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Business / Re: CBN To Release Old Naira Notes To Banks Over NLC Protest by JFT24(m): 11:15am On Mar 23, 2023
Happy hunger strike to our brothers and sisters.
I hope y'all resume the bombings and killings after the hypocritical one month break.
Is this what your pastor make u believe?
Romance / Re: My Mother And Brother Does Not Approve Of The Way I Treat The Gateman by JFT24(m): 7:24pm On Feb 20, 2023
Diz thread is psychotic.
Politics / Re: 12 Politicians Caught Sleeping In Public by JFT24(m): 5:54pm On Jan 21, 2023
So what are u trying to insinuate...u ppl want to force tinubu down our throat by any means possible.. But it won't work
Or u guys are trying to force Obi on Nigeria. Futile endeavour.
Car Talk / Re: This Nigerian Mechanic Has Gone Viral After A Video Show Him Lifting An Engine by JFT24(m): 8:26am On Jan 10, 2023

You are asking me what other method?
I wonder the kind of moronns that keep coming to this nairaland . Too many dumb unexposed illiterates here and they talk with so much confidence.
Imagine this one even typing in bold like she has senses

Let her be. She has little experience of Mechanic workshop. What d guy is doin is entirely needless. I can even see sum1 bringing a trolley towards d end of d video.
Even if there is no other means, 2 or more peeps could have join hands.

His back will tell him later

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Politics / Re: The World Is With Jagaban by JFT24(m): 8:34pm On Dec 18, 2022

You can imagine the brazen display of shocking stupidity from this one! The infinity sign has been in existence way before the dingBAT and will continue to exist even after his miserable end angry

You are been sentimental.
The world knows better.

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Politics / The World Is With Jagaban by JFT24(m): 7:46pm On Dec 18, 2022
It's safe to say the world is aligning with the Jagaban.
The Infinity Stage Design is a message well understood by the wise.

Jagaban Lo Kan ooo


Politics / Re: Oil Marketers Abandon Scheme To Break Subsidy Regime by JFT24(m): 12:31pm On Dec 11, 2022
They should hold on… Obi is coming to remove subsidy so that their business can become profitable again and the government will also have funds for other critical projects.

But I want Nigerians to remember that we wouldn’t be talking about subsidy by now if not for Tinubu’s malicious and wicked brand of opposition politics.

In January of 2012, President Jonathan removed subsidy and introduced Subsidy Reinvestment Programme (SURE-P) to cushion the effect of the removal of subsidy, but Tinubu raised his army of urchins and led them to occupy Ojota in Lagos while Buhari and Elrufai engaged in their own walk of shame in Kaduna.

Today, that Buhari is the one crying for subsidy removal while Tinubu has lost his voice, and you say these guys are not wicked and evil?

I’m waiting to see Tinubu become president so that I will interrogate the existence of the God of Justice who repays all man according to their deeds.

Tinubu will never reap good for his evils, amen.
But Jonathan partially removed the subsidy.
Politics / Re: 2 Teleprompters As Tinubu Spoke At Chatham House - Jaafar Shares Photo by JFT24(m): 3:21pm On Dec 07, 2022
This means makes him more as technology advocate, coz @ his age n yet he's embracing technology.

He could have decided to read from a paper.
Politics / Re: "Hold Us Responsible": Peter Obi Assures Nigerians Of Tackling Insecurity by JFT24(m): 3:13pm On Dec 07, 2022


Cheap talk. How do we hold you responsible?

He should have just set a bar for himself; say like 'After 3years into is presidency and he hasn't actualised some set goals he will reaign or hand over' not some gibberish "hold us responsible".
Politics / Re: Member Of Tinubu Campaign Council Accused Innoson Of Selling Subpar Vehicles (P by JFT24(m): 6:56pm On Dec 05, 2022

Signal is important. If APC were a serious party and a party that is intouch with people, the would have at least suspended the guy. Why? He is part of their PCC.
What tye guy tried doing is sacrilegious. Lying to demarket what is really a national asset and pride
Where is d lie. I used to think criticism is to make one improve on service delivery.
I had d opportunity of driving Innoson truck but it's below expectation, even the paint job is not top notch.
When has it become a problem to criticise a product.

It's only yeebos d@ sees it as demarketing.
Are we supposed to just look the other way coz it's Indigenous company?
Politics / Re: Member Of Tinubu Campaign Council Accused Innoson Of Selling Subpar Vehicles (P by JFT24(m): 6:50pm On Dec 05, 2022
APC as a party is a big threat to our national development. They only came to kill and destroy. Imagine discrediting an indigenous car manufacturing company just for political gain! It will be in our best interest as citizens of Nigeria to make sure that the terrorist party goes into oblivion by February next year.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by JFT24(m): 10:51am On Dec 03, 2022
Please who can help change my redmi note 9s screen and @ what cost?
Education / Re: Absence Of Life Forms On All Planets Close To Earth, Should We Be Worried? by JFT24(m): 8:31am On Nov 25, 2022
So I'm here thinking about these stuffs.

