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Politics / Re: Makinde: Why I ‘m Setting Up Anti-corruption Agency In Oyo by JW214: 7:13am On Jul 11, 2019
Kano is the only state in Nigeria that has domesticated the Anti-curruption bill in Nigeria. (Femi Falana, 2019).Unfortunately, the agency could not do anything about the alleged kick back collection by the governor because it is his private tool against the opposition.

I hope this is properly domesticated, work effectively and independently. I hope it won't be used as a tool of oppression.

We have good laws in Nigeria, the implementation, unchecked mis-use and abuse is just my concern.

God bless GSM
God bless Oyo state
God bless Nigeria


Politics / Re: Why I’ll Work For Adelabu In Oyo, By Akala by JW214: 5:44am On Mar 02, 2019
It was alleged that a sum of 1BN or 5BN was paid to our dear "Oyato" governor as agreed in his meeting with Oga Jagaban by different sources, as we were not witness in this high powerful negotiation, we can't say exactly how much our Oyato recieved but it is certain, money has exchanged hands.

Let's look at it, if there is no black mission, why would APC guys even speak with someone of initial PDP origin? A party they keep condemning till today as bring corrupt and useless?

PDP and APC are just 2 side of a coin. You will get the same value for a coin or note when you present it for a change of value, it doesn't matter which side you presented.

It is time to start voting people with tested character even if they are in ABC or XYZ party.

For those who understands Oyo politics and are valid voters, please lets vote with our sense.

1BN for construction of 1KM of road is good but it is bad enough value.


Politics / Re: Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi: Profile Of The ADP Lagos Guber Candidate by JW214: 6:59am On Jan 27, 2019
During the Lagos Guber debate, someone asked a question about how to manage the issue of doctors leaving the civil service and migrating abroad.

All 3 candidates that spoke before him were answering off point, someone was even referring to his record in the ministry of establishment while the others were talking about someone eating Lagos tax.

Unlike others who announced their London & Harvard degrees, New York attorney profile, he got the question right, analysed the issue and suggested a solution. At this point my attention shifted to him.

I have since followed his campaigns, interviews and publications.

He has contents, he understands the issue, he has
verifiable projects which he refers to as a template to solving one of the biggest Lagos issue, he listens, he is straight forward... but my fear, Lagos is still in the pocket of some individuals as the few people I have interacted with are happy with it.

I hope Nigerians will start voting for competence not party structure.

BOG is fit for the job

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Politics / Re: Reps Order Banks To Unfreeze Patience Jonathan's Accounts by JW214: 3:45am On Sep 20, 2017
I can bet 70% of those who made comments ahead did not read the full news, some do not even know the difference between the Senate and the Reps before shouting Saraki up and down....

Guys spend about 3 mins to read these things before you allow your fingers work faster than your emotions.

It is simple, EFCC need to get valid court order in order to perform some certain operations, that is why they lose some of the corruption cases in court, they have judged and allow the media judge before they get to court, then court throw out such cases because they don't follow the normal route as prescribed by the same law that established EFCC as a government institution.

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Health / Knee Replacement Surgery by JW214: 6:17pm On Apr 09, 2017

Please does anyone know any good orthopaedic hospital for knee replacement surgery especially in South West Nigeria.

I have read about National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi, but due to some logistics, I will prefer somewhere else not in Lagos state

Any information and/or contact will be appreciated.

Thank you all
Travel / Re: Who Knows The Owner Of This Passport? (Photo) by JW214: 11:36am On Feb 10, 2017
ON POINT, our law makers are empty heads

So law makers now issues passport? Or what is the reference point?

I think as adults, we need to spend some time on national orientation programmes to know who does what, who is responsible for what
Travel / Re: Who Knows The Owner Of This Passport? (Photo) by JW214: 11:32am On Feb 10, 2017
stupidity in the documentation system in nigeria......how can our immigration agency issue out passport to people without including phone line or emails? it is funny, the only use name on the things without contact addresses; same goes to ATM Cards, they should have phone lines on them for easy contact if found missing.

This got me laughing seriously, phone number and email address on passport?

Well, i don't think that needs to be published on the passport, take the passport to any NIS office, they will access the other details of the owner provided at issuance of the passport using the name, passport number or other bio data.

