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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: This Was How I Lost A Bank Job Opportunity Yesterday . I Hope It Helps Someone. by MightyFortress: 5:30pm On Jun 21
great thread
Celebrities / Re: Top 10 Early Nollywood Sweethearts Part 2 by MightyFortress: 11:29am On Jun 17
Religion / Re: Our Heart Cry: Revive Us Oh LORD, Revive For Your Use. by MightyFortress: 9:07am On Jun 17

Am I really choosing, if my choice is made under duress? Am I really choosing, if my choice is borne out of a need to be accepted by people? Is that free will?

Do you know how many womem have been pressured into losing their virginities because all their friends are doing it? Do you know how many people feel disgusted with themselves for giving themselves away like that?

What is your definition of free will? Because a lot of you do not understand the psychological undertones in these things. When your mind has been enslaved, you do not have free will. Free will is a farce in today's world.

Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by MightyFortress: 11:07pm On Jun 04
Travel / Re: How To Become A Swedish Citizen Through Master's Studies by MightyFortress: 10:51pm On Jun 04
You will need to write GRE if u want a fully funded scholarship Then use usnews.com to check website ranking an apply to school of your choice Here is the link to the GRR thread https://www.nairaland.com/1832477/how-achieve-high-scores-gre

thank you

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Travel / Re: How To Become A Swedish Citizen Through Master's Studies by MightyFortress: 1:48pm On Jun 04
I am interested In a PhD programme too. Molecular Biology/Biotechnology is my field. The US would be a nice place to run a PhD as you suggested earlier, but I would appreciate it if you could share helpful links if you have any, to save time and energy. Thank you.
Travel / Re: Canada Is Sad And Depressing:life Experience Of A Nigerian Student In Canada by MightyFortress: 1:06pm On Jun 04
Travel / Re: How To Send WAEC Results To WES by MightyFortress: 12:15pm On Jun 04
Travel / Re: How To Send WAEC Results To WES by MightyFortress: 12:13pm On Jun 04
Travel / Re: Preparing for IELTS?...get in here by MightyFortress: 10:43am On Jun 04
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by MightyFortress: 7:32pm On Jun 02

Here are 27 things you should do, in no particular order:

