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Celebrities / Re: Mohbad Appears On New York Times Square’s Billboard (Video) by Ken4agent(m): 8:56pm On Sep 22
Imole shining even from the great beyond.

On the flip side, I think one of Mohbad's problems was that he was too simplistic about life and hustles. He wasn't that deep and like his name Imole, his heart had more lighted side than dark side. He came from the street due to the marital situation of his parents but he didn't belong to the street. The street is mean. The street is a jungle. The street is full of dark-hearted people. His father who raised him in the absence of his separated mother appear to have non self-assertive and tame personality. It looks obvious that Mohbad got these soft characteristics as well as his singing talent from him.

Unfortunately, Naira Marley drew a battle line and clearly communicated that to Mohbad but he didn't respond with the required sense of street apprehensiveness. He didn't seem to have taken the critical measures needed to protect himself out there in the street. He failed to apply the wisdom that the person who is pursued by or surrounded by enemies engages in eternal vigilance. He needed a strong spiritual cover and should have used his 'absent' mother as mothers could go long distant spiritual journeys to protect their children like mother-hen.

From videos on the SM, you could see a simple human being who just wanted to sing and be happy but unfortunately the world is a lot more complicated than simplistic. And it is even worse when you encounter a narcistic and dark-hearted fellow who has a long history of gangsterism from Peckam street of London.

May his gentle Soul rest in peace.

Yu just said it all.....he rather had a kind heart with no street orientation....i learn a lot from his odeals .........RIP Legend

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Romance / Re: Woman Discovers Husband Has Secret Second Family For 7 Years by Ken4agent(m): 11:34pm On Aug 09
This one plenty oh shocked
Romance / Re: Problem Started When My Wife Had Orgasm For The First Time In Her Life by Ken4agent(m): 6:23pm On Aug 07
When thrusting keep your pelvis/groin pressed down on her clitoris, while your penis is inside her vagina. Maintain pressure and speed. That's all you have to do.

You gerit grin


Travel / Re: Family Regrets Selling House And Borrowing Money To Relocate Abroad,Now Stranded by Ken4agent(m): 10:50pm On Jul 30

She needs lot of money.
Starting from paying her own school fees, paying other bills, paying debt at home in nigeria etc.
To be able to pay all the bills, the couple will need to work like horses.

Horses only 🏃‍♂️ run now dem no dey work....he will need to work like camel and donkey..... grin

Some folks know what am saying grin


Travel / Re: Family Regrets Selling House And Borrowing Money To Relocate Abroad,Now Stranded by Ken4agent(m): 10:28pm On Jul 30
They were not informed the format Don cast since 18BC....it will take serious sacrifice mix with concious strategies to get out of the wrong move

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Business / Re: Survey Plan Price For A Plot Of Land (red Copy) Anywhere In Oyo State | Private by Ken4agent(m): 11:20pm On Jul 18
Pls if I have done a red copy, how do I very that the document given to me after the process is completed genuine?
Car Talk / Re: I Have Finally Bought My First Car by Ken4agent(m): 11:55am On Jun 16

Na old motor.. If you try to fix every minor creak and rattle, it will bankrupt you.

For those kind of body creaks and rattles that don't affect drivability, just increase volume of radio and keep driving..

My colleague in the office spent close to 100k chasing one phantom barely noticeable creak in his car dashboard for months.. Last last, mecho wey dismantle dashboard no fit couple am back properlygrin.. A broken clip here, broken plastic and a cut wire there, that's how matter escalated to the extent of airbag deploying on its own and nearly killing him while he was in the car, parked by the roadside... If e enter pothole, windscreen defroster and wiper go on, and plenty other gbege enter the moto.

This one off me oh grin
Romance / Re: Help, My 3months Marriage Is In Danger, Should I Confront Her? by Ken4agent(m): 2:45am On Apr 17
Chairman this your wife will kill you last last when Abuja connection starts calling.
Heavy redflag already.
Go to church or mosque or to your village square whatever ur faith is, and thank your star for this timely revelation.
You were meant to live long, tnk God.

