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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Watched The Sextape Of A Girl You Know by jeyselassie(m): 11:54pm On Oct 25
Yall viewing ladies private files have low self esteem and are deprived. Work on your self esteem

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Politics / Re: Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu Apologises To Lagosians by jeyselassie(m): 6:42am On Oct 23
My problem why didnt he stop sar since.

Once you see people attacking police before the protest and people killed by police, that should be the time to curtail them.

I undersood, SAR is a federal unit and only federal government can end it, but he should have taken action.

The problem of last minutes solution escalated all these stuff
he can't stop Sars its not under him
Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Receives A Luxury Bus & A N24M Wristwatch From Ned Nwoko (Video) by jeyselassie(m): 3:08am On Oct 19
Isn't this their family business?

Chasing clout like their life depends on it

my exact thought as well
Politics / Re: Sandra Eze Sanzye: 'Bourdillon’ Ordered My Removal From TVC, Says Journalist by jeyselassie(m): 6:14am On Oct 17
What a touching story. This country can never be one!

Why do Yorubas hate Igbos this much??
Stop this yoruba don't hate igbos. Can't you see this was political? If yoruba hate igbos then igbos won't be successful in lagos. Bro if we are to really go by your statement let me ask - how many successful yoruba can you find in Eastern states that built their businesses there and expanded to the country?


Romance / Re: What A Battered Pussy Looks Like ..pics by jeyselassie(m): 7:27pm On Oct 11
The vagina is the most craved opening in the universe,.
Every man wanna enter .and if there is no man then a Love Machine or cucumber or bottle or finger or banana will enter .

Ok she started having unforced and consensual sex at 18yrs ,she just got admitted into the university to study theater arts.

Her first relationship started 2weeks after her matriculation. It was a live with him relationship.
She left the hostel and moved in to the off campus home of her new stallion.
Of course they had sex 5times daily for 1½ year until they had irreconcilable differences.
She moved out of his place and back to the hostel.

There is pressure , she wants to get back into a new relationship. Her urge , the need to get smashed ,the wild thoughts .she is young and on fire , she wants to get di*cked.

Ok oooh.

After 1 month of break up another dude comes in.
She moved in with him .
The bleep harder ,now drugs were involved .
They now have unlimited sex .from 5 rounds per day it's now 12hrs daily .
She was doing a 4 yr course , so they dated for 2½ years and then she graduated.
She is now 22 years old.

While waiting for call up to nysc, her friends Introduced her to olosho stuff.
She said why not . Then she moved over to lekki. A night out fetched her 50k to 100k.

And she was like WTF!
SHE does it for another 1 to 2 years .
Now she got enough cash to play with. She is called up for the nysc . Her account balance is 4m.

She goes to nysc camp ,,looks for a nice guy , spoil him with small cash.
And get him hooked . Then they start to bleep again for another one year .

This punna looks battered.
But what to do ?

NOW she is married to mallam yunus.

can you hit your chic 5 times a day? Be honest o because me I can't. In university 5vtimes a day and you will still graduate well?


Crime / Re: Mr Macaroni And Other #endsars Protesters Sleep Outside Lagos House Of Assembly by jeyselassie(m): 7:04am On Oct 09
The truth remains that 90 percent of SARS guys are criminals
One even threatened to shoot me at Ikorodu lagos some months back when I did nothing wrong
I have to beg him

Nah life first

So many people joining this protest and shouting now are arm robbers;Kidnappers and fraudsters though not all

Absence of SARS will give rise to robbery and so on

It is well

you're an armed robber
TV/Movies / Re: Which Of These Movies Made Your Childhood Awesome by jeyselassie(m): 5:59pm On Oct 08
Matilda undecided
Celebrities / Re: Kiddwaya & Erica Raise Alarm Over 'Attacks' On Their Social Media Handles by jeyselassie(m): 8:54am On Oct 08

Here, we have a fool with his money and a brainless olosho!
the fool and olosho are repping for you the Lord of lowlives
Crime / Re: If You Go Out Dressed Like This SARS Will Never Stop You (SEE PHOTO) by jeyselassie(m): 8:13am On Oct 07

To be honest, the Major reason SARS are harassing young boys on the street is just to rob them off their hard earned money.

These police officers believe every young boy is a yahoo boy especially when they see you all swagged up looking good in designers or you’re even driving a good car.

Once they stop you, whether you’re yahoo boy or not, you must give them money as settlement. Infact, if you give them your phone to search and they don’t see anything, they will still say you should drop money.

Now, to avoid being stopped in the first place, some Nigerian guys have discovered a new way of dressing that won’t make SARS officials be interested in stopping you.


So man must dress like this to avoid being harrassed and brutalized by SARS? This is funny and sad at the same time.

