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Music/Radio / Re: [music] Ebo Ope – Adenekan Bukola by Kindoo: 4:34pm On Jul 20, 2020
I have listen to Ebo ope. Good one. keep shining.

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Music/Radio / New Gospel Song Release: Alewilese by Kindoo: 3:16pm On Jul 20, 2020
The promises of God are yes and Amen. Whenever God speaks He means it and He will do it. Even if it tarry wait for it, it shall come.
Alewilese re-echoes this in our mind. please download, listen and be blessed.


Literature / Re: Authors On Okadabooks Drop Your Book Info Here by Kindoo: 10:25pm On Jul 15, 2020
My new books release

Here they come.
1. My Plight as an X-Convict
Daniel walks out on of the mother into the prison. His undoing is the bad friends he walks with. After a long year in the prison, he comes out thinking all would be as usual but they are not. He faces rejection, discrimination and almost ended in depression but salvation came for him through a radio program.
Read, enjoy and find out how he conquers the battle he has almost lost.

2.Seven Months in Hell
A'ponle judges love right when every other said it is not. After wedding, reality dawn on him that love alone is not enough criteria for marriage. She has to run for her life after losing two pregnancies to her husband's punches among other abuse.
Read, enjoy and find out how she found a new life, new home she could call heaven.

please get your copies and give a review

Literature / My New Books Release by Kindoo: 10:12pm On Jul 15, 2020
Here they come.

1. My Plight as an X-Convict
Daniel walks out on of the mother into the prison. His undoing is the bad friends he walks with. After a long year in the prison, he comes out thinking all would be as usual but they are not. He faces rejection, discrimination and almost ended in depression but salvation came for him through a radio program.
Read, enjoy and find out how he conquers the battle he has almost lost.

2.Seven Months in Hell
A'ponle judges love right when every other said it is not. After wedding, reality dawn on him that love alone is not enough criteria for marriage. She has to run for her life after losing two pregnancies to her husband's punches among other abuse.
Read, enjoy and find out how she found a new life, new home she could call heaven.

Please get your copies. It is a promise, you will not be disappointed.

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Literature / Re: My Wedding Day (must Read) by Kindoo: 10:57am On Jun 15, 2020
You rock! Lovely story.
Literature / Re: Do You Need A Competent Writer, Editor Or Proofreader? by Kindoo: 8:29pm On Jun 09, 2020
If I give you a book to edit, how secure is the book. won't it leak to others. and how fast is your delivery.
Literature / Re: An Act Of Korah By Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi (a Short Christian Story.) by Kindoo: 5:31pm On Jun 07, 2020
Wow! Mercy, you are doing good. I was on your blog and it was good. May the gift of God spread wide in your life.
You can follow me so when you post new stories I will know.
Keep writing!

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Literature / Re: An Act Of Korah By Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi (a Short Christian Story.) by Kindoo: 5:23pm On Jun 07, 2020
God only use those he ordain and called. May He help us all as we serve in His vineyard.

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Literature / Re: The Drum By Victoria Omoghena Edidi by Kindoo: 7:42pm On Jun 01, 2020
Amin When the skin and hand is restored, joy is restored to our lives and land.

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Literature / Re: Missing Home By Victoria Omoghena Edidi by Kindoo: 7:15pm On May 30, 2020
I love that part of "I choose to stand..." What we see in life are product of choice. Good one.

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Music/Radio / Watch My Video: God, My Pillar. by Kindoo: 11:16am On May 10, 2020
A simple worship song of worship accompanied by guitar.
Lyrics Your are the pillar of my life. You are the joy in my soul. You are the reason why I am living. I worship you.
Guitar: Hope
Be blessed as you watch.

Music/Radio / Re: Sinach No 1 On Billboard USA For Christian Song by Kindoo: 10:08am On May 06, 2020
A good new to encourage hope. From Nigeria to the world. More to come.
Celebrities / Re: Adunni Ade Goes Back To Islam, Leaves Christianity. Feels Fulfilled & Happier by Kindoo: 9:44am On Apr 28, 2020
Good you made your choice oyinbo pepe

But you left because you never found Christ. He is sweeter than the honey in the honey comb.
Webmasters / EROR 404 : Somebody Help by Kindoo: 2:24am On Apr 22, 2020
Please what makes my website pops out error 404 every time and what can I do about it
Much thanks
Literature / Re: Body Shaming By Victoria Omoghena Edidi by Kindoo: 12:16pm On Apr 18, 2020
If we take what people throw at us as verdict, we fizzle away with melting.