Get your OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) sorted out. Or the health plan of which ever province you are moving to. Note that it takes at least 3 months to get it so you may consider getting private insurance while you wait.
Get your driving license. Hire a private driving instructor to train you, even if you have decades of experience. Road rules are different here (sometimes weird)
Research the best schools in your city and enroll your kids. is trusted with their annual school rankings report.
Get a Presto card for commuting while you get your license sorted out. You can use it on local transit and GO trains and buses. Tap on and off you go.
Understand how price matching at groceries works and start doing it. You will experience very quickly that customer service in Canada rocks! And it’s a shame to see how some people abuse it.
Get a membership at COSTCO. Big savings on bulk grocery shopping. Helpful for big and small families. Just make sure you have cleared out some space for those massive jars and containers.
Open up a bank account. RBC have a great newcomers deal where they patiently explain the whole process and new banking terminology to you (“Fixed Deposits” are called “Guaranteed Investment Certificates” for example). TD bank have a great app called My Spend which automatically tracks and categorizes your spending. Handy for the thrifty.
When you get a credit card USE IT. Don’t use your debit card unless you have to. When you pay off your credit card on time it improves your credit score which will be important for you later when buying/renting homes and cars.
If you have kids, apply for Child tax benefits to get generous income from the government to support your kids (O Canada!)
Got big savings from your home country? Plan to save to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). You get a great tax return when you do this.
Want to save for your kids university education? Look into opening Registered Educations Savings Plan (RESP) to also get government grants to your child’s education.
Staying at an AirBNB? Find a realtor to get you the best deals on a house to rent (for now). It doesn’t cost you anything. They will get their commission from the landlord.
Too busy unpacking to cook? Register with Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes to order in. It will help you scan restaurants in your area that suit your palette.
Planning a direct flight back to your home country on Air Canada. Don’t forget to sign up for the Aeroplan rewards program to rack up those miles.
Choose a car and find three dealerships that sell it. Bargain for the best deal. Don’t be fooled by “No interest loans”. There is no such thing as no interest. They build the interest into the price.
Once you have a car, make sure you get road side assistance. CAA is popular, although my credit card also gets me access to my banks outsourced road side assistance service.
Research on the best deals for your car insurance. Insurance depends on risk factors tied to your age but also where you stay. Brampton has the highest car insurance rates. Being a new driver in Canada will also pinch your pocket. TD bank have an app called TD My Advantage that tracks your driving habits and discounts your premiums with them, based on how you score in your driving.
Buy winter tires. Recommended over all season tires. It’s a hassle to change on and off twice a year, but it’s worth it. Else you will discover how dangerous driving on the snow is the hard way.
If possible, wait till Boxing Day (Dec 26) to buy things like furniture and appliances. Super big massive sales at this time.
Rogers, Bell and TELUS are the big telecom companies here. There are cheaper alternatives. I suggest going for quality and use them to supply your mobile, internet and TV needs if you want reliable services. You get what you pay for. It is generally known that telco is comparatively expensive in Canada.
Start learning hockey, baseball and basketball. Else you will feel clueless and left out of many Canadian conversations.
Buy a good winter jacket. Be prepared to spend a little extra here. Get the boots and gloves too. I love my Canada Goose jacket and Columbia boots.
Join a local Facebook group that is linked to your area. Great source to get advice from real people. For example I stay in Brampton, and my wife is part of a group called “Brampton Moms”. Use the group to get advice and referrals on anything you need. And contribute as well. Give and take.
Find and register with a family doctor. Use your Facebook group to ask for good doctors around.
Find a good dentist. Dental is not covered by government health care so you must take care of those pearly whites. The dentist I go to schedules and consistently reminds me about my check ups. Get dental insurance (through your company or otherwise) and fix everything wrong with you and your family’s teeth NOW before it gets worse. Else you may end up spending 1000s over your private insurance limit. I personally know people who suffered this way.
Register for an online CRA account so you can receive tax notifications digitally. Online self serve tax tools like Turbo tax can automatically pull your tax details from it, making filing your taxes a breeze.
Watch out for fake messages from the CRA warning you that you owe money. “Click here or call back to fix your problem else you will owe a lot of money”. Those messages are all fake targeting innocent newcomers.
What about your job?!?!?

That’s a massive discussion on it’s own.

Check resource on how you can take a practical approach to your job search Canada.

Can my fellow Canadians think of anything I missed out?

You won’t get this advice at settlement services wink

So fee free to share this with someone you know is stressed out about moving to Canada. They’ll love you for it.


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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by MightyFortress: 7:18pm On Jun 02
Fashion / Re: Men's Fashion: Rules To Follow by MightyFortress: 2:24pm On May 24
Religion / Re: The Real Meaning Of "Only The Strongest Survives" by MightyFortress: 11:36am On May 12
good one Ozp


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by MightyFortress: 9:13am On May 12


Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 7 by MightyFortress: 9:11am On May 12
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Brazil by MightyFortress: 9:00am On May 12

Yes, if they are above 5 years they will get the RNE (Permanent Residence) but 5 years below will get Naturalize (Brazil Passport)

Note - Delivery is free in Brazil to any kind or form of Delivery, IT IS TOTAL FREE OF CHARGE

And education is free as well to any level, even to superior (University level)

I attended two different free language schools and they still pay me the transport to go to school

Oh Brazil.... Uma Pais Para Tudo

I love Brazil grin

God Bless Brazil

Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Brazil by MightyFortress: 7:31pm On May 09

Thanks. Sorry to hear that the US did not work out. With Brazil, your previous child will be covered as well so Brazil is a good option at this stage.

