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Crime / Re: Have You Ever Been Assaulted By A Conductor? Lola Okurin Shares His Experience by Justdare: 7:06am On Jul 10
Back in the day na we dey show conductors not the other way round.
I could travel anywhere within Lagos without a kobo in my pocket. I don't even bother looking for transport fare if I had to go out. Format too much grin.
Was the reason I begged God never to make me enter Danfo/ molue again in my life. And since 2001 I never enter.


Romance / Re: What Do Guys Really Want by Justdare: 7:51am On Jul 04
know this...
...Most guys go into relationships with sex in mind.
...The availability of other positive attributes would make the sensible ones committed.
...The confused ones will still act like your boyfriend. Donating your virginity, not collecting money, wearing makeup and other things won't make any difference.

Wrong move! You need to overdose on self esteem...
He was playing with her? Is she nintendo?

He isn't going to be faithful just because you want that..but because he wants to.

You changed so much to satisfy him, what personal change did he make? Or were you the only one changing like a chameleon under 6months. After all that change, you lost your identity. Unknowingly you became paranoid and weak, wondering what other modification you need to implement to keep him. Love shouldn't be that stressful.

For future purposes, learn to love yourself. Build your self confidence to a point that you are not scared of being you and being alone. The fear of being alone has made some people cross that line between attraction and desperation.

A relationship where we constantly suspect and put our partners under surveillance, just like you were doing...is exhausting and untenable. You don't have to be stuck with such baggage, you have forgiven previously... let him go.

You seem like a good girl, focus on other things for now. Read books, take some short courses...hang out with friends and cry if you wanna...it helps, don't suck it in. I know it's not easy, but you'll find love again kiss

....just reading in 2021. Deep words coated in wisdom. Wish these girls would read and understand your words.
Copied and sent to my daughters
Politics / Re: Nigeria To Start Manufacturing Helicopters This Year by Justdare: 11:42am On May 29

There is a HUGE train manufacturing plant under construction in Kajola, Ogun state, by CCECC.

Construction of the plant began in 2019.

Kajola Train manufacturing Plant (Und Const)

It will employ 5,000 Nigerians and build trains for the Nigerian Railway Corporation and for export.

It is the first train manufacturing plant in Africa outside of South Africa.


I see how hard you try to make them reason, it's pure impossible. An average person on nairaland has the IQ of a 10 year old, they simply can't comprehend.
If only they know it's easier and cheaper to build a basic helicopter than a basic car.
Crime / Re: Missing Child: Boluwatife Adegoke Has Been Found by Justdare: 7:49am On May 04
Jesu seun.
Alagbara nla O seun.

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Crime / Re: Woman Raped And Shot By Armed Robbers Narrates Her Experience (Photos) by Justdare: 9:44pm On Mar 18
As from today, anyone who rapes any woman, I pray with all the powers that control the universe, you shall not see the end of the week from the day you raped a woman.

You shall be doomed and burn in hell.

And Ogun kill all of Una rapists.



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Politics / Re: APC Slams Peter Obi, Calls Him Ignorant Man by Justdare: 8:28am On Feb 03
Peter Obi Alone 100 Time more Learned than the Entire APC Members,

He is undoubtedly learned but not educated.
Politics / Re: APC Slams Peter Obi, Calls Him Ignorant Man by Justdare: 8:26am On Feb 03

They think we don't know vaccines can be stored in ordinary Indomie Noodles cartons and conveyed to its eventual destination.

Please tell them.
Cant stop laughing, abeg.
I get nuaseated when i read some people's thought pattern. The fact that they can afford N500 data does not make them experts at nation building.

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Politics / Re: Herdsman Kills Osun Farmer, Youths Storm Fulani Settlement by Justdare: 8:28am On Jan 13

You will only end up with blind and toothless populace.....
Better blind and toothless than total annihilation

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Education / Re: ₦40 Billion Allowance: ASUU Defends Sharing Formula, Varsity Workers Protest by Justdare: 8:24am On Jan 13
The elephant in the room is the fact that government cannot adequately fund universities...and that has been the fact since 2012...when government had not paid N1.5 trillion of the three trillion funding promised to universities in the FG-ASUU agreement of 2009.

We run our universities at a loss. We expect our universities to be somehow like the big universities abroad, while we pay fees less than $300 yearly.

The problem is not ASUU, NASU, SSANU or even government. The problem is Nigerians who think they can get a Ferrari at the price of a bicycle. The minute we realise we cannot run our universities at a loss...and start allowing things like raised fees for example...then we will end up with some better universities.

