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Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 12:23pm

OK..then put your wisdom to the test here...what benefits has Christianity done to the poor or the masses except draining them of their hard earned money and promising them of a mysterious miracle...so Christians are now money doublers?
When i first said the OP was never a Christian you jumped at me as if you know what Christianity entails. The only true Christian group on earth today are Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus wasn't a nepotist that's why his own people hated him intensely. They thought he supposed to benefit them with his great powers so that they can conquer and rule the world.
But Jesus came to commissioned a global training program that will help bring people from all the earth together as one big and happy family of peace loving worshipers, that's why he is called the Prince of Peace {Isaiah 9:6}
So if Jesus never thought of the good of his own people alone but the benefit of all people globally then why do you think your problem here must be solved by Jesus?
Well it's the politicians under Satan's control that are making life unbearable for their fellowman {Ecclesiastes 4:1;8:9} and things are more difficult in places where nepotism/ tribalism is at work! smiley

U said something about giving birth unnecessary... Note that many people I have met and counselled on birth control all have the 'God would provide' mindset making them give birth unnecessary hoping that it is god that would train their children and that god of Isaac and Jacob will provide for them(in their own words not mine)
Before the white men came with the Bible, your black brothers are already polygamists, so what was their belief regarding the upbringing of their children?
For your information, it's Western Civilization that has helped in keeping most of these children alive today. Do you still remember what is called "Àbíkú"? Your black brothers failed to make research so when curable illnesses kills their children they'll attribute the cause to Àbíkú instead of upgrading their health facilities.
Today Àbíkú and Ogbanje have disappeared. WHY? Because Western Civilization has opened their eyes, but still nepotism still makes them feel each of them must become a father of multitude.
I am one of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, most of our own leaders don't even have children because they've realized that it doesn't mean blessings! smiley
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 11:57am

PS. I have been fighting and preaching about birth control for as long as I can remember..nobody said our ancestors were perfect.. They had their flaws.. Polygamy worked for them back them because they can get enough children to help with their enormous farmland, that was the reason for polygamy back then...

White men also have their flaws but they study well to fight their flaws and overcome it while the blacks hypocritically pretends they are welcoming civilization but never forgo their foolishness. You are wrong by saying they were using their children for farm work, that's a big lie!
It was the poor ones amongst them that were using their children for farming. My own great-grandfather was well known throughout Abeokuta (Ògùn state) he was a contemporary of Madam Efuroye Tinumbu (first Iyálóde of Ègbá land) Májékódùnmí, Sódeké and Ògúndípè (Alátise) my grategrandpa never allowed his own children do any work, it's the slaves and servants that does all the works!
So when the white men decided to start training Africans in preparation for Independence none of those wealthy men send their children to school, they were scared that the white men may trick them into enslaving their children, it was only Pa Májékódùnmí who allowed his own child to go with the white men, all of them left in tears because they thought they will never come back home! embarassed

All the others (including my own great-grandfather) released their slaves to the white men. After more than a decade these slaves came back as doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on that's why you're hearing of names in Ègbá land like Cole, Magregor, Crage, Davids, Peters, Cook, Glover and so on, they're all children born to those slaves and today the economy of Nigerian is still in their hands!
Only Pa Májékódúnmí's children benefited from the first set of Nigerians to be educated!
So when all those who knew the slaves later saw what they've turned out to become, they all began pushing their own children to the white men, by then slave trade has been abolished.
That's when the white men told them "now that you've known the benefits of Western education, it's time to build schools here in your midst. But it won't be free as the first set anymore you have to pay for the upkeep of the teachers"

Go and ask anybody as in ANYBODY, Abeokuta is the cradle of education in Nigeria, why? Because those people released their children (slaves) for the white men to school them.[/quote]

this is what happens when you mix the white mans religion with your tradition.. It brings confusion..there was nothing like AIDS or tuberculosis back then, the white man brought this diseases with them..and look at what is happening now..another disease... If not for technology they would have pinned the disease to Africa and blamed us for it..

