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Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by KORLAR(m): 5:44am On Jul 14
Seem person daughter don turn refugee in your house grin

Loool. I’m just curious.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Any Business Idea I Can Start With 500k? by KORLAR(m): 12:24am On Jul 13
I know some places in Lagos where you can establish a school or educational centre and get patronized by d members of the community cos they are yearning for such in that area.
If U can build a school or start a tutorial centre there, good

Which areas please?
Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by KORLAR(m): 12:03am On Jul 13
Feel at home feel at home, babe decided to spend the night. Called the next day to inform me that she forgot some of her clothes (pant and bra) in my room, Told her to come around 4PM to pick it. I came back from work, waited for the babe but nowhere to be found. I decided to sleep not until around 10PM, I heard a knock on the door, went to open it, behold it was this babe with a bag full of clothes and I was like which kind wahala be this. Long story short, She spent the night again, refused to go and started pretending peforming some wife duties. I was pissed because I wanted to hit and run. It took alot of advise and counselling from family and friends, to finally came up with a good tactics to evict her after three weeks.

Bros, mind sharing the tactics?
Romance / Re: Please Help Suggest Very Good Flimsy Excuses To Dump A Very Stingy Boyfriend by KORLAR(m): 10:38am On Jun 12
Please help my friend suggest very good flimsy escuses to dump her hardcore stingy but very good boyfriend.

He's very good on all other aspects but his stinginess is beyond human comprehension and my friend don't want to appear as been materialistic.

The last straw that broke the camel's back was when she demanded if he could get her pads and some few stuff on his way to her place and when he eventually bought and brought the items to her, he calculated everything he bought and was waiting to be paid which she eventually did and imagine he got the nerves to collect the money from my friend (Just some few thousands), he's very rich so brokenness is out of it.

We've exhausted all the escuses we thought would work out to dump him but he somehow have ways around them (very annoying) and my friend wants to be diplomatic. Please your suggestions are highly welcomed. Thanks

Are you a thief?
You asked someone to help you get something and you don’t want to refund.
You’re just entitled to money that’s not yours and think you can determine how it’s spent.
If you or your friend had a job and source of income, you’d not be peaking and lusting after another person’s money.

If you wanted him to dash you, you should request and ask nicely. Not feeling entitled.


Romance / Re: Should I confess to My Wife And Kids because I feel dirty by KORLAR(m): 5:12pm On Jun 11
If you can hold it in without it affecting your marriage and mental health, hold it and channel all the energy into getting an income.

If not, tell her. I’m sure she’d be understanding.

What kind of job are you looking to get?
Education / Re: Mistakes Students Should Never Make In The University by KORLAR(m): 3:38pm On Apr 26
13. No date any gal for your department

Romance / Re: I Just Found Out Her Hiding Place by KORLAR(m): 4:16am On Mar 17
OP, in case you’re willing to sell the phone for like 60k. Hit me up.
Romance / Re: Ladies How Do You Cope With An Overbearing Man??? by KORLAR(m): 10:57am On Jun 27, 2020
Good evening ladies in the house,

I have a friend he is every good thing but overbearing. He kept that part till we started dating. I don't have issues with a man wanting to be a man but when he does it to the extent your opinions don't count again and if you do otherwise even when you are right, it gets him angry. Shouldn't it be a thing of concern?

I've been feeding his ego but I think its getting out of hand. The relationship is getting serious but my fears have started building and im beginning to ask myself if I can cope??

Please help a sister, what can I do to stop this? Married women in the house with husbands with such traits how do you cope?

Should have have learnt from my parents but my father is the exact opposite and with my observations, his dad is also overbearing his sisters at always complaining.

Don’t listen to those telling you to just leave him.
He’s the ‘traditional’ African man who wants total submission.
What you need to do is communicate your feelings with him and let him learn how his actions are affecting your relationship and affection to him.
Let him know anytime he does his controlling thing and let him know how you feel about it and that you can’t continue with the relationship if he doesn’t change.
After constant complaints and his failure to heed, feel free to leave him.

