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Politics / Re: Uzodinma Officially Inaugurates The Emir Of Imo State by MetaPhysical: 12:44am
Just watch this whole video.

Kalu presented with staff to spread Islam. He was turbanned dan baiwan hausa. Iboland don enter trouble o. grin

Politics / Re: Governor Hope Uzodinma Meets New Chief Imam Of Imo State (Photo, Video) by MetaPhysical: 12:31am
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!!
Allahu Akbar!!!

وَبَشِّرِ الَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَعَمِلُواْ الصَّلِحَتِ أَنَّ لَهُمْ جَنَّتٍ تَجْرِى مِن تَحْتِهَا الْأَنْهَرُ كُلَّمَا رُزِقُواْ مِنْهَا مِنْ ثَمَرَةٍ رِّزْقاً قَالُواْ هَذَا الَّذِى رُزِقْنَا مِن قَبْلُ وَأُتُواْ بِهِ مُتَشَبِهاً وَلَهُمْ فِيهَا أَزْوَ جٌ مُّطَهَّرَةٌ وَهُمْ فِيهَا خَلِدُونَ‏

Wa bashshiril lazeena aamanoo wa 'amilus saalihaati anna lahum jannaatin tajree min tahtihal anhaaru kullamaa ruziqoo minhaa min samaratir rizqan qaaloo haazal lazee ruziqnaa min qablu wa utoo bihee mutashaabihaa, wa lahum feehaaa azwaajum mutahhara tunw wa hum feehaa khaalidoon

And convey good news to those who believe and do good deeds, that they shall have gardens in which rivers flow; whenever they shall be given a portion of the fruit thereof, they shall say: This is what was given to us before; and they shall be given the like of it, and they shall have pure mates in them, and in them, they shall abide. (2:25)

Alhamdullilah Rabbi'l Al'Ameen!!

This is good news!
Congratulations to Chief Imam and the people of Imo State in general.
Politics / Re: Repentant’ Boko Haram Members Arrive Maiduguri From Niger With Military Aircraft by MetaPhysical: 10:41pm On Feb 26
Buhari should set repentant IPOBs free from prison cells. grin grin

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Politics / Re: Igbo Group Gives 90 Days To South East Governors To Launch Security Outfit by MetaPhysical: 10:26pm On Feb 26
Afonja sponsored group
We already have forest guards and other vigilantes in the SE
Musachukwudi and ebenezar2020 take note
Cc immhotep GMBuharii greenback iceberg3 iammo metaphysical bastardmod

Which one be abuja sponsored group again ? grin grin

Lzaa na wah for you.
Politics / Re: Usman Dan Fodio: Founder Of The Sokoto Caliphate by MetaPhysical: 10:12pm On Feb 26
OP, you forgot to tell us that Mohammed Rumfa, the zakin Gobir welcomed Fodio to his court and kept him as adviser for so many years, until Fodio himself wanted to succeed the king, and then fell out with his son. His reason for attacking the Hausa palace was because the people practiced "impure" islam, much like the ISWAP and BK today.
Nigeria will never advance until the real history of the atrocities of Fodio is appreciated, and corrected.

Fulani are backbiters. You keep them as guests and they plot your death and how to own your land.

Never again! Fodio, their ancestor was a terrorist. They learnt from him.
Politics / Re: Usman Dan Fodio: Founder Of The Sokoto Caliphate by MetaPhysical: 9:43pm On Feb 26

Lol you clowns have shift the goal post when you cant win a debate. The hausa king Yunfa declared war first and lost. That beating leaves weirdos like yourself sore centuries later. I never claimed he was a saint but he's not the devil either because he conquered lands like the other empires did around him.

Fodio is in same class as Shekau.