U just hit the nail by the head....little is enough for the wise

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Romance / Re: My Ex Girlfriend Bugged My Phone And Framed Me Up! by Ken4agent(m): 7:38am On Apr 11
God will punish you if you no. Finish this story tonight. Haaa, just like watching indian movie... Kilodeeeee.... This laamba is too much. Just summarize joo na

grin grin

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Family / Re: Frustrated With My Wife by Ken4agent(m): 2:15am On Apr 11
I am 35 and my wife is 29, we have been married for 6 years now, we have 2 children a boy and a girl. We didnt court much during our courtship because of long distance.

I really have a problem with my wife and not sure what can be done to address, now I must be very honest am not sure there is anything I can do I just want to use the platform to vent my frustration.

My marriage has not been very good, lately myself and my wife leave like room mates and not lovers, despite the age difference between me and my wife she doesnt really respect me. For the 6 years we have been in marriage 3 things have caused all our fights: cooking, Sex and finance

My wife rarely cooks in the house, things around welfare are not taken seriously, actually in a week, my wife can cook for me just 1 time. She cooks for the children and baths for them daily, we also have a help who does alot of cooking. She rarely askes me what I will eat, honestly I always have to go to the kitchen to sort myself, sometimes I buy food outside from eateries and bucker. Sometimes when she cooks it usually very late 10pm. I have complained severally and what happen is she tries to change, after a week, we are back to the same state. My wife can do without cooking for me for weeks. It really really pains me cos am a foody and I knw hw my mum treats matters of food. she is this person that forms busy, either she is busy with work or some church activities, she always has an excuse. She goes to work only ones a weeks the remaining 4days are remote. To address this issue I now order soups from major restaurant outlets, An example is today easter sunday, I had to tell our maid to prepare rice for myself and the kids, cos my wife was in church, we all went to church but she decided to stay back, knowing fully well no food was prepared.

Sex: [/b]our sex life is very boring, when we got married we always fight about sex, cos anytime I ask for it she always complain she is tired, so what I now do is ask for it only sat morning, brethen this is only day I get sex. If I miss that day, it is still next week. We sleep in different rooms, she sleeps with the children in the master bedroom while I sleep alone in another room. I can tell most time she doesnt enjoy it and never ever askes for it, I always ask and initiate it. She just lays like a log, even kisses is a no no, except she is really on, which rarely happens.
I have always earned more than my wife, when we got married, I was earning 3 times what she was earning, but she changed jobs and got promoted severally and we were earning the same amount. she also does alot of side runs where she gets 200-300k monthly as side hustle, there was even a time she was earning more than I did. I dint let it bother me I continue to foot the entire house bills. 95% of the enitre house of comes from me, she only pays the maid , buys cooking gas and my sons diaper. Every other thing in the house is covered by me, house rent, school fees, project, all the bills. I give her 75k as food money monthly. I have continue to question her why I should give her food moeny if I still have to end up going out to eat. I think the only reason she sometime listens to me is cause i still provide the finances for the house. The time she was earning more I could see how she belittle some of my decisions. I just prayed to God, cos I noticed the respect was gone, when I talk to her about her role as a mum and mother to the home, she says she is working, she is busy, I mentioned to her that the money she works is for her, she doesnt share with the house, I have never asked her for it and am not against her working, she however should not neglect her responsibility as a mum. That my role as a father, God helping me is to provide, and this is why I work. I also noticed when I got a new job and my salary increased she kinda off felt jealous she didnt tell me but i noticed it, she began to aggressively look for jobs.

I really dont think we have that initmacy, we are just there, my wife cant come to tell me anything bothering her, she keeps to herself. Funny part is she is a very religious person, my wife will sleep with bible on her hand, wake up with bible pray and serve in various church unit, I however dont think she really understands what she reads. She also has a very bad temper sometimes when I raise certian issues, the ways she talks sometimes I have to hold back a response if not the whole thing will escalate. There are days I will raise certain issue up, the next things she mentions is " let just dissolve this marriage as it is not working" sometimes , I just refer her to her bible cos the utterances that come out of her mouth makes me doubt her understanding of Christianity.

I have never assaulted her, we have nt had any physically fight, what happens is most times when we have issues, I dont speak to her for days, then she come back apologizing. Sometimes when am wrong I also apologies.

Am not saying am perfect, I know there are areas I can do better, like in the buying off gift, I rarely buy her gift, not cause I cant but Cos she earns well and I believe she should buy whatever she needs with her money my wife earns approximately 800k monthy.