It has been a while, hope you are good?
Family / Re: Woman Complains Of Everyday Sex From Husband, Runs (Video) by Kindoo: 5:11pm On Apr 16, 2020
That is what happen when a man has nothing to offer than his bodily strength.
Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by Kindoo: 10:44pm On Apr 14, 2020
To be a monster your choice.

Remember we can always make better choices for ourselves.
Don't allow her action to control you.
You are already missing it somewhere as you missed it at first making yourself a consolation to a heart broken girl
When you toil with others emotion, yours is also involved.
Dont miss it again

and if you choose to go the way of a monster, you end like a beast.

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Religion / Amen! by Kindoo: 10:39pm On Apr 14, 2020
Father Lord, Hear our prayers. As we your children call on you in distress. Please hear us.
Don't mark our iniquities. If you do, who will stand? Just show your unending mercy. Open your hand and satisfy our needs.
Through Christ Jesus. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!
Read a Story, Tell a story wurastories.com.ng
Literature / How To Start Out Beautifully As A Creative Writer. by Kindoo: 11:45am On Apr 13, 2020
This is to help someone there who is just starting out. Writing is beyond passion and talent, there are some other things that can help you.
please read, enjoy, take notes and give your feed back.
Read here,
Literature / Cattah And The Pregnant Rat by Kindoo: 10:50am On Apr 06, 2020
One cool evening, a cat called, Cattah, lied on his stomach, very hungry. He had gotten nothing to eat since the day broke. Cattah lied close to a rat’s hole expecting one to come out (even if it was a small one) and be used to appease the hunger dealing with him. Hearing footsteps from the hole, Cattah prepared himself mentally and physically, ready to dash for the owner in other to use it to regain his almost lost strength. Behold, the owner of the footstep, Rattah, a pregnant rat, moved gently out of the hole to get what to eat as well.
       Cattah wanted to dash for her but his mind pulled him back.
    “It is a pregnant rat”
     “That makes it a good prey. It will satisfy me, I have been hungry” Cattah replied
    “Yes, it may satisfy you now but what about the future? Eating a pregnant rat is like eating a fruit with it seed. The future you make uncertain by doing that. Leave her, let her birth her pups. They can be meat for you in the future as well” Cattah’s mind replied
     “Wise words!  What do I eat now?” Cattah asked
     “Go somewhere else to look for your food or wait till another comes out” Cattah’s mind replied
       Cattah obeyed his mind. He moved to another part to search for food. It passed by the side of Rattah, smiled to her while Rattah almost melt for fear of been devoured. After he had passed, she wondered what was happening, “has he stopped eating rats? He even smiled to me.” Little did she know that, she was spared for the future so both her pups and her would be used for succession meal.

