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Celebrities / Re: Photo Of Bobrisky And Tonto Dikeh Kissing: Fans React by menxer: 8:00am On Jun 13, 2018
Bobrisky is a shėmale (transgender), Tonto is a female, how can their kissing be lesbianism?
Politics / Re: Wura Abiola Reacts To Buhari’s Posthumous Award On Her Late Father, MKO Abiola by menxer: 9:32am On Jun 07, 2018
I never regretted supporting PMB from day one. He has proven beyond all reasonable doubts that he is indeed a "converted democrat."

Sign posting June 12, as the new National Democracy Day, and honouring MKO Abiola, a date and a name laser etched in our collective memory, is charting a new course for our future by realigning the past.

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Celebrities / Re: 'I Am Tire Of Nigerians'- Chimamanda Adichie Finally Replies Those Bashing Her O by menxer: 8:13am On Apr 25, 2018
It's hard being a public figure, people expect you to conform and uphold their ideal. That she is married and not using her husband's name defies societal norms and convention; coupled with her "intellectual" Feminism, she is seen as not fitting the role of a wife, which on the contrary may be a different ball game.

There are some tough and knotty issues which we don't always feel comfortable talking about, because of our religious belief and societal conditioning, and tend to shout down anyone courageous enough to break the norm and speak out.

The Bible says, "the world, as we know it, is passing away," why are we resisting the word of God by rejecting and resisting the change that is sweeping away the old value system of the world?

Feminism is part of the new world we are moving into, and its definition is not set in stone. Some people are okay with Feminism as far as it doesn't challenge the primordial role of the woman as a wife.
Politics / Re: Why Makarfi Is The Most Credible Alternative For Nigeria by menxer: 7:45am On Apr 22, 2018

This he proved in the management of the lean and almost zero resources of PDP when he was chairman, as well as those of Kaduna state when he served as Commissioner for finance and later Governor.

@bolded, How did PDP get to this point after 16 years in power and the economy was booming?

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Phones / Re: 10 Reasons Why Iphone Beats Android by menxer: 9:17am On Apr 21, 2018
Wrong comparison.

IPhone is the only phone that runs Apple IOS, Why compare Android that is used by many phone manufacturers to that?

The best comparison would have been, pick a particular Android phone and compare with a particular IPhone.
Family / Re: Transactional Vs. Validational Sex by menxer: 10:26am On Apr 20, 2018

Looking crotically, what do you think went wrong.

Now I am curious; if women like sex yet would deny their husbands because they are secure, how do they cure their urges?

I think that the sense of security leads to complacency, their interest and urge for sex wanes, sex becomes a chore to be done once a month.
Another thing I guess may contribute to this is, most ladies always link sex to something (love, money, assistance), and if none of these conditions are met then no sex. they don't seem to have sex as a need on its own.

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Family / Re: Transactional Vs. Validational Sex by menxer: 10:49am On Apr 12, 2018

@Bold, why do you think so?

I wish more ladies could comment.

@ last paragraph: cheating on whose end?
It's not what I think, it is the reality I see people live and I experienced it first hand. Most ladies start to be "lukewarm" in terms of sex in long term relationship, because they feel "secured" and the guy has to dampen his sex needs accordingly or he looks for a "side chic" to fill the gaps, thus "cheating" on his wife.

I don't personally like calling it "cheating," as it evokes a sense of guilt. In my experience, I used to have sex like 3-4 times in a week, but now being in a "committed" relationship I hardly get it once a week. I have done all I could to help her in that regard but her interest in sex is waxing cold, so what should I do? Break up with her because of inadequate sex, that I can get filled in elsewhere?

I have come to terms that the sacrosanct basic needs of a healthy adult are food, clothing, shelter, sex.

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Family / Re: Transactional Vs. Validational Sex by menxer: 7:08pm On Apr 09, 2018

A very stimulating read.

