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Romance / Re: Is It Right To Date My Employee? by Modelling(f): 7:52pm On Feb 15

Yesterday I overheard her asking my friend if I have a girlfriend but my friend said no ?
Please be careful with this salesgirl if you want to retain your respect as well as want your business to thrive.
Which kind of employee is asking if her employer has a girlfriend?
Or may be she has seen some signs you are interested in her, be very careful I already said. Best of luck.

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Politics / Re: "Take A Cue From COZA Pastor & Step Down" - Timi Frank Urges Buhari by Modelling(f): 2:37pm On Jul 05, 2019
Just take a look at this turncoat, did Buhari rape anyone? angry
Sorry he did not just rape anyone, he raped everyone including
Family / Re: Nigerian Identical Twin Grandmas Slay In Matching Outfits (Photos) by Modelling(f): 12:44pm On May 25, 2019
Gather here if you wish to give birth to identical twins smiley
I want twins but not identical rather a boy and a girl, so shall it be IJN Amen
Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At Same Spot He Met Her 5years Ago by Modelling(f): 5:26pm On Jun 26, 2018

just that they fine pass you, jealousy at its peak.
Don't mind him. Because they didn't wear makeup and dress slavishly, fake life everywhere.

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Travel / Re: My Regretfull Journey To Europe ( How It All Started ) by Modelling(f): 11:46am On Apr 08, 2018
I may one day venture through this treacherous path ohhh grin grin

For the fun of it cheesy
Which fun please?


Romance / Re: I Lied To My Fiancé That I Am A Virgin, My Wedding Is In December. Help by Modelling(f): 8:28pm On Nov 05, 2017

After the whole lies, the one that bothers me most is the stuffs you said you did to your v~~gi in other to cover up for the lies (what was that stuffs? Something fishy here can smbdy reason with me here, too bad. If you have the gut to do some stuffs like that because you had s~x once when you were 15, to me you can go extra mile and hence can not be trusted (in fact, it may not just be that one you had @ 15 and thats why you're feeling guilty. However, if thats just the case, I dont see your reason for wanting to spoil ur marriage. let the sleeping dog lie, GO & SIN NO MORE. #Myownopinion
Jokes Etc / Re: Applying For Lai Mohammed's Masquerade Job (Pics) by Modelling(f): 9:23pm On May 04, 2016
Since the masquerade sega started, am thinking it's a nice and untapped sector that ll yield profit and help in growing our GDP

So if you are a masquerade or a masqueradeeee interested in employing our vibrant youths both in clothing and druming

Post your link here.

Uboma take note.
Qualifications please, thanks in advance.
Phones / Re: Cybercrime: Doing This On The Internet Can Send You To Prison – NCC by Modelling(f): 12:03pm On Feb 24, 2016
Nairalanders in Religion section beware

Phones / Re: Just Got Duped Of 3k This Morning by Modelling(f): 7:40pm On Feb 11, 2016
Im sad not because of the money but because I never thought I could ever get defrauded and even if I will be defrauded, not in d manner this happened, because mehn it was just too cheap.

I have a bb and a Lumia fone, I usually subscribe my bb den hotspot my Lumia, but I got to a place with poor network and I needed to takia of alot of things online and I got to understand MTN network is good around here. So I resulted to buying data, I remember a friend bought data once from someone and I saved the number just incase.

So I checked my fone and luckily I saw it, I contacted the guy, he quickly sent me an image showing different packages on Whatsapp, so I opted for the one of 1500 for 2gig, I told him I cant send recharge dat he shld send his bank details but he gave me an excuse and said I can transfer so I immediately loaded my fone through mobile banking and sent, only for him to call apologizing dat he just discovered all dats left is a 4gig package dat will xpire in 60days, dat he's very sorry dat I shld pls kindly send anoda 1500, I got angry and still sent d 1500, since I will be staying here for a while and Mtn being d only good network, I still didn't get any data, it was wen I called again to challenge him dat d whole thing bcam clear dat its all scam when he started saying I shld send anoda 1500.

Im just sharing dis for everyone to beware of so called online data sellers. Most of Dem are fraudsters.

The fone number 08147631591, bbm pin 59093EBD.....He calls himself Mr Kay.