Sure if he loves you, he’d be willing to change and make amends.

Take care.


Politics / Re: CPC Will Act Against Ochereome Nnanna, Vanguard - DG CPC by KORLAR(m): 6:01pm On Jun 11, 2018
His comment was made on facebook, not vanguard platform. He is entitled to his view and he exercised his fundamental right of speech...... Joe Abah and others should present a contrary argument or shut up.

The fact that he is an employee of Vanguard does not mean he cannot have or air his own view on issues.

So, what do you think of Buhari's lazy youth comment?
Career / Re: Labour Right Every Employee Should Know by KORLAR(m): 1:21pm On May 15, 2018
Lol. Is that all?
Had to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if any other thing was mentioned.
Education / Re: Ministry Of Education Considering Adding An Extra Year To University Studies by KORLAR(m): 9:36pm On May 09, 2018

Yes, and will the special institutions be able to cater for the thousands of students that graduate yearly?

Don't mind them.

They're either dumb, selfish or both.
Education / Re: Ministry Of Education Considering Adding An Extra Year To University Studies by KORLAR(m): 12:50pm On May 09, 2018
Why can't they just reform the varsities and make them better rather than an extra year and resources wasted?

So what happens if the extra year in those special institutions is unproductive, another extra year somewhere else?

I'm convinced this people are selfish and backward thinkers.

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Politics / Re: Senators Drop Impeachment, Consider Reprimand Of Buhari Over $496m Aircraft by KORLAR(m): 4:54pm On May 07, 2018
After seeing what has become Of Senator Dino Malaye, no one in the NASS wants to be another scape goat.

Nah. Melaye's travail might even be a reason some senators made the call for impeachment.

Most of the senators know that the impeachment call can't go past just being a call, because there are provisions in the constitution that allows the president to make that kind of spending.

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Romance / Re: 7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Chasing A Girl For Over 12 Months (Pics) by KORLAR(m): 11:42am On Apr 20, 2018
reminds me of a guy that chased me for complete 5years.

Hope you gave him B. Eng Chasing engineering?


Politics / Re: President Buhari Sitting On A Chair During Prayer. Picture Causes Controversy by KORLAR(m): 6:16pm On Mar 31, 2018
I'm seeing a lot of ignorant comments about this picture.

It is permissible for him to pray like that if he has health issues.

Stop being ignorant.
Politics / Re: Dangote, Bill Gates, Ganduje, Tambuwal, El-Rufai, Others At RI MoU In Sokoto by KORLAR(m): 11:31pm On Mar 21, 2018
Bill gates has made enough money, now he has stopped investing and has appointed experts to manage his respective companies while he(bill gates) is busy tackling world diseases. But Dangote has made a lot of billions, and in spite of the poverty in his country, he has not created a foundation to fight poverty and unemployment. Dangote is busy amassing all the wealth in the country at the expense of the poor masses.

#Black men are too greedy, they will never stop making money!

Let everyone do what he/she wants with their money.
Nobody owes anybody anything.
Politics / Re: Amasa Firdu: Hijab Protesters Storm National Assembly (Photos) by KORLAR(m): 4:54pm On Mar 16, 2018

If you have proof that she wore it in law school, please paste the proof here. sad And wearing a hijab cannot be claimed as a right, when hijab was NEVER approved as part of the uniform for lawyers in the first place! In fact she signed different forms to abide by the rules of the law school, and the dictates of the legal profession, which never included wearing a hijab, as part of the uniform of the lawyers. So why is she breaking the rules now? Why do you chaps find it so hard to understand this simple issue? shocked

Lawyers have a prescribed mode of dressing to court! undecided Before even applying to study law, everyone is aware of this fact, so why are you all pretending?? Can everybody can suddenly wake up, and wear whatever they like on top or below the lawyer's uniform, claiming it is their "right?" shocked

You people keep chanting the constitution, the constitution, as if it is some kind of religious invocation. Lawyers know more about the constitution than laymen, so why hasn't any female muslim lawyer worn a hijab with her wig and gown since 1962 when the law school was opened in Nigeria? Isn't it because they know that such an action is totally frivolous?