Fodio had a jihad flag
Shekau has a jihad flag

Fodio said he had the true islam
Shekau said he has the true islam

Fodio wanted to create a caliphate
Shekau wants a caliphate

Fodio toppled Hausa State rulers
Shekau has promised to sack rulers

Fodio raided towns & kidnapped
Shekau has raided & kidnapped

Fodio turned kidnapping to enterprise
Shakau collects ransom on victims

....there is too much parallel between the two terrorists. grin

Shekau is a reincarnate of fodio
Politics / Re: Usman Dan Fodio: Founder Of The Sokoto Caliphate by MetaPhysical: 9:23pm On Feb 26

Who told your jihadists danfodio to propose religious reforms for hausa people? Where did he get permission for that?

Dem go say Allah whisper to him. grin

Why Allah no whisper to you or me? grin grin

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Politics / Re: Usman Dan Fodio: Founder Of The Sokoto Caliphate by MetaPhysical: 9:06pm On Feb 26
You can only hoodwink people that are not conversant with history.
People don't change that is a fact, the Fulanis of 200 years are the same as today, barbaric and power hungry, beast of no nation, ready to sacrifice a whole people just to install an emir.

The Fulanis are a parasite, show me any country they are prevalent and I would should you conflict and bloodshed with their neighbors and hosts.

That's an assignment for you.

Beast of no nation....Egbekegbe! grin

I love your response.

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Politics / Re: Usman Dan Fodio: Founder Of The Sokoto Caliphate by MetaPhysical: 6:44pm On Feb 26
Usman dan fodio and Shekau are in same league.

Those who wage a pretentious war of holiness to kidnap, rape and and pilfer.

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Politics / Re: Amotekun Recruitment. Message To Yoruba Leaders: Enough Of Political Correctness by MetaPhysical: 4:56pm On Feb 26
But the taxes which is used to equip and pay salaries are generated by different tribes...

This is your civic duty, has nothing to do with Amotekun. You paid tax before Amotekun, that has not qualified you to be a Baale in Yorubaland.

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Politics / Re: Amotekun: We’ve Broken Ties With Yoruba Nation.- Miyetti Allah by MetaPhysical: 4:50am On Feb 26
Amotekun: We’ve Broken Ties With Yoruba Nation.- Miyetti Allah

The National President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), Muhammadu Kirowa, says that the association have broken ties with the Yoruba nation for going ahead with their Amotekun Security Network.

Kirowa speaking at Abuja says that the association and it’s affiliates will cease to support the political ambitions of the Yoruba people, saying that the much debated Amotekun Security Network was formed to disrupt cattle herders.

*We cannot be supporting those who are against us. The only reason for forming Amotekun is Fulani people, to drive us away from their land. Tell me are we not all Nigerians?*
I have seen that the Amotekun boys have been armed. If they are armed, we have no choice than to arm cattlemen because they need to protect themselves from the danger which Amotekun will pose to them.

They cannot reject Ruga and also reject open grazing, they must choose one. All I can tell you now is that they are pushing us too far. They are really pushing us to the walls. We have held meetings with relevant government agencies and they promised to look into the issue.

How can they go ahead with Amotekun when the police issued them notice to stop? How can they ignore the President’s directive? I see that there is an evil motive behind this security network.

*I heard they have also endowed them with charms to kill our cows. For any cow killed, their government will pay double for it. For every Fulani herdsman killed, violence will erupt. We have been oppressed for too long. It’s time to tell Yoruba people that we are not cowards and by Allah’s power, we will crush Amotekun and crush all their evil plots against the Fulani race.*



I am not sure the oga patapata of cow herders have received this news. grin

In the whole of Africa, nowhere fulani makes more money per second, everyday, every week, every month, every year, on sale of his livestock than in Yorubaland. Economic embargo awaits their future. We will turn their households and its generations into paupers.