Guys, Do You Think This Dressing Format Will Make SARS Officials Not To Stop Young Nigerians On The Road?

the guy Sars beat up in mushin. This was his exact dress code

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Politics / Re: Why Is Lauretta Onochie Always Antipeople by jeyselassie(m): 4:51am On Oct 06
Why is Lauretta Onochie always antipeople.. Esp things that should benefit the masses.. The Vp Osinbanjo and the Nigerian governors forum have commended the ban on sars but she is on the opposite and I have noticed that with most of her views.. Why is no one cautioning her?
yea she is always supporting the wrong motions without giving facts and very controversial. How has she even benefitted the country sef?
Crime / Re: EndSARS: The Victim Of Yesterday's Delta Shooting Is Alive (Photo) by jeyselassie(m): 4:47pm On Oct 04
Why would an innocent man jump from a moving vehicle if he is not guilty. The ones that have died in the past while trying to escape, what are they escaping from? Until these youths emancipate themselves from the mentality that money can only be made from scamming other people from their hard earned money, they will keep dying and being chased. I have never and would never try to avoid SARS because I'm not a criminal and they are always free to check my phone.
I don't think you stay in Nigeria. Do you think if it was all criminals jumping the issues Wil be on media. Wake up these guys are robbing people daily and no one to report to and no name tags to identify. Is it till they rape a relative of yours you will know things are not what it used to be?


Romance / Re: Billions!!! by jeyselassie(m): 10:08am On Sep 29


Am in season 2 , this series is just rotating itself

How can you catch someone read handed only for you to set him free the last second ...

Chuck almost got sacked only for him to retain his sit

The series just tire me

I will manage finish the season 2 today and I see or smell any repeated
Seen , am off . How can you be turning circle

Good series from HBO like INSECURE and GAME of thrones have spoil me

lol. I haven't watched it in a while but seems I stopped in season 3
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija 2020: See The Real Reasons Laycon Emerged Winner by jeyselassie(m): 1:44am On Sep 28
Laycon represented the average poor, struggling, rejected Nigerian youth and everyone pitied him and felt like him and voted him out of pity. Nigerians hate rich people grin

This is the real reason why laycon won "pity" Nigerians are always sympathetic to plights that's why religion sells more than pure water l.

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Religion / Re: Challenges Of Getting Married To A Strict Christian by jeyselassie(m): 6:35am On Sep 27
They can be boring. No room for fun Always serious face. Hardly play with family

They do not know how to handle women . Most strict pastors spent their youthful days avoiding dating and friendships with ladies in general so as not to commit adultery.

They are fault finders . They go about looking for offence. Every thing is a sin.

They are not romantic They grew up avoiding ladies. They are not used to giving hugs and kisses. They only know one position. Anal sex is a sin. Only accepts style is missionary. The mouth is for praising God name and not oral.

They can be routinal .. They have a structured life style. Easily predictable. Wife feel bored.

Lack of emotional intimacy. Wife is emotionally starved. His priorities are in the things of the lord. Time for heart to heart discussion and he is quoting
I don't think you know what you're saying. Do you know how many women pastors ard giving it to on the low? Pastors and doctors are thd most vulnerable professions to women.

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Religion / Re: Challenges Of Getting Married To A Strict Christian by jeyselassie(m): 6:34am On Sep 27
All lies. You have it in the reverse. Pastors are the reverse of everything you mentioned here 100%.
I swear I was just about to say this

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Neo Washing Vee’s Pant by jeyselassie(m): 2:54pm On Sep 24
Ozo dey learn work for where Neo dey

He washed 5 panties , Vee still get mouth to tell him ' my pant is remaining one '

He replied her ' it's here
lmao. I'm dead

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Youth Forum (YYF): Tinubu Has Sold His Integrity On The Altar Of Politics by jeyselassie(m): 2:54pm On Sep 21

Why I love Tinubu is that he won't even reply. The man knows the higher he gets the envious critics get. A lot of them just wish they were in his position. Simple
Education / Re: Is this Picture Decent For Children's Notebook? by jeyselassie(m): 9:51pm On Sep 19

Why should a book intended for learning also paint a portray of nudity in it. We are at a point in this country where rape has become a menace, Uwa, Barakat and thousand of untold cases out there. Only God knows if this contents was snapped by one of their staffs at the company. Evidently, one of those staffs who fantasize about ladies and would demand for sex from female employee. Only God knows how many victims has fallen into their hands and probably the lady in the picture might be one of them.

Is this how we are helping innocent children learn better? It's very sad the people you have on your team and the kind of contents they put out there.

We have kids of about 4 and above being exposed to this nudity just right in front of their eyes while they are in classrooms. Should this be done considering the kind of children parents are looking forward to raising.

if you are concerned about this explicit content, do well to forward a complaint to books@crownstar.org . It's very sad I must say.

you're a pervert and paedophile for you to think this is porn

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Celebrities / Re: Girls Bang Each Other Up Because Of A Man by jeyselassie(m): 7:53am On Sep 12
LA click LA bend
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend To Be Is 20 Months Younger, Do I Go Ahead With The Relationship? by jeyselassie(m): 6:04am On Sep 12
Damnnnnn niggarrr
Don't be concerned about the age difference....
It doesn't matter my dear....no issues....

