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Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu Could Emerge APC’s Consensus Candidate – Osita Okechukwu by JUHABACH: 9:47pm On Jul 23

Go and rest bro.

U don't know Lagos before Tinubu era.

tell me then. I have lived in Lagos for decades. the only governor who made any halfway decent impact on the State was Fashola and even then,he had his shortcomings.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu Could Emerge APC’s Consensus Candidate – Osita Okechukwu by JUHABACH: 9:41pm On Jul 23

The usual unfounded, baseless and emotional reaction. Tinubu is a first class brain with an enviable record of achievements in and out of politics.

He rose to the position of Treasurer of Exxon Mobil unlimited before joining politics. As a politician, he ruled Lagos successfully for 8 years and set the state on the path of progress, financial stability and administrative stability.

If not for sentiments and ethnic bigotry, what else are we looking for in a leader that Tinubu doesn’t posses? Mention one politician that is being considered for president in 2023 with a better private and public service records than Tinubu?

it is sad that you see things through an ethnic lens. how exactly do you know my tribe? Are you seriously saying that in the whole of SW, Tinubu is the best we can do? for Christ sake, this is exactly why this country will never move forward.
You asked me to mention one politician. there are dozens of leaders from the SW alone who will do a far better job.

ruled Lagos successfully? Clearly you have never set foot in Lagos is you think it is a state that has seen any decent leadership. Lagos is an administrative nightmare compared to several other states (try registering deed of assignment in Lagos compared to "less developed states and share your testimony). And financial wise, the only person who had benefitted from the State's largess is Tinubu himself (Alpha Beta, Lekki Concession etc.)

I don't really have time to argue with you. I know your type and nothing I say will change you mind which makes me weep for the future of this country. but as a passing shot, ask yourself, is this the kind of thinking we need at this critical juncture in our nation's history.


we deserve better.
Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu Could Emerge APC’s Consensus Candidate – Osita Okechukwu by JUHABACH: 8:38pm On Jul 23
I don't often comment here. honestly don't care what geographical region the next president will come from. all I can say is that if Tinubu is really the best we can offer at this critical period of our history, then this country deserves to remain a 3rd world nation.


TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 10:17pm On Jul 09

Gojo, Gowther and Ironman
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 7:49pm On May 23
Anyone watching 86 here?
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 6:20am On Oct 11, 2020

Thanks smiley

no p.

you should also check out Gintama.

its different from most animes out there and its mostly a comedy show but can cut just as deep as the best AOT episodes.

also, try not to restrict yourself to one genre of anime. the medium is too broad for that.
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 7:29pm On Oct 10, 2020
I'm not too invested on animes but I have seen Naruto and Attack on Titan and the latter literally blew me away.

Plz is there any anime that is as good as, if not better, than Attack on Titan?

Plz suggest some GREAT animes for me.

Hunter x Hunter
Jojo's bizzare adventures
Death note
Vinland Saga
my hero academy
FMA: brotherhood
Hellsing Ultimate

you can check those out and find much more.

really, there are a lot of great animes out there
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 9:59am On Oct 08, 2020
You can definitely make a case for "as good as" in the case of Hunter x Hunter. I can't really argue about Attack on Titan, as I haven't really gone far into the story. But Fullmetal Alchemist is a no-no. And that's one of my best anime of all time.
The worldbuilding in FMA is pretty solid but One Piece not only surpasses in scale but in detail, as well.
It would be one thing if One Piece just has the size advantage but the amount of detailing that has gone into it is not to be taken lightly at all. The geography, natural laws, ecosystems, cultures are just so immersive.

FMA definately has less in the way of details and other stuffs one piece has so much of e.g. unique ecosystems, fantastical creatures etc but i think it more than made up for it in the way in which the story and the world itself seemed to flow so cohesively. no plot point was deemed unimportant. the concepts and power system was fully established very early in the story yet by the end of the series, there was zero instance of contradiction or bullshit rules.
One Piece world building is incredible but honestly Oda could learn a lot from how FMA was able to both build an immersive world while telling a concise story.
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 8:50am On Oct 08, 2020
And yet, you're seriously trying to say Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist have better worldbuilding than One Piece?

i would rather use the word "as good" than better but honestly, i can make the case for both.

one piece is the far longer franchise but world building isnt necessarily about the length of the story or the size of "the world" being built.

its about how the reader is given information about said world in ways that increases interest in the world while moving the plot forward. its about establishing a system of rules within said world such that even when new discoveries are made, they do not break the rules but rather confirm the logic behind said rules.

honestly i could go on but i am on mobile and i hate typing long notes.

also fyi, it will be hard to find a bigger one piece fan than me here.

