur boss's fault to be what ever he is.
But can both of u try to be objective? It's really not about God but about u.
If u think hard, u will realize that it's all man made. If it's really God, would it really be this confusing? Is anyone confused about the sun? How much more on God the creator?
Trust me if u believe in stone u will attribute all ur (seemingly) answered prayer to stone. Guess what... every seemingly answered prayer is nothing but a mere coincidence. This is why many times prayers are not answered.
Go and read about self fulfilled prophecy. U will understand how the need to feel special makes us feel our prayers have been answered. We look fr reasons to believe our prayer can be answered so that we can feel good and loved by a suppoaed creator. It makes us feel special in this crazy uncertain world.
The fact is... everything is a lie. If God exists, the skeptist would be his best kind of people... why? Becasue they are not telling him the brain he gave them is not useless.

Beautifully written, well said.

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Politics / Re: Robert Mugabe's Popular Quotes by Jack65: 6:25am On May 25, 2016
Wow! The one about South Africans is spot on.
Politics / Re: Nigerians On Twitter React To DSS Invasion Of Dasuki's Home by Jack65: 3:09pm On Jul 17, 2015
The truth remains the Sambo Dasuki has a case to answer if not this would not happen to him. He should clear his name.

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Politics / Re: Get ready to sell your private jets – Gov. Oshiomhole tell owners by Jack65: 6:45pm On Jul 03, 2015
Nice one from Oshio baba. I love this man, we are now seeing the activist in him.
Politics / Re: Uju Hassan-Baba Appointed As Acting Executive-Secretary Of NIPC By Jonathan by Jack65: 4:10pm On May 18, 2015
Gej is working.
Religion / Re: Is Frosbel Now An Atheist ? by Jack65: 1:08pm On Dec 23, 2014

It is not !

We are all at a certain stage of truth in our lives and I have not found anything to disprove either the existence of God or Christ the Messiah, though I am still studying on the topic of Christ's and the salvation implications for man generally.

Don't worry, I will post my findings in the not too distant future.

You really need to make up your mind, though I understand that the journey is just beginning for you. I think you are still holding on to that 10 percent chance that what you've believed in all your life is not all lie. But it is, You will still come to reject religion completely, along with any belief in any god.
To me the bible is a discredited witness, cause if the bible that was claimed to be the inerrant word of God is found to be full of errors, contradictions, and lies then it calls into question everything written in it. They say extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence. You claim to still believe in God but don't believe the bible to be the word of God then please tell me outside the bible what else do you know about God. The only source of what we know today about God and creation is through the bible.
Religion / Re: Is Frosbel Now An Atheist ? by Jack65: 7:46am On Dec 22, 2014
it may interest you that the guy do not know the scripture very well,the guy say paul contradict jesus on faith and work, he quote ephesians2:8, but unfortunately ephesians2:8 was talking about salvation is free not work and faith as he claim.
Read here.

Is that all you saw? How about his conversion story and the discrepancies ?
Religion / Re: Is Frosbel Now An Atheist ? by Jack65: 7:22am On Dec 22, 2014

I still believe in Christ as the Messiah and his ultimate resurrection purely because of Paul. Paul's letters predate the gospels and were written nearer to the time of Jesus by as much as 20 years or so. This means he must have had real contact with the original apostles as he states , and was the one person who was able to articulate the whole concept of Jesus's death, burial, resurrection and purpose into a logical sequence of events pointing to the good news and God's ultimate plan for mankind.

It might interest you to know that Paul is the biggest fraud in the New Testament and to Christianity. Please read this: http://paulproblem.faithweb.com/conversion_paul.htm Also Femi Aribisala has a lot to say about Paul in his blog. You may check that out too.

