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Properties / Re: Notice To Quit by LKO(m): 4:46pm On May 07
what state is this? In lagos a lawyer will issue the quit notice and after the 6 month if the tenant refused to vacate then you will issue a 7 days notice and after that you will go to court. All these are precedent you must follow before going to court

Must it be issued by a Lawyer? Can't the landlord issue the quit notice and the seven days notice himself?
Politics / Re: Dealers Demand ₦850/Litre Diesel As Dangote, Marketers Meet by LKO(m): 5:14am On Apr 10
I nor dey use diesel so this news isn't relevant to me. Thank you. Diesel users over to you.

The price of diesel should concern you and everyone one of us. Cheaper diesel would drastically reduced the overall manufacturing cost, transportation and the cost of distributing goods to different parts of the country. This will have a positive effect on the prices of goods and services which you would benefit from. Today high cost of diesel is partly responsible for the high cost of doing business in Nigeria.

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Family / Re: Anyone Pregnant Going Through This Or With Experience,please Help!!! by LKO(m): 7:26am On Mar 04
Just wait and hopefully baby will turn by you next visit at 41 weeks.If the baby continues to stay breech(not head down),then a C/S might be required.
That shouldn't get you worried.

Thank you so much. We hope baby turns, my wife don't want to hear of C/S at all.
Family / Re: Anyone Pregnant Going Through This Or With Experience,please Help!!! by LKO(m): 6:39pm On Mar 03
At 40wks,you are due.Your OS being closed means your labour has not started.The opening of the uterus is closed.What the doctor tried to do was to initiate labour.Your baby floating means he/she is still surrounded by the amniotic sac intact.It is not abnormal to have the OS closed at 40wks but the baby is due and if labour does not start on its own,the doctor may have to induce it.You don't want to keep the baby forever in there.
Your labour could start any moment from now but if it doesn't,you may have to be induced as the doctor said on your next appointment.Induction does not harm you or the baby,so you don't have to be scared.

Dr please I'm worried. My wife is 39 weeks pregnant as at last week Tuesday. She was in clinic that last week Tuesday, scan was done and it shows baby head has not yet turned. Her due date are March 3, 4 and 5. Baby weight was 2.3kg. The senior matron on duty told her that there was no cause for fear that baby would turn since the baby is small. By the way it's a government owned general hospital. Her next visit is March 12, then she would be week 41 weeks. She is very fine and baby is kicking very firmly everyday with lots of waist pain. What do we do at this stage please? This is our first time.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LKO(m): 5:35pm On Mar 02
why not seeek the advice of d Doc in that hospital? Cos baby that has not turn at 39weeks, d probably of him or her turning before birth is slim

Thank you. Would do that on Tuesday, her next appointment.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LKO(m): 1:33pm On Mar 02

There is nothing wrong with diazepam in early stage of pregnancy.

When your doctor says bedrest, they mean bedrest. You are not helping your cause by going up and down to get stuffs. When observing bedrest you should limit your activities to the barest minimum. If and where possible, household chores should even be out of it. Just eat, sleep and repeat.

I don't know where you are getting your information from oooo, duphaston prescribed by your doctor is the right medication right now because of the threatened miscarriage you are currently experiencing (and you will likely take it throughout your first trimester).

Like I said earlier, you are not observing your bedrest, and that is where the case lies, not the drugs your doctor prescribed.

May you carry your baby to term in Jesus name, you may also seek a second professional advise if you feel the need to.