Bro sorry o. There're a whole lot of them even here on nairaland including all those that ask u 2 pay after delivery. I was also duped of #2500 by 07033646470 though he must pay it at least in ten-fold before 27/3/16.
Celebrities / Re: Olajumoke, Ex-Agege Breadseller To Feature On CNN by Modelling(f): 8:26pm On Feb 10, 2016
God has changed her story
This thief is here again, d wrath of God is awaiting you. Utilize this very season by repenting.
Romance / Re: Am I Wasting My Time With This Guy? Pls Help!!!!!! by Modelling(f): 9:57am On Jan 08, 2016
Why the heck do people have to quote the whole story to reply

To those of you saying she should forget the guy, I guess you haven't been in love before. If one is in love, even when it seems the other aint in it as you, it'll still be difficult to let go, OP I truly understand ur situation, esp since it's been a while u had a romantic relationship.

Well, what I suggest is you make out time to see and discuss things, not just on phone. You could even go to his office, at least to see what's always keeping him busy, that didn't keep you busy when you were still an intern there.

DON'T have sex with him yet!!
Hell NO brother. She should rather stop it there till he shows he is still interested in a more serious way at that. Any further move by her will be a kind of humiliating herself. My dear sister, you have already tried enough, try to retain your remaining respect n thank God if truly u've not had sex with him. He will come looking for you if he is truly yours, face your studies for now and best of luck #myopinion

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Family / Re: See What A Woman Did To Save Her Child From A Fire Outbreak(photo) by Modelling(f): 6:49am On Jul 26, 2015

How could you say only 40%? Do you mean that up to 60% of mothers don't have this kind of love for their children? You must be a joker.
Probably judging from his own point of view base on his/her mother's love
Phones / Re: How To Identify A Fake Usb Device/cord by Modelling(f): 1:28am On Jul 18, 2015
Op plz does it mean dat copper wire can not come in any other color apart from golden? This is because there is this type of wire we are using for a particular thing which we are made 2 understand that they are copper wire and there are different colors there including golden, silver, purple, red, pink etc. Thanks
Politics / Re: President Buhari Orders Arrest Of Wife’s Younger Brother Over Alleged Extortion by Modelling(f): 7:02am On Jun 29, 2015
[quote author]
- Already arrested n released on bail?
- Ds business man dat offered 3million just after d handover/election who cant exercise some patience like Nigerians are waiting 4 d president b4 he commences work or did he offer d money prior 2 d election winning or may be during previous election still?
- D in-law dat is able 2 convince a business man 2 get such money is not able 2 keep deciving him till at least a year?
- D said business man is so daft as 2 know dat both of them will be jailed on hearing such a story n went ahead 2 report d said inlaw whch he reported directly 2 d president
- Reported, investigated, arrested, money refunded, bailed n released all within 4weeks.
- Just 2 ask but few questions, there re thousand n one questions 2 ask so as 2 help d liars plan well n ensure there story will look up to 40% truth b4 releasing it.
Romance / Re: Should I Forgive Him And Continue Dating Him, Or Should I Just Let Him Go? by Modelling(f): 1:45pm On Jun 06, 2015
Have been dating this guy for the past five year, we'av never fight or break up within those five years, I believed in his love even after moving to abuja and he was in lag, I could bet on is love with my life, because of him I told other guys off, recently we were to go to his sis wedding which I had prepared for, then a week to the wedding he stopped picking his calls that were from me, till the wedding day, i called his sis and asked her if he was @ the wedding and she said yes, I cried cos of the pains, when I told my friends, they were like I should forget him cos he's cheating on me, I refused to accept that logic and still believe he was not cheating on me, then Thursday this week, he told me on whatsapp how he has been having sex with a lady, and when I got angry, he started blaming and even stopped to reply my massages and am like who's suppose to be angry here, him or I?, that is why am here to ask if I should just let him go?.
3things may be involved
1. He may wants 2 try u: This ds is so expensive a joke 4 such a thing. Why did i say this, there is no way he'd av told u by himself dat he had series of sex wit a lady evn wen u did not find out urself. Howevr, he didnt consider d fact dat u missing his sister's weeding may make u not take as easy as he thought.
2. He may want 2 dump u sharperly: He may have found another person dat he doesnt evn need anybodys distraction from keeping. This is y he did evn pick ur calls 2 avoid any form of suspect. Howevr, if ds is d case, he would av picked d calls one day 2 embarrass u in other 2 prove 2 d girl dat u are a kind of stalking at him.
3. May be he is just tired of u. Like sombdy said here dat d contract has expired, lol. He wants 2 find himself a fresher babe.
U need 2 find out whatevr is d case. D problem is d distance, if not u'd have gone there urself 2 no wat is exactly happening, ds u'd hav done 3days after he stopped picking ur calls. He dint pick ur calls 4 up to a week b4 weddin n u dint bother 2 no why till after d wedding. Or is there anytin u knew dat could av led 2 dat(his refusing ur calls)? If no den u dint try at all, dats wen u'd av called smbdy 2 confirn he 's okay.
Finally, wateva d case may be, he will need 2 explain very well n show remorse in a serious way b4 such 4giving. Howevr, u may b required 2 be d one dat will travel 2 see him but if he fail 2 appreciate, he may have been tired of u, then call it a qiut till he . . . . .. . . . .

