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TV/Movies / Re: Gulder Ultimate Search 4 (IV)! by omot208(f): 12:47pm On Aug 09, 2007
yes they did, or at least that is the impression they give. they show the events as if they happened that day, when they in fact happened at least three days ago.
TV/Movies / Re: Gulder Ultimate Search 4 (IV)! by omot208(f): 11:13am On Aug 09, 2007
i don dey talk am say nothing live happens on tv except the news and sports.

they had not even started broadcasting, yet they were shooting and the guy died. it is sad, but later they would have said it was live, na wah. my condolences go to the family.

we shld let the dead guy rest and stop making assumptions as to how he died. there shld be an autopsy to confirm the causes just so his family can accept the death.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Do You Hate About Our Moderator? by omot208(f): 8:06pm On May 11, 2007
i hate the fact that he's a virgin.

there's got to be something wreird about that wink
Romance / Re: Farting In The Presence Of Your Lover by omot208(f): 7:00pm On May 06, 2007
IBB na ur own go smell pass oh!

IBB = International Bad Belle wink grin cheesy
Romance / Re: Farting In The Presence Of Your Lover by omot208(f): 9:11pm On May 03, 2007
kashif u for take air freshener spray her yansh!!! grin cheesy wink

justgood, i thank my lucky stars i'm not ur girl. lipsrsealed i for don kill u by now.

chivaley i'm blushing on ur behalf. embarassed
Romance / Re: Should I Marry Her Without Courting Her? by omot208(f): 11:49pm On Apr 29, 2007
na wah o.
in this day and age with all that is happening around us, somebody wants to get married without courtship.

regardless of what u think, telephone conversations are not enuf to choose ur lifelong partner with.i tried it once and it got so intense it was almost like we were psychic with each other. but when we actually met i found things about him that i couldnt stand. turned out he had a nice sexy voice n good diction, good ideas about life. but he stared at every set of boobs that walked by. he thot it was normal to have sex every second of the day. and some other little details that eventually separated us.
i guess u've been conditioned to think all humans are rational and sweet. remember u are dealing with a NIGERIAN girl wink grin. we like better thing oh! u don't meet a cool jand guy everyday and if u have to be an oscar-winning actress to get one, then we'll be just that wink.

anyway u really need to court her. no matter how short it is, try to spend real time with her talking and watching her reactions.

i don't know about u but i'm easily irritated. if i get married and find i'm stuck with a guy who throws his things all over the place and doesnt agree that the environment should be kept spic and span i'd die of frustration.

no matter how many spies u have, there are many things u need to find out for urself. this is a huge step u're thinking of takng, the least u can do is make out time to spend with her before u decide.
Religion / Re: Is Jesus God? by omot208(f): 9:11pm On Apr 28, 2007
the tpoic here is 'Is Jesus God?'
i think u need to be reminded to keep this in mind as the diversion to islam has lasted to long.
Properties / Re: A Classy Bachelor Pad Should Have: by omot208(f): 11:32pm On Apr 26, 2007
grin grin grin grin lol.
Romance / Re: Why Do Girls Dress To Kill? by omot208(f): 11:13pm On Apr 26, 2007
if i had my way we would all walk around naked. the world would be a much more interesting place!

i don't wear revealing clothes though. but sometimes as a girl u just feell really hot n sexy n u want to show some stuff off or get some attention where u know there'll be many other fine girls and no one cares how smart u are. esp on a nite out with the girls, clubbing or just hanging out with guys. the key is highlight ur assets, draw attention away from ur weakpoints.
Properties / Re: A Classy Bachelor Pad Should Have: by omot208(f): 10:52pm On Apr 26, 2007
i dont know how u forgot this but i think it's the most important, except u see it as a necessity.

a fridge well stocked with booze, esp baileys for the ladies (kind rhymes eh), chocolate n stuff

and also

a good wide selection of music, both dancehall jamz and romantic rnb
a small library with some nice books, motivational and fictional
some paintings or carved objects that show deep artistic side of u (yeah, right)
air fresheners and potpourri
a neat and orderly environment at all times so u dont always have to apologise for its state when a babe comes in
Rap Battles / Re: Rap Lines You'll Never Forget by omot208(f): 11:57pm On Apr 07, 2007
common now we al know gold is gettin old
the ice in my teeth keep the crystal cold
- young buck, Stunt 101
Romance / Re: Should Virgins Be In Relationships? by omot208(f): 9:06pm On Feb 13, 2007
i feel ur pain. it was for this exact reason that i started this topic cos it's almost impossible to have relationships without sex nowadays. if a guy actually says he's willing to wait, u can be sure he's getting it somewhere else. or his friends will discourage him, saying u're just deceiving n using him, so he'll start pressuring u to prove urself to him.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Are you a Young Female Graduate?.u Can Be Mine by omot208(f): 11:58pm On Feb 09, 2007
sorry, but all girls that fit those criteria are taken. grin

what? thought they'd be waiting for u?
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Likes Public Displays Of Affection by omot208(f): 11:46pm On Feb 08, 2007
well, diff strokes for diff folks. no one said ALL nigerians hate pda.

the fact that she likes it means u can do it. but if she doesnt, respect her n let her be.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Likes Public Displays Of Affection by omot208(f): 11:05pm On Feb 08, 2007
i feel u, topic. i always hated all that pda stuff. i think it's about time guys knew we're not objects for them to display and show off to the world that they're fucking us.

those who didnt know some girls dont like it, now u know.

holding hands is sweet, smiling or winkin at me in a room full of people is charming, a light hug or peck is endearing. but slap my ass or feel me up in public and i'll slap ur face (except it's dark grin).

