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Romance / Re: Difference Between A Boyfriend And A Bestie by jacyhelen(f): 8:45am On Mar 15, 2018
Hahhahahahahaha..funny but true...Girls dont and never loves a guy that share careing and love.
We use bestie to deceive our main Boyfriend..MayGod forgive us.
If u are a man and ur girl says something about bestie,chase him away on time or she will start fucking him.

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Romance / Re: Kiss Daniel takes his new girlfriend Chidinma to his new house (Photo) by jacyhelen(f): 4:44am On Mar 15, 2018
This short engine called Chidimma
Romance / Re: A Somali/nigerian Wedding? by jacyhelen(f): 4:34am On Mar 15, 2018
Hi everybody,

My name is Aisha and I’m Somali but my bf of eight months is from Nigeria. He keeps asking me to let him talk to my family and stuff but I’m terrified. I think I love him but.. I don’t know how I should convince my parents. I met his family many times and I feel very guilty about all this. We are both Muslims btw! Does anybody have any experience of a Somali Nigerian marriage?

Thanks in advance!

yes the one i had and see is between Bokoharam commander and Isis daughter from somalie
Romance / Re: The Difference Between A Prostitute, Slayqueen & Golddigger by jacyhelen(f): 4:14am On Mar 15, 2018
Lmoa...Best definition ever
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze: Why My Online Church "Free Nation In Christ Online" Is Different by jacyhelen(f): 9:02pm On Mar 13, 2018
A man who couldn't live with a woman cannot tell me about God.

Daddy Freeze...there is nothing like receiving donations towards specific cause. Don't allow any form of giving, if you do, we also give our tithe for specific cause too.

but a divorced man like Pastor Chris has annointing sheeee?
#hypocrite like u.

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Crime / Re: Man Escapes With Arrow In His Back After Attack By Fulani Men. Graphic Photos by jacyhelen(f): 6:45pm On Mar 05, 2018
What's the problem with all these fulani herdsmen undecided It's getting too much

idiots that voted for pmb are complaining...I will vote for him again to continue peperring una.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Work As A Teacher In Dubai, Get Your Work Permit And Start Work.. Apply Now by jacyhelen(f): 6:20pm On Mar 05, 2018
So you and ur entire Family dont love to work in dubai..lmao.
Scammer with first class
Romance / Re: Cheating Or Just Innocent Conversation? by jacyhelen(f): 11:56am On Mar 05, 2018

I dont date white men. Never have. Only black (African American) men. And the ones here are just...truly awful. Ive always been fascinated by African cultures and had even a tattoo of the continent placed on my arm a few years back. So when he messaged me....at first I was taken aback and really didnt take him seriously. Then I thought "Well it isnt working out with the American men...why not try the very men of the place Ive been so fascinated with?"

That proved to be a wrong decision. All men, from every corner of the world, are users and cheaters and liars. Just breaks my heart, honestly. But I guess my only choices are to remain alone or to hurt men as much as theyve hurt me.

Not alll men cheat but Nigeria or African men are the WORST.
Romance / Re: Cheating Or Just Innocent Conversation? by jacyhelen(f): 11:49am On Mar 05, 2018

He's made it seem that he has never "shown" a woman out before and that it made it official (this happened back in July). He's told me that he isn't using me and its not a sham because I've talked to his mother and that his parents would never approve of such behavior. His parents and siblings no about me and have asked me personally when am I coming so we could plan for the marriage. But I seriously have my doubts now. And when he showed me his screenshot of his Whatsapp (because I know he is talking to women on it)...I noticed his mother's number wasnt even saved. It just showed her number. Idk. Id be saving my moms number. Just weird. The whole thing is weird and a year of my life has been invested in this.

He doesnt work. I mean...he says hes an entrepreneur. Whatever he means by that. But he doesnt make much because about once a month...sometimes more sometimes less, he will ask if I can send some money and then claim to hate to ask me for it. He says we are engaged but never bought me a ring.

Im just...mad at myself. Because my gut is never wrong. Women have an incredible sense of intuition....

He is a Proffessional scammer....
My advice to u is this: dont send him dollars in million...with such amount,you are the MAGA[White Fool] who has paid.
He will come Nigeria celebrating and tag him self:Money Bag.
He is a pure 419 man...
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Missing In 2018 Top 100 Dribblers In The World [view Full List] by jacyhelen(f): 7:03am On Mar 05, 2018

There's fewer better sights in football than watching a player beat their man with a combination of speed and trickery.

When thinking back to some of the greatest dribblers in recent times, some names that come to mind would inevitably be Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi: both of which having shown they can do pretty much anything with the ball at their feet.

But, who, according to statistics, is really the best dribbler in world football?