From personal experience, ladies that are excited about sex always get guys fired up, with little to no down time. But on the other hand, especially in a committed relationship, a lady would get "comfortable" and the fire is smothered gradually, and the guy starts looking outside because he wants to have an experience he has only a memory of.

As is aptly said, "Betas are for their bucks, and Alphas are for the Fûcks" is the reason for the so called "cheating" we see in society.

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Politics / Re: ‘hungry Pastors’ – Fani Kayode Blasts Pastors Who Endorsed President Buhari by menxer: 10:54am On Apr 06, 2018
During PDP dispensation, pastors endorsed GEJ, what was FFK's opinion then?
Travel / Re: Easter: Deeper Life Pastor Cut Into Two In Accident In Anambra (Graphic Photos) by menxer: 11:11am On Apr 02, 2018
And what is the spiritual explanation when things like this happens to a pastor?

The accident is just the effect, what was the cause?

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Celebrities / Re: Weird MC: I Want To Have 2 Children - Rapper Says At 47 by menxer: 11:15am On Mar 25, 2018
Maybe she is tired of being weird.
Religion / Re: Pastor Sam Adeyemi's View On Tithing by menxer: 8:22am On Feb 26, 2018
In Today's service in daystar, Pastor Sam Adeyemi shared his view on tithe, he says that tithe as paid in the old Testament as a law with curses attached has expired, and no Christian should be pressured or forced to pay tithe, he also said that not paying tithe does not attract a curse for a Christian, since we are under a new covenant, he however stated that giving is a choice, everyone should decide the percentage they want to pay with the knowledge that you will be blessed based on how you give. You can watch the video on the church YouTube Channel, Facebook page or website today


The only giving that attracts any blessing is to the poor, not pastors.
The part of the new testament giving where the people were asked to give as they purposed in their hearts was for a specific purpose. Just like when the people gave towards the building of the temple, and when it was enough to do the work they were asked to stop.
When will.

But in our case today, we are deceived to give to projects that are not specific or bound by anything, that way one keeps giving to support the luxury lifestyle of pastors.

Proverbs 22:16

Wake up people!
Health / Re: The Dangers Of Taking "Snuff". by menxer: 9:45pm On Feb 23, 2018
Why list only the dangers without the benefits?

Snuff benefits the brain cognition,
has not been proven to cause cancer.
Prevents indigestion.
Helps prevent alzhemier and parkinson disease.
Helps ADHD patients cope

Our grand fathers snuffed and lived to a ripe old age, but these days people don't Snuff but still die young.

Don't expect any report backed by a pharmaceutical company or government to say Snuff is beneficial.
Health / Re: Is There Any Venereal Disease That Can Paralyze A Penis Just After Intercourse? by menxer: 9:00pm On Feb 18, 2018
The problem is psychological and her attitude towards sex and associated activities. I bet you if you get a side chick, you won't notice any down time.

Our women's attitude towards sex is a big turn on/off, even in a committed relationship/marriage. It's a big turn on knowing my lady is excited and enjoys having sex with me as much as I do with her, that alone kills any inclination to look outside; Just that sexual satisfaction is not the only factor considered when choosing a wife. This is why we shall always have side chicks in the absence of a second wife.

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Family / Re: Lessons From Marrying From A Rich Family by menxer: 12:35pm On Feb 17, 2018
Since you can’t react, you swallow your anger and put your foot down, albeit tenderly.

Just imagining this scenario cracks me up!

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Health / Re: Pregnant Woman Dies After Her Pastor Told Her Not To Go For C-Section by menxer: 9:21am On Feb 17, 2018
Even the bible says, ''Faith without work is dead''.

And she put her faith in her pastor to work, and the result is why we are here to read of her good works.
Health / Re: Pregnant Woman Dies After Her Pastor Told Her Not To Go For C-Section by menxer: 9:18am On Feb 17, 2018
This is the result of confusing religion with spirituality. If the pastor or the lady had any spiritual discernment, they would had known the wisdom to perform CS, if and when the need arises, is from God to save lives.


