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Health / Re: Dexamethasone Saves Severely Ill COVID-19 Patients by nurain150(m): 12:03am
The leaders of the RECOVERY drug trial in the UK, who are testing the effects of many existing drugs on COVID-19 patients, have announced that the drug dexamethasone, which is very cheap (for now) and available in most countries (including ours), has been experimentally proven to reduce the risk of death of people with severe cases of the Coronavirus disease.

They administered 6mg of dexamethasone daily (by tablet or by injection) to 2104 COVID-19 patients for ten days. After 28 days, they compared the results of this treatment to the normal treatment which 4321 other patients received. They discovered that the drug reduces the risk of death in patients who are on oxygen or on the ventilator.

* For patients who were so sick that they had to be placed on a ventilator, dexamethasone reduced their risk of death from 40% to 28%. For every 8 COVID-19 patients on the ventilator treated with this drug, 1 additional life was saved.

* For patients sick enough to be placed on oxygen, the risk of death dropped by from 25% to 20%. For every 25 patients on oxygen treated, 1 additional life was saved.

* For patients who were not sick enough to be placed on oxygen or a ventilator, there was "no improvement" according to the researchers.

- https://www.recoverytrial.net/files/recovery_dexamethasone_statement_160620_v2final.pdf (updated)

- https://www.bbc.com/news/health-53061281

This is good news for Ex-Governor Abiola Ajimobi and other Nigerian COVID-19 patients in intensive care. The benefit seems modest but remember, that improvement is relative to the standard treatment in the UK. Also, note that it provided "no benefit" to most of the patients.
Wish I could just discover a herb herb are the basis of modern drug formulation.
Webmasters / Re: Help Us Build the Best Nigerian Website Directory by nurain150(m): 11:58pm On Nov 26
Who ever wants his website to rank up spend time on SEO and SEM.nairaland is running something similar already.
Webmasters / Re: Help Us Build the Best Nigerian Website Directory by nurain150(m): 11:57pm On Nov 26
Let issues of endsars come they will censor.this country is been runned as per dictatorship shocked
Webmasters / Re: Help Us Build the Best Nigerian Website Directory by nurain150(m): 11:56pm On Nov 26

In your favorite Nigerian websites, we noticed that Nigerian webmasters are looking for good channels to use to promote their websites. So we have decided to start a Nigerian Website Directory for our users. Please use this thread to submit your websites for inclusion into our directory, which is currently being compiled.

Requirements for Submitted Websites
- They must be run either by Nigerians, in Nigeria, or for Nigerians.
- They must be completed, or at least at beta (public testing) stage.
- The sites must be of medium to high quality. They must be worth the time of the average visitor.
- Each submitted site should be on it's own domain, with a few exceptions.

To submit any useful Nigerian website, simply compile the following information:
- The address (URL) of the website.
- A short description of the website (1 sentence to 2 paragraphs).
and then post it on this page (recommended) or send to me by PM or email (not recommended!).

Please help us build the best Nigerian web directory ever; a directory of Nigerian Websites Worth Visiting. Remember, the website you submit doesn't have to be yours but you're encouraged to submit yours, too. Both personal and commercial websites are accepted.

No this maybe regarded as disclosure of public information to private sources for the purposes of censorship.You don't need such NWD.they are platform for domain name and hostname investigation bro.Who ever feels he needs a Nigerian website let them visit shodan cenys.io and research.We won't allow censorship of ip addresses by internet service provider.If you want a search engine create a web vrawler
Programming / Re: What Is Your Hourly Rate In Nigeria by nurain150(m): 11:49pm On Nov 26

Tooh, so muje abinshi

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Romance / Re: Why The Hatred By 80% Of Males On Nairaland Romance Section Against Women? by nurain150(m): 11:48pm On Nov 26

