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Travel / Re: Photo Of Overspeeding Car That Flew Into The 2nd Floor Of A Building In The U.S by lupey: 8:40am On Jan 15, 2018
Wawu!!! This is serious!
Celebrities / Re: "Davido Joins Cult, Next Thing We Hear 3 Friends Around Him Die" - Twitter User by lupey: 6:06pm On Oct 12, 2017
*In jenifas voice* wu hazzed you
Literature / Re: The Itch. by lupey: 3:16am On Mar 26, 2016
Yei! Royver is at it again! *licks lips in delight* I'm really excited about the prospects this piece holds. CAN'T WAIT!!! grin

However, i just thought to point out the fact that i just read your thread, "My Take on This: is it just me or..." i don't think i got the words right, but i'm sure you catch my drift. Your point was that children shouldn't exactly experience violence and even where they necessarily have to, it should be regulated. My point is, why is Eniola then having to literally witness the death of her parents, and how come her hand got amputated? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of painting children in this somewhat "cherubic" light?

Nice work though...please update soonest.

Your No. 1 Fan smiley
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage's Son Followed Her To Work Today (photo) by lupey: 8:20am On Mar 11, 2016
what a cutie!

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Romance / Re: Blast From The Past----nairaland Romance Section Of Old by lupey: 5:59pm On Dec 04, 2015
The newbies might not be able to relate to this, but i will still carry on smiley ...just to remember the good old days

Those days when the section had mods... and they were the most popular mods on nairaland

1.in the name of Sexkillz and Ogugua... they both ended up dating and had lots of enemies even the owner of this forum was jealous of their relationship...heard he wanted sexkillz girlfriend but she no gree
Sexkills also went on to be the most hated and most cursed albino mod nairaland ever had.. as he could ban people till 2050..but he was one of the best mods dealing with trolls..sadly he fought with the owner of the forum and left with his girlfriend

2.Idowuogbo she was the mama of the house...she was our big momma, she was everywhere this section wasn't alive without her. sadly she is no longer active as the flavour of the romance section is gone.. some say too many kids in the section now

3. Sexyleamon i miss her posts..she probably left too

4. Rokiatu. one popular babe in this section..well known for her assets behind, not sure if she still posts

5 190 This was the biggest troll to walk on nairaland always insulting darkskinned girls..funny he had lot of nairaland girlfriends

6) MrsChima married but posting annoying stuffs

7) Adaobi....whew the first Miss Nairaland, she was so pretty but i think she's left nairaland also

notable mentions Drnairalov, Freecocoa, Lupey, Lupey where re u??

those days mehn i miss it sad sad

and those years had the best miss nairaland expecially when LUPEY won miss nairaland!!

i miss u guys..the golden era!!

hello there! Nairaland is always home to me...


Literature / Re: Behind Her Veil by lupey: 9:03pm On Nov 07, 2015
okay now...I pirry this Vanessa girl oh! if Jenny baby cash u ehn, me I'm not there o. its bad enuff dt the ice queen's heart has somewhat been melted by oga Kross and now Vanessa is doing action film with him. no wahala nau...na here we dey, we just dey observe.

oga mattkent, well done oh! sha be doing snake in d monkey shadow style with our minds. This story is lit mahn!!!
Education / Re: Ooni Of Ife Intervenes In OAU Crisis, Workers Suspend Strike Action . by lupey: 1:38pm On Jul 23, 2015
Why is this OAU always in the news? A school that isn't even among the top 1000 Universities in the world. Before you crucify me, i am a Computer engineering graduate of OAU but immediately I started my masters at University of Portsmouth, I realized that 0AU is just an overrated School.

I concur powerfully! A school that thrives on past glories...everyone, no matter how insignificant their posts are, wants to feel important. From secretaries to cleaners. And to say that they are acting on falsities...mstcheeew!
Romance / Re: Guy Reveals His Shock Discovering He Had Twins Ex-gf Said She Had Aborted by lupey: 12:16am On Jun 13, 2015

Wow!! You're still here!