Politics / Re: 2019: Reps Unanimously Adopt New Election Sequence by menxer: 9:25pm On Feb 15, 2018
People get so myopic.

The strategy of the lawmakers is only to compel the president work to get them re-elected.

And once they win they would be forced to work for the president as well.


No APC lawmaker would want the president to come from the PDP and so be on opposition.

Also no APC governor would want the president to come from the PDP and so be an opposition governor.

All the wailers/ipob toots/pdp touts are jubilating for nothing.

You right bro, That's the angle I see this amendment.
You don't amend law because of hatred for the person of the president, else would the law revert once that president leaves office?
Politics / Re: NDDC, China Plan 7,000 Mega Watts Regional Power Project In Niger Delta by menxer: 9:31pm On Jan 29, 2018
Does the constitution allow that?

Them archaic laws on power generation, transmission and distribution are the major drawbacks on progress on power supply.

I think Fashola's policy reviews has taken care of that to a large extent.
Politics / Re: Rare Footage Of An Industrialised Nigeria In 1960s. This Will Make U Shed Tears. by menxer: 9:10pm On Jan 29, 2018
This was before Buhari and his coup planning friends turned a once vibrant economy to what it is today. The good old days before Bubu plunged Nigeria into recession.

And you had a memory loss of what happened between 1967 to 1984?


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Family / Re: Slay Queen Poses On Her Mother’s Coffin In Her Grave During Burial In Uganda by menxer: 9:01pm On Jan 29, 2018
The grave is neat tho
Investment / Re: Nigeria’s Stocks Among World’s Best-performers In 4 Months – Bloomberg by menxer: 8:56pm On Jan 29, 2018

These are the positive news that will drives in the much needed foreign investment, abi una no want jobs again?.

There is no news that sales like bad news except sex news.

The gains of this administration's policies are beginning to show, but the hatred for PMB will not allow some people see what or how it will benefit them.

This report alone has vindicated PMB and his team.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Advocates For Marijuana Decriminalization: What Does It Mean? by menxer: 1:12pm On Jan 29, 2018

The number of innocent road users killed EVERY YEAR by drunk drivers is an unknown quantity in Nigeria, but not so in the West, where the death toll is carefully updated each and every time another drunken cretin gets behind the wheel of a car and then crashes it.

Despite this horrific carnage caused DIRECTLY by drunkards, alcohol is still LEGAL to possess and drink. Marijuana, on the other hand, which does not cause that spastic loss of gross motor control associated with drunken people, is STILL regarded with such irrational fear and contempt by government legislators the world over, many of who would ironically have no qualms about getting drunk on a weekend, and subsequently behaving like autistic chimpanzees.

The fear is borne out of the fact that marijuana has the capacity to enable one access parts of the brain that is normally dormant and by extension a different dimension of reality.

Marijuana endows a mystical experience which to me is the more reason it is banned.
Yes, the Likes of Fela Kuti took marijuana use to a different level but can we dispute his creativity and insight as a result of that?

Imagine having a few "Fela" in the Senate.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Advocates For Marijuana Decriminalization: What Does It Mean? by menxer: 12:44pm On Jan 29, 2018
At his level he's vast

He knows better

For our teeming youth And drug abuse I say a big NO

I guess there is a difference between drug abuse and drug use, and OBJ is not advocating the former.

Abuse of "fast food" has health implications.
Abuse of public office and trust is the bane of Nigeria.

To me, "drug use" means the quantity that won't make one high, tripping and uncoordinated but just enough to make one "feel good," getting all the health benefits.
Religion / Re: Mafia In The Church by menxer: 8:32am On Jan 29, 2018
control, vain glory, adoration, intimidation.

