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Investment / Re: Let Me Sponsor Your Idea by olawooro: 10:43am On Oct 17, 2019
When I read replies to threads like this, I wish people are as honest and sincere as they sound.
Not trying to discourage anybody who wants to sponsor but experience with similar people in the past as thought me some lessons
Nigerian youth should incorporate sincerity to their zeal
A lot of people have dormant funds that they will rather invest than keep in banks . But the fear of fraudsters is the beginning of wisdom.
As a victim of similar incident, I will rather give a grant than to sponsor. At least for now until am otherwise convinced
That is what I was saying. You were about to sponsor me early this year, but you were proposing ROI bigger than what is feasible. I told you those that are saying they would make this and that profits were only exaggerating.
I was already in the place to secure land with the person that you sent to go with me, when you stopped the whole deal. I wasted transport to the remote village, not to talk of the stress. It was quite stressful. The man can attest to it.
I would not give you what is not achievable. I think that was what the people that you said are not sincere did that make them failed
Investment / Re: Let Me Sponsor Your Idea by olawooro: 12:08pm On Oct 03, 2019
I have 2 business ideas.

1 I can source for charcoal in Oyo State where it is being produced and supply/distribute same to readily available retailers/dealers in Lagos where it is highly demanded. The major thing needed to start is capital, as it is cash and carry business. There is always available customers for it in the cities. Within 3-4 months, one will get his/her investment back.

2 I can engage in cassava cultivation. Cultivation of cassava is a very profitable business in Nigeria. I have the experience and skills.
It only takes minimum of 12 months before it could be harvested.

I have sent a proposal to your mail.
Thank you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ekiti Teachers Recruitment: Applicants To Pay N1,050 For Test by olawooro: 5:24pm On Sep 04, 2019
But why are they crying now? When they were collecting #5000 at the polling boots on the day of election, didn't they envisage that they would pay it back? Did they think it was free money? Fayemi must collect his money back.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ekiti Teachers Recruitment: Applicants To Pay N1,050 For Test by olawooro: 5:16pm On Sep 04, 2019
They should keep quiet. They should stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

If truth be said, many job seekers pay huge bribes to get employment into many government offices. Even in some private companies, bribes are also paid.

What the government is requesting here is therefore a pittance. Many here can attest to what I just said.

One of their agents spotted, defending his source of living.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Delivery Man Needed At IBL Logistics by olawooro: 11:41am On Aug 29, 2019
Hello all,

We are employing again. Requirements stated earlier applies.

Interested persons to call 07033801718.

Salary is fixed at N25000.

Proximity to Ojota is a must.

Age not more than 28.

The amount you were paying in 2015 is still what you want to pay in 2019? Wicked soul.

No wonder you keep recruiting every 6 month.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Real And Legit Instant Money Making Website by olawooro: 9:25pm On Aug 24, 2019

Before u dumb bastard can say m suffering from poverty I guess you need to see whom you're talking to..Dm to get it for free so as to be able to feed your parents and frustrated life.[color=#000099][/color]
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Independent Marketer Needed In Lagos And Ogun by olawooro: 6:49pm On Aug 14, 2019
We need Independent Marketer in Lagos and Ogun in any of the locations below for an ongoing project to help recruit, verify lotto agents in your area.

The commission is very attractive per agent registered, trained and verified.


Job Requirements

- Strong interpersonal skills who will be able to effectively engage, recruit, verify lotto agents in your area.

- Ability to map out strategies to recruit and verify at least 25 qualified agents weekly

- Good relationship skills

If Interested, send your application to adwexky@gmail.com with your contact details.
The one you posted earlier, how many people have called?

Alainikan se


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by olawooro: 6:21pm On Aug 14, 2019
Anyone who has information on teaching opportunities in Secondary school in Ibadan should please post it.
I am very proficient in teaching CRS and Social Studies.
Which area do you stay?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria News Direct Interview by olawooro: 3:40pm On Aug 10, 2019
When I am about to apply. Well, it is a continuous exercise.

Go and come and give me expo when you come
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Foreign Teaching Job Vacancy In Ministry Of Education Chile For Bsc Graduates by olawooro: 2:15pm On Aug 10, 2019
PreacherMAN1 post=81122340:
Chile foreign teachers Program

6 Months or 1 year Volunteer Service

Work with the Ministry of Education, Teaching in Public Schools.

6 Months or 1 Year Work permit.

Requirements and Stages
..... you must be a Graduate

Stage 1: Essay about yourself and a scanned of your Certificates and Transcripts.