Yes, my grandfather went to university cheaply...at a time when universities had less than 3000 students, there were only five or six of them, and the budget could cater for them. Now there are millions of students in 70 government owned universites, and the education budget can't even sustain primary schools adequately, talk less of universities.

Glad to find there are still reasonable and objective people on this platform.
Have a very beautiful morning.


Romance / Re: What Is This Again? 2021 Just Started (pictures) by Justdare: 5:14pm On Jan 10
At this rate, the blood of Jesus go soon finish.
And who has the guts to ice the blood of Jesus.
Business / Re: Nigeria Stock Exchange Ranked World’s Best-Performing Stock Market In 2020 by Justdare: 5:32am On Dec 30, 2020
Naija came 1st in a class of 19 with a 45% score.
It only shows how rough and unstable the world finance is at the mo. let us learn to appreciate little mercies we receive as Nigerians.
We will get there someday.


Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Blasts PDP Governors, Says They Practice "Greediocracy" by Justdare: 2:54pm On Nov 23, 2020
This is what preceeds party porting.
loading ...............

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Car Talk / Re: FG To Slash Levy On Imported Cars To 5% From 35% by Justdare: 12:41pm On Nov 22, 2020

How do you people's minds work exactly. Gosh! embarassed

In my almost 30 years in business, I have daily asked the same question and still hoping for an answer.


Politics / Re: Lagos Judicial Panel In Surprise Visit To Army Hospital, Finds No Mortuary by Justdare: 10:08pm On Oct 31, 2020

I agree with you. Seems like a lot of people on Nairaland don't really understand what a mortuary is... perhaps they think its like a solitary refrigerator or freezer that 2 or 3 soldiers can just carry & throw over the fence into the next compound or stow it away inside the booth of a car within 30 minutes, just to cover up some evidence.


LOL @ solitary refrigerator

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Politics / Re: Lagos Judicial Panel In Surprise Visit To Army Hospital, Finds No Mortuary by Justdare: 6:12am On Oct 31, 2020

Suit your microscopic brain. You should reason beyond this level I presume.
Smiles** microscopic brain. Things sure happen in cyberspace. No need responding to the fry.


Politics / Re: Lagos Judicial Panel In Surprise Visit To Army Hospital, Finds No Mortuary by Justdare: 6:08am On Oct 31, 2020
Damnnn niggarrrr

Confused bunch of miscreants called army

30 minutes is enough for time to clean up their mess
But no matter what we will get them

I am pretty certain you are smart going by a lot of your oppinions, but wrong on this son.
The visit was impromptu for starters and 30 mins is not enough to make a hospital mortuary disappear.
There are a lot of cover ups but this seem as plain as it gets.


Politics / Re: Lagos Judicial Panel In Surprise Visit To Army Hospital, Finds No Mortuary by Justdare: 6:02am On Oct 31, 2020
Messed up country. They stayed for almost 30mins at the gate before gaining entrance, a typical Nigerian would have cleaned his house and put things in order. Of course you only see what they want you to see and not what you want to see. Many people think they will live forever forgetting someone was once at that position they are today. I believe there’s more to this Toll gate protest but nevertheless. We all lives ones. Life is meaningless.

like hiding a hospital mortuary in 30 mins

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Addresses Nigerians On EndSARS Protests (Live Updates) by Justdare: 7:00pm On Oct 22, 2020
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Buhari To Address Nigerians At 7pm by Justdare: 5:19pm On Oct 22, 2020
7 days too late
Education / Re: Public Schools: Tell Me The Truth - Zulum Begs At Meeting With Borno Principals by Justdare: 9:29am On Oct 13, 2020
[quote author=etokhana post=94868457]


84 secondary schools in the whole of Borno state!!!!!!
Education / Re: Am I Being Cheated?? Please Help!! by Justdare: 6:32pm On Oct 02, 2020

He's right... The books are on phonics abeg.... That's how poor little kids will be picking wrong tenses just because its a textbook and it is believed textbooks can't have errors..

We should never be in a hurry to publish books without vetting it

A lot of the things we do here are informal and very little (if any at all)care to what and how we write. Could be an innocent error, just cut the chick some slack jare, afterall na phonics not grammar.
Education / Re: Am I Being Cheated?? Please Help!! by Justdare: 6:15pm On Oct 02, 2020
Hope you gave someone the books for review? This one I’m seeing “I’m” instead of “Am”.

Politics / Re: COVID-19: Lagos Cancels Independence Day Parade by Justdare: 4:14pm On Sep 30, 2020
Who gat some few cash to spare and would like to give me out of it.
I won't lie.
I am a student currently in SS1.
I need a smartphone because the one I was using got spoilt.
If you gat the spare cash, kindly send some bucks to my UBA teenager's account.
No: 2158305916
I am currently using a feature phone.