I expect my wife will support me but it like she is stressing me. when we go see my parent or our parent, it is all smiles, they dont knw hw stressful their daughter is, she even forms trying to serve me food and all.

Dont get me wrong she has some good side, but this thing is really getting into me. I dont drink, smoke or womanise, divorce is also not on the table for me.

U must be a good narator grin

Anyways m not good at listening to a side b4 making judgement.....however, from your barative, it obvious u married your competitor

If divorce isn't the way out, then u should be ready for a long drive on a motor called endurance grin

Unfortunately, growth n development will be very slow in such marriage galished with competition rather than cooperation.....so it up to you like the white man always say


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Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 8 by Ken4agent(m): 1:18am On Mar 13

Thank you so much for this but I’m single man 😂😂

Me myself and I bro

Mehn, i know I’ll feel it but I know I can survive it man. I’m still trying to raise more money here before I eventually leave.

At least If tuition no be problem again, survival for one year go definitely dey easier right?

If yu single then best option is pay 80% of yur tuition b4 u get in......that way any little job u get will pay yur rent n feeding n the 20% tuition left

The days of paying 2k from 12k and hope to work n pay 10k balance with 20hrs job done cast since last Yr........let be informed n guided folks

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Agriculture / Re: Treated Giant Hybrids Elephants Plantain Suckers Here For Sale Rapid Fruit by Ken4agent(m): 12:14am On Mar 13
Copies still available both in hard and soft copy

Romance / Re: Is zobo drink healthy? by Ken4agent(m): 11:34pm On Mar 12
A.J would hold me tightly and burst into laughter while she is cumming.

I.B would be begging me to allow her to go and pee

M, would be breathing heavily after cumming, then begging me never to leave her, abeg how am i not to leave a divorced after 2?

U are on point...all those are significant after-Cum indicators to look out for

U must be very good using your tool grin
Politics / Re: LASTMA Officials Beg Lagosians For Forgiveness Ahead Of Governorship by Ken4agent(m): 9:15pm On Mar 12
This creature believes they can do anything in Lagos without anybody's interference, public transporters seriously missed ambode. The time has come again to choose a better leader

True talk

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Agriculture / Re: Pls We Need All The Info Needed To Establish Goat Farm(dos' & Don't) by Ken4agent(m): 4:31pm On Mar 12
What about goat farming?
Agriculture / Re: Treated Giant Hybrids Elephants Plantain Suckers Here For Sale Rapid Fruit by Ken4agent(m): 2:57am On Jun 06, 2022
Treated Giant Elephant suckers still available for sale

Ensure you ascertain the fertility of that land before cultivation......the understanding of the fertility will help you understand the type of crop to plant, type of treatment needed, type of fertilizer and Qtity as well as whether or not the land woth investing on

Romance / Re: Pls Help!!! I Kissed My Cousin by Ken4agent(m): 2:16pm On Mar 25, 2022
I have to come out and ask for help here because I can't tell my family members cry Pls don't judge me

My male Cousin on the mother side actually came home from Abroad 2 weeks ago for visiting so he choose our house as his base, he is in his late twenties while I am in my early twenties! I don't really know him that much and he is planning on staying for 6months. So me and him use to be home alone most times since my parents goes to work and my siblings are in school

He is so handsome, he actually looks like my dream man so I actually started crushing on him, wishing I could have him, but It is all shades of wrong having anything to do with my cousin so I keep it to myself cry So 2days ago we were home alone as usual but he said he wanted to gym, once he took off his clothes remaining his boxer I couldn't hold back myself and I was forced to give him a kiss which he loved it and we started kissing so passionately that we were about to get down, wen I realized that it wrong and had to pull away from him.

Since then I have hated him passionately and don't want to see him but he said he love what we had but my Conscience is killing me and my parents can kill me if they know about it... Nairalanders pls help me cry cry

I am stuck with him for now and he won't stop telling me how he wants more and I don't want to do anything further

Find out from your parents....one of Yu is adopted I to the family cos it never possible for you to develop feeling for your blood relative


Agriculture / Re: Farmers Complain That After A Few Harvests,Plantains Don’t Do Well,Solution Here by Ken4agent(m): 1:07pm On Mar 25, 2022
Where do you base pls?