My wife is 39 weeks gone, visited the clinic on Tuesday for ANC. Scan result says baby head has not yet turned. The senior matron on duty says no cause for alarm, insisting baby would turn later since baby is small 2.3kg, first time mum. We are seriously worried. Your opinion is needed please. Thanks.
Politics / Re: Speaker And Deputy Senate President Which Is Higher by LKO(m): 12:35pm On Jan 11
This Argument wan cause fight for my area today. Who be number 4 man for Nigeria

Number 4 is the speaker. When Agege was deputy Senate president, my Warri people keeps arguing with me that Agege is bigger than Gbejabiamila, all my correction was in vain. The chief justice of Nigeria is number 5 in government hierarchy.
Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by LKO(m): 1:23pm On Nov 30, 2023
I need a supplement that can make me get a hard erection just done treating my staph I am getting it hard to achieve and maintain a hard erection

Please start morning jogging and eat a lot of fruits. Your hard erection would come back.
Health / Re: My HIV Journey In Nigeria Vs US (Pros And Cons) by LKO(m): 11:53am On Sep 13, 2023

Can you repeat what you said?
Is the u equals u still reliable? Many Nigerians still do not believe it.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LKO(m): 6:16pm On Sep 12, 2023

Is normal... Early Pregnancy symptoms
She is 15 weeks gone. I am really worried with this cold issue. Scan of last week says baby is active.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LKO(m): 3:07pm On Sep 12, 2023

That could be it... Babies tend to grow ahead at this stage,same as my pregnancy but I'm sticking with LMP.
Madam, please can pregnancy at the early stage cause cold? My woman is always complaining of cold, cant bathe ordinary water. Her midwife says no issue.
Health / Re: My HIV Journey In Nigeria Vs US (Pros And Cons) by LKO(m): 6:00pm On Sep 11, 2023

Alright, thanks for the reminder, this post actually went a long way helping a lot of people. I’m so happy I did it
Is the u equal u still full proof? Many Nigerians still do not believe it.
Health / Re: My HIV Journey In Nigeria Vs US (Pros And Cons) by LKO(m): 11:41am On Sep 11, 2023

Lol, how far… what was I suppose to respond to? I de reply since . Lol
And incisive posts. Please keep this place busy. Many thanks.
Health / Re: My HIV Journey In Nigeria Vs US (Pros And Cons) by LKO(m): 11:34am On Sep 11, 2023

Lol, how far… what was I suppose to respond to? I de reply since . Lol
Please keep this place busy with updates and inc4ce posts.
Health / Re: My HIV Journey In Nigeria Vs US (Pros And Cons) by LKO(m): 5:47pm On Sep 10, 2023

There is no problems at all…. Everyone stay undetectable that’s it
Six months after no update. We offend u?
Health / Re: How Soon Does Lab Test Detect HIV Infection After Being Exposed? by LKO(m): 4:36pm On Aug 24, 2023

So long as his viral load is undectectable his chances of passing the virus is cut by as much as 96% too
What range of viral load is undectable?
Health / Re: How Soon Does Lab Test Detect HIV Infection After Being Exposed? by LKO(m): 2:16pm On Aug 23, 2023

If she was on antiretroviral medications as it should be the case her viral load would be non detectable, making it hard for her to pass on the virus
WHat if it is a guy that is positive and on arv wont he infect the lady?
Health / Re: See How You Can Use Soursop Leaves Water To Flush Off Toxins In The Human Body by LKO(m): 7:18pm On Jun 27, 2023

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Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by LKO(m): 2:05pm On Apr 27, 2023
It's for low sperm count oligospermia/Azoospermia

I wish you well sir. You can also make findings about WELLMAN CONCEPTION. It's 8000 naira in my area. Its 30 in a pack, you take one daily.
Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by LKO(m): 4:24pm On Apr 26, 2023
OK.. I'll do that... But how do you use it, is it one in the morning and night before eating food

One after breakfast. One after dinner. You use milk in taking it, not water. If you want to get good result, start physical exercise while taking the drug. For me, I embark on early morning jogging along the road, at least four times a week. Eat fruits like water melon, pineapple, banana etc in abundance.

What's your reason for wanting to take manix?


Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by LKO(m): 2:35pm On Apr 25, 2023
Is this the drug because I checked jumia it cost #7500 there.

That's the drug. I bought in December 2500. Go to a pharmacy.
Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by LKO(m): 8:43am On Apr 25, 2023
How much did you buy the manix?