From planet Mars to Mercury, Venus all the way to Jupiter except the Earth, all seems to be in ruin or something.

I have been thinking and researching about what could have happened to the beings that once inhabited these places.

Should we (Earthlings) not be concerned about the kind of destruction/apocalypse that befell these places?

Was the Earth attacked too and somehow few survivors repopulated Earth and the government decided to keep these information
in order not cause panic?

Is the Armageddon returning?

Hi Seun, what do you think?

Cc: Fynestboi, olawalebabs, Richiez
This shouldn't be our concern in the first place
Politics / Re: Obi: I'm Ashamed Of Him - Professor Who Approved Gov Soludo Professorship Reacts by JFT24(m): 5:32pm On Nov 16, 2022
Peter Obi: I'm Ashamed of Him - Professor who Approved Gov Soludo Professorship react

Governor Soludo of Anambra State is not finding it easy this time as many keep hitting him had over his recent comments on Presidential candidate of Labor Party, Peter Obi.

After backlash from Obidient and others Nigerian who sees his comment as direct attack to Obi Presidential ambition, Professor who Approved Soludo Professorship has also react to Soludo statement.

Governor Chukwuma Soludo's derogatory comments about Peter Obi has irked an elder statesman,.

Prof Fabian Osuji said:
“I cannot imagine the same Soludo who benefited resoundingly from our support being the one to pull down his own brother, Peter Obi, who is enjoying overwhelming support elsewhere. I am truly ashamed of Soludo.”

The Prof isa tribal bigot.
So, he should not call a spade a spade because Obi is Igbo.
Bunch of hypocrites
Autos / Re: Tomato Red 2019 Mercedes-benz A220 4matic by JFT24(m): 9:54am On Oct 17, 2022
please I need the beans colour
u mean Burnt Beans color?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Employer Short Paid Me, Please How Can I Recover: Help by JFT24(m): 9:48am On Oct 17, 2022
I will be physically present at the office tomorrow, Monday to hear from the HR, thanks. quote
While you will be there physically, it's still necessary to write. It's an official matter

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Politics / Re: How The North Is Campaigning For Tinubu (Pictures) by JFT24(m): 7:55am On Oct 08, 2022
When they finish voting the wrong people into power, the next thing they'll do is to enter big trailers and start heading south for greener pastures.

Of course, I can't even remember the last time I gave bambialah money on the road.
Who is d right candidate to vote?

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Food / Re: Mother And Her Three Children Die After Eating Amala In Kogi (Photos) by JFT24(m): 11:48am On Aug 02, 2022

Amala is processed yam, not cassava.

Amala is made from raw yam, cut into thin slices, soaked and dried then milled into the off white flour that becomes Amala.

Some people also use the back of the yam, this type of Amala is very black and the flour is brown in colour.

The original Elubo for Amala, called "gbodo" is quite expensive but the end product is a fluffy, smooth and rich swallow with an inviting aroma.

What I believe that family ate is "lafun".

I like ya analysis, bt even the Lafun is not poisonous. Infact the processing time of Lafun is faster. They need to investigate what killed them.
Islam for Muslims / Re: How Long Can Husband And Wife Live Separately In Islaam? by JFT24(m): 1:26pm On Jul 15, 2022

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Pets / Re: Dogo Argentino Needed. Pls Contact Me by JFT24(m): 4:42pm On Sep 19, 2021

Almighty EKUKE grin grin grin
Pets / Re: Dogo Argentino Needed. Pls Contact Me by JFT24(m): 11:02am On Sep 19, 2021
Guys, pls what breed is this Puppy?
Help pls

Health / Re: COVID-19: Persons Vaccinated In Africa, Others Considered Unvaccinated By The UK by JFT24(m): 10:59am On Sep 19, 2021

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Religion / Re: Howard Nyoni: TB Joshua & Oyakhilome Had Terminal Diseases, Took Drugs Secretly by JFT24(m): 11:47am On Jun 08, 2021
TB Joshua Was On Drugs: South African Bible scholar Howard Nyoni Reveals Cause Of TB Joshua's Death


A Bible scholar has made shocking revelations about the late founder of SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua who passed on before his 58th birthday.