CIES answered that question back in April 2017 when they analysed the best dribblers across Europe's top five leagues, with Adama Traore surprisingly topping the list.
Just behind Traore was Eden Hazard, whereas big names such as Neymar, Messi and Alexis Sanchez all made the top ten.

Almost a year on from compiling that list, CIES have now published another report detailing who has been the best dribbler in the top five European leagues so far this season.

11 months later CIES have once again used OptaPro data to analyse the dribbling skills of some of the world's best.

Once again some surprise names feature in the top 100 list, with the likes of Tanguy Ndombele, Arthur Masuaku and Naby Keita featuring among the usual suspects.


Using OptaPro data, CIES multiplied the average number of dribbles players achieved per 90 minutes with the percentage of successful ones, before coming up with an index score.
And when doing so there was only one winner: Eden Hazard.

After coming second the year prior, Hazard went one better this year. He completes on average 6.4 dribbles per 90 minutes, with 75% of his dribbles ending in success: giving him a dribbling index of 100.

Coming narrowly in second is Neymar, who finished with an index of 94, whereas rounding out the top three is none other than Lionel Messi, who is ranked the 3rd best dribbler in the top five leagues with a dribbling index of 70.

Four more Premier League names make up the top ten, with Tottenham's Mousa Dembele in fifth, West Ham's Arthur Masuaku in seventh, and Southampton duo Sofiane Boufal and Mario Lemina in eighth and ninth respectively.

Elsewhere, Paul Pogba ranks 12th, Andres Iniesta is ranked joint 29th, Alexis Sanchez, is ranked 37th and Mohamed Salah is placed 43rd.

Unfortunately, somewhat as usual as it was same fate last year, there is no place on the list for Cristiano Ronaldo, who also did not make the top 100 in last year's study from CIES.

Eden Hazard has certainly rediscovered his form this season, despite Chelsea underperforming in recent months following their Premier League title winning campaign.

It got us thinking. EA Sports' ratings continue to be questioned by gamers, with Cristiano Ronaldo being only the fifth best dribbler in FIFA 18 - but he doesn't even make it on the above list?

The Real Madrid forward has a 90 dribbling on his current card. Should he even have such a high rating?


Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Image: CIES


Image: CIES


Image: CIES


Image: CIES

Sources links:


useless Rating??..who has carried its club to champions league twice

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Religion / Re: Believers In Hell - Jack Kelley by jacyhelen(f): 1:33pm On Mar 04, 2018
Please can you explain why, according to those who have had visions of Hell and Heaven or near death experience, they saw men and women of GOD in Hell because of one sin or the other. On the other hand, some of them told of people were refused entrance to Heaven because of the sin of unforgiveness not minding the fact that they are believers.

As I’ve said before, people who make these claims are either seriously mistaken or else they are consciously promoting a false doctrine.

The Bible is clear that Jesus died to pay for our sins so we can have eternal life with him (John 3:16). All who believe in Him are forgiven for all the sins of their life (Colossians 2:13-15) and cannot be sent to Hell for any reason. Our inheritance was made certain when we believed the gospel of our salvation and the Holy Spirit was sealed within us as a deposit guaranteeing it (Ephes. 1:13-14). Nothing can change that. Jesus said that no one can take us out of his or His Father’s hands (John 10:27-30). And 2 Cor. 1:21 tells us it is God Himself who makes us stand firm in Christ.

For someone to promote the idea that some believers will go to hell means they are asking us to believe these promises are not true, that Jesus did not die for all our sins, that our inheritance is not guaranteed, that someone can take us out of the Lord’s hands, and God cannot make us stand firm in Christ. That means no one can ever be sure of his or her eternal destiny regardless of what the Bible has promised us.

I’ve read some of the books people who make these claims have written, but I have also read the Bible. I choose to believe the Bible. After all these books are the words of fallible man, but the Bible is the Word of an infallible God.


confused set of christains..
U dont believe books writtem by men but u believe The bible cos its Gods words written also by men
Health / Re: 5 Natural Ways To Treat Premature Ejaculation by jacyhelen(f): 6:46pm On Mar 03, 2018
grin Op, what of solution for late ejaculation? this is because some girls are selfish after they v cum, they will want to go, they won't want u to also cum. and u no Dat the fun is always there when u both cum, not one cuming and d other going.....

hahhahahaha..yeye dey smell...Hhahahahah...Cum dey go
Health / Re: 5 Natural Ways To Treat Premature Ejaculation by jacyhelen(f): 6:27pm On Mar 03, 2018
Just Learn how to Bleep,simple.
Health / Re: 5 Natural Ways To Treat Premature Ejaculation by jacyhelen(f): 6:26pm On Mar 03, 2018
What of releasing first before doing the main stuff? That method works very well.

you will loose taste na
Sports / Re: Gary Lineker: Player Who Never Received A Yellow Or A Red Card In His Career by jacyhelen(f): 6:16pm On Mar 03, 2018
Even though he enjoyed a long career that span 16 years, Lineker never received a yellow or a red card. As a result, he was honoured in 1990 with the FIFA Fair Play Award

The former Leicester legend also represented
Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur and England national team which he had 80 caps and 48 goals.