When his boss at the top hear his lament Im sure they will call him to watch his tongue. grin grin

Fulani will only succeed in breaking ties with his earnings in Yorubaland. Nothing more!
Crime / Re: Police Dismiss Olaniyi Ogunsoro Involved In Tiamiyu Kazeem's Death by MetaPhysical: 4:42am On Feb 26

Na so Punch take report am na smiley

Correct that quote abeg. I don modify my post jare. Everything is upside down in Naija, even journalism.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Meet The 10 Most Influential Igbo Muslims by MetaPhysical: 4:40am On Feb 26
HRH Dr. Abdulfatai Emetumah:
Ibo dey bear Fatai. E don shelle! grin grin



Crime / Re: Police Dismiss Olaniyi Ogunsoro Involved In Tiamiyu Kazeem's Death by MetaPhysical: 4:36am On Feb 26

Na the footballer be that na

Why OP post footballer picture on a story of dismissal of cop. OP don slack. grin

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Politics / Re: Recall Of All Igbo Fed. Lawmakers; Tension As Igbo Stakeholders Meet In Lagos by MetaPhysical: 4:32am On Feb 26
Nigeria is a creation of Lugard who was colonialist and it was not meant for Ndigbo. Ndigbo and Biafrans did not fight the war for nothing. The federal government of Nigeria will never wish success to anything in Igbo land. The actions of the Nigerian government towards Ndigbo are not even in pretense because it brazenly speaks for itself for all to see. If Dangote is the owner of the Vehicular Assembly Plant at Nnewi, no vehicle would have plied on Nigerian roads if it is not Dangote. Ndigbo, please let us march out of Nigeria. Today is not 1967 era.

Seriously, Innoson should be persuaded to start socializing. There is no reason he could not be seen visiting with Northerners in Kano, in Katsina, Jos, Adamawa, or go visit Alaafin, when Ooni is celebrating anniversary or birthday, host the party and invite everyone to Nnewi. Invite Obasanjo for tour of his plant. Go visit Obasanjo library. Take tour to see Dangote refinery, travel with Otedola to be guest at his Spanish villa, go see Awujale and tell him he would honor the next Ojude Oba festival. If he does this and doesnt become a preferred distributor to government agencies in less than 3years call me an idiot! grin grin


Crime / Re: Police Dismiss Olaniyi Ogunsoro Involved In Tiamiyu Kazeem's Death by MetaPhysical: 4:22am On Feb 26
OP, you be jjc for news sharing? Put SARS picture, this is his story.

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Politics / Re: Amotekun Recruitment. Message To Yoruba Leaders: Enough Of Political Correctness by MetaPhysical: 4:16am On Feb 26
I'm Igbo and I agree with this one hundred percent .

Every region should organize their land as best they can.

I have nothing but best wishes for amotekun.

Our maturity at the regional level is far more virtuous than the maturity at the center. The regions will have a security force that is far more professional and will take ownership of vested interest at the local level. What is Babatunde doing as Commissioner of Police in Anambra, is that his culture? It is easy for him to maltreat and abuse people of Anambra because he does not have ownership in the culture. This is exactly what we have seen everywhere that security officers are posted to foreign and strange lands, they brutalize the people and their culture. Look at SARS, everyone of them that has killed a person in West are not local. Regions must enforce their will on the center and take back their liberties, instead of asking for permission or approval to be liberated.
Politics / Re: Recall Of All Igbo Fed. Lawmakers; Tension As Igbo Stakeholders Meet In Lagos by MetaPhysical: 4:02am On Feb 26
There is nothing in the constitution that says Ibo cannot live anywhere in Nigeria. Likewise, there is nothing in constitution that says others cannot buy vehicles of their choice from anywhere in the world. Innoson vehicles is not a national project. Even Dangote is not a national project but study what he does....he moves amongst circles that promote his business.

When has anyone seen Innoson attending a party in West...or a marriage in North? C'mon guys, na which kind businessman hin be? E siddon for SE dey hibernate and expect his products to sell.

