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Travel / Re: What’s The Worst And Weirdest Experience You’ve Had At A Hotel? by milkymesh: 1:33pm On May 11
You don't even know how to lie sef grin grin

I remember one hotel like that is not far from university of Ibadan....when I went to did my clearance then
As I enter the hotel the receptionist told me it's 12k per night ...I was like no problem...as I was going into room the receptionist called me that the money covered her service too....I was like which service.…..she then follow me into the room and told me she will come and serve me later
After like two hours I just heard a bang at the door..and she was the one.. before I said hello she grap my dick that's when I know what she met by her service....I bang her and after 3 rounds she went back to her reception.
Politics / Re: Has Nairaland Lost Its Steam? by milkymesh: 6:11pm On May 08
How many of you visit reddit.com. Go there and see quality of discussion. You don't expect an empty head to be engaging. All I see in NL is insult and tribal spat.

Majority of NLders are uneducated or half baked graduates. I hardly visit NL these days. I spend most of my time on reddit. If you want to learn, visit foreign forums where you meet experts not NL empty heads.
Politics / Re: Nairaland Hasn't been Shut Down Because It Celebrates Hate & Killing Of Ibos by milkymesh: 8:07am On May 06
I'm not from a different tribe as you chose to call it. FYI I live in Awka. I can support rubbish. Why kill someone you pretend to support or protect?

I don't hate you. I know you are ignorant, barbaric, an efulefu, a never do well who believes killing your brother makes you a warrior, a strong man.

Can they go after the fulani herdsmen killing our brothers in Enugu and all over the SE and live ndigbo alone regardless of their ideology?


I hate you

I so much detest the whatever tribe you comes from angry
Politics / Re: Nairaland Hasn't been Shut Down Because It Celebrates Hate & Killing Of Ibos by milkymesh: 8:21pm On May 05
Go and sit down in your pit latrine. I just the the video of ipob/esn beheading that soldier couple. My love for Igbos died.
May Nnamdi Kanu die a more painful death. May his generation die off painful from the surface of the earth.

I hate Igbos. Yes. embarassed embarassed embarassed

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Politics / Re: The Video When IPOB/ESN Was Beheading The Soldiers VIDEO by milkymesh: 8:16pm On May 05
Igbos people are their own problem. You kill your fellow Igbo for a struggle you pretend to embark on to protect your people.

It will NEVER be well with Nnamdi Kanu. May he never be released and may he die a more painful death than these couples.

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Politics / Re: NATO Are Gradually Loosing Their Sanity They Will Soon Collect Wotowoto. by milkymesh: 8:36pm On Mar 12
What's your business with prices of gasoline in the USA.
You have inferiority complex. Deal with it.
You open your suck away mouth talking about foreign issue, while you have loads of domestic problems.

Meanwhile, you are my father's mate o. We will come to eat ofe onugbu at your funeral. My dad needs your company in the land of the living dead. grin grin grin


Ode how much is gas now in USA and how much was it before the war in Ukraine

Plus do you know how many Americans have lost their job already?

I pity your late father because he gave birth to a foooooolish son

Like father like son
Family / Re: What Made You Mute Someone's Whatsapp Status? by milkymesh: 8:32pm On Mar 12
grin grin grin
That obviously a typo.

You must not like their content. I agree. Why not just STFU

grin grin

I like the fact that your grammatical blunder pointed the accusing finger at you immediately.

Yes, I may not be comfortable with what everyone puts up there. That someone is connected to me does not mean that I must like their contents.

I didn't ask the person to stop posting whatever he or she likes to post, I only did what I ought to do to preserve my sanity.

The WhatsApp company that created that option to mute status wasn't stupid. Muting some status means I get to see status that I look forward to and enjoy easily.

Grow up.

Politics / Re: NATO Are Gradually Loosing Their Sanity They Will Soon Collect Wotowoto. by milkymesh: 4:41pm On Mar 12
If you are my father's mate, you ought to be dead by now, because my father and all of his mates no longer alive.

Are you still my father's mate.

