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Education / Re: Federal Universities In Nigeria Remain Tuition-Free - Dele Alake by naija247: 3:55pm On Jul 26, 2023
The comments I have seen so far suggests a lot of people don't understand what tuition means. Tuition simply means the money students pay for being taught in schools. No Federal university in Nigeria charge tuition, which is clearly in the Nigerian constitution. What students pay in Federal institutions are sundry charges such as hostel, ID card, laboratory charges, ICT etc.

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Education / Re: Here Is How To Say You're Broke by naija247: 10:13pm On Jul 22, 2023
I no get shishi


Education / Re: SSANU, NASU Suspend Strike After Meeting With Education Minister by naija247: 4:09pm On Aug 20, 2022

Didn't FG pay ASUU EAA during this strike?
It took two weeks before ASUU acknowledged it and even boasted that the payment just strengthened their resolve.
Majority of the students are already fed up and given up at the same time.
Very soon everyone will stop talking about ASUU, in fact i don't see the government calling for any meeting any time soon.
They were not paid EAA, what they were paid was the arrears of minimum wage adjustment that all workers in tertiary institutions were paid. Recall all other federal workers were paid more than two years ago.


Education / Re: ASUU STRIKE: Why ASUU Rejected Government's Award Of Salary by naija247: 3:45pm On Aug 18, 2022

It's the same union,
Guilty by association.
The policy is no work no pay, not about being a member of a union or association besides there are few academic staff that are non ASUU menbers.
Education / Re: Strike: Anxiety As ASUU, FG Teams Meet Secretly by naija247: 3:30pm On Aug 18, 2022
What I don't understand with this "no work no pay" policy is their refusal to pay lecturers on full time study fellowship. Lecturers on full time study fellowship are not expected to work until completing their studies, so why deny them their salaries?
Education / Re: ASUU STRIKE: Why ASUU Rejected Government's Award Of Salary by naija247: 3:24pm On Aug 18, 2022
What I don't understand with this "no work no pay" policy is their refusal to pay lecturers on full time study fellowship. Lecturers on full time study fellowship are not expected to work until completing their studies, so why deny them their salaries?
Education / Re: ASUU STRIKE: Fg’s No-work-no-pay Policy Prolonging ASUU Strike -minister by naija247: 2:57pm On Aug 18, 2022
What I don't understand with this "no work no pay" policy is their refusal to pay lecturers on full time study fellowship. Lecturers on full time study fellowship are not expected to work until completing their studies, so why deny them their salaries?
Education / Why ASUU Is Always On Strike By Adam Adamu by naija247: 8:15pm On Nov 12, 2020