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Politics / The Buhari You Need To Know Leaflets. by Jack65: 12:01pm On Dec 19, 2014
Please print and distribute

Politics / Re: Bastard Doyin Okupe And Other Jonathanian - By Pius Adesanmi by Jack65: 1:12am On Dec 17, 2014
“There are moments in life, when the heart is so full of emotion That if by chance it be shaken, or into its depths like a pebble Drops some careless word, it overflows, and its secret, Spilt on the ground like water, can never be gathered together"
Henry wadsworth

I read it, even if Doyin said that .....I think Prof should be mature enough to avoid using the word, the write up is too emotional, betraying his political allegiance ...He should control his emotions and remain objective cool cool

Common bros, I think you are the one being biased here, so you don't have anything to say about the way Doyin Okupe has been recklessly running his mouth lately.?


Politics / Re: Bastard Doyin Okupe And Other Jonathanian - By Pius Adesanmi by Jack65: 12:33am On Dec 17, 2014
Prof u don forget the word decorum calling people bastard because of their views is uncouth embarassed embarassed embarassed
Did you even read the article or did you just rush to comment? Please take the time and read it and you will understand. Okupe already called himself a bastard!


Politics / Re: Bastard Doyin Okupe And Other Jonathanian - By Pius Adesanmi by Jack65: 12:29am On Dec 17, 2014
Lol! I love Pius! This is a perfectly written piece. How can a grown man like Okupe, a public servant make such comment. Well, we will all be calling a Bastard from now or in a year.

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Politics / Re: Prof. Wole Soyinka Endorses Goodluck Jonathan For 2015 by Jack65: 4:52pm On Dec 14, 2014
OP, by failing to provide a credible link to the source of this statement you credited to WS, you expose yourself to being accused of fabricating it.

And if you actually fabricated it, that only shows how MORALLY BANKRUPT you are!

Only recently, the Prof had to come out to furiously deny a similar fake pro-GEJ story that a malicious, despicable liar fabricated and attributed to him. I hope you are not such a contemptible and shameless liar as that one.

Of course he is. Don't mind the fool, they are becoming desperate.
Religion / Re: I Think There Will Be Sex In Heaven. by Jack65: 10:15am On Dec 14, 2014
Refering to Gen6, the SONS of GOD (Angels not demons) after everyday singing and clapping to God, one day became Hot....and saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful and slept with them.

If Angels/spirits can become Hot then there must be ways to satisfy their sexual urges..

I don't know how the Omniscient is gonna do it, but I think there will be sex in heaven..

What do y'all think??

Lol! I think you are right that if angels/spirits or heveanly beings can be horney then humans will be horney when they get there. Now how do you take care of that?
Religion / Re: Did God Create Evil - Does The Bible Say So? by Jack65: 8:57pm On Dec 12, 2014

However, evil is not really a created thing. You can't
see, touch, feel, smell or hear evil. It is not one of
the fundamental forces of physics, nor does it consist of matter, energy, or the spatial dimensions of the universe. Still, skeptics like to claim that God created evil and cite the Bible to "prove" their point. The Bible is quite clear that God is not the author of evil and insists that He is incapable of. doing so.

How about Freewill?? Does it have any of those attributes? But you claim God created it, no?
Religion / Re: Did God Realy Killed Innocent People As Claim By Atheist? by Jack65: 7:26pm On Dec 12, 2014
your are sooo confused, who should we tell ? God? Isn't God the one you say does not exist? Hate God or not, God will judge you.

Lol! Guy you should know when to accept defeat and just quit. You are embarrassing yourself and your brethren here.
Business / Re: UPDATED - [Shippyme.com Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen To You.] by Jack65: 2:57pm On Nov 20, 2014
Hello, if you have been following the trend you would be aware that we have recently made a complete overhaul of our customer care staff. We are not deaf to customer issues and have taken drastic steps to ensure you get the best service delivery. Can we have your order number here so we can look into it for you. Most customer issues can be resolved once you give us a number.

