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Phones / Re: Pls Recommend A 30k Good Android Phone by kollysnut(m): 9:15am On Jun 05
Using it as gift to my bro on Monday.
Pls serious minded.
Spec: 2gb ram
3500 and above battery.
Location is Ilorin.

Got a new hisense fone. 20k if interested call me. 08035688323
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This N25,000 For A 6.30am To 10pm Cleaner Job Worth It? by kollysnut(m): 1:38pm On May 26
I saw this cleaner job vacancy at old English bakery at GRA,Ikeja,Lagos after months of job hunting.Due to unavailability of one's preferred kind of job,I like hotel jobs a lot,I decided to submit my CV to one of the bakery security man.

It is hard to get a hotel job at GRA Ikeja despite the big and many hotels located there though.Man know man things.

I was called to come for an interview at their head office in omole phase 1.

I attended the interview.But the salary is manageable being that I am a single man without even a girlfriend.Early 30's.But the resumption time was shocking.I would resume by 6.30am and closes by 10pm for #25k!

Which kind cleaning work be that?And the bakery is own by a Nigerian.No break or free lunch.

My mind told me there were other tasks I would be doing apart from cleaning because no cleaner would work till that time.

So has anyone who have worked there before knows the job description in old english bakery?

way too low, my office pays 40k
Crime / Re: I Want To Report My Landlord For Bypassing Our Electricity Meter by kollysnut(m): 8:00am On May 10
So I discovered that my landlord bypassed his meter because our light git spoilt and I was trying to fix it. This is the same man that you cannot owe light bill. I had a disagreement with him so he already gave me quit notice. So now that I know that all the money I have ever paid him has been pocketed I want to report him but my friend said it's not necessary that I am already leaving the house. I'm I totally wrong

call customer care ...its not hard, but remember ur quit notice will follow.
Gaming / Re: Bet Naija Is A Cheat by kollysnut(m): 10:47pm On May 06

Drop your WhatsApp


Family / Re: Brand New 20litre Hisense Microwave by kollysnut(m): 1:00am On May 05
Family / Brand New 20litre Hisense Microwave by kollysnut(m): 11:03am On Apr 30
brand New 20litre Hisense Microwave for sale.
price : 27k

tel: 08035688323

Nairaland / General / Re: What Do You Do For Fun? by kollysnut(m): 1:04pm On Apr 03
In this era of everyone being serious with one issue or the other.
We're all hustling to make ends meet and no one as it stands now has time for fun anymore.

Aside clubbing, hiking and partying,

what other outdoor or indoor activities can you suggest one engage in so as to have a little bit of fun??

Eat, drink smoke and sex.... M
Forum Games / Re: Betting: How Much Of Your T-Fare & Lunch Money Did You Spend Here? (Pics) by kollysnut(m): 1:12pm On Mar 10
From Aquinas College to Old Police Headquarters(Ilesa garage side), Akure, had to trek that distance daily for years after betting my Tfare.

Bet on credit, lost African champion Trekkers and wrist watches playing this around Arakale Akure.

Playing game oneday and police came to burst the game house. Picked all students in uniform (School hours) and took us to our different school. Chop cane like, almost chop suspension/withiii.


divine favour......iju station, fagba agege......
Celebrities / Re: Gao Liu's Nose Tip Dies After Botched Plastic Surgery (Photos) by kollysnut(m): 1:39pm On Feb 16
Why are women so insecure about everything. This has led them into incessant pursuit of fake lifestyle.

Fake hair,
fake face,
Fake nails
Fake breasts,
Fake bum,
Fake height,
Fake weight,
Fake eye lashes,
Fake orgasm,
Fake emotions,
Fake relationships,
Fake love,
Fake tears,
Fake composure,
Fake commitment

Everything about them is fake.

Infact fake death...
Romance / Re: I Like This Guy So Much But I Need Help Not To Show It Too Much.please Advice Me by kollysnut(m): 6:19pm On Feb 12
Please I recently created this account to avoid people knowing me as I am an active member.

Now I met a handsome young man through a professional group chat. One time I posted a message on the group, he went to check my dp and sent me a message afterwards. He is in his 30s and I'm in my 20s He asked me if I was married, I said no. I asked the same question he said no, and then he started to show so much interest in me. He went straight to the point about wanting something serious and wanting to know me better. We chatted for some days exchanged pictures and then I proposed we meet in person. Like joke, in less than a week of chatting the guy is coming to my city to see me.