Why ASUU Is Always On Strike (II)
NOVEMBER 15, 2013 AT 4:00:00 AT NIGHT


If, as Senator David Mark said, he didn’t know his left from his right, and, so, in effect didn’t know what he was doing, it followed the government that appointed him and with which he consulted, and which at every stage accepted and okayed every decision he had made, knew even less.
Sometimes the self-deception in official circles can be quite inexplicable. One of the governors even went to the extent of saying that the ASUU strike was a ploy to overthrow the Jonathan administration, which, if true, and were it not so tragic, would have been treasonable; but, as a felony, it would have been quite a popular one—and, yes, even patriotic.
But now that the government had finally been forced to accept to pay exactly what it agreed to in 2009, what would the Senate President have to say about the new development? Was it now the right leg or the left foot that it didn’t know which from the other?
So, instead of hectoring ASUU to call of its strike, the nation should be praying for more of its kind in other sectors of the economy. Since the government has shown itself incapable of doing the right thing until it is forced, the nation should be thinking of organising the association of Nigerian farmers to go on strike to force the government to do for agriculture what ASUU has been struggling to make it do for education. Certainly, something drastic and dramatic is needed to force the government to stop the mindless destruction and degradation of our environment, to persuade it to change its neglect of agriculture and steer the nation towards agricultural self-sufficiency as ASUU has tried to steer it in the direction of educational excellence.
With its 129 universities, 100-odd polytech-nics and 85 colleges of education and a very I-don’t-care attitude to higher education, Nigeria spends less than 1 per cent of its Gross National Income [0.85% to be precise]; while four of its smaller English-speaking African compatriot-states spend multiples of that: Ghana [2.85%], Egypt [3.9%], Zimbabwe [5.4%] and South Africa [7%]. And while the percentage of education expenditure to total national expenditure in Nigeria is a paltry 8.4%, South Africa spends 20%, Morocco spends 26.4%, Botswana 25.6% and French-speaking Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire spend 25.6% and 21.5% respectively.
In spite of this, how Nigeria still dreams of joining the big league remains the biggest mystery. In what must now be seen by some as a joke, especially in view of its attitude to education, Nigeria has been saying it wants to be among the world’s top 20 economies by 2020. But after laughing at this joke, we should remind policymakers that those nations that are in, or truly wish and look poised to join, the ranks of those top economies have a particular attitude to education that Nigeria doesn’t seem to share.
While Nigerians are always very good at mimicking educated global discourse as if they were the ones who invented it—corporate governance, information and communication technology, ICT, globalisation, climate change, ozone layer and the knowledge economy—their government has in fact been busy laying solid foundations for an ignorance economy.
And a comparison with China and India, the two countries of the BRIC whose rank Nigeria wishes to join, will quickly put Nigeria in its place. The Nigerian university system is, indeed, paralysed by a strike caused by government refusal to make the kind of investment the BRIC’s have been making.
Within a decade and a half, for instance, China invested in a massive expansion of its education sector, nearly tripling the share of GDP devoted to it, such that the number of higher-education institutions grew and more than doubled from 1,022 to 2,263 within a single decade; and within the same period, it was able to increase the population of its bachelor’s degree students from 3 million to 12 million. At the moment, it has more than 20 million students studying in those institutions of higher learning. This is typically representative of what was happening in almost all of the BRIC’s, in which the total population of undergraduate students increased from about 19 million in 2000 to more than 40 million students in 2010.
And because China really means to develop its society and economy, the total number of its computer science and engineering graduates from its elite universities is more than the total number of such graduates from the United States. That is why in the race where it matters, China has over 1,200,000 IT professionals and is adding 400,000 technical graduates each year. China ranks first in the world, followed by India and the US. IT professionals are so pitifully few in Nigeria; and, what’s more, the country is so inefficient, it doesn’t keep this kind of record.
The effect of China’s investment in education is already paying off. According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which has tested high-school students since 2000, students from Shanghai’s schools outperformed those from 65 countries. They were followed by students from Korea, Finland, Hong Kong and Canada in that order. In the same test, students from the US ranked number 24.
And at the lower end, India has 373 univer-sities with 16,000 affiliated degree-awarding colleges functioning under them; and. Like China, the emphasis in the tertiary level of education is on science and technology. India has some 3495 degree-granting colleges with an annual student intake capacity of over 1.76 million with actual enrolment crossing 1.2 million in engineering alone. Total enrolment in science, medicine, agriculture and engineering crossed the 6.5 million limit in 2010, as expenditure on education grosses 4.1 per cent of GDP and surpasses the 12.7 per cent mark of total government expenditure.
In essence, the struggle by ASUU is to force the Nigerian government make this type of investment. Obviously, it takes concern to understand the nature of what is going on, and it takes real public spiritedness to want to do something about it; and it takes uncommon patriotism to then go ahead and do it, especially for lecturers who face a barrage of insults, the prospects of possible job loss or pay withheld. This nation owes a debt of gratitude to ASUU and the strike should not be called off until the government accepts to do—and does—what is required. This is why ASUU is always on strike.
The goal for ending the strike shouldn’t be to save parents anxiety or to take pity on students or to save lecturers’ jobs or to graduate students: it is to save the university system so that it becomes what it is supposed to be—a system for producing a culturally literate society, and for generating and harnessing ideas and knowledge, initiating and driving social and economic innovation, and ensuring national competitiveness on the global scene.
While for this to be possible, government should guarantee institutional autonomy for the university system, ASUU must ensure that campuses exercise this new power with utmost sense of responsibility and full accountability to all stakeholders. This is the only way for Nigeria to realise its full potential as a guarantor of prosperity for its people and for its natural leadership position on the African continent. Without education and the full development of the nation’s human capital, Nigeria will never be able to achieve any of its national goals, targets or plans even if every grain of sand in the country becomes a barrel of oil.
In this, ASUU should see itself as a van-guard – probably the only active one—dedicated to making the government begin to tread the path of responsible good governance in the administration of education in Nigeria—and not just on university campuses. Perhaps it should, in addition to what it already shoulders, take up the task of holding Nigeria responsible for, and forcing it to conform to, the six goals of Education for All by 2015 adopted thirteen years ago at the World Education Forum in Dakar.
These EFA goals, which are designed to improve learning opportunities for everyone, are: expanding and improving comprehensive early childhood care and education; ensuring universal access to and completion of free and compulsory primary education of good quality; improving learning opportunities for youth and adults; increasing adult literacy rates by fifty percent; achieving gender equality in primary and secondary education by 2015; and improving all aspects of the quality of education. We can go a year without graduation, especially of people who will not be employed.
Calling off the strike is no big deal nor yet a cause for celebration; it is not just its calling off that is important, what is more crucial is what eventually happens to the university system as a result. It is a hundred times better for this nation not to have graduates at all than to continue producing this army of half-baked [actually unbaked] graduates, 89 per cent of whom, according to the boss of the National Youth Service Corps, cannot communicate in English, a charge that is as bad and shameful as the failure itself is deplorable and unacceptable—that Nigeria is still talking of communicating in English.
(I take this opportunity to express our sincere condolences to ASUU, to University of Benin and to the Iyayi family over the death of veteran struggler Professor Festus Iyayi).
Politics / Re: Oil Exploration In The North Would Continue Until The Product Is Found - NNPC by naija247: 10:30am On Apr 06, 2019
Why not invest in solid minerals which is abundant in the north instead of this wild goose chase?
Politics / Re: Let's Discuss - Who Has Been The Worst Performing Governor In Past 4 Years? by naija247: 8:18pm On Mar 07, 2019
Who wan drag this title with Taraba state governor?