He scored a total of 286 goals for both club and country.

He's the fairest kindest football player of all time.

thunder fire old age...I refuse to get old jareee
Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide In Lagos After His Girlfriend Left Him. Photos by jacyhelen(f): 6:06pm On Mar 03, 2018

Mind what you say young man angry

but thats the Truth...u are Born isis and Bokoharam..kiss the truth
Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide In Lagos After His Girlfriend Left Him. Photos by jacyhelen(f): 6:05pm On Mar 03, 2018
I have been scared of luv cus of what they did to me

love with ur Head not heart!!!!
Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide In Lagos After His Girlfriend Left Him. Photos by jacyhelen(f): 6:03pm On Mar 03, 2018
angry His corpse should be beheaded as a punishment for his stupidity. He must have been an infidel Christian. The only thing i can die for is Islam

happy Bombing!!!
Phones / Re: How To Unlock Another Person's Phone Without Flashing. by jacyhelen(f): 5:01am On Mar 03, 2018
Idiotic Blogger


Politics / Re: APC Nigeria Boasts On Tweeter And Got Savage Response That Is Factual by jacyhelen(f): 4:58am On Mar 03, 2018
the guy is an ipob (Yoruba wing)

hahahahahhahahahahahaha..Lmao....laugh made me look like mad woman...Ipob Yoruba wing

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pictures Many Nigeria Peace Corps Members Can Relate To by jacyhelen(f): 3:12am On Mar 03, 2018
Peace Corps Members Fainting like cows after PMB Rejected a bill to employ MANY Youths!!..Lmao....Buhari is a Disaster to Nigeria But will Vote him again to finish peppering those IDIOTS that vote for him last time....

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Career / Re: Why Did You Become A Teacher by jacyhelen(f): 10:01am On Mar 01, 2018
People became teachers for so many reasons.... Because they couldn't get any other job, because they love teaching, to enjoy weekends and holidays, etc. If you became a teacher because it's your gift/passion and you desire to impact lives with it, drop your WhatsApp number on the comment section. I will add you to a group of teachers who are ready to sacrifice to change lives.

because there is NO JOB.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took His Wife To Swear An Oath Over Sex Brutalizes And Batters Her. PICS by jacyhelen(f): 9:56am On Mar 01, 2018
ladies love men who beat and brutalizes them than a man who shows love...Thats women for you..
If u are man,dont show 100 percent love to ur woman.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took His Wife To Swear An Oath Over Sex Brutalizes And Batters Her. PICS by jacyhelen(f): 9:53am On Mar 01, 2018

Very foolish man

But the most annoying part is, the lady says she's still in love with her husband, that she wont hesitate to marry the man Again, infact she's praying for that to happen!

Am afraid, one day you will sleep never to wake up again.

ladies love men who beat and brutalizes them than a man who shows love...Thats women for you..
If u are man,dont show 100 percent love to ur woman.

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Celebrities / Re: See The Top 6 Collaborations Yet To Happen In The Nigeria Music Industry by jacyhelen(f): 8:57am On Mar 01, 2018
Buhari vs Heardsmen...
Best collabo ever


Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Invade Mbatoho, Makurdi, Order 5000 Villagers To Vacate Homes by jacyhelen(f): 4:43pm On Feb 28, 2018


good story...Buahri will rule again to puish those idiots who voted and will vote again.
Romance / Re: Its Two Weeks To Our Wedding And I Caught Him In Bed With My Younger sister by jacyhelen(f): 2:43pm On Feb 27, 2018
all she need is advice click the link and drop your advice

Why are men so wicked? I have actually contemplated suicide severally in the last 24hrs. How can a man I love and devoted my life to pay me back in this evil way? How can my own sister whom I went to bed hungry for, stab me right in the chest like this? My story is sad and I don’t know if I would still have my sanity in tact after this.

hahahhahahahaha..stupid blogger
Romance / Re: What Is The Impact Of Sex On A Woman's Weight ?,does It Make A Woman ... by jacyhelen(f): 2:42pm On Feb 27, 2018
Date One guy,let him Bleep u well and u will get nice shape,good body and looks like under 16.
Money makes some women sleep around and gets older at the age of 20...

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