Your motion is seconded honourable! Truth is the basis of my post was based on my observations on NL. Women naturally are devious and cunning, you don't need a red pill or something to realize that.... Common sense can guide us alot
No one is arguing.I take the ones I feel okay from the redpillers constitution.and discard the rest.For example a girl who doesn't reply dm like my posts I will absolutely withdraw and she can't expect an hi from me.Redpill really helped a lot.bro I swallowed it.
Health / Re: Nursing Mothers And Kids Forcefully Evicted From Lagos Teaching Hospital (video) by nurain150(m): 10:42pm On Nov 26
Watch Video Below:

Gawat Jubril, a Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State on New Media has reacted to a video in which it was alleged that new mothers and kids were forcefully evicted from Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Abiodun Borisade, a Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State had shared the video with the caption;

However reacting to this, Gawat stated that Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) is state-owned, while LUTH is owned by the federal government.

I feel sad this is my school
Is this what they are training us to be.
I'm moved to tears
Crime / Re: Indonesian Child Rapist Begs For Mercy As He Receives 146 Lashes (Photos) by nurain150(m): 10:39pm On Nov 26

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8990153/Child-rapist-collapses-begs-mercy-whipped-146-times-Indonesia.html
Public disgrace if they had given him 10 years it may be cooler but alhamdulillah It a Sharia state In Indonesian
Programming / Re: What Is Your Hourly Rate In Nigeria by nurain150(m): 2:48pm On Nov 26

Not in Nigeria,
Most especially when you earn your dollars in Naira, and spend it in Naira. Hope you overstand now (Kajiko)
I'm still not getting
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Married But Adventurous (for The Married Folks Willing To Hookup Still) by nurain150(m): 9:10am On Nov 26
I'm a single mom of a boy, I just wanna hook up with anyone interested,
Hookup or chat buddies u can mail me for the second one
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: I Need Friends, Chat Buddies by nurain150(m): 9:05am On Nov 26
Lonely. I need friends, chat buddies.

At least 31 years in age. Late 20s also ok.

Any gender

Any tribe

What do you talk mostly about?
Programming / Re: What Is Your Hourly Rate In Nigeria by nurain150(m): 8:47am On Nov 26

It was $10/hr earlier this year before dollars change everything to $1
Help our situation cry
I don't understand you.Dollar change should be an added advantage bc
Programming / What Is Your Hourly Rate In Nigeria by nurain150(m): 8:10am On Nov 26
I helped someone in writing a back end code I charged 2k/4hours on an hourly rate and due to the level of closeness.What your hourly rate as a freelancer.?
Romance / Re: Why The Hatred By 80% Of Males On Nairaland Romance Section Against Women? by nurain150(m): 7:58am On Nov 26
imagine I messaged a girl since 2014 till 2018.Not sequentially.maybe once in 2 years late 2018 I sent a random recharge pin she replied what for?

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Romance / Re: Why The Hatred By 80% Of Males On Nairaland Romance Section Against Women? by nurain150(m): 7:56am On Nov 26

Aptly put, you remind me a great deal of my kid sis... Not a month goes by that her husband doesnt go call to say thank you for the amazing way she was trained. The thing is, i was trained as an equal to her, from doing the dishes to cooking. And she imbibed the culture of self sufficiency since her university days to starting her own Tech startup when she graduated.

Keep doing you dear, i am proud of exceptional female folks like you.
please always separate work and redpillers issues.We have female excelling in various fields ETC.When it comes to the issue of using opportunity against men.Any woman who does that irrespective of what they archived needs red pill

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Education / Re: Chisom Chukwuneke Is Dead. Got 7 A1s In WASSCE (Obituary, Photos) by nurain150(m): 4:19pm On Nov 25
A teenager who got 7A1s in the 2019 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) has died, IgbereTV reports.

Chisom Chukwuneke, made straights A’s in the entrance exam and emerged the best student from her school, Graceland college in Enugu last year. She went on to win numerous academic awards in her school.