You're just talking and racism is smelling all over you! smiley
For your information, there are many diseases that sprang up here in Africa, EBOLA virus and LASA fever came from Africa so diseases can come from anywhere! cheesy
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 11:22am
That's when it has to do with passing information a wise person will easily do that but when it has to do with material things then extra caution is necessary! undecided


Some people help others on social media.
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 11:16am
You're boiling too hot my friend so calm down a bit! cheesy

I said knowledge is the "accumulation of useful information" while Wisdom is the "practical application of accumulated information for lasting benefits"

So knowledge comes before wisdom but wisdom is put knowledge to it's best use! cheesy


There is nothing like wisdom without knowledge... U can't think if you don't know...information don't just fall from heaven(forget the drama your pastors are doing in the pulpit, god said this and that..he didn't say shit)..how can you claim to be wise when you only look at an issue from one perspective.. (Its called being closed-minded)..
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 11:06am
So it's not about religion then it's foresight (Wisdom) smiley

Nepotism u say?...who made that possible?(your precious white men!)..

They know that the north and the east should have never been joined together but they also know that we'll be busy fighting over ourselves while they exploit our resources...
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 10:03am
So what are you saying now?
Are you saying religion is the problem of Africa?

My friend, it's the attitude of people around you that will affect you and others not what someone brought to you from a distant land.

Polygamy, uncontrolled birth and nepotism is the problem destroying the blacks not religion!

In 1959 before the independent, Great Britain has about 50 million people as their total population, that same year Nigeria was about the same figure. They maintained that figure by keeping their population growth in check but what about Nigeria? Today we are almost 300 million and you're here talking about religion.
What has religion got to do with that?
An average white man will live with his wife without a single child and when they're old they'll die leaving what they own for the government to use for the benefit of other citizens.
Your own black brother will marry up to five women just to be called a father of multitude and when he dies the children will start killing one another because that's what our people believes!

So tell me how does religion come in here? cheesy


Nigerians really put religion in practice and where has that got us..capital of poverty in the world while our pastors are the richest... China and Europe train engineers and doctors and scientists and what do we train?..pastors!...shame!
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 9:51am
My friend,

KNOWLEDGE is just the accumulation of useful information, of course everyone around you have one thing or another in their brains they call KNOWLEDGE.


WISDOM is the practical application of accumulated information which brings lasting benefits for it's users.

So think of how what you know is benefitting you along with other adherents around you and globally. If you can't figure that out then it means you'll continue to be bitter inside while denying it before others! cheesy


Whenever you say something, people will say 'why are you so bitter'...I am not and will never be...I'm just speaking my truth..u get offended when someone says something that contradict with your belief but Christian go around disturbing people on the street, on the bus and even in their various houses... That is called being a hypocrite

I studied psychology so I'm not surprised... Its the way our Brain fight off information that contradict to what we think its true..(whether what we believe is true or false)

Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 9:47am
I'm sure by the time you read my latest posts you will have a different outlook about true Christianity! wink


I'm a logical thinker my dear..I don't believe in fairy tales..bring proof other than 'he said and she said' and the unproven book called bible..
Bring a reasonable proof the support your claims.. I don't know everything.. I'm an open minded person..I try to learn whenever I can..I didn't jump into conclusion..I just stated the fact..and now you have said again that you don't need to die before going to heaven, that shows how confused people are...someone will sleep and wake up and tell his members that God said this and that..that god said that watching of TV is a sin, that god said that wearing of jewelry is a sin, and wearing of trousers is a sin... And the same person came back again and allowed his members to start using TV (is it that god now goes back on his word?)
I've realised that a lot of people practice Christianity because they want to feel among(which I once did) and have regretted every minute of it... Its called 'herd mentality'
I'm given you facts... Give me proven facts other than 'he said she said'
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 9:44am
Just by using a simple logic!


Whatever your religion teaches are just like theories found in the textbooks so there's no need being pigheaded over what your religion say if not put to practice. Therefore you need to know the practical application of what you were taught to believe as this will help you in getting busy with others who also believe in what you learned.
If after applying what you learned there is no benefits enjoyed by you and your fellow believers then know that everything has been trash from the onset!