I laugh in Nnewi.... grin grin grin

Everytime a Yoruba socialite throw party, Dangote dey there, Isyaku Rabiu dey there, Obasanjo dey there, Jagaban dey there, Otedola dey there. Anytime a prominent Northerner's child is wedding, same set of Yoruba dey there. Even if they invite Ibos they dont go. BabaJebu chieftaincy in Ife, even Emirs from North were there.

This meeting is a useless project. They should advise Innoson to join the socialite circle and start mingling. no more no less..... grin


Politics / Amotekun Recruitment. Message To Yoruba Leaders: Enough Of Political Correctness by MetaPhysical: 3:47am On Feb 26
We look across the political landscape in Nigeria, Yoruba is the one yielding ground to accommodate others in the name of Constitutional rights and political correctness.

Amotekun is Yoruba, and only Yoruba will be recruited, period! Let's stand firm for Amotekun and reject all pressures demanding us to tune Amotekun to the Federal Constitution. Amotekun is not unconstitutional....likewise it is not unconstitutional for Amotekun to restrict recruitment to Yoruba Only! Our youths have been displaced from commercial advantages by those who thronged in from far away distances and monopolized markets in our land. They cannot monopolize our markets, endanger our land....and then monopolize our security force as well. Enough of yielding ground, enough of political correctness and Amotekun will recruit Yoruba only!

There is insecurity in Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto, Yobe, Adamawa, Kaduna....anyone from North that wants to serve in a security force should go and serve in the joint security force in those respective states.

There is insecurity in SS, in East, anyone from those regions that want to serve in a security outfit should go serve in the respective security operations in SS and in SE.

If our leaders make the mistake of yielding ground and opening Amotekun to all Nigerians to join, then it is no longer a Western Nigeria Security Network....it is National Security Network.

Employ Yoruba only....heaven will not fall if you do! Moreover, it is defensible in a court of law.

No more yielding, no more political correctness.....Amotekun is for Western Nigeria and for Yoruba only.

Now, those who say they should be recruited into Amotekun are in a way saying they do not trust Yoruba to secure them. I have said this much enough, in every society Fulani finds himself he believes he must be at the top of that society. They do not submit to others leadership because they have a spiritual belief that a muslim must not be led by a non-muslim.

Anybody in Yorubaland who does not trust Yoruba with his security is free to go where he has trust. We will not yield and start recruiting non-Yorubas just so they can trust us. They should yield, with trust that a Yoruba only security force can protect and safeguard their lives.

Anyone not trusting us on our land can vamoose....constitution does not tie anyone down to Yorubaland.

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Politics / Re: Recall Of All Igbo Fed. Lawmakers; Tension As Igbo Stakeholders Meet In Lagos by MetaPhysical: 3:25am On Feb 26
Ibo wants to succeed Buhari in 2023 so they are calling a meeting and it will be held in Yorubaland, under the nose and eyes of the contender and preferred successor in 2023.

I laugh in Igbo Amaka.... grin grin

Clowns! Before you end the meeting the whole taped discussion has been downloaded and sent to Jagaban. grin

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Politics / Re: Live Updates With Amotekun by MetaPhysical: 3:15am On Feb 26

Interesting statement from you and a fast conslusive one without any pointer to a reason why you saying this.

Firstly i will answer your question, No it is not government authoriized. However I wil like you to read through the discription of the app on playstore, that will probably have enlighened you to understand a little.

One of the problems we have in our country n Nigeria is our inability to accept innovative or successfu approach that will help us is the emotional and illogical approach to conclude on something we know nothing about, we dont usually stop there we go ahead to even discourage others to support us in our pessimisms. You know what i mean so i dont have to type so much to explain that.

So here are my Questions to you, if you can answer them with sincerely, logically and truthfully then good for you and all those that will read this before, during and after you.

Is Nairaland authorized by government when it started?
Is Facebook authorized by government when it started?
Is Amazon authorized by government when it started?
Is Alibaba authorized by government when it started?
Is Jumia authorized by government when it started?
Is Whatsapp authorized by government when it started?
and other countless online websites and apps.