I don't think there is a need to have Next of Kin, address and phone number or bank account details on passport, it is not school ID card, passports are made with international standard compliance


Car Talk / Re: Please Tell Me About This Car by JW214: 3:15pm On Feb 02, 2017
Vw,s are sweet the first year and the rest is torture bro. May be your Jetta is manual transmission....or may be you are extremely lucky,cos all my friends with VW's,its the same painful stories.

Mine is Automatic transmission. I agree with you the state of a car at purchase matter, if bought at a good condition and kept at that condition, you will enjoy your it.

I agree getting reliable mechanic who can think outside the box is very important too.

Just like human, listen when your car complains, else it will make you complain.
Car Talk / Re: Please Tell Me About This Car by JW214: 3:05pm On Feb 02, 2017
Reading through people's comment about this VW Golf not being a good car worries me. Why would someone say this VW Golf is not rugged? What your explanation of not being rugged?

Well, the life span of this car depends on the maintenance and especially a good mechanic and genuine part replacement.

I am a proud owner of a VW Jetta 2009, Auto trans, bought at 77k miles and within one year I have done 23k miles on it without any fault, all I do is oil change at every 10k miles during routine service.

Don't be boxed into "if it is not Toyota or Honda" mentality. German vehicles are good.


Nairaland / General / Re: Man Shares Free Rice And Money In Lagos (Video, Photos) by JW214: 10:36am On Jan 06, 2017

Oh please!
What's in it for him?... I get it; he Is a nice man.

I see jazz and grabbing of destinies.

Unfortunately, I don't like joining issues with people but I will reply this.

I have just said what I know about him and his foundation. If he has any other motive behind this charitable act as defined by this foundation.... ...

I have read about people who left their comfort and safe zone and travel as far as Syria to provide help to the needy using their time and personal funds and donations from others who believe in their project but don't have time to do so...

What is in for him?

He is seen on field doing this, there may be people like you putting down funds and time to keep him on field doing it. So his gains may be seeing people happy as long as people like you are donating to keep his project working. (that is what they call Charity, there may not be any direct material gains)
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Shares Free Rice And Money In Lagos (Video, Photos) by JW214: 6:42pm On Jan 05, 2017
I have known this man for a while, his giving attitude is better than most of these clerics around.

Over Christmas and new year period, he gave out food and other materials to people who truly needed them, payment of hospital bills and accommodation amongst others, with many volunteers working with him, many people were clothed and fed last year.

He won awards from a bank and some companys for his charitable acts, most likely the donors to his foundation.

I pray God bless his sources and his giving hand.

Kokun foundation, God bless you

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Agriculture / Re: A Bad Day With Fulani Herdsmen(Pics) by JW214: 4:00am On Oct 15, 2016
Please send message to Lere Olayinka(Fayose's media aide). He is very active on facebook and twitter. I can assure you, it is a fast access to Fayose. I trust him to take this matter up himself.
Politics / Nigerian President Removes Aide Who Plagiarized Obama Speech by JW214: 11:37am On Sep 30, 2016
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has removed a speechwriter who caused him national embarrassment after he plagiarized US President Barack Obama.

Buhari delivered the lines at the launch of a landmark campaign on September 8, unaware that part of his speech was lifted.
Buhari in his speech for the "Change Begins With Me" campaign, said, "We must resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship, pettiness and immaturity that have poisoned our country for so long."

The line was taken verbatim from Obama's speech, which he gave eight years ago after his victory over Arizona Sen. John McCain.
The incident was particularly embarrassing for the president because "Change Begins With Me" is a flagship policy meant to demand honesty and integrity from Nigerians.

Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu confirmed to CNN that the unnamed civil servant had been relieved of his duties at the state house.
He said: "He came from the Office of the Head of the Civil Service on posting and he was asked to return (to that office). They will handle his case in accordance with their regulations."

At the time, Shehu blamed the error on "overzealous administration staff." "We regret that this has happened. This serious oversight will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate punishment meted."

The presidency has put in place digital software used by editors to combat plagiarism, the spokesman said.
It is not the first time Buhari has been called out for plagiarism. In his inauguration speech in May 2015, he received plaudits for his quote: "I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody."

This line was later attributed to French President Charles de Gaulle, who was quoted in a book saying, "I am a man who belongs to no one and who belongs to everyone," while addressing a press conference on May 19, 1958.

Buhari's "Change Begins With Me" campaign, which includes a push against widespread corruption, has proved somewhat ill-fated, with some Nigerians criticizing it for being tone-deaf and failing to address their needs during a biting recession. Many took to Twitter to vent against the campaign.