How many pastors can we say is free of these key words?
Religion / Re: Where Will Mad People Go To: Heaven Or Hell? by menxer: 9:09am On Jan 28, 2018
When you all understand that there are parallel universes and realities, you would understand that an alleged mad person is living a "normal" life in a different reality.

How do you know you are not a mad person?

If we don't understand ourselves at a particular frequency, it means we are mad at that frequency, but normal on the frequency we do understand ourselves.

I have seen a supposed "mad" person trading pool bets (that later won) to seemingly "sane" people, at that frequency they understood themselves and shared a "normal" reality.

Back to op, heaven or hell is subject to definition. The Dangotes and Zuckerbergs of this world are already living in a heaven while on Earth and some of us don't have to die to go to hell, we are already in a Hell while on Earth.

Madness is a psychological condition, it does not necessarily mean the person is evil.
Tagging a mad person evil is the same mindset we use to tag old people witch and wizard.


Religion / Re: Free The Sheeple Movement Got To Church Leaders In Nigeria. My Experience by menxer: 7:13am On Jan 23, 2018
The greatest gift the Creator gave to man is Imagination.
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Lays Foundation Of Akwa Ibom International Worship Centre (Photos by menxer: 8:23pm On Jan 21, 2018
Here we go again!

Another wayward Stupidd project!

Ibom graduates are on the streets,
Others are hustling for secondary school teaching Jobs as if it's shell.

Oh God! cry

It will provide employment for those that graduated from theological colleges. cheesy

It is pointless criticising this, because the only way to make us blind, deaf, dumb and gullible is to tie a white elephant project to God.

There is a Church in Governor's Lodge in Uyo, there is a banquet hall, there is Ibom Hall (civic center), there are two stadia in Uyo, maybe all the prayers prayed in those places were never answered warranting building a befitting worship centre, where prayers surely would be answered.

But then, There are only two viable "industries" in Akwa Ibom: Churches and sit-outs.
Governor Udom is only aligning with what is trending in the State and the more lucrative.


Religion / Re: Church Of Satan Endorses Sex Dolls by menxer: 12:29pm On Jan 21, 2018

Where is the immorality in making use of an inanimate object?

Catholic priests have been using children as objects of lust for two millennia.

Muslim husbands frequently violate their under-aged brides - a crime that is not proscribed by the Quran or the Hadith.

The Bible also fails to condemn the crime of marital rape.

Why is a sex doll 'immoral' when a child bride is not?
You too much, one Rihanna sex doll for you. cheesy

We live in a world of selective immorality, if I don't acquiesce to your kind of "immorality" it is satanic.

For as long as humans have free will to choose and live the life they want, some people that don't understand the concept of freewill will aways have something to cry about.

Even in the Bible, after God created man (robot) to work his garden, some sons of God exercised their freewill and took the female robots as wife.

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Politics / Re: "I Regret Making Udom Governor" - Akpabio by menxer: 6:56pm On Jan 16, 2018
The evil that men do lives with them.

Those who remember should help me sing this ACA song:

"Who do you know?
I know Godswil Akpabio,
he is a great teacher,
who taught Udom Emmanuel."

I thought Gov Udom was the "best student" that was taught by Senator Akpabio, how could he become Akpabio's greatest mistake in less than three years?

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Politics / Re: Unbellivable As Buhari Finally Breaks Silence Why Nigeria Suffering Today by menxer: 6:21pm On Dec 21, 2017
No ur Buhari, who u forgot ur face in his a*ss angry
An ass is a beast of burden, and PMB is carrying that burden well with a smiling face.
If only you can wipe the ass dung off your face you would appreciate the lowlife PMB is trying to rid you of.
Politics / Re: Unbellivable As Buhari Finally Breaks Silence Why Nigeria Suffering Today by menxer: 9:57am On Dec 21, 2017
And u are a living nonentity. Why would u compare an idiot, bigot n a murderer to a legend? angry
And who is a legend, your father?

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