Yet the government of country of origin of this websites and apps usually attach recognitions to all these after most of them are viral and successful. Infact if we all always wait for the governement to do everything we will never innovate and develop in Nigeria. So again, its not government authorize but because i am a citizen like me and you the government can call me to order just like America called Mark Zukerberg when there was a questionable activity on facebook, similarly Seun(Nairaland) can be summon by the Nigerian government should they have any questionable things going on in Nairaland.
So my brother dont be pessimistic about everything otherwise we will not move forward in this country. Thank you.

Yes, you are creative and I commend your vision and effort but you need also to have perspective. Amotekun is outside of the league of those websites and apps you listed. None of them is backed by law, they are operating in an open and regulation-neutral space.

On Amotekun we need a sense of patriotism. We do not want Amotekun to be a commodity. It is not sacred but it is statutory and has become a Yoruba institution the moment all the Western States passed its law.

My brother, it is not everything we need to put online. Amotekun should be out of view. It is present but it is stealth and concealed.

Let me give you ideas on what you can do with apps. Like I said, Amotekun is not one of them. Everything about Amotekun we want it to have authenticity and approval from top.

Here is what you can build an app to discuss..... after Amotekun launches, rate of crime will go down. So you can create an app to track its effect. Get some data together and baseline where rate of crime is before Amotekun. Once Amotekun launches you begin tracking the crime rate and you can have enough data that Media can come to you, security consultants can come to you, academic researchers can come to you and even states can come to you to get statistical information for their reporting. Once you become a reference, you can monetize the database. This is what you should do....not an app to discuss Amotekun.

Can you see the difference? You create app to track Amotekun's effect. You do not create app to make Amotekun subject or point of gossip and fake stories.

Thanks Bro. grin
Politics / Re: El-rufa’i Moves To Put Kaduna Back On Mega-city Top League by MetaPhysical: 1:26am On Feb 26

See as I sit down for office dey read your post attentively like say na lecture room I dey.

Nice informative post.

Were lawon gambari yi nau.
...we know their open and hidden agendas, they think they are invisible. grin

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Events / Re: The First Igbo Islamic Marriage In Imo State (Photos) by MetaPhysical: 10:36pm On Feb 25
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar!

Iboland finally joins the Muslim Ummah. Allahu Akbar!


Its official....Yoruba muslims can now marry and put hijab on Ibo virgins. grin

God is Great!
Events / Re: The First Igbo Islamic Marriage In Imo State (Photos) by MetaPhysical: 10:33pm On Feb 25
...yes that must be rekhinatu and metaphysical grin

grin grin
Politics / Re: Recall Of All Igbo Fed. Lawmakers; Tension As Igbo Stakeholders Meet In Lagos by MetaPhysical: 10:31pm On Feb 25

There is tension over the threat to recall all Igbo Federal Lawmakers both at the upper and lower chambers if they fail to reconsider buying their utility vehicles from Innoson motors.

The tension became more tensed as the body Igbo National Stakeholders' Assembly (INSA) which issued the threat announced an emergency meeting. The apex Igbo Political group has slated the meeting to hold this weekend in Lagos.

In a press statement made available to newsmen, the President General of the group Chief John Uche said that the recall of the lawmakers and 2023 Presidency would top the agenda of the meeting.
The statement reads;

"All Igbo National Stakeholders' Assembly (INSA) chapters Worldwide are hereby directed to attend an emergency meeting of INSA which will hold on Friday 28th of February 2020 in Lagos. Letters of invitation have been sent to those outside Nigeria. We expect all continents to be represented not minding this short notice.

It is high time we hold those we sent to Abuja to represent us responsible for the underdevelopment of our land. We shall also discuss other urgent national issues including 2023 Presidency as all eyes are now on Igbo to produce the next President of Nigeria after President Buhari's tenure."

We wish also to authenticate through this release the mails sent to all our First Class Kings, Community Leaders, Youths and Women groups, Political groups and Civil Societies informing them of the second and concluding part of the meeting which would in Umuahia in March 2020.