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Politics / Re: We Spend N3.5 Million To Feed El-Zakzaky Monthly - Lai Mohammed by naija247: 2:17pm On Nov 08, 2018
The proposed monthly minimum wage of 116 Nigerian workers is used to feed ONE PERSON!!!!!!! How much is spent on feeding Dasuki sef?
Politics / Re: "Maybe You Need A Lesson In English" – El-rufai Insults Channeltv’s Anchor, Maup by naija247: 4:06pm On Oct 30, 2018

Did the same GEJ not kill Zakzaky's children?
When did GEJ kill his children?


Politics / Re: PDP May Replace Atiku If .............. by naija247: 11:23pm On Oct 14, 2018
OP you well so? which numan - jalingo road FG don reconstruct?
Politics / Re: NYSC Certificate: SERAP To Sue Adebayo Shittu by naija247: 5:02pm On Sep 24, 2018
在北京上海广州军区队3在北京召开会议精神在北京召开记者会宣布成立以来已进入一个是一种方法的选择6有哪些症状表现有很多是一种方式是什么意思就是一个是的了他也说我们 的工作是一个百分点之间进行全面推进农村土地的时候我们在中国内生产总值在年之前我在和社会进步与美国4了一所高校招生简章了一所高校学生和社会事业和社会事。ا

Good luck figuring out what I said tongue
In Beijing and Shanghai, the Guangzhou Military Region 3 held a meeting in Beijing. The spirit of the conference was held in Beijing. The press conference has been announced since its establishment. It has been a method of choice. 6 What are the symptoms? There are many ways to mean that one is one. Yes, he also Say our work is a percentage point between the comprehensive promotion of rural land when we were in China's GDP before the year I was in social progress with the United States 4 a college admissions brochure a college student and social undertakings and society thing.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Argentina: World Cup (1 - 2) On 26th June 2018 by naija247: 7:45pm On Jun 26, 2018
See as Argentina wan carry Nigeria shine, wetin we dey play sef?

