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Health / Re: The Top 6 Causes Of Kidney Disease by manontree: 12:54pm On Jun 20
HPB should be Number 1 on your list


Politics / Re: NBC Act: Regulate All Online Broadcasters Including Twitter – Lai Mohammed by manontree: 7:26am On Jun 17
To think these evil men came to power using social media

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Business / Re: African Development Bank Launches $464 Million Kangaroo Social Bond by manontree: 5:02pm On Jun 14
Romance / Re: Should I confess to My Wife And Kids because I feel dirty by manontree: 2:04pm On Jun 11
Show us his email and his nairaland handle


Politics / Re: A Nairalander take on #Twitter Ban: President Buhari Goofed On The Twitter Ban by manontree: 7:28am On Jun 05
Fighting corporate America is never a wise move. I don't know who his advisers are but the Americans can make life a living hell if they choose, simply by refusing to buy your useless oil or as simple as restricting your monetary movements
Crime / Re: Gbenga Felipe: Nigerian Man Sentenced To 12 Years In Texas For Phishing Scam by manontree: 9:04am On May 19
Which way Nigeria
Crime / Gbenga Felipe: Nigerian Man Sentenced To 12 Years In Texas For Phishing Scam by manontree: 4:54am On May 19
Tarrant County Hopes Sentence Discourages Criminals...

(Fort Worth, TX) – 372nd District Court Judge Scott Wisch on Wednesday sentenced Gbenga Fadipe to 12 years in prison after he pled guilty to first-degree felony Theft greater than $300,000.

The offense involved $693,625.77 in funds stolen from the City of Fort Worth.

“If criminals are deciding who to target, and they know Tarrant County judges are giving sentences like this, they may avoid this area in the future,” Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson said.

Here’s how the theft occurred.

In October 2017, a change of account request was submitted to the city of Fort Worth that appeared to be from Imperial Construction, which was doing business with the city. The fraudulent request, which was granted, was to update Imperial’s wiring instructions so that Fort Worth’s invoice payments due to Imperial would be directed to a new account at Chase Bank.

Fadipe, 50, was the sole authorized user of the new Chase account. Once money was transferred by the city into that account, Fadipe immediately moved those stolen funds into four other accounts he controlled at Prosperity Bank and Capital One Bank between November 2017 and early 2018.

Assistant DA Believes Fadipe Had Help

Within two weeks of liquidating all the funds that totaled $693,625.77, Fadipe flew from the United States to London and then to Nigeria. He eventually returned to the United States and was arrested in the Houston area. He was taken into custody Wednesday night, May 12, to begin serving his sentence.

“We do not believe this defendant acted alone,” said Nathan Martin, the assistant criminal district attorney who prosecuted the case.

Yussuph Hazeez in Harris County faces criminal charges relating to this case.


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Politics / Re: EFCC Writes Secondus, Invites PDP National Officers For Investigation by manontree: 4:45am On May 19

A petition was written by a very popular member of PDP, Kassim Afegbua. In case some of you have forgotten, Afegbua was one of the spokesmen of Atiku’s 2019 campaign council.

So, this is not about APC. It is simply EFCC doing its job of investigating a corruption petition. Except you guys want us to believe that the national chairman of PDP is above the law, this should not cause any political controversy.

And when the same petition was written against Oshiomole and Tinubu, including several against Amaechi, did your darling law of the land crusaders investigate? Hypocrisy is a disease

When would people stop being partisan and honest in this country. Remember MLK: In the end, I worry not about the noise of the enemies, but the silence of my friends


Crime / Re: Army Deserter, 33 Others Arrested For Suspected Internet Fraud In Osogbo by manontree: 4:41am On May 19
For how long would they continue to arrest up and down. Isn't it clear to them that there is a deeper problem going on. From Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Imo, PH, Warri, Ibadan, Illorin...virtually all parts of southern Nigeria. There has to be a big problem

Without jobs this problem won't go away. The people in the govt cannot continue to fritter out the country's wealth and create zero jobs and you turn around to keep arresting the youths that have resorted to self help while you live in your coveted mansions built with stolen commonwealth

While no one holds brief for Internet crimes, the spate of continuous arrest suggest this problem won't go away and this strategy isn't working

The youths are gradually turning against the EFCC and many others turning into kidnapping. Soon lawlessness would be all over the land. The government needs to change strategy and act fast before chaos ensues

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Health / Re: Surgery Gone Wrong: Dr Anu Gave Me An Infection - Lady Cries Out (Graphic Photo) by manontree: 8:56am On May 17
Infections are common post surgery if a patient refuses ro adhere to her post surgery meds

But why do women even do this? It just baggars belief that someone would put herself through a life of torture, even if the surgery is successful, just so that she looks better


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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Iniuobong Umoren: Highlights From Frank Uduak Akpan’s Confession by manontree: 7:21am On May 15
Nigeria and wild imaginations. So people actually think that If there are mass Graves in this murderers compound the police would cover it up. If there is an organ trafficking ring the police and media would cover it up

Does it not strike you gullible folks that no major media has carried the wild reports of David Hundeyin. It is NOT that they haven't had their reporters investigate them, but cos there are no proof of it being true

It's simply like trump claiming that the election was stolen but with no tangible proof yet millions believed him.

