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Politics / Lagos Explosion Targeted At Igbos - IPOB by MetaPhysical: 2:56am On Mar 19
The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has stated the explosion in Lagos on Sunday was orchestrated to wipe away Igbo homes and businesses in Abule Ado in Lagos State.

The pro-Biafra group, in a statement signed by its spokesman, Comrade Emma Powerful, also alleged of an attempt to attack 14, 000 churches in the southeast by the same people that attacked Abule Ado in Lagos State.

IPOB, while calling on the international community to hold the Nigerian government responsible for what they described as “genocide” going on in Christian communities across the country, accused the Southeast governors of failing to protect its citizens.

According to IPOB, the group maybe forced to defend themselves in order to keep the Southeast safe for inhabitation.

“The bomb explosion in Lagos was clearly targeted at Igbo homes and businesses. Our race is sleepwalking into a disaster worse than any seen before by an endangered people.

“Intelligence gathering by IPOB has revealed that about 14,000 churches have already been earmarked for bombing by the terrorists who have been deployed to the zone.

“Most of the terrorists are already living among the people in the various communities and cities in South East where some of them operate now as tricycle (KEKE) riders, commercial motorcycle operators and shoemakers.

“They wander around our villages and streets as innocent people but they have wicked intents and are only waiting for order to unleash mayhem.

A few days ago some of these bloodsuckers were observed in Umuahia identifying some churches to bomb on the set date.

“Further intelligence report by IPOB intelligence crack team revealed that the terrorists have concluded plans to blow up the marked churches simultaneously on the set date once they receive the final order from their sponsors. This, they intend to carry out before March 30.

“There is already so much evidence confirming this wicked plot. Just last week a soldier in mufti was seen at Orie Ugba, Umuahia narrating how he narrowly escaped execution for refusing to ally with a secret plot to unleash mayhem on Biafrans. A similar event was also reported at Okigwe last month.

“It has also been discovered that many Fulani terrorists have infiltrated KEKE and Okada operators in most cities and villages with the evil objective of familiarising themselves with our terrains.

“We want to sound the alert to our people that Ndigbo and indeed the entire Biafra land have been surrounded by Fulani terrorists.

“They have already taken over our forests and farmlands marauding as herdsmen. Some of their foot soldiers now live among us posing as shoe shiners, hawkers, laborers, and gatemen.

It is very unfortunate that our Governors and selfish political jobbers are not concerned about this disturbing trend. They are joking with the security of their people. They connived with Abuja to betray IPOB.

“They have refused to form a regional security outfit unlike their counterparts in the South West. So, our people should not trust or depend on our so-called Fulani enthroned leaders any more for their security.

“We, therefore, call on all church leaders in the South East/South-South indeed our people to brace up for the worst. Everybody should get ready to defend oneself.

“This is time to unite as Ndigbo and push back the invaders. Our people should also stop boarding KEKE or Okada being operated by strangers.

“We also call the international community to hold the Nigerian Government for the genocide going on in Christian communities across the country.

“They have refused to protect innocent people but allowed Fulani herdsmen and terrorists to move about with weapons of warfare including AK47.

“Our message to the terrorists and their sponsors is that they will be shocked in across the entire East (including the lugubrious names South-South). IPOB is ready for them!” the statement concluded


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Politics / Re: We Suspended $22.7b Loan Because Of Non-Inclusion Of South East - Gbajabiamila by MetaPhysical: 2:10am On Mar 19
The Speaker in his response said that “You said there is no need for the loan at this time, but that itself is debatable. If government believes that there’s need for the loan, I think we should support that, because they know as they’re the ones that see what is needed and what is not needed.

Look at how Speaker of the House of Reps speak non-challantly and recklessly about 22.7b naira loan.

No supervision, no checks and balances....whatever de Executive say they need, na dem sabi, we just approve it, we dont need to know what the needs are.


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Politics / Re: COVID 19: Man Whose Girlfriend Tested Positive Calls Out FG For Lying by MetaPhysical: 1:59am On Mar 19
Hnmm, the aligation is serious.

Aligation ko...Alligator ni!
Politics / Re: Covid-19::how The Busiest Street In Milan, Italy Becomes An Empty Street.. by MetaPhysical: 11:50pm On Mar 18


This is when Italian men will truly appreciate prostitute and see their work as an 'essential service' to the community.

Imagine being locked up and stressed for a month, and cant go out to go offload the stress. Kai, some Italians go end up in mental house soon.

Do they have online pussy order in Italy? Kai!!!

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Health / Re: Ekiti Government Speaks On Coronavirus In The State As American Man Dies by MetaPhysical: 11:39pm On Mar 18
It is very simple: Stay away from crowded places. Examples : Football viewing centers, parties , Ceremonies, Convocation, Assemblies, shows,
weddings , schools, etc...