Send my regards to my dad when you meet him shortly.


Before you argue with your fathers mate

How much was gas in USA before Russia-Ukraine war ?

And how much is it now?

Thunder will fire you if you quote me again with your childish mind
Religion / Re: To All Theists, Present Your BEST Evidence For The God You Believe In by milkymesh: 2:07pm On Mar 12
The best evidence is you.

Can you see or touch heat?
Can you see oxygen?

Nobody has the responsibility to prove God to you. That responsibility belongs to God. He has done it. You are either too blind to see, too deaf to hear, or too insensitive to feel his presence.

I would like to cut to the chase, please no rigmarole, just present your BEST evidence for the god you believe in.
Politics / Re: NATO Are Gradually Loosing Their Sanity They Will Soon Collect Wotowoto. by milkymesh: 2:00pm On Mar 12
Is America at war?
USA invaded Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, did it cause inflation?

I know your type. Empty brain, barely educated even though may have a degree, simply regurgitating what they have read or heard without critical thinking.

Please go and sell your spare parts and intelligent discussion to others.


How old are you ?

You must be a foooooooool because you obviously don’t know the importance of history and study of environment

This war will affect the Whole continent if it escalates

America is not at war yet inflation is already plunging into America

Don’t quote me again Ewu Hausa
Family / Re: What Made You Mute Someone's Whatsapp Status? by milkymesh: 1:55pm On Mar 12
You have a problem.
I could be envy, immaturity, pride, ignorance.
I can't place my hand on it yet, but I know you have a problem.

Someone status irritates you. Na your status?

I have more muted WhatsApp status than active ones.

I mute status base on the following reasons.

- Always updating your business only

- Always updating your religious information only (for people that carry church or mosque on their head)

- Posting political information supporting an obvious incompetent fellow that always irks me whenever I see it.

- When I don't want to keep the memory of you but I can't afford to delete your number.

Share yours
Politics / Re: NATO Are Gradually Loosing Their Sanity They Will Soon Collect Wotowoto. by milkymesh: 1:46pm On Mar 12
It's foolish talk. Face your country. With the myriads of problem in Nigeria, you come here to discuss and side country that are only interested in exploiting you.

NATO and Russia can destroy themselves. It should be out business in Africa.
They are all oppressors.


American man

What is the fooooooolish talk there?

Read before spewing out rubbbbbbbish Ode


Religion / Re: Have You Witnessed Juju Before by milkymesh: 1:17pm On Mar 03
Why does Nairaland lack good intellectual discussions.
This is one reason I prefer Reddit.
I give up.
Religion / Re: Have You Witnessed Juju Before by milkymesh: 12:55pm On Mar 03
Is it real or just mere trick.

Juju is magic. Magic is juju.
Religion / Have You Witnessed Juju Before by milkymesh: 12:28pm On Mar 03
I stumbled on a discussion on Reddit a few hours ago. The topic is same as the subject matter here.
See link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nigeria/comments/t4zgde/have_you_ever_witnessed_juju/

I need your opinion.
1. Is Juju power real?
2. Have you or someone you know experienced it?
3. Is spiritual bullet proof(otumokpo, odeshi, teleporting, spells etc real?

Are Jaz or juju real and do they really work as claimed by people.

Thank you for reading as I wait to read your experiences and opinion.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taiwan: China Threatens To Turn US Warship To Scrap Iron by milkymesh: 11:56am On Mar 03

Those thinking the US is going down do not know anything.