I'm now beginning to realise that maybe this guy is not joking. Because of how serious he is, I am beginning to like him. I didn't read any meaning to our conversations when it initially started but now, it is like I'm falling head over heels for him. I'm trying to restrain not to show him that I like him too much so that he will not come and take me for granted. I am not being difficult but I'm just being cautious. But the problem now is that it is getting harder and harder to restrain myself by the day. Please I need advise on how not to show this guy that I like him too much.

PS: Please nobody should insult me. Just advice me. Thanks.

U r my onions, lori iro, u r my rodo, lori iro.....

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Politics / Re: Herdsmen: Ortom Replies Bala Mohammed by kollysnut(m): 6:17pm On Feb 12

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom describes as disappointing, the comments made by his Bauchi State counterpart, Bala Mohammed who blamed him for what he termed ‘negative perception of Fulani herders’ when he spoke on the current security situation in the country.

While Governor Ortom will not want to join issues with the Bauchi State Governor, he finds it shocking that a colleague who took the oath of office as he also did, to protect and preserve the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, now takes the lead in violating provisions of the same Constitution by calling for lawlessness.

He points out that the most shocking part of Governor Bala Mohammed’s statement was where he defended herdsmen for bearing arms saying “they have no option than to carry AK47 because the society and the government are not protecting them”.

Governor Ortom wonders which section of the law the Bauchi State Governor cited to support herdsmen’s free movement around the country with sophisticated weapons.

He recalls that it was the same Governor Mohammed who once said on national television that a Fulani man is a global citizen and therefore does not need a visa to come to Nigeria, and that the forests belong to herdsmen.

Governor Ortom wonders if his friend and colleague in Bauchi State knows a thing or two about the horrendous activities of herders in parts of the country to warrant the emotional defence and justification that he has repeatedly put forward in their favour.

In reference to Governor Bala Mohammed’s comment that there are Benue people who are freely doing business in Bauchi and elsewhere, Governor Ortom states that Benue indigenes in Bauchi have been law abiding and do not carry arms to attack their hosts, noting that Fulani as well as many other Nigerians residing in Benue who respect laws of the land also live peacefully with their hosts.
Governor Ortom says his administration has not driven away any law abiding Nigerian in Benue State.

The Governor finds it unfortunate that those who are trusted with the people’s mandate and should ordinarily uphold truth and justice, have chosen to mislead the country. He stresses the need for leaders to be cautious and retrace their steps which are capable of leading the country to anarchy.

Terver Akase
Chief Press Secretary
February 12, 2021.

Allow farmers carry gun, make see the aftermath..........
Politics / Re: Rinu Oduala Pulls Out Of #EndSARS Panel In Lagos by kollysnut(m): 5:15pm On Feb 12
Car Talk / Re: Someone With Uber Or Bolt Knowledge by kollysnut(m): 12:22pm On Feb 08
Good evening guys.... pls i need someone with knowledge on how to be an uber or bolt driver and how to go about the registration process... the person shoilf enlighten me or advise.... thanks

call 08035688323, use this code name when i pick your call..........fragilemummy
Politics / Re: Another Batch Of Suspicious Elements Arriving Lagos Today by kollysnut(m): 9:45pm On Jan 24
Here we have another batch of suspicious-looking elements similar in description to the all-known unwanted chaos-causing groups arriving Lagos this morning about 8.30am.
I hope our security operatives are monitoring and gathering intelligence and not sleeping.

A word is enough for the wise and a stich in time saves nine.

Saw similar trucks heading to lagos, when i was traveling back home from Ibadan. Trucks loaded with cows, motorcycles and these guys, fear grip me. Lagos should brace up.
Politics / Re: 2023: Mega Party Promoters Woo Tambuwal, Obiano, Badaru, Others by kollysnut(m): 9:23pm On Jan 24


Pls lets learn from Endsars movement, enough of all these old daddies,......my opinion though.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Stopped Calling And Picking My Calls by kollysnut(m): 10:42pm On Jan 12
Advice needed pls.

I've been with this guy for close to four years now and its not really been a perfect relationship. Lots of ups and downs due to what I can term insecurity. At some point we're cool and the next minute issues arises just like every other relationship.

He's a good guy to some extent as he showers me with love ( my thoughts)and a lot of times he gives gifts not money though. I've had to give financial assistance to him alot of times, he returns some if he deemed it necessary and doesn't return if he so wishes. I've never complained about this and still always willing to help him out whenever he is in need. Pls note that we're both financially ok.