Churches and mosques also, but I am afraid some people might quote me for saying the truth.

Before you quote me, everyone should pray in his /her home. God is everywhere and he answers our prayers anywhere it's said.

Churches and mosques are gathering, but because of the virus, let every one does it at home.

Also, any bus carrying passengers without nose mask should be seized. Any one walking without nose mask, should go back to his home.

Mind yasef o
Mind yasef o! angry
Health / Coronavirus: Culinary Benefit! by MetaPhysical: 7:47pm On Mar 18
My people, continue to cook with pepper. There is reason Yoruba people do not suffer many of the ailments that others carry in their genes. The difference is pepper.

We learn from the example of others.

Nigerians must stay alive....continue to cook with pepper. It is not a proven cure for coronavirus, but it has also not been included in the test....or should I say it has bern overlooked because it is an indigeneous food.

We do have examples in past to prove that pepper is a good immunity for many breach of the nervous system, the metabolic system and as well the immuno system.

Cook with pepper! Stay alive!
Politics / Re: Covid-19::how The Busiest Street In Milan, Italy Becomes An Empty Street.. by MetaPhysical: 7:36pm On Mar 18
How are my sisters doing up yonder?

How market? grin
Politics / Re: Lagos Moves To Stop Church, Mosque Services by MetaPhysical: 7:34pm On Mar 18
Lagos State Government is a real apostolic prophet, they were able to see ahead that a danger loomed....so they hurrried up and banned napep and okada. If it wasnt for their prophetic vision, imagine how coronavirus would have spread through okada and napep actlting as virus carriers from point A to B.

Eko oni baje!
Politics / Re: Southeast Proven Not To Be Landlocked... See Shocking Facts by MetaPhysical: 7:06pm On Mar 18

Obuaku Ndoki Port in Abia State is only 25 nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean from the confluence of Imo River and Azumiri (blue River) which is a large and deep body water of high flowing and rich rivers. Azumiri Blue River is also 25-30 nautical miles to Atlantic Ocean for a big Seaport


Ever since the Abia State Government announced their intention to bring a Sea Port to the state, there have been many questions raised. I reached out to a source at the Government House, Umuahia to obtain clarity. I was told that the proposed location for the seaport is in Obuaku, Ukwa West, LGA. Right in Obuaku, there is a confluence point where the Imo River and the Blue River meet. The Obuaku confluence passes through Ikot Abasi in Akwa Ibom State. In Rivers state for instance, (along Bonny River) we have Portharcourt Seaport and we have the Sea Port located in Onne, Eleme L.G.A. Onne,This is Nigeria’s busiest sea port and ranks as the largest sea port in west Africa. Did you know that while Rivers State (Porharcourt Sea Port) sits 40 nautical miles away from the Atlantic Ocean and Onne Port in River State along Bonny River sits 50 Nautical Miles away from the Atlantic Ocean.But Obuaku Blue River and Azumiri Rivers is only 25 nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean? To some, this talk about a sea port in Abia state may sound unrealistic but, it is not far fetched. Even if it does not get realized now, this legacy project will come to fruition in no distant time. - See more at: http://www.southeastnigeria.com/some-answers-to-the-the-proposed-sea-port-in-abia-state-joi-john/#sthash.pUVpKDB2.dpuf

Igboland is not landlocked according to United Nation treaty, International law OF THE Sea and African Union laws. Igboland has many Rivers, Canals, Waterways, Lake and bays in Imo State, Anambra state, Anioma, Asaba and Abia States which flows into the Atlantic Oceans and the Sea and many a distance of 30 minutes drive.
Development of a Sea-Port at Obuaku-Ndoki: many Nigerians, even including many enlightened sons and daughters of Nd’igbo, had, out of geographical ignorance, borne the impression that the South-East of Nigeria is land-locked. But being a visionary leader, the truth is now being made manifest that the Blue River/Imo River confluence at Obuaku-Ndoki is only twenty-five nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean. We are thankful that Abia state Government is working committedly to establishing a sea-port at the confluence town of Obuaku.