Please stop!!! How can you say that with a straight face? Just up there, after my last post you promised me you will resolve my own case in 48hrs, that was one week ago and I have not heard from you again till today. You guys think your customers are stupid, you think you can just come here and confuse everybody. That you answer your calls, that if they can just post their order number here their case will be resolved, but why would your customers come here to get their case resolved if you answer your calls, if you attend to them very well or if your customer services are doing their jobs?
Business / Re: UPDATED - [Shippyme.com Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen To You.] by Jack65: 8:01pm On Nov 14, 2014

I used LSM shipping I ordered watches and an iphone6 on last week Wednesday and it got to him Friday and me today. Beat that all for N5,200 only.

Why waste time and money with shittyme

Nice one bros, thanks for the link. Still checking that thread out.
Business / Re: UPDATED - [Shippyme.com Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen To You.] by Jack65: 8:03am On Nov 14, 2014
I'm really amazed reading about issues with shippyme, I have used them twice and had no issue. I guess something went wrong with the OP's item.

To the shippyme reps, customers they say are always right. No matter what a customer accuse u of, never use an abusive word on them. Your customers made you, and they can as well destroy u.


Yes something really went wrong with them. I used to be very happy with them but not anymore. I am sure the business owner had good intentions and good business plan but something happened along the line and everything is going to pieces, his employees and pulling the business to the ground especially the customer service.
Business / Re: UPDATED - [Shippyme.com Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen To You.] by Jack65: 7:55am On Nov 14, 2014
This was addressed in the previous post. As was stated, we'll have someone look into this and rectify the issue as needed. We did get you a discount at the end of the day. smiley

No you didn't get me a discount, it's by chance I got it because the item's price was reduced a day after I ordered. And until this discount is credited to me I can't even say I got any. As you promised I am really waiting for this issue to be resolved and I really expect to hear back from you as no one else will reply my emails, I have sent many and I am tired of calling.
Business / Re: UPDATED - [Shippyme.com Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen To You.] by Jack65: 6:28pm On Nov 12, 2014
The item has been purchased and received. The amount you paid initially is the minimum purchasing cost. The second invoice covered the shipping costs and any balances not covered earlier. This is clearly stated on your invoices before making purchase. The item has been prepared for shipping and will ship as soon as the balance on the account has cleared.

The number of calls we receive requires us to have a customer service team and so you may not always speak to the same agent every time you call. Keeping your order number close is the fastest way to get quality assistance from a customer service rep. Your issue was noted, escalated and resolved. All account functions are done automatically and we'll have a member of our team look into why the account was not automatically credited. Having used our services before, you definitely know that Circuit Atlantic is not a "fraud".

Thanks for talking to me at last. I guess this is what it takes for you guys to respond. Ok maybe I was a bit overboard in saying that Circuitatlantic is fraudulent but you caused it. Yes you were right, I have used Circuitatlantic extensively for a long time and it pains me that this is happening. I have introduced a lot of friends to your website and some have even ordered some things through me. So I really want you to get it right but instead you keep scaring away all your customers. You can see that on this thread.

The biggest problem you have is customer service, everybody makes mistake but the ability to communicate effectively with your customer at all time is the key. Your people don't answer their calls and please there is no explanation for it. Three numbers were listed on your website, yet non of them will be answered, I even tried the US line and it entered voice mail.

Concerning my order. You didn't address the issue I raised on my post. Once again, when I placed my order the item was $145 which I paid but by the time the item was purchased it was $131, (mind you I was following it) I believe my balance should be credited to me. Don't you think so
Business / Re: UPDATED - [Shippyme.com Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen To You.] by Jack65: 2:29pm On Nov 12, 2014
Sorry for your stress my brother the annoying things is that they have everything in other to make their business successful but they decide to ruin it by cutting cost to make a lot profit. Greedy thieves you would pay for 5 to 8 days shipping and it would get here in 2 months cos they would wait and sea freight your package while they keep lying.

The new agent I use ships every weekend and you get it on wed/Thursday so you can even plan your shipping to make sure they get to him Friday.

Thanks God I'm done with them for life.

My brother please which agent is that ? I am interested.

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