Stage 2: Interview

Stage3: Visa

This is the full process
Stage 1
Interested parties would send their transcript and essay, I submit and start the application process into the program.

Stage 2
I schedule an interview for them online, they will have an the interview via Skype, online too

Stage 3
After the interview i will collect their passport and send to the ministry of foreign affairs in Chile for stamping, then send back to them

If the applicants fails full refund of the part payment

Accommodation, feeding and an allowance of N140k monthly (Tax free) would be given to successful applicants and upon confirmation (6 months) allowances increase. Foreign teachers would be entitled to Permanent residency after confirmation

Total package
Amount: N800k

Initial Payment: N400k (Fully refundable)

Balance: N400k On collection of your Visa and employment documents

Process Starts in September, duration of the processing is 2months

Process closes by December

Contact: 08180000354 Segun

If you can't speak or write English properly don't bother calling
[s][/s][s][/s] We are not interested
Crime / Re: Alhaji Hamisu Bala Wadume: Police Calls Out Nigerian Army On Twitter by olawooro: 6:36pm On Aug 09, 2019

Useless boy. Punish u and ur generation there
Is this how you behave in your sane society?

Get lost
Crime / Re: Alhaji Hamisu Bala Wadume: Police Calls Out Nigerian Army On Twitter by olawooro: 6:25pm On Aug 09, 2019
[quote author=Gentlewarrior1 post=81101915]
God go punish you wherever u dey idiot[/quote Tout, wey dey Biafra land,claiming imaginary abroad

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Crime / Re: Alhaji Hamisu Bala Wadume: Police Calls Out Nigerian Army On Twitter by olawooro: 2:00pm On Aug 09, 2019

Thunder fire you there idiot. Not everybody is poor and wretched like you and your generation.

How do you know if i am even in Nigeria or if i even have dual citizenship.

Some of us that are even complaining are complaining outside the shithole. Whereas jungle animals like you forming patriotic are probably even suffering

Most issue in the shithole is linked to politics. You better travel outside if you haven't so you can see what it means to be in a sane society .

People like me are beginning to wonder if its even worth it coming back to naija. A country where even a police man is not safe from other armed forces
God go punish you if you come to Nigeria.
Who cares wherever you are? Majority of the people living in Naija are better than many of you wherever you are as third class citizens. Many are there 10/15 years, they cannot come back home, not that they don't want to, but the shame cannot let them come. cus they are worst than when they were at home.

I see.
An insane person boasting of living in a sane society.

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Crime / Re: Alhaji Hamisu Bala Wadume: Police Calls Out Nigerian Army On Twitter by olawooro: 12:56pm On Aug 09, 2019
Jonathan was clueless but atleast he was a human being and his administration were trying and quite reasonable

The vegetable in aso rock is just a complete failure under the dullards administration this country has fully turned to an animal republic.
Rule of law is only meant for the masses. How can army and police be having such issue and also embarrassing themselves online

We need to disintegrate or atleast restructure

Nigeria is a curse to humanity.
Probably a curse to your generation, and not to humanity. Even when you have no where to go. You don't have passport of another country. If you want to go to Ghana, you will still carry Nigerian passport. Yet you are fun of speaking evil of the same country.
Why do you guys like to linking any incidence to politics?

Ignorance is a disease.

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Travel / Re: How Amosun Left Roads In Akute-Alagbole-Ajuwon (Photos) by olawooro: 6:24pm On Aug 06, 2019
Ogun State is synonymous with abandon projects.
There is a bridge construction project over a river along Illishan- Ago Iwoye Road, which was embarked upon by the State Govt as far as year 2007. There was a time sometime in 2008 when more than a score of OOU students perished in that river, because the place is very dangerous. When I passed that place early this year, I was shocked that the bridge has been abandoned totally. Kai! I weep for Nigeria.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by olawooro: 2:09pm On Aug 06, 2019
There's vacancy for the following teaching positions in a reputable school in Oyo: Basic Tech/T.D, Mathematics, Yoruba and Dorm mistress.

The person must have at least 3 years teaching experience especially in examination classes.

Accommodation is available if you want.