One thing we niggarrrz are looking for is peace.... .no complain...We actually looking for a woman who will treat or take care of us the way our mothers do....a woman who can show us that same care our mothers do show us.... and immediately a girl start doing that to us...then we begin to feel comfortable with her and probably can't do away with her till the end of time...

And have realized older ladies give peace of mind more....and they are matured enough to take care of us just like our mom....
So behave like his mother.........with that you will be crawling into his heart without him knowing....and he will respect you till the end of time
There is this girl i was supposed to bang and move on
...she is about four years older than me....i don already bang her....but the way she is treating me ehnnnnn.......am afraid if she continue like this...she might weaken me as a real niggarrr
ARe you a real nigarr grin
Celebrities / Re: “go Away, You’re Too Vain” Kiddwaya Says As He Pushes Nengi Away (watch) by jeyselassie(m): 7:18pm On Sep 10
this will make her cling more sef
that's the approach bro.
Celebrities / Re: “go Away, You’re Too Vain” Kiddwaya Says As He Pushes Nengi Away (watch) by jeyselassie(m): 7:13pm On Sep 10
A true show of an alpha.
I swear down bro
Celebrities / Re: BEEF ALERT!! Tiwa Savage VS Wizkid, It Seems Motor Don Jam Egungun Finally! by jeyselassie(m): 6:35pm On Sep 10
Party scatter!
Tiwa Savage gives special thanks to the men who supported her “Celia” Album, exclude Wizkid.
Wizkid was not at the album listening party which raises speculation that the pair has perhaps broken up.

Wow wow wow I have been waiting for this moment though. At least we can hear word now. Everytime “Ma Lo”.�


is wizkid in the country?
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Which Video Camera Will Give High Quality Video Output For My TV Streaming by jeyselassie(m): 6:33pm On Sep 10

how much are the lenses, what type, canon or sigma
apology fo the late reply I'm selling all together l. It's Canon, my number is below in signature
Events / Re: Okey Abang Philemon's Birthday by jeyselassie(m): 10:22pm On Sep 08
Happy birthday pastor phil smiley
Family / Re: See List Of Marriage Items Reportedly Made By A Nigerian Family by jeyselassie(m): 2:52pm On Sep 06
Cc: Lalasticlala, Mynd44 And Seun
if I'm the one I will just take that list never call them back

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Which Video Camera Will Give High Quality Video Output For My TV Streaming by jeyselassie(m): 2:48pm On Sep 06
I want to start my online TV, I need which camera will give better quality output
hi by the way I got a Canon 500d Camera Body
Battery and Charger for sale at 140k. Distress
Romance / Re: Tell Me How This Lady Outsmarts Afrointroductions.com by jeyselassie(m): 4:47am On Sep 06
Considering her overview (2nd picture), members of the dating site should be able to understand cheesy.
in the word of lasisi.... NA RUNS NA RUNS... SHE SAY NA REAL ESTATE... BABA NA RUNS
Romance / Re: Ghanaian Bride Weds Without Makeup And Accesories Yet Looks Amazing (photos) by jeyselassie(m): 8:51am On Sep 01
Earlier this month, a bride Anna went for no makeup on her big day. Anna not only ditched a makeover but also bridal accessories such as ear rings, jewelries and more yet she looked stunning.

She looked so stunning that guests wondered how more beautiful she would have looked if she adorned on makeup and bridal accessories.

Congratulations to Anna and her groom, Harrison!

See photos below:

Source: https://livelystones.ng/2020/08/31/ghanaian-bride-weds-without-makeup-and-accesories-yet-looks-amazing-photos/
deeper life dey Ghana?
TV/Movies / Re: Erica And Laycon Share A Hug by jeyselassie(m): 9:56pm On Aug 30
This guy is an example of a Simp.

I don't watch this show, but NL has made me to realise that Laycon is a disgrace to Men and a King in the Land of Simps.
word fam. Kidd is a alpha male
TV/Movies / Re: Kiddwaya To Erica: It Is Risky To Love A Guy Like Me by jeyselassie(m): 5:33pm On Aug 28
Even though I'm no fan of BBN but kid always catch my attention whenever I see his news on FP.
This kid is no doubt a great kid. He's a true Alpha blood with no apology.
In a world where a lot of men are sissies who try hard to impress their feminist masters, it's very refreshing to realize few true Alphas are still present on the face of this planet.

you're very concise. That's the main reason why people love kidd. He is an undiluted alpha male. He is the only one I'm rooting for to win and this is thd first time I'm even rooting for anyone to win.


Career / Re: Riots: Indians Accused Of Molesting Female Workers In Atiku's Company In Yola by jeyselassie(m): 8:32am On Aug 19
What is happening in the company is actually worse than this.

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