That's the simple test to uncover falsehood! smiley


Is there any prove that your practice is genuine?
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 9:36am

Read the original Hebrew Bible
It's like you love making research to dig deeper for Wisdom. That makes you a sound student if not for any religion yet. But one thing you have to erase from your mind first is nepotism/racism.
No matter how smart you are those two can blur your insight completely.
The Hebrew Bible i know very well, for your information i am one of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, the world's number one global research team when it comes to religious issues.
So Jesus is a real historical figure, it takes more than just one witness to verify facts of matters that is if you're truly interested in ascertaining the real facts!

Who do you see as your god?
Of course i can see (with my eyes closed) a God who is able to gather people from different races throughout the earth under one umbrella to form one big and happy family of peace loving worshipers.
You asked the OP to pm you so that you can both grow together, that really sounds wise because you can't do something good to benefit everyone around you alone.
But i've already found a global family of peace loving worshipers all growing together as one big family with the same line of thought.

In North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia i can boast of people living there either black or white with whom i share the same line of thought. And guess what? If i should travel to any of these continents today, my brothers and sisters are longing to welcome me HOME and embrace me with Joy all in the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth!

So if you don't believe that he lives try and work out something benefitial like that using the name of any God you deem fit. Matthew 5:13-16
Let's see if there's any God on this planet that can achieve such apart from the God who sent Jesus to all mankind! smiley
Religion / Re: Jesus Is Not God Neither Are There Any Trinity In One by MaxInDHouse(m): 8:44am
I am God! Psalms 82:1,6
Jehovah said there is no God besides him and i and the father are therefore one God.
That makes God a multinity since there are millions of his children globally who are ONE with him not only Jesus! John 17:20-22 smiley


Jesus is God,
Jehovah said there is no God beside him
And Jesus and the father are therefore one God Jehovah.
Jehovah is a trinity
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 6:05am
I can see you really feel like growing together in the spirit with others around you but it's a pity you're looking for PEACE where you can never find it! embarassed

All these religions that people left for the Bible and Qur'an has their roots thousands of years ago even before God called Abraham out from the East.

God's plan is to establish one form of worship that will prove to be the most beneficial to the adherents than all other forms of worship in the world {Isaiah 2:2-4} today where are all the gods that people worshiped before the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob established the Israelites as a nation? Well all those gods has been completely silenced, they're now disguising as angels of light as they're gathering worshipers afresh in the name of Jesus! 2Corinthians 11:14

You will notice so many different religious settings where people are claiming Christians but if you carefully study them closely you will grasp that it's those spirits people worshiped in ancient times like
Osun, Obatala, Ògùn, Sango, and many others that your black brothers are worshipping today in the name of Christianity!
When worshipers put on white garments and goes about barefooted, when you see worshipers calling down fire and thunder on their enemies, when you see women dressed without jewelries, when you see worshipers always going to the rivers to birth, when you see them having different codes yet claiming they belong to one Jesus know today that it's those spirits they're trying to abandon that has taken them unaware!

So calm down and learn from true Christians what is happening in the spiritual realms! smiley


Pls pm me, let's grow together
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 5:37am
The Nairaland platform today gets more traffic on the religion section than any other, so that means even when the owner doesn't believe in God he still enjoy the company of those who do!
Let him shut down the religious section and see how much he'll be making without religionists on his forum! cheesy

As for slavery, it's your black brothers who were dealing with white slave traders that made slavery a money making venture. So don't blame that on any religion!

Your black ancestors who usually sell off their black brothers and sisters to slave traders never worshiped the white god, they were worshipers of their own black gods. Please let that sink into your empty skull!

So if we're now talking about the form of worship that appeals to each individual it has nothing to do with what people in ancient times does for a living, whites and blacks deal in slave trade.

And as for Jesus well he was a Jew who preached and taught people how to form a global family of peace loving worshipers and that global family is here today, there is no god whether white or black that has succeeded in bringing people from different races under one umbrella and taking away weapons out of their hands so that they now embrace one another like brothers and sisters except the God that sent Jesus of Nazareth to counsel people.