Send your resume and cover letter to french_funmi@yahoo.co.uk

Do you have a vacancy for Government Teacher?
Travel / Re: My Summer Trip To Lyon, Geneva and Chamonix Mont-Blanc! by olawooro: 1:38pm On Aug 06, 2019

Yeah the city is just too expensive for my liking..... I guess, it is due to all the top international institutions located there.
Meanwhile I wish to do a PhD at the Graduate School of International and Development, Geneva. Cus it is a specialized institution for International Relations/Politics coupled with the fact that many international organizations and research centres are located in the city. But too expensive.
Travel / Re: My Summer Trip To Lyon, Geneva and Chamonix Mont-Blanc! by olawooro: 1:30pm On Aug 06, 2019

Sir.... we are not younger than Rwanda, Singapore and even though we're bigger than mushroom EU countries like Romania

With countries like France, it's obviously an unfair comparison but we still need to up our game.

I'd be glad if you can sum up everything you spent especially on accomodation. I'd love to try this soon
Enough of all this, I beg!
Change starts with your humble self.

Are your good self trustworthy? Can people entrust you with their money/ belonging and they will have peace of mind?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgently Needed by olawooro: 11:28pm On Aug 05, 2019
Is accommodation available?
Politics / Re: Zamfara First Lady Donates Motorcycle To Girl Who Trekked 2 Klm To School by olawooro: 11:16am On Aug 03, 2019

There are thousands of pupils like that. All this eye service.

There is nothing stop the state govt from buying school buses for all the schools in the state. A year budget to the office of the first lady alone is more than enough to do that.
Crime / Re: English Woman Murders Daughters, Says They Interfered With Her Sex Life (Photos) by olawooro: 5:24am On Aug 03, 2019
Strange things keep happening
Now it is strange thing. If this had happened in Nigeria, your lot would have been cursing black race.



Politics / Re: Army Shows Its Latest Made In Nigeria Mine And Bomb Resistant Vehicles (photos) by olawooro: 4:39pm On Aug 02, 2019

Foolish you

Are you one of those noise makers who are suffering from inferiority complex?

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Politics / Re: Buhari Upgrades College of Agriculture, Zuru To University by olawooro: 2:09pm On Aug 02, 2019
Thanks to Muhammadu Buhari; oko Aisha, Baba yusuf, Baba MANNABBQGRILLS, Baba Fatimah and Zarah
Politics / Re: Army Shows Its Latest Made In Nigeria Mine And Bomb Resistant Vehicles (photos) by olawooro: 10:37am On Aug 02, 2019
This is made by Yoruba, not those inferiority complex noise makers


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Real And Legit Instant Money Making Website by olawooro: 10:18am On Aug 02, 2019
Despite the fact that you know this great money making site, yet you are still suffering from poverty, hence the #3000 you are demanding before you could show me the said 'money making machine'.
Crime / Re: Police Arrest 'One Chance' Robbers In Anambra, Recover N400k (Photos) by olawooro: 10:49am On Aug 01, 2019
O pari!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Research Assistant Wanted In Lagos With A Research Consulting Firm by olawooro: 4:24pm On Jul 31, 2019

Thanks. Still accepting more.
Any hope?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Research Assistant Wanted In Lagos With A Research Consulting Firm by olawooro: 2:05pm On Jul 31, 2019
Still on.
Application sent
Politics / Re: Senator Vs Governor: Who Has More Powers? by olawooro: 12:27pm On Jul 31, 2019
In the state, it is the governor I.e cases where a governor prevented senators to go for a second term or fought with senators, states like ondo, Kogi, ogun, Kaduna etc.
At federal level it is the senators e.g Kaduna state senators prevented el rufai access to an IMF loan
We are not talking about politics here.. He is not asking about political influence/wherewithal. Because Nigerian politics and politicians are joke. But the legal aspect of it. That is in the eye of the law/Constitution.

Those Senators are jokers. Ordering a Governor? The Constitution is very clear. The times when the National Assembly can exercise power in a State are: 1 When the President declares state of emergency on a State, both the Executive and the Legislature will be dismissed. A sole administrator will be appointed by the President to govern the state, while the National Assembly will be responsible for legislative functions in that state. 2. In the absence of House of Assembly in a state, National Assembly will take over the legislative affairs of the state. I think this is what they are trying to do here.
3. When a law (in the concurrent legislative list) made by a state House of Assembly is in conflict with the federal law, that of the federal law will be prevail, while that of the state will be void.

Because Nigerian federalism is being run like a unitary system when all power is arrogated to the central, these jokers think they are more powerful than the federating units. Nigerian federal system was fashioned by the military govt in accordance with military hierarchy and chains of command where military administrator will be appointed to all the states by the Military Head of State. That mentality is still with us till today

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Freelance Marketers Needed In Lagos and Ogun by olawooro: 3:45am On Jul 30, 2019

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