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Romance / Re: I Discovered That My Bride Has 3 Children On Our Wedding Day by jeyselassie(m): 5:13am On Oct 10
Please help, I need advice, I am very confused man, I don't know what to do in this situation

There is this girl I met in Lagos she help me find a house in Lagos from there we started dating.

I Asked her to marry me and get pregnant for me. Later she got pregnant for me.
She started disturbing me about marriage rights.

On the wedding day I discovered that she has 3 children for one man.
I have asked her several times even before she got pregnant she keep saying no

A day before the wedding, one of my uncle called me and tell me that one babalawo said that the woman I want to marry has 3 kids already.

All that day I wasn't myself I woke her up at midnight and forced the truth out of her
She admitted and start begging me to forgive her, she said she has been looking for the best time to tell me. All this are happening on our wedding day, she beg me not to tell anyone that it can be secrets between me and her àlone, I insisted that I must tell my people from my state enugu to Lagos

My people discouraged me and said I should thank God for revealing this early.
That's how I cancelled the church wedding.

Court marriage 30th September
Church wedding 2nd October
But Before that wedding day, we did court marriage, I told her that I don't want to do court marriage because if she cheat on me I will divorce her and loose my half of my money she got angry, the first day we didn't talk, 2nd day same, Then 3rd day she start packing her loads, I beg her to stay that we have few days to church wedding she insisted that If I don't do the court that I should cancel the church wedding that she can't trust me without court marriage

We did the court marriage, without my parents consent cuz it didn't come from my heart, her junior brother is the one that sighn for me in the court

I don't know what to do in this situation oo

Her first son is 13 years
2nd son 8 years
3rd girl 6 years
And now she is pregnant for me aa

Am 30 years while I don't know her real age

We have lived together for 8 months before I could discover this
And during this period we have been together
She controls me alots and that make me sad
She shout at me too
If ask me to do something for her and I refuse it becomes problem

Please what do I do ?
you are legally married to her in this country. Baba try organize how to leave the country if I was you.
Education / Re: I Need A Quick PGD To Process My Traveling. by jeyselassie(m): 6:38pm On Sep 07
Without saying much, I need a quick PGD to be able to rank high in the Canada express entry pool.

Agents have been telling me to bring 300k to 400k and I'll get it in 3weeks. I can't afford this.

I don't feel good about using the backdoor but as it is, I have no choice. I need help.

How do I get this PGD paying lesser or for free.
Yes, I said for free because I'm hoping to meek a key person that can actually help.

Thanks in advance.
chat me up. Number in signature
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Are There Any Remote Jobs In Nigeria! by jeyselassie(m): 3:16am On Sep 04

You guys should at least be serious . There's a time for everything. People learn through questions and comments here . They are not here to play pranks or read about jokes.
I'm really dissapointed at a lot of responses here like I also thought peeps will be serious for once


Celebrities / Re: Omoooo, This Birthday Na Legendary, Says Fan As Bobrisky Shares Beautiful Photos by jeyselassie(m): 8:00pm On Aug 29
Who dey even photoshop these Bobrisky's pic? The person is doing a very good job.
grin[ grin grin

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Investment / Re: Why Isreal As A Nation Is Very Wealthy by jeyselassie(m): 12:52am On Aug 22

let's not sugar coat issues

They got wealthy by selling high tech weapons, planes etc. & conquering thier host.

They also get billions of dollars yearly from the USA as well as some free billions from Germany as well.

Personally, they are cool, cause they where willing to sell weapons to Nigeria & train some of our special forces.
not just Nigeria the world. They train armies
Romance / Re: Who Have Nigerian Coins Like 50kobo 1naira E.t.c. I Buy 10k Each. by jeyselassie(m): 10:47am On Jul 25
Let's negotiate. Interested quote below
I have o. Number on signature below
Romance / Re: How To Know If A Lady Had Slept With Multiple Men by jeyselassie(m): 9:31am On Jul 25
If you both want to have sex and she said... wait make I put SALIVA ...... My brother just kw that u are dealing with someone with 14years of experience. Lol �
grin oloshi... You sef fit Don buy land for runs girl like this without your knowing


Properties / Re: 30 Rooms Hotel For Sale by jeyselassie(m): 7:47am On Jul 23
Can I see pictures
Travel / Re: Photo Of Bad Road In U.K. Brings More Photos Of Bad Roads Around The World by jeyselassie(m): 5:13pm On Jul 22
Potholes in Ghana
no be mickey Mouse that pot hole draw?
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Cyril Ramaphosa's Ipad 'Stolen' On Live TV by jeyselassie(m): 5:31am On Jun 23
grin grin cheesy

Smaller thief stole from bigger one..