[Developed from this wise word, ‘A WISE CAT DO NOT EAT A PREGNANT RAT’]
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Crime / Beware Of This Fraudster by Kindoo: 11:17am On Apr 03, 2020
Please note that this is not to blackmail anyone. It is as gotten from a victim to caution other willing to multiply the little they had suddenly. And I believe many can relate to this out there.
My girl friend sneaked to my house yesterday. She beat the curfew mandated on us for the Covid-19. She was not happy. Her mood was bad. This made me to pester her on what might had happened. She was reluctant at first but later told me she fell into the hand of fraudsters.
" I fell into the hands of fraudsters "
"Where?" I asked
"On Facebook." She replied
"How" I asked
" I saw a sponsored post on money doubling. If I give 20k I will get back 40k in twenty minutes. The credit alert was there as testimony. Moved by my several needs, I pressed the whatsap button and linked with the one behind the post.It was WhatsApp group named BITCON INVESTMENT opened on this number 08132896558( Real number). In that group, only the admin could comment, that got me thinking but getting my needs met clouded my face. Latter I got a call from one of them- 09063789418(Real number) and we chat on WhatsApp. She showed me how the money doubles and asked me how much I was going to start with. I ask her to give me evidents so my investment won't end in pain. She sent me video of people praising the sceme, in fact one was almost crying in appreciation. The account of the person chatting with me was tagged, FUNDGRAM INVESTMENT PLATFORM FROM MOROA, NIGERIA. SHE IS INTO EVENT PLANNING AND SERVICE. As stated by her WhatsApp account) My mind was cautioning me but looking at my needs I thought it would be a place to help my purse. I sent her an amount of money on this account(She claimed to merge me with) JAMIU OMEIZA 1244165827 ZENITH BANK(real details), waiting for my alert , she called that ,they don't have one to pair with me on the amount I was to get, that the one on ground as at that moment was one with 100k. That I should look for extra 30k. I said I didn't have. she said, I should borrow. I said no, that she should send me the hundred thousand and I will send back her remaining 60k. She said she can't do something like that. I then realised I had been made a mugu beacuse of my needs. I sent her a hot message cursing her if she did not return my money, that was how she block me on her WhatsApp account without sending back my mind" She narrated with tears in her voice.
My mouth was open as she narrated it all. How could she in this time and age.
"Why didn't you yell me before doing it?" I asked
" I just don't know, they claimed it was a sure ponzi scheme and the money is not only for me. Two of my friends had part of it." She replied
"I don't want to hurt you with my words but you did foolishly. Such things are scam. It never worked out. They package it, making it look real to vulnerables like you. Don't try that again. Don't even click on their advert. They know you are beyond their reach so they do what they want to do with you and leave you to suffer. " I replied
"It is not funning. I calculated wrongly. Now my heart is heavy. I won't dare such again." She replied.
"You had better don't lest you lose your money all time. I think patients works perfectly. With time all things will balance up. So don't be too desperate to know the right path from the wrong, Pele!" I responded
She lost her money and that of her friends to fraudsters in this age. That is serious but I could not too blame her she was blinded by needs. Please be careful, all details given are for real. Sharing this to stop someone from losing another hard earn money. I just pray securities concerned will fishout this squard of rougues that made people cry and purnssh them to hell. Share with friends to warn them from becoming a victim.

Literature / Re: 5 Books To Sharpen Your Writing Skill In 2020 by Kindoo: 12:48pm On Mar 11, 2020
Would like to get these books. Wurastories@gmail.com

Read a story,Tell a story. www.wurastories.com.ng.
Join me.
Literature / Re: Early Days by Kindoo: 7:35am On Mar 03, 2020
I married again with a lot of care. I took my time and listen to meaningful instructions. I never allow love to cloud me, I made sure he had peace for me in him before talking of love. Marriage is not in multitude of words but action. What you say can be sweet but if your action is bitter, then your words are lies. I am so happy I got it right the second and I am happily married now. 
      Early days are sensitive days, not everybody  gets it right after their fall. Then one of the things I did was to follow the trend especially in fashion. I remember the time of tiny belt, the time of big bag. Time just have a way of dishing out what it wants. I followed it religiously until I came to know all these were nothing. I felt among then but I got to know I could create my own brand with my fashion sense. The greatest fashion for anyone is to wear what you feel cool wearing, what covers your unclothedness at the same time makes you gorgeous. No fashion is greater than your brand, it is your uniqueness, it is you. Now I don't follow trend, I have my styles and I rock all the time. It has become my brand and people know it as my thing. Come trend or not, I trend to myself always.
      Early days was a day to discern yet we never do. We were to discern the company we keep because they influenced us so much but we never did. We just moved. I moved with lot of people then, those who knew where they were going and those who do not, those who wanted to be for me and those who want me to be for them. I tell you, you don't need crowd in your life, you only need relevant people. I counted their opinion and allow them to influence what I did and how I did them. I don't really have a life of my own. I latter got to know that with the help of the crowd I moved with, I silence myself. As I grew up, I saw things differently, I saw that not  all people are supposed to be in ones life. I started with those not adding value, till those who were negative to those going to different direction from mine. I only permitted those I need in my life to stay. You have the self right to allow just those you need in your life. Many may want to come in but take your stand. My life counts, I won't allow people in just because they want to come in. I took that decision and many read meaning to it, she is proud, she is a snub, she is not social, what ever they say, I am better off them. There are some I didn't leave totally. I just kept a distance. Those people have their relevance but giving them a sit in my heart is making one heavy. I greet them casually and when need arise we talk and more.
     Many things in my early days, as I grew up I came to know better and have to take decision of turning and there are some I just could not turn. I have to bear the brunt that way. If I will say anything to our youth, it will be, see with the eyes of the future. See that you matter and so don't leave your life giving those who does really matter major place. I once lived in my early days pleasing people, later I got to know that to please people was too much sacrifice to pay to people who would not lift a finger to please you. I had fun though, it was not all regret but in some cogent places, I made mistakes which Imarked corrected later paying more prices. The ones I could not correct, I live with the mark.