Don't think I want to continue this conversation as it seems you have your mind made up and not willing to change it.
Politics / Re: Amasa Firdu: Hijab Protesters Storm National Assembly (Photos) by KORLAR(m): 1:05am On Mar 16, 2018

If the hijab does not stop her from being a good lawyer, then why can't she discard it? It adds nothing to her practise of the law. She was not wearing a hijab in law school, all of a sudden she arrived at the call to bar ceremony, and decided to drape herself in a hijab? Isn't that hypocrisy? shocked Finally, go back and do your research. Female muslim lawyers were not given an automatic right in Western countries (except maybe USA that lacked a dress code for lawyers) to start wearing the hijab. Find out how they lobbied and filed cases, in order to be allowed to do so. undecided

How does one just "discard" a religious practice?
From all the information I've gotten on this hijab issue, no mention of her not using it in law school, I'd like to know where you got your information.
And BTW, even if she wasn't using it in law school(which I doubt) and chooses to use it on the day she's to be called to the bar, its still part of her right to practise her religion.

In conclusion, to the best of my knowledge, there's no law that stops a hijabite from being called to the bar. The irony is the wearing of the hijab has the backing of the constitution which advocates freedom of conscience, thought and practice of religion.

I stand to be corrected.
Politics / Re: Amasa Firdu: Hijab Protesters Storm National Assembly (Photos) by KORLAR(m): 8:48pm On Mar 15, 2018

Was she not practising the religion before she applied to study law, and was informed from day one while she was still in school, that hijab is not allowed as part of the wig and gown in Nigeria?

Does the hijab stop her from being a good lawyer?

The West that mandated us to use the wig have long gone past it and call people that wear hijab to the bar.

We just like to make a mountain of a molehill.
Politics / Re: Amasa Firdu: Hijab Protesters Storm National Assembly (Photos) by KORLAR(m): 11:46pm On Mar 14, 2018
Why did we as a nation enjoy dwelling on frivolous issues? It seems Muslims are so obsessed about religion that they can't define the constraints as regards secular issues. With due respect to the Muslim community, I can't remember when last Christian issues dominated the headlines on issues of little concern as this.

The earlier we as a nation stop giving relevance to things like this hijab issue, the better we will become. Time is of essence in our individual and national life. Hence, let's devote much of our time to restructuring our mindsets to conform to best approaches that will give a positive outlook of us to the world.

Thank u.

This is an issue of right to practice one's religion.

Why do you trivialise it?

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Car Talk / Re: Torrot: A Vehicle Made For Lagos Traffic by KORLAR(m): 7:58am On Feb 08, 2018
Lagos traffic wey dey hold okada.
Na this one go come give am hard time?
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Letter: Tinubu 2013 Vs 2018 by KORLAR(m): 4:54pm On Feb 05, 2018
So, are you saying nothing can change in 5 years?

Because I remember Obj supporting Buhari few years back
Forum Games / Re: Is This Murder Or Suicide by KORLAR(m): 11:10pm On Dec 06, 2017
Place is scattered.
Window is open.
And if you look well you'd see the murderer at the closed window.
Islam for Muslims / Re: How We Are To Have Sex With Our Wives In Accordance To Sunnah- Friday Lecture by KORLAR(m): 10:50am On Oct 06, 2017


Islam for Muslims / Re: Opposition To Sukuk: CAN Is Playing ‘dog In The Manger’ by KORLAR(m): 9:19am On Sep 22, 2017
I really dislike the bickering between these two bodies which causes enmity and friction among their followers. Can't we just coexist maturely without having a go at one another.


Career / How Important Is Career Growth To You? by KORLAR(m): 2:17pm On Mar 16, 2017
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Automatically, you will also be part of the Poise Executive Network which comes with numerous career benefits.