Thread seen.
Nairaland / General / Re: If You Were Given #500,000 Right Now, What Is The First Thing You Would Buy? by jeyselassie(m): 6:58pm On Apr 21
I'll go to Dark Web, and buy Shopwithscrib Log with very good balance, buy RDP or good socks5

The rest they say is history
what will yo use it for pls?
Health / Re: Akeredolu: 124,817 Pregnant Women Living With HIV In Ondo by jeyselassie(m): 8:13am On Apr 16
Pls take note a lot of HIV tests are inconclusive. Go and do a proper test at luth or a good teaching hospital. A lot of people are receiving retrovirals on inconclusive tests and marriages have been split. You will be shocked at how many tests from recognized hospitals are using kits that don't work well
Romance / Re: The Ugly Side Of Being An Extremely Beautiful Lady (true Life Experience) by jeyselassie(m): 11:40pm On Apr 15
These are some of the challenges extremely beautiful women face: It can be hard to develop a personality when others are permanently keen to project a ready-made one onto one's features. The beautiful are fated to be told who they are far more than they are encouraged to unearth interesting identities for themselves. The beautiful are seldom single for longer than a few months;its just too difficult to keep turning people down. In bed the beautiful wonder 'is it me or is it my body they want? They want of course to be loved for the whole of who they are but their exterior is so affecting it.The very beautiful stand to discover that very interesting people who don't look so nice are terrified of approaching them,it can be puzzling to find that one has this effect.The very beautiful are presumed to be stupid (Nigerian standard),people don't wait to find out,they like the idea of the beautiful being resolutely dim. People feel fortune has smiled on these beauties enough already,they surely don't need anything further,like kindness or understanding that's why the beautiful may be on the receiving end of some remarkable cruelty,their pains and sorrows are of no interest,their so-called insecurities attracts scorns,certain people may even feel they need actively to show these beauties that they are nothing special though they never claimed to be.The beautiful face difficulties in making female friends just by being beautiful. People will assume things about you just because you are beautiful,you will be called promiscuous,stuck-up,arrogant,dumb and everything in between. Anything you do will have to be thought through a million times because it will be misconstrued as sexual interest by males and antagonistic behavior by fellow women. No matter how accomplished you are,you will always be judged on the basis of your appearance which is probably the worst part of being beautiful. Life is indeed difficult for extremely beautiful women and more difficult if you are academically sound(she use wetin she get collect wetin she no get). These are some of the things extremely beautiful women face.
lol. Just live it up. I get what you fee though
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Skill To Learn As A Nursing Mother by jeyselassie(m): 7:06am On Apr 13
Please house what's the best skill for a nursing mother to acquire
data analysis if she is a graduate. It is NO1 on the list of skills in demand in the world right now. She can use YouTube downloads
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija Mercy Chills With International Babes In A Private Jet by jeyselassie(m): 5:03am On Mar 30
Market must sell...
you're a bastard grin
Crime / Re: P&G Head Of Sales Allegedly Spent Firm’s N20m On Online Betting by jeyselassie(m): 8:54pm On Mar 16
Someone is head of sales in Procter and gamble and youre cross because he went gambling, what do you expect him to do again? Lol But on a real they should investigate that thing well it didn't just go into gambling. It's actually a smoke screen to keep looted funds till all is said and done. Forensic needs to be done
Family / Re: I Regret Getting Married To The Mother Of My Triplets by jeyselassie(m): 4:38am On Mar 16
A woman you're giving almost 50% of your monthly income and she's still not satisfied is not the right one for you, bro.

Channel your energy, time, finances on your kids. That woman will never give you happiness.
bro the truth is the income is small. You're giving 25k per month to a woman to feed and take care of 4 kids, that's very small. He needs to wake up as a man.
Celebrities / Re: Skales Proposes To His Girlfriend: “She Said YES” by jeyselassie(m): 8:34am On Mar 15
After I knelt down to propose and she said yes today I am smacking another that I didn’t even kneel down and we are living happily ever after. Never kneel for these second human creations.
this says a lot about the choices you make. If you are smacking another then you may not have been ready for marriage though.

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Romance / Re: Is It That This Lady I Just Asked Out Is Cheating On Me by jeyselassie(m): 3:44am On Feb 20
Good morning all, there is this lady that stays around my area though we have known for awhile let's say 5 months now but it was just few days ago that I made my intention known to her. This very lady is very pretty and in fact the type of spec I like in a female gender and one can't be bored whenever she is around. Now going straight to the recent incident that even kept my emotions down all through the night until I was able to induce myself to sleep. Yesterday as usual when I came back from work and some few minutes to 7pm, I chatted her up and she verily told me that she is about to leave her work place to home and in summing up the chats between she and I, requested her to inform me when she is home. It may interest to know that the distance between her work place to her house no matter the level of gridlock shouldn't be more than 1 hour 30 minutes. After the chats with her, I became busy with other things expecting when she will chat me up that she has arrived home but which she never did. when I realized that it was getting late that is; approximately two hours after the chat with her, I have to put several telephone calls to her at different interval which she didn't answer or reply the chat to her even up till 10pm. It was when I woke up later in the night around 2 am that I saw her replies which came some few minutes between dusk and down. I'm being so worried about the recent development because I dont want to get entangle with an unfaithful fellow. Please I really want to know your opinion from the circumstances what exactly should kept her out for that long and even when I called her, she refused taking my calls or should I just brush that aside without making issues out of it noting that I just recently asked her out. Your candid opinion will be appreciated.
The problem is that you're too insecure for a man. You have to find something useful to do that can keep you busy. It's idleness that brings this level of insecurity.