I am subtly going to advice you as a father. If your parents cant afford it, you dont need it. Resulting to online begging is killing your self esteem, atleast what you have left of it.


Travel / Re: Flood Prone Areas In Lagos By Cotenant.ng by Justdare: 5:10pm On Sep 09, 2020
Naso ooo.

Abeg guys where can I get a land for like 50k in south west region only...

Per square meter??

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Politics / Face Masks @N20,000: The President Must Hear This! by Justdare: 7:42am On Aug 23, 2020
August 23, 2020

Civic Hive, a nongovernmental organisation (NGO), recently opened a can of worms by accusing the Federal Ministry of Health of engaging in hanky-panky business with regards to recent purchases of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). A spokesman of the NGO disclosed that going by the information it obtained as at August 1, 2020, from the Nigerian Open Contracting Portal (NOCOPO), the ministry reportedly spent about N860miliion to acquire assorted PPE, including ordinary face masks.

He further disclosed that “A single entry by the name Marvellous Mike Press Limited was alone awarded 15 out of the 29 contracts (little over 50 percent), amounting to N444.28million.” In addition, the ministry claimed to have spent N37.06million of the amount to acquire 1,808 pieces of ordinary face masks, bringing the unit price to approximately N20,500!

The imputed purchase price of the ordinary face mask is ridiculously expensive. Here in Abuja at major street intersections, motor parks, markets and departmental stores, such ordinary face masks are sold for N100 to N1,000 depending on the quality, indicating a mark-up of nearly 2,000 percent for the most expensive brand without even taking cognizance of quantity discounts!

When journalists sought clarifications on the mindboggling allegations from the health ministry, the Director of Information, Media and Publicity, Olujimi Oyetomi, was quoted as saying, “Don’t let us (journalists) reduce our noble profession of journalism to playing mischief. I will not be surprised if you come up with nothing truthful about the so-called expose. You should be able to know fake news.”

It benumbs the mind why and how most senior government officials just fail to get it. Public distrust of government officials is the major reason why so many people already believe that COVID-19 is a scam designed to corruptly enrich our public officials under the guise of speedily responding a health emergency. Nigerians are sick and tired of wishy-washy responses to allegations of corruption. And contrary to the thinking of Oyetomi, majority of Nigerians would not be surprised if, upon digging deeper, everything is truthful about the expose!

Oyetomi did a great disservice particularly to Civic Hive and the journalists he spoke to, as well as the rest of us in general, by insinuating that journalists and other stakeholders seeking answers to vexatious questions somehow dishonour their calling by spreading news still in the process of being ascertained as fake or factual. No sir! The situation would have been more appropriately handled by having the ministry counter the allegations by way of displaying verifiable documentary evidence indicating that the ordinary face masks in question were indeed purchased at more reasonable prices. Or is Oyetomi claiming that the ministry never purchased any PPE, including ordinary face masks, as is being alleged?

And if indeed the ministry contracted to purchase the items in question, documentary evidence should be provided indicating how the contracts were allocated to disprove the allegation that only one supplier cornered as much as 50 percent of the entire order. Is the entity in question the only company in the country that has the technical skills and capacity to produce the required masks? It must also be said that the nobility of the Press is not marked by sweeping rubbish under the carpet or in trumpeting a clichéd esprit de corps. American jurist Justice George Sutherland it was who held that “A free press stands as one of the great interpreters between the government and the people.” This explains why it is universally described as the Fourth Estate of the Realm.

But that is not to say that the NGO and the concerned pressmen are not without any blame. For instance, it would definitely have been much better if they had followed up by making inquiries at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to obtain the identities of the shareholders and directors of Marvellous Mike Press Limited. Readers may recall how a superintending minister of a cash-cow agency allegedly similarly farmed out the highly lucrative business of supplying diesel to a mistress. It was revealed that normal electricity supply to the headquarters of the agency was continually sabotaged just to ensure the lady kept smiling all the way to the bank for services supposedly rendered in kind to the Oga at the top!

It goes without saying that tackling allegations such the ones made by Civic Hive has become an endless and ineffective task in this country. Despite the Buhari administration making the war against corruption a cardinal policy plank, coupled with the draconian measures being adopted to curb it, many government officials still wallow in corrupt practices. It is either that corruption is really in our DNA and manifests as a virulent pandemic or that the administration’s policy is not being taken very seriously.

