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Politics / Re: Pictures Of Governor Samuel Ortom At TICAD7 by mamajohn(f): 3:23am On Aug 30, 2019
Great achievement to Benue State, at least their Governor went to Japan, congratulations
Hope he has cleared those backlog of salary arrears sha?

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Family / Re: How Can She Bring Her Husband Back Home? by mamajohn(f): 8:13pm On Aug 19, 2019
The man registered his displeasure by embarking on a Strike action just like workers due to unfair treatment @ home...

The wife (as the federal government ) instead of addressing the issue raised about unfair treatment or making life a living hell for him..threatened arrest grin cheesy

Does that sound familiar smiley
Family / How Can She Bring Her Husband Back Home? by mamajohn(f): 9:12pm On Aug 18, 2019
BeeJay, the husband of my good friend, Alero left home since August 11, he hasn't return since then. His phone is switched off while all means of communicating with him has been severed. His elder brother was able to trace him to the house of one of his former colleagues who is a single mother of one, they were colleagues while BeeJay was still working in a commercial bank. It was one of the drivers in the bank who helped the elder brother to locate him yesterday. I went in company with his brother, elder sister and her husband to see him this afternoon and he explained that he is tired of living with his wife who has been making life unbearable for him since he lost his bank job earlier this year. His elder sister told us that she has had to help in settling issues between them recently. His decision sounds strange, how can he relocate to another lady's house simply because he had issues with his wife? We didn't see the other lady though. All effort to explain things to him hasn't yield any result, he is adamant on not returning home. He is still there. His wife is now planning to get the single mother arrested but we pleaded with her to stay action and let's see if we can prevail on him first. Please house, is the option of getting someone arrested a good one or we should continue to find ways of resolving the issue, thank you all.

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Family / Re: How Can I Help Her? by mamajohn(f): 9:57am On Jun 18, 2016
If she is totally done with Iyke, no one will teach her how to get her possesions back and stop him from raiding her account
Before you go off and do anything ask her very well the reason why she cant do it herself
Is she being blackmailed?
You need to get her to confide in you totally and tell you the whole truth before you end up fetching water into a basket.
Until she is 100% done with Iyke it will be a wasted effort and exposing yourself to unnecessary stress and danger
I wont support own husband sticking his neck out for such nonsense.
Let her own relatives do her dirty work for her
Judith's family are far away in the east while she is in the southwest l guess. The OP is like a father figure to her, if something isn't done urgently, Iyke will ruin that girl's life and that's all. Get him arrested asap.
Family / Re: How Can I Help Her? by mamajohn(f): 9:53am On Jun 18, 2016
She knows how to retrieve her car, she's using you as a means to it.

Don't be fooled.
she doesn't know anything, she's just been blinded by love and the crooked lyke capitalised on her innocence to dupe her. The earlier she's assisted from that crook, the better. However, why is OP not interested in involving the police? Kindly get that guy arrested (though on the orders of Judith and her family sha o) and let him be treated as a criminal who he is, cheers!
Autos / Re: SOLD! Tokunbo Honda Pilot EXL 4WD 2006 Model by mamajohn(f): 7:27am On Jun 07, 2016
wey pishure?
Politics / Re: Would You Still Vote For Buhari Again Over Jonathan by mamajohn(f): 7:04pm On May 30, 2016
Buhari even in death is far better than that certified criminal, l will vote for Buhari again.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hello N'landers, As A Job Seeker Would You Take This Salary For A Start? by mamajohn(f): 8:08pm On May 29, 2016
Hey. Wen person go buy land, build house and do great things for hin life... Corruption on point
Rome wasn't built in a day bros.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hello N'landers, As A Job Seeker Would You Take This Salary For A Start? by mamajohn(f): 7:54pm On May 29, 2016
I started with 12k per month in 2007 with my HND, BSc and M.Sc, I got something better in 2009 (35k), another one in 2010 (60k) and my present job with a Federal Polytechnic in 2011. Today I'm paid over 150k per month, l started so small but l must tell you that l got all new jobs through the old one. It was the mother of a child l taught in a private secondary school that linked me with the Federal Polytechnic job in 2011, starting with 50k may be small but its better than nothing and it can become a stepping stone if you work hard, pray well and hope for a positive change, cheers!

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Family / Re: I Don't Know How To Advise Her by mamajohn(f): 7:29pm On May 26, 2016
do these things

1..encourage her to pursue her PhD...

2...continue talking to her about the guy and about marital relationships..

3..help her search for the scholarship..

By doing the aforementioned, she would realize you have her interest at heart, then she might consider giving the guy a trial or even moving on by having interest in someone else..