Sorry for the late response.....we have been out of reach

Kenfarm is base in Ibadan, Oyo State but manages farms all over Nigeria and beyond
Romance / Re: How To Know If She Likes You by Ken4agent(m): 8:45pm On Mar 12, 2022
Just get enough cash and u won't need to observe this cos na Dem go dey rush u
Agriculture / Re: Farmers Complain That After A Few Harvests,Plantains Don’t Do Well,Solution Here by Ken4agent(m): 5:31pm On Feb 13, 2022
The time for post harvest preparation is now.

Early start, is early harvesting
Agriculture / Re: Farmers Complain That After A Few Harvests,Plantains Don’t Do Well,Solution Here by Ken4agent(m): 11:04pm On Jan 16, 2022
Things to consider when purchasing a farmland

1. Nearness to the major exit road

2. How motorable is the access road during the rainy season which is the farm activity period

3. Is the farm land experience desertification

4. How close is it to the closest village

5. What is the level of hostility of the villagers

6. The farm land topography

7. The fertility of the soil

8. The history of crops planted on the land

9. What crop you intend to plant

10. The physical characteristics of the soil

Kenfarm can go on & on. Note that all the stated factors above have away they affect your investment. Contact kenfarm & we educate you for free
Agriculture / Re: Why Soil Analysis On That Farmland?? by Ken4agent(m): 7:18pm On Jan 10, 2022
The time to test the fertility of that farm soil is now
Agriculture / Re: Why Soil Analysis On That Farmland?? by Ken4agent(m): 6:17pm On Dec 13, 2021
The time to validate the fertility of your farm soil is now in preparation of the coming farming season

volumetric procedure is the scientific method
Celebrities / Re: I Have Found My Oyibo: Whitemoney Screams As He Performs With Dancer In Dubai by Ken4agent(m): 10:55pm On Nov 26, 2021
Make Dem no chop yur Biscuits finish oh
Family / Re: 4 Ways To Earn Respect From People by Ken4agent(m): 3:40pm On Nov 23, 2021
OP is correct......but if u won earn respect when u never get money, then those factors can earn u d respect......but if u get money...u earn d respect auto

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Celebrities / Re: Peter & Paul Okoye Treat Guests To Their Hit Songs To Celebrate Birthday (Video) by Ken4agent(m): 7:31am On Nov 19, 2021
Una mamma n papa go fit rest on now.....devil go come dey restless.......for every siblings who are still in disunity, the time for reconciliation is now

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Agriculture / Re: Why Soil Analysis On That Farmland?? by Ken4agent(m): 11:52am On Nov 18, 2021
If you observe the following on the farm, then you need a soil test:

1. Stunted growth of crop

2. Poor fruit yield

3. Abnormalities in the leaf and fruit

4. Brown patches on leaf

5. Yellow colouration of leaf

6. Distress looking crops

7. Very thin stalk and flower

8. Earlier defoliation

9. Prolonged accomplishing puberty

10. Reduced shelf life of fruit and leaf

And so many more just to list a few. I

Contact kenfarm
Agriculture / Re: Why Soil Analysis On That Farmland?? by Ken4agent(m): 7:25am On Nov 09, 2021
Check my post above to confirm u need to do a soil test
Family / Re: My House Maid Has Become My Madam In My Own Home by Ken4agent(m): 9:18am On Nov 08, 2021
Why not be happy for the girl and accept her and await your own change of levels..this story is a parable against pride

Am telling u, there are many parables Jesus did not tell us because of the short time He spent with us ........the woman better adjust and accept her new Madam
Agriculture / Re: Why Soil Analysis On That Farmland?? by Ken4agent(m): 10:05pm On Oct 27, 2021
The time to check the fertility of your farm soil is now........do it differently and expect sa different positive result.
Agriculture / Re: Farmers Complain That After A Few Harvests,Plantains Don’t Do Well,Solution Here by Ken4agent(m): 4:17pm On Oct 16, 2021
Agriculture / Re: Treated Giant Hybrids Elephants Plantain Suckers Here For Sale Rapid Fruit by Ken4agent(m): 4:10pm On Oct 16, 2021

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