A pack of manix is between 2500 and 3000 naira, depending on where you are buying from.
Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by LKO(m): 11:49am On Apr 19, 2023

Urologist at UCH. I had another consultant last week Monday. He told me to continue the drug for the next 2 months.

Do you usually use milk in taking manix or just a glass of water?
Politics / Re: Where Did Omo Agege Get It Wrong by LKO(m): 9:47pm On Mar 22, 2023

Na long talk. Delta politics is a diff ball game..it's so grassroot. The structure is so kneat , It's difficult to break. They don't even need to rig in delta pdp will win.

Delta have the ibos ,urhobo, Ijaw and isoko. The govt elect is from Ijaw, okowa is from ibo ....and he started from grass root as a councilor. He is loyal to the core the delta ibos love him even with his failure . So that is already 2 against 2. And the ijaws have never ruled..omo agege gambled wrong...
Even his urhobo and isoko strong hold voted pdp. When pdp is long dead, I can guarantee you only delta will still have pdp structure working.

You think Atiku picked Okowa by mistake...his plan was to clear north , fight for 25percebt in south east and win south south. If not for wike, he would have won delta, had a good outing in bayelsa, pH and Akwa ibom

Okowa was next in line after Obori, but they decided to give it his cuz, uduagan. He was loyal , waited and went to senate. Deltans respect that loyalty he showed. Before okowa, ikas are the most intelligent but more oppressed in delta. They will never let it go again. They av taken the best alliance with ijaws another suppressed ethnic group. The rotation will continue. It's like the ibos finally realising they need to leave yoruba and align with the North. Expect that in 2027. Imagine a PO and kwankwaso pally. The ibos learnt. Next election they will deputise for a core north and the relationship will start.

Too many misinformation in this piece. Firstly, the Governor elect is not Ijaw, he is an Urhobo man of Okpe extraction, he is an indigene of Osubi, Okpe LGA.

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Politics / Re: Throwback Photo Of Desmond Elliot And Olumide Owuru During His NYSC Days by LKO(m): 2:03pm On Mar 17, 2023
Surprises n shock upon shock will happen tomorrow, Jite Brown of PDP will lose to Collins of APC in udu LGA while Sheriff will be retired from active politics including Desmond Elliot. E go choke.

Someone who is yet to finish his tenure as a council chairman, used his closeness to Okowa and our collective resources to procure house of assembly ticket. We will collectively ensure that Jite Brown is retired tomorrow to his Aladja country home. This greed and despiration must be stopped.

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Politics / Re: Dave Umahi Seeks Buhari Approval For University Of Science & Technology by LKO(m): 11:31am On Mar 15, 2023
I don't know if any state have two federal universities at the moment. Ebonyi State has one already at Ikwo established by President Jonthan. Fingers crossed.
Health / Re: I Just Discovered I Have Hiv by LKO(m): 6:04pm On Mar 13, 2023

A positive guy with can a low Hiv viral load can get married because he has what is called a U status.

U stands for undectectable status.

Whenever you go for a Hiv test, normally the test would reveal things such as the percentage of the Hiv virus in ur blood stream, Your cd4 cell count ( Your cd4 cells are cells in ur immune system )

Remember the operational morandi of the HIV virus in the first place which is that it sneaks into ur immune system silently and stays quiet there before it begins to reproduce inside ur immune system and in the process kill of the cells there eventually.( This is why the cure for HIV has been extremely hard to discover, the latency and the way the virus reproduces )

See how easy it was to produce the Covid 19 vaccine within months, but its been 40 years now and HIV vaccine is still probably 50 years away.

Anyway back to the topic, once you have tested positive, ARV drugs stops the HIV virus from replicating inside ur system. It doesnt kill it off and the HIV virus is still there and would always be there.

But because a positive person has taken his ARV efficiently and judiciously, you develop a low viral count, a viral count so low, if you randomly go to a health clinic and do a random HIV test, they would tell you you dont have it, even though deep down you have it.

