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Pets / Re: Dogo Argentino Needed. Pls Contact Me by JFT24(m): 4:42pm On Sep 19

Almighty EKUKE grin grin grin
Pets / Re: Dogo Argentino Needed. Pls Contact Me by JFT24(m): 11:02am On Sep 19
Guys, pls what breed is this Puppy?
Help pls

Health / Re: COVID-19: Persons Vaccinated In Africa, Others Considered Unvaccinated By The UK by JFT24(m): 10:59am On Sep 19

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Religion / Re: Howard Nyoni: TB Joshua & Oyakhilome Had Terminal Diseases, Took Drugs Secretly by JFT24(m): 11:47am On Jun 08
TB Joshua Was On Drugs: South African Bible scholar Howard Nyoni Reveals Cause Of TB Joshua's Death


A Bible scholar has made shocking revelations about the late founder of SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua who passed on before his 58th birthday.

The South Africa-based man stated that Joshua had been taking medications for a hidden medical condition for 2 years Read more:

The man named Howard Nyoni in a new video described the late prophet as a deceiver and fake.

He also alleged Pastor Chris has a terminal disease In the 25 minutes video shared by @gossipboyz1 on Instagram, Howard alleged that TB Joshua and Pastor Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy both had terminal medical conditions and had been taking drugs secretly. TB Joshua was Treating 'Hidden' Medical Condition for 2 Years: Bible Scholar in New Video Claimsast which all returned unfulfilled.

Is drug meant to be taken on National TV b4?
Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by JFT24(m): 10:57am On May 06
AK-47 was produced in 1947; that is Nineteen Forty Fúcking Seven! That's over 70 years ago!!! It's MOSTLY used by terrorists and better guns have been developed, yet naija wan die on top AK-47. I don't even think this latest "improvement" is up to that of the AK-74! We need Carbine guns, M4/M4A1, M320, AR-15, M16, etc
AK47 reputation surpass M16
Islam for Muslims / Re: Position Of Hijab In Islam by JFT24(m): 10:18am On Mar 19
Ijab is for protection from dust in the desert like middle east
You only copied it and you're placing more importance on it than the owners themselves
Typical of abduls

So u were taught to believe.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Position Of Hijab In Islam by JFT24(m): 10:16am On Mar 19
What is the essence of covering your head when you heart is not covered with righteousness and morality

So, how does this your comment justify walking naked?

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Politics / Re: Renewed Hostilities: Kwara State Govt Imposes Curfew On Two towns by JFT24(m): 9:39am On Mar 05
This guy's time is just not cool for the state...
upsetting the 'Harmony' upandan!

Ure 100% not correct
Family / Re: Why Ladies Hardly Change Their Surnames After Marriage These Days by JFT24(m): 4:52pm On Feb 04

Get away visa had me lol. Nice one!

Nah, majority of Nigerians actually believe stress and stressful situations is how we become strong o!

I will never forget a Twitter thread where people blasted a guy left right and center, for turning down a job offer of 150k because of the insane distance between the place of work and his place of abode.

I can't recall the exact locations but let me give an illustration. It was something like after Iyana-Ipaja (mainland) and Lakowe (Island). People called the guy lazy and all sorts of names.

Only a few of us were sane/reasonable enough to understand the guy's decision to decline that offer. People saw 150k and went crazy, some of us saw the toll, wear and tear such a job will have on him, because of proximity.

Two women tackled me on that thread like football grin even going as far as quoting scripture to justify their stance and why the guy was silly for turning down the job! Some Naija women like stress o!

Some stressful situations no doubt bring forth the best in us, like squeezing oranges to get the juice we enjoy BUT some are simply not worth it, they'll only create mental and physical health issues for you.

@ Topic, I am reminded of a neighbour who graduated from a Nigerian university but the school refused to issue a certificate because of change of name saga.

The details are fuzzy now but I vaguely recall it was a case of your name at Uni does not match the waec certificate you presented. Her mother divorced her step father and decided Mariam should revert to her original father's name and then yada yada yada. You sha get the picture.

4 years of her life in school just became wasted. She tried to fight/contest the issue but wasn't making headway. This kind of situation is enough to make you stick to one name alone throughout your life.

Even the banks give you a hard time when it comes to certain transactions, where your names are not adding up with data they have.

Why the need for name change?

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Travel / Re: Air Peace Takes Buys E195-E2 Aircraft (Photos) by JFT24(m): 3:57pm On Jan 31
This is how the interior of an airplane should look.
Most times the only difference between flying and travelling by road in Nigeria is the absence of multiple police road blocks.

That's an exaggeration bro
Phones / Re: Xiaomi's Flagship For 2021, The MI 11 Is Out. (specs And Price) by JFT24(m): 9:57am On Jan 03
Happy New Year, bro.
Would be be kind to continue your thread on airline hacks?