This gesture of me offering him financial help stopped when I realise he doesn't do same to me. I've had to test him on serval occasions that I needed financial help and he has never for once helped out on those request despite knowing he has. I never needed the money though, I made those request to know if I could actually fall back to him if I'm in need.

Last year October, I told him about my plans of getting a new car as I got tired of the one I was using. Pls note that I did not request him to buy for me neither did I ask for any support whatsoever. I contacted my source in the US with my budget and spec, was able to find one in a short time and I paid for it. All of this moves were known to him. By December, the car arrived and cleared accordingly with every expenses incurred payed by me. He gave some moral support though.

A week after getting the car, he called me one morning and started apologising for not supporting financially in getting the car which I told him I had no issues with that. I told him I wasn't expecting more than moral support from him since I could afford getting the car on my own. I also made him realise he doesn't owe me no apology as I wasn't t his responsibility since we weren't married and that even if we were married, ill always want to get my stuffs myself as long as I can afford it. The next I heard was him ranting on phone that he doesn't expect less from me, said I'm a proud and that he knew I wasn't going to be a good wife. He said he has always known I wasn't going to be a submissive wife and a whole lot of other derogatory words despite not having issues whatsoever prior to that time. I ended the call as I was so surprised he could say those mean words to me.

All through that day he didn't call back and I did not as well cos I was expecting him to realise I was hurt by his actions. A week pass and still no call from him so I decided to call him and he didn't pick. I'd sent a lot of of messages to him and has not replied to any. I'd gone to his house to check up on him and not met him too. Its been three weeks now and we haven't spoken and seen despite all of my effort to talk to him and or see.

Guys please I'm confused and do not know how to handle the issue. Pls advice.

I didn't read, but if i go with the heading, ma that your guy has joined the reigning association.....
Romance / Re: I Told My Wife That The Dna Result Of Our Kids Will Be Ready Tomorrow. See What by kollysnut(m): 11:21pm On Jan 05
I'm married with 2 kids, a boy, and a girl but I trust my wife that is why I have never thought of anything like a DNA test, I didn't do the blood group of my kids to know if they carried my blood group because I know my wife will never bring another man's kids for me. My wife do tell me what's happening at her office, how some of her colleagues are dating their bosses in the office.

When I saw DNA trending on Twitter, I clicked on it where I read the sad news of Mr. Tunde Thomas who died after he discovered that the two kids he thought he was their biological father belong to his Wife's boss, Mr. Adam Nuru of FCMB Bank.

I couldn't sleep that night, I concluded that the next for me is to do the DNA test for my two kids to confirm that I'm their biological father.

Immediately my wife left Home today, thank God schools have closed till further notice, I took my kids to our family hospital to run a DNA test, and the Doctor told me the results will be ready tomorrow.

When my wife arrived this evening, I told her that, the DNA results of our kids will be ready tomorrow.

My wife told me that immediately I bring the results home tomorrow and the results confirmed that I'm their biological father, she will leave my house immediately.

Please, Should I tell her I'm just joking or wait for the DNA result?

Problem tie niyen......
Religion / Re: Lady Converts Masquerader To Christianity, Makes Him Remove His Costume by kollysnut(m): 12:42pm On Jan 04
It's probably staged

I may be wrong, though

Alaye u are right.... Staged

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Romance / Re: I Don't Know What To Say When I Talk To Girls. by kollysnut(m): 6:33am On Dec 24, 2020
Whenever I see a girl that catches my attention, and I want to talk to her, I suddenly freeze, I don't know what to say to her, I simply have no idea. I need help from people with experience please, any idea or tricks will do.

Just be repeating my name.......... Lol
Car Talk / Re: My Toyota Camry Orobo (1998) Is A Torn In My Flesh.. by kollysnut(m): 4:02am On Dec 21, 2020

Tank U nd God bless......will do dat

Post the codes, will interpret it for you..... Regards

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Car Talk / Re: My Toyota Camry Orobo (1998) Is A Torn In My Flesh.. by kollysnut(m): 8:16pm On Dec 20, 2020
Pls am In dire need of a capable electrician to look into my Car cus of its faulty nature likely to be an electical fault......I normally drive dis car hitch free not until I noticed whenever I park d Car for some time(1hr plus) and come back to start up......It does answer but only to start and goes off immediately..nd continues dis process repeatedly..Can't drive d car out else it will definitely stop me on d way within a very short drive.....Already changed my fuel pump.......changed my 4 plugs including d plug wires.....serviced my engine top(Valve Oilsin) was also replaced.....serviced my injector mouth nd Nozzle.....still d problem persists.....Don't know Wat else to do.....pls help....