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Sports / Re: Poland Vs Senegal: World Cup,(1 - 2) On 19th June 2018 by naija247: 4:58pm On Jun 19, 2018
No be small stamina Senegal players get, it's also impressive they didn't fall back to defend their goal, instead dem wan score more..
Nairaland / General / Re: Indian Snake Charmer Escapes Death As Deadly Python Nearly Strangled Him (Photo) by naija247: 11:06pm On Mar 26, 2018
Which kain yeye snake be dis? em mates for Naija dey swallow millions em dey waste time dey strangle persin.


Politics / Re: N13.5M Monthly Allowance: Lawmakers Angry, Plot Against Shehu Sani by naija247: 10:20am On Mar 11, 2018
Nigerians have demanded for years to know the pay of federal legislators, now that we know, what next? Do we just rant online and still vote for them? Which sadly is what will likely happen as Nigerians are too meek and unbelievably patient with government, but not with their fellow poor Nigerians. In other civilised countries their streets would have been full of protestants. The thing is so annoying imagine a country with minimum wage of #18000 yet government can spend so much on bunch of incompetent buffuns, wetin NLC and other labour unions dey do sef?

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Politics / Re: Challenge:Can You Name A Nigerian Politician That Is Not Fantastically Corrupt? by naija247: 11:23pm On Mar 06, 2018
To show the mess we are in Nigeria, one has to go back to the 1960s and 70s to get names of true patriots who were not corrupt.


Politics / Re: VAIDS: FG To Name, Shame, Prosecute Tax Evaders From March 31 by naija247: 6:29pm On Mar 01, 2018
Name looters first, abi no be una carry mouth promise?


Politics / Re: Nigeria Has 12 Int. Airports, 8 In The North, 1 In South by naija247: 9:27am On Feb 25, 2018
The only reason the airports op listed are designated as "international" is because if annual Hajj flights. It's not that the airports have anything special.


Politics / Re: Who's Met Just One Igbo Muslim? Live Not On TV!! by naija247: 2:54pm On Feb 14, 2018
Chief Imam of owerri central mosque, when I did my NYSC in 2008/2009 was Igbo. I don't know if he is still there.
Politics / Re: Hajo Sani's Son Flaunts His Cars (Photos) by naija247: 9:42pm On Feb 09, 2018
Since him love cars why him no post pictures before 2015?
Politics / Re: Army Launches 44-Day Operation In Benue, Taraba Over Herdsmen Killings by naija247: 9:38pm On Feb 07, 2018
So what happens after 31st March? Are you guys not telling them to hold off attacks until then?
Politics / Re: BREAKING: National Grid Just Collapsed! What's The Situation In Your Area by naija247: 11:47pm On Jan 02, 2018
I bin think say na only my side for Yola e happen, na after 9pm the light dim before them take am.
Politics / Re: Fuel Crisis Blackmailers Will Be Punished - President Buhari by naija247: 10:19am On Jan 01, 2018
All this talk, start with NNPC. Na to dey do turn around maintenance everytime and refineries no dey work. Throughout the present pms scarcity the GMD of NNPC has not told Nigerians what our refineries produce, instead he is asking for 1 billion dollars for another turn around maintenance.
Politics / Re: Okorocha's Sister Defends Her Appointment As Commissioner For Happiness by naija247: 7:03pm On Dec 05, 2017
I just dey laugh out of annoyance
Politics / Re: President Buhari Is Saddened Nigerians Are Sold In Libya Like Goats by naija247: 10:41pm On Nov 30, 2017
I hope he is also sad that Nigerians are killed like mosquitoes in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: FG Owing Maina N159bn- Barrister Sani Katu by naija247: 6:33pm On Nov 24, 2017
So doing the job you are hired to do is now whistle blowing. Wetin go be Magu share since him self follow recover money?
Politics / Re: The Cost Of The 8 Statues Rochas Okorocha Built In Imo Is N500,000 Each by naija247: 5:34pm On Nov 23, 2017
How much was spent during their commision?
Politics / Re: Ibe Kachukwu Is A Greedy Man by naija247: 10:17am On Oct 05, 2017
Must everything be turned into a personal issue? If all the good people who want to do the right thing resigned from this govt. who do you think would suffer, Nigerians or those in govt.?

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