So you need Jesus to be wise and come out of the foolishness that racism brought upon you! wink


I know op ain't available now so I'll just speak to you a bit..f**k Christianity... F**k your stupid white jesus...and f**k whoever that is still practicing that abomination of a religion designed to enslave Africans...
So your Christianity is not a thing of pride dear, its a thing of shame...
The nairaland platform you are currently using was built by an atheist.. So run along and look for a Christian forum to paint your Christianity(slave) mentality..

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Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 5:17am
Why the bitterness all over you? embarassed

Simply saying the OP is none of us doesn't mean i or anyone else meant to harm him, it's just a simple way of telling him i know how you feel about the current situation and condition of your people in Africa, but don't misconstrue issues if you want to practice the African religion you're free to do so. Don't claim you've been a lorry driver when you can't even ride a bicycle

As for the bolded, it shows how quickly you run to wrong conclusion about religions without deep thoughts. People don't need to die before entering Paradise because Paradise will be established here on earth not going to some imaginary place! smiley


Paradise people.. You want to live forever in paradise but die you no wan die...una dey here dey drag palliative with other people..
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 5:00am
YES, if i don't know how to help you that means i also need help. What you said isn't something i can do when i don't know you nor the type of person you are. That's why i suggested being of good manner where you live so your neighbours who know you are in the best position to help you, today people take precautions in dealing with strangers. So thinking you can talk to people about your problem on faceless social media and expecting positive result sounds naive.
People make friends for many reasons and part of the reasons is having a shoulder to lean on when you need to, you need friends around you that's the importance of neighbourhood.
Whether you believe in God or not you must deal with people on daily basis, the parents of children you're teaching are humans like you and i they know more about you than people on social media, they can't think of loosing you due to your usefulness, but all that large depends on the way you present yourself. Always talking as if you want to hurt that God they revere so much is enough reason for them to feel less concern even hatred towards you.
Knowledge is the accumulation of useful information, every sane person like you have it.
But Wisdom is the practical application of accumulated information for lasting benefits which has to do with foresight.
For your information, 99% of people around you don't believe in any God because they can't see one but due to the fact that they have to deal with others in their neighbourhood they keep mimicking what they hear on daily basis to attract more friends.
You'll notice people running from one church to another, it's because they're looking for ways to get help when needed not because they truly believe in God. So telling such ones to their face that God doesn't exist indicates you're not going to be useful to them whenever they need help IN THE NAME OF GOD so you are already creating a problem for yourself unknowingly.
I'm sorry i can only render such assistance to a neighbour i can see, not someone i can't see neither know the motive behind his approach! embarassed


You asked me to state how you can help me.
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 10:51pm On Jan 22
You don't have to do this on social media!

Just associate with good people in your neighbourhood and you can tell them, they see you everyday so they won't doubt you!


I need some money to get some foodstuff before I get paid for the home lesson I'm doing.
The parents of my student said they can't lend me anything.
Religion / Re: Will Few Make Heaven? by MaxInDHouse(m): 10:48pm On Jan 22
Jesus used an illustration to warn his followers that Satan will sow weeds in their midst {Matthew 13:25} all botanists understand what happens when you allow weeds to grow alongside fine seeds, it outgrow the fine seed and when that one is overwhelmed they disappear!
That's what happened to true Christianity after the death of the Apostles.
I'm not insisting that the group that convinced me on this is the only true Christian group, but i know that Jesus' own followers are gathered into one group of worshipers and whoever fails to acknowledge this group will not have Everlasting Life! smiley


where?? grin
whatever you are saying, you have to back it up with scriptural evidence
Religion / Re: How To Start Practicing Ifa by MaxInDHouse(m): 10:36pm On Jan 22
Your article would have made a lot of sense to me without the highlighted!