Use your head folks. If there are mass Graves they can't be covered up. If there are VIP organ trafficking rings, those too can't be covered up. It just can't. You simply don't know how law enforcement works. No one can cover such scale of criminality.


Politics / Re: Eid: Buhari Asks Nigerians To Pray Against Banditry, Kidnapping by manontree: 7:01am On May 13
No live broadcast. Why always through Garba Shehu
Crime / Re: Hiny Umoren's Murder: CCCRN Demands Apology From David Hundeyin by manontree: 7:00am On May 13
The so called investigative journalist is throwing stupid and unfounded accusations up and down

First, a cell tower would pick the base station that transmitted a call. It does not pinpoint an exact location. Cell phone records cannot pinpoint where one was, after the fact. It gives an area where the nearest cell tower picked your call

A live investigation can actually locate you by picking your GPS coordinates but since this wasn't a live location mapping but a cell phone investigation, you can never know the exact location someone was, but the cell tower that received his calls which would give u a broad location mapping. Just like if a cell tower at Adeola Odekun received a call, you would know the person was in Adeola Odekun. If a crime was committed there you can use this information to know if a suspect was in that area during the time of the crime. You won't know the exact location the suspect was, except he is three live when you are checking his phone, in which case his GPS mapping would give you his coordinates

So this Hundeyin guy is totally wrong to give an exact location. With current technology this is impossible for an after the fact investigation. So the hotel he mentioned and the medical NGO, its easy to see these are concocted speculations and not backed by any fact

He is doing this to grow in stature. Journalists know that not all they put out is necessarily true. No news is bad news for them and you would see such reportage littered with 'my sources' said, A top law enforcement officer told me, etc

If these were true the Kufre Effiong person would have been arrested to explain himself and those facilities raided for clues

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Health / Re: JusticeForPeju: HEFAMAA Begins Investigation by manontree: 7:35pm On May 09
The issue of health care services audit is especially important given the high rate of medical negligence in Nigeria. A doctor can just about make any mistake and any resulting fatality would be taken as God's appointed time by the grieving family

This is the way to go if it can be made to be all encompassing
Celebrities / Re: Self-Medication: Opeyemi Aiyeola Escapes Death. Lands In Hospital (Video) by manontree: 10:52am On May 05
Hypogylcaemia. Has occurred to me before. It's not the malaria drug that is the issue. It's the garri.

Please don't drink Garri before, during or after malaria medication abeg. A friend almost died in February from it.

Sometimes I wish Nairaland is censored. How can this piece be allowed to be put out for public consumption where some people may believe it and trust in this trash

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can A Staff Of FCTA Be Transfered To Federal Ministry? by manontree: 9:25am On May 04
Of course. By civil service rules

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Investment / Re: Mba Trading And Capital Investment Limited Is A Scam by manontree: 2:49am On May 03
A fool and his money are soon parted

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Romance / Re: She Wanted A Relationship, Now She Is Pregnant by manontree: 4:22pm On Apr 26
Seriously I think this made front page suspiciously

A seemingly nonsensical story suddenly appears on FP. How, why? So this Brad Pitt abi Sylvester Stallone wannabe dashing specimen was just on his own when this attention starved chic started toasting him. Our dude out of his superfluous benevolence rejected her as politely as possible. The story didn't end there. Somhow he recognized her in real life full of pregnancy that our dashing Brad Pitt believed was meant to have been used to trap him

Some people really have a big sense of importance of themselves. Wait, scratch that, some actually think we are all dumb and cant see beyond our noses

If this circus is by this rag to draw traffic, it's a poor one


Politics / Re: Imo Government Threatens To Arrest Teachers Protesting Over Unpaid Salary by manontree: 6:09am On Mar 20
This is what Buhari and his brother Tanko did to Imo state..
This man didn't come first nor second in the gubernatorial elections. But federal might was used to foist him on Imo people. A renowned crook who has a running case with the EFCC is the person an "anti corruption" Buhari considered best for Imo state..

You are indeed well informed on the active EFCC investigation before he acquired his immunity through the supreme Court

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Celebrities / Re: Woman Alleged To Have Left Her Husband To Marry The Alaafin Debunks Claims by manontree: 7:59am On Mar 14
The disclaimer is too long....No be to come and shout no be me Alafin marry o, na mistaken identity o...shikena....she still went ahead to drag his estranged husband and their divorce court case into the matter just for sympathy...ok

It is easy to sew why people fail in exams.