Speaking at its launch, Buhari said: "The campaign principle is simple, each of us must live the change we want to see in our society. Before you ask, 'where is the change they promised us,' you must first ask, 'how far have I changed my ways."

source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/28/africa/buhari-obama-plagiarism/index.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%253A+rss%252Fcnn_topstories+(RSS%253A+CNN+-+Top+Stories)
Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by JW214: 4:42pm On Aug 26, 2016

Lol correct guy, yea if you ready to marry then e don finish. Marriage still sure pass but plenty of us Nija guys prefer Blk/Afrcn girls especially when you don satisfy ur curiosity with them white babes. You can never compare blk girls pcy with soft chicken o.

Before you think marriage is the simplest thing to achieve a resident in the UK, please be aware that before you can marry a British(am not sure of EU) who can sponsor you as his or her spouse, both of you must be working and earning up to £12k or £18k (am not sure of the exact figure)


Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by JW214: 4:35pm On Aug 26, 2016

That is misleading info

It is not misleading, I am giving you a first hand information because it happened to my cousin.

We tried all we could to get her a job even after a paid BA certification and training, Masters degree and about 4 years work experience from Naija. Some employers or agencies will not even call you back once they hear you hold a visa expiring in some months even if you tick all the boxes for their job description

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Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by JW214: 4:29pm On Aug 26, 2016

You are not kicked out as soon as you are done. You have at least 5months to plan your next course of action IF you haven't done that before leaving Nigeria.

Only a lazy student will travel to the UK without a plan and get stuck after graduation. Student visa is not work permit and you knew that before leaving Nigeria so its pointless complaining about the UK immigration policy when you had all the opportunities to make an informed decision before investing your millions

I disagree with you. I have a cousin who studied in Aston University. The visa issued her was from January 2015 until June 30, 2016 and the course end date was May 2016.

As a student, getting a job or employer immediately after study that will sponsor your visa is like almost impossible, the reason is just because the salary required before your employer can sponsor your visa is higher than what most employer will pay a fresh graduate, especially one without a UK experience.

So the only strategy that a student coming here to stay may consider is getting married as soon as he or she lands in the UK. If you are thinking of getting a job that will sponsor your visa within the space of your end of program in the Uni and visa end date..... Well they say miracle happens but this is reality, it is almost 90% impossible.


Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by JW214: 4:12pm On Aug 26, 2016
Unlike before, UKBA were generous to issue visa to cover your study period and at least about 3 months(some get up to 8 months depending on your program start time) to stay back to attend your graduation before proceeding to apply for the next available visa category, now the visa they issue will only cover your study period.

Many international students now return to their countries without attending their school elaborate graduation ceremony unlike before.

Aston University for example like many other universities had to organise an award giving ceremony in June so graduands with very short visa can wear the gown and take picture with their certificate and people before returning, some schools will advise you to return to your country to obtain a visit visa to attend your graduation because they can not afford to run multiple award giving ceremony within 1 year.

Little secret, some residents with definite leave to remain are looking for better countries to migrate to..... Go to any IELTS exam centre and see the number of Nigerians taking the exam with the hope of migrating to "may be" another greener pasture.


Business / Re: CBN Sacks Skye Bank's Management. by JW214: 3:40pm On Jul 04, 2016
which one me money laundry na una dey wash money ni. laundering

I was actually calling his or her attention to that, that was why I have that question mark after the sentence.

Thank you sir/ma
Business / Re: CBN Sacks Skye Bank's Management. by JW214: 1:37pm On Jul 04, 2016

A- The Bank is in distress.

B- The Bank cooked it's books.

C- The Bank is involved in a monumental money laundry scheme.

D- The Bank not complying with CBN directives.


Fayose and Dasuki are share holders there.

C- Money laundry?

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Politics / Re: Recovered Loot: Why FG Did Not Name Looters —presidency by JW214: 9:35am On Jun 05, 2016
"Secondly, many of those who returned the money are not necessarily guilty. For instance, if my party gave me money to go and campaign in an election, how am I to know that that money was from an illicit source?"

If FFK and the likes have good lawyers, this might be a punchline against FG... Or have I been seeing too much of Nollywood?

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Can Generate 12,000 MW Of Electricity — Fashola by JW214: 12:01pm On May 21, 2016
I pray Fashola's case will not end being like the great Lateef Jakande of Lagos state who did so well when he governing Lagos state especially in sectors like housing and education, infact, testimonies has it that no other civilian governor in Lagos state has performed like his.