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TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 9:30pm On Oct 07, 2020
Worldbuilding, fam. Worldbuilding.

i know what world building means bruh
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 6:06pm On Oct 07, 2020
Is there any show out there with better world building and timelines than One Piece


Check this link...if you are not amazed...

Hunter x Hunter
Full metal alchemist
Attack on Titan
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 2:12pm On Sep 23, 2020
just about reached maximum hype for jujutsu kaisen. i certainly hope it will be worth it.

Also, does anyone know when kingdom season 3 anime will resume?
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 6:36am On Sep 23, 2020
funny question= if u day 50years u go still day watch anime?


Growing old shouldnt mean giving up on things you enjoy.
would you stop watching movies because you grew old?


Investment / Re: How I Earn With My Smartphone Without Investing A Dime! by JUHABACH: 7:34am On Aug 18, 2020
Join my team "Georgy64" and enjoy real money after its official launch

just joined. is there a whatsapp group. also how do i join your team.
TV/Movies / Re: Thread For Anime Lovers by JUHABACH: 9:57am On Apr 21, 2020
who here has watched ID INVADED?
best anime of the season so far imho.
TV/Movies / Re: Recommend A Black American Gangster Series Please by JUHABACH: 8:25pm On Mar 22, 2020
The Wire
Car Talk / Re: Is Toyota A Better Company Than Mercedes? by JUHABACH: 8:19am On Feb 24, 2020

You make me laugh.
Take Benz 190 for example.
The car was made around 1985 and you still see it today. No car was ever made by Toyota that is as reliable and durable as that car in my opinion.
laughs in hilux.


Sports / Re: Sevilla Trolls EPL Top Four Race With Epic Tweet by JUHABACH: 5:26pm On Apr 28, 2019
EPL still king
epl is the best because of how competitive the league is. in terms of team quality and game play, la liga is better.
Romance / Re: Virginity Is The Best Wedding Gift Any Man Would Receive, Says Nigerian Man by JUHABACH: 10:59am On Apr 25, 2019
I think having a partner who makes you happy and makes you a better person is the best wedding gift. that's just me though.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Barcelona - Who Has The Stronger Squad? by JUHABACH: 7:41pm On Apr 18, 2019
Rubbish is what you're saying....Mane is better than coutinho.... Van dijk is better than Pique...Robertson is currently better than Alba..Allison is better than ter stergen...stop biase comments
I'm not being biased. if you think Allison is better than Ters Stegen then you obviously don't watch la liga. same if you think Virgil is better than pique just because Virgil is having his first good season. I said mane is faster than coutinho but you would be a joker if you actually think mane can do the things coutinho can. as for Alba, he is the best attacking full back in the world currently. quote me anywhere.
I am a Chelsea fan BTW. no bias here.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Barcelona - Who Has The Stronger Squad? by JUHABACH: 5:21pm On Apr 18, 2019

You are wrong sir!

1) Alisson Becker is actually better than Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.
2) Currently, Virgil Van Dijk is better than Pique.
3) Mane is a better attacker than Coutinho.
4) Suarez, in his prime, is the deadliest #9 in Europe. Age is catching up though.
5) Milner is a workhorse, Vidal is his equivalent (but Barca may not play him).

Now, Barca thrives on operating in close spaces and playing intelligently. On the other hand is Liverpool, which excels at gegenpressing and a high tempo, high mobility kind of game - Liverpool players could run an opponent aground.

VVD has brought a level of stability and maturity to the defence of Liverpool; it would hold its own. Messi has been observed to be susceptible to unrelenting marking and harassment by an opponent (France did it with Matuildi and Ngolo).