She dragged the husband because she has reasons to believe he is the one behind the rumours

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Celebrities / Re: Woman Alleged To Have Left Her Husband To Marry The Alaafin Debunks Claims by manontree: 7:56am On Mar 14
Arrest the nonsense husband spreading the false rumours
Politics / Re: FG To Borrow $1.2 Billion For Agricultural Mechanisation, Others by manontree: 6:55am On Feb 18
Another one? This is not just right. Convert this to naira and you can see the trillions of naira about to the looted for 2023

There is no way 20% of that money would end up in agriculture. Sadly the NASS would approve anything

Our future generations are finished


Family / Re: I Finally Took My Children For DNA Test (part 2) by manontree: 11:18am On Feb 17
DNA doesn't necessarily mean your wife isn't cheating. Not all women are stupid enough to get pregnant by an outsider even if they are cheating

So whatever made you distrust her in the first place to do this test remains

All the best anyway


Crime / Re: I Killed My Wife Over Suspicious Text Messages On Her Phone – Husband by manontree: 7:57am On Feb 16
Easier said than done. Few people understand extreme provocation and how various people with mental health issues react to them

Its easy to say..why not divorce her, why not send her out without understanding his mental state at the time

Some can avoid jail time in situations where they killed during temporary insanity

It is best to avoid cheating altogether


Travel / Re: Update On Third Mainland Bridge Repairs (Week 28) by manontree: 7:42am On Feb 07
Useless fellows. The entire bridge that could be built brand new in 3 months elsewhere and here we are celebrating mediocrity after using 6 months for a few repairs


Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 17 Suspected Yahoo Boys In Lagos by manontree: 10:43am On Jan 28
Wrong to state names and pictures of suspects without a court conviction

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Politics / Re: Hoodlums Fired Gunshots At Igboho’s House Before Setting It On Fire – Police by manontree: 10:49am On Jan 26
Crime / Re: Pastor Masodje & Dead Beauty Ngegbarane: Body Of Pregnant Missing Lady Found by manontree: 11:29am On Jan 09
She went to visit him on the 25th...
A few days later he called her parents to ask about her whereabouts...

A day after Christmas she was brought into a mortuary as an accident victim..

On normal circumstances I would say she died while going to see him..

But.. her sister claimed she was pregnant for him and he begged her to terminate which she refused to do...

So I see motive from the pastor to hide the baby by any means necessary..

Which can mean he called her to come over to discuss about the baby and orchestrated a murder to look like an accident..


The victims sister is using the pregnancy story to hold the pastor responsible for her sisters death...

The police should question the mortuary to obtain the following..

Description of who brought the body?


Where did the accident happen?

Was the body mutilated or had shown signs of severe bleeding prior to death?...

Other questions to be asked include but are not limited to the following...

Does the pastor own a car?

Does he have temperamental issues?

Is he a violent person?

How far is the pastor's house from the mortuary where the body was found?

Did the pastor have any substantial thing to lose if his secret was discovered? His name, his congregation, a promotion?

When they checked his house was it arranged or disorganized?

Question his neighbours also..

The pastor might be innocent....

The pastor might not be innocent...

Circumstances and certain situations can greatly affect reasoning and logic..

So much untruth here. The whole story wasn't reported here

She died in a ghastly auto crash along with several others

They were taken to the morgue by FRSC.

The boyfriend waited in vain and contacted the dad for info thinking she was still home.

This was the point the dad became suspicious as she was thought to be with him (The lover cum pastor)

He got the army involved and they arrested the lover.

Two days later the morgue attendant saw her ID and other identification items in her hand bag and the family was contacted. They went and Identified her

This was why the police released the man and congratulated him on his big luck as he was going in for murder

I don't know why this article is so crass leading people into false conclusions


Politics / Re: Sex Party: El-Rufai's Son's House Should Also Be Demolished - Reno Omokri by manontree: 6:32am On Jan 05
So True Reno

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Family / Re: How I Ended My Relationship With A Married Man by manontree: 2:00pm On Dec 12, 2020
This whole thing infuriates me. So his sole sin is cos he is married. Who are we to judge him and who is she to even judge him

She may well go on to meet other singles who would act like they arw God's gift to a woman, even including those that do marry them, who treat women like trash

Here is a noble and nice man. In my profession I treat loads of emotionally and physically abused women daily. Good men are so scarce

You don't do married men, simples. You have left him. Ok. Hopefully someone else who wld value him comes along if polygamy is his choice. He is after all entitled to that.

He hasn't committed any crime. The only person that can judge him is his God and his wife

He is the one wearing the shoes and knows his pains

Enough already
Family / Re: How I Ended My Relationship With A Married Man by manontree: 1:43pm On Dec 12, 2020
This entire piece sounds like you have your cake and want to eat it. Everyone stands for something. If yours is that you don't do married men, fine. So you moved and thats what it is

This thread is of no consequences to us. If you are seeking for sympathy, say so otherwise I do not understand what this is all about. We all have stories and experiences and most don't come online to nod off on faceless people about their past love lifes

Or do you in any way miss this man and regret its all over. Then if so, are you seeking validation to resume your illicit affair

I don't just know
Politics / Re: COVID-19: El-Rufai In Self-Isolation Again As Close Contacts Test Positive by manontree: 9:32am On Dec 12, 2020
He obviously has immunity after recovering from the virus the first time. The jury is still out on the issue of immunity after beating the virus, but from personal experience I can confirm that once you recover from COVID, you have immunity from reinfection

I recovered from the virus in April and has since gone on to treat many COVID patients without PPE and never came close to reinfection

He should be fine

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