Read a Story, Tell a story.

Wurastories is a platform for writers your stories are welcome.
Literature / Early Days by Kindoo: 7:11pm On Feb 27, 2020
Read a story, Tell a story.

         Early days are so sensitive. Am I right? Those days when decision are taken by what we wanted and not by what we needed. The days where the now seem to matter more and the ones to come would take care of themselves. Those days when we just want to reign as a budding youth and shine as the flower at her prime. The time when the elders advise and we look them as the old school. What did they know in this time and age? Little did we know that there are certain truth that are universal and timeless, they do not lose relevance. When parents or elders call you to candid advice, you should not discard it as they have come again. Something is there for you. I was beautiful in my early age and I am still beautiful but there are decisions I would have made right but been a kid, I couldn't think deep, I just took the decision. 
          One of such was when I wanted to get admission into the university. What was reigning among my friends then was law. Do I really have flair for law? That I cannot tell but it was what my friends said they wanted to do and I joined them in wanting to do it. My mother told to me that law was beautiful but what she was seeing in me was not law but accountancy. I said to her no, I have made a choice for myself and that I will do. Looking deep, the law was not there. I was accurate in calculation and was excited doing such. I did it without getting tired and always find fulfilment but I gat to belong. I gat to study law. I passed my JAMB and got admission to study law. I was a mediocre in it, did not shine as it should be. I went to law school on average level I came out. I practise law but I was not myself. Just in mediocre level. That was not my normal level. What could that be, what has water down my brightness, I am not as bright as I should be. I found I was in my path chosen for myself not the path ordained for me. Years on the wrong path, what do I do, I decided to turn, it is better than to turn late than end as failure. I turned but it wasn't easy. By that time I have to to face the home challenge which was devouring me like fire but for the fact that I ran out. 
       It was at the point of realisation of my wrong step in carrier that reality dawn on me that my marriage then was also a product of shallow decision. I never knew marriage carried a lot, I mean, it has so many things to do in the life of individual. It is something that bring your destiny in contact with your partner and it began to influence or affect it. All I knew then was love. He loves me, he cares about me, he bought me things, took me out. He had money in his account, he had ride on his feet and a well furnished apartment. A lawyer who later became a senior colleague. His faults nko? I will change him as if I can change anyone. We got married and the reality of it all dawn on me that I was in a vehicle and the driver was a man I later regretted having in my life. He was simply complex and all those things he did during relationship were like bait. Did I see it coming? Yes, I did. I saw him raise his hand against me but I thought it was anger. I saw him come late I thought because he was lonely. I saw him care free but I thought when we wed he was going to change. Little did I know he was going to get worse. That man was everything I hated when I came to encounter a meaningful man. I was warned, wasn't I? I was warned by those who could see from other side, from different angles far from where I could see. This man, this man, he was not who you think he was. And you can't change him. A man change when he himself get an encounter to change not when someone needed him to change. I just forgo them and face my relationship. The reality dawn on me like when a cloud of darkness was remove from someone. He won't listen, he won't bother about what I feel. He just lived a curse to me. I could not live a roasting life, I blot out of it and I did not have regret leaving it. My regret was, deafening my hears to guidance of those who saw the anguish moment  but I shun them. It turned out to be hell and I have to walk away. Many things were said about me but I knew what I saw, I knew what my mind thirsted for. I went my way with one child, a daughter, lovely daughter. How would I ever allowed Louis to grow up under that terrible man. He later broke himself. In one of his night walk he crashed and there was no redemption.

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