Register here now: https:///forms/CS8PAKQQmKJJodpw1

To find out more, send an email to Poise@poisenigeria.org or call Joseph: 08064175973 or Mubarak:08121281336

Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Returns As Landing Cost Hits N145 by KORLAR(m): 8:29am On Jan 15, 2017
APC zombies and Buhari are the dumbest people on earth

They crucified and wanted to kill Goodluck Jonathan for introducing subsidy

What is happening now ?? Buhari the ignorant 90 years old farmer and his APC rats have ran to subsidy( which they called looting) to help them

This is just the begining

I want the economy to get worse

I want rice to be sold for 50 thousand naira per bag

I want everything to crash to the ground

This is what Zombies deserve for voting in an ignorant farmer as the president

I pray that Buhari will rule Nigeria for 100 years

This is just the beginning of the hardship

Kerosene was 120 naira when Goodluck Jonathan was the president and some idiots said that they want change, they voted for a 90 year old farmer and 1 year later a liter of kerosene is 500 naira

I pray that the price of petrol will increase to 9 thousand naira per liter so that these zombies will die of hardship

LMAO. I hope you're not in Nigeria cos we will suffer it together. So, be careful what you wish for.

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Car Talk / Car Headrests. by KORLAR(m): 11:23pm On Nov 14, 2016
Did you know?
The headrest of car seats is deliberately kept detachable and sharp so that it could be used to break open the glass of car in case of fire and emergency. The car's glass too are kept easily breakable from inside. Very few people know about it and thus can't save themselves in case of emergencies.
Please share it with as many possible and educate.