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Family / Re: Whom To Blame!!! by Modelling(f): 6:40pm On May 30, 2015

Haba, Lillian na
Where did u get Lilian from.
Meanwhile, @ topic, is dat selfish friend of uncle Alex not sombody's husband? What will he do if such will involve his wife. Wicked generation, spits.
Politics / Re: Protesters Storm Buharis Office Demand Death Penalty On Corrupt Politicians. by Modelling(f): 7:03pm On May 16, 2015
All this guys weh carry placards if you offerdem N1m each, dem go first run mad, before dem collect am,then use Scissors destroy those banners.
1 good million, hmmm. make it 200k and see if they wont be the ones to convince others that there is no need for such penalty rather dan working hard to avoid future occurrence.
Politics / Re: How First Lady ‘influenced Rivers Governorship Poll For Wike’ by Modelling(f): 11:05am On Apr 14, 2015
Abeg make una let us hear word... All parties involved rigged but na the BabaRIGGA win.. In other words let the best rigger win... Abi u want to tell me amaechi and his ppl played by the rules too?
Dont mind them. Whether dey like it or not, we all no that Nigeria is survival of d fittest
Career / Re: Pls Wat Should I Do? I've Been Compelled Into A Serious Oath by Modelling(f): 5:49am On Apr 14, 2015
Op, we will all die someday, but I can assure you that you will not die because you broke a stupid oath. That sort of thinking has no place in this day and age. To this end, it would make no difference if you tell your friend or not. That shit doesn't work anyway. But if it will give you closure, do so with a clear mind. Make sure you also alert the police and your family that your life has been threatened by your boss, because I cannot discount him sending hired assassins after you.
Yea but still need 2 meet a man of God n then hav d full bliv dat nothing'll happen 2 him as a result of it. This's because, most at times, wat kills us is actually wat we bliv n nothing more hence prepare 2 remove ur mind from it once u'v said it. Just continue in prayers, God bless u.
Phones / Re: What's Your Current Best Data Subscription For Android? by Modelling(f): 8:00pm On Apr 13, 2015
I've been using airtel 250 mb for N300
How plz?
Celebrities / Re: Lola Omotayo Okoye Shares New Photos by Modelling(f): 4:48am On Mar 27, 2015

I love her eyes....d eye alone made me fall inlove... cheesy

Those eyes are having contacts in them (not natural eyes)
Crime / Re: Aisha Mustapha's Body After She Was Found (Graphic Photo) by Modelling(f): 6:02pm On Mar 18, 2015

Blooody bittch angry i will never pity women who sleep around with married men.

When you were riding the dick without condom you never thought of facing the consequences right?


quote me and die before elections undecided
Yea, u may think u are very right but pray ur own blood relation/daughter(then) will not try such act or rot dsame way wit her. Is it not d foolish married idiot dat suppose 2 insist on protecting himself. Dont u know dat some women wants 2 enter any man's house by all means instead of remaining single.


Lets learn how 2 talk especially when d deal has already been done. Are u very sure u are more righteous dan her b4 God.