Chief John Uche
President General Igbo National Stakeholders' Assembly (INSA) Worldwide.

Yoruba is why Ibo breathe. Without Yoruba these people will be extinct. grin


Religion / Re: Catholic Bishop And Priests In UK In Isi-Agu Igbo Attire During Mass by MetaPhysical: 11:11am On Feb 25
Celebration of tradition is very important and this is a good thing for the culture. Kudos to the initiators and executors

Very true!

While it is inspiring and heart warming that Igbo gets love in a foreign land.....as reported here, it is also worrisome that all the places this news item occur are linked to Igbo. Gives it suspicion and a doubt of its authenticity. Probably works of a creative photoshopper.
Politics / Re: Live Updates With Amotekun by MetaPhysical: 4:21am On Feb 25
Why not let it be effective in all the 6 states before launching the app?

These are mechanisms they will use to destroy the operation. Their agenda is being revealed one by one.
Politics / Re: Live Updates With Amotekun by MetaPhysical: 4:19am On Feb 25
Live Updates With Amotekun is a chat app forum updates for Amotekun security team within the communities of South-western States in Nigeria (namely, Lagos, Ondo, Osun,Oyo,Ogun and Ekiti States).

Amotekun is a Western Nigeria Security Network, This app is to help improve communication between the communities and situations of things that is going on in their respective regions.

This app was developed free of advertisement and as a contributing mechanism to enhance the newly established community policing outfit by the Great Governors of the six south western States of Nigeria.

Pre-registration Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amotekun.operation

Ogbeni, is this app government authorized?

I urge people not to download or use the app. If you already downloaded it uninstall. Very lawless and disorganized people using backdoor to destroy Amotekun. Shame on you!
Politics / Re: BREAKING! Fulani Herdsmen Block Benin-ore Road In Edo State, Travelers Stranded by MetaPhysical: 4:04am On Feb 25

So how is this your Fact different from what those people in the VIDEO were saying..?.
U still ended up saying FULANI HERDSMEN killed one villager.
What perchance, you enter that VILLAGE and realise that not just one was killed but multiple.

When u said FAKE NEWS, I was expecting you to say it was SARS that gunned down a Villager and not Herdsmen.
I won't blame you because we no longer have regard for HUMAN LIFE.
Imagine, you saying JUST ONE..!
and u expect the villagers not to barricade the ROAD.

Please, WAKE UP, Don't wait until you or ur Family members are next

Thumbs Up!


Politics / Re: BREAKING! Fulani Herdsmen Block Benin-ore Road In Edo State, Travelers Stranded by MetaPhysical: 4:03am On Feb 25
stop sharing false info pls..I was one of the travellers stranded.What happened was that herdsmen killed one villager which provoked the villagers to barricaded the road tru out that day until 6:30pm the road was open with the intervention of LG chairman,soldiers who took away the corpse of the man killed. It wasn't easy tho as the villagers insisted on seeing Gov Obaseki.So always get ur fact right b4 disseminating any info

How do we know your own version is the truth?

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Politics / Re: El-rufa’i Moves To Put Kaduna Back On Mega-city Top League by MetaPhysical: 3:53am On Feb 25

What response did guy give ? That infrastructure development is priority over the security of lives and property?
You talking about moving about freely in Kaduna, if propoganda go let you see road, you will agree that Kaduna is no longer safe.
And from my initial post you will agree that I live in Kaduna, and know whatvis happening in Kaduna.
I am very sure you don't travel Kaduna Abuja road, na me and you dey go hustle ticket for train station.
Just imagine, this level of insecurity was pre Elrufai era, he for Don foam for mouth all over twitter.
Lest I forget, I understand Kaduna state government have ceded Birnin Gwari LGA to bandits. Argue that fact also.