Chisom was reportedly sick and was already making a recovery before she died. A photo of her as she sat on her hospital bed has been shared online. Her obituary reveals she died on October 18 in a hospital in South Africa. She will be buried on Tuesday, December 1, in Okpuno village, Umuogali, Oba, Idemili South Anambra state.

Chisom's father, Professor Felix Chukwuneke took to Facebook to mourn her demise. Narrating his experience before her demise, he wrote:


Mourning her demise, Graceland College Enugu wrote on its official Facebook page:


killed by the evil eye
Crime / Re: Court Sentences Two To Death By Hanging For Robbery In Ekiti by nurain150(m): 3:45pm On Nov 25

Terrorist Christinazation people won't say why did they kill them.But if this happens in Kano it is islamization.

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Politics / Re: Ogunderu: How We Carried Out The 1993 Nigerian Airways Hijack by nurain150(m): 9:23pm On Nov 23
Real Alpha men not the current insecure simps trying to be alpha, by hurting women
I was always believed to think that Nigerian female at mostly have some senses.But I see now

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Romance / Re: Please Can Anyone Help Define This Statement by nurain150(m): 10:06pm On Nov 22

I'm a woman o. And I'm married.
Romance / Re: Please Can Anyone Help Define This Statement by nurain150(m): 9:53pm On Nov 22

And I'm telling you that if a lady you're in a relationship can't buy you a gift especially if she's working or gainfully employed, that love selfish.
E sure me say you be guy
Romance / Re: Ladies What's The Most Expensive Gift You've Ever Received From A Male? by nurain150(m): 9:10pm On Nov 22
I don't know what to say it highly glaring that only a few girls of now q days are productive. cool
Science/Technology / Re: Anas Aliyu Boyi Fabricates A Transformer In Sokoto by nurain150(m): 8:57pm On Nov 22
Can it generate electricity
Do transformer generate electricity.Do science you will not hear.


Programming / Re: Enyata Wants To Build A Sustainable Community For African Software Engineers by nurain150(m): 11:06am On Nov 20
Anyone have idea on their appttude test.
Romance / Re: Abortion Should Be Legalized. by nurain150(m): 11:03am On Nov 20
Just stating a fact.

No one is forced to have an abortion.

It's a choice and therefore should be legal.

If a woman doesn't want a child, no matter how she got pregnant (though most are victims of sexual molestion) then she should be able to enforce her right to get rid of it!

There aren't strict laws in place to prosecute run away fathers, and those set in place aren't enforced as they should.
Our society is one that condemns single-motherhood...

So why should anyone force a woman to accept responsibilities that she would later be stigmatized for?

Because of religion?
Your morals shouldn't dictate what others 'can' and 'can not' do.

Your faith doesn't permit abortion?

Great! Don't do it.

But that doesn't place you in the position to judge anyone. Especially those who don't care what you believe in.

Killing of an unborn baby hurts your heart?

Too bad! No one lives their life for you. Deal with the bitter truth!

People have the right to make decisions that wouldn't favor you.
Except if you will get the drug via illegal means or an in house doctor .As for me if I was the pharmacist on duty I won't dispense the pill even if it was by a doctor in a government hospital setting.
Romance / Re: Warning To Simpsss. by nurain150(m): 10:36am On Nov 20
Sulele I just wish they would at least spell my name correctly. Is that too much to ask for from these cry babies.
The great ubunja

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Romance / Re: Some Common Misconceptions About Light-skinned Ladies by nurain150(m): 1:05am On Nov 16
This write-up is based on my observations so far. And it is centralised on the false beliefs people (not all) have towards light-skinned females.
Below are some of the misconceptions:

1. Bleaching: This tops the list because light-skinned ladies are mostly tagged with the word ''Bleaching'' I know some of our ladies aren't naturally fair, and there are ways one could identify them. The knuckles and knee are good examples. In as much as we have high rate of bleachers, there are still the ones with the natural fair complexion. Every complexion is beautiful be it light, dark or chocolate. Maintainance is all that matters.