Firstly i did not apply for a visa in Nigeria however, all Brazilian visa applications are standard with maybe minor changes. In general Brazilian visa requirements are similar to that of the US. For a more accurate list of documents, i will advise you to check the website of the Brazilian embassy in Lagos and Abuja. Please do not inform them that you intent to come and give birth here. Just come on tourism. For that you will most likely need the following:

1. A filled visa application form which should be available at the embassy’s website.

2. An invitation letter or a hotel booking. I went with the hotel booking option. You don’t need to pay the hotel until you arrive.

3. Your bank account statement

4. An e-booking. Please do not buy the ticket. Just a booking to give them an idea of the number of days you intend staying in Brazil.

That is all we needed but again it depends from country to country.

For the interview, just take along a list of places you want to visit and activities you would like to do.

Very important: Please apply for your visa early whiles your stomach is not showing. Brazilian visa is very relaxed unlike other countries. Your visa will be valid for one year starting from the day it was issued. Within this one year of validity, you can stay in Brazil for only 180 days at a time. 90 days and then 90 days extension. So you can have your visa way ahead and decide to travel anytime within the 1 year.

To your second question... I did not live in Florianópolis however here is a general rule of thumb: Brazil is a tourism country meaning it has high seasons where you have lots of tourists thus from November to March. In a city like Florianopolis you should expect to pay around 600- 1200 USD per month for a one bedroom apartment with AC for the 3 of you. The 600 USD are still very good apartments.

In other months not mentioned here that is the low season. In Florianópolis, you should expect to pay around half of the high season.

I hope i have answered your questions. Please feel free to ask more. Thanks

Travel / Re: Welcome To USA - Tips And Tricks For Immigrants by MightyFortress: 3:46pm On May 09

I like the discount carriers better. Boost, Cricket, Free UP, Ting....there are so many of them and they run on the same networks as ATT, Verizon, Sprint etc. Depending on how much you use monthly (not connected to wifi) plans are $5.00 to $30.00 a month. No contract. And many will give you a free android for switching, no contract.

For TV buy an antenna for $15.00 and you get 50 plus free digital over the air channels, all of the locals, NBC, CBS, ABC. Then buy or get a free Fire Stick or Roku streaming device and you can load all kinds of free channels. And of course for almost free "home" phone line use a Magic Jack device. I used to spend over $125 a month for TV and Mobile phone service and now $20.00 a month.

Travel / Re: Welcome To USA - Tips And Tricks For Immigrants by MightyFortress: 3:22pm On May 09
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Brazil by MightyFortress: 3:22pm On May 09
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Had Serious Bad Luck Just After Pre-marital Sex? by MightyFortress: 2:00pm On Mar 24
Interesting and true, I believe
Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by MightyFortress: 3:39pm On Mar 10

Abeg which part of the country you dey grin
Croc. City, Kaduna State.

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Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by MightyFortress: 3:39pm On Mar 10
Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by MightyFortress: 9:38am On Mar 04
Matters have come to a head...Agbonyibo is outnumber... And Evae is disgruntled...Agbonyibo would lose out badly... Papa Efe would have to help his son..

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Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by MightyFortress: 9:35am On Mar 04
Centino!!! I hail u, Oga Sir. If anything carry you come my part of the country, just halla me. 2 bottles of your favourite await you! U three much!

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Business / Re: Nairaland Contractors Lounge by MightyFortress: 7:10am On Feb 11
Career / Re: Oil Workers Zone. by MightyFortress: 7:38pm On Feb 10
Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by MightyFortress: 12:29pm On Feb 04
Centino, if you don't give us midweek update this voice, we will listen to that voice that says "End It"
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 6 by MightyFortress: 6:44pm On Jan 23
Travel / Re: France & Europe: Experience Through The Eyes Of A Nigerian (Photojournal) by MightyFortress: 10:49pm On Jan 22
Travel / Re: See The United Arab Emirates Through The Lens Of A Nigerian by MightyFortress: 10:17pm On Jan 22

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