The South Africa-based man stated that Joshua had been taking medications for a hidden medical condition for 2 years Read more:

The man named Howard Nyoni in a new video described the late prophet as a deceiver and fake.

He also alleged Pastor Chris has a terminal disease In the 25 minutes video shared by @gossipboyz1 on Instagram, Howard alleged that TB Joshua and Pastor Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy both had terminal medical conditions and had been taking drugs secretly. TB Joshua was Treating 'Hidden' Medical Condition for 2 Years: Bible Scholar in New Video Claimsast which all returned unfulfilled.

Is drug meant to be taken on National TV b4?
Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by JFT24(m): 10:57am On May 06, 2021
AK-47 was produced in 1947; that is Nineteen Forty Fúcking Seven! That's over 70 years ago!!! It's MOSTLY used by terrorists and better guns have been developed, yet naija wan die on top AK-47. I don't even think this latest "improvement" is up to that of the AK-74! We need Carbine guns, M4/M4A1, M320, AR-15, M16, etc
AK47 reputation surpass M16
Islam for Muslims / Re: Position Of Hijab In Islam by JFT24(m): 10:18am On Mar 19, 2021
Ijab is for protection from dust in the desert like middle east
You only copied it and you're placing more importance on it than the owners themselves
Typical of abduls

So u were taught to believe.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Position Of Hijab In Islam by JFT24(m): 10:16am On Mar 19, 2021
What is the essence of covering your head when you heart is not covered with righteousness and morality

So, how does this your comment justify walking naked?

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Politics / Re: Renewed Hostilities: Kwara State Govt Imposes Curfew On Two towns by JFT24(m): 9:39am On Mar 05, 2021
This guy's time is just not cool for the state...
upsetting the 'Harmony' upandan!

Ure 100% not correct
Family / Re: Why Ladies Hardly Change Their Surnames After Marriage These Days by JFT24(m): 4:52pm On Feb 04, 2021

Get away visa had me lol. Nice one!

Nah, majority of Nigerians actually believe stress and stressful situations is how we become strong o!

I will never forget a Twitter thread where people blasted a guy left right and center, for turning down a job offer of 150k because of the insane distance between the place of work and his place of abode.

I can't recall the exact locations but let me give an illustration. It was something like after Iyana-Ipaja (mainland) and Lakowe (Island). People called the guy lazy and all sorts of names.

Only a few of us were sane/reasonable enough to understand the guy's decision to decline that offer. People saw 150k and went crazy, some of us saw the toll, wear and tear such a job will have on him, because of proximity.

Two women tackled me on that thread like football grin even going as far as quoting scripture to justify their stance and why the guy was silly for turning down the job! Some Naija women like stress o!

Some stressful situations no doubt bring forth the best in us, like squeezing oranges to get the juice we enjoy BUT some are simply not worth it, they'll only create mental and physical health issues for you.

@ Topic, I am reminded of a neighbour who graduated from a Nigerian university but the school refused to issue a certificate because of change of name saga.

The details are fuzzy now but I vaguely recall it was a case of your name at Uni does not match the waec certificate you presented. Her mother divorced her step father and decided Mariam should revert to her original father's name and then yada yada yada. You sha get the picture.

4 years of her life in school just became wasted. She tried to fight/contest the issue but wasn't making headway. This kind of situation is enough to make you stick to one name alone throughout your life.

Even the banks give you a hard time when it comes to certain transactions, where your names are not adding up with data they have.

Why the need for name change?

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Travel / Re: Air Peace Takes Buys E195-E2 Aircraft (Photos) by JFT24(m): 3:57pm On Jan 31, 2021
This is how the interior of an airplane should look.
Most times the only difference between flying and travelling by road in Nigeria is the absence of multiple police road blocks.

That's an exaggeration bro
Phones / Re: Xiaomi's Flagship For 2021, The MI 11 Is Out. (specs And Price) by JFT24(m): 9:57am On Jan 03, 2021
Happy New Year, bro.
Would be be kind to continue your thread on airline hacks?

Thanks �. Update will start flowing in soonest
Phones / Re: Xiaomi's Flagship For 2021, The MI 11 Is Out. (specs And Price) by JFT24(m): 5:54pm On Dec 29, 2020
Music/Radio / Re: #EndSARS: Falz Releases ‘Johnny’ Video In Honour Of Victims Of Police Brutality by JFT24(m): 10:53am On Nov 11, 2020
Nice drop FALZ,

Last word: "Eyan melo lo ma Ku?" meaning "How many people will die?"

Na wetin dey trigger revolution be this o, when you feel you have the power to kill and go Scott free.

Eyan melo lo ma kù? Meaning: how many people will remain

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