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Family / Re: I Don't Know How To Advise Her by mamajohn(f): 6:41pm On May 26, 2016
My kid sister Tola is a very pretty girl, very brilliant too, she just completed her Master's degree at 24. There's this guy who have been coming to our house (family house) since 2014. l once asked my immediate younger brother about him, he said this young guy actually befriended him and have been coming around because of Tola and that Tola have not given him a chance for just one day. l see the guy as coolheaded, straightforward and simple in my few chats with him, he got my number and have been calling me occasionally to say hi. I tried to investigate him a bit and discovered that he's a pharmacist from an average background in Ilesha, Osun State, he works with a Federal Government health facility in Ondo State. I'm fascinated by his simple nature and neatness each time l see him. l would want my sister to give him a trial but she doesn't seem to be interested in him. She's talking about scholarship for her PhD at the moment. I asked her about marital relationship but was shocked when she opened her mouth to tell me that the person she really loved isn't showing seriousness and that that guy coming to our house is damned too serious for her. Can you see the contradiction? One isn't serious while another is too serious. I am confused, l don't even know how to advise her to get serious even if she won't marry that young man. To me, SHE IS NOT SERIOUS!
She is not ready for a marital relationship at the moment, encourage her in her pursuit of a doctorate degree and hopefully she will finish at around 27, then she would have become matured emotionally to talk about marriage.


Autos / Re: Registered Toyota Matrix by mamajohn(f): 9:41pm On Feb 17, 2016
Can this car go for N800k?
Call n let's talk, SA
Politics / Re: E.A Adeboye Demands Buhari Appoints His Lackeys For Position Of DG Of PTDF by mamajohn(f): 8:00pm On Feb 17, 2016

Your uncle has no standing in RCCG, that is why
Can you see yourself? My uncle is a Deacon in RCCG, very close to PYO, its just Daddy GO's policy, so that people like you will not blaspheme God through him.


Politics / Re: Buhari May Sack Emefiele ‘Any Moment From Now’ - Ripples by mamajohn(f): 7:48pm On Feb 17, 2016
Buhari does not have the powers to sack him else he would have done so long ago
Did heaven fall when GEJ sacked Sanusi Lamido in 2014?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: YOUWIN Awardees Cry To Buhari: Urge Government To Save Job Loss by mamajohn(f): 7:01pm On Feb 17, 2016
These people just dey make me laff, youwin ko, youlose ni, mtchew

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Politics / Re: E.A Adeboye Demands Buhari Appoints His Lackeys For Position Of DG Of PTDF by mamajohn(f): 4:21pm On Feb 17, 2016
one thing everyone of us in RCCG knows very well is that Pastor Enoch Adeboye don't lobby for anyone or anything, I have an uncle who once contested as VC of a Federal university in the SW, as a member of RCCG, he went to people that are close to Daddy GO to help him but to our surprise, these well known RCCG elders told him point blank that Pastor Adeboye don't get involved in such things that he would only pray for the person, so this post is a broad daylight lie, Pastor Adeboye was in Abuja for a programme yesterday and as is customary of him, he paid a courtesy visit to the President.

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Politics / Re: Ali Modu-Sherrif Taking The Oath Of Office As PDP Chairman (Photos) by mamajohn(f): 5:13am On Feb 17, 2016
From Mr Game Changer to Mr Undertaker, PEEDEEPEE!

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Politics / Re: Rickey Tarfa, Arraigned; Floods Court With 90 Sans by mamajohn(f): 11:00pm On Feb 16, 2016
And the worst path is Wole Olanipekun SAN who lead his colleagues to defend Rickey Tarfa. The only SAN who defend the thief and the owner grin
are you sane at all? where was Wole Olanipekun mentioned in this story?
Politics / Re: Blame Obasanjo, Other Leaders For Nigeria’s Woes — SARAKI by mamajohn(f): 9:06am On Feb 03, 2016
OBJ is also responsible for your false declaration of assets, shame!
Politics / Re: Can Someone Give Me Link To The Pdf Of Ike Ekweremadu's Phd Thesis? by mamajohn(f): 5:20am On Feb 03, 2016
go to his school Bros, you no wan leave nairaland but you wan get PhD abi?
Family / Re: How Can I Reconcile With My Brother by mamajohn(f): 1:35pm On Jan 31, 2016
Your brother is living a life of regret bc he married a bad woman...tell your mum to stop disturbing herslf about him and enjoy herslf
Celebrities / Re: Cossy's Mother, Chinyelo Orjiakor, 'Braxton-Jayis': Immigration Officer by mamajohn(f): 4:09am On Jan 31, 2016
only a goat can give birth to a goat
Family / Re: How Can I Reconcile With My Brother by mamajohn(f): 8:50pm On Jan 30, 2016
Op, God bless your mum and every other mothers who struggled to see their children through school through thick and thin. your brother needs serious prayer for deliverance other wise he will suffer so much for his deeds, don't be too eager to reconcile him with the family, he sounds apologetic and sober each time you talk to him because he knows he was wrong but his wife who obviously is in charge wouldn't want to hear of his family, if you opt for forceful reconciliation, that wife can even kill the poor guy, that's why I said he needs prayer, with God nothing shall be impossible, the wife's family who lives with him must be parasitizing on him and wouldn't want him to be free, prayer! prayer!! prayer!!!