The US is the world only true super power maybe China is next. The Chinese are just making empty threats like they have been doing along the South China sea. We all know this would amount to nothing
Crime / Re: An alleged kidnapper and Cultist, forcing his way on my Girlfriend. by milkymesh: 9:44pm On Feb 15
grin grin grin grin so you can't die for love abi?
When you were wooing her, you were saying, "babe, I'm ready to do anything for you. I fit die for your matter"
My guy, it's time to prove it.
Challenge the guy. Who is he sef. Cultist, ritualist, so what. Show him, you are a man.
Haba, all die na die, but it's better to die for love. grin grin grin


I wanted to report him by making an entry in d police station, but my fear is, what if his gangs come after me, what will the end look like

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Religion / Re: Is Eternity In Hellfire A Fair Punishment For Sin? by milkymesh: 8:00am On Jan 18
A man stole mango from a tree because he is hungry. A lady resorted to prostitution because his parents died and no support from anywhere.
Evans kidnapped, killed and extorted millions from victim because he needed a big house and Benz.
Alade killed his neighbors child for money ritual.
All four criminals are sentenced to death.
Is the punishment fair to all the criminals.

If you are already aware of the punishment for a crime before you still go ahead to commit it, on what basis then would you argue that the punishment is unfair?
Politics / Re: FG Files New Terrorism Charges Against Nnamdi Kanu by milkymesh: 9:07pm On Jan 17
I have booked air peace for for 50 person. Bus movement na stress and also risky.

The world is watching
meanwhile our bus will leave enugu state to abuja high court by 7.30 am
Politics / Re: How Plastic Surgery Destroyed Mrs Obiano’s Looks: See Before And After Pictures by milkymesh: 10:15pm On Jan 09
grin grin grin grin
All the 5 decking(ndi Anambra and Onitsha will understand) money bag and ipob chose these clowns to lead them.
Politics / Re: Why Jonathan Must Not Contest In 2023 by milkymesh: 10:07pm On Jan 09
Anyone supporting Jonathan, Atiku, Tinubu and their like for the number one job in 2023 need to have his head checked.
Some people don't really wish this country well.

Politics in Nigeria requires a lot of permutations and calculations. The Southerners always claim they are very knowledgeable but the Northerners have always proved more politically savvy. Rumours of some people inviting Jonathan to contest the President in 2023, I believe is by some Northerners.

The calculation, I believe is that they want to push Jonathan to contest now so that by next dispensation, power will return to the north again. Jonathan won't spend more than four years as he has already spent a term before.

This is why no Southerner should support Jonathan candidacy now. Otherwise, South will rule for only four years and power will be back in the North for another eight long years.

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Religion / Re: Terhemen Anongo: Man Castrates Self to serve God properly by milkymesh: 9:55pm On Jan 09
You mean am.
Where can I donate?? shocked

Satan right now: Mischief managed
Family / Re: Man Laments As Best Friend Sleeping With His Wife Breaks His Bed (Video) by milkymesh: 2:49am On Jan 05
Na the bed pain am pass
grin grin

Is the bed the issue or sleeping with his wife

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Business / Re: Titan Trust Bank Takes Over Union Bank, Nigeria's Second Oldest Bank by milkymesh: 6:56pm On Dec 23, 2021
You mean that political prophet in Enugu? grin grin grin

I listened to one Fr. Mbaka message some years ago on how the bank will get problem.

Do anyone remember?
Politics / Re: Which Ethnic Group Is The Most Successful In Nigeria. by milkymesh: 5:06pm On Dec 16, 2021
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

You are very wicked. grin grin

You just made somebody commit suicide now because of your mouth. grin grin


I will never allow anybody I know visit SE. for generations we have not been visiting and we won’t even in the farthest future. Now if you truly believe Yoruba kill people for rituals why are you running to SW enmass? Do y’all want to be killed for rituals? You guys don’t reason at all. You just open your mouth waaaaa


Politics / Re: Must Watch : Ijaw Leaders Replacing Igbo Language In Bonny, Opobo And Ndoki by milkymesh: 4:08pm On Dec 09, 2021
This is the problem with Igbos. Ijaws are now ant and minority, abi.
Igbos are so disrespectful. Anyone doubting should reflect back Nnamdi Kanu past behavior.
You guys are alienating yourself. The day you will need the "minority ants tribe" is coming. That day, the tears of your fathers, grand fathers and uncles between 1967 and 1970 will be like a drop of water in the ocean when compared.

Who cares please stop posting trash , Igbos don't have time for minority ants tribe like Ijaws Biko we are too big for trash

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