Chief (Sir) Don Ubani; ksc, JP 11/06/2013
"further inward by thinking of laying a bigger foundation of economy for not only Abia State but the whole of the South-East geo-political zone by formally conceptualizing the establishment of a sea-port at Obeaku-Ndoki, in Ukwa-East Local Government Area.
Embarking on a road map that will ginger his successor to see to the realization of a sea-port in Abia State, would correct the erroneous impression widely held by uninformed Nigerians that the South-East zone of Nigeria is land-locked. This is very far from the truth.The Imo River, which originates from Umuaku in Isuochi of Umunneochi Local Government Area meandered its way up to Obeaku-Ndoki, from where it emptied itself into the Atlantic Ocean. It is very strategic to mention that the distance between Obeaku-Ndoki and the Atlantic Ocean, which commences not far from Igwenga in Ikot Abasi Local Government Area of Akwa-Ibom State, is only twenty-five nautical miles.For the avoidance of doubt, any zone that enjoys a proximity of even thirty nautical miles to a maritime endowment such as the Atlantic Ocean, should not in any way categorize itself as being land-locked. For the benefit of those who do not know, Port-Harcourt wharf is about forty nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean. It was dredged and scooped during the Premiership of Dr. M.I. Okpara during the defunct Eastern Region for ships to berth therein. If Port-Harcourt wharf could be made accessible to ships despite its fourty-nautical-mile distance to the Atlantic Ocean, it justifiably stands to reason that Obeaku-Ndoki Wharf, which is only twenty-five nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean, could be more readily and profitably accessed by ships. Since Nigeria parades a galaxy of consultants in marine engineering, obtaining professional advice in this regards may not be far from reach."
Chief (Sir) Don Ubani; ksc, JP(Okwubunka of Asa) Umuiku-Isi-Asa Ukwa-West L.G.A. P.M.B 7048 Aba

No one can cross from Iboland enter sea or international territory directly without first crossing other states.

In other words, if other states deny you access you are not going anywhere. Iboland is landlocked!
Politics / Re: Biafra: Afenifere Backs Nnamdi Kanu, Emphasize Nigeria’s Inevitable Breakup. by MetaPhysical: 6:48pm On Mar 18

Afenifere’s National Publicity Secretary, Yinka Odumakin

incase you don't know, Yinka is married to an Ibo woman... and he was the spokesperson of General Buhari during his CPC days , he even authorized the baboon and dogs soaked in blood message unbehalf of Buhari.. but since buhari dumped him for collecting money from jonathan and picked femi adesina he has being using afenifere to poison peoples mind claiming Yoruba


So Olabisi na Ibo name? grin
Politics / Re: Biafra: Afenifere Backs Nnamdi Kanu, Emphasize Nigeria’s Inevitable Breakup. by MetaPhysical: 6:46pm On Mar 18
Ibo finally realized without Afenifere and Yoruba, Biafraland is a fantasy, worse than Alice in Wonderland.

Now they are dropping Afenifere name to hype relevance. grin

Anyway sha....dont turn around and lament that Yoruba betrayed you o! Yoruba no find you....na you dey go find Yoruba.

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Politics / Re: PIX: See What Vanguard Newspaper Posted by MetaPhysical: 6:34pm On Mar 18

I can give you more statistics if you want of frauds by your own.
Stop coming here to claim holier than thou
Bad influence ko?
Any mumu that falls to bad influence had bad intentions and just only found an expression in his innate desires.
Every influence is driven purely by the DNA & environment working in tandem.
Go and tell this to Legbegbe of iPhone, Anini of the 80s, and their colleagues.
Go and check debit card frauds, etc in the US.
You can't reason but keep talking shit when faced with facts

Mallam Chibuzor, focus on this FBI bust abeg. Una don corrupt Yoruba youths in America finish.

Yoruba were never known to steal other people stuffs, you are a bad influence!

Focus on this bust and stop talking nonsense!

After 88 Ibo boys are busted not long ago you have been recruiting to dilute your shame and spread guilt to other ethnicities.

Watch yourself o!
Politics / Re: Lagos Moves To Stop Church, Mosque Services by MetaPhysical: 6:19pm On Mar 18
Im surprised no prophet saw this coming. grin

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Health / Re: Coronavirus: Prostitute Wears Face Mask (video) by MetaPhysical: 6:16pm On Mar 18
She dey cover nose when coronavirus go sneak take toto enter body.

Family / Re: Update On My Brother - He has Been Found by MetaPhysical: 6:11pm On Mar 18
Congratulations and thank God your brother is back. That calls for a party and celebration. grin

Now, look, Nigerians have accents depending on which region and language is spoken. That WERE that called you for ransome.....what accent did he speak with?

We need Amotekun here in Nairaland.
Politics / Re: Governor Abdullahi Ganduje Of Kano Looks Dapper In Military Uniform (PHOTOS) by MetaPhysical: 4:32pm On Mar 18
This na fire brigade uniform now. Haba!

That man next to him in first picture...na Obasa be that? See the resemblance. grin

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Politics / Re: Isis In Nigeria - A Revisit To 2015 by MetaPhysical: 1:12pm On Mar 18
Politics / Re: In Benin, The Governor Kneels To Greet The King, But Not So In Other Kingdoms.. by MetaPhysical: 12:30am On Mar 18
Popular social media enthusiast, Tunde Ednut has stated that in Benin city, Edo state, governors kneels to greet the king but in other kingdoms, the king shivers before the governor.