Just say you want to appeal to adherents of none African religions, but as for Christians you're never one of us! smiley


I have been a Christian all my life both catholic and Anglican. But recently I’ve been delving more deeply into the history of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, and what I keep on going back to is the speech done by one Lord Macaulay in Britain, who said that the only way to truly take over the Africans and Indians is by destroying their backbone which lies in their spirituality and mentally, he stole away our religions and made us feel inferior to theirs, how can we worship a deity that looks like our oppressors. That is why there are black peoples calling our religions demonic and wrong because they have been taught that everything British is good, and everything native is bad.

We as Africans need to go back to our ways, I started my journey yesterday I have been looking around in google, youtube, twitter etc. From what I’ve gathered, ifa is spread across more than 10 countries but just has a different name, there is ifa in Nigeria, Benin, Togo and even in central and South America whee it has different names like candomble, lucumi and vodun.

I don’t really understand how we worship the different Orishas, and how we go about acquiring everything we need, I would also like to learn how to get together with the spirits of my ancestors and how to receive ire from the Orishas. I have started this journey now and I have no plans on going back, everybody else in my family are chrisitians, but I feel the only way forward for us Africans is to go back to our roots and do what our forefathers did, our downfall was forgetting our past, but there is still time to grace it back and learn more from our elders, learn more of our past and learn of our ancestors

From everything I’ve read you cannot learn everything off of google, so I’m now on nairaland looking for someone who can guide me through this process on nairaland or twitter, or simply give me links to YouTube or google pages which can help me in my journey

Thank you

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Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 10:28pm On Jan 22
By helping me to know how i may be of help to a neighbour like you!


How can I help you?
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 10:27pm On Jan 22
I remember the bolded in one of the study articles! smiley


It's fine. No body is perfect, we are all a work in progress.
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 10:23pm On Jan 22

It seems your God has blessed you
Every living human is blessed, it all depend on the perspective of the recipient!

Can you help me?
We are made to help one another so you must help me to help you in return!
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 9:06pm On Jan 22
That's true! cheesy
He just made sure that a book was written under inspiration, and used his ACTIVE FORCE to ORGANIZE his true worshipers so that in a world that's filled with hatred fueled by Politics and racism, these ones came together to form one big and happy family of peace loving worshipers globally! Micah 4:1-3

You're right there is no God that cares, it just happened by chance as in BOOM like the BIG BANG! cheesy


There is no God that cares about you.
Religion / Re: Jesus Is Not God Neither Are There Any Trinity In One by MaxInDHouse(m): 9:00pm On Jan 22
Ask Pastor livingchrist o! cheesy

where is the unity of trinity in the Bible please mention it or just stop this your fallacy
Religion / Re: Jesus Is Not God Neither Are There Any Trinity In One by MaxInDHouse(m): 8:59pm On Jan 22
They pick scriptures out of context to force their worthless TRINITY Dogheads on unsuspected audience.
If being ONE connotes two entities are to be viewed as the same person then Mr and Mrs Obi means the same person {Matthew 19:5} and i, Jesus and the father ARE ONE connotes I'm the only true God! John 17:20-22

Confused Dullards! cheesy

lol. Leave that guy, he is the one arguing and shooting himself back. If Jesus and God are one then, me and God are also one and I am the only true God.
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 8:51pm On Jan 22
You misunderstood me big time! smiley

I was a Muslim before i became one of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, i don't believe in conduct because all humans are the same what i target is the truth whenever it's spoken. I've met Muslims, Buddhists, Traditionalists and many more whose approach are calm and humble but in most cases they only do that by the nature of who they happens to be on the inside, they are empty-headed!
Whereas i've also met JWs who are tough with their response to questions yet it's just direct to the point no pretext.
So if i ask you "where were you when JWs are coming to a tough and fierce Muslim like me to help me in my home, all you need to tell me is you also avail yourself just that you are still comparing the teachings"
It took me just a month to realize that JWs have the truth but it took me over 22 years to become a bonafide member of the group. WHY? Because i don't hide my feelings i go straight to the point, it's little by little that i'm beginning to realize that there are some people who focus more on the manner of approach than what comes out from the one they're chatting with.
Like my late uncle always say "don't take offense at how people make their presentations because warm greetings doesn't implies clean hearts"
Thanks for reminding me where i still need to work on!