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Politics / Re: Buhari: We Will Not Allow Any Ethnic Group Stoke Up Hatred Against Other Groups by jeyselassie(m): 5:24am On Feb 15
I love the way Northerners are handling this issue... I love the unpredictability too! While the SW barbarians were anticipating a retaliatory attack, #StopKillingNortherners trended for the whole world to see how hypocritical and complicit the Nigeria media platforms are!...

It also exposed how much hatred the SW has for the SE...

But Northerners are smarter... We are 100 steps ahead of you... If you think Northerners will go berserk by looting and killing the Igbos, my brother, you're mistaken!

And you see that Buhari bah? He no go resign! If you like, BURN DOWN SW, Buhari still dey! Kampke! cheesy

As for those stubborn Northerners still squatting in the South West, better have a rethink and come back home. Cos those barbarians are ready to persecute you just to get back at Buhari. They've tried EndSars, it failed. Called for Buhari's resignation, it failed. Created Amotekun, it failed. Evicted Fulanis, it failed. Sponsored Sunday Igboho, it failed. All attempts have failed WOEFULLY! Now the target is you, oh poor traders! Please it's not worth it. We're ready to support you. Let's not give those scavengers a chance to embarrass our beloved father and our compatriots. Come back home so they can burn down their region without harming any one of you. Please!

May God help us all.
you're more matured than this. Have you ever investigated to see the root cause of the dilemma? Do you think any tribe likes killing the north? Pray your family never witnesses war because it's not a beautiful site at all


Properties / Re: Why Is Eko Atlantic Development So Slow? by jeyselassie(m): 5:16am On Feb 07
Here is the completed Blue Water tower. They are selling apartments here for as little as $103,000, which is like 40 million naira. This is extremely affordable for a modern condo with 24/7 electricity, etc. The problem is that the location sucks. If they built something like this in Eko Atlantic, I would have bought multiple units.

Building is developed by a Lebanese firm with financing from a Nigerian-owned private equity firm.
hi bro, I thought the chagoury group own Major stakes in Eko Atlantic, also please where is this buidling and what is its name
Music/Radio / Re: What Music Are You Listening To Right Now? by jeyselassie(m): 9:14am On Feb 05

So i'm sorry youngman there's no skating here so he kick push
Real jam from a real artist
hard bro.......... Labeled a misfit, a bandit
Ka-kunk, ka-kunk, ka-kunk; his neighbors couldn't stand it

Back then used to have a friend in university who used to jam it back to back for days. He made me love lupe
Music/Radio / Re: What Music Are You Listening To Right Now? by jeyselassie(m): 10:18pm On Feb 04
Lupe fiasco-kick push
epic I used to bang that song for dayss
Romance / Re: This Is Why Ladies Keep Disturbing Me (photo) by jeyselassie(m): 6:22am On Jan 30
Ladies wont let me be because of my handsomeness o

Any Challenger?
your head is like bicycle seat

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Romance / Re: How Can I Be A Real Man? by jeyselassie(m): 9:47pm On Jan 23
To all yall telling him to take smoke or shayo before he becomes a man, be sincere can you flow a lady without these? Because it's just fake if you need something to stimulate you to be the real man. You only need to be confident and act like who you want to attract. Study about alpha males first
Health / Re: Anybody With COVID-19 That Enters The Iwo Will Be Healed-oluwo by jeyselassie(m): 4:20pm On Jan 17

You are a Savage grin
grin lol. What did I do
Health / Re: Anybody With COVID-19 That Enters The Iwo Will Be Healed-oluwo by jeyselassie(m): 6:49am On Jan 17

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Health / Re: Anybody With COVID-19 That Enters The Iwo Will Be Healed-oluwo by jeyselassie(m): 6:49am On Jan 17
The only thing I have learnt from the oluwo is how to wrap weed

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Education / Re: Why Are Asian Student More Focused And Academically Ahead Than Americans by jeyselassie(m): 11:36am On Jan 10

They cant over take the west.

What the Asians have is manufacturing/mass production and in the future it will be worthless, because any nation can produce shit if they want.

What the Europeans and the USA guys have is the main thing and its very rare. Its called "INNOVATION". China is lacking in this field.

Another thing the USA n Co have is love n compression for the human race which the Chinese lack.

Love N Innovation is the King.

The Asian may experience economic hardship in the future because many countries are moving towards manufacturing their stuffs.

Eg. Rwanda.

spot on
Business / Re: How Do I Get A Voter's Card? by jeyselassie(m): 12:06am On Dec 30, 2020

Please if you don't have anything good to say just stay off. Who's talking about selling votes?

I need the card to verify my international account since my NIN slip was rejected.
I need one as well as mine got missing. Last I researched one has to wait till an election registration
Business / Re: How I Got Badly Disgraced By Sokoloan by jeyselassie(m): 3:35am On Dec 29, 2020
Their junior brother 9jacash almost embarrassed me earlier this year but dem no reach

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