Islam for Muslims / The Nurse And The Muslim Patient – A True Story From The United Kingdom. by KORLAR(m): 9:55pm On Nov 12, 2016
My name is Cassie, I am 23 years old. I graduated as a qualified nurse this year and was given my first position as a home nurse.
My patient was an English gentleman in his early 80s who suffered from Alzheimer’s. In the first meeting, the patient was given his record and from it I could see that he was a convert to the religion of Islam, therefore he was a Muslim.
I knew from this that I would need to take into account some modes of treatment that may go against his faith, and therefore try to adapt my care to meet his needs. I brought in some ‘halal’ meat to cook for him and ensured that there was no pork or alcohol in the premises as I did some research which showed that these were forbidden in Islam.
My patient was in a very advanced stage of his condition so a lot of my colleagues could not understand why I was going through so much effort for him. But I understood that a person who commits to a faith deserves that commitment to be respected, even if they are not in a position to understand.
Anyway after a few weeks with my patient I began to notice some patterns of movement.
At first I thought it was some copied motions he’s seen someone doing, but I saw him repeat the movement at particular time; morning, afternoon, evening.
The movements were to raise his hands, bow and then put his head to the ground. I could not understand it. He was also repeating sentences in another language, I couldn’t figure out what language it was as his speech was slurred but I know the same verses were repeated daily.
Also there was something strange, he didn’t allow me to feed him with my left hand (I am left-handed).
Somehow I knew this linked to his religion but didn’t know how.
One of my colleagues told me about paltalk as a place for debates and discussions and as I did not know any Muslims except for my patient I thought it would be good to speak to someone live and ask questions. I went on the Islam section and entered the room ‘True Message’.
Here I asked questions regarding the repeated movements and was told that these were the actions of prayer. I did not really believe it until someone posted a link of the Islamic prayer on youtube.
I was shocked.
A man who has lost all memory of his children, of his occupation, and could barely eat and drink was able to remember not only actions of prayer but verses that were in another language.
This was nothing short of incredible and I knew that this man was devout in his faith, which made me want to learn more in order to care for him the best I could.
I came into the paltalk room as often as I could and was given a link to read the translation of the Quran and listen to it.
The chapter of the ‘Bee’ gave me chills and I repeated it several times a day.
I saved a recording of the Quran on my iPod and gave it to my patient to listen to, he was smiling and crying, and in reading the translation I could see why.
I applied what I gained from paltalk to care for my patient but gradually found myself coming to the room to find answers for myself.
I never really took the time to look at my life; I never knew my father, my mother died when I was 3, me and my brother were raised by our grandparents who died 4 years ago, so now its just the two of us.
But despite all this loss, I always thought I was happy, content.
It was only after spending time with my patient that felt like I was missing something. I was missing that sense of peace and tranquility my patient, even through suffering felt.
I wanted that sense of belonging and a part of something that he felt, even with no one around him.
I was given a list of mosques in my area by a lady on paltalk and went down to visit one. I watched the prayer and could not hold back my tears.
I felt drawn to the mosque every day and the imam and his wife would give me books and tapes and welcome any questions I had.
Every question I asked at the mosque and on paltalk was answered with such clarity and depth that could do nothing but accept them.
I have never practiced a faith but always believed that there was a God; I just did not know how to worship Him.
One evening I came on paltalk and one of the speakers on the mic addressed me. He asked me if I have any questions, I said no. He asked if I was happy with the answers I was given, I said yes.
He asked then what was stopping me accepting Islam, I could not answer.
I went to the mosque to watch the dawn prayer. The imam asked me the same question, I could not answer.
I then went to tend to my patient, I was feeding him and as I looked in his eyes I just realized, he was brought to me for a reason and the only thing stopping me from accepting was fear…. not fear in the sense of something bad, but fear of accepting something good, and thinking that I was not worthy like this man.
That afternoon I went to the mosque and asked the imam if I could say my declaration of faith, the Shahadah.: lā ilāha illà al-Lāh, Muhammadun rasūlu Al-Lāh. There is no god except Allah, Muhammad is Allah’s messenger.
He helped me through it and guided me through what I would need to do next.
I cannot explain the feeling I felt when I said it.
It was like someone woke me up from sleep and sees everything more clearly.
The feeling was overwhelming joy, clarity and most of all…. peace.
The first person I told was not my brother but my patient.
I went to him, and before I even opened my mouth he cried and smiled at me.
I broke down in front of him, I owed him so much.
I came home logged on to paltalk and repeated the shahadah for the room.
They all helped me so much and even though I had never seen a single one of them, they felt closer to me than my own brother.
I did eventually call my brother to tell him and although he wasn’t happy, he supported me and said he would be there, I couldn’t ask for any more.
After my first week as a Muslim my patient passed away in his sleep while I was caring for him. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.
He died a peaceful death and I was the only person with him.
He was like the father I never had and he was my doorway to Islam.
From the day of my Shahadah to this very day and for every day for as long as I live, I will pray that Allah shows mercy on him and grant him every good deed I perform in the tenfold.
I loved him for the sake of Allah and I pray each night to become an atoms weight of the Muslim he was.
Islam is a religion with an open door; it is there for those who want to enter it…. Verily Allah is the Most Merciful, Most Kind.
* Note * Our sister Cassie passed away, October 2010. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, after she gave da’wa to her brother, who had accepted Islam, Alhamdulillah!
This story proves that daw’ah has many folds, and the “silent” dawah is one of the strongest. That patient could not talk, but the strength of his faith that he kept was enough to convince the nurse to take the Straight Path. This is a very moving story and should be an encouragement for all of us Muslims to have faith and to behave positively so that the people who do not know what Islam is could be attracted naturally to it, In’sha’Allaah!


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Food / Re: 6 Dangers Of Soft Drinks by KORLAR(m): 7:51am On Nov 07, 2016
After cutting off soft drinks from my diet, I went from a size 12 to a size 8.

And I'm loving my new body.

Why so cute?
Religion / Re: Waking Up From Sleep With Thin Blade Marks On My Body. by KORLAR(m): 10:19am On Nov 06, 2016
i woke up one morning then i couldnt feel my arm, then suddenly i was able to feel it small then followed with a very terriblee pain....please whats that undecided

Happens to me but without the pains though. The explanation for this is you probably slept in a position that stops or reduces blood flow to your arm.

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