At this stage, you can have all the unprotected intercourse you want, as although you have the virus, its not in sufficient amount in your blood stream to pass it on.

At this stage you can be with your wife and do whatever you want as your wife and kids would never have it.

But caution oooo, just because you have a low viral count doesnt mean you stop your ARV drugs or treatment.

The virus can become drug resistant to your existing treatment because you stopped for a while and it just found a way of replicating inside your system once again and starts to do what it came to do.

Regular testing and ARV drugs the most efficient way of getting by with the virus

I don't know how reliable this your information is, I was reading an article online, it was argued that a person can be undectable in blood viral testing but may be detectable in his semen thus unprotected sex is not safe even if the man is virally surpressed. Conflicting opinion on this issue.
Health / Re: Male Infertility!!! Share Your Experience/success Story. by LKO(m): 10:39am On Mar 03, 2023
Testimony time !!!

I have been following this thread incognito for a while now since my results came out with very low motility and morphology.

Background; Got married 1st qtr 2022, after over 6 months with no issue, my wife was really worried. She started running all forms of test, which all came back normal. We went to a pharmacy to get some supplements for her, then the pharm recommended Wellman Conception for me. I took the one months supply while my wife was taking folic acid and other supplements she was using. After a few months with no show, I decided to run semen analysis and the result was shocking. 4% motility 0% progressive motility, 2% morphology, count was averagely okay at 18mil. It meant I have been the reason for the delay all this while. I was not convinced with the result, so i decided to run the test again after two(2) weeks, the results was similar. Saw a Dr. With the result and she asked that I continue with Wellman for 3 more months, make some life style changes (excersizing more, less hot showers, wearing free underwear, stop smoking) eating lots of zinc rich foods, she specifically asked that i ate Brazil nuts (good for motility) with other nuts. It was very overwhelming for me.

I found this thread and I read almost every page. There were not so many testimonies, however I made sure I read what they all did differently. @Slinkspec testimony really motivated me as her husband’s result was worst than what I had. I picked a number of things from the steps they took through their journey.

Summary of all what I did;
1. Got three months supply for Wellman conception
2. was taking Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, almond, walnut at least thrice a week
3. Eating vitamin c reach fruits, zinc reach fruits
4. Once a week I blended green vegetables and drink (Got this from Slinkspec’s posts)
5. I registered with the gym and spent at least 30 minutes exercising three times a week.
6. In addition to Wellman, I got other supplements like vitamin e, b12, zinc, selenium, co-enzyme 10
7. Stopped wearing boxers to sleep
8. Reduced taking hot showers

From Oct 19th was consistent with all the steps listed above, my wife tested positive last week. Really appreciate all those that have posted about how they got help, these stories give hope to those battling one fertility issue or another. I pray anyone reading this story give their testimony soonest.

Thank God for granting your heart desires.
Can one still have sex with his wife in the course of taking wellman? I started wellman on Wednesday, the drug seems to be making me weak.
Food / Re: Expensive Jollof Rice & Chicken I Just Bought (pics) by LKO(m): 11:29pm On Feb 18, 2023

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is healthy and not a soda but buying and drinking the ones in packs isn't healthy, considering the preservatives and sugar contents, yoghurt too is cool, but must be taken in moderation and periodically, don't make it a habit

Are malt drinks e.g. dubic, maltina etc also soda? How healthy are they? Thanks.
Crime / Re: Pastor Prays For Yahoo Boys In Church To Cash Out Millions From Client In Delta by LKO(m): 6:54am On Jan 29, 2023
Quite sad

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Politics / Re: Atiku Plans To Assassinate Wike – Achimugu Makes Fresh Allegation (Video) by LKO(m): 5:50am On Jan 27, 2023
Please help me enlighten the kids we have on this forum. Atiku remains my choice come February 25

What bad did Ibori did to Atiku? Inform us.

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