El Rufai is a bigot. He speaks for and advocate in support of fulani terrorism. We heard him when he said anyone that kills a fulani takes a debt to be repaid with reprisal, whether civilian or military. True to his boast, Nigerian military treat fulani as untouchable.

But even more dire, Rufai sent official memo and instructed the Chiefs of Southern Kaduna to accept a new title under Emirate Council. Kaduna doea not have an Emir, so which Emirate will they now subordinate to? Thats Zaria Emirate. Not only have they stolen their territory, they are also enslaving them as a subordinate clan of Zaria Emirate. Big insult! Those who defied his order were killed in accidents or visited by fulani bandits and assassinated.

Turning Birnin Gwari to deathtrap is strategic. It is not new. What he plans is to kill the market and commercial activities and economic independence of Southern Kaduna....thus force them to bend on their knees and beg for survival. Let me tell you where else this tactic was used. In Kwara.

The King of Jebba is an Oba and has vehemently opposed to be included in the Ilorin Emirate. Successive Governors, beginning with Saraki, used State power to force him, like Rufai is doing now for Southern Kaduna. There used to be a paper mill in Jebba and was the lifelihood of the town. They killed the mill. Jebba is a trade point for road and rail transport. It is gateway to Yorubaland from North and last stop out of Yorubaland going North. They have good commerce and very vibrant market in Jebba 24x7....the town never sleeps as long traffic is moving. The battle between Emir of Ilorin and Oba of Jebba got to a point that they compromised the bridge that crosses over the river Mokwa into Jebba, thus shutting off road traffic both ways and paralysing their livelihood a second time. Yoruba Obas got involved and demanded a quick fix. Within months the bridge was rebuilt and operational again. This happened during Buhari first term. Fashola was Minister of Works and got it rebuilt pretty quickly, and VP Osinbajo visited the site once or twice...to tell you the political priority placed on that project.

From Central Kaduna all the way to Northern Niger and Abuja, even parts of Lokoja are all one ethnic group of Gbagyi and its subtribes - Gwari, Kataf, Kachia, Koro, Kadara...and so on. Many of their leaders abandoned their tribal roots and allied with fulani. People like IBB, a Gwari, ought to be fighting for the human rights of people in Southern and Central Kaduna, instead he speaks for fulani North. Just same way that Saraki denies his Yoruba identity and opts to be fulani for political gains.

There is nothing going on up there in North that is hidden...we just dont talk most time. We reserve the shame of hausa/fulani for our own advantage when we need to face them in opposition.

One day if time permits I will speak on how North used Ahmadu Bello University as an indoctrination ground and re-engineered the people of Middle Belt into a new agenda and philosophy meant to separate Northern academia from Southern academia and use political and military power to suppress and dominate Southern academia. In the North if you are a product of Ahmadu Bello University you are destined to serve in government and projected to head a government department, at state or federal...or both, regardless of your cumulative grade point or class. They do not see anything wrong putting a second class lower as head of dept above a Phd from Ibadan. I will expose the thinking and idea in a future post....and its genesis, not now. grin

For now, return Kaduna to its rightful owners and they can develop themselves. This is key! grin grin


Politics / Re: El-rufa’i Moves To Put Kaduna Back On Mega-city Top League by MetaPhysical: 2:59am On Feb 25

Hausa fulanis are settlers in Kaduna city....No where in Kaduna city belongs to them. Metaphysical has told you the truth.

Hausa land stops at the boundary with Jaji to the north... The same way Hausa fulanis infiltrated Jos & Bauchi cities is the same way they infiltrated Kaduna city and crisis helped them to claim the northern part of the city.

Is he still denying that Kaduna does not belong to Hausa/Fulani? grin

I blame the Southern Kaduna people for this blatant land theft, their leaders and chiefs were busy drinking liquor from day to night and stayed drunk everyday, by the time they came out of their intoxication it was too late....fulani had successfully stolen the territory and in fact pushed them out of their own ancestral land and became the illegitimate occupant.

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