Go scan the car Sir and stop this try n error work,

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Autos / Toks Camry 03/04 Front Bumper by kollysnut(m): 8:59am On Dec 11, 2020
For Sale,

tell: 08035688323

Properties / Re: Inside A N1 Billion Mansion In Ikoyi, Lagos!! (Video) by kollysnut(m): 1:41pm On Nov 18, 2020
Come and see Inside The N1Billion House In Ikoyi Lagos!!

Research shows that this one of the most costliest mansions in Nigeria
it has almost everything.

watch video here


na wa for the house.....

no electric gate, no centralized AC, saw few defect on the tiles laying...

i can go on and on....

beautiful house though, but terrible views around the house, no all house una suppose they use tiles, sometimes you go for another flooring...

the POP is not top notch and this for gbogbo 1 billion Kudi Naira.

God Dey...MIne still dey Foundation Level...7m, i will finish it...


Car Talk / Re: Toks Stardand Toyota Corrola 2004 Model For Sale by kollysnut(m): 3:02pm On Nov 10, 2020
Does this look like Corolla?

na camrolla.......


Culture / Re: Why Do Adults Find "How Are You?" Insulting? by kollysnut(m): 11:07am On Oct 05, 2020
I have noticed that adults in this part of the world perceive that to be insult.

They feel belittled and disrespected.


just add Sir or Ma..........
Education / Re: I Graduated With A 2.2, How Do I Become A University Lecturer? by kollysnut(m): 8:36pm On Oct 02, 2020
Hi people, I just graduated with a 2.2 in one of the sciences. (CGPA 3.3). I admit that was due to my carelessness. Recently, I have this strong ambition to become a university lecturer and rise to the peak of my career.

Now, these are my concerns. What are the chances of getting a lecturing job (after I might have gotten my PhD) considering the 2.2 Bsc result? Or it
doesn't matter once there are higher qualifications?

Is it worthwhile to sit for JAMB again and start all afresh? I'm still in my mid twenties and the drive is high. I know I can do it, but is it necessary / worth it?

Get a shop, name it has, ur name school, automatically u r a lecturer......
Technology Market / Re: Is NIPOST Deliberately Withholding Phones Ordered From Aliexpress? by kollysnut(m): 7:00am On Sep 21, 2020
On the 7th of March, I ordered a phone which was shipped on the 18th of March. Ever since then, nothing has been heard of it.
The memory card I intended to use with the phone was ordered two days later, and that one has since arrived.

From the lamentations on the aliexpress thread, I noticed a lot of people are also in my situation.
They bought phones which refused to deliver whereas the accessories they ordered days after ordering the phone got delivered.

This lead to the assumption that nipost staffs are deliberately holding on to these phones for reasons best known to them.

I don't want to believe these phones are being stolen by those that are meant to deliver them to us.

Why will I buy a phone with my hard earned money only for it to be stolen by people who are meant to deliver the phone?

This is corporate robbery and should be condemned.

How will a phone come all the way from China without missing only for it to get to Nigeria and get missing?

I have to create this new thread to make our plight known to the whole world.

I have also tagged those who are having this same issue.



I stopped using nipost wen i noticed my key can open 7 other boxes,
Autos / Re: Honda Accord 03 by kollysnut(m): 10:36am On Sep 14, 2020
Thank you

Autos / Re: Honda Accord 03 by kollysnut(m): 1:12pm On Sep 13, 2020
600k let's deal

Not this,

First body honda accord,

Very very well maintained by me,

My personal car..

Bring 800k its urs..

Anything less......

Dont bother dropping msgs

Autos / Honda Accord 03 by kollysnut(m): 5:49pm On Sep 12, 2020
For sale, 850k dm me for more


Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Gushes Over Her Son, Prince Munir Ned Nwoko (Photo) by kollysnut(m): 12:00pm On Sep 09, 2020
Oooh Olympus

has fallen....lol
Autos / Re: Wheel Cover by kollysnut(m): 2:40pm On Sep 07, 2020
Clean used toyota 16 inch rim cover for sale..

Holla, got them in various design n style.



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