Speaking in an Instagram post, Ednut shared a photo of Governor Godwin Obaseki kneeling before Oba of Benin...

Make una tell these village people that in Ife, world leaders prostrate for Ooni.

Brazilian Ambassador
Cuban Ambassador

Una take ordinary Governor kneel as some achievement. mmmmtchhheewww.....


Politics / Re: The United Nations Should Have A Mandate To Take Over Failed States Like Nigeria by MetaPhysical: 12:08am On Mar 18
The United Nations should have a mandate to take over failed states like Nigeria. And appoint accomplished and successful Nigerians from diaspora as Administrators who will undergo comprehensive background checks to take over governance at Federal,State and Local government level. Nigeria has failed in all indices in it's responsibility to it citizens in the provision of electricity,security,portable water,sanitation,social security safety net since 1960.
The only people benefiting from Nigeria are the fantastically corrupt politicians who have looted $600 billion dollars since 1960. They are the only ones that have security and enjoy any kind of benefits in the poverty capital of the world.

They do! It has been relaxed.

There are progressive steps of intervention beginning at saving endangered citizens from a cruel govt, to actually invading to preserve a nation from complete ruin and extermination....the top is declaring a country a "mandate territory".

They do have this law but political correctness and greed has crippled its enforcement.
Politics / Re: Two(2) Possible Potential Nigeria President In 2023 by MetaPhysical: 12:02am On Mar 18
From the recent happenings, among these 2 individuals, one will emerge president.
1. Nasir El rufai current Kaduna governor.

2. Sanusi Lamido Saminu. The recent happenings around him are all doctored. It's part of the plan to make him the president. Mind you, he is not at war with Ganduje privately, they make the media deceive people that they are. They know what they are doing

There are more than 1million eligible candidates and anyone of them can win...Dino Melaye included. The two you listed are not the only possibilities.

Get your mind right! grin
Politics / Re: Sanusi Lamido 2023 Campaign Vehicle By Northern Youth Group by MetaPhysical: 12:00am On Mar 18
Northern Youth Group Kickstart Their Campaign For Sanusi 2023

Sponsored by El Rufai!
Politics / Re: Let's Discuss: President Buhari Is Yet To Visit Lagos After The Explosion. WHY? by MetaPhysical: 11:57pm On Mar 17
You claim to be President of all yet this happens in your nation's commercial capital and you do not see fit to go there to see for yourself and stand with your people? The best you can do is look at the pictures that were brought to you?

What a president indeed..

He cannot travel at moment. His itinerary was to fly to Lagos and then take a motorcade from Airport to Amuwo but the insecurity of Fulani herdsmen and bandits in SW makes it too risky for President to make the trip. After Amotekun starts operation he will feel safe to enter SW again.

Long Live Amotekun!
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ikejemba Dies In Dozie Ikedife Jnr's Residence - Politics Nigeria by MetaPhysical: 9:02pm On Mar 17
E don use that boy do juju
Politics / Re: PIX: See What Vanguard Newspaper Posted by MetaPhysical: 6:53pm On Mar 17

Shut up and face the topic; crime
You think you're wise but actually not.
Even with fraud, oga go and sit down and stop being hypocritical


I say focus on this thread now, and stop derailing.

We dont want bad influence on Yoruba youths. Una stop teaching Yoruba youths in US bad things. They were doing good until they started mixing with chibuzo and chinedu.

Egbe kegbe!

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Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael: AMVCA Is Organized By Yoruba, It's Fake Award, Political by MetaPhysical: 5:27pm On Mar 17
Zubby don't mind them.. I've never seen a tribe so biased and hypocritical like those people. Just last night my little sister was telling me nice thing about her yoruba friends she met in school, i felt like giving her the dirtiest slap ever. She was lucky she was meters away from me.. I've warned the brat to face her study and don't mingle with people, especially ofe mmanu people. One day i will give her a huge scar if she refuses to listen.

Your little sister is already having crush on Fatai. God hammer your hand if you touch that girl. grin


Literature / Re: Half Of A Yellow Sun: Chimamanda Describes Plagiarism Allegation As Laughable by MetaPhysical: 4:46pm On Mar 17
Going forward I believe social media will take on a role of people's court and judgements passed on social media will influence to great degree the ruling obtained in court process.

People are putting more trust in the empathic response they get online, in contrast to the cold and harsh unempathic suspense in front of "my lord".

It hints at something!

When individuals are troubled, truth is secondary to trust, and justice is a lower priority to empathy.

Empathy and trust remain the strongest bind amongst human exchanges.

Chimamanda has won court judgement but yet she is unsafisfied with that and has brought this case to social media for sympathy.

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