2. Mermaid: This sounds funny, but true. Some people have the belief that light-skinned females are from the marine world. Maybe this belief is derived from our Nollywood movies, whereby a light-skinned lady is allowed to play the character of a mermaid, while the dark-skinned one is given the role of a witch. If you're light-skinned and no one ever accused you of being a mermaid, then you've never been to Nigeria.

3. Flirts: A grown up lady is bound to come across admirers/suitors, but in this case, some people believe light-skinned ladies are flirts because of their flashy look and tend to have more admirers. Also, they believe these ladies would surely accept the proposal of atleast 5 out of 10% of their admires, thereby making them a flirt.

4. Materialistic Nature: Some men believe light-skinned ladies are materialistic in nature. A friend once told me he can't date a light-skinned lady because he is not capable of taking care of her needs. Some get scared of approaching one for the fear of their pocket being drained. The fact is, any lady could be materialistic irrespective of her skin complexion.

Lastly, many people believe being light-skinned gives one an edge in a place of work or gathering. There is a little atom of truth in this, but not in all situations. What edge does a light-skinned female has when she is rude, arrogant and disrespectful? Edge has got to do with one personality, not complexion.

NB: Light-skinned women deserves some respect. Not everyone would be born with a dark skin. In as much as black is beautiful, light-skinned is also beautiful.
And ladies, be comfortable with your skin complexion and save yourselves the disgrace of black patches.

they are practically true
Crime / Re: Pastor Jonah Gangers Abducts Muslim Girl In Kaduna, Converts Her To Christianity by nurain150(m): 2:21pm On Nov 14
The muslim girl has seen the light. The gospel of the lord is getting to places
With terrorism.we can see who the real terror is with the far above comments cool
Romance / Re: Operamini's 50mb Lowered To 20mb by nurain150(m): 10:12pm On Nov 12

yes ooo
100 for 500mb
Madam gan jasi.are you the one at dp....
Romance / Re: Operamini's 50mb Lowered To 20mb by nurain150(m): 10:13pm On Nov 11
Romance / Re: Operamini's 50mb Lowered To 20mb by nurain150(m): 12:11am On Nov 11

The code pls
*141*....guess the number or
Romance / Re: Life Of A Work From Home Single Lady by nurain150(m): 12:10am On Nov 11
Hi friends, I need your suggestions and advice.
So this is my story.

I'm Olayemi(not real name) and I'm in my mid-twenties. While growing up, I wasn't the type that had so many friends, though I wish I had but due to my upbringing and personality, I couldnt.

While in the Uni, I made an handful of friends but after we were done, we couldn't keep up with the friendship as before due to many reasons.. choice(some kept their distance) and physical distance. Just a Hi-Hello conversations once in a while.

Straight to the point. Now I work from home and I don't have the opportunity to go out and interact with people because most time, I work till evening. Sometimes, the only time I step out of my house is on Sundays, when I go to Church.
On Saturdays, it's either I go visiting a friend, mall, market or I stay back at home doing chores and relaxing.

I'm bored with this lifestyle, sometimes, I crave for human interaction. You know that feeling when you've been on the pc for hours and you just need to clear your head.
I strongly believe in interacting with people and building great relationships.

I know gym is an option but...for now, I can't keep up with gym.

Online… tried initiating conversations with new people but not that encouraging…
Some are just disinterested… I don't blame them, we all have our choices and preferences.
I have a lot to talk about but let me stop here.
If you are or once in my shoes, how did/do you cope?
How do you meet people to interact with?

Thanks for your contributions.
Don't stress your self my dm is open o jare... cool shocked angry angry angry[


Romance / Re: Operamini's 50mb Lowered To 20mb by nurain150(m): 12:07am On Nov 11
if you notice that your operamini no longer gives you free 50mb but gives 20 mb . means you've wrecked opera mini completely out. they actually no longer going to give you data sooner. so......my advice is gaw.
want to know how I found out?

Yes but Airtel has given me a substitute for just 50₦ 250mb 14 days not too costly

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