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Education / Re: What You Must Know Before You Apply For HND Programme by mamajohn(f): 5:06pm On Jan 30, 2016
it depends on the poly. I know of a poly that uses 5points so he is right.
this is NBTE approved and accepted gradings, I don't know that some polytechnics operates their own grading system. In that case, 4.10 will be an upper, he will. be admitted to 200 level in the university
Education / Re: What You Must Know Before You Apply For HND Programme by mamajohn(f): 5:02pm On Jan 30, 2016
can a nd holder go for Chemical eng. Direct entry?
yes now, direct entry to 200 level provided the candidate makes upper credit, however, I learnt that some state/ private universities admits lower credit candidates
Education / Re: What You Must Know Before You Apply For HND Programme by mamajohn(f): 4:54pm On Jan 30, 2016

How many year of course will a ND Students with 4.10CGPA be offer in university??
The Grade Point Average GPA for ND/HND ends at 4.0, there's nothing like 4.10 bros.
2.00 - 2.49 - Pass
2.50 - 2.99 - Lower Credit
3.00 - 3.49 - Upper Credit
3.50 - 4.00 - Distinction
ND with Upper Credit/Distinction are admitted to 200 Level in the university, most Federal Universities don't consider Lower credit, I think some state/private universities do.
Autos / Re: Registered Toyota Matrix by mamajohn(f): 7:30am On Jan 30, 2016
beautiful car
Autos / Re: Registered Toyota Matrix by mamajohn(f): 12:31am On Jan 30, 2016
Toyota Matrix
Autos / Re: Registered Toyota Matrix by mamajohn(f): 8:20pm On Jan 29, 2016
cool car, no single issue

Autos / Registered Toyota Matrix by mamajohn(f): 6:58pm On Jan 29, 2016
Factroy fitted AC
Automatic transmission
Fabric seat
Sound engine
Lagos cleared
used by a woman for only one year
Price: 1.2m (asking price)
For inspection call mamajohn on 0818 521 2032

Family / Re: My Cousin Wants To Call Off His Wedding by mamajohn(f): 6:59am On Dec 25, 2015
It could be due to her upbringing. I started buying these things as a university student because my mother taught me that I should begin to prepare for my home even as I was preparing for a career then. So when I had the opportunity of an ASUU strike job and 6 months industrial attachment, I used the money to prepare for my professional exams, buy good dresses for myself and buy kitchen utensils. I have good taste for beautiful kitchens so I started preparing for one 4 years before I eventually got married. Let the couple sit up and discuss, let them see marriage counsellor, this isn't flimsy, she should learn how to compliment her hubby right from now, she can still buy her beautiful clothes and jewelries even while picking up few kitchen things here and there, a word is enough for the wise.

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Family / Her Former Teacher is Dating Her Mother: What Can She Do? by mamajohn(f): 1:58pm On Apr 10, 2015
One of my students looked so sad and sober in the class last Wednesday, I noticed her mood quickly because she happened to be one of those hilarious girls in the class, so chatty and always smiling. I asked her what was wrong but some funny guys in the class chorused that she has been like that since she came back to school after the presidential election. I teased her to know if her preferred presidential candidate didn't win but she said that wasn't the case. She later came to my office to ask if I can oblige her some minutes to advise her on what to do. I listened to her story. She said her mother got to know one of her secondary school teachers early this year when the teacher came to buy some goods from her mum's shop at Ado-Ekiti, she said she introduced the man to her mum as her secondary school English teacher and jokingly told the teacher to be patronizing her mum for all his provisions. She came back to school that same week and didn't go back home until the Thursday 26th of March for the presidential election. Her mum is actually a single mother of two children, herself and her younger sister who is in SSIII. she said her father married another woman when he was transferred to Abuja in his office in 2008 when she was just in JSS I and that he has been treating them with utmost disdain ever since then. She said that she noticed an unusual behavior in her mum on that evening of March 26, someone called her on phone and she went away from where she could hear her to pick the call, and that on closing by evening, her mum asked her to go home and prepare food while she went to an unknown destination, she said she began to reason about her mum's behavior, visavis picking calls secretly and going to an unnamed destination, she narrated the story to her younger sister who told her frankly that their mum has been seeing a particular man and that the man do come to their house when she was in school. Upon careful investigation she discovered that the man in question is her former English teacher whom she introduced to her mum at her shop. She is devastated and sad, she confronted her mum who didn't deny the affair, she said her mum told her in plain terms that she must continue with her life since her father walked away from them when he was transferred to Abuja, and that having waited in vain for more than 7 years, she has tried on her part so she should close her eyes on her and her new found lover irrespective of whether he is her former teacher or not.
My take on this is actually that the woman will definitely go on with her life but must it be with her daughter's former teacher? Kindly advise, Thank you all.

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