Health / Re: HELP PLS...Very Hot And Badbreath Coming Out From My Nose.. by Modelling(f): 10:31am On Mar 16, 2015

see why I don't even want to show sympathy, you want to tell me what to do, remain the way you are, disgusting human cursed by a demon.
Are u sure u re not ds devil or its incarnate? How will u have ds kind of mind evb if u re sure of ur so called help? The young man evn suppose 2 be carefull of all sorts of give 1 wit right hand and take millions wit left hand cure. #NO OFENSE INTENDED SHAA#
Health / Re: HELP PLS...Very Hot And Badbreath Coming Out From My Nose.. by Modelling(f): 10:30am On Mar 16, 2015

see why I don't even want to show sympathy, you want to tell me what to do, remain the way you are, disgusting human cursed by a demon.
Are u sure u re not ds devil or its incarnate? How will u have ds kind of mind evb if u re sure of ur so called help? The young man evn suppose 2 be carefull of all sorts of give 1 wit right hand and take millions wit left hand cure.
Health / Re: HELP PLS...Very Hot And Badbreath Coming Out From My Nose.. by Modelling(f): 10:22am On Mar 16, 2015
the painfull part of an ilment is wen evryone deserts u includin d ones u clld bestfrnds now treats u with cruelty....nobdy wnts 2 understand me,its nw as if i'm a freak,God y me...it still feels like a dream 2 me
I can feel ur pain but just trust in God he can do it. Remember ur case is not close 2 laprosy dat he cured nor is ur case the worst sickness in ds our own time. Just keep praying trying other medical solutions as well. Then please you can ask why not why you so dat it wont look you want it 2 be another person. May God almighty heal u and be glorified like d blind man in d holy Bible. He said that his (d blind man) was just for d glory of God n nothing more. Sorry oo
Celebrities / Re: Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi & Her Signature Eyebrows Dazzle In New Photos by Modelling(f): 11:32am On Mar 01, 2015
Not those that call God God shall enter into the kingdom of God
And wen did u become a judge?
Food / Re: What's The English Name Of This Fruit? by Modelling(f): 7:52pm On Feb 28, 2015
Unu egu.............. Sorri datz d nsukka name
What of unu adaka?
Crime / Re: Okada Rider Rapes Pregnant Corps Member In Ondo, Blames It On "Spirit" by Modelling(f): 7:27pm On Feb 28, 2015
[quote author=searching4love post=31170

TRUST NO LADY undecided[/b][/quote]
Seriously i dont know but, how can someone rape you & you both are in the mood of driving together. If i am this guy's lawyer hmmm. Something is still wrong somewhere that we did not understand. This guy could have as well denied the allegation. He deserves a serious punishment anyway but i think d lady did not try hard/enough on her own part. My own thought shaa, no offense.
Phones / Re: Which Network Is Currently Making You Feel Very Happy On Internet Access? by Modelling(f): 2:58pm On Feb 27, 2015

I think this package is cool. Wouldn't mind knowing how You get It.

SME re-sellers sell 4g for 4k
What of the sleep? U've 4gotten about d sleep dat is involved.
Romance / Re: My Neighbor's wife Won't Stop Disturbing Me by Modelling(f): 12:05pm On Feb 21, 2015
I blocked her & she started calling like there was no tomorrow. she's even the cause of my weak battery
And what happens when u start rejecting her calls? Anyway, like i said earlier, just a threat of telling her husband will do it. Thats if u really want 2 stop as i will always say.
Romance / Re: My Neighbor's wife Won't Stop Disturbing Me by Modelling(f): 11:34am On Feb 21, 2015
@ Op, u just have 2 b very careful first of all because d spirit may b strong but d body is always weak. There's a bitter truth i saw in ur chat with her "if dey ready dat day we met, u 4 Bleep me" try all possible means 2 avoid her entirely including her chat.

And finally @Op this is my advice. Since she doesn't want to stop her advances towards you, just report her to her husband.
I dont think its wise 2 tell her husband now, all he need do is to threaten her by telling her he will let the husband know. "that is if the OP is really willing to stop her. Meanwhile, if u did not avoid evrytin about her, be ready 2 face d consequences shikina
Business / Re: Poor Handling Of A Fraud Case By UBA Plc: An Open Letter Of Complaint by Modelling(f): 7:45am On Feb 11, 2015
I have vowed never to have anything to do with UBA. I had an issue almost similar to this, unfortunately UBA aided the fraudster and I lost about 45k. I complained to the branch manager who said I should get a court order and police extract. I was able to get the police extract and an affidavit (the court said it can't issue me a court order since I have not filed a case against the person involved). I went bak to UBA and all they could tell me was that its hard to retrieve my money. UBA is aiding and abating fraudulent acts in Nigeria.
I got mine back after 7months through the help of Nigeria Insurrance Deposite Corporation (NDIC)'s intervention.

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