Lol...I sure am. Always have been. smiley
Romance / Re: My Relationship Is Static. Mature Minds Only Please by lupey: 7:49am On Jun 11, 2015
Do you care about what strangers think about you? Do they feel your pain? Who cares if they call you wicked? Are they in your situation right now?

If this guy leaves you after you waited for him for 14 years, it is this same set of people that you are worried about them calling you wicked for leaving a 7 year relationship, that will still call you a big fool for dating and waiting for a man for 14 years. . .

Your life, your choice, your decision, your happiness.

shocked shocked shocked Sexxkillz is baaaaack!!!

*fist pump* yeah!!! That's what I'm talking about!
Romance / Re: Guy Reveals His Shock Discovering He Had Twins Ex-gf Said She Had Aborted by lupey: 8:30am On Jun 08, 2015
I'm sorry, but your picture here confirm what your ex's dad said. sad

If I was in your shoes back then, my only mission in life will be about proving them wrong.

Here you are hanging your shades on your forehead and wearing a knicker underneath a sweat shirt. Those kids may not want you as their dad cos ur profile is still not encouraging.

Like seriously!
Literature / Re: Doctor by lupey: 1:29am On May 25, 2015
Royver of life! Its you again. Not even the threat of a dying battery in these perilous fuel scarcity times could stop me from reading ur story. Good job!
And to say a doctor writes this well? I'm shocked beyond words. Means a lot of time has been invested in personal growth...don't stop doing what you're doing. I'm sure you know already but then I'd say it again; I'm a huge fan wink smiley


Health / Re: Don't Panic, That's Your Anatomy! by lupey: 12:56am On May 20, 2015
But mind you, if you are always waking up with a wet vagina, with feelings of having made love , it's an indication that all isn't well spiritually. 



Politics / Re: Lawyer To Drag Buhari To Court For Dropping General Title From Name by lupey: 12:06am On May 20, 2015
[size=14pt]mmm....This man's looking for attention left right & centre - isnt it this same Ebun-Olu Adegoruwa guy that took Lagos state government to court on account of restriction of movement during environmental sanitation days? I think he should clear that one first before taking on the president-elect.

@Lupey--joo advise your 'learned' colleague[/size]

Lol...you have been so persistent. Your name always pops up in my timeline smiley I appreciate your consistency, really.
And @topic, lol...he's probably seeking cheap publicity. He would be alright cheesy

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Nairaland / General / Re: Benefits Of Being On Nairaland. by lupey: 3:06pm On Apr 14, 2015
...and you get to meet people like Lupey grin

Lol...seriously! I'm glad I met u too. wink

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Religion / Re: Korede Bello’s Invitation To Sing At Popular Church Attracts Criticism by lupey: 8:47pm On Apr 08, 2015
Some people should please chill. He didn't sing about obscenities. Its about tge song and who its glorifying, not necessarily the instrument through which its delivered!


Politics / Re: Jega's Announcement Of Presidential Election Results 2015: Part 4 by lupey: 8:57pm On Mar 31, 2015
Im loving these times - Nigeria shall be great again...[size=30pt]if only I could see Lupey to celebrate all these with[/size]

Lol...reporting. She's actually celebrating here too oh! grin
Politics / Re: Policemen To Begin Strike On March 28th! by lupey: 8:00am On Mar 03, 2015
They're not informed. Policemen aren't empowered by law to perform strike actions. They xan only form joint consultative committees
Smh angry

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Politics / Re: 9 Year Old Girl Donates Her Lunch Money, Pocket Money To APC (read Her Letter) by lupey: 12:11am On Feb 26, 2015
Awww...this is beautiful although is it just me or this looks too "arranged"
Anyway, way to go little girl. May we all see the change we deserve smiley


Family / Re: What's The Most Annoying Or Shocking Thing A Kid Has Ever Told You? by lupey: 9:00pm On Feb 11, 2015
Today i went to pick my lil niece back from school. She is about 7 years old and very troublesome to me. As we were walking back home, she looked at me with all seriousness and told me ''that my head is shaped like brown beans and that i'm lucky she even talks to me in public''.....

grin grin grin sorry, but that was just plain hilarious! You should have replied with something witty so she'd know not to say stuff like that to people again. Ndo...take heart ehn grin

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Literature / Re: The Day The World Ended by lupey: 12:10am On Dec 27, 2014
McSterling, cartertress, Mercylee, lupey, techno4life, christejames, meklex, fatalveli, chemmzy,
And many more too numerous to mention.