Thanks �. Update will start flowing in soonest
Phones / Re: Xiaomi's Flagship For 2021, The MI 11 Is Out. (specs And Price) by JFT24(m): 5:54pm On Dec 29, 2020
Music/Radio / Re: #EndSARS: Falz Releases ‘Johnny’ Video In Honour Of Victims Of Police Brutality by JFT24(m): 10:53am On Nov 11, 2020
Nice drop FALZ,

Last word: "Eyan melo lo ma Ku?" meaning "How many people will die?"

Na wetin dey trigger revolution be this o, when you feel you have the power to kill and go Scott free.

Eyan melo lo ma kù? Meaning: how many people will remain

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Politics / Re: Why Is Nigeria The Only African Country That Drive On The Right by JFT24(m): 12:50pm On Aug 03, 2020

Thanks for the response, I was just surprised because Nigeria was colonized by Britain and it was supposed to follow how Britain dothings.

then what's the essence of the independence?

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Education / Re: If You Left Secondary School Five Years Ago,you Will Miss This!!! by JFT24(m): 9:26am On Jul 28, 2020
U attended Edokpolor grammar school?
Offa Grammar School
Education / Re: If You Left Secondary School Five Years Ago,you Will Miss This!!! by JFT24(m): 11:19am On Jul 26, 2020
Fellow Nairalanders
60% of us will fail this.
How many of us can
remember that inscription written on our school badge,that slogan or motor.
Mine back then was
"Hardwork And Discipline".
So come on,let us know yours!!!

Labor Omnia Vincit

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Politics / Re: Details Of The N75bn Fund Approved For Nigerian Youths Between 18 & 35 Years by JFT24(m): 8:37pm On Jul 23, 2020
Jeez! The same thing alot of you said about the NIRSAL loan. You still haven't learnt your lesson??

This level of pessimism & distrust for anything & everything by & from the Nigerian govt. is becoming a mental condition.

I haven't gotten reply from Nirsal after more than a month after registration
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Executes Man Convicted Of Spying On General Qassem Soleimani Killed By US by JFT24(m): 9:09pm On Jul 20, 2020
The problem with these types of regime is that its operations are shrouded in secrecy and mystery... Thats all i have to say.

Secrecy is synonymous to all government establishments.
Foreign Affairs / Re: UAE Successfully Launches Hope Probe, Arab World’s First Mission To Mars by JFT24(m): 8:55pm On Jul 20, 2020

That's 77,499,999,731 naira.
77 fûcking bills.. No wonder naija leaders no de think about am.
Oil money cheesy
Our country is not progressing like others. Just stagnant.. E pain meeeeeee

Government officials embezzled more than this.
Crime / Re: #JusticeForIzu: Izu Madubueze Commits Suicide After False Rape Accusation by JFT24(m): 6:37am On Jul 20, 2020
Men are starting to become an endangered species all due to sheer foolishness


Crime / Re: Mexican Drug Cartel Shows Off Uniformed Troops With Military Weapons And Armoure by JFT24(m): 6:27am On Jul 20, 2020
war is looming
Science/Technology / Re: How The Blackest Fish In The Sea 'Disappear' - Scientists Explain (Photos) by JFT24(m): 5:52am On Jul 20, 2020
Great discovery.
Science keeps making new discoveries.

I have noticed something on science related threads.
There are usually these set of unintelligent religious folks who have refused to grasp knowledge and tend to make silly, childish remarks. Why? Simply because the information contradicts their religious beliefs. So they refuse facts based on research and rely on books written by men who never knew how the world worked.
If this research had mentioned "50 million years", here are the kind of ignorant comments one would expect.
"How old is the world again"?
"How did they know this"?
"were they there? so how did they arrive at the age"?
"Science and lies".
"What is the benefit of this research"?
"These liars are always trying to discredit the bible".

You see, these comments come from people who are unintelligent, and have refused to do little research, simply because they don't want to feel the earth dates back to billions of years, which will prove that their beliefs are false.
They're always quick to discredit scientific discoveries like this because it doesn't suit their beliefs.
They'd rather lie to themselves than admit the truth.
If you're ignorant about how scientists come up with the age of an object, or how they arrive at certain conclusions, just a simple Google search would do. Information is power. Widen your horizon.

Just so you know: If you don't believe research which is based on evidence and facts, but believe that a virgin gave birth to a boy who walked on water and turned it into wine, only to die and resurrect three days later to ascend into the sky, then you're a compound fool .

You're delusional.

Science is just like w toddler that is trying to understand it's environment. All these things have been existing before exploration. What science is doing is just giving us information base on its own understanding of it's environment. The more reason you have a fact today and tomorrow it will be nullify, also reasons uve carbon dating used to tell us millions of years without accuracy.
Do you want to tell us that an slowpoke Bigbang theory sounds more genuine than a world created by a supreme being.