It must also be said that the general attitude and disposition of the larger society leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth. Whether we support or oppose the investigation of a suspect largely depends on primordial considerations such as political affiliation, creed, tribe and region of origin. It has become the norm that whenever news of the pilfering of stupefying amounts of public funds makes the round, we simply scream “Aaah!” and “Ewooh!” and move on to the next breaking news. At a time when a former leader of a militant group in the Niger Delta referred to the unauthorised N81billion expended by the Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) as “mere pocket change,” it is more than likely that many Nigerians would perceive N37million as “mere chicken change” not worth the bother of being talked about!

The question begging for answers is what then is the point in expending billions of naira every year on institutions such as the Bureau for Public Procurement/Due Process Office when such shenanigans continue to fester unabated? Would it not be more meaningful to shut them down and divert the huge savings to more needy areas of the national economy?

Be that as it may, public officials and senior civil servants must understand and appreciate the fact that Nigerians are getting smarter by the day. A law such as the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act is not there just for fun. Despite the rather ignoble role oftentimes played by a section of the judiciary, it has become a critical tool in the kit of various advocacy groups to exhume dirty skeletons government officials and politicians do not want the public to know.

Accountants usually speak about materiality but as far as corruption goes, no amount is too small because as King Solomon – touted as one of the wisest men that ever lived – averred: “It is the little foxes that actually spoil the vine.” The buck now squarely stops at the desk of the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, to help Nigerians make some sense out of the ongoing nonsense on his turf. Either way, it is a case President Buhari must hear if he desires to keep the anti-corruption crusade on course and thwart the demystification of his credibility and legacy.

Okoye, public affairs analyst, wrote from Abuja 08054103468

Crime / Re: 2 Arrested In Ogun For Scamming Nigerians With Dollar-Washing Fraud by Justdare: 10:27am On Aug 06, 2020
[quote author=SmartPolician post=92509409]Do people still fall for this? [/quote
As long as there are greedy people
Education / Re: Amosun’s N27.3 Billion Abandoned Model School Project by Justdare: 3:01pm On Aug 01, 2020
A typical Nigerian man!!!... Many ppl blame the politicians etc, even I,... but truth be told, an average politician is exhibiting what and an average Nigerian man( male/females) will do, if power is given to him!!!.. angry angry angry..

Wickedness, selfishness, scam, lies, every bad behaviour of this life is flowing in our muscles undecided undecided.. I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with Nigeria/Nigerians.. something far beyond human comprehension!!!!.

95% of Nigerians are deceitful.. no truth at all, etc... Imagine, a yahoo boy raining curse in government, calling dem Thief.. etc..

How many of us write the correct time when we get to work, how many of us care about our neighbors, etc... This this are all sum up, contributing to all these gibberish!!!..

The Bible says, Righteousness exalts a nation... And here we are, full of lies, hatred bitterness etc... Let's wait and watch how we will grow undecided undecided undecided...

Compare the behaviours of white ppl with the black, and reason why we are still far behind.. there is no magic in it.. but we can't pay the price, cuz of our human nature..

Only those who can realise this fact & understand, will be pulled out of that bondage!!!...

Sincerely, I sometimes wish all my live in Nigeria is just a dream!!! undecided undecided

Argue with Ur keyboard!!!...

God bless you Anu.
An average Nigerian is a thief undiscovered.
If Amosun was in any way related to these people, none would cry foul. These are the same people to cry and shout marginalisation/selective justice/religious war when he is arrested
Let's just wait and see


Health / Re: China Loan: Ameachi Challenges NASS To Publish Terms Of Agreement by Justdare: 1:09pm On Aug 01, 2020
Politics / Re: Obaseki: Rigging Edo Election May Trigger Tragic Reactions Nationwide by Justdare: 10:36am On Jul 30, 2020
may you never see a benefactor in your life again if you think oshomole is evil.

God is against ingrate.

Sister wetin happen naa!!
Shey na did same issue or another wan?
We thief table water you trowey vegetable oil.
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Sets Up Vigilante Nationwide by Justdare: 9:23am On Jul 30, 2020

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2020/07/miyetti-allah-sets-up-vigilante-nationwide/

The end is here.
You mean Fulani vigilante group will operate freely on Yoruba/Igbo soil.
I see a North vs South war brewing
Family / Re: Boy Becomes 'Calm Down' Ambassador After "Mummy Calm Down" Viral Video by Justdare: 7:52am On Jul 30, 2020
Funny video grin

But,why do some parents flog their kids

Pray not to have a son like me.��
Romance / Re: Couple Set To Wed After 13 Years Of Dating (Pre-Wedding Photos) by Justdare: 1:31pm On Jul 29, 2020
They tried, even without marriage, they have seen it all. Marriage is just to make it official.

Very funny but untrue. There are things (the good, the bad and the ugly) they will find out about themselves a month into the marriage. Not an easy chumchin


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