My Christmas gift to you. The Final Chapter. Merry Christmas.


Thankyoooou!!! kiss kiss kiss Merry Christmas!
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy Birthday Lupey by lupey: 1:16pm On Dec 24, 2014

Happy belated birthday, did u see my pm?

Thanks. And, no...I didn't see ur pm. Maybe u shld resend it
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy Birthday Lupey by lupey: 1:15pm On Dec 24, 2014

Noted. U had a party I guess

A mini one, yes... grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy Birthday Lupey by lupey: 10:59am On Dec 22, 2014

U mean friday or Saturday?

Friday, actually
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy Birthday Lupey by lupey: 5:02am On Dec 21, 2014
Happy Birthday Lupey. Hope u had fun today?

Actually, it was yesterday but then the gesture is well appreciated. Thankyou, and yes I had fun. smiley
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy Birthday Lupey by lupey: 12:11pm On Dec 20, 2014
Thankyou so very much, mondisweets! I didn't even think anyone here would notice . I'm very grateful. My day was really beautiful. kiss
Literature / Re: The Day The World Ended by lupey: 1:49pm On Dec 11, 2014
OMG Royver! The end of the story has vanished into thin air! cry This is the first and only time I'd totally connect to a writer's stories- ALL of them. Please don't stop. And please don't hesitate to give us all those juicy stories you write.

Quick question though. Where's the continuation to Chukwudi the Great's story? Pleaaaaase complete it! Please please please!!! You are one hell of a good writer. You deserve literary awards! Keep doing what you're doing. The sky is the beginning for you! kiss

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Politics / Re: Throw Back Picture Of President Jonathan by lupey: 6:43pm On Dec 03, 2014
Lol...if only he knew what life held in store for him... smiley
Romance / Re: One Wrong Turn......true Story by lupey: 9:34am On Nov 06, 2014
Wow! This is a beautiful story!
Travel / Re: Have You Ever Missed A Flight? by lupey: 8:54am On Nov 05, 2014
Mine was 2013. Was flying from Newark to houston and then Nigeria. The newark to houston was a connecting flight. Everything was alright till I went through immigration and found out my flight had been delayed. The time btw my first and second connecting flights was about 30 minutes. I knew I was going to have a huge problem. We got to Houston and the stupid airline,United Airlines, to be precise, had this terrible lady at the customer care that looked like 3 speakers joined together. She sat in her chair and said there was nothing she could do. I got really mad nd even created a scene when she snapped at me.i was that pissed because I had an exam to write the next day in Nigeria and that was infact the only reason I was leaving that early.

Mehn, even with all the drama, I had to spend the night in the airport. The good thing was we were about three that missed our flight to Nigeria and we became fast friends. They even got me dinner out of pity.
There was no available flight to Nigeria till the next evening so I used the whole of the second day to explore Texas and I loved it! Although I missed the exam and had to sleep on the seats in the airport and the airport was sooo cold, I woke up intermittently, it was an experience I know I would never forget.
Nairaland / General / Re: 10 Reasons No Man Wants To Marry You by lupey: 11:08pm On Oct 11, 2014
Very true. Many ladies need to read this. It would atleast save a lot of pastors the stress of counselling the numerous numbers of husband-seeking ladies that have flooded churches.
I recommend front page, mods

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: These Apocalyptic Paintings Show The Terrifying Near Future Of Our Lagos City by lupey: 7:35pm On Sep 05, 2014
Family / Re: Irresponsible Fathers And What They Cause To The Society by lupey: 4:02pm On Jul 31, 2014
deavicky: beautiful small girl will you marry my brother?

Lol...I'm not small o! grin Far from it infact

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