On the whole, Barca's hands will be full - very full. It's dicey.
currently Marc Andre Ters Stegen is better than Becker (though the gap is close).
I don't think Virgil is better than Pique. I watch La liga often and pique does a lot of mad stuffs regularly.
mane is faster than coutinho but in every other area of play, coutinho is better.
as for Vidal, if I were Valverde I would play Vidal and have him man mark Henderson or Miner coz from what I've seen, those two usually link up with the front 3.
yes Liverpool plays with a high tempo but so did Man Utd and they still lost. a lot of teams a la liga plays with high tempo and still lose. not to mention Liverpool will have almost no chance to rest since they are actively fighting for the EPL and can't rest players. I doubt they can maintain that high tempo for more than 30 minutes.

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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo's Son Scores Seven Goals In Half For Juventus Youth Team(Photo by JUHABACH: 6:29am On Apr 17, 2019

I got your point bro, but the truth of the matter is Ronaldo has not got the type of players that Messi have around him in entire career, can you compare Barcelona squad to that Juventus, Real Madrid or Man U in their different time frames? Barca has always be best team, but one or the other Ronaldo would still find a way to lift the whole team.

You should blame Argentine team woes on the inability of the coach to get the best out of the squad but noton the squad itself. 80% of Juve players are just average players.

Ajax really did explore their weaknesses and exposed it.

Come rain come shine though, #TeamCR7 the all time great. Bro is the definition of dedication and hardwork.

Tonight is just unfortunate.
the only time Ronaldo had a squad that was inferior to Messi's was when he was at Man Utd (and then Messi wasn't the star he is today). in Madrid, he has had kaka, modric, Ramos, Di Maria, Huguian, Benzema etc.
in juventus he has matuidi, madzukic, dyabala, khedira, Douglas Costa, and one of the best defensive lines in Europe.

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Travel / Re: Boeing Is Taking Responsibility In The 737 Jet Crashes That Killed 346 People by JUHABACH: 6:48am On Apr 05, 2019
@CNNAfrica was busy blaming Ethiopia airline and Africa for the crash. Fake news station
can I get a link of this?
Sports / Re: Tanitoluwa Adewumi: 8-Year-Old Chess Player Interviewed By CNN by JUHABACH: 4:07am On Mar 24, 2019
have you noticed that CNN has never showed any thing postive about african americans other than racism and victimization
first it was "CNN doesn't show anything positive about Africans". now it's "CNN doesn't show anything positive about African Americans".
you should stop talking if you don't know what you are talking about.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Trainee Recruitment At Custodian And Allied Plc (CAP) by JUHABACH: 3:45pm On Mar 12, 2019

it's not going. plz add 07037636922
Religion / Re: "God Would Do It Is A Slogan Of The Indolent" - Bishop Oyedepo by JUHABACH: 1:31pm On Mar 10, 2019
Oyedepo is confused. The Bible says that " by strength shall no man prevail ".

the Bible also says "faith without works is dead"
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by JUHABACH: 2:46pm On Mar 08, 2019
Republicans once stripped House Rep. Steve King of his position as a Committee member for making Racist comment. QUESTION: What punishment has Omar faced? NONE Democrat Party - Party of Anti-Semites

Steve king had been in congress and consistently said racist things for 16 years. what were republicans waiting for?
they only removed him now coz it was convenient to do so.
Rep. Omar criticizing Israeli policies and money in politics is about as antisemitic as criticizing Saudi Arabia for same is islamophobic. (BTW she has equally criticized Saudi Arabia for same)

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Custodian Investment Graduate Trainee 2019 by JUHABACH: 10:51am On Mar 05, 2019
I'm here. so what's the plan?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Trainee Recruitment At Custodian And Allied Plc (CAP) by JUHABACH: 10:50am On Mar 05, 2019

so nobody wants to answer me abi
sorry bruh. we are all to the best of my knowledge, also waiting for response from CAPG
Education / Re: Almajiri Schools Built By Jonathan Government Decaying Across Nigeria by JUHABACH: 5:52am On Mar 03, 2019
I'm all for one Nigeria. but when I see news like this, I sometimes wonder if nnamdi kanu had a point.

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