Unfortunately he took a ministerial role under the then head of state Late Gen. Sani Abacha (my very good friend and most honest head of state so far who never stole), the rest is history... ..

Well he was celebrated as the best governor of Lagos state at his last public birthday party, but his record and term as minister of Works was rubbish, nobody mentions it.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Beans To Be Allowed Into Europe by JW214: 10:41pm On Mar 31, 2016
Useless lie! Nigeria has been exporting beans to Europe since but it was stopped as the EU food agency found that the beans contained too much pesticides and did not meet standards, but now the ban has been lifted after Nigerian authorities reverted back to the old standard of exports....stupid lies to justify the ineptitude and frivolous travels of this president.

I read the whole report and didn't find just a sentence that suggests Buhari's visit or meeting with any country or person made the foreign agency visit NAFDAC laboratory.

Most of the people that made comments here did not even read before jumping on their keypad.

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Politics / Re: Aregbesola To Create 31 Local Councils More In Osun by JW214: 12:03pm On Mar 09, 2016
For those who think this won't cost the state any extra money, have you consider the newly created LCDA will need new set of stationeries

That alone will definitely run into millions because am sure the government press will not be used for such jobs but contractors.

Now I see why Fayose and Aregbe are friends, same agenda different party.

Osun Airport=Ekiti Airport


Politics / Re: Dele Momodu Wants Apc To Change It's Manifesto Because Of Buhari by JW214: 8:49am On Mar 06, 2016
"As advanced as Britain is, the Governor of the Bank of England was recruited from Canada. No one raised eyebrows because the most important thing was getting the job done"

This cannot happen in Nigeria of today. If either of CBN Governor or Minister of Finance is sacked and replaced by competent people from another Geo-political zone for example, I trust Nigerians will start singing tribal songs.

Until we see liberating Nigeria as a general course, we are tied moving around a fixed radius.


Music/Radio / Re: Watch Official VIDEO| D’banj – Emergency by JW214: 9:08pm On Feb 16, 2016
With this song, I can say am "feeling the nigga"

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Celebrities / Re: Olajumoke, Ex-Agege Breadseller To Feature On CNN by JW214: 7:09pm On Feb 10, 2016
Her rise to fame reminds me of a guy called Vocal Slender years back who featured in a BBC documentary titled "Welcome to Lagos".

Only God knows what he is up to lately
Politics / Re: Nigeria: Senate Screens Buhari’s Ministers (day 2) – LIVE UPDATES by JW214: 3:06pm On Oct 14, 2015
Imagine Lai Mohammed stayed longer than Ngige on the floor

I think it was more interesting interacting with Lai than Chris, Chris is boring, that could be the reason Lai spent more time than Chris, anyway I don't think that will affect his performance


Politics / Re: Nigeria: Senate Screens Buhari’s Ministers (day 2) – LIVE UPDATES by JW214: 2:25pm On Oct 14, 2015
Thinking Akpobia may defect to APC . I hope he does.

I don't think we must all belong to same political group, else there won't be opposition. If Tinubu had join Obasanjo like other AD key shot did then, we may not have had this new government today


Politics / Re: Nigeria: Senate Screens Buhari’s Ministers (day 2) – LIVE UPDATES by JW214: 2:17pm On Oct 14, 2015
There was a period as a governor of an oil producing state where i struggled to make phone call to a serving petroleum minister, will you ensure equality ...........
Saraki:Which period is that?
Akpabio: We are talking about change hahahahah grin

That got me laughing so hard, Akpabio is a clown


Politics / Re: Nigeria: Senate Screens Buhari’s Ministers (day 2) – LIVE UPDATES by JW214: 12:40pm On Oct 14, 2015
Sen Sekibo last statement, how will you influence good decision in FEC within the 4 years this government of change will last?

In his dream PDP is returning after 4 year...... Lies!


Politics / Re: Nigeria: Senate Screens Buhari’s Ministers (day 2) – LIVE UPDATES by JW214: 12:27pm On Oct 14, 2015
Nobody can accuse me of giving a word and going back on my word.

#BRF answering question regarding loyalty

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Politics / Re: Nigeria: Senate Screens Buhari’s Ministers (day 2) – LIVE UPDATES by JW214: 12:25pm On Oct 14, 2015
BRF stylishly avoid the borehole and website question.


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