Science is not fact.

We were created by God and if you continue to wallow yourself in Darwin's delusion, so help you Darwin.

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Celebrities / Re: 30 Vintage Crime Scenes Brought To Life With Coloring (Gore Lovers) by JFT24(m): 7:31am On Jul 13, 2020
The bodies of two would-be thieves named Robert Green and Jacob Jagendorf after a failed robbery attempt that ended when they accidentally fell down the building's elevator shaft. New York. 1915.
Thieves on Suit

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Religion / Re: Killing Of A Rare White Owl Sparks Outrage Online. by JFT24(m): 6:58am On Jul 13, 2020
Owl signifies evil, killing it was the best option.
Says Who?

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Autos / Re: Man From Gombe Constructs A Vehicle With Local Materials by JFT24(m): 6:50am On Jul 13, 2020
At this point in time, we need to stop celebrating backwardness.
We are in time where students are making planes that can fly. Automobile companies are making cars to can drive themselves, talk back at you.

Tis car can't even stand cars that were built 100 years ago.
What are we celebrating? BACKWARDNESS angry

Oga, he's a non professional who fabricated a car with things available to him. Those you mentioned above have good resources at there disposal as well as support from professionals and mentor. Diz guy might not even have access to quality education.
All d negative rants u wrote up there is not necessary except uve a tin uve fabricated wit d limited resources at your disposal too.
Politics / Re: Projects Currently Going On In Nigeria by JFT24(m): 12:19pm On Jul 05, 2020
Add pix nah
Romance / Re: Strange But True Facts That'll Shock You by JFT24(m): 10:34am On Jul 05, 2020
That No7 tho

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Crime / Re: His Name Is Aziz Mirza, The Man Who Exposed Hushpuppi And Woodberry To The FBI by JFT24(m): 9:49am On Jul 05, 2020
This is the main guy.

Hushpuppi was just a loud 5-10% account sourcer with an overblown self-importance that has made him the face of this case.

Coz he's white?
Health / Re: Please Help: My Wife Has Asthma by JFT24(m): 9:28am On Jul 05, 2020
Nothing to fear brother. I stopped using inhalar years ago when somebody introduced me to these cheap drugs. At 1st i take it morning n evening but now i only take it when i find it difficult to breath. Ventoline, franol n predesolone. When is serious i take 2 of each but i usually take 1 each.

It's better you consult a doctor. You can't be taking those drugs without a doctor prescription. Those drugs are known to weaken the body system and make you frail in no time
Phones / Re: Don't Be SCAMMED Xiaomi Is NOT IN Nigeria by JFT24(m): 9:14am On Jul 03, 2020

I have succeeded in exposing fake xiaomi agents in Nigeria
how much are they paying you?
Most Xiaomiers are intellect. Did we complain to you?
Politics / Re: Obaseki's Campaign Strategy (Pictures) by JFT24(m): 8:42am On Jul 03, 2020
Obaseki's Effective Campaign Strategy to mobilize Edo state residents to vote for him touches on ending godfatherism, the practice that has gone on in Lagos State for 13 years after Bola Tinubu left power.

In Lagos he determines who will be Governor, Local Government Chairmen, House of Assembly Members, Senators and who will be represent the state at the House of Representatives.

The Motorists should be milked by FRSC officials
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Declares Assets, Has N292.4M In Banks, Owns Houses In US, UK - 2011 by JFT24(m): 8:36am On Jul 03, 2020

First of all, you cannot compare the wealth of an MD of a shell subsidiary without having knowledge of the salary ( or any other remunerations) earned by this MD during the time we speak of.  What I compared, which is more than clear in the fact that I compared this to what was obtained when Jonathan declared his worth in 2007, is the action of people here - those who feel it is there place to provide justification for numbers entered into a form by a governor -- numbers that have not even been verified, according to the article.

Your assumption that an MD is automagically a millionaire of this calibre after 26 years is wrong, as I also explained that I know of other MD's who have worked longer but are not worth even 1/10th of what this man claims to be worth today.  I know of big business men, who have been in oil business since the early 80's, in Ikorodu, who struggle to boast of the millions that this man boasts of, and these are well known, and well connected business men (NOT EMPLOYEES).

You are not told of any other businesses he has or has. You are simply told here that he declared assets -- I suggest instead that rather than pretend he is JUSTIFIED in providing us these numbers, we demand clarification on where all that money comes from -- sources, legitimacy of sources etc. This is not for me, but for PROGRESS in the nation as a whole.

Oga all these your assumptions may not necessarily be true. Because people have the same job does not mean they will be financially equal. Also, you are neither the account officer nor Finance manager of these people u claimed to know. So how do you know what they are what?
I'm not saying absolving Ajimobi ooooooo, but ure being too specific on thing you probably knew mothing about.

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