chiksy, he's obviously a touchy-feely person. they always need to touch someone around to be affectionate, esp if they feel strongly about u. what u have to do is to help him.

initiate the affection urself in subtle ways u dont find embarrassing. if it looks like he's going to grope u hold his hands in urs or intertwine ur fingers and kiss his hands so he doesnt feel rejected. keeps his hands where u can see em. lean on his shoulder a bit or let him put his arm around u so he doesnt have to put it up ur shirt. if it looks like he's going for ur boobs, move away playfully and gently, and try to shift his attention to something happening away from u.

what i'm saying is try to show a little affection to him but be subtle. try not to fight over it or scold him again. smile when u're taking his hand out of ur shirt. what u have to do is be firm but diplomatic. u have a right to feel respected and dont let anyone tell u u have to accept everything a guy does to u.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Recruitment Has Commenced In Celtel Nigeria! by omot208(f): 8:45pm On Jan 30, 2007
i applied for the customer care thingy and they called me with a private number, asking what languages i speak. i told the guy and he said ok, thank you n hung up. i havent heard from them since then. but i'm not really hoping for the job cos i'd have to go live in Delta state n that sucks. i want to stay in lagos.
Romance / Re: Having an Affair With My Cousin by omot208(f): 1:40pm On Jan 08, 2007
i know one but she's ma cousin grin and there's no way my aunt and uncle can be related shockedwink grin. and she would kill me if i asked her. grin
Religion / Re: Is Jesus God? by omot208(f): 9:05pm On Jan 06, 2007
it's a good thing u are trying to enlighten people who see one thing and interpret it as they like. but i'm afraid it's a wasted effort because rather than see the light, they would only scrutinize ur post for holes that they can use to argue with u. the Bible screams with evidence that we are talking about two different people, a Father and His Son. and i don't know how people mix it all up with conclusions that don't hold water.

what i want to ask is, if from all the posts i am to accept that Jesus and God are equal, where does that leave the Holy Spirit? all those times Jesus said "i and my Father are one", why didnt he include the Holy Spirit in the equation?i.e I, my Father, and the Holy Spirit are one?
Romance / Re: Having an Affair With My Cousin by omot208(f): 8:45pm On Jan 06, 2007
yeah grin grin. all these superstitious sayings are cracking my ribs. pls give us some sources or at least post some enlightening pix wink.

does this mean all these crosseyed ppl in the world were born by relatives? grin
Romance / Re: Should Virgins Be In Relationships? by omot208(f): 8:33pm On Jan 06, 2007
and virgin guys can be plucked out of thin air eh? lol.

and how do u know a guy is a virgin? the real ones are usually ashamed of it.
Religion / Re: Is Jesus God? by omot208(f): 10:22pm On Jan 01, 2007
it's only an abnormal-thinking person like u that will do something as stupid as that. to ask a question that has been answered over and over again just to show what u feel. u don't sound logical, probably not to your own ears and definitely not to mine.

u shouldn't do things like that, the flaw is certainly in ur own lgoic. it only makes u sound either blind or just plain stupid.
Religion / Re: Is Jesus God? by omot208(f): 9:54pm On Dec 31, 2006
what more can i say? other than i have enjoyed a rather lengthy argument with intellectuals that i didn't think existed on this forum. and we were able to graciously accept our differences even though there was hardly a concession. but i did rethink my stand lots of times, especially with Tayo and Malik, and i searched the Bible to back myself. couldn't wait to get on nairaland the whole time. thanks guys, hope u had as much fun as i did.

goodguy, i have nothing to say to u. u will not draw me into another argument. u should read all the previous posts before u even decide to participate.
Romance / Re: Should Virgins Be In Relationships? by omot208(f): 11:24pm On Dec 30, 2006
i think waht sage is trying to say is there should be total abstinence, no intimacy whatsoever. no touching beyond politeness. it would probably work though it requires two very consenting and emotionally strong people to pull it off.
Religion / Re: Is Jesus God? by omot208(f): 11:21pm On Dec 30, 2006
i explained this same thing in a previous post in which I quoted the verse where Jesus prays for his Apostles to be one just as he and his Father are one. He is God in that context because he is one with God in terms of purpose, vision and so on. Why do I even bother to repeat myself? Maybe because I like a good argument! wink

thanks for enlightnening us on the address form issue. it is not a problem for me, it was Backslider that brought it up to prove his point:
The HEBREW WORD FOR GOD IS IN THE PLURAL, Some Say it is Used STRONGLY to conote his Deity
i only discredited it by saying it was out of respect and awe. u contradict urslef at the beginning of that paragraph with the end of it:

[color=#990000]In divine matters of creation, worship and prayer, one cannot speak of the true God in mere reductionistic, human terms - and both the French and the Yoruba will tell you exactly that! Let me turn your attention for a moment on the Qur'an: If it is merely a matter of "respect" that the plural pronouns in the Qur'an were used as indicative of *Allah*, then it says only one thing: the deity worshipped in Islam is NOT the Creator nor God - and I say this "respectfully." You only need to pick up the Qur'an and read it - and there you find several (not a 'singular', but plural) beings claiming that they "created" man and indeed everything - and do you call this merely a term for "respect"?

The fact that they cannot speak of divine matters in human terms explains their attempt to make them divine - they pluralize it.but i am not a muslim and i do not wish to delve into a religion i know almost nothing about so i absolutely refrain from further comment.

i do not deny Jesus' existence or his divinity. I just do not agree that he be made equal with the Almighty God whom he himself called 'Father'. i also wish u a beautiful and more enlightening year. grin
Romance / Re: Should Virgins Be In Relationships? by omot208(f): 11:06pm On Dec 30, 2006
my confirmation is in my earlier posts.

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