And here you go. If you were not a Jw and a Jw like you preached to you, I dont think you will appreciate or listen to this approach of yours.
In marketing this your approach wont win you customers, and one thing I know is JW's are marketing jehovah and the future things he says. I dont even think you are marketing yourself but someone of higher authority, this is not the way to do it. In my locality if a king sends a messenger a message he will deliver it the way it will soothe the king and not the reverse.

And you say if I love the truth I shouldn't be offended. Am I not a human? If you say things crudely or harshly even if you feel it's the truth, I may still feel offended by the way you presented it. You dont walk up to a Muslim and tell him Allah is false just like that even if you believe it is true, he most likely wont listen to you and even harm you. But there are others ways you can help him see you view as true. This your style of Jw is alarming. Sometimes I wonder if that elderly "brother and sister" are just pretending or they are secretly like you.
Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 6:32pm On Jan 22
You shouldn't be here saying this if you've been following heartily. For your information, forget about their speech and fine conduct just know that they have the truth, the conduct is simply what we must cultivate to win souls we are not angels. So instead of their conduct try to concentrate on the teachings that's what can help you because if you are carried away with the fine conduct and not the teachings then what will happen when you meet ones like me?
I'm the type that goes straight to the point so if you love the truth you shouldn't be offended no matter how it is presented! smiley


I know Jehovah's witnesses, a jw couple use to come to my house to study with me and they were always gracious and gentle with their speech, even when we dont agree sometimes. We still study on zoom despite the lockdown and I must say its not their preaching that gets to me, it's their speech and fine conduct. Always very helpful and considerate but this your type of JW, I have never seen it before, very confrontational when you can ignore or give a milder answer.
Religion / Re: Paul Okikijesu 2020 Prophecy: Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyedepo To Die & Not Make Heaven by MaxInDHouse(m): 5:25pm On Jan 22
What about himself?
Will he not die?
Will he make heaven? cheesy
Religion / Re: Jesus Is Not God Neither Are There Any Trinity In One by MaxInDHouse(m): 4:26pm On Jan 22
The unity of TRINITY cheesy

Well i don't need to ask you because i'm sure that
it is not written anywhere in the scriptures, so i'm the only true God because i, Jesus and the father ARE ONE! John 17:20-22 wink


Jesus is God and therefore the true God.
He is one with the father and the holy spirit.
It is called The unity of the Trinity.
Religion / Re: TB Joshua Endorses COVID-19 Vaccine (Video) by MaxInDHouse(m): 4:12pm On Jan 22
And so! undecided

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Religion / Re: Jesus Is Not God Neither Are There Any Trinity In One by MaxInDHouse(m): 4:07pm On Jan 22
Then i am also the only true God because i, Jesus and the father ARE ONE! John 17:20-22 grin


Exactly if the father is the only true God then Jesus is the only true God because Jesus and his father are one.

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Religion / Re: I Hate All This Mark Of The Beast Talk by MaxInDHouse(m): 3:59pm On Jan 22
Surely you're the type that's scared when people around you are saying something incessantly! smiley

I'm sure JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES must have come to knock on your door several times but you turned them down or outrightly chase them away. Those are the people sent to come and assist you with this question so since you never listened to them back then just relax and forget about the whole noise.
You only have to die once! cheesy
Religion / Re: Jesus Is Not God Neither Are There Any Trinity In One by MaxInDHouse(m): 3:42pm On Jan 22
@ bolded, so what were you arguing against?
You are only calling Jehovah a liar

First of all i deliberately cited Jesus' comments to help you grasp where you err Sir, Jesus said "And this is life eternal that they might know there the ONLY TRUE GOD and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent" John 17:3

So Jesus himself admitted that he is not that only true God! smiley

Every president has his/her jurisdiction and proper authority, It does not mean one is true and the others are not.

Buhari presidency is the highest in Nigeria, it does mean he is the only true president.

So Jesus is also a God just like many others but the highest authority is the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD! {Psalms 83:18} that's the person who ordered Jesus to sit at his right hand {Psalms 110:1} surely that couldn't have been the same person talking to himself! cheesy

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